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Truth cannot save the damned.

This thing about secrets what brings everything to power, trust it to Sun bounce. Matter condense nuclei

in a Box 7 pinwheels each one counterclockwise nuclei receiving matter fast as Universe expands sucks

mass to all image focus universe motor thruster big nuclei packer to an earlier date, choice power source

back to 7th birthday or its 1769 publish the future spy money excuse Pentagon arm us Majority take the

Hill. Racist rampage. American civilization delete dangers invading us. Coup d' violent change before I go. Military plan with Militia racists recruit, police verses enemy races die or ticket out. Pentagon racist purge hang the courts Default votes uncounted, except mass murder suicide. Bomb the crypto Left plans. Kill the prisoners make room for the witches' government. Eliminate public enemy costs and corrupt government thinking. Militia deploy in house to house campaign destroy gangland latino public enemy mass murder dump in meat grinders. Mexicans in salsa to cannibals, overseas to grill. Rid us of aliens and public enemy resent. My camera on vanish. Accumulate until can't move leap off end of ritual way to Celtic Isle, through JesusChrist, before Debt Default 2025. Or its exterminate kingpins take out establishment repossess taxation! Revolution out of veil return after school, flight to 1952 or the earlier, show the past how the future turned out, weapons for discrimination counterattack factory.

Time proportionate to expansion, beginning to end, flight to past date or 7th birthday future connected to the past. Maybe Yreka gold nuggets pack, entertain escort to the nearest river east, to British adventures quickest way to early western settlements, to unite in 1760's America verses Business interests. Map to mineral deposits for future with guns and formulas, show Star Wars raise money to publish these pages in a book, 7 again. Democracy every worker's profit representative of the people, by their opinion majority's. Tribunal 17th century. Corporation of the people. If possible 1309 homeland oath speedy Revolution armour. Jet power point missiles at headquarters, commando forces take out the rich for democracy choice Tribunal. Hang Court. Lawyerburger to pets and hogs, take establishment money and property for public prosperity, by and for the people borders. Best way American people survive end of the world is with the Moon, stars collide. Recycle everything, space ship city math platform. Robotic mine refine moon titanium Moon factory housing platform shuttles. Jobs. Moon housing compound. Robot headquarters American. Honeycomb Moon titanium a modular city assemble platinum, shield from deadly gamma ray, follow Sun to Neptune. December 21, 2012 last 52 year calendar before destroyed, end of cash money governments fall. Kill leftist indiscriminate ads, flood our smart devices.

No one believes anything unless they have seen it, will have to wait to see Sun with a huge red star coming up to it. Out of one coil exploded Universe out of point centre. Inorganic Area 7 Image storage beams of particle crystals separated by gas, through each life Image layer focuses in Black Box Universe through bright Eternity mass circuit, to Void every element, mystery of all the ancestors, basic elemental "matter" expanding Universe Image. Solid Universe projector Area 7 the earth's order. Gravity current mass deposits "O" bubble on current, converges upon ground. Countless spots wherever gravity clusters resistor backs up mass, from going faster than light, bubble film over ground soaking in on wide black Allah Negative currents focusing Positive Charge, filling every element in Universe with mass faster and faster to the end. Wide black gravity currents Moslem's worship Negative Gravity Charge projector of images stored outside Black Box to its Void center, grip. Allah/Elohim worship made-up religion for terrorizing the world. Devil with a crown on. Gravity current only accumulating mass down to Grounds all around. Currents 90 degrees redirect the spinning light of Gravity mass, Charge into manifestations that holds the World together in a gravity circuit. Where only God name that really matters is Apollo, with a Jesus wound on matter condensing to nuclei. Apollo deposits only a transparent chocolate drop back-pressure inversion on earth, at places ascend fear, transformed host of memory identities. Deliberately accumulating mass, jump out where you can't move. Two God Universe their baby. Area 7 current projecting negative gravity images pops up condensing mass to nuclei all the galaxies from black hole plumbs stars to Sun pop up expanding, everything from Matrix Atom. World pops-up out of ball, infinite Circuit, tubular 2 Charge Universe! Gravity Field Image: Its' swear byre's all fall to their sack drained black of awareness create the World, laid back in Earth's hollow dreaming in web of Earth Gravity Field Image, rest in peace or jump through storm flashing.

