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Four people took tour of this place, where if I go to all of it's places I will get stuck to the ground to ascend intentionally. They did not complete their tour to end with success. So none of them got rapture knew the mistake I made I call the ritual, procedure the damned not born with talent find that. I am going for my 5th rapture, where I save myself, having to do soon as the political system robbing the electorate with authority to Debt Default, for scam money crypto to minipulate out of their accounts. Unless by Military support I serve Tribunal racist Majority, saving American way of life from criminal Federal Reserve Rothschild Jews in my Military Coup Revolution takeover, I save our homeland from all the Elite, confiscate resources. Military conquest of America racist patriotic Majority a ethnic cleansing! WW3 happen any second, can't afford electric wheel Ativan meth a last chance I get to 1897.

Universal matter worship resource, Eternity expanding us all. Universe Quetzalcoatl a coil folded over a million times plumbed serpent, galaxies most to least out to its sides. It's length full of images expanding exploding away from each other at the same rate. Liquid mass filling up image for pushing spacecraft, to catch wavelength better than worshipping mass. Universe under gravity current pressure for outermost hollow of eternity projecting 6 sided black box center: Layers of images inside to mass sphere, spinning faster than light a void inside for Universe to expand, under great pressure of Image currents flowing mass. Which project layers of images within it through sphere of matter spinning. Matter spinning faster than light in a Black Box crystal, an inner void, Universe to expand in. Outermost hollow of solid stored Universe Image composition currents projecting crystals separated by gasses from outer Elohim/Allah overall Negative Charge of Gravity, projects all World images, narrow path out of worshipping Allah or any other name that means all inclusive. Visible side of gravity current image inflating mass break into condensing to nuclei, safer than to bunker?

In presence of seeing God somebody already ascended here, shown as he leapt left. This place good if it were not that the property is fucked-up digging for gold unless all its ports are still there not run through sluice box, if enough stairways to Heaven for my ritual hike, stairways with a security guard trouble, or its undisturbed hills. Glide, drop in to publish 1760 future. Wikipedia amount to a drunk sailor flips lit Havana cigar butt on coal dump on the USS Maine prevent WWI lieutenant Adolph Hitler I presume join the nations take out Russia future.

Only reason I would use the term "Allah" in my writings Black Outside: World memory stored "crystals" packed outer charge of Gravity static code. Back pressure beams of form 6 sided black box full of layers of gravity current focal images, pressed outward against spinning sphere of mass spinning faster than light producing Void Space, for Image to expand in its chamber. Like a piston Universe expands to end of chamber and discharges. Image balls up back to Centrex of chamber drops back to its focal point. Universe images restored begin filling, Bang! Universe pops up Piston engine heartbeat generating power boost past speed of light from gravity mass initial pop-up, focal point. Mass is all that matters complete life start over young and healthy to end of Universe. Eternity heartbeat expanding can be used, directed to shoot the Moon anywhere in a civilization ring around, armed against any threatening object!

Instead of living until you are dead do what use to be done in the Garden of Eden. At these special place's ritual by accident learned happened to them unexpectedly, got too much, repeat on purpose if you know the route. The tool to ascend just does it's thing safely, with whole souls. When there are two powers hidden in the world dimensions All ah image, that don't give a fuck about the Light pulling you up, buoyant Positive Charge of Gravity filling all shapes of everything in Eternity in a electrical system, current focusing Universe. Earth's soul wounded now from Jesus messing around with religion got a two edged stab wound on matter condensing to nuclei expanding the world, 7 pinwheels condensing nuclei expanding Universe projection. Just don't make a mistake see it, call It "Jesus", Apollo! Seeded inside BOX all worlds like kinds of life forms per environment. Deposits of gravity charge where original seeds of life that all popped up in 6 days hungry under pressure of solid earth charcoal black outside data base beams to wavelengths, image negative gravity wavelength convergence all things through Positive Gravity Charge expanding Universe faster and faster coils coming at you expanding to end of Space, out of Void of Eternity. Mass accumulating charge until circuit breaks, life pops up from invisible shapes suddenly converge God spinning faster than light pouring down on gravity current to image under pressure project all the images in the layers in the Black Box current projecting all the points overlapping, pops-up World expanding: Bang! Length of infinity increase to high Heaven shorts out on Positive Gravity Charge, drops gravity focus back to point centre, from mass expanding Universe faster and faster. Universe image shape falls back to points all in order together a ball of twine length of Infinite suddenly Universe pops up full of everything expanding, circuit. Earth a gravity current resistor in a electrical system. Images of Negative Gravity Charge. Gravity currents fall back to centre of the void focus, coiled up circuit without mass again suddenly connect ground resistors expanding earth, stay for aging? Noah's Ark in Mediterranean forest last Flood believing steam in ocean inside Earth's core going to blow its top did in Siberia. Star coming around here shook methane gas, fire in last polar reversal Earth collapses on Sun 2029. Only chance I survive get out alive from gravity charge inversion life origin spots collect charge ritual enough ascend "Sword of the lord" open, dive through, or through halo overhead hatch of soul grab pull open, on fire consumed dive change the past out of present here future of United States of America. Forget Debt Default, political conspiracy, hang them and their immigration not peacefully expelled by Dictatorship!

