I should have known even Southern politic's would have no power of influence with big business running politics. Or military support my Power by Default since 1996, to the rescue.

Winning Power by Default makes me dictator, with more votes than any of the politicians: Military leadership to be Right, Nazi Klan extremist racist government. White take out by any means all of our enemies. Revolution Right another gruesome history lesson out of explosion of human growth on this planet. Spreading flues and viruses. Finally to live on Earth safely. Military and Police take out U.S. Government National Debt for Third American Government fertilizer enemy over-running the place. White America win the West for our populations, where neighborhoods of our enemies are wiped out.

First U.S. Military and Police have to see if they have enough forces to back up a nationwide Militia takeover of communications all pick up your rifle coming around leaving old folks a shotgun, clips loaded!

If the Defense Department needed me in power, like I describe in any number of topics I have throughout all of these web pages, left to exciting fly over's, just walk right up and say we need you? Creative enough better than great displays of air power over and all about my place, even going to grocery store slow jet flip over. Master another revolution page. Tree top sortie in the pool doing laps once another thing right on Internet display of American flight creativity to end of summer, my up tight Marine buddy attack me with his Queen turns out made him concede told me when sent to war he expected to die.

Letter I wrote Trent about my Power by Default vote victory. U.S. Military secretly knows I am elected to call up racist Majority, South and nationwide, for Militia duty in an ethnic cleaning! Here is how The Logical Solution turned out on these pages to stamp out the perpetual "present system" for the Majority called the Silent Majority, not voting in elections. Racist White American values don't vote, not represented by politicians. Not only die in suicide missions against liberal social change, if not Military take out Left gang interest say so, in random armed and bomb attacks. We just gas out government and court, shoot down National Debt politics for my Third U.S. Government. Military Coup possible to read now, effective plan to eliminate subversive races and nationalities in America. Better published in the past through hidden tool, the 5th time these pages ready to prevent the present. Supreme Tribunal polls leave Capitol Hill to pasture. Roadblocks overthrow the 2023 political system with Militia revolution now and in past, 21st century on my back, escape shook and washed away in 2023. Break through gravity to the other side of currents, drop in to detect a 28 pound gold nugget in 1760. Revolution assault, White America get rid of our people's enemies at home. Arab religion invasion on homeland, security policy eliminate all "alien" people's and colors. My dictatorship by Default vote victories since 1996, cancel the National Debt Default, with representation. Or citizens in a suicide otherwise if they are going to die anyway without purpose or a home, Military here my Default vote majority reason for Military Coup. All the governments and Businesses the people's enemies, the political system corruption laws voted in, at Tribunal the people might chart me kill them all, aristocracies running everything. Tax dollar's, political graft. To concentration camps, authority captives sent to slave on Farm or Mine. Survive lawyers politicians bankers clergy capitalism. Lynch business. Wall Street shares of national debt nationalize. Power by Default verses politics a dictatorship I keep winning since 1996. None of the politicians elected or appointed to office represent White America, the people's racism. Default Vote! Politicians only in it for themselves as share holders. Forget legislation Military Coup! Hang lawyers, alien and special interest group's immigration policies, against White America. Racial equality only serving Business media women and gays to their bars. Discharged Military laid off homeless? My leadership takes out politic's lawyers profiting authority, the whole lying legal system. Court feed to sharks equal rights policies lynch. Establishment wealth to Treasury land booty. American government system replace all the corruptions with order. Commandment's moral laws civic duty in public in stone what should be us American!

Nothing else to do but edit unknown, only air response. Still in shape for former places to break barrier with this correct, to win a medieval war. Publisher in the past I get government right. My manuscript is pagan learnedness from experience, with no education I remember anything of, in the political and religious apathy of the times. Racism Americanism get rid of the system, the enemy of the people. Liberalism with U.S. Constitution originally stood for all the racist majority in the past, to the majority today. U.S. Armed Forces under my Power by Default I order 50 State Militia's hit the powers that be, standing in the way of my racist American leadership. By Default Vote count Majority leadership I win in every election, so I fix Debt Default plans deflating dollar value. Dictatorship if I get along with US armed forces verses political candidates since 1996 American soldier's reasons to take out the establishment for everything it has. I am racism's Third Party, U.S. Armed Force's Commander in Chief representation. Take back America now and in the past. Tribunal's live or die future take a house opportunity, tax free, run out our enemies, deport.

