Now is when to make a break flesh plant and element all creations immortal Big Bang and all racks them up again. Life a chemistry, reactive all the time, always living to an end, to a new Beginning. Just don't worship the Reaper. IT is only a predator. With this world consuming everyone IT can. I might as well go back to the positive charge of gravity if I can get it open again like I do occasionally ride out to do it again. The magnetic core of the star the Sun popped out of, swinging by its once in a while for disaster, anytime now, the authorities calling an asteroid because it is iron and nickel. A north and south pole magnet. Here a Chart's proof of a "Moon size iron core of the Earth" just below 85° latitude spinning around longitudes spinning northwest under ice cap over Siberia going to pop out of Arctic Circle beside Norway tilts its magnetic poles away from Earth's axis. A world to live or die in hot weather in a rational or irrational act, for a cause no matter what its consequences. Such as a 5th Rapture, to go get this published in the last century. They can test my blood for covid-19. Do without the inflation, when currencies crash from political corruption wherever revolution is the only solution or suicide against the alien. Unless military stockpile of weapons gets in my hands. I only have to manipulate the laws of reality to get out alive, with what I take on me. But the damned have no escape chance only doubt. Secrecy by the media against the people, corruption hiding the truth about the 5 times bigger than Jupiter to destroy them for. Torture the truth out of news, shown the people but you never find anywhere important pieces of secrecy. Even though too late for a remedy in cases like molten iron-nickel outside and water cooled inside solid magnetic iron-nickel core detected hit Earth's top on March 11, 2011, and three more times in 2011, since 1964 Alaska 9.2 earthquake. Early 1950's would benefit reading this. Two asteroids crash into Earth's atmosphere Nostradamus asteroids predicted to rake Europe but ripped across Earth in February missed Europe but blew-up over Russia then next to Florida, exploded in 2013. While the Earth began going through the ring around Milky Way Galaxy, December 21, 2012. Through asteroids until a moon rises up to fall apart Wormwood beside a New Star, great tribulations for the common people and the authorities left out in the storm. A red dwarf star spotted, after suddenly a polar reversal 2 stars cross paths a second time one goes away, red dwarf star hits Sun and destroys the world in a Ice Age. Polar reversal predicted from 5 polar reversal ocean core samples indicate another outpouring of lava full of iron particles to cool and align soon after. Weather destroys farming, Japan melt down radiation destroys sea food. Only my Power by Default leadership able to remedy National Debt Default in Military Coup, anarchy gassing out into the streets business and political authorities, capture or destroy aristocrats, political parties "stock holders" special interest groups jobs overseas to jack up all the profits on Wall Street. Bomb and shoot and apprehend the enemy! Take all the money metals to Treasury for our coins. Taking business bloody, colleges pick up economy everything, Tribunal says. Hands-on training the tuition, employ in my Third U.S. Government. All the booty for public interests represent plan before Sun head-on collision with a red dwarf star coincidently after Planet X rises up close over eastern Canada for May Day. Spring flood and deep snow-pack, good for another Ice Age. I'll ascend before FED coin digital, dollar crash inflation coins and cash to show for 21st century, saved by military disposition I takeover the streets, with racist Militia, go do the ritual for another Rapture.

