The Political Animal also wants a Business

Investing in gold? Rare earth magnets, where all the motors run stronger. Invest in Neodymium in all its different shapes to run the future or past at January .23 shares! You wait around for magnet 600 x Earth, profit.

These places all day or another right away with talent flight to 1309 to land, leaving possible if Military elite could vanish and drop in together; foot soldiers fighting Indians to save the day in American History. Or free the hostages in Iran!

These are some of the resources wasted in the complete breakdown of American God freedoms social and labor order salvation. Earth wipe out reversal, 2023. Star bounced Mercury to core, thus Planet Thor hit into present orbit of sun in another return forgotten Planet X next rises up after Fall day I finish ritual & part gravity out.

Here is placer gold all around, that you just by accident of traipsing all around, thus by chance prospecting for gold accidentally taken up like a Enoch curious strange places too many for gold, happen upon the dust of it at centers the "God" suddenly, prospector places, likely like long gone down a sluice box, to get off jump off into ORT bright back side of dark gravity current's image too close. Got too much on me on a mass matter source back to hill I ascended last I be Certain.

Does White America even have the Resources, to win the West down to grand ma grand dad armed down to grade school ready for race war: Indians and all, pound British in ground soccer ball and all I touch down in 17th century for some fireworks.

Coming out of shopping a Mexican couple pull up beside me, so I got this big heavy gold ring for $40 took home to find out it was made in 1881, 18K. Had to been for a Mexican human sacrifice on pyramid in Mexico. I suppose to keep the sun shinning that was a corruption of the benefits of sunlight without which no one can live, for power of fear over their people still in practice, secret today in Mexico, with Temples of the Sun access in many locations of Mexico where I am glad the Spaniards came in mostly got rid of that religion! Even though tourists wind up missing, evil intent? But there is a Indian woman, and her little black woman I would sacrifice to offer heart of them. If the sun would bounce some other way, to miss the Earth becoming a Red Giant to what's left of a red dwarf star. Patriots America has to put all our bloods together body assembly line tool room.

"Biden Bucks" is like the human sacrifice religion still found in Mexico, digital money surveillance, so the Democrat Communist Party can single out whoever they want to cut off their life support, thats why my far right Coup is a logical solution!

Are you prepared to replace U.S. dollars all the way corporations have put chip in public spending Democrat president left dictate digital money to replace currency slip of paper with code on it to count digit, what you buy what you say recorded black flag buying to starve the Right in genocide inflation, hang the system for all of its property coin and Command. Barter. Labor pool gold silver payday bunker. Jap suicide tidal wave east coast tsunami west a tsunami. Third Party Default vote U.S. citizens save us dictatorship, I arm racism.

Investing in what ends in disaster unless Magical Mystery Tour vanish before your eyes to health, perform miracles, or I have to win a World War!

Here I am playing with figuring out investing if I could. While Nancy Pelosi and her other feminist Italian gangland/Big Business leftist women black alien elect new one candidate to Congress all the time Trump impeach underhanded void cash stock market crash Gang, could not blame that on him. Subjected to patriotic arms conflict band wagon, I could motor moon to Neptune Sun a Red Giant.

The Sun is Intelligent enough to shoot us warning I would have to have all the Pentagon is worth in patents plus my own creativity to save the West or just break through world image dive to 1309, after I get rid of this ring for an electric bike.

Here in 2017 past investment opportunities rich with cash money gold and silver stockpiles. FDR Bank inflation of U.S. DOLLARS. Asteroid shot into atmosphere/to off of flaming hit the Moon off Planet X. Long Term, Stock Market Crashes. Nationalize "Junior Mining Network" Stocks to provide us all with income safe to war History. These Too: Balmoral Resources (TSX: Bar), Nexus Gold (TSX.V: NXS),Golden Queen Mining (TSX: GQM),Kincora Copper (TSX.V: KCC), Secova Metals (TSX.V: SEK), Cordoba Minerals (TSX.V:CDB), Satori Resources (TSX.V: BUD), Broadway Gold (TSX.V: BRD), Kerr Mines (TSX. KER) and Condor Gold (LON: CNR), Best Junior Mining Stocks, what now while the rest of the country and the world goes berserk arms build-up, just chaos US Militia Military take out illegal, alien tattoo Mexico gangsters got on buses all day, going north to reinforce gangs in San Francisco, Bay Area and Sacramento ready to take over in a economic crash besides all the Indians planning pass out AK-47's, get on horses. Discrimination takeover racist military and police put me in power!

