My old figure Image and Mass coincidence fits in perfectly 2021 see outer area 5, 6, 7 "Allah"

Black Box square outside layers of intelligence image over spinning sphere of mass expanding Universe Allah/Elohim matching code, flood Universe our Area 2 expanding faster and faster Image exploding!

Initial squirt of lithosphere from little planet Twin of Mars. Magnetic core people, steam vent entrance and exit 1st space probe to Mars news chunk of strata, Planet X flung off Planet 6 or Mars planet impact.

Scholars a threat to humanity chemistry astronomy. One of them astronomy scholar say magnetic core of planet remains of star knocked from between Jupiter and Mars. Passing in 2023, object run into between Jupiter and Mars said didn't happen, when all the pieces of planet are around Mars. Hit by slab of crust of planet 6 between Jupiter and Mars, lithosphere blast Moon squirt into Pacific Ocean, that splashed Canada to Mexico, Ocean that dried up to Utah from big squirt of insides of planet 6 between Jupiter and Mars. The Moon's far side has thicker crust than facing side of Moon. Would have been better no one invented telescopes, so we only have Norse mythology calling Planet X Thor, compared to Sun, after sparks flew when it hit planet 6 between Jupiter and Mars. Ripped Earth a North Atlantic South Atlantic, fault blew out ocean Earth's magnet. Moon hit Pacific side of Earth. Arctic Atlantic dent cracked Earth's crust all around drifts apart, expanded Earth 5 Ages, blew on impact under Thor's glare.

Back in school math community explanation for the expanding Universe here assumes the Universe is isotropic and homogeneous. Where there are two ways to proceed, you can — as one option — choose General Relativity as your theory of gravity, expanding. Write down space time that describes an isotropic, homogeneous Universe (the Robertson-Walker metric), and solve for the equations that govern the evolution of the size and scale of Universe, inflating as a function of time. The Universe is — on average — identical in all directions (what is called isotropic) and the same everywhere in space (homogeneous). This means it doesn't matter where you are or what direction you look in the Universe it is the same, a drop of oil on water, expanding. Small scales like the size of stars or galaxies this isn't true. But on the largest scales like larger than galaxy clusters, core, viewed from outside of the Universe, Universe expanded at me, initiate. Take a look at the observations: 87% of Universe expanding faster than homogeneous 13%, stars out of black hole tentacles the galaxies, slowly consuming galaxies. Hubble Telescope in Earth orbit observes it up close. Only in negative current image, fears the opposite state, die being tangent to the Friedmann Equations. End result I get out with all this day in desert soon, bag stays on you touch all the bases. Follow Hubble expansion rate, H, and the energy density of Universe, ρ:

Formula 1
That thing that the Hubble expansion rate equals, å/a, is just the velocity that an arbitrary point in the Universe moves away from us (å) divided by the distance to that point (a).

Now, the curvature of our Universe, k, turns out to be zero, and the cosmological constant, Λ, is just another type of energy density, like the diameter of the universe. So if we like, we can rewrite this equation in a more simple form:

Formula 2
That’s the rigorous way to do it, and it’s an exercise that every graduate student in cosmology is required to do. But there’s an easier way to do it. A much easier way, that I’m going to walk you through. Remember taking physics in high school, and learning about two types of energy: kinetic energy and potential energy? In our example here, we’re considering an arbitrary point in a homogeneous, isotropic space. It has both of these types of energy: it’s moving, after all, so it has kinetic energy, and gravity is trying to push everything back together to its original form, a tight point in a black hole circuit of gravity that pops-up the Universe expanding creations, taking in Gravity Charge on their Gravity Currents in the circuit, along the infinite length of the center of the visible Universe, so it has gravitational potential energy. Kinetic energy is positive:

Formula 3
While gravitational potential energy is negative:

Formula 4
Now, in a flat Universe like ours — one with zero spatial curvature — we have this very interesting property that the total energy of this Universe is also zero. This means that if we add up kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy, we get zero, like this:

0 = KE + PE,
0 = ½ m v2 – G m M / r.

Or, I could do a little algebra to cancel out the little m, and make everything positive, in which case I get:

G M / r = ½ v2.

That looks okay, but it isn't quite what I want. I don’t really know what this big mass, M, is, do I? Well, I know that mass is equal to density times volume. And — if I remember Gauss’ law for gravity — I will recall that the volume I’m interested in is the volume of a sphere. So I need to replace that mass, M, in my equation with this:

M = ρ V

where the volume, V, is:

V = 4/3 π r3,

and so my equation that I got from kinetic and potential energy becomes this:

G (ρ 4/3 π r3) / r = ½ v2.