Two stars crossing paths, this radiant blue planet coming up by the Earth while a red dwarf star's approach here a coincidence in Sirius rises, another in 2029 runs into the Sun. While since I have a habit of breaking the laws of the normal I will have to do it again, if no one else gets out alive. Earth right on time inside and outside for the end of the world. Nuclear war destroys capitalism. North Korea throw in 2. Weather and nuclear meltdowns into Pacific Ocean will kill off fishing before you die. White American Armed Forces have me for a racist leader to feed the system to extinction shoot on sight alien people escape where they came from paying off national debt with their riches and wealth of the aristocrats all the houses to go around. For jobs train American people to get done right, for 6th end of the world, until a red dwarf star show up. Science has to be dumb not to be able to figure out why magnetism loss across South Atlantic Ocean has spread across South Pacific Ocean floor, is because source of Earth's magnetism has spun away to northern hemisphere. Earth's core spinning faster than Earth left sea floor terrestrial bottom of the Earth under weight of its lithosphere pressing down, cracked Chile a 8.8 earthquake after 2011 Japan quake, filling in southern hemisphere with lava. A axial crack to New Zealand split Chile and New Zealand tsunami, so core of the Earth spins west in its top to blow-up out its internal steam pressure from Arctic Circle all of a sudden Christian Rapture. Earth expansion in tribulation. A short Flood through molten Earth new fountains of the deep burst out. Noah's Flood Anniversary, fig trees put forth new leaves in Israel, I will ascend then for my health. Lucky if any see me vanish to perform miracles, or ascend follow my actions on secret ground. Finally I have everything to vanish with, before "The Big One" earthquake, bags and bike with me to another gravity escape. Some people would see me jump over a little blue glass ball and disappear through a flame in the air into the time-machine. Everyone burn up trying to get out through the portal. Any of those who see ascension performs miracles after I vanish with my backpack on to 17th century, to pick up big California gold nuggets! Prove it with my V40 on, raise the surface of a transparent mass, skin of my New Element. Risky, record it being raised up to show its shape and viscosity. Pack college data to the past to deposits found on desert hills and flats, taking my rifle and bag jump through seam to glide up in its weightlessness flier stop and learn all the truth to learn, reeking with questions to be answered all the need to know about, along with chemistry and math formula sheets and course lectures in my bag. The Apollo sphere Allah Glue, intone the request necessary to back in time, Gravity Ground, lug a nugget in quarts to Yuma if God is good, drop into 1760 Star Lake spot all my course lectures show classic and popular movies publish these pages into a book. Change the future, Revolution against the aristocracies and politicians only working-for their own and their friends financial interest. Play American history in lectures up to 2007 in 1760. Offer assault rifles, high explosives, for majority rule. Boston massacre a day before it happens, over in New York City. I pull out a copy of Declaration of Independence and a pamphlet U.S. Constitution with Amendments, show how politics turned out in America and the world little bit of everything manufacture weapons design, a swift Revolution, that profits the people.

All of the worlds created come with an iron wrecking ball spinning lava inside, filled with water in a hollow humid center for steam to build-up inside over an ocean, when expanded Earth 5 times since Edenites expelled, Planet X brought back manufactured. Sirius swinging up to close as 21 million miles to Earth's bubble 5 times bigger than Jupiter flip Earth 6th time blowing out its internal steam pressure releasing the rest of Earth's ocean inside? When water came first centrifugally expanding Earth's hollow, steam built up extending its center rotational speed of Earth's core, pulled away from Earth's axis, that began rotating in 1975 spinning faster than the Earth causing "global warming". Originally feldspar to metals furiously popped up a surface over a rapidly turning water layered strata smaller planet Earth, spinning much faster, thus human blood vessels in limbs indicate a 4 footed animal! For a animal to ascend means an extraordinary disciplinary closeness with their origin of life, leaving everyone else original sin damned in doubt die ignorant of. Stars and planets and Earth expand until iron ball slinging around inside them pops, breaks through their top releasing a Flood proven with a grand canyon from steam pressure build up inside them release a super volcano or a star solar flair. Too close to another star's magnetism push or pull forces iron core out of center or hit by big asteroid. Blows-out steam and water pressure in their iron core seeds of life out of terra firma, lucky planets, perpetually accumulating dust and expand pressure inside their bubble so long may crash into terrestrial crust, like Mercury popped out its magnetic core, salvaged Mercury make a camouflaged ship? Any time this Spring, a few more years of life on Earth, after 5th Age. Omen 2018 last red Full Moon, a red star hits Sun by coincidence, moon rises-up falls apart on Earth "Wormwood" off a red dwarf star, that hits the Sun. I take back into time facts from the future, as if through key hole a time machine. Solar