In coincidental end of everything most people's bosom they never get to see the red line, leaves damned fall into sack drained of Charge dream image of World forever, at center of Earth's core a circuit web. Charge limit I broke through ascended escaped and returned. A year later suspected I left something returned, found my right collar bone with shoulder bone next to it, puma dragged away piece of my double, from where I ascended, after dark. My jump into Positive Gravity Charge flooding Universe expanding faster and faster God substance getting closer and closer. My backpack still on I jumped out back to image world! I'll take vital information to benefit Revolution, but gliding up weightless I panicked! Tried to stop going up, remembered jump down, out of it to the ground to world image again fearing go too high. Fearing outer darkness my heals touch down I got out of there! Gravity Circuit always same bright White element every visit. Small crowd of 70 or so there, transformed. "Truth" testament damned fall to Hell to Earth Gravity circuit web, a tear sacked up in prime.

Flashes baffling astronomers candidly from places on the Moon, resistor of Gravity Charge suddenly bright flashes of light thought to be volcanic, focused Charge of Gravity flooding Universe earth, current bunches grounding mass converges everything expanding at same rate as earth. Suddenly can't get off a spot of it current projects Positive Gravity Charge mass filling the shapes of crystal creations. Star pop out of black hole to Sun stars sprout Universe solar systems out of several inches diameter ball of points on Infinite, unwinds. Plumbed Serpent galaxies in void Eternity center mass connects with image. Stars pop-up the Universe. To get out alive is life's purpose, leadership alternative I might publish in 1760.

Gravity pressure holding the world together moybus twined binding Earth. Gravity Current flooding Image. Safe in the time machine. Unforgivable sin bite of awareness of molecules out of egg shaped soul procreation Adam and Eve story soul "fruit" on 2 human trees in Garden of Eden. Hang Secret Societies, Business for everything they have, keeping vital secrets to share secretly, equality. Little rascals with assault rifles kill them reveal. Defiling truth for big share of establishment wealth. Goggle Earth: Euphrates river at Zohreh river, opposite dry wash going east by Hafar Al Batin through Kuwait, locates Garden of Eden. Thousands of years of glacial meltdown flooded valley, the extent of the Jews Promised Land. Elohim tempting the parents of everyone born to commit the "sin" of procreation, producing a hole in their soul so it can't withstand crushing pressure of Earth' Positive gravity coil about, stretching tightly about the Earth many times crushes. Burns up trying to ascend with hole in the soul. Procreation "apple" bite, Adam, Eve. Hope they did not fall in Earth's gravity circuit sack drained of identity healed. Image of Gravitational magnetic coil. Earth's water-cooled bubble hit top of the Earth. Blew-up Siberia last time bounce. Going around in Earth's top again to blow out steam this time through Arctic fault it made, by Moon squirt of 6th Planet our binary star hit knocked it into Polar Movement Earth hottest since last end of world!

