The Bubble here in 2005 hit 85° latitude March 11, 2011, going west through lithosphere going east, to reach trapdoor to blow out its super volcano(s)

The Bubble reached end of a dangle 1955 to 1975 what started in 1975 by Vatican City digging out Fountain of the Deep to civilization in the core of the world violently upset Celtic, blew up their Fountain, that spun off counterclockwise crashed into top of the world, as Sun parent was coming to orbit Sun for regular destruction of civilization and Inner solar system. Earth's core full of steam over ocean spinning on 85° latitude erupts expanding Earth coincidence against invisible Ort sphere Apollo, JesusChrist with sword wound on it, millions of people could save them self out of disaster, if I do it a 5th time. The world will never care about it until they see a huge red star coming up, straight to Sun it bounces on Portugal. Drop in on my 7th birthday The Logical Solution.


Pole Movement going on here because Vatican City crusade to core of the Earth, in 1975. 2.5 billion years ago Planet X squirted out CERES' molten lithosphere Moon blob run into Pacific Ocean. Splashed west coast with ocean from Canada to Mexico, that dried up to the bottom level in Utah, Planet X that kisses the Sun regularly, if Jesus was right in the season of Noah's Flood in April. But immediate needs me have all this right to carry with solar battery and all, for a richer fuller life young in past century, two survival solutions. Escape hungry markets in the world, forget patents in 1309. Cotton gin our public property leadership, job options. Few escape old age, death rule world. If creative Military support I save our resources, for America the beautiful. Twenty-First century ship to build. Or go nuts, even Ascend!

Scientist know an asteroid storm appears out as far as Neptune takes three months to arrive bounced off of star Sirius coming in to up close asteroids. Star Sirius seen approaching and go behind Sun after 17 years does not orbit around southern hemisphere to cover half the sky, rising this side of Sun. While none of the damned but many the innocent ascend, break right through to the Light that goes out, when they have to fight their way back in like my girlfriend had to do to get back in it to find her there, see God. For all the red moons a nice day hike route, before a red dwarf rises in April runs into the Sun. If you are "pure in heart" best keep it to yourself, for an opportune moment to save your skin jump in the reciprocal other side of Gravity Current World. Scholars damned to the end of them die off. I at least get charge saturate find fly, matter good to pass through to where I choose. A Superior Race through other side ship, appears and disappears through sphere of light between solid Area 7 and Area 2 Image in void. Point in time I choose genii renew me return flesh and bag call my own shots built overcome whatever mountain we please. Best before Revolution I offer Tribunal verses business, showing GOD FATHER I and 2.

October 23, 2006, Planet X sat 1 month after setting to the Sun over mountain ridge east of town, certain it was going to send a ship when it went behind the Sun. UFO image of a space ship from the Sun former 5th planet Thor captured behind white dwarf star. Nostradamus 15th century prediction of 2 asteroids hitting Europe missed Europe for December 21, 2012, blew-up! Only a Red Star to worry about after March 11, 4 red moon clue illustrated what is behind red full moons, to September 28, 2015. Blood Red Moon in 2029 red dwarf star bigger than Earth ellipse to Sun. I write cannibalism export real cleansing. Out of Tribunal Majority if so take extremes burn some witches. Male poll's Leftists to the hogs, blow up Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and Obama's D.C., advertising. Whole political crowd of them.

End of the world blew-up on February 15, 2013, February 16 Florida. Nostradamus 2 asteroids destroy Europe blew-up over Russia and lit up Florida! While a bubble up in Earth's top not a coincidence Vatican City found a entrance at bottom of their fountain of the deep to end of the world bubble released to Earth's top trouble and stalking city big as a planet with a flight deck pointed at Earth, watching and waiting behind a cloak somewhere else now, for reason to pounce. Thousands of UFO's. Ions from Sun blew its cover solar flair at Mercury. Power-drained their force field transparent: Aliens were hid at Mercury! But lucky solar flare see through force field battle ship aimed at Earth that show up out of nowhere truth torture out of authority media and establishment shredded. Push them off cliffs to crocodiles.


STEAM IN EARTH'S BUBBLE MAKES IT ROUND UP TO 85° FLAT, birthmark of a solar jet.

A global compass disaster the Sun on the Earth whole soul rapture lucky if no child was their baby

Easter 2029 Big One earthquake expands splits terra firma polar reversal star magnetic core bounce

the Sun on Portugal Wormwood fall apart on Earth southern hemisphere. Noah end of the world fire.

US Third Reich smart society wait death long before that I will hear the voice again at an earlier date!

Star in a 2029 surprise Easter? Earthquake sends things flying, Earth catch on fire on the Sun.

2023 payday early escape! North spirals down bottom of world cyclone. Best just be in the air

long flight Point A to B in time while ascending with my bag camera on and batteries charged,

teacher with bus load of gullible children got lead off in course vanished with him in Australia.


The educated and the dumb all say there is nothing they can do about polar reversal, ignore star

the rich paid evacuation underground business tax free, building their shelter in Consortium rule

while Putin goes nuclear nuts take out Europe. Federal Reserve shot in meat grinder to fertilizer.

Racist Military solution change of Command, massacre the whole damn system and Debt to pay

I leave stars go nova and Earth turn upside down magnetic poles. Ascend or your dead and ashes

safest way racist orders back in charge. Earth turning clockwise to core counterclockwise crash a

warming, melting Arctic Ice. Complete death toll final 6th reversal, 50 billion people Hell crowd,

looks like only "the pure in heart" get in "other side" predestined rest bag in Hell all the Histories! Shopping Mall


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