The solution for inflation, caused by the creation of The Federal Reserve is my Tribunal Dictated, System of Government, replace the U.S. government and the Dollar for only American People. In a racist Military order Bank 40 hour week on gold and silver note Hour and Minute coins with Credit Card for workers Bank account of coins on deposit allotted to each jobs duty U.S. making all the products we want to consume at home/in National defense sweeps back to school partner countries contribute resources pork export getting rid of the authorities and all their families and its gangs. Sudden blitz dead, all of us packing heat. Show up for your clips.

For variety on my political Web site here I selected a few profitable business opportunities once anyone could have clicked on, to look them over. Although investing is going to fall off of a national debt default cliff it has, until worthless money. Nobody should bank on long term gains in the investing world. Just take my advise and only buy such investments as "30 day US Treasury bill", with next to no interest safe money pocket investment portfolio thinking. 10.5% or more to crash, compounded to over a cliff, use to be safe money at until death, unsafe a corporate government. Better North Korea suicide nuclear war, all the way around. In 2015 S & P 500 saw positive returns 86.24% for the time had respective gains of 5.3% and 9.6% over that next three to six months. But exponential system growth always leads to a collapse. Unless in Power I recycle the system take business and stocks make public portfolio, taking care of social security health insurance a well water cancer cure formula we all grow nest egg since born!

Unlucky can't communicate with anyone else on this planet, while everyone is talking furiously as their brain is attached to their smart phone. While big money investments may adversely fluctuate and tie-up money devalues that cannot be retrieved at maturity, cash voided, Debt Default crisis. Racists raise your Swastika's and Confederate flags Military a Coup suddenly take over, get the people to safety at authorities expense can the system Tribunal. Too late for Pick short term investments! Overlap a steady flow of cash on gold to $3000 in foreign Bonds. US Bonds fell to less than 33% compared to foreign bonds at over 67% profit. Shop at term, life is short. Secretly a disaster approaches with star Sirius in 2023. Stock up on ammunition! Friends are enemy, 2007 more than 11% Annual Return Funds (2008), if your portfolio might have contained FMI Common Stock (FMIMX), a 11.3% return. Arthur J. Gallager (AJG) Bemis (BMS) Arrow Electronics (ARW) CGM Realty (CGMRX), a 14.8% return, and CGM Focus (CGMFX) 15.2 % to profit when there were still interest rates. Wall Street death on Easter Sunday, day of destruction. You are best off stocking up everything for yourself. Buy silver bullion coins to spend in the chaos, or pull out gold in a pinch. Gold costs too much for the dollar value printed on gold coins, verses silver coins. Not challenged by hot dry dusty weather to take college chemistry course formulas physics knowledge the future to the past, from threshold of other side what mass expanding universe is good for. Sell music concerts movies in the past lessons of future space ship generator birth for mass expanding.

But the "Forever Battery" don't exist, that only has dummies to advertise, there is no stock number for it. All you get is hype to subscribe to news letters for 4 years, last one?


What you’re looking at here is one of the most important buildings in Washington, D.C.

But it’s not the White House, the Supreme Court or the U.S. Capitol.

No. This is the headquarters of America’s Federal Reserve Bank.

How much interest you pay on a loan…

How much money you earn on your savings…

It’s all controlled by the men and women inside this building.

And I just got wind that—behind these white walls—the people in charge of “the Fed” are scrambling to keep America’s money system alive.

In fact, according to my source, Fed members just wrapped up a special “behind-closed-doors” meeting to discuss one of the most dramatic changes to the U.S. dollar in the last 100 years.

A change that not only affects how we spend, save, and earn…

But that will also transform the very nature of “money” itself.

To uncover the story, I flew down to Aspen, Colorado to meet with NY Times Best-Selling author, currency expert and multi-millionaire speculator Doug Casey.

Casey is one of the most connected men in the financial world:

He was Bill Clinton’s classmate at Georgetown… He’s debated presidential candidates… He’s met with former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan… And he’s also been invited by the leaders of twelve different countries to discuss monetary reform. Some even credit Casey with introducing the concept of “economic citizenship,” where individuals can become citizens of a country simply by making an investment.

In the interview that follows, you’ll hear Casey’s strong warning to Americans regarding the consequences of a new potential money plan by the Fed that could start in the next 6 months.

You’ll also hear the four steps he’s personally taking today to prepare himself and protect his savings.

Doug, as you know, I'm here because you believe something shocking and disturbing is going on in Washington right now. Something that will catch the average American completely off guard and will be dangerous to their financial well-being.