Before end of life on Earth a few vanish THROUGH SWORD OF THE LORD, also called THE KEY. Secret adhesive Charge of Gravity holding particles together lucky to be in soul. Consumes damned in "spontaneous combustion" whoever tries hatch out of aperture, top of their egg shaped molecular soul, likeness of positive gravity charge mass spinning, truth hidden in religions jargon, "portal" over head emitting "halo" ring when closed. Rays fan out in top of soul closes counterclockwise glowing ring of light below its egg curvature top. Could help billions head for their secret exit, under attack. Help, secret sword of the lord hidden for few with whole soul, to go through Enoch ritual mistake leap, escape on Christmas. The faithful believe "a new heaven and a new earth" happens, gamma ray blast to you, few years who wait. See God 5th time just dive-in! Others as well die, on a murder rampage. Don't look down at the animal in the Matter, if the way is opened, just ascend! Both hands, dive in. Call condensing Matter Christ particle, AllahGlue! Hills to climb back to Memory Identities waiting for me, to lead them out of God through Jesus wound on Apollo extent. Only one more payday to go do that, after this page.

To Hell with the Word in the scriptures, going to Hell all the time, religions all well known in Hell. Profit and wealth all following the wrong God to 2029 crash, or anytime sooner. Currents to Image Universe. Conspiracy government religion Wall Street. Here Revolution divide up the spoils. Tribunal, vague testaments "seen through glass darkly" fashion law a "snare and a trap". Judeo-Christian reasoning debating one verses the other "forked tongue" syndrome Judo/christianity making lawyers, for practice of deception, money grabbing scheme court lying legal system, bar association. American armed forces kill it so white citizens get all the opportunity in America. 8 billion since 1950 to be dictatorship leadership. U.S. Armed Force's Racist Final Solution. China trying its best at disease, monkeys bats. Racist Militia duty purge us of alien criminal type and colors US Armed Force, White Majority!

''Ascend'' the barrier of all religious dogma to the crossroads of time, crossing into the positive charge of gravity, leave behind excess baggage with what matters most repeat! Video proof last place ascension inversion AllahGlue Elohim, Glue. Lord Ascended from Mount Carmel, or was it from a hill in 1119 A. D. Turin, Italy, Jesus ascended from left "Shroud" off his body of Apollo lit ®AllahGlue®JesusChrist not Family to become a next Pope in 1119 Italy.

Jesus is not coming back in the flesh again "the greater light". Apollo wounded. Religion only sees through scriptures darkly, plotted Jesus crucified by order of Pope Calixtus II. Check that cloth on the Shroud on this web page real good see if HE has any compassion for Christians to return again in the flesh. While there are always certain few dead Christian "chosen" ones ascended in pearly heights. Faith "saves" few out of grip of death to gravitational "Field" that traps most other souls attention ever lived lost-soul let to fall into their sack in Earth's core dream after life, their Heaven or Hell. But girlfriend in "God" I found in St. Mathew! Same happened to some Indian in Mexico his 15 year old girl he painted I drew.

"Babylon has fallen" and "the writing is on the wall" from Christian scriptures. Just look for "Sea Surface Temperature" on the Internet to see Global Warming is its hottest for 6th polar reversal. Rapture takes few whole souls ascend. I returned 7th of April 1988, my leap-into mass expanding Universe. Found what a series of books mean by "collecting power", reaches excess! A "few" not guilty of unforgivable sin once saved always-saved still chance more to be in truth as god's saved, if ever chance see God element reach matter of gravity projected.

I could be a new religion calling God the ORT deposit, shape of ascension, Positive Gravity Charge inversion. Earth stretched in 5 Earth expansion's Flood, expanded Earth's core. Molten lava lithosphere 5 polar reversals boiling up another one! Earth 2/3rd's bigger expanded. Steam pressure spinning, global warming. Star Thor ellipse-d its solar jet, back up to Sun. Here I restore America leadership, to go by, ascend like in 1988 chance when Quetzalcoatl was suppose to return. Pictures of hill spots at end of the last 52 years of Mayan "century" since Cortez landed in Mexico I thought would be a meaningful hike, for a miracle on April 7, 1988, with Quetzalcoatl suppose to Return. Pandemic? Better just Ascend this Fall weather again Quetzalcoatl: Universe expanding receiving positive gravity mass. But only I Returned Quetzalcoatl seen Universe expanding in 1972 explain. Mayan calendar end of ellipse orbit return asteroids blow-up over Russia then Florida Atlantic. Future "destroyed" by gamma ray burst? Bubble in Earth's top pops churning and boiling global warming Earth's core turning faster than Earth crust in opposite direction joins, flips Earth in its axis's wrestle.