flares from stars another example of escaping methane gas on water steam pressure from all the life inside them, ever since Earth popped-up full of life squirted out from fountains every orb Universe created. As if clue to what Q-stick God Negative is using at the BREAK. Methane gas expelling from life inside is always found. Magnetic core of planet's life inside, Sirius lit by a star, Planet X collapsed to bits its once star mass scattered, while even possibly Man in the Moon? Poles change when Earth magnetic core atmosphere blows-out new super volcano. Pushed or pulled by Sun Sirius passing a bigger magnet where Earth is turned upside down each time. Earth's two spinning globes collide, like turned the Sun upside down on February 19, in 2007. Sirius' dwarf coming around close as Hell up-close this Spring. Sirius already about around Sun, two gravity sinks, Earth. Sirius and a red dwarf star incoming, 2nd one hits the Sun two gravity sinks converge after polar reversal. Fate demands that answers must be found to questions of survival on Earth restoration. My answer to economic changes a industrial power tribunal Military rule leadership, racist White power militia take back America, Donald Trump could only wish to accomplish, armed forces all the racist hate groups arm and confrontation, spilling government secrets and secret society secrets, take the authorities worth pay for a new industrial boom, clean slate vanquish national debt gold standard 3rd U.S. Government. Grill politics to the dogs uncover secrets useful after the purge and Martial Law. Confiscate all the stocks and non-profits wealth to finance White America, bunker in for the long run, or just live it up to the end. Game of life begins when the stars and galaxies all pop-up in Hollow of Positive Gravity Charge of Eternity, gravity circuit cord of no end circuit, tubular Universe, for all of the incoming Positive Gravity Charge adhesive holding all the atoms together. Image assembled by God Negative and all of its layers of sphere's of Gravity Current, 3 dimensions to a point in the centre of Eternity, every living Positive Charge reaches POINT Centre Eternity a electrical magnetic gravity field circuit image sudden circuit critical mass. Big Bang suddenly unfolding squirts out its Circuit sides galaxies in plumbs of the Black Hole, suddenly 87% of Universe popped up out of Original Cause, circuit to BREAK. Eternity slams back into a single point upon expanding to Positive Charge shorts out gravity circuit. Negative focus again brings everything to a point, that burst bangs out World again a circuit. Not doing any good teaching secret key if they all die. Positive charge of gravity deposits on Earth chocolate drop shape on the ground, flames overhead bright circuit rushing through the world. Positive Charge of Gravity Athena pouring down mass expanding the world, on Negative Gravity Charge the Apollo on currents pouring down like fine tinsel, white coated with Gravity Charge on black currents flowing down Matter expanding everything projecting Universe through Positive Gravity Charge. Galaxies everything tethered to Eternity's Negative Gravity Charge, current's positive gravity charge to each creation circuit. "Original Self" Negative Gravity Charges in the onion images layers of spheres, to each one's own, up in God- if immortality is what you want. Scriptures saying you can do anything "in Jesus name", otherwise done by two prophets a secret Name years apart anciently before I jumped in and jumped out of it in 1988. Gravity currents flowing mass down in drapes of white wavelength's positive charge of gravity flowing, depositing in various sizes on my hills and spots in desert to beach, wound about Earth, worm hole portal for earth travel wants to pull you into opposite Charge. I found myself strange spots atop a California desert mountain, like I only read about in Carlos Castaneda books, about Don Juan. Found the area and visited the spots, hike in his first book. I came back to take pictures of the spots until I found myself stuck to one. I got the bright idea, I just jump off it, left my double there, gliding up weightless into light could not stop going up. I remembered jump down to get out of it, so my heels touched ground, I snapped out of it on April 7, 1988, from positive charge of gravity. Likewise no one will watch next time. A year later I came back and found my right collar bone and right shoulder bone. A neon phantom mountain lion objected to me picking them up, snarling in bright neon colors. My double must be scattered all around those hills, gold claim might have found my other parts. Hope to leave another feast to starving cats on same gold hills, collecting a positive gravity charge. Soon as possible ascend to return with backpack on, pick up big gold nuggets in California, or quarts pay to get over desert trails to 1760 South big city. Once you are in you are in God the Positive Gravity Charge for good, if you are converted into memory identity dead. Must be the same to everyone that breaks on through to the other side, converted alive. Looking like double helix compressed into layers. I might have to find what station to get out of God Positive, to get to do something to change the world. The future gone to hell in a huge population explosion out of control, instinctive fear in their bones extinction! Learn as I choose in God where and when to return to change the future in the past with technology classes and college cheat sheets entertainment from the future, strategies courses show with my projector, theater living.

