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And then along comes a Dark Star
A Mystery Revolves a Warning!

The Sun popped up with all the stars. Each of them squirting out points that popped up planets all in a line out to Sun Mercury Venus and Earth, Sun popped out of binary star that collapsed down to magnetic core, dark star beginning, spreading-out some trillion piece of itself all around outskirts of solar system over last 4.5 billion years beyond Pluto, that popped up a moon from heart shaped lava plane squirting out moon fragments. Sun at the end of its binary star solar system planet's magnets periodically draws in the dark star to Sun. Planet X in 2002 could be seen returning in an oblong orbit that in 2006 crossed behind the Sun began a 14.5 year u-turn around the Sun, to April 2021, since 2006, that goes out again to its end of the Oort cloud. Historically the binary star causes disaster every time it comes around the Sun, through the inner solar system. That became visible in 2002 until 2006, when it began orbit around southern hemisphere on October 23rd. That day it went behind the Sun sat from Northern Hemisphere, to rise up 72 million miles away on this side of the Sun. Every time the Sun's Twin comes around it is trouble for Inner solar system planets inhabited. Here is the angle of "Thor" returning actually! Everyone's heard it comes around, but did not know the details until December 6, 2002. So it went behind the Sun and set with the Sun on October 23, 2006. Here is a early map of thought of binary star. Truth all secret in leftist college and media teaching lies safety net of political power without Trump Military Coup my legions of racist patriot volunteer's ethnic cleansing police sweeps a unknown with only a way to take all this to get published in the past support racist gripes, panic!

The astronomy authorities, and all the media said it was Mars out of its normal orbit, once in 50,000 years closest to the Earth coincidently, not a orbiting star called Planet X coming around, that caused 5 polar reversals for a 6th one. Trusting authority is trusting political corruption and anyone it gets elected. Business in the worst interest of White America, is our enemy. Only military dictatorship can takeover Business so American citizens make all of the profits. We don't need Union's to be treated right, eliminates politicians inflating the price of everything, electing big spenders for treaties to legislate profit for their families with the taxes organized crime gets. Military dictatorship the only way to eliminate the enemy, my racist drastic solution bunker in with our kind racist ethnic cleansing, Militia taking America for our selves, hanging leftist society everyone in the cities and colleges representing the scholars world order. We Educate Racial Hate.

In 2020 the authorities are calling this thing the Apollo Asteroid in with all kinds of artist illustrations of a rock coming through solar system. For 1 day YouTube showed Hubble image of 5 times the size of Jupiter "asteroid" big reddish sphere coming straight up, removed the original for a fake scaled down object reduced to nothing, inside a huge picketed boundary. But this map, Planet X is drawn going away from Sun, rises in April to left below, scholars call it a asteroid? Revenge gun down authority twisting mind against racism U.S. Militia carry guns kill leftist activity.

Planet 9 coming in around the Sun left side, rises up to the Sun in April, when to expect what buckled up a swamp a star going by when Jews escaped Egypt not allowed to be shown until it rises closest to the Sun, kept secret, college scum's saying I am insane believing it exists, but just glad for them here living at the ocean when it goes by in April. Magnetic core of a star the Sun popped out of 5 times bigger than Jupiter, that don't exist gives me plenty of time to pack data of military value, break through gravity field dimension, to get somewhere with physics. As 21st century damned animals, college educated, should be concerned the Sun's parent passes Earth up close in April smashed Mercury to core destroyed life on Venus, Thor's orbit around the Sun varies.

TRUTH is generally opposite what authorities say, like if the object following the Sun is going to pass 72 million miles from Earth while orbiting the Sun it means it will pass Earth 72 million miles from the Sun. Regularly the Sun's parent acts like a ball on a rubber band following Sun to the end of Galaxy when it u-turns to center of Milky Way Galaxy, then back out. My solution to corruption by secret societies keeping secrets in religion and government is exterminate them with a host of little rascals with assault rifles, the running out of everywhere. Discriminate public determining truth with instruments of science and logic, making scholars for nationalist objectives.

Here you have the scenarios of the Planet X, where it was only the talk of outdoors people otherwise unannounced by media and learned, went behind the Sun in 2006. Only military can prepare for destruction, that needs more than political candidates and political elections and everything else going on to worry about a star passing too close Earth, in April 2021. Otherwise violence and crime news. Prices inflating skyrocket, pumping up the stock market, political parties and business interests suddenly hits the fan. Secret star coming in around the Sun posing threat the authorities don't want the people to know about, while getting richer don't save the getting poor and poorer, without far to the right dictatorship. Radio and printing, implying nothing to worry about media distractions denying truth. First of all bomb concentrations of the enemy, calling up White American Hate a Militia arm take back territory Business all the profit all the jobs, get underground motive citizens take out the enemy integration inflation bomb D.C. save buildings, evacuate, then I'll see what U.S. Military has in store for the world turning upside down.

