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Recently, at the coincidence of somebody trying to get an answer out of somebody who recited a piece of a scripture: only supported that the world came from nothing what I said to a Catholic preacher, who was finishing a survey of what somebody would say about how do you think the world was made from nothing, where since I had the answer I said I have proof. He doubted like everyone else. Look at Pluto! With a circle on it where its moon Charon popped out, pouring a white lava layer following it, little moons all around Pluto splatters in space with a circle on them, from the squirts while Charon was coming out, concluding Pluto popping up. That means Universe expands to God where it shorts out its circuit of gravity with all the galaxies down the center of it, when everything falls back to "a point in a circle", big as game ball on a Mayan ball court. Everything back to their places of origin, of expanding, stars and planets from the stars that solar-jet out the points of their orbs to where they pop-up and that over and over again. Where people like to put a face on attributes of physics and chemistry to call God to worship, to get donations for profit and political power, or leadership resources! Racism has always helped unite the people into nations in revolutions and takeovers throughout history, to the end of Ages.

Universe starts out as one star, the moment it becomes circuit of gravity, one Sun that pops up Universe.

The History of the Creation of the Universe, A to Z,

proof of where formulas equated to describe how they all work in reality, consistently.

Hubble Space Telescope view of the total expanse of visible universe, from 1 side of it to the other,

along Black Hole to end of tentacles to galaxies out of serpent Circuit.

Originally there was one Atom point in Space, all currents of Negative Gravity Charge and Charges converged on it through the Positive Gravity Charge Sphere spinning faster than light that backed up all the beams of Eternity's Negative Gravity Charge and Charges into waves to the centre of the Hollow vacuum inside of the spinning Positive Gravity Charge. As a Circuit the Atom uncoiled in "The Big Bang", compressed under Circuit pressure into a fist grip that flares out at the ends of the coil of gravity circuit of Universe centred in the vacuum of the Hollow in the center of Eternity. Outer Darkness Negative gravity charge and inner layer of charges make the black negative gravity charge's currents thicker than positive gravity charge, flowing down on gravity currents to each their own creation on overlapping centers. Still spreading out with more creations the mass for every creation expanding with Positive gravity charge, that converges into being suddenly in a day, offspring of the species. Where all the layers of spheres of negative gravity charges converge through Positive Gravity Charge, to Negative gravity charge, materializations on their gravity grounds, that make the Universe a Circuit in the Black Hole to Positive Gravity Charge water! The particles of identity thus pushed together into specific manifestations of the negative gravity charge layers in the onion of creations the circuits of what were created in 6 days, over and over again on Earths. Each of what 5 sudden destructions of the world evidence from 5 polar reversal ends of the world. Where Negative Gravity Charge Hierarchy of the spheres draws Positive Gravity Charge on currents everything in their order through, re-establish's a Circuit of Gravity in Eternity, after each previous Universe Positive Gravity Charge is squeezed out of it to a point. Universe on Gravity Current until it reaches Eternity's Positive Gravity Charge, overloads the Circuit of Eternity, that refocuses everything back to the centre point of Eternity again, to expand to the ends of the Hollow Positive Gravity Charge, spinning faster than light, the weight of the mass of matter creating Hollow of Space within it, from the centre point of Eternity. Upon reaching mass of charge shuts off each former Universe, refocus's Gravity Currents to centre of Eternity's Hollow implodes the Atom of Negative Gravity Charge to Positive Gravity Charge. Universe again in 6 days Moses, pharaohs taught in Egypt matter and design manifested everything back into their proper places.

Which is under: This has never been disputed.

Since Positive Gravity Charge is a fluid it keeps on pouring down, once pointed to a Circuit with the currents into the bottom of Eternity, that pops up like a ball of coil out into a fist grip looping out at both ends of the grip one continuous coil of Quetzalcoatl, a plumed serpent out to all of the galaxies all around the coil all along the entire length of Eternity, the entire Universe a Circuit of gravity. Particles of matter flooding with Element 0 the light of circuit blowing up faster and faster, the world expanding!

"God said, Let Us make mankind in Our image", Genesis 1:26, Universe, "And the Lord God said, Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil", Genesis 3:22, and "Come, let Us go down and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech", Genesis 11:7. Where the Universe is least to most galaxies, from its cord, all along its length out to "red shifts" for astronomers, one God has an opposite sex God companion! Two Gods, where currents speak one God to Positive Charge, the other God currents! Central Black Hole closed to a point. Bang! Parallel Universe pops-up in the Hollow center of Eternity, circuit closed, expanding. Current layers of Negative Gravity Charges point through Positive Gravity Charge to their places along coil of Negative to Positive Gravity Charge, Circuit length of Eternity 100% of the Universe. Galaxies' 13% pop up like fireworks, Universe circuit 87%. Positive Gravity Charge go down black currents of Negative Gravity Charge(s) each heartbeat, Universe falls to point regularly. Universe out of Outer Darkness of Eternity, Negative Gravity Charge flooding Universe with Positive Gravity Charge, pressure of Element 0 shape skin of mass expanding Universe, faster and faster. Gravity current particle layers converge through God (+) to the Universe Circuit, in reciprocal AC and DC to a Ground. The creations a spectrum to their core converge the black wide currents flowing charge, matter falling. Closed Universe Circuit under the weight of God (+) mass poured down current compresses Big Bang! Circuit closed abruptly pops up electrical Field Image of Circuit twined originally round point center of Eternity the length of Universe!