Scientists can create a star in 0.0, followed by a lot of zero's of a second to a 7, at the end of what normally happens when a star of sufficient amount of mass to become a star pops out of each black hole all of the galaxy's stars, where stars every one squirts out a "Plasma-Jet-Stream" out of its mass of matter the same as in a laboratory vacuum popping up of a star. So science figured out our own solar system's extent out to the Sun's Twin Sun, Sirius, a squirt of matter that popped up a string of solar orbs out from the Sun's twin to the Sun the solar system, out of a "Plasma-jet" stream when the Sun was popped up out of circuit of gravity from the Universal "black hole" circuit cord in the Big Bang, plumes to pop out of Eternity's circuit of gravity a Milky Way Galaxy, in a electrical magnetic Field 2.5 x 1.0 in a fist grip, the Black Hole to galaxies, all along infinite length of Eternity gets it all parallel, to explain in the past. Eternity twined to a point, pops up methane gas out of the heavenly bodies, pressure pops out the mass of the Sun with trail of planets to orbit around it in a Milky Way Galaxy, ever since stars squirted out of stars, that pop up. Sun with Twin Sun out in a vacuum hollow, closed Circuit of Gravity. Full of life centre point of Eternity Universe suddenly pops up untwined that coughs up the Earth, in a planetary Grand Alignment. But "Gamma-Ray-Burst" proceeded creation far and wide all of the galaxies along the dark matter center line of the Universal, Circuit of Gravity, tubular magnetic Field containing 87% of the Universe along it's center. Science silent about a red dwarf star heading straight at us, the media sticking to reporting only local problems disasters and political smut, mislead the people with nothing more important than entertainment, to keep the people in the dark, under the thumb of organized crime and corruption Business. Coup! Everything free but you have to work, my dictatorship time to figure out tank on Mars, it shown up-close with satellite passing over it. A worse disaster for authorities in bunkers, in 8 years the Sun knocked away by a red dwarf star. Though my "seeing" Universe Grand Design all the galaxies light lined-up along center of the tubular Universe, a bundle of magnetic Field approached me, I found in a quantum entanglement experience helped me draw the "Buddha" the Universe as an electrical circuit! I unraveled the unknown but am unknown, while I held a Nishren scroll in 1972 by its ends Atlanta so Universe came forward to me seer. Science making temporary stars with "Omega" and "Z-pinch" kinds of machines, making stars for "nanoseconds" of existence, caving in atoms to pinhead size supernova, try to figure out how the world was created cannot do it with their senses, as described in tests in a June 2001 issue of Discover magazine. Scientists seemingly cannot find what matter really is splatters it in atoms, it can only pack into some container a evil intent. Earth expanded 5 times already. I hope to get in power to splatter scientists before Sun goes out, hit by a red dwarf star. U.S. Armed Forces I am White America's Third Party by election, your economic leader in Default Vote in every election since 1996. U.S. Military visitors found none of this readable if any last visit to this site. Is it too late to represent most American citizen's popular views THE PEOPLE DO NOT THINK THEIR VOTE WILL DO THEM ANY GOOD DON'T VOTE. Debt Default and vote Default my Military takeover for the Defaulting Voters. If Americans get to live longer than only to polar reversal Militia rule the streets racist Martial Law. Take prisoners or go home political and economic establishment in America, "Commander in Chief" to exile and rob the rich, new government divide all the spoils of victory, saving White America. So out of the bunkers USA starts all over again, to "a new heaven and a new earth", out in a Ice Age. My main concern as leader is re-establish White America winning the west again, to have it all, where it's citizens want to live in. Majorities choose what kind of laws and work conditions Americans will have in America, to build a big ship in 8 years. Paying workers wages they deserve, each on their own level of capability, workers are schooled fit into all the industries and services, make a life together Militia, over the bodies of the rich and the bad Business, with everything from sinister security guards Purple Gang voting at home. Making their profits greed and hate Militia and Military murder the gangs and stockholders Americans now and in the past. There could land to make use of a military style compound on the back side of the Moon and look in a glass city. I will build underground cities if anything is left to save of nationalism, before end of the world "destroyed by fire" red dwarf? Earth's magnetic core blows out steam pressure built-up over an inner ocean, in it's sphere the size of the Moon, turning faster than Earth since 1975 spun away from Earth's axis, heating up to blow-up in Earth's top below 85° latitude:


