The Masters of Deception
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Let me talk about crimes of a church-state while I get rid of alien people in United States of America, consequences of politically motivated murders and corruption that finally comes back bites their kind, ethnic incompatible people's in America gangster authoritarian powers for riches corrupt privatizing types put Jesus' wound on their God, Latin establishment crime: 

Pope Calixtus II, 1119 - 1124, "with the strong hand of Calixtus removed Rome rapidly returned to its customary disorder." Where Italians need an iron hand of control over them at all times, for them to be a civilized people. The art of deception thus perfected at "the Forum", the Christians malicious deceptions in words meaning the opposite of what they say, religions all fall into that state by trying to make faith so difficult. 

"The Frangipani family had forcibly thrust their candidate into the papal throne in the person of Honorius II, 1124-1130. Their rivals the Pierleoni family were ready to take over on the death of Honorius." While these Impossible Christians write and talk in misconceptions and lies, their tradition of "debating", making their lies the whole truth and nothing but the truth is passed on from generation to generation. The struggle over "lay investiture" by noblemen restricted, so only papal authorities became pope. The same as in political ambition only politicians get financial backing to get elected, after a government is founded, like the Church restricting who attained position of Pope, to only an Italian Catholic Ruling Class. 

Pope "Paschal II condemned lay investiture." Which meant that Henry V could not be crowned emperor until he captured Paschal, to force him to allow himself to practice lay investiture, in order to become emperor of Germany. With no prayer or scholarly Bible argument but bruit force the Italian military forces could stop him. 

"While the barons kept their swords sheathed, the cardinals unanimously elected Celestine II (1143-1144) pope." The perfect crime -- Italians having a copy of it in Turin, Italy, making the fruit of Christianity a "forked tongue" syndrome against true believers. Lucius II, 1144-1145, "There are no extant details of his election to the papacy." Criminal activity evidently a Catholic tradition Calixtus II beginning of a papacy iron hand rule responsible for Jesus Christ crucifixion in 1119. Church against working man with no credentials to become the next Pope got crucified instead, saving not only Christians. 

What experts believe is a fake was Jewish Temple altar cloth from the fall of Jerusalem. "The Shroud of Turin" cloth carried away in Roman siege, was made in Israel, carbon dated to "Middle Ages" use. Catholics believing no day would come when people would be able to uncover their murder cover-up, over Jesus' body of "Christ" in 11th century, Catholics seeing Jesus the Christ the Savior in the flesh favored Him to be Pope. Calixtus II was jealous had Jesus Christ crucified. Christianity thus continued to grow a evil self-centered Satanic Religion.

Documents from Constantinople
"Once it was placed in the Byzantine treasury with other relics, we hear little about the Mandylion. However, whenever distinguished visitors came to Constantinople, they were given a tour of the relic collection. Many were so amazed that they wrote accounts of what they had seen. The Mandylion is mentioned in several such lists of relics up to about 1200. Suddenly, in a list from the year 1157 there appears among the relics the 'burial sheet which had wrapped the Lord's body in the tomb' without the sermon of Gregory and the second version of the Narration of Constantine we would be mystified about where this remarkable addition to the collection came from", was released 33 years after Calixtus II died, corruption.

Anti-Christ I am not. However I have a vengeance in this and my subsequent writings on the subject of injustice, not only for what happened to Jesus Christ to gang-land murdered here adulterated use of the Church in the Middle Ages. That created a far from humble Christianity, obsessed with power and wealth. Christians falsely accusing Jesus Christ, when only a faithful few are ever worthy of being saved to ascend in the end, where religious Establishments are all power hungry. Jesus the Messiah could still come back in the flesh again, since He ascended, but has 2 years now to Return. But another Return is unlikely, if He was crucified after He Returned. He will just go on being the wound on "God", when it does not matter for me to be His witness. Like being here since 1996 winning presidential Elections by Default so only establishment spies see what I am saying, for my leadership, in Command to overthrow system acquire all the fireworks draft militia use power against crime.
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This leftist needs to be run through a meat grinder for giving China U.S. Super Computers for campaign donations he got from China to get elected a United States president in 1996!

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---Bad Command Decisions!

---CIC Sleeping with the Enemy?

---Military Action on U.S. Ground

---Bad Decisions on Key Positions

---Clinton Attitude toward the military!

---Outrage toward the Commander in Chief

---Clinton Subordinates Held to a Higher Code of Conduct!