Originally the planets were lined up from Planet X to the Sun, 3 inner sphere's 6 human species migrated from Earth, Planet X in the beginning popped up a star the Sun popped out of, collapsing it down to magnetic core, expanded from the steam pressure inside a ocean. Since then the inner solar system was raked with pieces of binary star and other stars, popped in the vicinity. Mercury now only the magnetic core of a planet from one of Planet X's returns in orbit, following the Sun, Mercury blown away by Sun and Venus atmosphere punch steam pressure inside Venus expansion forced out molten lithosphere, gush out over surface of Venus. As Earth's core expanded in 1st of 5 polar reversals covered its ocean floors. Earth hit twice by a big asteroid that ripped a north Atlantic and a south Atlantic gash across Earth in polar reversal that burst Flood out of Earth's core, its ocean as opposite side of the Earth broke open while expanding to Pacific basin flooding. So the ocean in the Earth's core filled the Atlantic and Pacific with its Ocean in 5 fly-by's of Planet X around the Sun, after World was created in 6 days. Earth's oceans excreted from core in Planet X's orbits around the Sun, these last 2.5 billion years. Planet X ran Moon into Pacific Ocean forced Earth's core off-center for polar reversals. Earth's people escaped to the Moon for safety on its back side immigrated to 6 other worlds. Mars and planet people settled on from Earth, in orbit around it, besides other planet between Mars and Jupiter. Races from Earth populated inner solar system. Most stars in our vicinity were destroyed in the beginning. Planet X orbiting the Sun devastated inhabited planets. Survivors remain and returned to Earth. The people living in Mars are Negro, deport them there? The people on Mars and its twin, world war. Planet X regularly approaching Sun from an elongated orbit through inner solar system ran into Sun 5th planet it bounced to its White dwarf star. Many problems arising from the different kinds of people inhabiting the same planet always leads to perpetual wars and invasions or immigrations of hate to destroy other nations. U.S. history likewise, equality founded racism. Tyranny with me in Power by Default necessary, kill the enemy, immigration Bill of Right's politics. Tribunal can the lawyers, I am the law. This site removed from Internet during Election 2020, I advocated vote me in The Confederate Party, Write-In! April a third of humanity destroyed, other 2 thirds anarchy and chaos.

There will be volcanic ash on Wall Street. National Debt Default inflation a reality since milk 49 cents a gallon 1950's, after politicians legislate into existence in 1792 stock market to get rich. Take everything or their lives, establish my government of the people. Too late to prepare for expected polar reversal from the star coming-up around to only 21 million miles away. My Government for the American people, after every election by the Default vote majority, Military Coup now and Revolution in the past. I am racism's only chance of survival, to get ready for disaster from red dwarf star running into Sun in 2029. Winning Power by Default in 2020 U. S. Armed Forces obligated to White American Majority, I overthrow the sociopolitical system, calling up Militia for ethnic cleansing, at the end of geological time escape on ships and planes, east to west Earth spin suddenly changed. I pay National Debt over bodies of established social order, take all the assets. End of world, thermal pressure build up in all the mountains and ridges around here a Smoking clue you can't go up to take pictures, or lasers will find you beyond "NO TRASPASSING". Everyone a suspected terrorist you might as well be one, at the end of world as we know it. American Armed Forces kill criminals latinos alien's soccer and all the ruling. Mass depopulation good verses bad get-rid of them all! Search and destroy, where I draft only White Americans. Authority keeps Planet X going to rise a secret, caught a news slip it rises over Canada in April. Citizens for survival destroy the conspiracy, authority shredding incriminating truth. Nationalize wealth business/government we get the truth out of them, by any means, 22 million militant racists hate groups in a Militia we roundup shoot down slave or deport aliens establish 3rd U.S. Government true Democracy Tribunal, Public Rule. Back to my youth you switch to auto pilot!

All along the length of Universe stars popped out of each galaxy's black hole from the circuit of Universe plumbed out, black holes spewed out each galaxy from them, when the visible Universe popped-up stars jetting out a solar flair to all their orbs in line, all of the solar systems along tubular Universe so suddenly popped up all of the orbs like Pluto, the solar systems from stars. Pluto its nearest moon Chiron popped out of the white circle on Pluto squirted 4 small moons while squirting out Chiron, that ran into a piece of its eruption. Pluto system like a bulls-eye seen from Earth by a space probe. Pluto boiling here clearly popped-up from a point in space spewed out 4 moon squirts, while the moon Chiron popped-up in a day. BIG BANG overloaded coil of Universe sphere, pops up electrical Field like Heart BEAT, orbs of methane gas from life inside Universe pops-up like balloon under high pressure suddenly, spread out expanding Apollo element pressure.

The world of currencies inflated by corporations for profit probably Pompeii everyone saying that's only clouds from somewhere else over Mt. Vesuvius. Unwarned people don't give a fig that on February 19, 2007, the Sun turned upside down after Planet X went behind it, now rising up under Earth to go by 21,000,000 away, here turned the Sun's poles upside down closest to the Sun, the approaching side! Worse than an asteroid storm; coincidently a red star approaching hits the Sun, causing all the red moons. My pack and gun to exit, data and secrets, to get out of the world with my skin on a mission with backpack, on to spot Vortex. In cold blood White America put me in power survives geological change, from the two stars, in my dictatorship democracy. Planet X having blown-up all of its fissionable material down to only water filled magnetic core frozen Plant X. Polar reversal, creation out of 2 different systems of north and south poles, all of the stars originally paired together packed along the length of Eternity, all the beginning points of world, until attaining critical mass a circuit suddenly Big Bang, pops up length of Eternity Black Hole, 87% of Universe Apollo mass the stars popped-up at the end of a strand of the Black Hole, solar systems popped up in galaxies of stars like fireworks displays, all along the Circuit length of Eternity, Quetzalcoatl, the plumbed serpent. Universe a pile of continuous cable under gravity charge pressure pouring down to design of substance most to least galaxies all along Eternity's Black Hole center line that may break, in a gamma ray burst of Original Cause Universe gravity circuit broken. Presently 2 stars complete crossing paths. I trust God 70 seraphim wait for me to get out alive, if Apollo wants me to change the world. Human race going extinct anyway, without me in power, every country in the world paranoid of other peoples. Overpopulation, capitol-ism splitting the world in every western country racially, or my Military Coup. World War March adopt my plan dog eat dog profit driven world, a world nationalist confederation purpose for civilization. Of course only "the pure in heart" escape end of the world to April, 8 summers until end of the world in 2029, acting out made to eat each other locks on everything, wait for stimulus get away.