NORTHERN HEMOSPHERE "PDF" progression is stopped short of showing where and when north magnetic pole bounced off of 85 degrees latitude, to where it stopped going northwest to over Siberia in 2011, slithering continues spinning counter clockwise with its poles pointing east and west now, course secretly, after located every 5 years. Keep in mind scientists have by way of tracking 38 earthquake shockwave's from different locations all around the world accomplished an accurate inner Earth scientific mapping project, conducted between 1967 and 1995, to produce a "sonogram" image of the Magnetic Core of the Earth. A Moon size diameter of 2,162 miles moving freely at the end of a course like a javelin tilting northwest away from Earth' axis, already tells where the furthest corner of the Earth's core is going while turning "slightly faster than the Earth" a time bomb churning Earth's magma around, above to below, spinning sphere cause of global warming. Scientists have their own private map showing where the ends of Earth's core began turning 90° from Earth's axis. My two PDF file images here show the two previous magnetic core of the Earth North and South pole's locations, being dragged northwest off 2 former fountains of the deep in Earth's spin, that flipped Earth's core axis off counterclockwise spinning off to the northwest like a javelin thrown in 1975. North and South magnetic pole ends of Earth's magnetic core a bubble. Scientists here plotted its course up in a northwestern direction until Earth's core ran into Earth's top. Turning faster and faster, until March 11, 2011, core hit 85° over Japan bounced to over Siberia, slipping towards crack over Atlantic still spinning west, in Earths's magma, North magnetic pole end. Measure Earth's core impact at 9.2 on the Richter Scale, when solid iron ball inside Earth hit its top and pulled Japan's east coast fault line west, followed by 3 8.8 earthquakes core bounces followed by another tsunami each iron-nickel core of the Earth under 700 degrees Fahrenheit cooled enough to be a magnet. Its mass of which thinner after 5 times Earth expanded molten iron-nickel coating all around its solid magnetic core object 27% the diameter of the Earth, that spun northwest faster and faster like a wrecking ball, swinging up to Earth's 85° latitude flat top, Moon size wrecking ball inside heating up ocean in the top of the world to critical steam pressure release through a crack in Earth's crust when Planet X rises over Canada. While Earth began to cross through Milky Way Galaxy "end of the world" asteroid belt 12/21/2012 ran into 2 big asteroids that blew-up in February 2013, blew out the windows and smashed roof in Russia, sent a lot of people to a hospital, going later through gases for a thousand years. My Military dictatorship Constitution here get us U.S. Citizens through this. Science from drilling deeper and deeper into Earth's ocean floors for core samples found 5 different "world" ending directions from which Earth's crust has expanded, during polar reversals, which covered ocean floors each time with a new lava layer for each of 5 different polar reversals. When magnetic particles cooled and aligned each time to five different known polar locations. Earths core having run into Earth's top about 20 times in super volcanoes took about 15 times to crack Earth apart 2 asteroid gashes Atlantic Oceans and Moon hit Pacific Ocean basins, life the last of 5 expansions new species of life took over on Earth. 2021 Spring another Super Volcano during polar reversal pours 6th lava layers "once in every 100,000 years or so" a New Age of life on Earth. Earth's core finally reaches the crack in Earth's crust it made from star Sirius taking a planet from the Sun, squirted out Moon at Earth for 6th expansion turning Earth over in a day, like Sun polar reversal, switching locations of Earth's North to South magnetic pole, through 300 mile per hour winds. Lava cooled down after each of 5 times the Sun's Twin Sirius came up close to the Earth, while going around the Sun. A 20th century U.S. Military guess on the charts approximate a mass extinction again this Spring, from the evidence dug up out of ocean floors. U.S. geological survey magnetic polar movement maps now discontinued January 2006 magnetic polar reversal off the graphs, west. I will pack out before any tidal wave from "The Big One"! U.S. Military coincidentally only 8 years off from ancient Mayan astronomical and