That's right Bob. In short, I think that we are in line for one of the most drastic and draconian changes to the US money system in history. It could be on par with the creation of the Fed in 1913 or Roosevelt confiscating American citizen's gold in 1933.

The U.S. at this point is a ticking time bomb from a financial, from an economic, from a sociological, from a political point of view. It's a very dangerous situation…

Money System “Extremely Unstable”

Let's talk about this change in the US money system. Doug, what do you believe is going to happen?

Well, the monetary system is extremely unstable and money is the lifeblood of an economy …you poison the monetary system, it's like getting blood poisoning. It will kill you eventually. We are seeing this now.

The dollar has lost about 96-97% of its value since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

But in 2022 the authorities have a Dollar value calculation of 42¢ chart calculator,

if you trust the lie-ing legal system and secret societies keeping the 3¢ US dollar secret. $1 in 1800 was worth $23.51 in 2022, at


2017 tried get stocks with secure dividends, when 313 stocks around the world yield more than 15% in 2011, 177 yield more than 20%! Though a few of them were junk. However plenty of them were REIT's. Which are not ticking time bombs of toxic derivatives but bricks and mortar throwing off rents, that go right into your pocket, where all you need is a handful of stocks like these. So your best bet is to buy-up high-yield stocks, stock prices which least fluctuate, to dig a hole to throw it in with all the gold you can, before U.S. dollar digital, its political system's Debt not to mention blown away, by Earth turning over in a day, polar reversal like the Sun did on February 19, 2007. Or is you future to the end in Penny Stocks, since 2012 up 900%. Saying there is no danger under foot or in the heavens above, U.S. government not solid as a rock for investment dividends like pay off your stock investments, at Scottrade in required lengths of time in a world eight times more populous than in 1950, eight times more opportunity for big business profits booming with investment opportunity. Obsolete revolutionary material called "grapheme", patents mostly owned by Communist China, only one molecule thick but stronger than steel, for the last generation of computer monitors and weapons but a trojan horse, with embedded programs in it. Right when we have to have someone totally insane like me to write all this high to be creative thinking, fighting enemies of the people, mass murder and suicide, use for my gun.

While investing is usually always a gamble, for those who have to have it. Although stock market FOR EVER STOCKS don't exist, company had a $60 billion cash stockpile burnt a hole in its pockets in 2015. The last time it had this much cash on the books it paid out a huge special dividend with big profits, it ran off with the money. Stock market headed for niagra falls easily by luck bullies it to 2023, digital money. Dividend yielding a robust 2.5% to eye-popping 11.7%, back in 2008 planned to position itself to do it again. U. S. Default on Debt Congress put off forever for stock market, soaring trades. Voters have been doing it over a hundred years, of registering to vote but not voting. Voters helpless, their reasoning for not voting, being that politicians do not do what most people elect them to do, after they get elected. Integrating social order elected legislate leftist billionaire wishes. But by copyright law for Internet publishing rights I became The Third Party in America, with “Power by Default” since 1996, my plan. Earth's bubble bursts to smaller planet, Easter 2023. Thor rising around Sun swings up to which ever magnetic pole will face Earth's pole?

If you're a habitual investor GraphiteCorp, OTCQB Symbol: GRPH, November 2012 result in current price around $0.70, making 20% of the world's production percent, maker of Li-Ion batteries in the USA. China produces 80% of it. Not likely an investor I would have a stack of few stocks before dollar is no longer legal tender but digital. America's only prayer is with my racists military solution, not only setting around watching, pursuing investment materialism I take traffic around the world, don't buy anything from markets unless get a commission. Visitors kept coming back to my pages for the music, didn't know what I was saying. Sometimes "34% US Commercial" traffic out of 95 countries, window shop .com banner ads. I picked music available to relate might upset me and others, to before their time. Long pants, 2023 back to element 0RT shape on back pressure to ascend through new element for charts, thrill the past. Having to share bomb shelter Command if another summer. Rather 1953 riot, Dwight! Planet X, first girlfriend Joyce sell movies save 15 year old Sharon where it is easy to ascend, while her health was right to follow me power ascend again on to 1309. Invisible circuit "other side", "The Light". Oval "fishes" through wound on matter called the father current negative image turn right.

