Here is my foreign policy on terrorism racism take out integrate with enemy  

Fry Middle East Laser Sweep, engineer concentrate bomb on China mass produce. Secret plan.

Memory Identity † a lucky few god souls above together see Sun bounce in 2029 on the Earth.

Force replace government already debt Default my U.S. armed force by Default Rebel solution

no one could read any of attracted mostly only foreign visitors to hear the music playing, when the design of my pages and the music only mattered. Now developed, days for weapons that need me to Command Nature's Ages, expecting everything alive at war with ulterior motive immigrations. Assume everyone European in Marxism ideology, government ready to die fighting corporations and their getting richer and more powerful on inflation loans and rent. Business front legislating laws for gangster profits. Most visits to this site came from other countries where Marx was revolution going on. Music Revolution ended in America when 1960's and 70's cut off by organized crime its disco took over media gone black and women left government laws. Business agenda integration laws verses American discrimination. East rub out business threats failed for mansions and gold. Taiwan robot chip politicians for a chance to grab your accounts, and rub out individual's freedom. Racist military assault on resident aliens, take booty. Coup! White America to Russia white world war China Iran bomb Israel shot Russian missiles down. Power by Default command military coup M16's. Far Right hate pick out Army of 1 weapons. Big ethnic cleansing regiment here developed out variously.


I know all about terrorism in America, and what to do all about it, where by "Default Vote" Majority I copyrighted to represent White America to overthrow Court suppressing racism with Third Party by Default vote U.S. Armed Forces following orders blow-up the political system. Take all Wall Street stocks politics, since 1792, impound assets to U.S. Treasury. Capture all the stockholders and politicians, some of them pack in cans pet food or export. At prisoners expense destroy, fed to predictors sharks whatever eats that, fill prisons and jails with political system. Nationally divide their property up at Tribunal, what to do with them. Most of them labor on the Farm toil or starve, pay-off their part of national debt. Blow-up all of our creditors World War III! Races eliminate for White "Americans", secret weapons war eliminate other race differences escape end of this planet, not big enough for all of us. Take back America 20th century. Climate change before Magnetic core blows its top, filling-up volcanoes around the world. Pressure build-up in top of the world, big as the Moon spinning faster, once freed, boiling Earth's molten lithosphere. Those who survive see mother of solar system binary star. Figure from American people's opinions what to do with enemy, until I get on to other side of gravity forward. Countries if enemy there is no peaceful solution but to destroy them. Not social destruction trying to share Constitution with aliens if fail to raise quality of life in America for Americans. Divide types of American society to like kinds, for more freedom and national security. So I resort to fascist thinking back to circulate gold and silver at progress Profile aliens and criminals in a search and destroy. Don't know who to trust of them kill them all. God sort them out or they become refugees. White America militia in a civil war shoot and hang the boss and business as usual kill security take control. Concentration camp authority. Military arm us as public militia. Occupy the system, take the National Debt wealth, divide booty. Serving U.S. citizens who cannot otherwise vote me into Power by Default. Coup kill the subversion, U.S. Armed Forces. Racist Military Coup, me representing our racist Majority. Soldiers take a house. White American racism in line of duty for our country and skin a brotherhood take spoils of victory. Ration out to American citizens property, all us deporting or otherwise off with enemy's head. Alien players catch something out somewhere else. Russia's capitalists send to farm in Siberia like Joseph Stalin would have them in Russia. Assets of public enemies, secret societies, the rich crime families bomb and shoot them take DNA and find them, confiscate all their domestic and offshore money metals to mint or destroy it. Red Moons to a last disaster, since nuclear war happed on Mars and sister to core Mars volcano. Pacific Ocean already polluted with mercury and now radiation from Japan circulating around Pacific Ocean killing off sea food 50,000 years, radiation hungry virus could be consuming. U.S. Military Coup Police Pentagon get creative Command my said dictatorship patriotic right in charge of U.S. Military back-up forces in racist militia campaign!