11-12/98 Ambassador Henry F Cooper on spending money on catastrophic disease v. defense "...PRICE: Yes, but we already have the technology for defense. We need to quit spending it on defense. GREEN: Have you been listening? PRICE: Yes, I have been listening. AMB.COOPER: I agree with you that we already have the technology. The problem is that we haven't exploited the technology to build the defenses [against missiles]. PRICE: We are 30 years ahead of every other country. COOPER: But we have absolutely zero defenses today. PRICE: We also have zero health care. We can't figure out cancer and the cures for that. That is what we need to be spending money on. COOPER: I think it is a bit extreme to say we have no health care. You know, I am not arguing that we can't use more health care. But it is not extreme to say that we have no defense because we have absolutely none.... But we put together programs that end up spending a lot of money and not achieving anything because of...the ABM Treaty, which prohibits us from actually building an effective defense. PRICE: Yes, but we already have effective defenses. COOPER: No, that's the part you don't seem to understand, Sir. We don't have the ability to shoot down a single missile that is launched at us. PRICE: If you take a look at the Star Wars project - we could shoot out 98% of their missiles before they leave the ground. COOPER: I was the Director of that program, Sir, and I can assure you we have not the ability to shoot down a single missile launched at the United States. Zero. Nada. Nothing. Money has been spent on research and development, and you are correct that it was employed to gain the edge in technology and keep the edge in technology. And in fact our private industry is exploiting it. There are several companies using the technology that we developed in the Pentagon - by the Star Wars program as you referred to it - to make money: with communications, with remote sensing and with a host of other things. But the Pentagon is not using that technology to build defenses for you and your family at home...."

The Grateful Dead -- playing their song -- West LA Fadeaway

The early Christians established their religion as a business, that lost its soul in materialism, while promoted the continuance of original sin Jesus finally returned in Europeís Middle Ages, after crime families took over the profits of religion and took Jesus, to be their bloody Savior in the flesh, pictured on the Shroud of Turin. Catholics used as proof of His existence, for a Bible. Elijah's return, if not Jesus Christ, in the time of Calixtus II, when Church was having "saints" write all about their business as a religion for Catholics, that made the Church and its popes rich and powerful. As their scripture writers put the establishment words, in God's mouth.

The above Shroud of Turin scene indicates fraud is embedded in Christian doctrine, with the Catholic Church trying to pass off the Shroud of Turin as an original Jerusalem event, not only figurative, when Christians should have all of the facts about the reign of Calixtus II, to prove his guilt, 33 years after death the Shroud shows up in a museum. 20th century later the truth is found out in modern scientific methods Catholics are in possession of evidence of homicide.

Religion obviously is a business scam about One God the negative gravity charge, "Father", might as well call it Allah, over so many layers of separate charges in the mind of God Negative. Bible talk making people think they have to be rich, and have everything, to be "saved", with their EVIL misconceptions and conspiracies for money and power unpopular politics the people are always talking against. Christians and their friends in crime, Church. Now the world in stock markets booming, with commercials and big profits, politicians sent U.S. industry to our enemies. I only need power by Military Coup to get gunned down 37 million U.S. prisoners to save 3 trillion dollars recycling Public Enemies. Crimes against the people so backing politicians into power against White American citizen constitution electing enemies of White American people "God" cannot stop crime going on in government unless by Martial Law, I purge "the system" in the United States of America as NEW Commander in Chief, give hell to "religious" secret society clique's and big business & destroy deport, take all the wealth pay off National Debt they created end politic's Italian media whores and niggers. 

Jesus had an obviously greater maker than ordinary people have, and He was worthy to be a great Pope, where His greatness only needed military power to change the world.  World the product of its Law Maker, God(-) rained chaos into order into a circuit sphere, that popped up the Universe, with life capable of ascending but die in the Universe, where only a few escape death, shows God- only to be a cold callous negative minded Creature of Physical Laws if actions speak what is in the heart, offering only slim chances for anyone to escape its need to consume life to live only 2 souls known to vanish escaped fate in the World of God the Father.