Coinbase - Buy and Sell Bitcoin, - Buy Bitcoin Now. Better yet: "Best Rare Earth Stocks". The Earth is covered with them, in small amounts at the core of every major technology today, with China producing 97% of it. The small producers like in Penny Stocks, labor to make them big producers all together keeping jets and electronics best working right. Establishments in business rule the world, want to run everything with robots do away with American labor avenge subversive enough for U.S. Military to direct all the militia. Leadership, I take over industry jobs produce Home hydrogen bomb armaments take out enemy community weekend revenge, for our freedoms. In the last seven years before Sun knocked out hits Earth with a red dwarf star, like two trains head on collision. While you could get a "Send My Report" from, for finding the top few of the 3% top producers such as Lynas in Rare Earth metals Stocks with the 97% China is mining, the U.S. is obsoleting tedious work to get rare earth refining into magnets.

World was made in the likeness of a 2-stroke motor. Eternity is a motor. Suddenly Circuit of Gravity twined together point in space Bang Infinity pops-up uncoiled parallel Universe.

All the round worlds pop up out of one Black Hole Universe Circuit round worlds out to red shift. Gravitational Field, iron core planets stars moons suns magnetic all along Field Image to core center of every nuclei. Core center Image the same inside all the planets stars suns, parallel Gravity Field center. All earth spheres and soul, moons stars suns round egg shape. Hollow of Eternity round, spinning. All the centers in common two systems joined in a Negative to Positive Gravity image, mass Charge AC flowing down on Negative Gravity Charge current DC creation squeezed, into a Universal static cube. Gravitational Field Circuit Charge mass inside expanding earth in all its images flooding the world gravitational centers at 4.9m/s to center of the hollow, in Earth's core. All creature creation's intended to become God (-)'s food, Area 7 outside to focus Its Circuit, Age forever. Where the White civilized Good versus the Black, corrupted and BAD to eliminate. "Few" people and other individuals ever born escape God - current's appetite for soul, images. Rest assured in morals and civic duty, respectful society, with social conventions. The Dead making dreaming consistently good, especially those going to do it eternally! Very few break the rule ascend in matter(mass) or find portal consumed in circuit of Eternity. Don't wait on Rapture do it yourself religion trusts tithe save soul authority to Field Unforgiven.

Earth egg shape from spinning mostly ocean, soul not round like AT & T icon. Transformed ID still remains egg shape, will mean a lot to anyone that ascends nothing else to do but fly.

While in 21st century White citizenship needs me in power to run government, bomb targets and be nazi by Default Vote, establish jobs and industry. Military revolutionary power, according to American opinions and innovation, on how far I go with what I should do as America's Leader. I represent our people through economic and social agenda what is possible with citizen choices, the citizen opinion majorities, Tribunal. Determining laws and conditions citizens want, for their own good and the nation in every sector of public government and industry on all levels rebuild industry in America in the 6th Age, 6 year end of the world. U.S. Military dug up evidence figured polar reversal 3 years early, dipping into the Milky Way Galaxy asteroid belt asteroids that began blowing-up. Bubble inside Earth ran into Earth bursts out Atlantic crack. Earth collapses if it pops out of Earth, or Easter 2023 implodes scattering new Asteroid Belt around Sun. I offer space ship out with Tribunal New Form of USA nation America build Moon into a vehicle.

Duty, this should work in 1309 through their God, drop in a military solution, plague and all take back the lost West. Revolutionize our future. I occupy my day every day with leadership chores, balance my wishes with the majorities of citizens, for White society. According to the Majorities, so nature Tribunal build leader synthesizer on the social organism choices prosper manufacturing. Tribunal human anatomy, coordinate the workers according to the needs of the whole. Tribunal, out of 2023 Coup job requirements all the details, nay or okay. Digging in for escalating disaster polar reversal. By opinions and facts I run my machine of state future democracy. Try out in the past, plenty time to find my second girlfriend, passing through, wound on the Light of the other side. Treat it Apollo, do what I say genii on my list. The people's hidden tool to breach Positive Charge of Gravity rare places restore build body back 5'-6" vanish, in universal falling gravity charge mass, on the black Negative Gravity Charge currents images out of all the layers of Negative Gravity Eternity Universe Images in the box. Allah aim that converges dimensionally, each own location in the Universe. Blinded out by the light, while going through it, a good place to hide out in to find out what is up where to drop in a miricle. Test new element left to right of memory identities, that got out of my way so I could see wound double edged (I thought boobs and laughed) dark wound stab on Eternity's Positive Gravity Charge White Light. My girlfriend must have taken a right turn there into flow of speed of positive charge of gravity condensing to atomic particles, together from other side of void today leadership.

