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"It's Companion" is star Sirius's light:



Sirius at center coming in to go around the Sun. Below a red dwarf star rises from behind Sun hits it all a secret. Destroy secret society should not's be secret, forces all got together I do with power. Sirius coming around up close to 21 million miles away since 1999 an April! I woke up for it May 1, 2003, camping north of Yuma, found it up 10:00. Its points of light were offset in its lower left side, like bulge here, in lower left of dark orb rim coming up around it. I recall seeing it on the Internet 6 December 2002, Hubble Telescope close up right of White dwarf star, not allowed to copy, big blue planet! Planet X above first shown coming in in 1999. Until becoming the brightest star in the sky. White American citizens cannot trust government, knowing it is coming in to go around the Sun left hook up big as Jupiter 462 million miles closer, with a White dwarf star out in front of it. A blue planet behind White dwarf in a halo orbit, since dwarf magnetism grabbed it going between Jupiter and Mars Planet X missed. White dwarf star caught Planet 5. Planet X now coming up around Sun, while politic's leads Americans over a fiscal cliff for profit to run away and hide. Business friends, graft and investment schemes, July 2018 the "system" can't pay interest on its National Debt, 100 trillion dollar plot, hang them. U.S. Armed Forces overthrow the whole damn system Power by Default racist America arm cleanse America.

We live in a divided world, where everyone seems to be a worm like they use to say, vegetation only dwelling on getting ahead by any scheme, the organizations taking profit for power. Love to celebrate if my team wins raucously racist call up to Militia duty. Cash use ban? Gold Note's end.

Out of solar jet squirted out from "Dark Star" squirting out with planets to Mercury, Sun. The Dark Star pulled back around again and again, from both ends of the Sun's orbit in the Milky Way Galaxy. Stars squirted out stars, that lived or died. Here the Sun's Twin is back with a bright as a star blue planet, behind a collapsed molten white star in 1999, Thor here being eclipsed from its lower left, every 4 years around Planet X, discovered in 1983 a amateur astronomer finally found in 1991, naked eye began seeing in 2003, the "star" that went behind something thought to be dark matter in the Oort cloud, that reappeared 1985 to its lower left. Dark star lighted up found! Planet X's light source getting closer and closer every 4 years, dark since 2006 a people Anciently from Earth star not close enough to be bright in sunlight until 2003. Bright blue "star" of Sirius up-close in April shoots by the Sun all day. Planet X big as the Sun's core(Twin) white dwarf star popped out of last, popping out of Sirius the Sun and Big Dipper came from. 2006 White Dwarf blue planet at first left a outpost, eclypsed going by. It waits for a new heaven and a new Earth, Thor the two stars going to show-up in April. Sneaking up, the first people out of the Garden of Eden, hiding a flight deck?

Back at the Dark Star Page, with Astronomy magazine's artist illustration of a passing "black hole" and "its companion". Sirius lighted by 2 magnetic fields off 5th planet's White dwarf star lighting up the Dark Star, inner ocean expanded, a red rusted ice crusted star magnetic core, the Twin of the Sun bloated now and dark. Lighted up in the center in the above image by what was thought to be a "star" in 1983. White dwarf in front of extinct "Twin Sun" was "the brightest star in the sky" since 2003, keeps getting closer. In 2006 it sat from view, came in from 10:00 to go around the Sun, closer than predicted, from its origin end of "solar jet" to the Sun. April up close to Earth latest return orbit around the Sun, in the last 4.5 billion years. Dark Star page artist shows a black hole looping down over the top of Milky Way Galaxy passing the Sun. While red dwarf star following Sun, as Dark Star swings up over eastern Canada in April from Vancouver. That went behind Sun on 10/23/2006 proceded its 2004 "Wave" of "Ions" spoken of in the preceding "Question and Answer" session on the Dark Star page, which had no effect on Earth. Sirius popping up "shock wave" went by in April 2004 proceded Twin of the Sun approaching that sat in 2006, rises up in April. The other red dwarf hits sun as Wormwood falls apart thawd out in Sun rays. Wodan behind Sirius white dwarf a people coming around left ship certainly enemy hiding somewhere else for surprise attack, returning to Easter Island.

