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The only thing I have against Jews is that they think they
are Superior, Arrogant. Must be a tradition, to get put into
captivity from time to time, in a Temple that gets ransacked.

Jews only cared about their Ark of the Covenant the authoritarian priests' semitic-ism. Otherwise their Temple was destroyed again with loot gotten away with, gold and silver vessels and other things the people were more interested in worshipping. So Ark of Covenant eventually was run out of the Temple, along with its priests. When Jews really only care about gold and silver and things to worship the containers of God, that worship not god in them worship themselves more than anything else. We will deport to Israel, plan destroy all the Islamic for my religion
Jews with an attitude that they are better
than everyone else, has gotten them into
thousands of years of trouble to WWII.

Jews, if I get in power, will have to stand on their own in Israel with no support from USA, pull out what U.S. support they have, when Israel has already stated "they can go it alone" without support from United States.

The Jewish god of justice got Jews that way, being objective as opposed to the Christian's god of mercy. Which is arbitrary subjective and unjust thinking. So Jew's become more evolved, moral intelligent, thus resented.

Jews can't change their ways. So the only
choice they have is to take the Middle East,
or they could just die of one bomb on a mule.

In my rule of America the Jews will have the
Middle East. America's Jews will live in Israel,
in their "Promised Land" at end of life on Earth.


The Promised Land:

All of the land between Egypt and Iran, north to the Kurd's homeland separating "the Promised Land" from the European Union, between Turkey down to the three rivers once beside the Garden of Eden, which crossroads of are plainly visible from satellite where Adam and Eve's Garden two realities are on Earth, extent of the Jews' Promised Land to populate with Jews. Oil fields in Middle East the refineries blown away bring it home, where I divide up middle east for Americans to profit and half for the Jews, promise made by God- until oil is gone, backing Israel over so many American lives Israel die in April. When they survived Exodus, in caves.

To hate Jews is the right sentiment for me, like the popular. I hear from majority of the people I ever met have something to say against Jews. I had to meet someone in 1975 my fellow workers were impressed exited about wanted me to meet the new engineer in my drafting department, Lithuanian man married a Jew in Chicago, just became a Jew, as if that mattered, showing up on lunch break he overheard me talking to another engineer from England about continental drift and the bubble in the Earth, going to explode from steam in its hollow does it every hundred thousand years or so. Where my solution for millions of Americans was a 10 mile diameter mile thick honeycomb space containment in titanium off the moon in spheres built up a mile thick each, grow vegetables and raise animals on the inside of it in a atmosphere with a river park around it's equator. I was drawing structural offshore drilling derricks for my new engineer George Lucas, him living on heart pills. He told me my strong pot might not affect him much on nitro pills from heart surgery, later said he got high. Told me "people are to be used", pig I will can them all. I did not figure out why he told me that, in 1975, until 1977. Ethnic cleansing I take Jews for everything they have, Semitics, Italians act same way with all of their armies use technology fight the enemy!

In my world order Jews can go anywhere anyone else can go on a Visa, if there are any Jews, add Iran to their Promised Land if no one else is alive there. Dictator Treasury gets all of George Lucas Star Wars money, in my racist slaughter. 54 year old Lithuanian man married a Jewish lady in Chicago survived heart surgery. His wife had a mansion built in Houston, Texas, where she told him get a job, to be doing something meaningful. The new engineer at Pyramid Derrick and Equipment Company. A fellow worker told me I was drawing stolen derrick designs my boss Mr. Borg stole, my survival.

At work on lunch hour George overheard me talk about steam pressure in the core of the Earth going to blow-up the world or collapse it if it don't spin apart forming a new asteroid belt. My friends never told me that this George Lucas was filming any movies, for me to safeguard my creativity. Showed up heard me talk with another engineer at lunch. The engineer from England did not believe possible an ocean is in Earth's core, causing Earth to expand into a egg shape. The Englishman thought my reasoning was " torrid", admitted that after bursting Earth's core it would in fact collapse. Every lunch hour after that day George Lucas spent at my table at lunch, to hear me talk about a need for shuttles to mine all the titanium needed to build a 10 mile diameter honeycombed layer civilization in a round city revolving, providing us with gravity. George Lucas and his wife planned visiting the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico for winter 1975, "when the weather in the rain forests there is bearable" but cloudy all day, a scene in his Star Wars using my idea of a city of refuge in space for Americans, got rich, I'll grill his whole lot, making my space city a "Death Star" I'll have reasons for racists to go berserk-digging in!

At the end of my summer 1975, the engineering and drafting department personnel was invited over to look at the New "Pyramid Equipment Company", factory. Where the new engineering and drafting departments were nearing completion. We gathered in front, where the parking lot would be, cranes were working, it was not ready for us to go in to look over our new work areas. I looked up at the top of the front of the new factory. Pyramid Equipment Company, that left out Derrick, for Mr. Borg, an engineer who stole another derrick company's offshore derrick design plans. Hired me and other available help and opened offices of Pyramid Derrick and Equipment Company on Gessener Blvd. in Houston, Texas. I got a job as a draftsman there in 1974, began in January 1975, on assignment for Philadelphia, PA, Comprehensive Design Incorporated. Mr. Borg could only afford an old out of business late 1800's Houston factory/got all of the old cranes working and made his stolen derrick plans into derricks. He already arranged to have a receiving facility in Singapore, shipping his derricks to for shipment to Red China, to got rich off-of some other company's derrick plans. All the draftsmen knew about it in my drafting department, where my fellow workers all told me about what was going on around there. But after 1975 I found out you can't call Pyramid Equipment Company to get them to tell you they were "Pyramid Derrick and Equipment Company", what George Lucas worked for.