Contrary to Newtonian faith I map out the structure and purpose of the Universe. Two Gods reigning in a gravity circuit physics, top to bottom. Only the gods in the sky departed on the other side of gravity advise us, guiding those of us who listen. The un-whole fall into the Field in hollow Earth net. Adam and Eve damned died ascended? Memory identity. Or to dream in the dark in Earth's Gravity Field shape of the Universe in soul bag sack. Creative enough to serve Americans I invite volunteers from France, to come chop establishment heads off. As the American People Choose opinion polls on immigration, or hang the whole political system. Stock market business pay off political debt a Third government! Getting this right suicide mission for American soldiers at the breaking point, verses the inflation and racial changes. Purge ranks, White in Command. Civilian soldier soldiers Tribunal dictatorship, kill powers that be any color. My Power by Default racist democracy derived from mood of White Male America purge United States of America back to starting out. World population over 9 billion people since 1950 invading from all sides increasing world population with babies. Leftist slave on foreign Farm woman in traditional positions second class citizens, get a man. USA in my preservation and advancement of White male America strategy, preparing for magnetic polar reversal, given 17 year orbit of the Sun to Rapture. Sun's Twin comes up 21 million miles away in your face, Easter. Earth ran into asteroids at the end of Milky Way Galaxy end of the Sun's orbit. Star catching up since Beginning, through asteroids. Sun finished u-turn on December 21, 2012, from December 24, 2011, top to bottom of Milky Way Galaxy. Straight at the star coming out of center of Galaxy. Sunlight knocked-out for Christmas 2029. Better than bunker my space program solution, organizing all the world for survival humanity purify itself racially in every country. America just finish winning the West with our racism patriotism. Lead to WWIII universal objective, get us back below billion population, now 9 billion people pollution. Can't recycle it fast enough to clean-up environment before end of world. Race War. Last resort bomb aliens close open border, business living off of cheap labor take out.

My first page on the Internet "The Logical Solution" describes Power by Default since 1996 copyright, to establish citizen run government my "Dictatorship Now!" Greatly influenced by the skinhead movement of the 1980's and 1990's, Heavy Metal music made it right. While I still have these pages on the Internet for my Third Government. Gold standard traditional USA White Western Civilization best interests. Back in Klamath Falls, Oregon, I worried about the steam geysers blowing steam from distant and near mountain tops and ridges continually, for as far as I could see to Mt. Shasta volcano. A huge steam shadow over town, coming or going in the distance. I left after two years of it Halloween 2016. All acting like hot pressure cookers, Earth's core spinning counterclockwise since 1975, heralding global warming. Polar reversal worse after Easter. Warnings all coming together to mountains blowing their tops. Red full moons something else. Noah's next Flood a fire pit of a star turn sun poles around. Coincidently star bigger than sun going to run into it coming in fashion escape vehicle marvel for the majority, let sun bounce off a star.

Here I am the leadership in Power by Default. My letter I sent to Senator Trent Lott saying I won it, a great speaker and Senator of the South in racist White American values I could carry out with Tribunal reason, dictatorship possible with 21st century U.S. Armed Forces white American backing defending purge against all odds elect by any means or revolution I get it all right with racism.