I should takeover power spot gravity current resistor deposits of gravity charge, do ritual I ascend unfathomable name, 4 letters no one can pronounce 9ÆVN. Even if deed in hand no way out alive. National security do take on victory over wealth and estate for my Third U.S. Government. Military racist Coup, Power by Default since September 5, 1995 invention Power by Default a 1996 political solution. Others had worse problems than me in 1995 under kind of a "god" pulsing sky. Freedom in death new member of "the gods" not yet transformed sphere to gaze upon, if only you had gazed, cross your eyes look for Jerry Garcia 13 August 1995 over Memorial sphere, August beach round spot of cloud rainbow through it. Last seen Chinese New Year 2009 2 pieces of rainbow hanging down, drape 2 square eyes separated on the horizon beside each other, only thought Jerry Garcia looking through to say "Hi", eyes! Martin beside me doubted it. Dropped dead in library.

Faith without religion I am American people's leader by Default Vote, or Military disposition take the streets, secret halls for all us racists room to explain the secrets of the soul. Standing or setting at each of four opposite locations east west north and south holding their model of the 4 objects in the soul. Aperture top center. East West and front, one behind left from center of the room. Egg soul shell shaped like Earth what calculus suggests. From center point of the room south 14° to the right a small sphere covered with long thin crystal rays, back one opens light counterclockwise flames. The person right of center holds a one inch black sphere, focus of Power. Behind center 14° to left is held small aperture opens to flames, size of a quarter opens counterclockwise, all born from embryo. Assembly sphere all radiating with long thin crystals in front. While the person in the east in the pointed end of the oval a bright flaming light only visible to left perimeter. Soul shape bright white molecules on black background, bright sunshine through the window canceled out. Mass spinning faster than light a Void for Universe out centre point under pressure of mass pour down to focal point of everything, Universe pops up expanding on gravity current through Area 3 charge, flowing mass. Jesus double edged sword wound on the "Light", if you see "God". West end of egg shaped soul rounded end, a glazed black ball of power if you have a soul. Positive gravity molecules in a shell shield, face east to west and north to south hatch overhead aperture closing to only beams of bright light fan out just below top centre, counterclockwise. To white ring in shell over a human. Real aliens have no enclosing soul shell. Able to take anyone to see their halo or not, at full moon certain street light, human halo aperture closes overhead fanes out counterclockwise, just under top of soul forms a halo ring. Aperture open up look see mass flaming. Part portal aperture apart outer mass consumes in flames aperture shudder closed, reach up to part it!

To find real people, back to my street light location under full moon, end of a bridge I crossed under bright street light, a beer run. I'll file everyone under it on a full Moon. If halo sure they are real people in the likeness of their Kind, Layer in the Box. Mass matter Gravity Charge holding image together by its weight falling to nuclei. Full Moon over street lamp 2 shadows off of you. Halo over moon shadow on the ground because of egg shape soul with aperture. Aliens a image only, no shell for aperture top of turning blades of light forms a halo around aperture clenched closed. Earth's Gravity Circuit invisible too bright to see through aperture where anyone parts hatch is to spontaneous combustion! Look at aperture close to clenching, fans out counterclockwise from centre, beaming a white "halo" circle over left human shadow, under a Full Moon. Two shadows of me cast on ground under old street lamp 2 shadows in a "V" formation from my feet reveal halo over Moon shadow. Closed egg surface shape curve of positive gravity mass lights up halo, just below their clenched closed aperture, a short beam flips up and fans out counterclockwise intersecting human soul egg shape a halo overhead separate alien from real American, racist poll Tribunal to go by for national purpose representing 4 winds, Earth one of us.


Like most people I do not believe much of what I hear or read, can't trust others even if same line of nationality. So when the passage said "the pure in heart" I died, rushed through heart a wind, seeing "God" 1972. Area 3 spinning help me escape 21st century with some things, political solution take back into the past for Revolution. Earth too messed up now for peace. No time left, get book published crimes against citizens. Militia under military cover tear gas scholar authority legal rights over Americans, enemies getting our Social Security. Suspend Constitution, women vote against man. Organized crime politics puppet media to depression rap destroy. Coup d' 'et at, so only White male citizens decide how science and everything goes. While racist militia comb the streets in police purge. Opinion polls lead how research and progress is made. Maybe make a God Motor of nuclei. Take out secrecy, torture secrets out, kept secret from the citizens. My cost of living revolution take valuable patents stored away in secrecy preventing utopia! Now and in the past rebel rouse majority destroy establishment, militia weed out illegal and not white so only white America vote.