Here only by Military, Donald Trump rather should do it, or in Power by Default under my Command might I give the people democracy and save some souls. Finishing these pages to complete my duty to Americans, for the Default voters express my racism in America. Death to secret society alliances in power, and gangster types to destroy along with all of the other enemy of White Man, take back our White American Heritage. Other races in the / be 87% of the Universe. Holy Mother blood of Christ Eternity's Universe Circuit in 2 Gravity Charge spheres of creation to earth, gravity grounds, current to earth resistors Negative Father Currents flowing substance charge, current from every layer of negative gravity charges sphere of Charge circuit closed. Bang! Expansion of the World suddenly amasses Positive Gravity Charge manifests the layers of the God Negative spheres creations: Her fluid gravity charge, cosmic egg, sea spinning at 90 degrees to the currents converging to individual points centered in Her Hollow gave birth to Universe, in Circuit of Gravity currents, useful to harness to ride ships up and down on, like one such engine half dead on a fixture in Area 51 I could locate in 17th century have to recreate Universe for America's future U.S. Military maybe already recreating?

So many particles of matter beyond Universe, hiding Illuminated High Heaven under a grayness, to a great distance away all around the Universe, in Eternity's Hollow Charge. Weight of Blood of Christ E=MC2 forms inversion deposits all around the World where to vanish, break on through to "God"! The Father God speaking to Its creations does it with a male voice, a wisdom or a rebuke, no illusions of people with wings and streets of gold "Kingdom of God", Universe Circuit of Two Gods is broken by a Galaxy running into it. Those in Hell dream in pit of the earth the world without ceasing, or ascend to God, 99.99% all in their sacks suspended in Gravitational Field web in the Circuit of Two Gods, in Earth's hollow, a gravitational sink in the center of its magnetic core, under ocean and steam pressure keeping Earth inflated egg shaped expanding. Image of World Circuit the Universe expanding, that can be Hell in the minds of those below, with their imagination's, hanging in the web. Either dead or alive in Earth's outer God Positive Gravity Charge, ascended souls translate DNA into Memory Identity. No statue worshiping priests to confess Authority perpetuating the ignorance of diversion, so few Ascend!

Here is death to the Jewish-Christian mythology: Practicing a diabolical mimicry of their faith.

Calixtus II, in 1119, only wanted to wield power when he became Pope. Otherwise Italian Benito Mussolini gave police state social security to the people, good leadership and social order. Colitis II crucified Jesus the Christ branded God with a wound on Earth's charge of light. I laughed, said Jesus(is that you)? It got mad when fired back into my head my Identity, that stung like when it shot out at God. I found my girlfriend who came over to me before I found out that place is not Christian, but only an element, something useful for me to get somewhere to destroy the system. In Universe everything including shockwave pressure of light rays beaming expanding, Christianity destroying faith. Here hiding, the Edenites planning Revenge!

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Troy couldn't come back with a vengence, because of a Trojan Horse. Religion as bad destroyed those that respected Easter Island relics before them left behind, are back
with a vengence, Planet X's white dwarf star planet. What Norse people saw planets between Jupiter and Mars destroyed, sparks flew, mining Thor returned its people settled Easter Island, after Hammer of Thor between Jupiter and Mars knocked Moon into Pacific Ocean. Returning people recounted it all in a library, the first human race out of Eden. Star Sirius captured planet of Sun. Survivors connected its two magnetic fields bright blue reflect off White dwarf star that sent the UFO@Mercury, sojourn, planning revenge Easter Island, Religion destroyed their history and library massacred them, only waiting for May to get back to Easter Island.

Adam and Eve's human race, that escaped the first of 5 polar reversals on Earth here returns!

That sojourned a community of people on Easter Island, know Catholics killed it's inheritors?

Church and Christianity and all of the religions will burn-up with the world, Sun hits red star.

Racists ruling I take out religion for everything it has, religion to the grave with no salvation.

You don't have to burn your bibles, only needle in haystack if right my 3rd U.S. Government.


Planet X planet with White dwarf orbit Thor in a

U-turn around Sun. Sirius blue in 5th planet light

with visitors. Power by Default USA, media Right

Racist Militia and Military I take out Media, Left,

a witch hunt purge White America. Underground,

ready for return of ancient Easter Island sentinels.


I got up at 4 a.m. on May 1, 2003, to see Planet X in the east, about 10 o'clock up star

on its rim large dark planet, points of light to its lower left side dwarf star light source

"One type of dark matter" relicated aircraft carrier looking space ship pointed at Earth

they are back! And not happy with life on Earth, that are hiding behind a cloak, have

a plan for Earth, after climate change ends when its bubble bursts in polar reverse, so

Sirius rising up in April Hell is close enough for same magnetic poles to get too close.