Current flowing Positive Gravity Charge, down Negative Gravity Charge, creation from all the layers of Outer Darkness charges currents converge together on gravity grounds, the peoples suddenly manifest inside Positive Gravity Eternity. Earth in a galaxy excreted from the Gravity Circuit of Eternity, when 100% of the Universe suddenly became circuit spouted galaxies. Mass adhering to currents separated on wide black gravity currents, to particles of God (-) charge to point of creation floods all with positive gravity charge adhering to each circuit Universe expanding, as fast as an anvil to the ground with Positive Gravity Charge expanding Universe through Positive Gravity Charge sphere spinning, faster than light outward, centrifugally maintaining a Hollow Space in the center of Eternity, pouring original cause of Universe expanding. Currents flowing Gravity Charge into the Circuit of the World, ballooning in the Hollow vacuum of space from dead center of Eternity out. Pop, Bang! God Positive illuminated a Gravity Circuit, current slammed back together suddenly, result of "Original Cause" short-out of previous Gravity Circuit of Eternity. Center of Eternity motion picture of a Gravitational Field expanding, suddenly from the currents clenched to a point. Gravity Circuit with mass suddenly a round ball twined together, that popped up like an inflatable, from mass rushing in. Universe periodically regularly in the center of a rapidly turning Hollow, liquid sphere of God+ centrifugal pressure, spinning up against the Negative Gravity Charge, Outer darkness crushing the limit for equal but opposite forces. Beaming down in currents to the creations in the Universe, that popped-up boiling like Pluto, its magnetic core bursting with water pressure Chiron popped out of Pluto. Worlds all along the coiled electro-magnetic Field infinite length of bundled mass in parallel, cord of universe over 17 billion light year's wide, the World out of the "BIG BANG". A tiny dot twined together, Circuit of Two Gods and Element 0 all the shapes of things, expanding. God Negative's dark currents flow dead weight of God+ liquid, expanding Eternity's Circuit Universe Image. From seeds of life in water in magnetic cores of orbs God Negative Gravity Charge in layer's of identities converge compressed in spheres project Universe into existence periodically in Eternity's void Hollow at the center of Eternity physical Universe suddenly pops-up galaxies. Not from animals humans keep mixing with other kinds of people.

The electrical discharge of God (-), drawing from God (+) repeatedly creates Universe as a circuit, displays all of its sphere's 13% of Universe focalized in each its electrical field in the vacuum. God Negative creations from negative gravity charges pop out and pop up in place, all along the continuous Coil of Universe, down to the magnetic core's seeds of life creates everything when Universe pops up in the Big Bang. Currents to gravity ground's God (+) deposits creations, all along Gravity Circuit Coil of the World under black outer darkness of God (-) currents pressure falling matter, expanding Universe everywhere along its length of Universe, a 2.5 x 1.0 ratio circuit, proportionately expanding until Universe runs out of space to expand in. Subliminal circuit light of Positive Charge of Gravity to black Gravity Currents, mass to weight centralize, all slam back together from broken currents every different design of things in the repeating Universe in the Hollow of Eternity, overlapping to a point circuit breaks, snaps back together the seeds of life to Big Bang! Worlds all pop up with a water center in a planned order. Stars burst out of the Black Holes in plumbs to all the galaxies repeating a new Universe.

Universe, at the end of expanding, God Negative's reflex reaction to shorting out against the speed of gravity charge spinning, cutting off gravity circuit expanding, overloaded with charge, or circuit is broken current re centers itself back in the Hollow of Eternity centre, to expanding outward again. Negative gravity charges flowing God Positive Charge, spinning up against the outer darkness, until Universe circuit expanding starts running into galaxies, so its circuit breaks, forcing a re convergence of God- through God+ again, pops up suddenly the World at 2.5 x 1.0, from Hollow centre point of Positive Gravity Eternity. Three depths of Eternity including Hollow of Eternity a vacuum, caused by matter illuminated in a electrical circuit spinning creates a vacuum of space at center of Eternity. Positive Gravity Charge expanding up against outer darkness layers of Negative Gravity Charge(s), currents draining Positive Gravity Charge matter spinning faster than light to flow down the wavelengths, 90° down negative gravity charge currents to Universe Circuit, makes Universe expand faster and faster, as flow of charge fills up the vacuum of space, in the center of Eternity. In the flowing of the mass of Eternity down static energy layer's current beams of creation, stored up in the Outer Darkness limit of expansion, through Positive Gravity Charge spinning compresses them into wavelengths. At gravity circuit break, end of time, "original cause" snaps Universe back to ball of thread circuit point of Negative Gravity current to Positive Gravity Charge forcing heart beat Big Bang.

Time pops out of the matrix Universe expanding, in Eternity over and over again, without a beginning or an end of it. The eternal heartbeat every time another new Universe in Eternity shorts out its Circuit of the Two Gods. Regularly twined, centred, a dot in space in one continuous Coil of Gravity Circuit, that expands a piled up circuit length, until it expands again to Gravity Charge, centered in God+'s Hollow disperses it. Universe in a vacuum accumulates God Positive Gravity Charge mass expands Universe. mass falling from the weight of it, fast as a brick. On earth gravity charge is backed up on the ground of certain places, all around the world, the transparent positive gravity charge envelope of creation, formed here with measurements up to its flat opening, out of the portal into Earth hyper space.

The Two Gods Two Gravity Charge Circuit of Creation, Universe. Beginning at the Center-point of Eternity's Hollow, not expanding, to expansion fireworks create galaxies immediately during first day of World slamming back together point centre. Circuit of God- currents re-join Eternity's infinite length to positive gravity charge, smashing the atom unfolds it Big Bang. Galaxies spew out spinning, with all the seeds of life, immediately after discharging a previous Universe, begins a new Universe, from point centre over and over again, falling force of God+ puts Universe into perspective! That may explode a hydrogen galaxy breaking Circuit of Gravity in a 2020's gamma ray burst, that kills all the life on Earth.

Creation always returns whatever it created, unless they "translated" before Universal Black Hole shorts-out. Aftermath sets off the return of everything to its place in a new Universe. Black Hole slams back together again a Circuit, little hardball of twine. Which suddenly a closed circuit of gravity at the bottom center of the hollow vacuum of Charge Universe pops up in space with a Bang. Suddenly galaxies pop out of the Circuit, Universe pops up tubular, from Black Hole 87% length of Universe all along parallel universe center of the vacuum of space that suddenly unfurls out 13%, detected Universe.