Universal system of polar gravity circuit centers matter flowing on currents to earth grounds, Universe. All of the star pairs and clusters with planets in between them Circuit of Eternity falls together instantly to a point that pops out, in a 2.5 x 1.0 proportion, Universe, Circuit of Eternity, suddenly with galaxies around the dark Universe circuit center. Galaxies popped up until 1 falls back into circuit causes a hydrogen gas explosion shorts-out Circuit of Eternity back to a ball of twine infinite length of Eternity, runs out of Space Universe. Charge of Gravity reassembly overloaded with Charge pops-up Circuit of Gravity. Universe gravity charge spinning around it faster than light, producing the vacuum hollow Space inside Eternity. Two types of gravity charge Gods in Eternity suddenly re-join in another heartbeat of time the world, at regular intervals, bursting stars out into pairs and clusters with planets in between them. Tubular Universe a Gravity Field Circuit, Cord center accumulating Gravity Charge expanding Universe faster and faster until it shorts out what Black Hole suddenly pops-up 13% of the visible Universe out its circuit sides, expanding Universe 87% accumulating Charge faster than visible Universe. Purpose of life to ascend young or old in end times. "New Star" hits the Sun anyway. Nuclear reaction in NGC2300 blows-up ALL AT ONCE its hydrogen gas. Sun goes out "a blood red moon" coincidence, two stars converging! If me in power long enough a national effort ready underground survival first star passing. Sirius out of end of solar jet out of binary star that went behind the Sun comes up around over Earth its closest to the Sun. Gravity Charge on gravity currents constantly flooding everything with mass, world first twined in a ball of points, that pop out expanding. An Oort cloud with the cold dark star Sirius originally tethered to the Sun, jet. The Sun's Twin is back. Eternity's Circuit on the equator of Eternity with galaxies, Universe expanding on a plane across the center of Eternity's hollow. Earth's Circuit inside flooding with Positive Gravity Charge at 4.9 meters per second. "The Beast" a universal gravity circuit Hell consuming souls to sacks in Earth's hollow all left be. This my proof to 1760's, to explain the element scriptures call God. With 21st century college cheat sheets technology restart the future, convince citizens establish public corporation democracy back when there was brotherhood of the people chance for better form of government.

The Sun's ages ago dark Twin star over ignited all its fissionable matter, in sudden burst of points of creation, down to iron magnetic core. Water inside all of the suns and earth orbs pool furiously spinning under gravitational pressure, outer darkness metals follow and feldspar geological layers deposit all the elements down gravity currents neutrons protons and particles, iron-nickel core and world elements fell into layers over a rapidly spinning water sphere solar system points suddenly popped-up the orbs. Human arm and leg blood veins the same anatomy as 4 footed animals on all fours, on a much smaller Earth that turned faster before 5 reversal expansions, had to walk on all 4's. Atmosphere, rain spread over the world in 6 days of sudden emaciation. Steam inside earth and stars furiously expanded the sizes of worlds or they are blown away from pressure inside when stars and solar systems begin expanding Universe. Ending in original cause at the end of the World back to Black Hole a point. Everything in Universe akin to gravity circuits grounded on various size deposits of charge God duplicate Gravity Field Circuit Image, solar plexus suddenly assembled together pops-up originally like blew-up igniting all the stars that came out together, with a iron core water cooled inside solid under molten iron-nickel to solid inside lava expand or collapse, if too much inner pressure gets out. Red dwarf star with collapsed frozen brown dwarf star Wormwood approaching. Red Moon until 2029 Sun eclipse red dwarf. Radio talk show someone said China afraid of American ideology? If they only knew this is the end for everybody suicide, kill the authorities or the authority conspiracies will kill the people. Kill the bad not of military value and everyone without a soul, halo over Moon shadow, you get them under my same street light in single file. We have to be picky with our citizenship, to win a World War for our side.

When the Sun burst out of a tentacle of the Universal Black Hole Sirius burst out a solar jet the Sun. Sirius blew-up down to solid hollow magnetic core in a scattering of comets and asteroids revolving around the Sun, collapse left a thick shroud of debris spread all around the bigger Sun. Star Sirius sat in October at its furthest approach. Sirius pieces escorted in front of it out of "Oort ('leftover' says the largest of all library dictionaries) cloud" remains of itself, huge area clearly seen as the site of a star explosion spread all around the Sun, a trillion pieces of star Sirius. Which like bowling ball through pins of asteroid and comet pieces a disaster now brought through the solar system to up close. Magnetic core 1/10th of the Sun mass Twin, swollen from internal steam pressure expanded it to 5 times the size of Jupiter cold hard iron-nickel magnetic core Sirius, gives us 3 months notice of approaching wave of asteroids in 2021, doomed to hit the Earth after coming out of the Oort cloud off of "Planet X", that ran into them. Star Sirius discovered in 1983 coming in to go around the Sun is now concluding u-turn around the Sun from below it here illustrated in 2003 coming around to up close. After 4 catastrophic earthquake tsunami's end of the Mayan calendar end of Sun orbit in Milky Way Galaxy, in 2011, Nostradamus December 21, 2012, world destroyed by two asteroids blew-up instead in February 2013. Sirius, the brightest star at 10:00 in the sky since 2003, rises in April brighter at the end of its 14.5 year u-turn, since 2006. Planet X lighted up to 2006 by a illuminated blue planet behind White dwarf star, that sat with it into the southern hemisphere. While media keeps blue planet secret global warming burps-up methane gas under the Arctic from hot iron core in Earth's top. The authorities in power wish to sleaze out of town secretly, say there is nothing to fear, hide truth in a conspiracy of corruption and money trails to politicians and business, all traitors. U.S. Armed Forces it is duty to take out the system for national survival. Capture or kill it! Polls might have me feed them to predators, confiscate wealth while banking investing society into U.S. Treasury, arm White America into Militia. My leadership says government is in the way of citizens rights, the Right our white hooded friends and swastika White Supremists my Dictatorship taking the Lincoln statue out of the Lincoln Memorial the leftist statue, I replace with the removed statue of General Lee! We level D.C. slums.