Worse Sirius opposite magnetic pole facing Earth's south magnetic passes inner Earth

is pulled out of Earth's trap door, in its top, it made when the Moon ran into the Earth,

and blows out internal steam pressure steam over ocean in 6th going haywire reversal.

Then its the first human race back again I am calling Edenites, race of Garden of Eden.


Coincidently orbit of sun turned around December 21, 2011, to December 21, 2012

back to galaxy center, straight at a red dwarf star coming out caused a 9.2 and three

8.8 earthquakes killing over a million people, ultimately, leftists always say nothing

happened. A coincidence all that happened with Planet X in 2 more years of a orbit

around Southern Hemisphere since October 23, 2006, to come up closer. All while

besides other stuff coming out of galaxy center and straight at a red dwarf star with

Wormwood approach, crossing paths with a white dwarf star's blue planet shinning

light upon dark star Sirius people's bright blue atmosphere lit up generating power,

icy glazed surface! Red Dwarf Star worse disaster coming. Light illuminates Sirius

proof of an Intelligence living on the blue planet producing electricity in a circuit of

two magnetic fields around it, which illuminates its atmosphere up like a light bulb.

While the blue lighted planet is orbiting behind White dwarf star illuminated Sirius,

coming up bigger than Jupiter, so Earth turned upside down having "The Big One".


Here is the Sun's Twin, our Planet X" regularly eclipsed by the Moon every 4 years

while it was coming in to go behind the Sun. Since at Creation from end of solar jet

the iron core remains of 5 times bigger than Jupiter twin star solar jetted out the sun.

Lighted by Sun increasingly brighter it sat behind the Sun in 2006 melts methane ice

off of rusty Planet 10, blue ring of light around white dwarf moon reflects its blue off

Thor. Gone around Planet X's back side in November 2003 bright planet that was the

small star I first saw in the lower left side of Planet X predicted in the sky up at 10:00

2002 NASA 12/06 image dialed in, not allowed to print out close radiant blue planet,

"star" lighting up the front of Thor across it's ice surface! In 60mm refractor telescope

revealed a big White new planet in 2006 sky, 7 moon planet at dawn in front of Thor,

bigger brighter, until setting in northern hemisphere October 23, 2006 when Planet X

sat behind the Sun going up to around us. While a red dwarf star is heading straight in

Revelation! Wormwood horseman orbits "tau Boo" Planet X Sirius with a civilization.


The 5th Planet, from this solar system, Sirius removed from between Jupiter and Mars.

Call it Wodan left asteroid belt & planet core remains. February 19, 2007 Thor reversed

Sun's poles, intelligence on Wodan lighting it blue maybe burn the Earth like it did from

here for the massacre of their people on Easter Island by Catholics. Aiming at the Earth.



Days are shorter here in 2005, when the Sun rises later in the mornings. But anyone

could see Planet X all day what the media was calling Mars/that the Moon eclipsed.


From spring to fall 2006 the brightest star in the sky came closer all the way to the

horizon, to the southern hemisphere, on October 23, sat on Hogback at sun rise 23

September. Then Sun polarity February 19, 2007, Planet X passing switched solar

magnetic poles upside down in a day crosses southern hemisphere, to rise in April.

Sun satellite orbits poles recorded erupting north magnetic pole at solar south pole.

While a red dwarf star keeps on coming in closer, straight at the Earth and the sun!


By the start of Summer 2004 the illuminated blue planet above was gone behind the

Sun's twin in a 4 year orbit gone dark, 1 year around to lower left side, when Wodan

sat to go around the Sun the end of 2003 until unusual return to lower left, returning

"star" light. Touching Planet X's upper right side while going around, a crescent sliver

of bright "star" light from 5th planet, spread across upper right edge of the star Thor.


By the middle of Summer 2005 the illuminated blue planet's points of "star" light,

while coincidently approaching from behind the Sun like a punch, a red dwarf star

and illuminated "star" at the Sun's twin its points of light went behind sun in 2006,

raising its light up to Thor lower left, every 2 years around Planet X, rises in April.

Planet X at dawn continually came closer brighter December 2005, illuminated by

a white dwarf star blue planet always facing Planet X. With 2 magnetic fields over

Wodan atmosphere generating power, snuck up to Earth, its communications silent

in secrecy, an invasion tactical carrier behind force field Wooden up close to Earth

in April. Leadership for the U.S.A. lucky to put me in power, any way, right away!


