2005 Nearest 2 Stars. Planet X ellipse shown backwards. Swing it left, on its path away about its solar jet out to Sun completed

Stars all moving about since Infinite popped out of deflated in a void

already 8.5 billion years Old, 4.5 billion years ago! Where everything

that has a right way and a wrong way, everyone usually does it wrong

the first time. Because World was made backwards focusing a Crystal.

Stars pop out to their places, solar jet out solar systems that pop up the

crystalline World. Parent star swings away from sun not Around, about

its solar jet to the sun ran into planet between Jupiter and Mars, leaving

it only magnetic core. Squirted a big glob of its molten lithosphere at the

Earth to gravity to all its nuclei focused its heavy metal particles together

a core so it's lighter metals gathered about its magma outer surfaces seen

today. That has not a magnetic core because it is not a natural moon born

of a parent, where the scholars a programmed animal base past age's false

ideologies on old scholar thinking. Such as planets all orbit Sun, and other

false scientific foundation's, until proven wrong. Just don't believe most of

what Authorities are telling you, until you cross examine the Facts yourself,

college is only founded on their previous scholars false dogma data defining.


Planets don't orbit Sun are in elliptic orbits up to sun out of solar jet.

But star coming in is the worry which way does the sun bounce off it?

Remains of star magnetic core asteroid swung up to the Sun its binary

5 times bigger than Jupiter 483 million miles away to 21 000 000 miles,

to sun on opposite side of sun was called Thor, that destroyed planets to

the sun. But Sun bounces off red dwarf star a red giant toward Neptune

from oval takes out Earth ellipse up to Sun in impact area. Very big star

bigger than Earth elliptic orbit up to the Sun in 2029, showing how wide.

I'll need very big evacuation vehicle, in a flash to Neptune Earth weather

while WWIII anything could set it off in Ukraine. News brief everyone die

ignoring way to other-side of World image my Trick to get in, get out alive.


The Infinite connected to mass, matter pops up Universe:

Unfurled plumbs out all along the length of its 87%, black

hole heads that spread out points that pop up stars to solar

jet out to all the suns in the world that pops up planets and

moons to Suns in the burst! Of point of the Infinite deflated

periodically expanding the piston of Time Universe 2-stroke

World. That in the expanding, whenever the world's get close

to black holes are vacuumed up into Universe, 87% of matter.

This artist representation of the Milky Way Galaxy. Charting the course of what scientists
believe was the looping path of a Black Hole and "it's companion", over the last 4.5 billion
years represent 2005 position in the Milky Way Galaxy solar system pops-up out Black Hole
you see over the yellow spot locates Sun in 2012 ellipse out to the red dwarf star coming out.


Sirius & white dwarf star go away in 2007, in 2029 brown dwarf Wormwood scripture red moon apocalypse.


Sun out of Black Hole Thor revolves its solar jet until red dwarf hit

Sun. Coincidence in 2005 12.5 years closer since 1994 recorded star

coming straight in. Woodman behind white dwarf Wooden eclipses Thor

back to Oort cloud from Sun, it's ellipse back to a incoming red dwarf

choose my alternative to survive incoming star taking-out Sun in 2029.


This "New Star" approaching solar system in 1994 I found in 2005 incoming. But Planet X set on Hogback Mountain on September 23, 2006. Aligning south poles swung sun poles upside down 19 February 2007. Earth's expanding core Alaska 9.2 earthquake before 1975 Earth's core broke off from fountains of the deep began global warming. As Earth's magnetic core in molten lithosphere hit top a 9.2, plus three 8.8 earthquakes in 2011, until Chili 8.0 in 2012. 2013 Sun upside down, asteroid blew up over Russia then east over Florida the two Nostradamus December 21/2012 asteroids he said rip across Europe missed Europe, exploded 2 months late herald Sun hit from its blind side, behind by a red dwarf star. Are we ready? Of course not, if you think insurance for a morgue, you might as well die decorated for racist reactionary valor in racist mass murders in support of my dictatorship Coup U.S. Military! Or life is suicide mission, politics religion thieving conspiracies of secret societies etcetera everyone has other views died Pompeii. Must be the world does not have right religion, if devotees cannot get out alive! Mistake find ritual come and go like Garden of Eden to matter side. Secret element catch you with too much change future in the past, isolated here chemistry courses get vaccines right for past century pandemics even if I purge USA conspiracies. Patriotism Now political interest profit verse American racism hang Left! Pentagon purge society with my pages.

Here the New Star will knock the Sun out of center of solar system in 2029. In economic and political turmoil, built up for world war. Approaching unnoticed New Star crashes the world!