Now, this looks pretty good! I’m going to cancel one of the rs from the numerator and denominator, and I’m going to multiply both sides of the equation by 2. So our equation looks like this now:

8/3 π r2 G ρ = v2.

Hmm. Looks like we’re getting really close! Let’s divide both sides by r2, and see what we get:

8/3 π G ρ = v2/r2.

Nice! The only thing is, instead of having H2, we’ve got v2/r2. But hang on. Remember what I said about what the Hubble expansion rate is?

That thing that the Hubble expansion rate equals, å/a, is just the velocity that an arbitrary point in the Universe moves away from us (å) divided by the distance to that point (a).

Well, that’s what we have, a velocity divided by a distance! So all we have to do is substitute in H for v / r, and look at what we’ve got:

H2 = 8/3 π G ρ,

these equations govern the expansion of the Universe. The rate of unseen mass in the atmosphere condenses to nuclei all the images in the Universe. Which begins here, all balled up on the centre point of Eternity. In the hollow of mass spinning faster than light void to all the crystals and gasses projected through mass that by pendulum disconnects, suddenly, Reconnect mass to deflated Universe image again on backs of gravity current that suddenly pops up filled. Bang! Faster than light on the backs of gravity current, filling each of its images, expanding as fast as drop something. Begins Universe projected, replays spinning faster than light mass upon wavelength all images separately. All I need is a little bit of high school physics, geometry and algebra. And now you know how to do it too! Where to say the World was made out of nothing means it is projected. Either filling up or empty, along coil of infinity in a ball on centre point of eternity focusing outermost element's Image order mass wavelengths, transmit crystals and gasses. Projected through layers of intelligent images, inside Black Box crystal, life in layers pressed against spinning mass sphere, Hollow. Outer solid, currents project elements and gasses a cosmos pops up reconnected with faster than light mass to earth inversion's expanding nuclei microscopic to mammoth image at same rate Universe. Piston of Time! Has to have been going on for ever, order.


Here none of this math to my surprise disagrees with the way I explain Universe, expanding. Except that gravity is pushing(falling) instead of pulling, the whole World together. Projected from all directions, bend to their corner of 8. Negative image, thus overlapping in wavelengths through spinning sphere of positive gravity charge filling up gravity current image, projected from all directions. Positive gravity charge pouring into images. Rapidly rising floodwaters of mass and energy on currents to all creations grounded in varying sizes all around the worlds, where gravity charge on them is backed-up like this. Circuit 87% of Universe gobbling up its 13% in galaxies filling Infinity, faster and faster as its connection grows. increasing mass flow energy and inertia in universe out center, expanding faster and faster. Universe short circuited its energy along its infinite length broken breaking Eternity circuit of gravity holding visible Universe together, gamma ray blast? After dark night, Sun knocked away by a red dwarf star in 2029. While gravity charge solid outer crystals and gasses currents focused on Hollow Center Point of Eternity, suddenly circuit big bang and all again, mass pouring down on gravity current negative to positive gravity image expanding would, suck you out into space if it was a vacuum. Where energy builds up critical mass to expanding circuit Bang! A new Universe, 13% suddenly shoots out the sides of the Black Hole length of eternity, into strands of points that pop up visible Universe, pops-up galaxies like so many fireworks out of tentacle ends, off of central Black Hole, sprouted galaxies in plumbs all along infinity. The expanding eventually consumes everything Black Hole jettisoned into galaxies. Reaches sphere of positive gravity charge spinning faster than light, to the extent of void, sphere flooding Universe on gravity currents. Space not expanding Universe is expanding. Where central circuit of gravity 87% of all the mass in the Universe expands faster than any of its visible parts, along its infinite length. The Black Hole out to its ends in strands, plumes from universal Black Hole, dark Universe 87% covered with black current out to 13% visibly lighted Universe. Black Hole Big Bang in plumbs of circuit mass to image Quetzalcoatl Infinity length snake Universe in strands out to galaxies pop-up expanding faster and faster length of Circuit of Gravity galaxies. Universe tube shorts-out eventually as galaxies run into expanding 87% mass expanding faster than star World. Gamma-ray burst certain from NGC2300 hydrogen gas if it blows-up. Most say death only lights-out to no existence, a personal problem, that causes crime and corruption to have to root out the false perceptions of politics and religion. Adam and Eve Jews went wrong even thinking of sacrificing a son kill-off for peace and property, within our borders. To end national debt Third Government, kill off criminal crime types can pet food pig feed, save trillions on supporting them, recycle the bars. Free racist ethics, shoot and bomb, ethnic purge for peace, get an honest White All American Government in America. U.S. citizens save trillions of dollars on prisons, supporting illegal's and their legal cousins draining our resources. Can them export to pay for getting rid of subversives in a ethnic cleansing. Dead or alive only a few more like me break on through to the other side for some use others pass on through mass up to their dark sphere layer in Area 5, the 6 sided Black Box, crystal. Layers of negative charge all the images. Universe pops up flowing Gravity Charge sphere until shorted out, Universe back to point center, next Big Bang same Universe. Not rags to riches every vocation trained 100 thousand to million a year 10 levels of wages for security, with the trillions of dollars credit to work for. Equal opportunity 10 levels of talent anything possible through diligence. Government run by racist hate delete ages old politics of authority. Informed citizens only ±70 souls already at the Wound on the Light of mass. The few, transformed waiting for me. Time machine, repeat same mistake. To have to jump off ground to other side in Earth's oxygen nuclei Ort sphere condensation. Space not expanding Universe expanding. Galaxies thrown out of tentacle to places in uniform expansion of everything keeps everything same distance apart exploding outward together. Galaxies from center like oil on water out, cross section length of Eternity spectrum tube from point center spread out from balled up together. Infinity coil in a fist grip 87% of its mass expanding faster than 13% of World. Universe spread-out all along and around circuit core, to the end of Area 1, void.