After learning about the existence of the Sun's "Twin Sun" I went to see it coming in to go around the Sun, that amateurs had located in 1999, which went behind the Sun in 2006. I got up on May 1, 2003, to see what will cause a polar reversal to flip Earth's axis upside down in April, magnetic core erupts out of Earth's top followed by asteroids and comets shooting by Earth off of the Sun's Twin, now rising. Maybe everyone destroyed by the red dwarf star after polar reversal, hits the Sun. Our Sun's Twin coming around secretly known. A Red dwarf star here poses other challenges.

Sirius brought back the first humans to inner solar system, as science smashes atoms to basic adhesive elemental of matter, stuff of thousand points of light "whole soul" sphere positive charge of gravity live molecules assembling the soul a shell of elemental Allah Glue, implode for hyper space travel. Few individuals defy death like in the past mass extinctions. Escape into reciprocal Charge split gravity currents focus everything, pouring down charge, on currents to its circuit core. In Power by Default I exterminate government, everything in my nationalist takeover, bunker the inevitable catastrophic quake flip of Earth's magnetic poles. Earth's core blows out Earth's top in April, stops turning briefly in Rapture it Earth expanding, changed direction Earth spins. Any remain pure in heart escape death in a twinkling of an eye, at the beginning of another annual polar reversal the meek inherit, their last return to Easter Island, but ship out before 2029.

Earth's core turning faster than Earth's 900 mph, core flips Earth over in a spiral fall when inner Earth blows-up on outer Earth, out of Arctic sea floor in global warming. The Sun and its Twin approaching each other caught in each other's gravity currents going to each other, at the end of attraction to each other. While the Moon turned red by a red dwarf star going to hit Sun after Sirius rises up too close again, on its way out of inner solar system. Where in Power by Default I may establish genuine democracy in America for Nationalist Americans, save one nation under the physics of Two "Gods". The rest is up to American citizens in my Government 3. Examples of which I develop here Citizen's Rule polling the popular, so I make right decisions for all the functions of science and government and industry, a ethics for discussion the Majority can rule on.

Luckily I have time until March to get to location, vanish to a safer place, long ritual to get a 5th Rapture. Had enough red Moons and hate to wear a mask, pandemic going around. U.S. Debt Default put off forever, world corporate rule, cash deflating away to April. Government cannot pay interest on 30 trillions of dollars in Debt by politicians getting rich as hell, investing in digital currency, hoard gold and silver etcetera, investments gotten with the tax payer's taxes. Magnetic core bursts it's top, explodes through its flap in the Arctic Ocean! Earth life has only to April until the "DARK STAR" gets close enough to Earth to pull it over upside down, when Inner Earth fuses to Outer Earth blows steam. If Earth's core blows out too much steam Earth's bubble collapses. So space station and all the shelters fall in the pit along with the Earth unto everyone left standing's last breath. The people at least find out when they die you must fight God and kick It's ass if you want to get into Heaven, or you break the barrier only the pure in heart find, escape in truth through what everyone else tries to destroy says it does not exist. Leftists argue with distractions and confusions evade the "evidence" authorities say is no indication of a fact, lawyer's thinking, ends in disaster, without my Military Coup dictatorship.

Q*:(T)Can we ask one quick question? NASA has announced that the space telescope, Hubble, has detected clusters of comets, is this , in effect,
the beginning of the government's of the world preparing the people for what is to come?
A:It certainly is a possibility, but again you are accessing a very touchy area. They are aware but in denial.
Q:(L)So, the comet cluster is caused by the dark star smashing through the Oort cloud?(T)Well, not necessarily smashing, but passing close enough for its gravity to change things...(L)But they said "like a bowling ball through pins."(T)The gravity of that star would cause the comets to be flung in all directions.(J)Is the earth like a pin? A bowling pin?(L)No, that's the Oort cloud.
A:Okay, change of direction:Oort cloud and comet cluster and sun twin occasionally passing through the former like a bowling ball through pins.
Q:(L)How does the dark star passing through the Oort cloud relate to the comet cluster?
A:Cause and effect.
Q:(T)Well,if it (the dark star) were close enough to be illuminated, the obvious is that it would be SEEN. People would panic...
Q:(T)Governments would fall...
A:And terror and chaos. And when it departs again?
Q:(L)Everything will seem to be fine! But, they won't realize that the Oort cloud has been hit!
A:And then what?
Q:(L)It is not the Oort cloud or the comets that is going to cause all this terror and carrying on, it is going to be the seeing of the illuminated brown star, which will go away, and then no one will see what is coming! Okay, how long will it take the comets to get from the Oort cloud to here?
A:Let us just say that the cluster travels much faster than the usual commentary itinerary.
Q:(T)And this is because they are traveling in the wake of a large sun sized gravity well...
A:And we have spoken of the comet cluster before, and we have told you that this time, it rides the Wave.
Q:(L)Is the wave the energy from this brown star?
Q:(L)The Wave is the Wave.(T)So, the dark star is going to come through the Oort cloud, and it doesn't have to get too close. Any star that gets that close is TOO close.(L)Are they being "kicked" and then they get on the wave that is already on the move?
A:Yes. This time. You have had the comet cluster before in antiquity, but the wave was last here eons ago.
Q:(L)Is this wave a gravity wave?
Q:(L)Okay, now...(T)Well, the wave is a form of energy.(L)Yes, they once told us that it was "hyper-kinetic sensate."
A:Realm border, this is your quantum factor.
Q:(L)If the wave is the quantum factor for the transition of the Solar System, what is the factor for the transition of an atom?
A:Electrons emit what?
Q:(L)What does an electron emit? Is gravity emitted by an electron?
A:Electro magnetically.
Q:(L)What is it that causes a quantum transition? A collecting and dispersing of gravity. What is it about an atom that causes it to collect or disperse?
A:How does the electron fit into the equation of the "atom?"
Q:(L)Well, you once said that the sun is a window, or transition point to another density. Are you saying that the nucleus of an atom is a window?
A:What we are saying is the sun is a proton and its twin is an electron!
Q:(A)Now, spirograph suggests that these comets will not come from one direction, but from many directions at once. Is this correct?
A:Very good!!!
Q:(A)Okay, they will come from many directions..
A:But, initial visibility presents as single, solid body ( converging of comets from all directions).
Q:(A)Do we know what is the distance to this body at present?
A:Did you catch the significance of the answer regarding time table of cluster and brown star? Human cycle mirrors cycle of catastrophe. Earth benefits in form of periodic cleansing. Time to start paying attention to the signs. They are escalating. They can be "felt" by you and others, if you pay attention.
Q:(L)We have certainly been paying attention to the signs!
A:How so?
Q:(L)Well, the weather is completely bizarre.
Q:(L)I notice that the tides are awfully high all the time with no ostensible explanation..
A:And low, too.
Q:(L)Well, from what you are saying about this -- I mean how are we supposed to do all these things you say we are supposed to do? I mean, we won't have time!
A:Who says?
Q:(L)That is kind of what it is sounding like. Unless our lives and experiences escalate in concert with all these other events..(A)I have a last question which I have prepared. So, we have these two physical disasters or events, the coming brown star and the comet cluster, but we have been told that this time it is going to be different because this time it is accompanied by a plane convergence.
A:Yes. Magnetic field alteration.