mathematical calculation to end of solar apogee in the Milky Way Galaxy, here entering its ring of asteroids, beginning December 21, 2012. Anytime the world gets destroyed by polar reversal, figured out by U.S. Military calculations happens, only 4 months off. After on August 10, 3113 B.C., to the last star astrology Earth runs into Milky Way Galaxy into asteroids, to thick of it in gas. Thankfully there are places possible to jump into Apollo with a bag of everything I have here, sojourn in Positive Gravity Charge. "The worlds' most accurate calendar" counted down days and years remaining to the end of Milky Way Galaxy for the Sun. Hear my call overthrow the political system women and gangster rule. My government infrastructure with colleges locally and nationally in a Third U.S. government. Memorial Day on May 31st again! With a Race, the racists and hate groups a Militia. Stone calendars in Mexico laid out the number of days and years remaining to the end of the world December 24, 2011, end of the Sun going away from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, return a one year turn around, back to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Short Count to end of the Galaxy December 21, 2012, Long Count calendar the sun turned around going back towards center of Milky Way Galaxy, through the asteroid ring around the Milky Way Galaxy. Right at a red dwarf star, coming out. Calculated in the distant past, Long Count calendar to 5124 years to the Mayan disastrous end of the world that U.S. Military said is geological 2020 rising star. Sun orbit end of Galaxy on December 21, 2012, when Earth set in the Milky Way Galaxy ring of asteroids and stars. While United States of America's "Ship of State" lost in the hands of anti-American peoples and aristocrat Bull Market, with every kind of crime family alien and big business robot control money and power grabbing conspiracy in America or its a Coup! America racist, Fascist. My leadership Military blows-up Corporate Crime destroying authority. Melt the wealth to coin, exterminate political crime misuse of public funds for "kick backs", so many legislator treaties and contracts against White Americans. U. S. Armed Forces hear my call to overthrow the system, call up racist Militia hate to plunder gangs, illegal's and their cousins. Destroy or take foreign banking funds of conspirators. No tax, only industry hiring, end foreign aid to our enemies. Thus citizen rule in White America after 3 hundred years of White House politics working against U.S. citizen wishes. Capture or otherwise bomb authority gas out lobbyists burn the rule lawyer's and their secret societies, on a fast track to impoverishing White America with their stock market plots, friendship oath schemas taking most of the money in lawsuits, etcetera. Kill them all, causing all the political problems in America what lawyers and merchants created. Raid the system that sent jobs overseas, free America from being dependent on enemies, like China, while overrun with third world countries. Political donations electing legalize illegal aliens, legislated to vote in America, that elect anti-American political candidate's leftists and liberals employ aliens. Die or escape, out of my racist America!

U.S. Military should know how to have military coup, gas out gun down the authorities, draft Militia the racists arm. Where this military leadership solves White America's problems, Americans with a cause in a fight for America for Americans, take everything under my Power by Default Leadership. Armed Forces takeover, dictatorship to establish my public opinion democracy, for White Americans. Workers define ethics with products, skilled positions in America. Dividends to power public ecology, U.S. Armed Forces gas out the powers that be out in the streets to round up or destroy, while taking over the banks and religion everything. Rockets and then road blocks taking prisoners bullets and bombs the only way the people get to take back America. Militia target black Latin all the aliens. At the end of Age of life on Earth take out crime criminals the enemy. CIA FBI locate all the enemy, take bunkers, destroy and plunder church and state. Correct everything they corrupted. Hire volunteer and drafted Militia, so U.S. Armed Forces purge society of our enemies, invade Africa with black troops to colonize, mine African countries. I represent Default Vote establish in America a boom economy democracy, lead colleges at Tribunal, make skills and jobs available, hands on training the Tuition, supplement the economy my social democracy, all of the skill levels to do all of the assignments, for gold and silver Hour notes, born to medical and dental care reserved White America by Citizen's Uprising.

" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006last revised February 8, 2006The Earth's Wobble Has Paused What this portends, no one knows.

(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers via email directly after this Bulletin"


A star orbiting the Sun most likely, Earth's core spinning sphere size of Moon, world inside made out of iron 27% the diameter of Earth entirely up inside northern hemisphere, spun up to under Arctic Ocean a hot bubble tilting west, up away from axis of Earth spinning it. Earth's bubble filled with ocean under increased steam pressure began again to spin in 1975, since Noah's Flood, churning Earth's lithosphere hotter and hotter, going for crack fault in April blows out west of Norway in the Arctic Ocean from temperature increases spinning faster than the Earth beginning in 1975, broken off from one of 2 fountains of the deep spun away north turning faster and faster, drifting west to blow-up out of its Arctic trap door. Earth's core turning on Earth's flat top 85 degrees latitude, slung west around Earth's axis like a javelin. Axis of Earth's core like a battering ram, when star orbiting Sun rises in 2020, magnet. In 2006 a new planet passed close enough to see by naked eye 3 bright orbs in a pyramid formation out in front of Sirius solar system planet Jupiter with 10 moons, go by with 2 close-up moons over Hogback mountain for 5 days. Sirius and its solar system went by, that turned the Sun's magnetic poles upside down February 19, 2007, and stopped Earth wobbling Sirius magnetism stabilized Earth revolving. Earth falling over 1.5° east in every 8.8 earthquake until The Big One, Earth's core blows-up out of the longitudinal side fault line under Earth's flat top. Planet X visible all day in 2020, closest to the Sun, under Sirius magnetism 5 times Jupiter push pull. Earth's core flip away from Earth axis hit top in 2011, since 1975, on its side now. Worse than wobble star Sirius over Arctic Norway, magnet, polar reversal! Arctic Ocean west end going to blow-up like a bubble big as the Moon, solid magnet sphere inside earthquake shake-up methane gas lava erupting fire engulfing northern hemisphere covered in ash. Earth's core spinning further and further off center of Earth's axis acts like off-center load in a washing machine. Located from a sonogram, only showing where it was at. Planet X magnetism reached balance with Earth magnetism, quit Earth from wobbling for 3.5 weeks. See what it does up close, a passing star first pass February 19, 2007, Sun poles turn upside down. Earth top heavy turns upside down from Planet X coming up around Sun, Earth turning in two different directions.