Earth a circuit of gravity sphere, twined point origin, moybus strand of the universal circuit, binds all earth spheres to nuclei. Negative Gravity Charge sheet of current's other side of, said pure in heart see "God" Jewish Christian fable, wait for my return. This Spring to have to get back to my 15 year old girlfriend Sharon Shields, there since 1967: Memory Identity. Lucky to know someone in the right place to set out on a mission on my shoulder, at busy dictator. White America might have a civilized civilization on Earth cleansed. I will just take 21st century, ascend with soon. Here only to finish this and pack some more data to eternal youth and healed, in the Positive Charge of Gravity. Nothing to do but duty to God and country. Through Apollo, alive. Natives in Colonial New York did so well with a Confederation in America that thirteen English colonies tried it. Drop in 21st century technology I should get right the west, while making products democracy works in my hierarchical model of a healthy Person, living economics in a Civil Body, all the Services with a Purpose in Life red white and blue. Maybe easier for me to find a 1760 publisher bring in a 28 pound gold nugget, pack in theaters to see action movies of their choice, introduce 1 to 10 wage quality of performance pay in Gold Hours and Silver Minutes coins and notes with interest with a weapons making business. U.S. state's Militia make my democracy for Americans now! Avoid whole lot of trouble future providing life worth living. Revolution over bodies of aristocracy corruption and leftist feminist equal rights.

My dictatorship a Third American Government, a socioeconomic Confederation with a Tribunal democracy machine, for the American people to use to rule themselves to end of the world and beyond. I will see if 21st century college course lectures and laminated college formulas on cheat sheets on chemistry courses and gadgets from the twenty first century, useful to reverse engineer in 17th century America, united to become a global power for its own good, system in a world where Americans need to be supportive of their own kinds and get rid of all the others and their cousins for the America I grew up in. My racist leadership out of a Melting Pot plot of Business interests want equality for profit, big population for more votes to get more powerful, criminals obviously subversive to the White American citizen. Business bought slaves would let all sorts of leftist and aliens into America like left a white person in a convalescent home IV open left to bleed to death intentional not a accident, in spite, or left tools in others after operations are a danger to Americans at home and away. In a cold world where even people's pets eat their masters if they find them dead. Evil must be purged out with Military State Militia Police. White U.S. citizens ethnic cleanse America on the street make sure everyone is safe perform civic duty.

My White U.S. Armed Forces and Militia destroy America's enemies at home, WWIII disposes all the oppressive and crooked governments around the world, them and religion secrecy, for all of its riches confiscate property if can be civilized fellowship of white Americans, where no one has to worry about anyone else. If I want to travel the world, visit other cultures, for what ever tourists reason, other countries. I as well raise hell in America, race war, redistribute property to our soldiers and American civilians confiscating booty to ration out. Mint assets of the rich blow-up putting politicians in power, for their corporation profits, militia take wealth metals reserves to Mint to coin for opportunities. Award the public services, take a house, fix up restoration work grant restore America credit. Workers work training, production line, USA accomplish a Moon space ship escape keep all our pastimes, huge park. Tribunal democracy support all the services and descrimination of the people. Whatever needs to be done with religion, at the end of Earth. Build America underground if the sun misses Earth, bounced away by a red dwarf. April 2023 storm. Citizens fair share of their nation's wealth, everyone solar and year batteries, payday according to ability, pay Grades. In security everyone obligated to civic duty for credit, regardless of wages on a 10 skill levels pay, citizens and country homeland secured. Otherwise taking a pocket of coins from the future notes and a backpack on, save my skin, genii younger. Five Ages of mankind to go back. My 1967 girlfriend and the others on the other side of gravity few dozens, as 50 billion people fell to Hell since 4.5 billion year ago beginning, there to dream keeping the World the solid image it is. A fraternity sir made me have to shine the Sun over my shoulder on those in Hell, look into Hell all the tear shaped drained black sacks like a still rain storm, in Earth gravitational field, sacks. They all jumped out of their tears frantically. Climbing over each other reaching up at me to pull someone out! Secret society witchcraft man in a dark corner across the yard I turned to look at in the shadow, standing still. I walked away. They're suppose to "rest in peace" down in Hell. Tribunal don't trust should hunt down secret societies reservations for after revolution!

Live like 2022 summer was the last great season of your life, swim, on a fixed income.