"The only good Indian is a dead Indian." But the only good Pope is alive, that would like his chain of command flooding the faithful with secrecy, at the end of a stable solar system. Population level of crime has gone up 8 times since 1950 from 1 billion to 9 billion people on Earth, reached 2023, with technology proliferated around the world building up arsenals towards critical mass ripe for WORLD WAR III before another Ice Age. Climate change presently caused by Earth's core that spun away from southern hemisphere in 1975, leading up to polar reversal the rest of the way over, 2011 rattled around in Earth's top. To pulled out of crack in ocean beside northern Norway, facing Thor! "The Big One" California earthquake in April secret, waits for me to get to the right day and hills to break on through to the other side of gravity with a bag again. Conspiracy expecting chaos and anarchy a Consortium of the rich Biden replacing the U.S. Dollar with crypto money. Pentagon has my alternate debt free society Debt Default kept put off to Thor in your face, completes orbit around Sun. Take Business, organization politics, rehire. Coup d' 'et at get alien running out the boarders or off the planks. White Equality in the United States of America: Flooded by all our enemies around the world democrats support, to eliminate. Politicians and lawyers in for business profits verses White American security. Warn Dwight, racist Right in 1953, with bag again break on through other side, matter expanding on gravity current projection, lessons to learn on the other side of negative charge, flight around the world everything gravely attached to. Packing core of college subjects out of the hostile and dangerous present to a moralistic law abiding past. To fulfill my duty in life, programmed with 21st century technology, rebuilt for the past, maybe fly something over to the British so Briton's can bury their monarchy and tax, if they don't go back to where they came from. Prevent invasive species from getting into power in America. Other side genii in transparent Allah Glue to the past, win a revolution/or 2023 fiscal cliff Default falls to my dictatorship. While end of time may have already exploded gamma ray at Earth. I woke up in a airliner isle dream with Star Trekker's seated, side doors swung open. Two men with a device were firing out the door causing fearful flashing distorting fabric of outside. I jumped out, someone said where are you going?

Einstein could not figure the expansion rate of the Earth right, because no one else but me is capable of figuring out there is a sphere inside Earth with water in it under steam pressure keeping it under 700 degrees, to be a magnet, expanding faster than Earth. Bulges into egg shaped Earth ocean, would be round as full moon if lithosphere inside were not molten. Magnetic core began spinning again in 1975. But after 5 Ages of different species of life on Earth after a first Age of life, creatures out of ocean inside Earth's core on Earth after each polar reversal, next a sixth time life springs from its core. 2020 bench mark for U.S. Military figured when sixth polar reversal happens however gauged 5 ocean core samples brought up to examine failed figure in Planet X. Earth going through climate change, past earthquakes and volcanic activity since 1975 peak times, media not interested in reporting end of the world. Consortium only report distracting black advertising interests and crime news, big picture shown a few seconds. Flight by Pluto for instance, real close-up to barrel of a tank on Mars fly over, sticking out of sand find on the news tank on Mars, other tank out of sand in the distance a rover went right over to. Did not report Rover roll right over there up-close, pictures. News first show gun barrel video from a satellite. Must be other tanks buried in the dunes, 2.5 billion years ago. Pluto pictures only reduced down to specimen pieces of the whole picture memorized. Preserved since Day 1, fly over notice obviously how Pluto was created. It popped-up from a point, molten bubbling. Media ignore volcanic gasses seeping out of Sierra mountains and hills around here, closed campgrounds and hiking closed because California Sierra mountains leaking volcanic gas. Lake Tahoe heating up over a super volcano Big One California fault-line slip. U.S. national defense better off with me in power White America ruthless as necessary take back America winning the West, resources aplenty for only Americans. Purge out thief crime subversive people immigration recycle isolationism back, 200 million white American property wealth redistribute political system public enemy warehouse booty do with Sun run into by star, ship out!