Power by Default vote elected me to U.S. Military call forces 50 State's citizen militia, rockets then road blocks gas out authority takeover. Prosecute at Tribunal opinion charts of my racist dictatorship choices, U.S. citizens chart leadership choices in opinion polls. Leadership good to take to early America aim for. Apollo travels, matter Positive Charge circuit. Quetzalcoatl sailed away after Jesus' death from Egypt to evangelize West Indies wound up on Mexico east coast. Learned to preach in Nahutl, until collapse of Toltec empire, sailed away to Miami, Florida island knew where to ascend landed at a inversion. 1988 only I Returned. Recalling coincidence catch I made out of bounds sidelines inbounds, yards of a catch any school is a catch, to change the rule. Forget Corona virus went around because a starving woman in China ate a bat, best I vanish out of here. If not kill, every Mexican latino color to Columbia. My Temples of the Sun left to explain Universe as Quetzalcoatl, a tube turning plumbed serpentinside rapidly expanding I shut off alien noise black rap in a racist Apocalypse!

Quetzalcoatl was White. Doubting Thomas. Turned racist White Majority U.S. Armed Forces my Military takeover saves US out of disaster in ships and shelters, planning the world stays together, in 2029. Most Citizens in United States of America share my racist Default, did not vote majority right electing Power by Default, bloody military revolution dictatorship replacing government with White America can crooked political establishment, in Third U.S. Government, taking bomb shelters ships and technology, way I copyrighted in 1997 in "The Logical Solution". My claim to Power by Default 1 year retroactive Internet Copyright Law to since 1996 me as the American People's Third Party, here representing the racist Majority Default votes. Confederate Party Write in Votes Lee Ronald Harrison, registered or not represent Write In Votes. Rebel White Command on a witch hunt. Incidents killing illegal legal color alien criminal vote lives booty ration out Armed Forces family economy at Tribunal.

White American Majority invaded! My logical solution? Military call Americans up a Militia. Tribunal Law racist militia rule. Police outdoor heated shower outposts, feed armed force's at purge. Capture business support services community job sniper from home far reaching projects, create cities of old mines. Survival turf American militia take what we want of hostile immigration. Cleansing USA the way White's want, hang or fire or leave out in the fallout political societies, round up protest lawyers to Tribunal. Racist dictatorship White hate group polling choices! Faith my liturgy there is no advantage to giving penance or confession gathering for communion or baptism. Mass? Positive Gravity Charge is all that matters. Condensing to nuclei. Temples of the Sun up to Apollo, sword wounded, holding all of the particles of matter together. Truth since After Death of Christ Doubting Thomas sailed out of Egypt landed in Mexico learned Nahuatl preach local language, wisdom long before Cortez. Quetzalcoatl representation of Universe in Mexico opposed human sacrifice and war. Highest Temple of the Sun Priest angered his king wanting to banish him from his city angered his people. Under pressure from the king Quetzalcoatl finally left town. His king's soldiers seeing that became angry turned on him and killed him everyone abandoned his city. Leaving town Quetzalcoatl looked back at his city for last time temple roof on, his hands carved on a bolder must be immortal in His layer of Black Box of identities, or return young in the past further and further to change the world. Homeland Premier to ascend ritual do all over again!

Here I have been through all of this defining my objective in a "Power By Default" Majority formula, taking over leadership of United States of America a racist Right Military Coup d'! Patriots US government America sold to China American Armed Forces hang it all Tribunal.


Human "sword of the lord" about 3" above belly button in the abdomen, mind of its own to see it. George Lucas comment at work said I would have to leave a body didn't know you have 2 of them, left my dreaming body puma ate my double found my right collar bone and shoulder bone on the hill where I ascended backpack on I returned with 1988, walked back down to my van, can't inform Lucus he was wrong can vanish saved, who see "God" pure, lucky our pack on us repeat. Lucus at our lunches in Houston, Texas, in 1975 used Jew Sword of Lord in his Star Wars. Four times too thick, where it can't happen out of a hilt. Slight chance it rise up, see it pointing the way, suddenly I hit a big ball 1st time I had to face a pitcher pitching. Line drive straight to the pitcher's balls at a frightening speed, so big! I only saw him drop to the mound face down holding his balls. I took base run to second. In desperate moments Sword of the Lord rises-up infers safest way out of situation shows way out of danger your only salvation/sword for end of world clandestine kept to themselves power to gloat over. Hang secret society for all its estate military racist majority patriotic overrun un-Americans, digital $.