Speaking against subversive Bill Clinton(s), with reasons to hang them, giving China the technology to match U.S. Military technology, with our industries to do it with, for donations. Congress, "Ignore the polls and rise to the occasion" said Republican Chairman Henry Hyde of Illinois in his 10 minute House Judicial Committee oration over the vote in Congress to impeach Bill Clinton. Elected by money from China, that gave China computers able to design anything the U. S. has or better. Technology for advancing threats to the U.S. in his scheme of lawyers and labor unions in 2008 donations got elected a black with no identification, born in Kenya hand picked by organized crime for subversive politics against White America, his leftist David Axelrod and other leftists to hang. National Debt left out in my new Government, part Articles of Confederation. White America not represented in government strikes down the media's fallacy of the importance in voting. Military Coup, my house to house purge, "rise to every occasion" is my leadership. Opinion Majority Dictatorship Democracy. Tribunal every State, charts Governor of the Majority Rule. Dictator of U.S. Tribunal charts leadership. Senator Trent Lott American racist my favorite politician, other than George C. Wallace, from the South, his hands tied from being racist in politics. Newt Gingrich lost his seat in Congress, cool pinching a bitching Congresswoman by the ass! Wrong place for women. But he was still only another politician in the system, obeying business interests for kick back. Opinion might let me chain saw a certain woman's head off for winning a new car with my pictures she stole, and get to can some aliens and authorities in salsa, for polynesians to grill. Racial profiling both sex, leftists. Pet food or work on the Farm chain gang or don't bother saving them. White everything without interference from equal rights so I hear 1950's Texas Radio.

Another thing the critics were irritated about in regards to Edward Seaton's statement to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, as their president, "We've got to cut down the anonymous quotes, which invariably have an ax to grind", speaking about the fact the public has lost confidence in newspapers. Their establishment for business interests pleasing advertisers, gangland anti-racism hits. Where if it were not for the sports section in newspapers they would not sell for the media to survive at all. Without pandemic! But with admittance that the media would even let the people lose confidence to happen in the first place, when so many other Americans besides me quit listening to or reading media, can do without NFL because of media, in their "New World Order" employing hatred of White male America and our 4th of July, deviate from "dedication to truth telling." Rightfully my Revolutionary takeover of business and government, fill concentration camps with alien aristocracy boss surviving leftists to Tribunal. "Rappers" and all big game hunt with Police and Military my change of Command racist Militia purge! American people, patriots of our national flag. Tribunals fashion law according to public rule American red blood blue blood feed enemy to crock gator pig media politic scholar left to news "a good rating".

Nature feeding upon experience to death, recalls everything to changes eternally into other states, fixated to the world expanding the rest of way. While Universe goes on expanding uniformly, filling void of outer space, to reach the sphere of the Element expanding nuclei Universe dimensions and proportions of everything multiplying or not. While the Element expanding the world deposits where come or go through, to the mass side of gravity. Bright void entry or Hell, in electrical system. Land mark locations 2 Jews located in scriptures ascended from, now it is two edged sword stab wound in the distance on the Light of Earth's Heaven, around. Ort used in a religion plot. End of Earth time, 2029 destroyed. I won't wait around for famine and end of cash. Digital money inflation malfunction Chinese Communist Party misplace Social Security, planned that way, politicians with a Debt stacking away metals. Internet crypto public money, have to pay the phone bill to use your card number for bills and shopping anything you want. My racism Right Military power rule take all that wealth turn out Tribunal Government divide out for defenses and infrastructure. The rest gets a chunk of the billions of dollars and all the stuff in warehouses, and to issue the public share of property. While a civilization structure stalks Earth somewhere, to inherit it built like an aircraft carrier, pointed at Earth no doubt with death ray armed, its people know all about life on Earth from last visit, hide out in this UFO. This Easter's Jesus salvation Thor.