The perpetual sphere of God+ flooding mass down to the World, until a galaxy shorts out another previous Universe, somewhere along its Black Hole. The spinning weight of God (+) pressure against God (-) charges of gravity, God+ spinning faster than light. Identities return on Gravity Currents through God+ in beams that become current, flooding matter with mass into the Universe, in vacuum of Positive Gravity Eternity's Hollow. Expansion increasing length of Eternity, the size of the Universe. Gravity Circuit coil continuously expanding from right to left, the Universe an electro-magnetic Field generating electrical storm in Eternity's Gravity Circuit lower left, in its leading end: Lightening flash's!

God (-) beams currents through Positive Gravity Charge converges Two God's on a Focal Point at Eternity's center, which untwines suddenly under pressure! Creation pops up connected, God (-) currents together with a squirt of God(+) flowing the fluid adhesive mass barrier Element 0 to Eternity's focal point, in weightlessness, shape of God (+), mass on inversion ground's all around the world, necessary for the creation of everything manifested, the species in the World. Each deposit, large or small, chocolate drop shaped and invisible, unless you raise up the surface of it, to get to see the transparent shape of a Gravity Charge. Falling to everything created, mass as fast as a rock Gravity x Light = Mass Positive Charge drenching everything burst galaxies out to revolve along the Black Hole, about the Circuit of Gravity, blowing up the length of Eternity generates an electrical storm in the lower end left end of the Universe. Galaxy light all along center, length of the circuit cord of Eternity, 2.5 wide by 1.0 tall. Tubular Universe expanding light from galaxies visible light along the center of the Black Hole parallel Universe. Particles of matter in the background of Universe all gray hiding a distant light outside Universe, God(+) beyond Space in all directions to brilliant white light of God+ substance in the Circuit of Eternity, until end of the World, when presto Universe pops up again out of a twined black hole circuit in a ball at center of Eternity. Closed circuit overloads, or breaks Image of a Universe.

Life in the World from identity to DNA and back, compressed double helix, seeds of life water center in every round world. Life making methane gas erupting on moon planet and star. Methane gas squirts out of the living celestial bodies in expansion from life inside. Magnetic core worlds under steam pressure inside, under molten lava. Earth's magnetic core knocked off center crash's into earth's terrestrial crust, releasing the seeds of life on earth, that flourish in the airs and waters, or on land, from steam pressure in the hollows of the earth's. God (-) Currents converged memory identity of individuals in Positive Charge, from each one of the Negative Gravity Charge sphere's layers of creation, stored in the Black World, seeds of life to earth in their solar systems, when everything pops out of the stars. Negative Gravity Charge images of life each in their time, in the Circuit of Eternity, creation all about Universe Cord, expanding until a galaxy runs into Eternity's Circuit breaks the World, so it vanishes to return again at once to Eternity's Point of Origin, where Universe pops-up expanding. Black gravity currents in the circuit with Positive Gravity Charge, illuminating the system of gravity, Eternity turned on! Gravity charges in a gravity circuit, the greater light in the World, Positive Gravity Charge water flowing down to all the particles in the World, expanding all of the gravity circuits at a rate of 4.9m/s that pushes into place the Universe in the vacuum, Hollow center of Space, in the God+ vacuum, attracts again and again Eternity's Gravity Circuit. Universe expanding from Gravity Charge flooding the Circuit of Eternity, in the Hollow of God (+), 17 billion light years wide, coil of tubular Universe. Circuit that the Hubble Space Telescope only saw 1 side of and 3/4's to the other side, at first sight. Science must notice most galaxies are closer to center. Out to the least number of galaxies. About a parallel Universe! Or science is dumb in the forest of knowledge, to figure out Universe is electrical-magnetic Field, like I saw. Under pressure of incoming gravity, Universe like pile of cable in a fist grip.

When completed the Universe of God-, layer by layer back again, creations all in proper proportions as before, receiving God (+) mass down God (-) currents to every image in the World, Eternity's circuit to grounds, all living manifestations came out, where water came first "darkness over the waters". Universe out of a ball of twined Circuit of Gravity, point centred in God-, Black Hole cord popped-up in a Big Bang Universe, expanding! Out of a Point the Electrical Magnetic Gravitational Field tubular Universe, 2.5 x 1.0 wide Circuit, for a Eon until Short-Circuit or overload, Cause of Creation of a new earth and a new heaven. after dispersion of another previous Universe, to repeat the populating of another Circuit of Two Gods, out of the Big Bang in plumbs to galaxies, out of Black Hole Circuit 87%.

Each new Circuit re-illuminates God (+). A "streets of gold" scenario between Circuits? But shape and form of the world returns, everything created on their appointed day of Creation, everything given substance and or awareness, under God (-), molded in the mind of God Negative. All the stars and their orbs core's filled with seeds of life, in every new Universe, matter of the World with space viruses burst-out of the water into space, from earth's cores, during each polar reversal expansion. All of God- creations breathed in invisible God+ Charge. Universe periodically destroyed when Circuit of Eternity "shorts-out", to snap back to its original point to pop out in a "BIG BANG", again. So the flow of God (+) keeps making Circuit of the World again in Her Hollow, until Universe Gravity Circuit shorts-out or is overloaded, expanding into Positive Gravity Charge, or galaxy breaking its Cord Matter at 4.9m/s God+ falling down Currents of Gravity, galaxy runs into shorts-out Eternity's Circuit! God(+) spinning centrifugally out on Her axis against God (-), God (+) forces another "beginning" implodes Gravity Circuit to a Big Bang. Universe pops up and keeps on expanding at a steady rate until length of Eternity is snapped right back together, to Gravity Circuit bundled parallel universe magnetism eternal 87% line.