Racists accept Amendment 1&2 rights reserved to White male votes, reserving the U.S. Constitution rights to only white citizens. I restore Old World and Eastern European and Asian discrimination tradition to cleanse our citizen's rights turf, labors victory lead to land rush to begin where enemy thickest in twenty-first century Purging alien races out of our Constitution

so America survives arms race build-up, bunker. Where survivors should at least be Russia Ukraine Germanic Canada USA UK the West in a Confederation. Japs settle Jap land Perth, Australia if they can't fit back into Japan. U.S. Military science guess 2020 from core samples expected poles flip. Thor star geological disaster polar reversal began in 1964 Alaska 9.2 earthquake 8.8 Indonesia. Big One slip reversal warning Japan March 11, 2011, 9.2 Caribbean Tsunami Chile New Zealand 8.8's Sun pop out of star last, to 10/23/2006. Blind sided by fat star 2029, industries! Sun bounce on Portugal. Think Moon barge escape Unite all working pieces together save the West our White America or vanish into world expanding to safe place.


I could have this country on unlimited Natural Gas run business, what we want. Shoot the political systems and "Sin", must be some kind of retribution for the Sun to bounce on in 4 years next Spring, when there should be a Debt Default cause WW Three. Earth expanded hit by Moon, so continents drift apart 5 Earth expansion's. 6th one Sun bounce on, 4th red full Moon a clue? Congress gas it out gun it down corruption money in America, can it. Independent and patriots, lucky enough to take out more of them than take out us, suicide mission revolution, end of the world as planet, 165 million voted. Bidden got 74.4 million. Default voted me into power more than 165 million Default voted, Power by Default, anytime!


This star Planet X did not orbit the Sun, only up to the Sun. Going away turned Sun poles around. Chandler Earth Wobble paused 3 and a half weeks February 19, 2006. Planet X only a problem if it orbited Sun to knew the trick through visible in 2024 dash Biden's WWIII money.

This scholar guess is wrong. Planet 9 our X ellipses up to the sun 21 million miles away, left in a elliptic orbit away from Sun here 600 times bigger than Earth. So the above artist and a scholar(s) all wrong. Planet X and all the planets only ellipse up to sun where our binary star solar jetted them looping back at parent solar jet retreat, leaving them same as the suns in a ellipse back to solar jet, back and forth.










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                                   The Logical Solution      Letter from Senator Trent Lott

                                                                Dictatorship Now!

                                                   From the Start     A Superior Race

                             I Am Your Only Way Out     Suicide Bomber

The Masters of Deception Memory Identity † the true story on the origin of us all kept secret.

Temples of the Sun     Escape all the dogmas, that keep us all in the dark, to the conspiracies.                                

                                         The Government Fix   THE BUTTON

                                         El Nino: The Last 1!    Earth Today: El Nino

                                         Ascend!   Nearest Stars To The Sun


 Hydrogen to Electricity  A Countdown To Destruction

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                      The Political Animal Also Wants a Business   The Global Warming Page

                                         Dear God   Classified  Thor and Wodan @ Dawn

Good Morning!  Seeds of Destruction  THEY ARE BACK  To a Book Publisher


Data is flawed if not all there

SHOOT TO KILL! DEATH MARCH versus all of the leftist politics like the Big Bad Wolf:

CALL THEM DEMOCRATS! GODADDY.COM sold this my mrinbetween.com Media Left filtering out the Right in society, everything White what we do. Knowing enemy I point racist troops Majority Rule discriminate military patriotic discrimination dictator representing right.



One For The Road Images and all.


Here a long time ago a crowd of devotees found a clearing, to camp over night,

at morning found everyone in the circle area in the middle of them was missing,

built Temple on it built like thought it was to Heaven only sent them to Hell, for

all the mass of their soul. Lights out dream good as new, does not allow anyone

on the property sunset to sunrise. I spent one night at one of those places. Inside

gate, early next morning someone come in say I could sleep under the pendulum

that spins in the wrong direction messes up airplane instruments quit flying there

visit in the daytime, collecting matter concentrating where you have to be whole.

I explain all over again the physics of how 7 Areas of Eternity function together,

if need safe haven evacuation avoiding fatal April disaster 2029, Earth smashed!

I asked if I should go there. Conflict was the reply. And about those who vanish,

it was "Finish" like fell into on a memory drive or chip hanging about in a drop,

taken me a long time to want to go back near 0. Less than a day, to take off in it.

Elections cannot save us Citizens? Hang the security clearances to save the elite.



up to 2023 April

asteroid orbiting

the Sun passes.