Some Colony in Early America found God disappeared. Earth getting cooler in its' old age layer by layer in the long run. While steam pressure global warming the whole planet, if expands again, 6th polar reversal expansion asteroid comes up. 2011 biggest typhoon, global warming from the ground up. Earth's bubble spinning west bursts facing Planet X finishing turning Earth's magnetic poles north to south pole end of the world, expansion when fault lines all slip blow-up heating up Lake Tahoe and Yellowstone National Park magnetic core up in Earth's top, new super volcano Day of Doom star. A Nostradamus December 21, 2012, said 2 asteroids did not rake Europe blew up in 2013 over East and West. Survive. U.S. Military Special, 2020, but instead Spring 2023 the 6th magnetic polar reversal, turn Earth upside down volcano's erupting all around the world happen during Planet X swing by between Earth and Venus continuing from top to bottom half of Milky Way Galaxy up Easter 2023 Jesus return Apollo. Iron magnetic core spin gradually melting Arctic ice westward to the punch it made burst Inner Earth out of Outer Earth a Flood or another, each time Planet X (Sirius A with Sirius B white dwarf star) passes, 2029 the red dwarf star bounces Sun at Earth. Five new Ages of mankind disaster parent of Sun, tandem 6th Age of Maya Mexico began on "Long Count" Mesoamerican sun u-turn December 21, 2012. End of galaxy pole movement since John the Baptist said be water baptized symbolic of positive charge of gravity mass to break on through to other side shock, fire baptism body soul Allah Glue. Apollo, vanish into expanding world behind gravity current image shapes world projection.

The first drilled for core samples taken from Ocean floor in the mid 1950's, the results of which resulted in a Sunday afternoon television interview with a General at the Pentagon, in a "Meet the Press" interview on the significance of the discovery of core samples finding the magnetic poles of the Earth had reversed twice General was very uncomfortable about being on the spot, reluctant to speak in the mid 1950's to panic anyone so calmly implied eminent mass destruction of humanity destroyed in "2035", magnetic polar reversal. Saying reversal would cause "a large decrease in human population." Refraining from giving any further cause for alarm like the "Press" wanted to hear. But in mid 1960's I saw another Meet the Press interview, Pentagon General on finding 2 more Ocean floor core sample's two more magnetic polar reversals discovered. U.S. Military subtracted from 2035 date polar reversal to 2025, another reversal found in 1990's took 5 more years off 2025 to 2020 reversal. But they did not know Earth polar reversal is dependent on this, orbiting the Sun.

Later in the 1990's I read in a newspaper claim a fifth Ocean floor core sample had been found, discovery that a fifth reversal had happened. So subtract one more five years to the "end of the world" missed a factor U.S. Military 2020 prediction for another magnetic polar reversal I didn't see, television special "2020" on Military evidence on when the world would blow up a Clinton Administration woman official in 1997, owned-up over the radio, that a fifth core sample had been found, located a fifth magnetic polar reversal. But a 6th magnetic polar reversal 3 years off, Easter 2023 coincidence Jesus Return last chance. Round stone calendar in Mexico City original astronomical countdown to end of the Sun's orbit out of center of Milky Way Galaxy to end of solar orbit, that Mayan experts concluded on August 10, 3113 BCE was 24th day of December 2011 orbit around back 12/21/2012. End of world tsunami hit Japan Haiti Chile a New Zealand momentum change of orbit, math find on Pole Movement 2 "SITE MAP" link "LOOK HERE", the "CHECK THIS OUT" page POLE MOVEMENT maps. Figure there is a Moon-size solid iron-nickel asteroid composition magnetic core inside of the Earth, still water cooled enough to be a magnet, now in the top of the world on 85° latitude spinning west its north pole end, after hitting top of the world. Bounced northwest now until it reaches Atlantic rift to blow-up out of the Arctic Ocean sea floor, April 2023, 11 years after Mayan calendar Long Count end Galaxy u-turn. U.S. citizens only survive as a nation with me in power. Military, Militia, Default vote. Citizens Coup dictatorship bunkers for White American economy our self rule take all the profits for democracy, bomb shelters for racist white's a 1st star crossing paths.

Someone published a book in 2008 titled "Get Rich or Die Trying" had to been a big seller if you want to "Retire in Style" until Biden digital money void it end of the world suddenly. End the world revolving east bigger magnet too close bigger than moon Sirius April morn.