Could start after 3am to break on through to other side in the morning, a laser projector in my bag. Do it alone so no one else perform miracles vanish follow me. "Other-side" relative proportionate to this side of reality for souls there and here. Expansion rate of Universe faster and faster runs into galaxies disintegrating on 87% of Universe its 13%. Universe image expanding into its 13% of stars in galaxies, sprout.

Humanity will have a kind and peaceful world or be dead, if most of the planet has to go. Final Solution all over again verses other cultures. I can bring 1 gun and bag to Apollo matter source, what I can carry.



Recurring matter deposits on natural ground clearing want to consume image mass, unseen!


Backpack out vanished while testing the stuff that mass is made of play back in the past, flash nuclear blast element

0 evaporating nuclei, electrical circuit broke civilization destroyed. It's world go wrong stock market inflation crime

economy under infinite length of Universe black hole matter overlaying gravity currents all packed together on 87%,

mass illuminated connected to image, hidden behind current to "the other side" of sword of the lord Universe deep in

all gray swirling overcast atomic particles to end of void. Coiled image of the World with the gray area on the outside

blocks out most of the illumination of distant spinning positive gravity matter mass Universe image circuit connected

to discharge. There being no warning until space Universe reaching the end of void expands limit of expanding, likely

back pressure aberration warp until discharge going to be uninhabitable planet 2030 hit by sun to its core bouncing off

of star, that runs into the Sun in 2029. Death good reason people search miracle haven here to escape into the invisible.

Positive Gravity Charge spirit Indians call God but in fact is genii, stay in to command I achieve democracy in the past.

Eternity 7 Areas down to center hollow Area 1 void 6 sided crystal Black Box full of identity Universe image piston

in 2 cycle chamber in a 7 part system, hollow I'd fly something up in against Area 3 matter spinning faster than light.

Reaching mass drains image mass pulled out of Universe, so all image drops back to 360° centre point of void center

in a order along Length of infinity in a ball so as soon as it starts to take charge under pressure heartbeat all its images

begin to expand again Bang! Universe pops up again unfolded a ball of wire compressed that is suddenly let loose, so

gravity comes back on and world expanding until it shorts out again the piston of time. Already 8.5 billion years old it

generating lightening off coil gripped together parallel, over a million times Infinity approaching. In heartbeat of time,

in a Black Box under outermost hollow. Friendly opaque light right side of hollow allow me to see the charcoal hollow

of black outside. In Black Box, the hollow of all the images in layers, under spinning sphere of mass: Hollowed out to

expand Universe, centred at Eternity center. As Eternity has to be doing something to stay alive, collects aware mind to

the grave damned. Unless I have something to do breaking into the mass expanding the Universe alive worship dogma?



Dark Star Planet X/Thor eclipses sun black or blue, generate light again!

Figuring out Eternity after seeing GOD by scriptural prompt to my visits

see to draw Universe expanding to too close looked away piston chamber

to have Elohim and Allah religion. The 7 parts of eternity wind up used in

1 oppressive religion or another throughout history. Gathering followers to

build their empires and living in luxury secure, security clearance societies

worshipping The Holy Father and Elohim also called Allah for top expanse

of the whole beyond. So much pressure focusing a 6-sided Black Box in its

middle, producing a hollow about all 6 sides of it backed up voltage current

formula. Should = Expanding Universe Math, out to Box Hollow 6 sides. In

side it layers teaming with seeds across Universe images planets and moons,

projected earth. A 2-stroke motor universe expanding to its charge discharge

matter falls back to point centre everything complete universe pops up again

spinning void chamber discharges reconnects Bang! Begins expanding again,

some seraphim left overhead in faster than light to pack all this to source hike

draining faster and faster as mass expands the universe everything expanding.

Religion worshipping God secret no different than worship your car for motor

save holidays Revolution I take establishment rehire train U.S. Third America.


Area 5, Black Box the World is in, since it has 6 sides it can be Area 5 in 6. In

Hockey that is in the Penalty Box where Heaven and Earth our Heaven's Light

goes out for a moment Matter retracted from Image Matter retains a heat glow.

Where everyone who gets there are image in a visible world a Eternity moment

where my girlfriend and me can get back together, live a Garden of Eden right!



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