Look in this "Santa Barbara News-Press/Thursday, November 30, 1995" newspaper

article. The White dwarf GL229B in orbit around Sun opposite a red dwarf star from

about 18 light-years away here, cross. "The Hubble Space Telescope found the object

in October 1994" but Gliese 229 too close, Sun flipped its poles in 2007 moon eclipse.


Sirius red as Mars with a "star" orbiting it, at the end of this Age of life on Earth, Sirius

with Gliese 229B attracted to the sun orbits the Sun twin hit sun planet 5 settlers return

from Earth Sirius returning hid at Mercury and now hiding in dark aim from blind side.

Out of Milky Way black hole a brown dwarf GL229A intersects sun orbit, or 5th planet

in 3.3 day halo orbit always facing Thor behind its White dwarf, 3x heavier than Jupiter

generating power that a amateur astronomer camera image has truly advanced life here.

December 6, 2002, Wooden in the open, Thor Hubble Telescope close-up of 5th planet,

the blue star up-close Planet X "star" orbiting inside its White dwarf star orbit of Sirius.


2006 media sources all called Sirius Mars. 2 stars with a dwarf star through sun obit course,

certain disaster. Sirius magnetism face south magnetic pole of Earth in its top spinning west

everybody should worry about the blue planet what sat on October 23, 2006. Planet X orbit.

Society secrecy means public in for sudden surprise, head in sand authorities keeping secret,

black satellite space ship was at Mercury bigger than Moon think they have shelter from that.

U.S. Military go ballistic on government targets, American citizens take government bunkers!


Above White dwarf star and blue planet went by, without any news warning, take pictures

media knows people hiding in a fortress at Mercury going around the Sun, await a asteroid

and comet storm approaching off of Planet X when it gets close. Not going to communicate

the eminent danger coming wait only for Earth to be destroyed with asteroids/polar reversal.

People from Garden of Eden going around Mercury planning surprise attack a promise land.

On February 19, 2007, the magnetic core of the Sun's Twin Sun

passed by the Sun. Like poles, solar magnetic poles switched places. But

long ago a weapon (Comet 17P/Holmes) was deployed with others around Sun

by people who look-like the carvings on Easter Island, who may at any time invade

the Earth. The mass of their percussion weapon here blowing up in one huge blast, at

a rate of a thousand miles an hour expanding faster and faster. Comet Holmes a dirty

bomb, which expanded at 11,000 miles an hour exceeding the size of the Sun from

only a fifteen miles in diameter sphere of molten uranium, October 24 explosion.

Engulfed Earth in particles blasted over the world from the exploded comet:

Holmes simulation orbit

If without ACDSee 32 v2.41 find above simulation here

Some astronomers worried about the next inner solar system comet, before two comets rip

across Europe that missed it in 2013 exploding over Russia and Florida for threats to Earth,

certainly a space ship bigger than Moon from a collapsed star at the Sun's "Twin" is stalking

while Earth needs a nuclear shield all the way around it now too late polar reversal my Coup.


Debris from Comet 17/P Holmes reach Mars atmosphere, when Mars came back around

the Sun in 2008 to a trail of debris 5 times wide as the Sun a forewarning something next

comet to explode bigger than the Sun, off Sirius. "Comet 19/P Borrelly" passed by Earth

closest on 26 July 2008 .70 AU from the Sun visitors blow-up asteroids any nearest Earth

atmosphere? Lucky for everyone no debris effects from 19/P Borrelly. But Sirius, a wave

of comets hit Earth atmosphere "Revelation 8:10 and 11" best find a Bible and look it up!

If "Repent" is what you need you better do it! That 19/P Borrelly even looks like a bomb!


Now back to "Planet X", Thor with a White dwarf star, hiding the Sun's blue "5th planet":


Right before dawn this Thursday morning January 24, 2006 star Sirius planet right up

front in the sky bigger than Venus. A large crescent Moon to the left of it and Planet X

with a glare behind the white planet visible could not be Venus next night with 7 moon

not of this solar system, broad beams of light flared up off of right half of White planet

so big and bright after a New Year's rain, Sirius white one of two new planets up close.


Wednesday morning on January 25, I woke up right at dawn and went to look for the

10th Planet, what a surprise to see a close planet first, over top of the early dawn light

going to set in west. Took to Fall the Jupiter planet of Planet X went to set in the east.