Over the course of the years thieves have pilfered or stolen my belongings, stole all my writings three times since in 1973. Nothing safe where someone each time would encounter me boasting in groups telling me they had stolen all of my things and would not return them, have all my rights. But here again my old writing subjects and essential facts plus origin of catacombs at Rome and Tripoli 3 Great Pyramids Celtic's built before Egypt invaded by Arabic, removed Great Pyramid great diamond in a setting on top, 5th polar reversal settlers. Earth's South Magnetic Pole in 1900 off of South end of Earth axis end of last polar reversal 5th expanding sprouted fountains of the deep released inner ocean internal steam pressure super volcano. Celtics climbed out of Fountains of the Deep at Rome and Tripoli built a pyramid over them, and one in Egypt forming a triangle. Mounted a huge round diamond on three pyramids so when Sun came up in the east it lit up 3 diamond spheres, or stormy not reflect others, weather forecasting. Great Pyramid mixed fuel down shafts in them large long chamber inside angled up to fuel wooden cranes that built them. Shaft to focus rooms behind 3 doors hides focus of positive into negative gravity. Earth circuit wormhole moybus band of gravity mass binding Earth twined together transparent element about it to go with. While "fountains of the deep" from Inner Earth Celtic people spread all about Mediterranean continents. U.S. Southwest natives washed out of fountain pit. Steam pressure Mediterranean fountains of the deep a Flood. Celtics evacuate eastern invasion dismantle pyramid, columns for Vatican City plugged staircase to the stars Tripoli and Rome, under catacombs. Vatican City fountain of the deep crusade to argument at bottom in 1975 broke off Rome and Tripoli fountain of the deep to core turning against lithosphere, global warming, counterclockwise to the Earth's clockwise spinning.

Information on movement of the magnetic poles was charted every five years since 1900 to 2005, until stopped being reported on January 1, 2006. Earth's core increasing its spin faster every five years ran out of Earth to rise in, spins west now around to its crack in Arctic North Sea, to explode when Jesus said of Noah. Caused by Planet X ellipse to the Sun going around it ripped Earth open with pieces of planets Thor smashed. Sun bounce on Portugal these days, star going to do it. Magnetic pole movement inside Earth under Arctic spinning west around 85° latitude to where it was pushed when Moon ripped off the piece of Manchuria called Japan, hitting Pacific Ocean Earth bounce off some 50,000 miles, and keeps going away. Steam-filled Earth magnetic core blows-up Arctic Ocean, hit by the Sun. Super Volcano out of Fault, because Moon ran into Pacific Ocean. Don't let the rich get away, Military Coup citizens US survive outcome kill illegal alien graffiti bad, tattoo and Mexico. Hunter waiting to pounce on Debt Default? I am the American people's machine gun for peace! Heaven pick out from Hell bound free or to Hell dream Earth eternally in a sack.

These pages are better made to publish in the past, 29 year job finally right for the trip. Axis of Moon sized iron core of the Earth spinning northwest, to blow-up in Earth's top reached 85° latitude, spins away northwest from Antarctica up to Earth flat top off of Rome. Lucky Earth's core did not sideswipe Earth at Yellowstone National Park in 2012, missed it while going up and away, while slipping west going to blow-up out of door in Arctic Circle, to east off Greenland. Nostradamus predicted 2012 asteroids blow up over Russia and Florida, 2 months late for December 21, 2012, Europe 2 asteroids rip across. After Summer swimming back to 1988 mistake make. Leave dollar fall to dust, or I have a metals standard only good on paper to our borders by Revolution. Earth Inner Ocean steam pressure blow out Earth's top, expanding as it bounce off the Sun collapses Earth spinning in a opposite direction throwing Earth apart on the Sun. Save the pure in heart get out alive vanish gravity charge in earth convergence sphere leave Earth to collapse. Lucky if any left behind vanish. Earth positive gravity Ort sphere retreat. Pluto blue sky atmosphere looking back giant snails in trails. Weightless image I jumped back down to Earth to do it again, with a backpack, this enough editing correct pack with me, dive for 7th birthday. If that works I can do the others, when and where to go 1309 to drop in.


