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Vital military hardware orders filled continue production at a slow rate, after order filled, so any can be rushed into full production to maintain a stockpile. Bill of Rights Italian then woman lawyers false equality, Americans under gangland attack expect retaliation. I don't follow religion what I didn't like about the Twin Towers was they didn't fall on Wall Street, mostly the American people's enemies. Military I arm white all enforce discrimination, will of the Majority of Americans verses authority pushing around. Military have my militia tactic "I Wanna Riot", ethnic cleansing dictatorship. Massacre gangland vote! Revert back to roots race 1776 Revolution verses plutocracy, regulate rule business dictated instead say in Tribunal Democracy, by military will peace, security about at night home people like ant and queen bee with our own kind train skill industries survive. Home, prosper.

Language can be manipulated to mean anything a lawyer and a scholar can set in stone, with twisted logic any dogma deviation from truth that serves their purpose for a price or political agenda, verses White racist Majority. Court saying blacks and illegal aliens are citizens, votes. Gas out the authorities gun down the big left we will just have no lawyers O. J. Simpson, string up the guilty. Tribunals will serve Majority Rule Majority say so. Government serving the political party, candidate's all serving themselves verses larger Third Party of Americans, that don't vote. Can't elect my Military Power hate group dictatorship, to get racism represented. White Military, arm us racist Right only solution, justify anarchy, kill any Leftist in way, wrongs against racism. Power by Default Militia take out the enemy everything and rights. Tribunal rule drain the system for all its worth replace national debt with Power by Default. Third U.S. Government. Reestablish White Male control of America. Discrimination, get rid of enemy rights, Military save our skin. "Bill of Rights" means only White Americans are U.S. citizens. Achievable by luck Military Coup racist militia U.S. Armed Forces takeover purge us of enemy races and criminals, off our land, at the end of the world star magnetic core 5x bigger than Jupiter eastern Canada April rise not then now military coup right verses left, degenerate to whims of women and blacks. Racist revolution!

Dictatorships get things done right throughout history, leading up to war. History drawing to a close. Something bigger comes across paths throughout history, the ruthless rulers the people champion in victory on their side they immigrate or invade to, so far destroyed in world wars, where finally a superior race emerges to kill everyone else, immigration. Race war mind sets until U.S. Constitution lawyers cannot change nature with law Military gas it out and gun it down.

U.S. arsenals pass out arms to the Right, to regiment I take out the Left, the graffiti and it's gangs. Racist power by tribunal government immigration policies restore American rights taken way, surveillance of others. Hate forces kill, feed politicians lawyers and aliens to the hogs, illegal's, all the alien votes and financial support electing enemies of White America. Revolution, the rich and richer with their false equality, bar association, equality laws like made Americans homeless and poorer under Italian Mafia and Masonic legal system Hate massacre it along with their whores and prostitutes, aliens and niggers, running everything, maybe racist majority says Hell's Angels in with U.S. Armed Forces take all of the leftist government out of power, blood bath, dead or they escape. Graft, equality foreign and China interest group plots, their virus and "fiscal cliff", prints up trillions of dollars on illegal's and foreign aid to our enemies, National Debt. A dictator racists blow-up the whole "melting pot" idea, special interest groups, organized crime liberalism lobby, electing alien interests not interested in White American rights. The year after Janet Reno, Waco, Texas incident. Women in power anywhere, gun or Police uniform on. Default vote! White American armed forces my Coup, turn against equality on the street, kill Leftist new world order color, woman's rights, aliens rights, Congress Bill 2847 2018. The anti-American plots.

Here I am Power by Default to represent White America, that don't vote, this copyrights in 1996 voted me dictator for my racist U.S. Armed Forces Leadership, calling up 50 State's a Militia, pass out guns bombs. Military back-up for an ethnic cleansing, dispose of the whole political system. Concentration camp authority to Tribunal nationalize business for all its worth for Third American Government. "Bill of Rights" and all restored All-American economy or reach my element, vanish as planned. Power by Default U.S. Military purge yourself of enemy, color, minorities. Militia coordinate, ethnic cleansing effort, citizen's death march! Hunting the Left, swinging, bullets flying explosives better than commonly stocked substances use to be available cook book had all the formulas! U.S. arsenals against the enemy like makes homeless White America. Massacre mission martyr rise your soul in the end dead lawyer politician wrong in the way coming.

Leadership in the U.S. Senate Senator Trent Lott is saying here "The System" is rigged, can't do anything crooked political system to change things the way Silent Majority wants Might I solve it!