The breaking of God (+) charge to God (-) current is the Original Cause, for a new Circuit. Below photograph shows how End of the World, now shorting out, is caused by the likes of galaxy NGC 2300, running into the Universal Gravity Circuit. Course of Two God's 87% of Eternity's Universe, mass. Gravity Currents to Gravity Charge forms a Circuit that brakes or overloads. Original cause shorts-out the World, gamma ray burst coming this way faster than light! Universe runs out of space, dissolves into Gravity Charge, collapses to point center beginning, gravity currents close on a new Negative Gravity Charge to Positive Gravity Charge Universal Circuit. Charge expanding Universe currents flow down God Positive to Negative Gravity currents, life to a new Gravity Circuit, the "Cosmic Egg", spinning mass of God (+) charge, expanding Universe down currents all about Circuit center line of Universe, on a plane expanded out level every direction! Black gravity currents filling up Universe with Positive Gravity Charge to particles and shapes accumulating volume to high Heaven expansion, aging!

Below, the disintegrating galaxy smoking up space with hydrogen gas, on the red hot spot under the galaxy crashing into the unseen Circuit length of Eternity, here upon the red cloud bent out of round, on Eternity's Gravity Circuit, at NGC 2300, disintegrating in 10 million degrees of hot hydrogen gas, a galaxy running into 87% of the Universe's mass. The Circuit coil manifest Two Gods, said to be "17 billion light years wide", when Hubble Space Telescope was first put into orbit. Here Eternity is shorting-out on a galaxy, running into the Gravity Circuit Cord length of Eternity. Black gravity currents rushing over the surface of eternal circuit, hotter than hell. Hydrogen gas spreads out at "ten million degrees "F°, hot as the Sun at its core, a galaxy up against the round massive Universal Gravity Circuit. Here the Two God's high voltage is burning up two galaxies in the disintegrating NGC 2300 galaxy system. One galaxy burning up another galaxy in front of it, in 10 million degree of hot hydrogen gas. Fierce currents rush Circuit of Gravity, burning up 2 galaxies on fire out to its lower left side, in the star system NGC 2300. While the galaxy covering the red spot on the Circuit of Eternity plunges into its torrent of Gravity currents, over Eternity's Circuit pushes it into an oval shape. High Voltage! Looks like it is facing the Earth for a blast, at the end of the world, sudden hydrogen bomb gamma ray burst, concussion, from hot hydrogen gas NGC 2300 going to explode. A galaxy burning Eternity's Circuit, that keeps on running into the infinite length of the power cord of Universal Circuit, of the Two Gravity Gods. So gravity shuts off, blows-out Creation back to centre point in the Hollow of God+ spinning faster than light. A pause before World slams back together to a point again. God- going through God+ into its vacuum of space, filling up Eternity's Hollow, faster and faster until Universe fills up Space, the original-cause same as always the end of the world, shorting-out here like in all the past present and future ages. With Universe back to a point every time for everything on its "wheel of birth".

Gas shown below is going to explode, if the galaxy pressing the red circle continues on down, into the currents of gravity, while popping the core of its stars. Must be a coincidence that Earth's core is getting ready to pop Earth's top, in 2020. Circuit of Gravity holding the World together, here disintegrating. If it breaks it will be felt on Earth suddenly. Here, 1995 in the middle of the galaxy running into Circuit Cord of the Two Gods 87% of the mass of Universe, flowing its current left or right. Hydrogen for a bomb, here stars all popping their water filled magnetic core steam to 10 million F°, in hydrogen gas, to reach around the Universal Circuit of Gravity. Hubble Telescope facing this direction, before A BIG HUGE HOT HYDROGEN GAS EXPLOSION. Will it break the Image of the Universe, in one big huge Flash, followed by a wall of gamma rays right behind it coming our way? Circuit of the Two Gods in Eternity going to reach its end later, when entire Universe and everything falls back to a point, for the next BIG BANG expanding Universe Image, and populating it with all the creations in Eternity, receiving Gravity Charge and Gravity Current, or overloaded with Charge Universe quickly disappears.

Creation in one day, beginning after infinite length of Universe circuit of gravity is broken by a galaxy running into Eternity's gravity circuit, here shorts it out in ten million degrees of hot hydrogen gas. While here all the water blown out of its orbs smokes up this galaxy system NGC2300 running into the hot Universal Black Hole Circuit of the Universe Negative Gravity to Positive Gravity Eternity High Voltage, current rushing across 87% of the Universe, in an electrical circuit, shorting-out gravity current. My observation requiring an explanation in physics mechanics, my The Third Party logic writing in my Power by Default Vote Majority Vs. political votes thinking. A U.S. Military change of Command or support Command, to save White America to survive, world as we know it ending natural disasters. Have to get to the nearest place to break through dimension, with my bag, to the other charge back in time to duplicate the Universal Gravitational Field for space travel in 1800, to make new generators from a disabled one U.S. Military has, in a underground factory they found a generator shaped like two octopuses joined together, full of accelerators stacked up like donuts, a look through the hole blown out through its side, mounted on a fixture in a room between closed work bays on each side originally for reproduction of it in a factory left behind with its gases in it blown out through its side. I will learn how to harness gravity circuit in God the positive gravity charge, on my way to 1760, come and go through God, to before U.S. Military found it on its bench, using the method it was created to be used. Power to get to Mars and beyond faster, long before a red dwarf star knocks out the Sun. could hit it left or right, after Moon turns blood red, Sun becomes a red giant, nuclear fission knocked out. Space travel possible on the static gravity currents, to gravity centers, from Earth to the stars. Another place where everything wants to eat you. Neptune hospitable conditions. Charge of gravity incoming flooding the Universe Circuit, Negative Gravity to Positive Gravity Charge, pouring down everywhere on Currents Charge, call it JesusChrist, an Element 0 the leading edge of expanding Universe. In the womb of the Positive Gravity Charge sphere spinning outwards, Hollow Space in the center of Eternity for Universe image of Eternity in a vacuum illuminated positive charge electrical circuit spinning faster than light pouring down gravity currents, at 4.9 meters per second, mass expanding outward everything in a world exploding Universe out of center of Eternity, gravity currents to grounds, with greater than Sun light positive gravity charge on gravity currents, G x L = M. Light a wave as well as a particle, everything expanding, incoming out going wavelength reciprocal gravity currents converge manifested.