George Lucas was a member of the Masonic fraternity, Demo Lay? But he said that when he married a Jew he dropped out of the Masons, to became a Jew, upsetting the Masonic Order pissed, interested in the money he would get as a Jew. Jews do not appreciate anyone else, for anything, except for what they can get out of them. No record in Egypt Jews were slaves worked for pay gave Jew Promised Land, immigrate far as they can exploit the world.

For the most part the "Jews" did not care about Moses' religion, and ran his Ark out of their Temple, hosting all the idols they rather had there, that they believed in. While getting to Heaven has been attained for millions of years, before Jews, where Jews ascended only 2, a people taken from one bondage to another, because they are ass holes obsessed with themselves, and laws for profit. Thank Jesus you have a tool to break through to the God, the easy way.

You have to believe the way they say to belong to any society. In 1975, working at Pyramid Derrick and Equipment Company, I met George Lucus at a lunch-break after describing my city of refuge. He suggested I go to an address in Houston, a mansion with people waiting to get in he said were interesting people, to meet. I walked up to the crowd gathered around it, all nice people greeting me cordially. A big man came out to bring them in. They went in. I backed off, looking at the pig. He slammed the door. Authority figures like that I have Nazi kinds of designs for them. Christians are most inclined to join anything fraternity of Jewish scriptures. I was only looking for the "truth" told me where to find it. I was in deep meditation at Lumus Industries, on lunch break. Once I went into a Masonic Temple to apply for membership for truth, where a crowd of their membership drifted-in like so many cows, their boss looked over me with disdain. But years later in a senior center a Masonic man approached. Under his breath while passing offered me "in" without having to go through all its stuff. Still, I will not be bothered with keeping my nose to a grindstone for any other gravity charge, take 21st century change the past the important thing better than lottery prize pick Smith Wesson Governor in 1953 my coin collection and call Hollywood!

There would have to be a bidding war between secret societies,

to get me in a secret society, but I will only serve my own God,

where US of A can be picked apart by the vultures if it defaults!

Reason is not enough to save your soul, only experience will do.

Religion a deceit only the Commandments help, if going to Hell.

But after you find the needle in the haystack you've been looking for in scriptures, you don't need the haystack anymore. Moses stole the Pharaoh's faith scriptures wrote it out of context and stole Ark of the Covenant out of the Great Pyramid, through a crude tunnel, under its main entrance. When Christianity became the Art of Contradiction in 21st century. Secret red dwarf star running into Sun in 2029. While it's brown dwarf star blew away ancient Egypt when Jews ran east, over a marsh buckling-up, star passing, run to hide in caves, on the other side. Planet X back before red dwarf star runs into Sun in 2029 brown dwarf star rises up and falls apart Wormwood. Sun become red giant with a red dwarf star for a sun need leadership if you are going to get out alive by ship or missing!

Now is a good time to vanish, and pick when to return young again.


No one else built such a thing as a city in space, growing all of the groceries needed to survive in space built it to speed! My spherical space station with a gravity circuit at its center for gravity, but Mercury people all brains by now in a aircraft carrier UFO @ Mercury there discovered. While for me better than in Jewish Temple to ascend there is another place found in Israel I could get to the past. Instead millions of Americans benefit I raise hell in 1953 or 1763 gunsmith publish a democratic empire for taking over world resources, bomb and missile plans. Just getting to ritual desert ascend duty conquer, mine refine entertain show movies, get machine shop together guns hire democracy public empire plan space ship city 21st century. U.S. citizens plunder aristocrat, booty in line of duty racist Militia, White America job hire.

As U.S. Military's leader Jews get to have Palestine and the middle east, split all of the oil and other resources, search and destroy Islam, let God sort them all out. Using world resources I employ Americans build underground industry and cities. Ice Age. In 17th century trade essentials to natives who farm hunt and bring in the meat, cooperating in fair trade. The whites deport Jews and other non-American peoples so everyone is family, the way it was hoped for in 17th century America, genocide the military solution, prevent other countries from access to American technology, mechanized farming obsolete slavery. Sell the world cotton, buy the world resources, acquire crude and refine oil build space city colonize Neptune not Mars by now. American's police themselves simple plain clothes all good citizens not infringing on other citizen's freedom in the past patriotism among us our duty.

I will have my camera-on and film the New element, call it Allah Glue, could call it ZeusChrist. I don't belong to any religion, but went through it to get to see God. Is Universe Gravity Circuit blown-up already? Only the shock wave from it has not gotten here yet, to say intelligent life, that Jews did it! Racism.

George Lucus, with my city of refuge in his Stars Wars movie a death star, he came out with 2 years later after he went to look at pyramids in the Mexican jungle with his wife could lose everything, inheritance with 5 more I.Q. than him, may the Farce be with you in Hell. Later I loved to see Jewish buses blown-up, for what ever reason. Big fat Jewish busses! It's Arab neighbors worshipping God shape form Allah a threat to reason, wherever religion goes.


Religion? Go to a monastery?

I'll get to Heaven on my own,

to get some things done right.
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