These are the Nearest 2 Stars To The Sun, 1 coming straight at us!

Remains of a star magnetic core asteroid, slinging around the Sun and

5 times bigger than Jupiter, in orbit 483 million miles away, called Thor

21 million miles away, following the sun back towards our galaxy center,

too bad it has to bounce off a red dwarf star to be a red giant to Neptune.

Oval area is Earth orbit around the sun within impact with a very big star

in 2029 and a 600 times bigger than Earth planet coming up a April 2023,

to need a very big evacuation vehicle in a flash to Neptune, Earth weather.

While WWIII anything could set it off in Ukraine news brief everyone dies,

if they don't know what is on the other side of Gravity, to get out alive trick.


This artist's representation of the Milky Way Galaxy charts "the course of what scientists
believe was the looping path of a black hole, and "it's companion", over the last 4.5 billion
years represent here 2005 position out of Milky Way Galaxy pop-up solar system Black Hole
orbit over the yellow spot locating Sun in 2012 turns around, at the red dwarf star coming out!


Sirius and its white dwarf star rise in April then 2029 brown dwarf Wormwood scripture red moon death.


Sun out of the Black Hole to orbit loops, until a red dwarf star hits

Sun. Coincidence, in 2005 12.5 years closer since 1994 record to be

coming straight in. Wodan behind white wooden eclipses Sirius rises

around Sun turned around in an orbit, right at a incoming red dwarf

star our Planet X sure disaster rising where star takes-out sun in 2029


This "New Star" approaching solar system in 1994 I found in 2005. Then incoming the Planet X set on Hogback Mountain on September 23, 2006. Aligning poles turned Sun upside down on 19 February 2007. Swing around Earth science guessed came in close as Neptune magnet to orbit, turn Earth upside down. Inner Earth expansion Alaska 9.2 earthquake before 1975 Earth move, magnetic core in lithosphere hit top 9.2 three 8.8 earthquakes in 2011. 2013 Sun orbit turned around, asteroid blew up over Russia then east of Florida 2 Nostradamus December 21, 2012, asteroids rip across Europe missed Europe, 2 months late, heralding star Sirius magnetism too close to Earth magnetism April. Are we ready? Of course not, if you think insurance for a morgue you might as well die decorated for racist reactionary valor mass murder for dictatorship Coup U.S. Military. Life like a suicide mission, politics religion thieving conspiracies of secret society where everyone has other views die, Pompeii. Must be the world does not have the right religion, its followers can't get out alive. Mistake, find the ritual come and go like Garden of Eden to other side of gravity. Secret substance catch you with too much, I change future in the past. Complete isolation to. Whole chemistry course get any vaccine right past century pandenics. Purge motive U.S.A., on differences patriotism now political interest verses American nature hang Court. Pentagon, figure government of these pages.

Here the New Star knocks Sun out of center of solar system, coming. In life's turmoil approaching unnoticed a New Star crashes the world. Sirius blue light turned off on its star that could turn light back on returning to April 2023, going back out to end of the Big Dipper. Sun u-turn to galaxy, if not diverted.

Here arriving to go around the Sun, in 2006 sat with the sun set

October 23, 2006. Sirius to brightest star in southern hemisphere

swinging back up to northern hemisphere. A violent Thor minute

up close. Planet X took Wodan planet 5 between Jupiter and Mars

takes it to the Oort cloud. Red dwarf on the red moons bigger star,

what shows up in 2029 with Wormwood falling apart a star hits sun

end of the world star rises this side of sun going by like a speed boat

by Earth like beach ball on a big tidal wave. Slung this way and that.

Planet X here orbits Sun until rises over eastern Canada.

Planet X incoming go around the Sun up close, 21 million

miles from close as Neptune to cover half the sky, go dwarf

star human race from earth migrate light up the planet blue

cause " Rapture" on Earth 600 x bigger. Planet X , up close.


A "Rapture" quake 85° top missing happen wormwood dwarf star break

apart falls on the Earth brown star Wormwood 2029, space ship get built.

Heil leadership white dwarf star up close as Moon to the Earth a blue star

reflecting white dwarf star White this way reflects blue light on dark Thor.

Eclipsing the sun swings up sun twin sun saw its points of light were offset

I got out my binoculars found it's points of light in lower left side of Planet

X a light source orbiting behind a White new planet until January 24, 2006.

In front of Sirius A Sirius B, with this planet,

behind it reflecting light on Sirius A, a hundred

and forty four thousand 5 reversals 6 born to 2023

so few souls. The left behind, dig out. See Wormwood

fall apart, Sun hit Earth, hear 7 angels with 7 trumpets!


Geological and outer space 2 disasters cross paths,

silently. Blue planet intelligence behind White dwarf

star up close path. Biblical Wormwood disaster in Red

dwarf star hits Sun, after Sirius upset Earth's axis spin.


While those that don't care and have other views go

to Hell or survive polar reversal, mountain bunkers.

Military White America Militia Tribunal, say restore.

Salvation, resolved by Militia Law, bloody shoot down

ethnic cleansing, survive new world order, Wall Street!


The safest way to Salvation is a positive gravity charged.

Another Rapture had to happen prior to Noah's Flood,

my hills and beach escape course once always saved.


Mayan calendar had the stars right to end of galaxy

8.8 earthquakes after 9.2 Jap tsunami in sun up to

end of galaxy u-turn 5123 August 12, 3113 BCE:

December 21, 2012, from end of Sun orbit 2011

12/24 solar u-turn new fig leaf in April 2023 or

Coup Majority government racist nazi join up

Militia resolve. Shape transparent Allah glue

with cone raised chocolate drop like a other

wise, where to break through image escape

before the Sun goes out hit by a New Star.

Sun u-turn 12/24/2011, to its Long Count

21 December 2012, 5124 back to Galaxy,

Mexico's most accurate math, calendar!

Japan Nine months early, for the 2011,

end of the world Short Count, began a

sun galaxy u-turn December 24, 2011,

9 months early 4 tsunami Long Count

21 December 2012. Arc calculation to

finish of the Sun's U-turn in galaxy,

until 2029 star Sun knocks the Earth

A Big Easter rabbit egg, that will be!


As Dictator I build America underground

Military purge enemy until its gone. Racist

nation to build planet strip mine the Moon,

space project. I vanish, cats another double

other-side hike to an earlier date U-235 use,

a electrical hills, escape out of the pandemic.


Free of certain economic crisis fuck global

politics courts business gang ethnic enemy,

media race war assault politics my war plan,

Armed Force Coup let God sort can't ascend,

after all of the polar reversal dug up a reason

for alarm. 1950 guess 2035 polar reversal to 4

more reversals dug up until 1995 5th one more

figuring 6th reversal 2023 coming around Sun

billionaire and politician plan escaping to Mars

or can't get away with it Militia Military Police!

Racist vengeance leadership, search and destroy. Shopping Mall


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