The matter God+, invisible element piled up chocolate drop shaped, back pressure, gravity currents grounding in various sizes of natural bald spots on the earth. Where getting up I happened to raise my head up lifted the surface of the area clinging to me, there in its perimeter, submersed in a shallow end, from setting saw its high center when I raised up the surface of it. Earth covered with countless gravity grounds connected to Earth's center a gravity circuit. Gravity currents converge together through Gravity Grounds, incoming Positive Gravity Charge holding Earth together from flying apart, at 900 miles per hour. Earth spinning around drenched with matter, expanding all its atoms, that can pop or implode Jesus cornerstone of creation on the world, only seen in science laboratories smashing atoms. Matter substance pointing everything together Universe image current. The positive gravity charge light in atoms, God+ holding the electrons together, going around neutrons and protons composing all of the mass necessary for the Creation of the Universe. Gravity currents flooding all of the points of Universe relentlessly, pouring down Positive Gravity Charge. Matter to the closed Circuits of creation. All the God- image Charge's keep on manifesting more of them. God (-) under unimaginable pressure from "Cosmic Egg" Eternity's Positive Gravity Charge spinning up against it. Earth's hollow first a vacuum attracts humidity, off its Ocean inside. God (-) individual gravity charges images snap back down through God+ back to focal point in Eternity's center everything. World pops up each after the other, identity needed to manifest Universe open then closed circuit souls stored up in center of magnetic core.

Some stars fall back into a plumb of the "Black Hole". Negative to Positive Gravity Charge. Black currents separated by The Light of Positive Gravity Charge in a Circuit, pops-up together in the "Big Bang". Outer Darkness charges, stored identities above high Heaven, to point center in Eternity's Hollow vacuum of cosmic egg spinning Positive Gravity Charge. Black Hole circuit twined suddenly bursts out all around along its center line, visible universe springs up suddenly sprouting galaxies of stars, swirling around each tentacle end of black currents, flooding positive gravity charge down to creations notice aging. Too bright to be seen, gravity Circuit of Two Gods, that popped-up so fast its mass sprouted galaxies, out to various distances, all along the infinite center length of Circuit, in tubular Universe, branched out in strands off the Black Hole, suddenly galaxies all along Circuit of the Two Gods in the center of a dark vacuum a Big Bang. Universe circuit closed in black gravity currents - flows + mass in one direction or the other, along the circuit center of tubular Universe, on the 87% Universe mass, increasing all the time a electro-magnetic Field spectrum expanding a Circuit, Universe.

In "the beginning" of the World two stars of opposite systems of north and south pole are turning furiously up against each other, all along and beside each other across the entire length of the coiled Circuit of Eternity, Negative Gravity Charge God to Positive Gravity Charge God, on reciprocal currents to and from Points of Origin in the circuit, that locates everything at first. Expansion begins when everything necessary is connected. All the poles of companion stars aligned, "dark matter" burst stars out all along and about the Circuit center of tubular Universe, unwound so each star's opposing companion star popped out with planets and debris aligned in between them, galaxies burst out of strands of the Black Hole. All mass of matter in the world God+ turning faster than light, against God- darkness, charge adhering to gravity currents, down to the Universe. Circuit of gravity Big Bang un-wound one continuous coil the Circuit of Eternity, suddenly popped-up in the void joined together mass and energy. Infinite length of Qutezalcoatl, plumed out to galaxies all about Electro-Gravitational Field, popped up the 87% of otherwise undetected Universe mass, Circuit of 2.5 by 1.0 coughed up the Earth.

Each solar system born of a "solar jet" of the stars, that shot-out with all the planets and moons point of origin, and pieces thereof in between all the pairs and the clusters of stars, when suddenly "there was light" throughout length and breadth of the Universe. However one or both or no clusters of some stars born in outer space stay alive in this end of Milky Way, to see them when Universe popped up in the shape of a Gravitational Field. All around in the background around the Universe a smoky gray darkness particles of matter blocking out distant light of Gravity Circuit illuminated the Gravity Charge.

All of the systems of companion stars and their remains in between the stars popped out the objective World, in a Circuit of Gravity, where Eternity forms an electrical Field. Creation pre-designed out of Negative Gravity Eternity spheres within spheres, a gravity circuit converged within Eternity's hollow a perpetual machine action repeating itself, upon Eternity's equator, in the Hollow of God (+). Universe spread out in all directions from right to left, the Negative to Positive Gravity Charge Circuit of Eternity, where galaxies burst out from a twined ball of Eternity's length, drains Positive Gravity Charge, suddenly Universe burst out 13% of visible World dark 87% universe expanded into galaxies.

Inside the tubular Universe of God (+) black gravity currents conceal the Circuit of Universe Light, most galaxies to lesser numbers of galaxies, out to visible Universe's ends to 5 swirled ends, along the infinite length of the Circuit Cord of Eternity, Quetzalcoatl a plumed serpent, sprouted with galaxies. Universe infinite length of Eternity's Gravity Circuit, out from greater number of galaxies to least number of galaxies. That burst out of the center, cord length of Tubular Universe, Gravity Circuit out to its suburbs. I was glad to have seen it because of faith, saying "I hold the Universe in my hands", with a Nishren Buddhist scroll "the Universe." I got a good look at the Universe, expanding, to duplicate it with all the political power down to the lightning storm in its lower left end, discharging kinetic energy, inside of Eternity, Gravitational Field 2.5 by 1.0 growing length of the Universe. An engine like in Area 51 for my uses, collecting charge down current expanding the Universe at 4.9m/s, useful in any century.

The outermost Negative Gravity Charge God of Eternity might as well be called "Osiris", for the Hell of it, "Father" of the Universe, and "Isis" would work fine as a good name to give to the passive Charge of Eternity the holy "Mother" of Universe the illuminated Gravity Circuit charge. Healing Positive Gravity Charge of Eternity, too bright to be seen in the World in the Hollow Space womb within God+ "the other side" charge, way above . Universe a Gravity Circuit accumulating Positive Gravity Charge, mass grounded to earth, as an insulator for gravity currents in Earth's Circuit of Gravity, expanding everything under God+ "called by many names". Osiris Created to grow old and die stored in Hell short-circuited or blown-out stops God+ expanding Universe. A heartbeat that repeats over and over again. Two Gods mating and then breaking apart at regular intervals short-circuit Universe, temporarily turns off Eternity's Gravity Circuit light, Positive Gravity Charge glows paused. Turning a high voltage.