Star follows Sun out of Milky Way center. Planet X sets with Sun turned around head-on at star behind it.

An artist's representation of the Milky Way Galaxy, charts the course of what scientists
believe was the looping path of a black hole and "it's companion" over the last 4.5 billion
years or so. The above purplish flash representing the current position of the red dwarf over
yellow spot location of Sun in relation to its companion, Sun 2012 u-turn hits red star head-on.

Jump to "it's companion" the Red Dwarf Star Page

Worldly thinking falls in a sack caught to dream in Hell. "4 billion" years of world, Hindu's close.

The New Star 6.5 light years away in 2005, a red dwarf star, and Sirius with its few inches of gasses frozen on its magnetic core, size of the Sun core, dark star (Planet X) discovered in 1983, when a star went behind it, now in closer and closer around the Sun here out of Oort cloud, about to be up close, 5 times bigger than Jupiter. Pieces of Planet X said to be a trillion comets and asteroids escort disaster like a bowling ball going through pins 5 known magnetic polar reversals, returns the tenth planet, coming around the Sun destroying a third of life on Earth each time. Star Sirius: Twin Sun of the Sun rising up to closer than 21 million miles with a White dwarf star in front of it, in April. After the last red full Moon Gliese the red dwarf star drops off Wormwood on the Earth, hits the Sun a red dwarf star incoming. After the other star only upsets Earth's magnetic poles, a bigger magnet goes by 6th time Ocean floors record a polar reversal. Earth's core going to blow it's top in April, spinning on 85° latitude in 2011 took a left turn, slipping Japan's Pacific fault line, magnetic core hit Earth's top. Planet X almost around to go back up into the Oort cloud in April. Earth's poles switch places. Worse a red dwarf star approaching Sun causing "blood red Moon", presently a hydrogen gas explosion is about to short-out Eternity's gravity circuit running into it. The Sun's 5th planet I will call "Wodan" left an Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars some say is evidence Planet X took a 5th planet from the Sun, while running into 2 planets. A slab out of a planet's crust skidded over Canada to Mexico in the late 1950's, if Apollo asteroid silently ripped across sky, one looking like a thick foot long "Milky Way" candy bar with big flames coming off its right, north end, billow a long trail of smoke off of flames, a 4 sided rectangular slab billowing smoke as it went by out of the north, heading for Mexico rip across the sky over Texas long rectangular slab of planetary crust, we watched. Thor shrapnel, asteroid, that ripped a long deep trench across and jabbed into Mars, crashed ripped back side of Mars, broke off part of it in the middle stab, ripped straight away towards Earth, 2 asteroids made North and South Atlantic Oceans ripped open the Earth from two angles set in motion Earth's core off-center for polar reversals. Mars and Earth flooded 2.5 billion years ago, for a Grand Canyon on both, a Great Flood from their iron cores filled with water. Sirius made an Asteroid Belt, in a rain of comets and asteroids, about the solar system, that bounced off of Planet X a wave of disaster, that time Sirius come back around the Sun gave only 3 months warning to find shelter underground fly away or break on through to the other charge of gravity, before Earth is invaded by a superior race reason hid inside a planet size ship, launch attack after polar reversal, a Easter Island return.