This orbit going down to sunset up to the sun in a elliptical orbit

October 23, 2006. Thor brightest star southern hemisphere gone,

lucky Earth not in its way this time completed orbit of its solar jet

right up to its Son, that took a planet 5 between Jupiter and Mars,

taken to Oort cloud. But red dwarf under son red moon bigger star

shadow over son 2029 when Wormwood falling apart Star hits Son.

End of 6th Age 2012-29 Earth's core bounces away left end or right,

or on Portugal while the Son's Daddy swings back to the Oort cloud:

The above primary relative of the Sun college denies,

Planet X here going away in ellipse into southern skies

Planet X incoming ellipse misses Sun up close 21 million

miles away. Human race from Eden lit Sun' Planet 5 blue!

Thor a Rapture 600 x bigger than Earth happened 1st return.


A "Rapture" quake hit 85° Earth top began 6th last Age moon rises falls

apart on the Earth brown Wormwood 2029 dwarf star my space ship build

Heil leadership. White dwarf star up close much bigger than Moon 2006 so

reflected White dwarf star White this way, reflecting blue light on Dark Star.

But after NASA up close 12/6/2002 May 1 got to see points of light was offset.

Had to get out binoculars, to find it's points of light shine lower left end Planet

X surprise light shining bright behind white new planet close January 23, 2006!

In front of Thor (Planet X) Sirius Sun planet 5

behind Wooden, reflecting on Planet X. A hundred

forty-four thousand 5 Earth reversals, billions to Hell.

So few souls to the Station! Left behind watch Wormwood

fall apart/star hit sun hit Earth/hear 7 angels with 7 trumpets.


Geological and outer space 2 disaster's foretold end of

the world, blue planet intelligence hiding from Earth

UFO forces about. Biblical Wormwood disaster a red

dwarf star bounces sun knocks Earth away, asteroid.


All of those that don't care about other view fate goes

to Hell their faith in ships to Mars. Mountain bunkers

from ice, White America national Tribunal say to mine

resolve. Salvation. My Military Law bloody shoot down,

ethnic cleansing, survive new world order & Wall Street!


The safest way to Salvation is Positive Gravity shaped,

another Rapture had to happen prior to Noah's Flood

at hills and beach escape course for the always saved.


Mayan calendar had the stars right to end of ellipse

8.8 earthquake since 9.2 tsunami Sun approaching

end of solar jet thrust 5123 August 12, 3113 BCE:

December 24, 2011 beginning a Sun ellipse about

to 12/21/ 2012 to solar jet end. New fig leaf Jesus

Day of Doom Majority Rule US join up in a nazi

Military resolve. Escape transparent, Allah Glue

with cone raised up chocolate drop! Same other

hills where break through to defy aging a death

escape the Sun bounce on Portugal by New Star

after 52 calendar, 12/24/2011 Short/Long Count

to 21 December 2012 in 5124, return to solar Jet

end of Mayan Age most accurate math calendar.

Japan 9.2 only 9 months early beginning of 2011

end of Sun ellipse Short Count, end to beginning

of Sun ellipse back to solar jet 21 December 2012

9 months early quake stress tsunami. Long Count

21 December 2012 elliptic calculation to origin of

Sun solar ellipse return to solar jet from its parent

52 centuries ends before red moon, foretelling end

of Earth Ages for surprise out of Easter rabbit egg!


The Leader I will save patriots underground

Military purge enemy. Until it is gone. Racist

Nation I build planet strip mine moon/my city

about construct. While future clean my double

down to bones. Ritual earlier date to U-235 use

of electricity to bomb, escape all the pandemics.


Free of certain economic crisis, fuck leftist

politics courts business gang ethnic enemy,

Media, Business. We assault politics WWIII:

Arm Forces Coup, let God sort, lastly ascend!


After all of the polar reversal dug up a reason

for alarm, 1950 guess 2035 polar reversal, to 4

more reversals dug up until 1995 5th one more!

Figure 6th reversal red dwarf trump star hit Sun

billionaires and politicians plan a escape to Mars

or can't get away with it. Police Militia Military so

win patriot's vengeance left to Search and Destroy.



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After the Moon bounced off of Manchuria stretched to Japan,

and into the Pacific Ocean burst out of the Earth's Ocean filled

magnetic core expanded Earth from 1 third its size today. 50,000

miles away here, with Mercury up close, before Planet X ran into

Mercury down to magnetic core orbiting the Sun now. Earth's day

10 some hours a day heading away to Earth 25 hours day going on,

out of the remains of a planet in the Asteroid Belt a blob of magma.

Civilization from Earth populated far side of Moon fear Earth pops!


I have a place to ascend from I only been 2/3rds of to through gravity.




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