As far as successful business opportunities on Internet I picked out the few I recommended to invest in, no interest in linking to get "leads" on several successful business ventures in cell phone services and Internet access, offered on Internet for credit card sales, making commissions off of some automated sales schemes catch you claims join their sales teams serving public needs, in communications service. A job that profited thousands of outgoing entrepreneurs. But I am not outgoing to make commissions in communications. Investing in gold has limits, was good while prices were low, what could you do with 1 Bitcoin. Too high now to make much profit on unless you bought low, $500 to $37,000 for 1. Redneck Hate Militia racist military coup, dictatorship takeover politics business and media women take-over of media all of it black, alien, commercial on everything everywhere, or we have Military Minuteman militia rape rob the system bodies hate group leadership race majority!

Meanwhile I have antibiotic formulas to take back to Early America, and chemistry lessons to show and publish on my next adventure. Ascending I will still return with a backpack on, like the last time. Not waiting for Earth to be a paradise, not banking on the future, I just take my talents everyone is born with I am lucky to find out I have by experience for my next jump into the other side. I prefer land back in time, the past out God+ lighted by God-. Few get into Heaven alive. The unable to reincarnate in the flesh a pity dead. But in Hell, those return in the next cycle of a universe when universal gravity circuit shorts out this time overload with Charge, when length of Eternity recoils back to a point suddenly a Big Bang, Universe pops-up again! The beat goes on and on again. Universe eternally 2 God circuit discharge re-creates Universe over again scholars think was made slow. Was already 8.5 billion years old at Pluto 4.5 billion years ago preserved now with snail climb ice paths.

State revenue at rock bottom a financial problem for citizens in Oregon. Rich in hallowed ground a possibility, no one else could vanish from. ORT is the shape of something an Old Testament Jew ascended from, like here no time to prove the strange place in Oregon is one of those, using my Old Testament Jewish tool, that every human has to get out of the world alive. Accessable to pack up soon as I get through with this. Have to charge-up everything, to get to go through the same experience, New Element 0RT deposit near far Hills my last resort. Spot raise a corner of it to see the inversion shape on it, my camera in it. Gravity currents bunched together, flowing down flooding Positive Gravity Charge to the speed of falling mass to ground, inflated inversion deposit a Negative Gravity Ground, the ones able to ascend from. You could get as rich as hell in one year investing all of your spare riches into one or both of these below two stock market ITEMS. Get richer and richer and more powerful before you die. Put these stocks in a Public Portfolio, in my Power by Default. Stock Market for the security of U.S. citizens only, investing in U.S. labor force's training, confiscate all of the mines and metals for increasing our national industrial labor means.

With hundreds of millions of people distracted. Having so much fun getting fat off of progress, or not so much, until some hill smashes them. Metals taking off in the last 12 months in 2008, gold up 28% and oil up 75% silver up 48%, who can expect inflation to end? These rallies have provided a tremendous tailwind for resource stocks. Opportunity is in natural gas, production of it in the U.S. up 42%, where demand for natural gas has only gone up 27% in 2008, until 2021. Tesla design making engines with one working part to power the future with natural gas no crash could obliterate your 2009 gains, regardless of bank failure in 2007. Twenty-five banks failed in 2008 one hundred and forty banks fail in 2009. Forty-one banks fail in only first three months of 2010. Small banks and hundreds more fail. "These banks have already failed" but FDIC does not have manpower or funding to officially "seize" them. Best hit the road, banks good for digital payday. Buy silver coins with a dollar value on them, better value than gold. Gold dust mined, Gold $305 from the ground for $706/ounce in 2010. Coin best the gold cheaper right from the mine. Avoiding all the drilling holes in bar's assaying fuss, you just ship from the mine to have it Coined!

Try "Online Trading - TD Ameritrade - Online Stock Trading Online Investing", here at for 30 Days Commission Free? Though January 2 on stock market channel they said only Real Estate and Apple survive a stock market crash. Politics put off National Debt to 2023 Tribulation, a 2018 legislation.

One stock to own after Natural Gas 2011 became law for gold diggers, search for "fuel injector" stocks. Invest in, to go further on less fuel.

If you are adventurous you might profit by searching for "Dividend Boost companies", and Private Equity (BlackRock), to manage diversified private equity portfolios inclusive of primary... where most folks earn only 2% - 6% dividends on Blue Chips like Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, and AT & T. Savvy investing Americans are secretly "boosting" those small yields. American revolution logic beneficial now for American citizens blow up the political system take all its wealth, Third Government blood bath, National Debt Third America, labor re-emerge industrial power, taking care of our national security.