To already have-


me in power as leader.

If you checked the prices since 2015 inflation Defaulted this year for dollar.

Hang the media providers, any of them, that are gang family colored, aliens.

Trump Coup inept. Might the Pentagon need a 3RD Government leadership.






This is Part 1, of my Site Map


Democrats "The American Communist Party" bigger than any other got

elected taking over the Media against Republicans, a Left versus Right.

Integration Democrats subversive to White America. With Italian Mafia

blacks whore's Mexicans Republican capitalist pigs busy investing don't

vote for any of it enemy of the majority, commerce with radio TV sports

Power by Default US Military militia core hate bloody racist revolution.

Tribunal new Government ecological Democracy White America control

all of the expectation of Government decision Chart Tribunal nationwide

poll decide fates. Gassing out the media left politics Business no trespass

opposition gun down radio TV scholar cleansing, take enemy everything,

funds run my Third US American government race achieving Democracy

Tribunal over court bar association militia restore traditional racism reflex

closing college reassign school to industry, American students all the skill

for a economy services on all fronts with government property to manage,

take out leftist interpretation US Constitution Jefferson lawyer opposition.

Here is something in the process of falling on the bull market/debt default!

This is Part 2, of my Site Map

Trust a Arab family President Bush frequinted, enemy religion figured out the Twin Towers plot.The Huge Afghan War Bush Corporate Covered-up Scandal Bush2 War Fraud for profit kickbacks from military contractors and supply lines he signed for services with money trails.

I will take all of these pages to make a living, where I land out of the stuff expanding us all. Panic Button for the Moon Size Core inside The COVER PAGE Cover map N to west, S east!

A Countdown to Destruction faulse-religion/politics. About The Author ABOUT THE BOOK

Our Binary star so Massive pop-up blasts Big Dipper, like baby grab assault rifle trigger, solar jet: The Dark Star Page Earth magnetic core dangling on fountains of the deep swung against lava, turning with the Earth, is broken off spinning counterclockwise smacks into 85 degree latitude churning lava going east heats up Earth's northern hemosphere cause for Global warming! Turn Thor orbit left Thor ellipses solar jet back The Red Dwarf Star Page



This is my Original Panic Button page/code fixed, all is right on both Panic Button pages now.


This is my address: Lee Ronald Harrison, 2350 S. Avenue B, Apt.

612, Yuma AZ 85364. Donate a $100 bill cash souvenir. Ritual to Rapture still good here to California side where I ascended first time by accident do over again, into the genii day hike.


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Mars Mission

This is what I was getting for a Traffic Report until the end of 2012. Practically no one interested in it in the USA. Someone must still offer that kind of tracking, to find out where my Internet traffic comes from. Maybe it does not matter if I ever get response good or bad I won another election in 2020 to sweep into power if enough reasons for Military Coup 3rd U.S. Government Democracy by Revolution take out our enemies shoot! Round-up.

Communism wanted socialism to be ruled in fear. Germany wanted socialism a militant nationalism failed invading. Fascist Germany nationalism fine at home Mussolini gorging himself in Italy without popular restraint. Democrats with liberalism Anti-American elect billionaire Trump to Debt Default. Defeat restore social order down went Fascist socialism. All along racists favor USA Revolution making best use of socialism! Tribunals provide direction for AI weapons command programming, coordinating the body social puzzle order vector citizenship rule issues supply and demands credit!


Conflict, over 4.5 billion years to since Adam and Eve children. All the trillions and trillions of tons of human pollution and now radioactivity in with all the other deadly pollution in the Earth's oceans good reason to know Earth will wind up in the Sun's way. Three planets smashed 2.5 billion years ago Earth down from 500 miles deep dinosaur oxygen breathed, to everyone frozen Sun knocked out by a red dwarf. Market pills to make billion more people to control face famine and mass extinction. Universe expanding faster and faster End of the World so crazy as to have a origin to vanish to 3 other people found. Then there is WW Three Universe reaches end of Hollow of Apollo to mass of gravity condensing to nuclei the images wide dark currents to all the manifestations of gravity image, filling faster and faster. Positive charge of gravity condense nuclei! Earth's bubble blows its top, run into by Sun. My dictatorship likely only suicide staying here, get into power taking back America 1950 bloody patriotic 2024 Independence, foreign occupation alien and illegal I profit getting rid of.