Thor's dwarf star to right, white dwarf bright light was out next night Thor 1/3 eclipsed

by dark moon crescent on its lower left they set to rise over Australia promise threat. I

noticed bright points of light spread over the close white orb, at first visible all day, on

January 24th White new planet with 4 close and 3 distant moons not visible in the day,

the Wodan light behind orb January 24 long points of white light fan out to upper right.


This Thursday morning, January 26 I got up again to see Thor and white orb. I tried my

strongest eyepiece on my telescope just as thin dark clouds were moving in for another

snowy rainy overcast foggy winter. The up close Thor planet in the clear I could not get

my telescope adjusted in time until the front of thin dark clouds covered the new planet.

Through thin Moon-lit clouds I could still see Wodan, with Sirius visible to right all day.

Within the inner solar system, arc, two new planets must have gone behind a Full Moon

during January rains. Instead of seeing Wodan White dwarf blocked it/in front of Sirius.

The close bright white planet in dark star solar system with 7 moons, the white dwarf of

Thor always in the distance behind a dwarf star Wodan solar system passed inhabited. A

a vindictive people waiting to avenge the massacre of their settlement, on Easter Island?

With power to rain fire down on political governments on Earth. On the criminal minded

societies in control of power in the world should I depend on U.S. Military, to kill them?


This February 5 at dawn 2006 there was no fog or cloud cover I went to my telescope,

up close the new planet certainly Sirius White dwarf with the Sun 5th planet behind it.

2003 dark star Thor illuminated artificially Edenites at Thor went around behind it are

first in space, must be social economic plan to survive Wodan shine on Thor a captive.

Sirius sat October 23, 2006. Nibiru around to up close, 21 million miles, with two star

systems, so passing through the solar system I easily saw up close a White dwarf with

three close moons Planet X looking half Moon in daylight, as long as I kept looking at

it. To pass 60% as bright as the sun 21 million miles away asteroid bigger than Jupiter,

Jewish Exodus, The Destroyer. Thor 2006 went behind full Moon Astronomy said was

Mars, using trick photography. Eclipsed on upper right Thor sat on October 23 swings

around the Sun it's Twin does not look like Mars went behind August full Moon Sirius.

Wodan with 2 magnetic fields power and light source lights Thor a secrecy conspiracy!


After dawn, February 7 at 6 a.m. Thor appears crescent shaped close moon at lower left,

on January 25 large white planet with bright light behind it went out to 3 moons up close

around a white new planet. Planet X on horizon. Moon triangle night close 7 orbs planet

I counted out its moons from big White planet, looking like a pool Q-ball with 7 moons,

Planet X all year lingering new planets Sirius/Thor came in went behind the sun in 2006.

Thor incoming at 10:00 descent to sunset, thus sat into southern hemisphere, 10/23/2006

neighbors scoped new Jupiter in 2006 its 10 moons visible another solar system passing.


This morning February 9, sky's were clear at 6:30 a.m., so I got out my telescope and

looked at both of the new planets. The 10th planet that has not moved at all, over the

ridge left of the Sun, and 7 moon close new planet right of the Sun going west closer!

Sirius half Moon in my binoculars but 1/3 with telescope Planet X kept getting closer.

Sirius now in southern hemisphere up is close April after sets in Australia tidal waves!


I dialed in Thor with a small moon close up below it to its left. Thor approaching like

it's coming straight at Earth vibrating like train light on tracks closer and closer in my

8x21 binoculars all summer 2006 being eclipsed by its moon! Passing white dwarf of

Sirius going by, Thor coming in around the Sun, to White dwarf closer than first pass.

Two asteroids off passing star Sirius Nostradamus predicted for 12/21/2012, blew-up

February 15/16, say wall of comets and asteroids coming from Thor close as Neptune

distance away takes 90 days until they reach Earth. Leaving Mercury its UFO waiting

the outcome of an impending asteroid storm. Before they move in to inherit the Earth.


I have not mentioned that earlier April 2006, the moons in a triangle formation moving

seemingly patrolling toward Earth and away I saw to the upper right of the white planet

on 3 close moon's plane lower right side of the distant triangle of moons, moon moved,

to the 2 moons on the moon plane of 1 opposite 2, was over the two close out moons of

the 7 moon Q-ball looking planet. The three moon equal sided triangle acting like ships!


In the plane of 1 and 2 moons alternating each other, about white orb, the missing third

moon of the triangle of moons its right one the next night was beside the 2 close moons

all equally spaced apart 3 moons of the Sirius White dwarf aligned at one side in a row!