Women authorities a ship on calm seas with a party in progress, until it hits iceberg:

"Magnetic pole reversals have been shown to occur in the Earth's geological history - the most recent reversal to the current polarity (known as the Brunhes/Matuyama boundary) occurred about 700,000 years ago. Other reversals have been dated at irregular intervals generally 500,000 to 1 million years apart. The reversals are not thought to cause lava to flow, but when it happens lava cools after flowing solidifies and records the current magnetic polarity at the end of globalwarming, affecting Earth's magnetic field in 110 years of mapping the magnetic core movement lava locks in place magnetic polarity as it cools into solid rock, every time after Earth's 'bubble' inside blows-out Earth's top again. Long-lived centers of volcanic activity such as mid-ocean ridges have produced lava for millions of years across many reversals, which produces the rock of different polarity indicating the age of the reversals." Here NORTH and SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT maps locate a solid magnetized water cooled sphere for it to be the magnetic core of the Earth, to align Earth's magnetic particles after every reversal. Sonogram measurement of Earth's core size of the Moon. That sphere at the end of accelerating up to 85° latitude to Earth's flat top bounced 4 times. 4 tsunami's only warning star Noah's Flood disaster Short Count orbit end Long Count calendar Mayan mathematicians and astronomers conclud on 10th of August 3113 BCE figured out to last star the Sun end of Galaxy u-turn, which ended with asteroids blowing up over Russia and Florida. Racism save us citizens, my dictatorship feed politics politicians and criminals to the sharks dead or alive. Take all their wealth business property give hell to enemy, "The system" prepared for severe weather patterns evacuation. Core axis now points west in Earth's flat top, to where star returns to over where they meet again, if same pole facing flips 6th polar reversal as Thor goes by in a minute specticle.

Purge, save vast trillions of dollars. U.S. Military hear my call to White America a Coup or else, takeover media have Militia rid USA of illegal's and all their cousins. Majority Rule!

Federal Order # 841 demands energy efficiency in all our devices, investment into power source Blocktrain, profits unlimited for the rich, legislation. Beginning with "The 12 year battery", to run homes and cars, in your backpack, for all year on power in any disaster a solar 8 minute charge, executive order. Invested hundreds of millions of dollars trillion dollar business interests, the rich demand high prices. Still possible for bloody Revolution Coup, not socialism like U.S.S.R. their others. Nationalism, racism gas out and gun down the establishment for the commoners decide what robots do and perfect how everything works in American hands. So some of the scholars off with their heads. American citizens in this country with technology for 12 million mile batteries blow away a 97% monopoly on Rare Earth materials in China, workers making the cell phone motors better packed with "nanopowder" everything 5G 2,500% more stored battery power. Draft robots for military duty. Where corporation is centralized by Tribunal majority rule, all of the people's of the world cease making the rich richer. But take their Senolytics pills eradicating "zombie cells", old non-dividing body cells causing old age without the rich getting young again to live forever enemy business wants to sell. Hang their kingpins. American population take pills the rich take to grow young, work build ship to Neptune Earth run into by Sun 2029.

If Americans want to save their soul ascend skin, build strong bunkers to live in, survive climate change earthquake in a bucket seat? Or plan to be in the air, in a airplane. Earth's core stretching hemisphere up against Russia. Hurricane Sandy up its Polar Vortex to Chicago. Iron-nickel core meets Earth's crust, if bubble to pop wobble it will fall over like the Sun did 19 February 2007 flipped over when star Sirius got close enough to the sun so same magnetic poles turned the sun up side down. Worse Earth's core north pole at terrestrial top stops Earth spin fuses to it in Rapture upon expanding Earth falls over in a day Oceans wash over land:

The safest place to be when the Earth changes its magnetic poles is in the air!

Some are prepared for a "Rapture":

The not guilty of "ORIGINAL SIN".

Without much time to provide leadership Earth's core up getting ready to blow-up in the Arctic Ocean Sirius polar reversal wait and see. Hurricane Sandy to biggest typhoon death toll season Earth's core stretch pressed up against 85° latitude spinning northwest past Siberia, did not sideswipe the Yellowstone National Park. Last secret, shape on the ground mass deposit, element 0RT atmosphere above jump in surprise positive charge of gravity matter. Command my escape transport ritual to other side of Allah image.

Jesus said in season as fig trees putting forth new leaves. Earth's core in it's top spinning faster until Hell. End of 5th Age, 2011 to 2012 December 21, 19 year long 6th Age end of the world runs into star Map underlie this pressure cooker, blows the Earth's top over Iceland west of Norway facing Thor going by a pole, the last chance for my 2023 6th polar reversal flood and Noah fire!



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