At all cost my socialism rule build cities underground in mountains military engineer all. The labor societies join tunnel into granite mountains the people's industries on levels, around ranch and farming everything needed distribute to the people for contributing society with only white racial differences. U.S. Armed Forces supervise distribution recycle destruction out of purging out other races in America on the establishments land, support all our liberty. Where we live and work each likeness in our types. Re-hiring to begin again as a nation, gradually housing and industry underground, fertile land for agriculture and forestry to 2029 every privilege for the people, National Company economy. Wages on a 1 to 10 wage scale in Two year Volunteer Labor Commitments. Every area of society train fill labor need centralize our goals, opinion polls influence my every choice, as America's Leadership. Citizen contribution to 100% profit, bury politics as usual feeding it to hogs to can pet food export and grilling. Eliminate corruption all its kinds of predators. Gas out gun down business gang ethnic subversive alien religion take bank over their dead bodies ration property booty real civil war days. America complete deep Hobbit underground survive Earth internal external catastrophe defense for predator or Meek inherit end of the world from behind blind, out there in the dark somewhere dialed in to our communications. Looks like they will let anyone get away.

U.S. government only another designed to make rich richer and poor poorer politics, unless I end it. P
resident Bush stock fraud financial backers profits with big donations like from Enron Corporation. Enron Corporation Insider tip-off* while aiding and abetting Muslim terrorists to destroy the World Trade Center in New York City to justify "war against terrorism" American high security invade Afghanistan profited him and industrialist friends, in increasingly expensive wars for political cut out of corporate profit that such father paved the way for a 2nd war in Iraq. Business in perpetual schemes for big profit. Christian dogma rooted in quest for wealth trick of trade lies American 2024 Election leadership right I kill it, if military supply us.


My Tribunal representation of our citizenship and all our military forces needs keep getting us whatever it wants for weapons systems, with all of the hoards of wealth taken over for Supreme Tribunal. Pentagon each State a Militia in our American people's racist purge! My copyright here of "Power by Default" winning percentage of no-shows Vs. the elected since 1996 I am elected to bomb or otherwise detain U.S. government confiscating all of its resources I empower Majorities of White America by following our opinion Majorities in a publicly owned and managed National Company, with the experts advices for end of the world, fulfill Military goals our forces destroy or run out of America our enemies establish a model government representative of White America. My leadership siding with the Majority on how to replace our enemies and work with Israel removing Islamic's from our country. Intelligence sources knowing all along the Bush family paved the way for it all to happen. In my rule we poll on what we citizen's choose to do with everything, I replace with our kinds of immigration nationalize all foreign business occupation, take that back remove not our people!


The cover-ups are never ending, politics and gender, at odds. Don't let women vote. American male rule Majority rules. "Bush staff must submit all Enron material. White House lawyer (Alberto Gonzales) orders compliance", where White House held onto all of the *Enron material since late March say "no instance has been found that Enron officials asked anyone in the White House for help before Enron's bankruptcy filing Dec. 2", Gonzales said. He was absolutely certain that all the incriminating evidence was shredded beforehand. White House submitted Enron material fully aware of the fact Bush and his White House staff said "sell out", sold out. Enron executive's stock crash political business crime, fraud favor, money trails.

By Default vote Americans have shown no confidence in politicians and the legal system, a women latin alien crooked legal system subversive to white male America. Italian woman in power gangland in Waco result blows up Oklahoma. Pentagon fill in with militia Third Party racist rule, our Armed Force's purge/arm White America. Veterans never die homeless un-cared-for after military duty, inherit financial Independence old American values according to White American Majority. Our Bill of Rights only to White American security applicable. Visa hospitality alien anyone can visit tourist resort guided adventure, or temporary job labors.