With the Sun at its end of Milky Way Galaxy orbit, returning to its beginning, since Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012, from end of our galaxy. Asteroids hit Earth in February in the turn around! My time to go ascend to see my dead girlfriend among the seraphim, before local volcano's explode all around here in 2020. Having to break on through to the other side a 5th time, in March, months before magnetic core blows-up beside Scandinavia in 2020. Just like killed off past ages of life on Earth, a 6th end time catastrophe, Earth's core momentarily expands Earth's mantle under steam pressure, over an ocean inside nearly depleted of water, that could deflate the Earth while exploding a 6th time. Tectonic plates over molten lava outside of the magnetic core spread, while inside solid iron-nickel continents under lithosphere an ocean steam pressure, new fountains of the deep flood the Earth in 2020 polar reversal. Steam over hot water inside cooling the iron-nickel magnetic core of the Earth, solid to be a magnet, which blows-out through Earth's crust a 6th time breaking loose all of the Earth's tectonic plates, inside and out. Earth's core explodes again with the help of star Sirius up close in Spring 2020, so Earth's core rips Earth another Pacific Rim earthquake from top to bottom tectonic plates all slip at once. But the safe way out of certain death is classified, for the secret key to pop-up, in Earth's expansion to a few. If any other souls vanish in a twinkling of an eye soul is whole. Escape on Gravity Charge Ground substance, elasticity stretched tightly around the world holding Earth together, with countless numbers of Gravity Grounds around the world to pick from. They might as well remain a secret society secret, you get the surprise of your life on, before Earth's core expands the hidden sphere holding Earth together, suddenly stretched exceedingly up against the world raises the key of few for a brief moment of Earth expanding suddenly. Yet I will "TRANSLATE" before then, into the host of memory identities in a bright moment, leaving humanity behind. Noah not so lucky left Mediterranean Basin, flooded in forty days and forty nights. Asteroids on fire on the day of reversal, days to get away before it happens. I explain blood red Moon bigger star, swollen red dwarf head-on for Sun these pages grammatically correct my copyrights on them break the plane.

Anciently before Jews people called the Sun's Twin Thor, returned in the inner solar system, periodically "Vulcan" the Roman god of fire, "Nemesis" the Greek goddess of divine retributions, righteous anger. China's Tau Boo, Planet X hammered down through Oort cloud like a bowling ball through pins. Asteroids strafe Earth blew-away a companion planet at Mars down to its core. Sirius visible since 2002 a mass equal to the Sun's magnetic core, red rusted iron sphere 5 times bigger than Jupiter rolling like a bowling ball through a million at the least out of its trillion asteroids and comets the New Object, spotted with the Hubble Space Telescope, reportedly kept secret for 8 years by NASA finally reported it to news media in 1991, admitted it had spotted "swarms of comets" around a place in Oort Cloud, something was coming through. Dark Twin of the Sun Sirius in 1983, a "star" went behind & out from behind its White dwarf, orbiting it, an illuminated planet! Edenites built a ship as big as a planet, watch the world, plan invasion from its flight deck, the world is destroyed by two stars. Sun head-on at a red dwarf star it runs into becomes red giant after new heaven and new Earth Sun hit red dwarf star in 2029 smashes Earth.

Fatal coincidences, solar system's Planet X coming so close to Earth it will have 5 times greater magnetic effects on Earth's magnetic core than Jupiter's magnetism, up close as comets with a White dwarf star in front of it. So when the star Sirius goes by the Earth history repeats itself in a polar reversal catastrophe. Vulcan said to be the cause of Noah's "Flood" destruction of the world, for each Flood the lava cooled down into each of 5 known layers of magnetic particles aligned in depths of lava flooded Earth's ocean floors, because of any passing's of Planet X. This time it rises up too close, with planet Wodan Sirius took from between Jupiter and Mars, with White dwarf star. Wooden (Wodan) mined asteroids in the Inner solar system built a battle ship in 2.5 billion years, settled here, cities on the Moon. Older cities earlier escapes, visitors await the end of 5 reversal 6!

For money in these end times people buy pieces of paper with code. Silver Minutes and Gold Hours and other metals coins will do after my Military Coup, could even make Monopoly money stamped bullion, citizens exterminate the geniuses that criminals are, enemies of the people just destroy and recycle the jail bars. Take out the enemy any way the people choose nationalizing business, expropriated rich employ after nationalizing everything. Appropriate denominations of Gold Hours and Silver in a new U.S. government economy, or East and West can rub out each other. Countries a threat to each other everyone have to have borders and Military Power Defense.

"Twin" of the Sun to the end of its solar creation shockwave barrier, from where it popped up in space to, visible on Earth since April 2003. Thor back around in its orbit into inner solar system since December 2002, about to rise around Sun. Sirius rises up in April to rain asteroids and comets so some hit the Earth, Earth' magnetic core west to where it blows out steam through the crack in the Arctic Ocean in a 6th Earth expansion. April's lava flow another layer to be magnetized covering ocean floors. "The big one" earthquake in April Earth expansion automatically begins a New Age cycle, if the Earth stays together. In "Rapture" magnetic core blows-out of Arctic taking a "few" souls out of all the people on Earth whole, non-reproduced souls eligible to break through gravity charge to High Heaven Gravity Charge. That form inversion deposits currents flow down Charge-mass holding the world together. Luckily those with a whole soul have a chance to keep the human form, healed but transformed, while on the time crossroads, where they can return into the flesh form in the world again, just have to tell It where. But even if Earth a habitable place after April safe for me to return to from Positive Gravity Charge, matter, from navigating among souls above in Apollo Heaven, instead I return to an earlier date, my gun loaded, to save someone from something, make guns and get my pages published in 1763 verses the rich and secrecy conspiracy groups, to arm an American Revolution, letting the British escape?

But the approaching "red dwarf star" truth is still being kept secret, going head-on at the Sun not in the news, planning their escape. While Planet X was found when a "star" disappeared behind it came out around the left side of the Sun's failed dark "TWIN SUN", now finishing U-turn, to up its closest to Sun. Matter pushed together between gravity currents to each creation. Approaching in October 2002 telescopes Sirius rises big as the Moon all day, completes a 14.5 year U-turn around the Sun in April, find a cave. "New Star" hits the Sun we are all buddies ascended. Red dwarf star in 2029 in the way of Sun returning to Milky Way Galaxy center, astronomical calculation to end of Milky Way galaxy Sun U-turn, to coincidence, Earth condemned destroyed by fire. End of the inner solar system Order, everyone except the damned escape death and destruction. Add up the signs!