Everything has a opposite sex among the animals and fishes and plants, for most things, where laws of physics all have two polarities and a neutral in the World, for all the different kinds of forces in Nature. Mythologies thus all made their male and female deities, from physical law realities, to stupefy a following. Physics proves what is actually holding everyone and everything together down to Earth, is gravity circuit, in a universal system of circuits in a Universal Gravity Circuit. Weight of incoming God+ on Gravity Currents, flooding every particle in the Universe with mass, at the rate of 4.9 meters per second! Just looking at the blackness of space you see gravity currents packed together, black space in the World all grounded in feldspar, to the central Positive Gravity Charge illuminated hidden in the Circuit of Gravity all flesh. Where only "the pure in heart shall see God", figuring it out safe to jump in.

Meanwhile the Earth is only a rich area in space, where life reaches the surface of the World. On other places in space where life began it did not last as long as it has on the Earth, and the stars only have life in their core. While life on Earth is destined to end in 2020, when the bigger red star coming in, in red moons, no billions of dollars and resources and absolute power to duplicate Universe as a power source, for a space ship to carry "a 144,000 people" out of here somewhere and back to live on Earth. If it becomes safe to return to, or get to God+ as fast as need be in a mass evacuation from this planet. I start it in 1760. Not likely possible to create the motor myself as The Third Party, unless in Power by Default. U.S. Armed Forces military coup bomb and shoot the "System" in my Martial Law, feed authorities to sharks taking everything to Bank redistribute property, metals for White America's future!

Cruel World. Life was created as a food source for the Negative Gravity Charge of Eternity, outermost God-. While light of Positive Charge builds up mass in His circuit, Universe that takes life to become aware, leaves it to dream dreams eternally, with their dreaming body, to verify It's existence, to sustain the physical World Image. Positive Gravity Charge stretched crisscrossing the world most people never find it to do anything with it. World distracting with God- images and media sources, faithful to the world "souls" die for it, fall straight to Earth's Gravity Field Image, in a magnetic core. Gravitational web for all of the identities, here with no chance to break on through a Sword of the Lord, to the source of matter, to be memory identities, 7 million years of people laying back in their dreaming body in their soul sacked up, drained black of circuit and charge of awareness dream in their glossy black tear shape, asleep dreaming the world, when I peered down upon them, all clustered together like rain drops. The rays of sunlight over my shoulders shined down upon them, gleaming off of their black tears. All hanging down side by side in front of me, that made them aware of the daylight! So they all fell out, a crowd of people frantically rushed up reaching up at me, in the daylight, trying to climb up over each other to reach me could not reach me to get out of there! An enemy with secret society knowledge was suggesting I go there. I turned myself from looking down at the lost souls, to look at him, hiding in a corner. I hope not to disturb such people again, I woke up out of their dreaming, stored in Earth's duplicate of Universe Gravity Circuit Field in Earth's core, a Gravity Circuit they must now call "Hell"!

Only a "few" living things ever find the flash of Gravity Charge Circuit, in their struggles in life or death, to jump into Positive Gravity Eternity, finding one of its deposits. Whoever happens to get free from the man eating hungry world, under God (+) Charge pressure encompassing every round world, wrapped in a gravity charge strip crisscrossing earth around it, may get up to their design layer in their egg shape of Memory Identity. But if they are dead they have to stay in God. People with key to "Heaven" opt to fall to "Hell", center of the hollow world. With less than a year on earth to ascend, using Gravity Charge deposits, hyper space holding the world together, accumulating charge at countless places over the surface of the earth. Find the right one or die for a cause. Sword to Positive Gravity Charge secret key purpose of life, binding the world together, I'll pry the limits of its substance.

Various shrines have been built up all around the world by the various peoples on earth, unexpectedly found gravity charge, gave them names like "dragon" or "serpent", often used to describe the tubular-ness of them to eternal life, only a jump away at such places like temples pyramids or other kinds of religious structures people have built up around and upon them, otherwise to penetrate up into the strip of Positive Gravity Charge binding Earth together at various crossing points all around the world. The gift of few whoever finds a way into "enlightenment", ascend the Gravity Circuit Field inside the world or die. God (+) the "Origin of Life" invisible illuminated matter the mass pouring down gravity currents to gravity grounds all around ends in 2020, to part sword of the lord enter "eternal life" who may return.

For the miracles of faith an action opens for some God (+), with sword of the lord, on a true gravity anomaly. Weightless in the JesusChrist leap back to stop ascending in the Matter Charge of Gravity by sword of the lord. Let go your hands, watch God+ close, not too late to part the line! Knowing I can take my pack again, leave my double to the animals or spectators. Gravity Charge for the immortality of it, expanded tightly holding Earth together spinning at 900 miles per hour. God+ light turning well over speed of light, lucky whoever jumps in Positive Charge of Gravity, only have their solar plexus to get around anywhere in there. Deceased ascended use their will to maneuver in the weightlessness of "The Light"."Relativity" counts, wound on the light you go right to God Negative where you pick a mansion?