Reflex sublime, 1 other day gym out to play baseball day before school let out for summer. May 18, 1965. After hitting 3 home runs off the pitcher, replaced for me coming up again. The new pitcher was the gym teacher's college friend. Tallest man I ever saw, threw a underhanded softball fastball rip right across the plate a strike right in front of me. I was intimidated and got mad. Looked straight at his pitching arm, not at him, so I could see his release of the ball to hit it. Took a shoulder high vicious slice under the next pitch to figure speed, realized him pitching it way too high for me to hit it. Crouched down waiting for next pitch jumped-up when he released the ball swung bat met ball, head on at half swing. Velocity of the ball shoved me back! When "sword of the lord" stood straight up thin and red tinted tilted right, like slide your right hand out the barrel of the bat twist bat up slam down a bunt. Slid palm of right hand to right to fat of the bat twisting bat straight up ball on it lunged forward down a bunt to the ground just in front of the plate, off to deep grass out of bounds, ran fast as I could to 1st. Jews lord sword in battle used many uses ascend, touch all the bases mass until can't move jump off!

In 1983 I was a vendor in Philadelphia at their NHL NBA arena while working seats at a Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus event. I came running down a isle during the high wire act to run across a hockey retainer wall to get to an isle in front of the high wire act. But I found that the wall was not bolted down to the floor when I jumped on it, that tilted way over away from the seats full of people. Had to swing my tray of cotton candy overhead to my left, made the wall raise upright. While the wall was wobbling left and right, trying to stop the wobbling, the long slender red tinted "sword of the lord" raised up in front of me pointed to the stable end of the wall. So I ran across the wobbling wall to where it pointed without slipping, jumped off of the wall into the isle, I wanted to get to. I was shocked the crowd there broke out cheering me wildly, thought it was a planned act in the show with the high-wire act going on. Lucky having such a tool, noted by Moses shows the way pauses time I noticed, his battle won.

The third time I got to see "sword of the lord" was when I let go of the part down the middle of it to get away from a hog hided little creature with short black curly hairs all over it, I found looking up at me with big round gooseberry gray eyes little hog animal at the bottom of the Bright, blocking any step. Nothing else there but white! Right in front of me Earth's Positive Gravity Charge illuminated. I decided to look down to see if there is any ground there before I leap, instead of leaping my right leg up impulse to jump right into, what I just opened! I looking down for ground at the bottom of it only white! Bald clearing reminded me of a building I dreamed in front of me, turn run to my left ran to. In a round clearing in a forest on a mountain in September 1985 in North Carolina. Like January 1975 vivid dream starting out suddenly with me running straight to a wall of large glazed bricks, turn to my right and run along the right side of the wall to its end immediately took a left. I ran to the center of rows of old worn broken steps up where I stopped turned left, looked up to a ledge in front of a wall. Over top of the wall facing me was an old battered sphinx head. Between the two paws a crowd of people were gathered around someone on the left side of the ledge, who suddenly all turned around from talking to look down at me looking up at them. Immediately looking down I ran up the battered steps to the ledge, ran to my right facing a paw. A mirage revealed an open doorway, a few step down. I ran down took a left, ran up to a bookshelf in the wall with a doorway to right of the book shelves. Steps lead down into the dark. Where during the 1967 Jewish War scholars dug down into the Masonic room under the Sphinx and looted it, hush recording on radio. Sudden scene of an adobe house in the desert in front of me to my left positioned like building in a clearing on Appalachian mountain. Where I just reached up parted where 4 bright lettered stenciled Word appeared after my sphinx dream, at dusty old books haphazardly standing in the Sphinx paw. Some leaning against others, begin to mirage as a voice said "God is moving through the world". Gravity current image, mass fills everything fast as Niagara Falls. Speed of light pools on earth, backs up mass chocolate drop shaped. Behind lines US college expedition emptied Masonic Order Lodge room under the Sphinx live on radio going on I did not go down into. Up East scholars smuggled out everything in the Occupation. My Sphinx dream sudden end adobe house in desert clearing appear, ended in the clearing appear 4 plump letters lit up middle eastern looking white letters stenciled into the air blazing white appear spelling out the 4 letter Word I cannot pronounce. Its 2nd letter in Hebrew choreography backwards "[" flared, in the 4 lettered Name. I parted there with my hands on the North Carolina mountain, for the heck of it, that opened into God the Positive Charge of Gravity other side of gravity current image of the world last time I jumped in. Didn't look down, glided up in the direction of my leap. Carolina, I let go of what I opened. Animal looking up. The opening gently closed off my fingers, slowly like flesh 2 curtains to red line down long thin red sword. A sacrilege, for entertainment in Star Wars! Exterminate Jews, can to extinction.