Ancient Mayan astronomers and mathematicians before Floods made calculations to the end of the Sun's orbit out of center of the Milky Way Galaxy, that turned around back to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy again for 2 calendar u-turn end points of Mayan calendar, concluded on day 10 and day 13 of August 3113 B.C. counted up 5124 years to December 24, 2011 "Short Count", then 12/21/2012 "Long Count", end of the galaxy. March 11 fault slip and 3 more 8.8 earthquakes in 2011 since the last "Flood". Star Sirius u-turn 4 month off U.S. Military educated guess happens in April. Ocean core samples prove there were 5 polar reversals. This time star Sirius raises up over Canada too close to Earth's magnetic sphere a 6th time, bigger magnet like speedboat going by, with Earth's magnet up under Arctic, bubble blows-out Earth's top like bubbles do? Lava poured over 5 different known magnetic pole layers of ocean floors, like when Earth expands in April, flipping over in 300mph wind's in a day. I have my seeds to escape another worldwide "end of the world", as bad or worse than any of other polar reversals? Coincidences all likely NGC2300 hydrogen gas explodes hammers Earth with gamma rays. 4.5 billion years of human life on Earth destroyed to its core, fast as a gamma ray burst, after two stars destroy the world to eighth month. Where religion matters most could save body and soul, to what most people never see until dead. You could bump into a departed soul 2 soul spheres meet. So someone died, in 2016. The morning after where he sat every morning after opening the kitchen I bumped into his sitting down there, with my breakfast my round soul bumped into his round soul. A secret truth unlike Jews with their fantasy religion, no Egyptian record of there ever being Jews held as slaves in Egypt. So at least 10,000 Jews having been born on a Jewish scripture date, for a certain "Michele" Old Testament scripture, all of them I ever heard of say they are that angel films show locked-up in padded cells screaming shouting ranting raving idiots, die fall to Hell in their sack sense of reality. Next door Marc died, also said nothing is in God, crosses Negative with Positive Gravity Charge. In 2019 biking up a grade working out in high gear panting, where out to my left over the road I hear say "Are you short of breath?" old jockey Marc Anthony dead, good neighbor.


Here is the above described "red dwarf star" approaching the Earth head on, plus at Sun speed in 1995, at http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap991211.html. The other dwarf star "Sirius" sat coming around to rise-up in April 2021 big as the Sun's core, magnetic poles repel or attract Earth, that falls over at 300 mph, repeats Sun poles flip upside down on 2/19/2007, magnetic north instead showing up in the south of the Sun, a satellite orbiting the Sun poles found out next morning. Cause of it Sirius showing up close on a antwrp's anti-copy image print here*, but on monitor showing a large round brightly illuminated blue planet up-close, behind Planet X White dwarf star, on December 6, 2002, where the White dwarf star is not shown to the left of a blue planet coming up around Sirius in 2003. Sun's dark twin only lit-up by its blue planet's light source, visible in June 1999, reflecting off of the star Sirius ice. Media only reporting Sun reversing its poles, ignored star Sirius passing behind it too close on February 19, 2007. Thor now coming up to do the same to Earth, a April reversal. Blue Sirius' planet with aircraft carrier big enough to support a million people saw asteroids in Milky Way Galaxy edge blow-up in Earth atmosphere in February, over Russia, bright flash another one blow-up lit-up Florida, Nostradamus predicted 2 asteroids 7 weeks late for end of the world on December 21, 2012. Planet X 21 million miles away 2021, red Moon red star can't stop Sun end in 2029 ignored by media, everyone dies?

From the blind side a red dwarf star caught in Sun gravity sink comes our way drawn to each other ever since the Sun popped out of Universe Circuit of Gravity, from The Black Hole, in a solar jet trail of planets from Planet X to the Sun. Earth made like all of the other solar systems planets that pop-up out of stars, to a Twin Sun, once out of the Black Hole center-line of Universe, to its galaxy plumb ends, from 87% of mass of Universe to 13% visible Universe out of the Black Hole. While laboratories create solar jets make atoms for a nanosecond, to show what produced planets, out from Planet X. Coincidently a red dwarf star here discovered on a head-on course with the Sun in 18 to 6.5 light years in 10 years, danger more real than comet Hale-Bop up close, trail of smoke closer than the Moon warning, comet did not hit the Earth, that authorities said then never got any closer than the original 173 millions miles away where it was discovered coming in to go around the Sun, thaw out, like fell apart on Jupiter. Sirius known will be too close. Hale-Bop got close enough to see a 25 mile long rock smoking from going around too close to the Sun, erupting its frozen insides-out just missed hitting Earth produced a long billowing cloud of smoke trailing behind it that sat at Sunset close enough to be photographed in bright sunlight by any camera in San Francisco a rock 25 miles long billowing a thick smoky tail headed out of the inner solar system, much closer than authorities say it did, ignore Sirius' White dwarf of Planet X rising will be in front of the Sun's Twin, with 3 times the mass of Jupiter, coming around with Dark Star a people returning from the 5th planet of the Sun, what the Dark Star took. Long out of Garden of Eden eventually trial and error efforts built cities on the Moon and city of glass, had to leave. They are back to cancel communications on Earth and invade, hidden behind a force field stretched over the top to the bottom of it, powered by Sun, hiding a flight deck for a massive fleet, on a mission!