The end of 2 stars converge, Planet X with red dwarf star in 2029. Panic attack, overrun by illegal aliens a military problem I fix politics in power for themselves getting richer in business in continual political and economic scams their profit. Where I offer leadership for Military dictatorship dismantle destroy politics all the gang corruption. Ship out kill or otherwise run out of America illegal aliens and all their cousins. Confiscate assets, track down some to destroy fleeing to other countries. Divide property among soldiers and civilians, pack all the money metals in U.S. Treasury, for Third American Government. White America take underground cover, save the bombs one nation, under a Positive Gravity Charge. All metal worlds in the Universe a wrecking ball inside, that crashes into them whenever big stars like Planet X go by, close enough to push or pull poles. A dictator I Command Armed Forces holding sorting the community armed Militia. Americans bunker in to survive Earth blowing its top! Arsenals of nuclear weapons all need a place in space put soon as possible to defeat any threat to Earth hiding here. Earth going to be turned upside down by its core blowing out its top star passing needed a nuclear shield over both hemispheres, to point at any threat in space. With most other peoples in the world our enemies, my plans. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There was once a safe way out of world disasters from beach or hiking hills to no worry, Positive Charge of Gravity other side of current, before Earth is upset 3rd of humanity destroyed. Jap nuclear reactors melting down pouring radiation into the seas. Anyone can read these writings put it together to pearly heights themselves. Debt is defaulted, inflation. I do my original routine over again, ascend same as before, one of two gravity grounds to ascend hills. Shockwave, rapture, avoid a unpleasant end worse than ran Jews out of Egypt hide in caves from winds, escaped buildings caving in on anyone who hid in them, close pass of a star. Wormwood, dead silence on Day of Doom, a moon rises up falls apart: Kolbrin Egyptian scribe end of Egypt in ruins likely 2005 here approaching. Sun shining on Dark Star the Planet X, Sun's Twin Sun Sirius up close as Hell big as Jupiter this Spring. Earth top heavy from core of the Earth in Earth's top Earth falls over when they join, blowing out Inner Earth's steam pressure through fault in Arctic Ocean. Fig trees put forth new leaves Earth's core blows-it's-top turns Earth upside down, star passing. An asteroid out in front of Planet X white dwarf could spell doom to everyone left behind. Repent? Where to salvation you have to "see God" to know God, the other side Positive Gravity Charge. Not quite right brain existence sudden surprise the Gravity Circuit, jump in the New Element, getting old is not for me. New element could as well be called Zeus or Allah Glue a great place to vanish to young in the past, down to 1760, a good time to set up shop in America with my bag of the future and rifle. Hope my shots don't harm anyone, out of invasion. "A hundred and forty-four thousand" going to ascend only a drop in a bucket out of 50 billion people since the first humans, in over 5 Earth New Ages Earth has expanded, since 4.5 billion years ago Beginning. Last a 6th and final Earth expansion Rapture, if to add them all up to a hundred and forty-four thousand people, that ascend vanish off the face of the Earth. What a place to get somewhere! Lucky other someone see me vanish. New Jerusalem Positive Charge of Gravity sphere holding the world together twined, charge spinning faster than light out of Hollow of space Universe expanding in. A stable substance never changing from being 100% Apollo, the Positive Gravity Charge, the lady flooding the Universe of Two Gods. God+ mass in a circuit, with God- Universe Image current's. The dammed die to changes of matter and energy forever, only those who break into positive charge of gravity see the truth called God have chance of ascending, once saved always saved escape through portal or one of the sizes of its chocolate drop shape deposits collecting Positive Gravity Charge, ascend with my camera recording until I return. I looked down on what is going on in the Hell dimension, those trapped in Earth's gravity Field net tear drops sacked up, dreaming. Positive Gravity Charge blazing all around the world dark in death. Few break through God- like my second girlfriend, for a short moment of Light that goes out, fight through the colors discharging a storm positive to negative gravity charge circuit violent flashes ascend through the host the pure in heart. New Element glue shell of self cares less if anyone gets out alive, I do it again to be safe. Image heart of ascendants above watch and care, until dispersed. Christians damn it debate and in fight worship only themselves and position going to Hell to dream up a Heaven. The easiest way to get out of the Allah trap is break on through to the other side, ritual, inversions: I will not get to the inversion at this address. But the other 2 locations of this stuff have worked for me I will be near, otherwise than:

"History of the Area"

The House of Mystery itself was originally an assay office and later used for tool storage, built by the Old Gray Eagle Mining Company in 1904. But the history of the surrounding area, The Oregon Vortex, goes way back to the time of Native Americans. Their horses would not come in the affected area so they would not. Thereafter Native Americans treated the area as Forbidden Ground place to be avoided. Many years before The House of Mystery was built it was noted that unusual conditions existed there. But it was not until well into the 20th century that any effort was made toward a scientific analysis of the disturbance. John Litster was a geologist, mining engineer, and physicist. He developed the area in the early 1920's and opened it to the public in 1930. He conducted thousands of experiments within the Vortex until his death in 1959. He was born in Alva, Scotland, April 30, 1886, son of a British Foreign Diplomat, my 2 picks also on gold claim.

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