In 1986 I was in a southern California desert town, came across a bench in a place Hispanic seers were in training sitting side by side in a trance. One on a gravity current "tonal" focus, and another on a positive gravity "nagual" mass. Skinny old man sat to left of young Mexican, on what I found out next visit when no one was there the old man's spot was a "tonal" spot. Setting on it made me feel like I was on the tip of a pentacle! Shocked by a Mexican man staring at me from back wall I looked left. Right at "nagual" mass, a thick amber deposit, I slid over into it. Falling totally at ease, total inner dialogue silenced 1986. Suddenly the young man got up from the bench and left, after skinny old man still slumped in a trance on the "tonal" spot got up suddenly! Turned to me, started waving his hand as if saying good-bye, stood there waving his hand at me. Realizing I was dreaming, tried to raise my right hand to wave back at him but rolling backwards like a beach ball on water, I caught myself in a lunge forward to stay standing up. My right hand came up and waved back at him. I realized it was not quite my hand, but my dreaming body's hand, that went down right away. "Sword of the lord" raised straight up, thin dark red line down it. I turned around to get out of seeing to finish what I was there for, got me out of the trance. Later I went back whenever I could, to set in the nagual, to soak up the power, where my cup filled-up to overflowing for 3 fill-ups. Brawley, California. Focus of Tonal placed beside Nagual mass. Mass separated from image on ritual spots masonic.

On my last visit a Spanish speaking man with a woman, noticed resent me. He tried to communicate with me, sitting on his nagual spot. Realizing I could not understand him he offered me a cigarette. I smoked it to be courteous to the nice man, who must have known I was sitting on nagual, in the mass of his spot. Later I drove up to free camping on BLM land overlooking distant RV gathered in Fall 1986. While hiking to the top of a hill, along the way to the peak I was stunned finding myself in the midst of nagual spots all around me! I did not have a camera. I went around the spots up the hill to the peak for the view. I did not get around to getting back with a camera until April 7, 1988, to accumulate power. Got stuck on last one, could not move. Thought that's easy. Jump off it. I broke out in a glide in weightlessness bright!

Early in 1988 I met a Jewish UCSB student. West Beach party. Answered all of his questions about Universe, on Mascal. Asked for a copy of my diagram of Eternity. He drew a face on Universe. After ascending found he had Alzheimer's disease. 1988 I had doubts about ascending on April 7. He encouraged me not to doubt. Saying I was going to ascend! I took camera up the desert hill to take a picture of each spot, before standing on each one to get soaked with charge, until stuck to one. Gazed all around peaks and dunes for a spot to flash while gazing on my first visit, locations. Across dunes to the right peak were two spots to take a picture of and stand on. I slide down the peak to dunes, crossed over to two nagual spots that had flashed at the ravine. There was only one picture left in my camera, when I realized the most important nagual spot to visit I missed. I had just enough water to get there. So I crossed dunes and climbed back up to the nagual spot covered hill, to my beautiful spot on its south end, to take a picture of that and stand on it. There I stood for a moment until I was ready to leave. But to my surprise I could not move! To get off of the spot I thought that's easy. Just jump off it. Sword of the lord must have been up in my face when I leaped off, opened I glided out upwards in jump momentum in Positive Gravity Charge, illuminated behind Negative gravity current's focus of image in the world. Video my first visit to unvisited gravity charged hills soak up mass to ascend. Panic I jump out straight down, so when my heels touched ground I reappeared back on my hill deposits of AllahGlue. Stunned I walked down hill to my van, Quetzalcoatl Ascended just returned in 1988 when only I returned a pack for these on my back!