Here in America the truth all turned around for the millions of sunset watchers in northern hemisphere, that saw Comet Hale-Bop's long smoking tail off the end of a 25 mile long rock, plainly seen in broad daylight beside the blazing Sun, until after sundown, up-close threatening the Earth, a spectacular comet before and after dark. While news talk of it obscured, half way to the Earth between the Moon up-close for such a small thing to ever be seen so big, in bright daylight! But in non-sequiturs authorities take everything out of context ignore truth, all lies possible the criminal mind's illusions, alien predatory societies, the enemies of the people. Strong smoke help writing, creative out of impossible to read. Media and Christianity inventing lawyer's debate culture crime, religion takes everything out of context for the sake of position, like in a Flagstaff Observatory, official denying that Comet Hale-Bop ever got closer than the 173 million miles away, where it was discovered, Comet just missed Sun and Earth set a spectacle from northern hemisphere while coming around Sun, sober told me it never got closer to Earth than the 173 million miles away where Hale and Bop discovered it. Gun down authorities, comet went around the Sun close enough to boil out its insides came by Earth closer than the Moon. Likewise media forgot about Planet X orbiting Sun, sat below equator, will rise up like a speedboat going by close with a White dwarf star this close! Escorting a host of asteroids to go by Earth Sirius the "Planet X" close to Earth once passed between Jupiter and Mars, out of a long elliptical orbit around the Sun 2.5 billion years ago when 5th planet bounced off of Sirius to its White dwarf star, solar system. Sirius fly-by close as 21 million miles to Earth causes polar reversal in April. Noah under stormy sky a Dark Star in Norse, Thor up to mythological return comes up with a big blue surprise, proving life everywhere in the Universe has the same instinct as life on Earth hunters and invaders makes my racist dictatorship Militia plans the way to go! Survive Debt Default and political inflation, Military go to my extremes to get things right in America, racists better off join together brotherhood of society, for survival, Industries necessary to save Patriotism and the USA.

The following prediction from a test subject sheds light on the red dwarf star, centering itself for a head-on collision with the Sun, that will bounce the Sun off of it "a miracle in the sky". **He said two things which bear repeating. In the first instance he saw quite clearly what he called "a miracle in the sky." When asked what the miracle in the sky was he was not capable of giving it a finite description. But these are the words he used: "There is going to be a miracle in the sky. It is coming. I cannot tell you precisely what it is, except that I see it as an earth-ball. It is in the sky, and everybody in the whole world can see it." "No, its not a comet." But the event in question "is yet to come." In 2029 and 2021, if core samples dug up by U.S. Military calculations are right for polar reversal end times, coincidences come together for worldwide disaster in April, Sun crossing from top to bottom of Milky Way Galaxy. In power I will gun down riots the public enemies with Militia, in an all out ethnic cleansing take back American, traditional social order, a third of population eliminated racists to high ground American freedom, U.S. Government 3, in a Invasion.

U.S. Constitution supposed guarantee of religious freedom cannot blame defenders of White racist America, in my Power by Default rule. U.S. Armed Forces in the line of duty do as I say, White America armed forces under Martial Law assemble Militia! 09/11/01 "Attack On America" reads my retaliation against authority and politics, on a 11th day of a month Trade Center Bush regime conspiracy, retribution. Timothy McVeigh a martyr's payback in my Military racist vengeance solution. U.S. Armed Forces overthrow Italian media anti-American conspiracy like ordered-in FBI Waco, Texas, New World Order, attack against White America. Kill convicts and can the system for export, you could find enough critters to eat them at zoo's, or pet food, hungry gator's raised for tail and hide or leave out at sea to other predators public enemies, no bury on American soil, take back traditional American security, while world Military Coup's can do the same for peace on Earth.

While the 2015 basketball season was coming to an end. Where since it has become a contact sport there is no foul, or if you get caught for a flagrant that is a foul you are ejected from games until a decided one, or set in the penalty box until it's over, or shot, if the crowd wants it that way.

"Earth Changes: Cyclical Earth changes brought on by a TWIN SUN DARK STAR sweeping through the Oort cloud like a bowling ball through pins? A TWIN SUN: Does Earth's Sun have a Dark Star Companion? And is this the cyclical cause of cataclysms; the regular; pulsing; of destruction noted in global geological and paleontologist studies?" Departed souls may advise us in our search for truth. Trust them, otherwise http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/twin.htm on Dark Star our solar TWIN rises in April, in the northeast over Canada. I last saw the Sun's Twin on September 23, 2006, suspected it rises in the northeast, missed it set in the west, beginning its 14.5 year return.


*I still have the printout of the article that prevented printing out the close-up of the blue planet up-close, while always facing the star Sirius, from behind its little White dwarf star, the Sun's blue planet Wodan it got from the Sun. While sure as Hell I cannot prevent the end of the world. I will just get out of the world the safe way, opposite the way I got back into it, since my four other Raptures. None will find the rapture, until they are dead, without the ritual under my cap take out.

Experience that leads to reason explains preexisting laws where they began, makes me a black sheep no one will listen to, except 60 seconds explain Pluto example pictures how Universe begins and ends regularly a passing preacher in a crowd questioned how was the world made left someone. That cannot ascend to learn how 2 early Jews did it, in his reckoning. I will just see if that gets me young again in the past, dropping in through matter always expanding everything and the Universe from above, beginning and ending up ball of points in a order scholars and empirical reasoning cannot explain through tests, however many centuries they examine data with their stilted self-importance, comprehend evidence by themselves, a 1760 Boston Easter I fix that.

We have 2 solar disasters coincided with a red dwarf star, coming in to hit the Sun, ritual/rapture.

**The Sacred Mushroom, Adrian Puharich, Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York, 1959, p.101-102. Here inspiration throughout the ages has always found something to drive human progress.


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