While taken on a tour in Russia on a train I stopped looking at the shear cliff of many thick sediment layered different colors beside river finally went by, I realized I was on a train. My guide was a beautiful wife of a Russian, I saw later with her husband at the end of the tour. Ended in a great underground hall for a lecture on a new weapon of mass destruction. Bleachers next to a corridor to a tall brick tunnel with a guard on the tracks. After the lecture her young boy ran to me from the left end of the bleachers, where I was at the right end of them by the front row. He asked me if I had any American money? I pulled out my left pocket a fat wallet. It had only Russian money in it. I wanted to give him an American piece of money. He said "They must have switched it." I was in peasants clothes but being treated like a celebrity. I felt at home there in Russia. On the train we stopped at an abby and walked by a bending candles sculpture, atop of a sloping hill, in a courtyard where must have been a monastery. The train took us by old round tower, stone houses, we went on through a drab square building built town to where everyone got out and walked over to a beautiful cobblestone tiled entrance into a mountain. Upon waking up that morning after I put back up on the Internet my "original" version Panic Button discourse, turned invisible on Internet because of something wrong with the code. I regretted writing another version. Russia with Putin in power a rich politician certainly a threat to Russian poor, in a Rich Vs. Poor world. Russia did ban microwave ovens to protect the people from catching colin cancer, from molecules getting bent out of shape. Otherwise Russians out getting killed in a war to send their criminals that didn't take a week or 2 created themselves a WWIII Front. While there must not be friendly visitors hid here planning something, exposed got off other side of Sun.

Alternative to a country screwed up by lawyers politicians gangster's Unions and land lords. One resort is just blow-up in a coffee shop full of lawyers! Anyone with security clearance backing, take-out the authorities all of their positions, Militia and Police with road blocks. USA Armed Forces White power! Suicide mass murder missions through to get my kind of leadership. Might be better off making democracy in Russia with my Power by Default. I took years to correct this. In Fall I use Element tool finish revolution in my youth, inspire Pentagon take a house ethnic cleansing 2024 Revolution. Russia fits if I could sell it in 17th century America, preventing immigrations of spiteful conspiracies against citizens. Felt like home in Russia up to tunnel off limits, with a guard at the tracks. I would go down the big glazed brick corridor if for nothing else than find the scene I found myself setting into place a model of a elaborate historical down-town Russian piece of dusty cathedral history, to unite Europe East to Colonies all possible departments to reach Moon for space ship, by our white confederation.

Rent in my way, not getting anywhere presently, mastering this racist isolationism I am put into power take out the system. Leadership to build a public empire. But in the past through gravity other side white supremacy our modern weapons prevent Debt Default ever happen to America. Mass great drop me to pick up huge gold nuggets, pack across continent out of gravity charge inversion deposit to 17th century, drop out of wormhole junction where they cross where one will take you on a leap running, across Dallas dry wash with beam leading on.

Mathematics certainly figures approximations and probabilities, figures to the end of the world Flood happened to Noah, star chart Short Count and Long Count to December 21, 2012 Sun ellipse end. December 24, 2011 Sun ellipse back to binary star solar jet. But asteroids in February 2013 Nostradamus 500 years ago said 2 would hit Europe hit 2 months late causing damage. Here 1900 Earth's core drifting away from Earth's axis, to Earth's top, fastened to fountains of the deep. Set free in 1975 Earth's core spinning on its axis hit Earth's top March 11, 2011. In 2006 USGS removed maps of magnetic core polar movements kept secret for rich to bunkers in 2029 reversal. Some paydays yet to element condensing to nuclei surprise, and into other side of projected world. All this to the past out of genii I computer reveal in theaters.

Below more than twice as many visitors were expected in 2012 to Maya Mexico ruins, over the number of visitors in 2011. Could you be one of the lucky ones ascend in 2029 at such places core blow-out Arctic Circle fault melting faster and faster than models predict spinning.

Try out http://themayantraveler.com/ for Mayan tours Archaeology tours, Maya tours. Mayan ruins by the U.S. Based World Leader in Mundo Maya Mexico, and Central America Tours since 1984, if you don't have a clue where to run searching the world.

Planet 3 to a point it cannot support anymore people. It can only get worse to world war and extinction. I was lucky to find other side, ascend return do it again, privately. American past connected to future. I get a chance, hang lawyers overthrow political government, total genocide of anti-American conspiracies to their roots. Society melt down, women's rights. Inflation default on national debt Jew conspiracy, run out of Nazi Germany. My leadership only possible Armed Forces pull security off president, dignitaries. Mow down Establishment!