Racist White American Majority can write-in The Confederate Party on their ballots for K K K and Nazi right wing power me with all the Chapters of racist hate groups I put in charge of American territory and working classes' Third U.S. government, by Default vote majority. From old age back to youth in Positive Charge of Gravity, backpack and all in AllahGlue. Four letter Name of mass no one can pronounce. Matter deposit transparent chocolate drop various sizes of same shape, for "the chosen few" to ascend again. Packing all these writings on lap-top to publisher 1897 Easter Sunday, out of other side of gravity solve problems fix old age and government. By U.S. Armed Forces Command, in some FEMA underground city for safety from WWIII, anytime soon. Then its a red dwarf star, or gamma ray burst from star system NGC-2300 blowing-up, 2029 hits Sun kept secret arrives. My racist American rule civil war armed forces run out illegal alien the gangs. On to the past with my little projector, show future prevent past, kill rich fucking slaves Jeffersonian Constitution Leftist lawyers and Business. Wall Street profit inflation conspiracy bomb gas out gun down Rich 1%, cash in & ration booty.

Age of Reason, and later ideologies great while they lasted, trying to convert the basically evil self-centered human animal talking stalking screaming politics shouting ranting raving and arguing animals cannot hear anyone else but themselves scholar authority tension. Science only 400 years old ignore behind a force field this big space ship. Took prehistoric ambition just to move it somewhere else. Built on moon since dawn of civilization 2.5 billion years ago, at war, under thin layer of nuclear fallout advanced weapons. Since Sodom and Gamorrah landing on planets exporting metal might kill us all for any reason. In patriotic panic White American military save our self The Third Party. Default vote racist rule take Bank, rich and leftist blown up! Military Coup all the profits, U.S. troops, Militia. Establishment put a spy chip in you? Genetic engineering Frankenstein viruses etcetera let loose to see if they do what scientists want. Best ascend, same place as in 1988, might do one I keep putting off what will happen, enough deposits surviving, to dive in with backpack on again, a spy camera on. Good enough to show whole 2022 Super Bowl of revolting media I show the past finish up right here the end.

Mass murder kitchen knife. Can't get assault rifle make gun. Shoot over police head, until dead.

I will have enough income to get me to camp for day hike, rent paid. While secretly Planet X asteroid in solar system 600 times bigger than Earth here in a ellipse up to Sun, threw planets.

USS Maine publish WWI, Spanish Flu, WWII, Atomic Bomb should have blown away Russia to rule the world The Logical Solution! Probably can't return before born, drop in to Dwight D. Eisenhower meeting Pentagon Generals fall on table 7 years old built like Bruce Lee 5'-6'', like Spiderman. With good reason for Military Coup, eliminate crime politics, equal immigration rights show future of America ruled by Supreme Court lawyers, Business. Tribunal build fleet of space shuttles, destroy enemy military powers Islam another threat. Show future, Sunday before Parliament 1309 St. Andrews, charge all day if I can change the world, end of planet.


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Purpose in Ukraine dissolved with Russia, war bombing Ukraine, former USSR recall all your position to Russia. Ukraine recycle resources and wreckage rebuild homelands, unite white West secure Moon shuttle out of sun way die I have all winter to ascend date!

Careful mass condensing nuclei only so deep about this planet you can say is God Passage, could teach celibacy to ascend sun bounce on Earth consumed in fire! Celtic bounced away after star Wormwood falls apart on Australia.

1-7-17-23-57-67 worth a beer turned around, 2024 in the past. Dare it land through outside expanding universe where it counts presume. Winter camping trip take with down to these, with last cash to show what time period from unless I am getting rid of all the spooks from Mexico and elsewhere as dictator, first of all.

I will leave them all to burn in Hell, bounced on Earth get support through Jesus or on Sun do the superior thing through matter in 2024.

Known for all ages mass avalible if celebute.

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