What should we expect from a artificially lighted planet its people, keeping a communications silence like an enemy, city hiding behind a cloak ordered up close to Mercury express no intention to communicate, bodes invasion. While U.S. political and economic system only interested in getting richer, Debt Default a sudden surprise, planning to delete the dollar to card, leave bankrupt vast millions of Americans, repossess property, reverse mortgage takes it all. Shooting up value of property while deflating currency value, making property tax and rent impossible to pay, so poverty Americans to our foreign and domestic enemies, forfeit vast profits to political enemies. Therefore my Military solution racist national defense purging all 50 States supporting a Militia by Military Coup. Political government to Tribunal hang it.

"Thirteen comets with the most accurately established orbits in the Oort cloud are all aligned along a band, as would be expected if they had been perturbed by some much larger body. Where a 3 to 10 times larger body than Jupiter" was evidently coming in to go around the Sun, yet to rise up in April when Jesus said, turned the Sun's magnetic poles upside down on 19 February 2007 began u-turn
orbit. "So working backward from the course of these thirteen orbits John Murray, at Australia's Royal Observatory, tracked the star following the Sun since creation to a region of the sky centered near Cygnus, in northern summer sky, where the location of a large dark star object 'that so scarcely moves through the sky' because it is heading straight at us" a red dwarf, while Planet X comes around inner solar system up nearest Earth (21 million miles away) 5 times bigger than Jupiter, Jupiter visible 483 million miles away. "By its back-and-forth movement perspective effect occurs as Earth swings around the sun" "Red Dwarf Star" with "brown dwarf" star "Wormwood" falls apart on Earth as Red Dwarf Star hits the Sun.

So far the search has received nothing more than a few dozen unexplained dim smudges that most likely are "asteroids in the quantum leaping swarm of objects" mentioned in the preceding Question and Answer session. With the "TWIN SUN" INCOMING ON A ELONGATED ORBIT following Sun u-turn, back to center of galaxy u-turn back out! This would mean that the TWIN SUN's closest approach to the Sun will pass by the Earth close enough for a visit to Earth from Wodan, behind its white dwarf star. Considering the Dark Star Question and Answer session's estimate was how "close" the passing of Planet X around Sun, too close to Earth? "End of the world", Sun orbit calendar u-turn turn around in Milky Way Galaxy 2 asteroids predicted to hit Europe blew-up over Russia then Florida as Sun entered galaxy asteroid belt.

IF "NASA'S SPACE INFRARED TELESCOPE FACILITY SCHEDULED FOR LAUNCH COULD SETTLE THE ISSUE OF PLANET X FOR GOOD." NASA is keeping it secret charted its course 1983-1991 is still keeping it secret. If you wait to see IT with your eyes in April, it is too late!

Space Infrared Telescope Facility Web site
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While the authorities will not tell the public a star is about to get too close may East bury the West to blot out their lies. I just escape the fallout with my data and guns out this side of gravity arm my people safe from enemy in past revolution industry ready change the future.

The Nearest Stars to Earth:

Note that this list is continually changing, as astronomers
discover nearby stars with ever more sensitive detectors,
in a variety of spectral ranges, especially in the infra-red
range, where numerous small stars emit their energy.

I will call the sweeping Planet X's light source Wodan, going around the face of the "three to ten times the size of Jupiter" 10th planet of the Sun, its failed "TWIN" sun and "star", in a halo orbit behind it going around 3.3 times a day, always behind it facing Planet X (Thor), around it. But red dwarf coming in at 90 degrees hits the Sun head on, after Earth blows its top in April. Earth's core off axis center Earth falls over the rest of the way east to south pole. Thus the big-one earthquake happens from Planet X up too close, Earth spheres on two different axis and speeds meet beside northern Norway. Inner Earth embeds into Outer Earth flips Earth over turning faster inside. Thor return next, before star hits Sun. Red full moons from star coming in behind Sun knocks Sun out solar system center, swells up red giant!