The very fewest of people however arise their soul to God (+), almost mythical to be a whole soul. Only packing what I can to God (+) I only leave my double, breaking through to it good enough to prove it. I stay in limbo, not back as far as 3 Reversals ago three Great Floods ago a man traveled, I am known in Positive Gravity Charge. The dreamers all sacked up in Earth's Gravitational Field have to wait to be a seed in the next Universe, to get released of there! But in Spring 2020 iron sphere in the Earth, its magnetic core the size of the Moon, expected to blow-up out of Earth's crust through Arctic Ocean, west of northern Norway. Earth very top-heavy, only next year before Earth's Inner Earth fuses to outer Earth, blowing-out new fountains of the deep around Earth's core. While it is hot iron sphere the size of the Moon it could come out of the Earth or roll a trench to over 85° latitude top of the world, to Earth's North Pole axis, in 2020, about when asteroids hit the Earth off of Planet X. Core could go back down into Earth again, blowing out steam, a new Age for life on Earth, with a new super volcano in Earth's top blows out steam pressure in Arctic Circle. Unless it blows out all of its internal steam pressure inside collapses the Earth into a smaller planet, filling in Hell with molten lava, from Earth's lithosphere. Otherwise core comes out collapsing the world becoming new asteroid belt around the sun.

Earth's core back up again in 2011, swings around to blow out steam through the top of the world at another place on Earth than Siberia. After 5 magnetic polar reversals a 6th! After that maybe "a new heaven and a new earth." This time Earth's core up blows its top slips all the fault lines around Earth's core in Spring 2020. Steam over an inner ocean in Earth's Hollow again expands in the Earth, so molten earth covers ocean floors between its continents and islands a 6th time, in 2020. Inner ocean under steam pressure off of water in Earth's core, spinning, boiling the lava gushes out new fountains, up through molten lithosphere, new life forms, if there are any new life forms left inside Earth's core ready to be sown or to invade! The Sun's Twin swings up to as close as Neptune. Planet X magnetism passing by the Earth Earth's core runs into Arctic trench, with a violent jolt to the whole world for hours of continuous earth quaking, while expanding, that could rip a wide molten trail of fire crashing through Earth's crust over to the North Pole. It wipes out northern hemisphere in a new Ice Age, after melting Arctic Ice Cap. Melting permafrost from ground up, that blows-up in Siberia these days. Earth a centrifuge, its core on its side turning, in Earth's flat top. Polar reversal in 2020 like U.S. Military predicted, from 5 polar reversal core samples. Still no one knows exact day and hour world is destroyed, except by approximations, say 2020 in May. Aztec and Mayan calendars says end of solar orbit, back to center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Long Count and Short Count calendar ends of solar orbit U-turn through edge of Milky Way Galaxy, hunted down by star, red moon's until 2029 Wormwood!

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above two map segments

Measure rate of speed and distance to top of world, Earth's magnetic core, core ran into top of the world on March 11, 2011, increasing its rate of speed up to 85° latitude hit the world, will break out of Arctic Circle exploding in 2020, twin star close as Neptune. Pedal to the metal, Earth's core blows-up under Earth's crust Noah fire, escaped in a Ark. But 8/10/3113 BC (BCE) approximation to 2011, when Sun reached end of Galaxy to turn around in its orbit, in 2012, back to center of Milky Way, calculation to when the stars are all in the same places happened for that. But world is destroyed geologically in 2020, the U.S. Military calculations predict from ocean core sample's 5 polar reversals to a 2020 polar reversal. Masses cleave to the Images of the World, "His will", to store them in Hell in the world. As those who see God get away alive. Since they know the way.

Here the world needs as soon as possible to find what ground is sacred in the lands of their Origin, wherever peace of mind ground can be found, in these days of economic oppression, U.S. politicians avoiding Default in secret session. My escape to where miracle of ascension happens. BIG as the MOON 2020 disaster, where anyone guilty of unforgivable sin hole in their soul from pro-creation cannot ascend. I have only 2 places I can afford to get to, packing some mementoes. "Few" individuals escape the "white horseman", white dwarf star, a people with a vengeance to inflect injury for injury received. For their martyrs a world methane gas fire! While end of world to extinction is building-up for WWIII, as if nothing else to do but have an Armageddon, looking like the repeat of Mars extinction.

Here I found where somebody ascended in Pre-Columbian times. Mayan people built a shrine atop a pyramid they built a pyramid over that, to where the person ascended there. Where over centuries Mayan civilization built outer pyramid over original pyramid resulting in building a staircase from a doorway at bottom of outer pyramid up to shrine of ascended person, in Temple of Kukulkan, in Chichen Itza, Yucatan Mexico. This pyramid bisecting a strip of God (+) stretched on the ground over Earth here. Some people will be lucky to be here to end of 2020. Pray pray for faith enough a Rapture! Earthquakes to methane gas fire burning up world until oxygen is gone. Few survive in twinkling of an eye Earth expands in high winds falls over do you ascend, billions of people off on tangents fall to Hell. The Light I break through to pulls me up, like a sling shot to warp speed to It's sphere turning faster than light, I trust back to God to my 15 year old girl friend, again!


Temples of the Sun, Creator:


The Sun a Son of God to an objective world, so physical Sun was cause to worship.


" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."



This has to do with axis Earth spins on and the iron core of the Earth 27% of its diameter entirely up inside of its northern hemisphere, that was turning faster and faster increasing its temperature, two Earth's turning in opposite directions since 1975. So when Inner Earth erupts out of terra firma there will be a violent transition of Earth turning over into a new direction. Planet X in 2006 close enough to see 3 bright objects in a pyramid formation out in front of its 4 moon planet a battle formation from another solar system at the closest new planet orbiting 1 opposite 2 moons. Apollo Asteroid ripped across Earth made north and south Atlantic Ocean basins in 2 passes. Planet X passed close enough to stabilize Earth's revolving for 3.5 weeks of not wobbling. Earth's North Magnetic Pole kept tilting west coincidently during a fiscal cliff politics to escape tribulation before Earth's core blows-up in it's top beat the clock! Dark star turned the sun magnetic poles upside down on February 19, 2007, before up close in 2020. Earth's core blows-up in Arctic trench, then. Centrifugal forces slinging Earth's core to the end of the world Fault. 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th Red Moon, red dwarf star coming up behind Sun, I will just ascend from Debt Default inflation this Winter, before star orbiting Sun rises in April 2021, ascend from either of same places.