Kill Islamic's, mass shooting in Norway. If kill Arabs we have to kill all of them,

ship pork in cans world peace depopulation of enemy scrap prison bars & leftists

if it benefits Military, my position on crime criminal. Survive future or destroy it.


Religion a serious comedy, leaving Sun bounced at Earth land on or bake planet.

Read the whole Bible took a year read, Bible scholar books on the Bible, searching for what Jesus was calling the TRUTH. Until one day at lunch break, at my drafting table something said "if there is any truth in the Bible you will find it in the Sermon on the Mount." After work rush home open to it, read as far as "the pure in heart". Sharp wind pain blowing through my heart see God, 1972. Pain went away, curious I did not need to breath, suddenly crowd of memory identity blocking the Light, static flat layers egg shaped beings all about in front of me. Looked to the right end of them, where one leaped out of the pack came up to me in such a way I knew it was my 15 year old girlfriend. While trying to look through her and crowd they suddenly parted so I saw behind them in the distance what looked like 2 boobs sideways ( I laughed) was a two edged sword wound on Ort extent. Earth's light off mass filling image negative focus pops up expanding with mass. Various other occasions rapture again, a mountain then some hills, found I could do it 4 times. Claim citizenship leadership here since 1995, do ritual again after payday to Rapture number 5. Bible beats around the bush in so many creative ways, experts, that do not believe what I say, going to Hell in Earth's gravitational field in Earth's hollow anyway. Business government distractions led by false pretenses. I found 2 other religions to see their God. Buddha, Eternity two stroke engine piston, Universe, expanding in the void of matter, with fanged right end, expanding to origin discharges back to point centre focus, pops up again Universe inflating with mass same whole process over again. Secret society government insiders to grave flocks all to their cemeteries or bunkers gold reserve.

For me this big experiment, how deep into the past can flight to it go in circuit, vanishing with my stuff on same kind of place closer, using the same routine. If not forced to go back to hills where ritual takes all day long to where you can't move, have to jump off of imprint.


DICTATORSHIP for the majority take with pills to kill non-reproducing cells so body takes over re-grows young to 2029 to build a ship escape end of the world US we just racist white majority call to organize local militia military take over business impossible to reason with enemy employ alien and colored deport, or round up destroy or ship out we the majority with better weapons, profit from throwing off foreign and alien immigration occupation, cutting into all of our benefits social life and entertainment just become soldiers. Take over habitat.

Sun 2029 under swelled up red dwarf star glare few places left vanish from if don't work at new one the gun watch the sun bounce, pilgrimage of eligible to former Gardens of Eden. Scuba dive to 2 of them, or blow up the whole planet because we hate each other. With transportation to go wait for Debt Default set off WWIII to see if we can take out rest of the world World War occupied with.

Pentagon U.S. Armed Forces has my leadership plans, fulfill them? If that is figured the way to go, or run out of time get away to far earlier day. Predators take all this when hosting runs out. U.S. social workers excel, but government rotten to the core, open borders providing Social Security, housing cars license job food card I can't get. Military could support us white majority shoot run out gang take out immigration feed to hogs tattoo make me dictator I get democracy reader for leadership, Tribunal our patriotic radical Right. If enough of American support to take the Moon, cable out to spaceport shuttle to Moon, to a dock down to mining resources build platform a city, fields of life to thrusters.

The ROCK 'N' ROLL of my time was great. I will have to make a play list for accomplishing something at a earlier date compatible crowds hire to save our future. The whole planet doomed. Dumb wars like at Ukraine. Science cannot figure out universe like I describe from outside their theories all proven wrong.

Military me in power better use take over whole world now! I enforce Tribunal, White American leadership. I have an escape route but have to figure in weather conditions where everyone else is a enemy, so gangs they come to your door for food and water open fire right and white just cover for everyone our color in our colors and destroy everyone else, or American Majority ships them out, take all! Shopping Mall

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