Thor's orbiting light-source Sun 5th planet, it took that rises up close to Earth behind a full Moon in April could steal the Moon, when its White dwarf star goes by Earth in front of it to go behind Moon again, like it did in 2006. Wormwood breaking apart falls on Moon and Earth under blood red Moon 2029. Thor(Sirius A) going by a huge asteroid, bright blue illuminated "star" with a plan behind its white dwarf. Military Coup! Power by Default! Citizens purge society of illegal subversive other race's cultures hate. U.S. Armed Forces cleansing, Search and Destroy!!

Far to the Right Solution:

Accentuate the positive
eliminate the negative
always be affirmative
and never mess with
"Mister In Between"!

Anyone Can go to Heaven. Be a Ghost. Or
Return Again, if you keep your soul whole

I am Lee Ronald Harrison The Third Party, offering American Armed Forces leadership. Swasticas or racist southern Flag time to rid of illegal's colored public enemies the system, it's gone too far. Lenchings bombings, clearing out white collar criminals, leftists, strongholds of wealth and bank, for all volunteers U.S. Army can arm, take America all the way to the last Indian. Racism only thing to save a country, down to white children militia, 3rd government, free for us jobs to learn to be rich, underground industry co-op democracy gold payday Planet X Storm any April soon, build a ship out of here leadership ready for polar reversal and viruses, central air. Bunker-in and build a starship out of here. Red dwarf star Sun collision in 2029! What John Murray at Australia's Royal Observatory tracked to a region centered near Cygnus heading straight at- the Sun and Earth. Sun end of Galaxy, is turned around into the path of a star.

Only a few lucky souls ever find their way out of the World alive with body and soul, able to return to Earth again in the flesh with their backpack, sooner or later have to do it again. Religion only a closed loop of gossip and scriptures shared through a glass darkly most of them fall to Hell anyway. Despicable unforgivable sin deceivers in high places, worship. A day this winter at the fabric of reality, where I found my right collar bone beside its right shoulder bone one cat up there cleaned, back in 1988. Search life's mysteries to get everything done here, use from clues here find your secret positive negative charge deposit hills somewhere, if repeat the ritual the other side of gravity is found, go as far as you like. Positive gravity charge illuminated vastness, barrier of shape for the surprise of your life. Happy "Heaven" religion calls God can't see it only element of two poles. Atom smasher science sees adhesive light elastic holding every atom together/science still cannot find what only living instruments can through faith or by mistake, experience, no time left for millions of people over the world with a whole soul without blemish from procreation, capable of breaking on through to charge behind gravity currents. It will help to Pilgrimage to your own or any supernatural places on earth, wherever is positive gravity charge impressions like in CLASSIFIED. No taste death or tribulation, whoever escapes end of habitable world. The left behind all go to Hell on the Allah negative gravity charge current's image, dream. Wait and see if red dwarf is "Thor's Hammer"!

Will it matter however the human races turn out, if they all die? Unless we have conscience a nazi will. Should have only gone as far as Austria and Hungry, home. Where Britain does not need Scandinavian rule but liberation! East arms race, North Korea reach no agreement, only one bomb gets WWIII going. Washington, D.C. so many racial targets to choose from. London could be a cherry on a cake for Communist North Korea, to take out. Society, set back like a pussy with rat in the bag, legislating profit treaties. Rash thinking you do like Adolph Hitler after taking out all your enemies take only enough world. U.S. run by media no real leadership other than me, soldiers. April star good reason for 3rd U.S. Government now. Star runs into sun robots running government everything citizens cannot trust anyone not even Communism saves the day. Legions of racists Supreme Court Congress die, bomb U.S. Business in China World War. Ending the arms build ups, use all the resources in the world to build a sphere to live in about the Moon, to shuttle away from the bloated Red Dwarf star going to run into Sun?

Back in Isla Vista, where phantom scholars would suddenly confront me in a group, topic Red Dwarf star going to run into the Sun. One asked if it running into the Sun would cause a big nuclear explosion, I said no! The Sun is going to bounce away, one of the others exclaimed that would be worse! Earth freezing over, the red dwarf star bouncing Sun at Earth smashes it to core.

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