(The following stories should be read by my visitors.)

EU Intel: 9.11 Involved FedGov COMPLICITY;
bush2 terrorism war TOTAL FRAUD

Timeline: U.S. foreknowledge of Sept 11 attacks?

Secret Evidence Linking Bush Family to Terror Attacks

911 money trail leads to Skull and Bones


Like Axis Powers and Communist media control electing me will put racist Americans into control of everything, where if Genghis Kahn had a islamic problem he would just go in and kill everyone. Like society where everyone is white with common cause striving, having fun!

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"bill graham presents" http://wolfgangsvault.com

or to buy music

Choose your guns and ammo here! Everyone who stays will need them for WWIII.

I will take enough on those subjects, list skills to be programmed on my flight.

LEE HARRISON, [email protected]

From Bolsheviks to comrades as far as Ukraine verses the system getting rich off the working class that hung the authorities and rich gun them down on the street anywhere off to concentration camp leadership. White Americans and Military prefer to get war invention right. Military, militia police, take the means, or brake like USSR breakup turn into pack of dogs turning on each other without purpose, with the rich back in power. Hitler racism and other dictators leadership by bruit force, religion spread satisfied. Mine worth breaking law going forward navigate mass through to where I say.

Business is organized crime to have to take it all over, property and all. Giving back profits, to our side. Offers of bargains are criminal activity, charging for what you don't order. So just make the economy publicly owned for dividends, working out leadership at Tribunal, with my lead.

If "the evil" captured from "The System" don't work on the Farm they don't eat. Predators will find them out in the yard, where they eat public enemies, if the people say that's okay. I will have to have a good verses evil oppression. Take authority property and investments and money presses, to back our money with their gold and silver in a Third Government. To void their National Debt with a real democracy. Lawyers secret societies cemeteries and lodges for museums. Italian Mafia leftist, ethnic war for their property over chain of command. Revolution, Coup in my good verses evil dictatorship. Kill powers that be, work on the Farm or can them. Cull bad children from good, establish Team efforts. Patriotic Anthems! Bad lifers do special service, unless so dangerous must be destroyed. Free hate crime wrong to imprison, kill the rest, expenses. My alternative barbaric if no use for. Population 10 billion from 1.5 1950 best my racist genocide us against them! Ukrainians might forgive Putin for his starting war in Ukraine because of heavy Russian Military loses if he were lynched invade Ukraine.

Kept secret Power by Default U.S. Armed Forces a means to occupy establishment. Issue bombs and gas out gun down Capitol Hill Congress it all, take Federal Reserve and banking profits gold and silver hoards, worse their women and niggers illegal aliens and criminal votes, against White America. With Majority of American citizens racist a just military Coup, take out alien culture, thief threats, like steal your money by gift card code, shoot deport or escape. While North Korea doing right in Asia with Covid-19 the strong survive don't take vaccine just let nature regulate population.

Population bomb 1.5 billion 1950 now 9 billion more people in my lifetime, politics and pills. Star 2.5 billion years ago ripped Mars at war. Ascend after I saw a witch head off, stole my prize winning pictures won a new car. I find right to be her executioner soak in blood photo shop native/black 1 white take out woman vote back reserved to us White males!

China take Taiwan to State preserved as a historical Park. Over all the bodies of Joe Biden spy ware chip industries I deport Chinese back to China.

North Korea with sovereign Border State South split Japan, U.S. deport Japanese to. Race solution majority Militia, Revolution Coup secure USA.

Crime legal/illegal aliens destroy house to house run out to Mexico south of the border die or refugees work mines and industries on Mexican bank.

AI can be programmed with false information stating Universe planets all orbit sun proven ellipse up to sun, binary star solar jet collapse to asteroid.

Planets orbit in ellipse around the suns. But red dwarf aligning with sun and Moon last 3,000 years bounces sun at us. Unite get us out of hell's way!

Lucky very few reach mass ascend vanish in its condensing to nuclei. Once a Army training grounds to hills I return to ascend there in cool weather.

In a closed society only way escape on my duty record here happen again. Same mistake on same kind of ground for public use escape aging. Death.

U.S. government shuts down next Spring I will take what I can out in the desert straight away demand drop in find someone in 1309 restore the West.


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