Here iron core of the Earth the size of the Moon is spinning further and further off center from Earth's axis, every day, acting like an off-center load in a washing machine. So no wonder why the Earth is wobbling, almost all the time. Sirius approaching Neptune orbit. Where Sirius magnetism portends polar reversal turns the Earth upside down. Like the Sun did 2007 after passing behind it October 23, 2006! While it was getting closer, turned around it.

I was reading "The Final Theory" by Mark McCutcheon about physics formulas and his gravity theory with other gravity theories. I was surprised to find that they did not disprove any of my descriptions of reality, that I figured out from experience and describe here. I can safely say Gravity times Light equals Mass, at 4.9 meters per second, the pouring down of Positive Gravity Charge, expanding the Universe.

Gravity x speed of Positive Gravity Charge flowing down Gravity Currents = Mass.

Earth is located in the lower right end of the Universe, Universe expanded out to its left from where it was in a round ball. Eternity became Circuit of Matter continually expanding its length proportionate 87% of Universe mass, assembled with outer darkness charges of gravity that converge Eternity's Gravity Currents upon a Centre Point, reciprocating a circuit, out of layers of Gravity Charges from outer darkness. That penetrate through God+ mass spinning faster than light, gravity currents diverge, converging at Eternity's center embed together in a circuit point no bigger than a baseball in its vacuum of space, Bang! Currents kept flowing Matter down to its circuit pops-up out of Eternity's Black Hole. Universe a gravity circuit volume exceeds boundary, presto gravitational field, thus the World pops-up:

Since the Universe is in a grip pointed to the centre point of Eternity, at the moment of becoming an electrical circuit when it pops out expanding in a magnetic Field shape from ball of cable an attempt at a magnetic Field and 87% of Universe, with galexies spread out all along it that has no end, so it bulges out in a orderly parallel in a fist grip of gravity current pointed to the centre point of Eternity the Heart, that from right end of Universe here right end view, the top flaring out is likewise spread out orderly parallel above and below the fangged end in the center body of the Universe cable gripped parallel.

The above image shows there is a human ability to reach above-light speed, for me to see Universe from two separate relative points of reference, as defined in the following paragraph, "along existing beams of starlight rather than generating light or radio waves and waiting for them to physically move through space at the relatively slow speed of light to a pre-determined location. Where at near-light speeds time space and matter behave in bizarre new ways, that run counter to our everyday experience and understanding". Like when I instantaneously experienced "Quantum Entanglement" saw the above image of Universe expanding, from my reference point outside of the Universe, relative to my hands holding description of Universe, appeared on distant stage back wall its Image expanding, length of Circuit of Eternity, continuous white line down length of tube galaxies around black hole circuit center.

In August 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia, came forward the above Image of the Universe from the back of the stage at my Nishren Shoshu initiation. After I received a scroll by its ends into my hands and returned to my seat I meditated on it being a complete description of the Universe. So I looked up to the Universe appear in front of me, about 80' away on the back end of a convention hall, on the stage wall. A cloudlike shape about 2.5' wide and about 1.0' tall, faint cloud in the distance. I strained my eyes trying to make out the details of it. Then I noticed it was gradually coming forward! I waited to get a closer look at it. Finally it got close enough to see the details of it. The Universe is a level bundle of about a million and a 1/2 parallel lines, with a luminous white line down the center's of all of the lines. I suddenly realized the Universe is tubular, like the Hubble Space Telescope sees it! Universe with a white line down the center of all of its lines are all the stars and galaxies gathered about Eternity's center-line down the center of tubular universe, which proves Universe is a Circuit of Gravity. Originally a round ball point suddenly popped out to lower right end, out on a level plane to its left. A moment later I was startled to see Universe up close, with its lower left end closing in around me! There was a lightening storm in the lower left end of the Universe. Threads of Universe curled out in front of its lower left, began to surround me! Lines in the lower left end of the Universe looping out in front of the bursts of lightning flashes. I looked back down at the scroll in my hands, assured that every line on it about the Universe was correct in Japanese! I really need a translation of the scroll in English. It was discontinued. I quit Budhism and figured out its mysteries "Bud-ha", you jump in enlightenment!

While all the colleges figure "the Light" only comes from your right brain, that can only think in pictures, flashes inside the right brain. The verbal hemisphere left half does all of the talking, they say, not God outside them that cares. Vision and word scholarship luckily does not have time for this, Element 0 mass and surface tension you can raise up. Another one I only need jump off, through charge to get off ground surprise of your life break out to the other side, learn all over again how to get around.

Element 0 that science splatters from atoms makes secret "Key", tool to get through JesusChrist, on

a chocolate drop shaped deposit another one of these places to bring my ball to jump while parting it

I pack out. One picture in this batch developed out the above with a row of six flashes ascended into

weightless other side off from biting red ants, left brain vision sees transparent Positive Gravity Charge

Element 0 surface tension, deposited on the ground clear as air, confirms a higher power. On so many

places in the U. S. of A., deep in depression America because of its politicians Debt policies for profit

hear my genocide solution to them, to have to exterminate, pay off their Debt, cancel alien criminal life.

Might as well suicide bomb, unless Trump dictatorship can do my orders, kill enemies of white citizens

Far Right Rule, take over federal government. Created to make the rich richer in a stock market scam.

Soldiers of American people take democracy, on citizens terms, old freedoms in Revolution bloody as

it has to be, world to go on expanding, at a faster rate, sneak out in good weather. Red dwarf hits Sun

after the last red full Moon, shadow of a star coming in, brown dwarf star closing in, a New Star 2005,

I will take one of two choices where I ascend for my escape from the future, to see if I become young.



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I am so radical as to find access to the other reality in a gravity circuit, to see if I can use it to go back in time anywhere, at any time for a revolution, against the system for my system of democracy, cold, with a red giant Sun. Where underground we build a space ship, to get anywhere fast, to another place everything will want to eat us. Shopping Mall


2015 had its share of UFO sightings on the rise, living creature ones reproduce as fast as energy needs are met 7 billion more people since 1950, form 1 billion that want to buy stuff, seemingly reproducing instinctively ahead of extinction, fear, where all of the peoples want to kill the current king of the hill.


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