Since governments are crooked anywhere you go, doing whatever politics and their business friends say, for profit. Closed societies of traitors here with their legal system, blacks latino's and women in power, always in the way of Americans having a racist dictator. Lawyers tied up Trump racism. Only Military support can America's militia make the rules with racist views, in a Third Government. Here I am The Third Party by the Default vote majority, to rid America of anti-Americans. Can lawyers and liberals. Take the wealth and power blocking the freedoms of White America. Any act of violence against leftist authority is American armed duty. Casualties sustained by the government its blacks aliens and women, in actions against police and militia the system that dies or are injured is justified could become pet food out of a meat processor if Tribunal of Majority says so. Soldiers worthy of honors an extra share of "spoils of victory". White America verses all of the other races in America, their political parties and unions after our war crime committed, are accountable to the prior government but not to any Americans acting against the prior government on behalf of our patriotic White America Revolution! Without waiting for U.S. Dollar wheelbarrow full for bread, comedy show media laugh on every level, leaves the people in the dark on vital truth in secrecies, Earth magnet upset by circling star anytime.

I am saying U.S. democracy is a FAKE, don't support it with white votes in any election! My copyright here Referendum military overthrow the system citizen survival chance majority plan

From now on if you don't vote your votes are Third Party votes, my votes, my Martial Law militia consult opinion polls make White America rich purging out aliens, traitors and the bad, so I coin all of the enemies money metals, in their teeth and all, found our democracy bunkered cities America underground work, all the trades.

Race is the dominant issue in America, for my racist purge U.S. Military hardware in my Militia Rule we roll back prices of everything, reducing the population demand dollar worth the Colonial dollar prices. Tried in Germany. Far Right forces depopulation, a nationalization rage, confiscate wealth, civil racial strife. Tribunal decide issues of race at my citizen's opinion polls, on what is nigger and what is not. By Default Vote and National Debt Default Vote elected as Dictator we gas out and gun down legislation, graft, legislated equality, in my racist Third Reich. Default keeps electing me dictator in votes my leadership choices, to represent eligible to vote but don't vote White American wishes does away with "Integration" in government and nationwide. Doctors plentiful again, free prescriptions land of plenty, for White America, eliminate untrustworthy alien millions of illegal's draining our services and resources. Secure White America, advancement plans.

My above sentiments are from my old originals today in full development. Default Vote is still my "Referendum" vote for "Power by Default", that keeps electing me president to advance U.S. legal system obligation back to White American citizen's majority, discrimination. U.S. Armed Forces leadership Right racism leadership for Default votes outnumbering candidate's votes in all the elections keeps electing me. My leadership plans on these pages only possible by Military takeover Militia take out national debt, racist Third Reich! Foreign diplomats get out. Rape some more diplomatic immunity, for isolationism. Middle East the rest, disaster approaches from south duty to be racist. Russia bomb Islamic threats at home world in a us or them or dead in a fallout.

Only one supporter responded in writing, to my gmail address, someone learned liked my racist writing no one could read much of then World War building again. Militia with Military support Islamic threat to the West my solution. Islam with a dirty bomb to get bombs flying all around. The last years of life on Earth 9 billion people unaware of a secret certain death star eclipses Sun while seafood dying off in radiation pouring into oceans from Japan, with all of the shipping garbage and sewers dumping pollution into it around the world. Authorities and media only keep silent cover up disaster, go underground? Earth blind-sided to the core. Secrecy keeps rich getting richer fight Martians, underground, UFO's there. Thankfully my escape from disaster all day ritual to safety, several, for big climate change, magnetic core movement. I have to vanish, weather permitting, through gravity mass, leaving humanity left unprepared for world all of a suddenly wobbling, slips to new direction to spin. Military and government has my drastic leadership solution, to world destroyed by tidal wave West then tsunami East Planet X rising Jesus said season, even if I have a new government out of Apollo in the past prevent system of things of government since 1760's, to perpetual system of crime and greed reason running everything wrong. Mark of the Beast, files on the cloud. Logical solution Tribunal, ban that. Throw the wrenches into the system for my Military Coup, all out Industry prosper U.S. Armed Forces racists eradicate Islam threat, all 57 varieties of it and India threats with our motels, any rent, same as when Jews become too successful in Germany. Racism purge out Japanese, Jew, colored, Latin, Asian, competition, Militia take out the survivors.

Article 2: Dictatorship Now!


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The government is actually doing a great job, for mammoth inflation. Maybe I might make a good Marvel comic book Allah Glue or rolling heads as dictator. You cannot blame any teacher for what their students do, on the right date and hour. When I began this:
the recent then 09/11/01 "Attack On America", only a coincidence.
On a 11th day of a month in honor of martyred Timothy McVeigh.

The day is the most important thing, in military logic, to set forces in motion, for right

Crime worked out for President Bush, graft profit, set the enemy on fire hating us sneak in refugee immigration anti-american forces plots to destroy us elected Biden. I can only warn the past about rich politics working for stock market gains, while investing their graft thus got richer, even Putin hiding away billions hang them all! So when military does not have enough firepower take bank!

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