I will take a few things on a mission on me, vanish. A soft bright void outline of fingers two hands reach out grab me point me how to "jump out". Favorable to go back in time to get what I need out of Matter by request, in flight. With expenses too high to survive here Ancient Egyptians did not believe anyone could take anything with them, like I have, for a second time. Missing few break through ascend return land to get out of Element 0RT expanding the world. Condensing out of humidity in counter clockwise pinwheels to every nuclei, dew of Heaven expanding universe. Return to ground left my double to mountain lions I found out when I got back the following year. I have to do again, same place same route. Revolution past, territory war. Plan if on my List, or more accurate math feed me. So everything on the end of my tongue and built like Bruce Lee, back to 5'-6''. If time is flexible fashion steam boilers lined with leather, huge lawn mower bush hogs. Bronze blades mow down 600,000 thousand soldiers going to invade ancient Greece, on a level plain. West end under camouflage wait, order fire-up the boilers and come out mow down everyone to end of the plain, troop sweep compress flame throwers so alien no chance wipe out 300 Spartans blocking their way. Expanding Universe touching future to past, hope democracy save 13th century, I get the future straight. 13th century growing cotton trade, for resources to refine. 21st century math and physics, drop out of Positive Gravity Charge mass then going back further in time each time to stay young, could start in 1953 flight to. A good matter source to power fast space ships! 2023 Super Volcano in Arctic going to explode a thousands years, like in Siberia, raise up. Jesus talk about budding fig tree leaves in Israel when Noah's Flood, methane gas fire. Coming up red full Moon. Debt Default inflation Tribulation homeless, red dwarf hits Sun. Planet X collapses Earth's core turns Earth upside down. Trump too late to restore American industry. I could reversible climate change, world corporate plan keep secret Earth greenhouse gasses, businesses full of alien and black pandemic laid off most everyone. I am available to return U.S. Armed Forces racist us all Majority Rule Government but February all day I test ascend other half.

Ascended by accident. I jumped out, walked away down to my van. Not possible to ascend from a Native spot, dismantled by natives. Have a near place to prove I am from 21st century in the past. Ascension surface locations a transparent substance raised up center, cone. Element Ort chocolate drop shaped, deposits of mass charge, back pressure, inversion deposits. Ascended there, 6 different white flashes side by side, light awkwardly pointing bashfully surprised, on film over left side of center pole on the photo printout, that ruined the beautiful picture. I burned the ugly picture, thinking it to be defects in the film, from my first visit to LowTide@TheSpot. Found 6 Indians ascended there. But return to the world might not be a good idea for them anytime now. I just pack history physics chemistry lessons and movies on a mission, make revolutionary weapons ascend and return over and over wherever democracy possible, over the bodies of authorities in the past and now. I just show Early America how blacks and integration turned out everywhere. Racist America good excuse: Coup d' 'et at, trillions of dollars, U.S. citizens proportion of reserves.

Authority could shut down U.S. government in Default, China corporate security taking over farm land homes and business purchased. Virus shut down pandemic left here military struggle Right. Junk the whole political system, purge schools, Militia and military train American youth co-op operate nationalize business. Confiscate all its estate, in a good verses evil upheaval in America action only possible with U.S. Military weapons and backup call up 50 State's a Militia of Racist White American Citizens. Take out vacate or occupy. Soldiers distribute weapons organize Militia take back United States of America. Restore all the traditional freedoms American citizens use to enjoy. All-American! Estates confiscated and the bad destroyed or slave. Destroy everyone across equator across Africa deport Native and African blood take resources advance U.S.A. future. North South tidal-wave burn 2023 star pass super volcano Planet X magnet passing flip Earth magnet.

--> This is my Logical Solution to the end of the world: Racist American people's alternative to politics and business interest's racial equality, take that out. For chance to survive April tidal wave from passing star across sky with Sun. Otherwise it is up to your doors in glaciers a red dwarf star hits the Sun that bounces, maybe at us. Means resources must be taken up. Beat time making a big huge star ship of Moon.




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MY SOLUTION TO ISLAM AND JEW the other side New World void to get somewhere

duty. Think to thank 4 Letter Word! Offered a harem religions-dream in Hell world forever

verses bright void suddenly the matter expanding universe, no giving or taking in marriage.

How can they recognize each other all transformed. Even to be able to know which is mine,

to reconize with backpack on me she will have to come forward again, to choose past or her.

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