9:30 p.m. last night April 23 I notice white planet and Planet 10 appearing nearer and

nearer with the 2 new planets, getting brighter in the Sun until setting 09/23/06, when

the regular triangle formation of 3 moons standing up and the white dwarf setting they

moved to the right of new Jupiter-looking planet in Sirius solar system 10 moons right

further and further away to its upper right/had left white orb alternating 1 and 2 moons

every night: 4th moon hidden behind it was out just to its right side. Beside two packs

of asteroids up close. So I dialing back to an asteroid which stuck out in front of them,

where its left pack was only a smudge, like an asteroid explosion had happened there!

If so destroyed asteroids means defenses, for me to wonder if the white orb moons are

two battle groups and not only random real moons, 3 acting like man moving outposts.


The white new planet up closer than its new Jupiter, with binoculars the two moons

too far away from White dwarf to be moons, the left side of the triangle of moons,

they staying the same distance apart orbiting the white planet tilted revolve as on a

Ferris wheel going clockwise around the White planet it's triangle I first saw up in-

front of the white planet three moon triangle thereafter behind it while alternating 1

and 2 moons every night the White orb hidden fourth moon was out that had made

a triangle over its 2 close moons May 8, 2006 otherwise 1 moon opposite 2 moons.


Astronomy magazine for May 2006 showed a solar system drawing of Sirius, with

similar planets to the Sun. Sirius in another solar system, that went through this one.

While anyone looking could see Planet X, with its little crescent moon getting closer.


Twilight evening of May 16, 2006, I got to see Thor with its big White planet 4 moons

on the same side of the orb. The closest 2 and furthest 2 up so close one over the other

in the new orb's lower left, that made me think my telescope was out of focus/4 moons

tilted down/long thin crystal like formation with top 2 over lower 2 so almost touching,

forming a shallow box on the planet clockwise turning moon plane to the orb lower left,

one moon over the other, the long thin rectangle. White objects one over the other, tilted

down together like a planned maneuver, on its plane of moons opposite a distant 3 moon

triangle on the moon plane lower right, triangle moon was missing, left 6 moons visible,

pair of moon triangle side too far away to be moons on clockwise plane revolved around

it as if on a Ferris wheel tilted, moon pyramid side there, missing a 3rd, is an engineering

feat rather than coincidence Thor planet and moon's in two interchangeable battle groups!


Opposite the returning Dark Star Sirius is this head-on disaster approaching to hit the Sun.


"Delight of astronomy: New object in the orbit". November 30, 1995 news. "Scientists

are ecstatic." Scientists are not saying anything about the blue planet hidden from sight

behind White dwarf. Where in 2003 Sirius "star" first visible to all only a fortunate few

that were outside to look at the eastern horizon before sunrise, lucky few saw in 2003,

Planet X behind its white dwarf I saw go behind a full Moon. Red dwarf star incoming

approaching the Sun to meet it at star, same speed as the Sun speed? Since 1994 a star

head-on straight at approaching Sun in 2005 a red dwarf New Star to hit the Sun 2029,

in 2005. While white dwarf star at Sirius planet hid-behind Wodan always facing dwarf

when star Sirius went behind full moon August, approached in 2006 with moon triangle

interchanging 3 moons until sunset White dwarf star system orbits star Sirius frozen, in

methane gas glazed Thor's surface detected spectrum of colors White dwarf star behind.


Creation solar jetted out water all the earth masses crusting a ocean out of point in space

from the center of the Sun. Stars popped out of the Black Hole with methane gas, God+

Charge created life in the stars previous methane gas, popped-up in Solar Jet these stars.


Finally on this morning of February 13 I only needed a 60mm telescope and I dialed in

aiming my best eyepiece at the "Planet X" star before dawn in 2006. Sirius orb and the

bright white planet with seven moons. All of its moons visible, without any magnifying

them. In 8x21 binoculars I saw a moon eclipsing Planet X made it look like round bite,

out of its upper right side of Planet X, through telescope. Or half moon with binoculars.

Tiny metallic sphere 7th moon, up tight beside the white new orb to its right just in view.

The white planet and its Jupiter on a diagonal plane up to the right from distant Planet X

Thor its White dwarf star in front of it will be much closer in April out behind is Wodan,

blue planet right behind dwarf star went behind a Full Moon Sirius system being called

Planet X solar plane intersecting ours turned the Sun upside down. February 19, 2007.


The next morning on the 14th of February 1 moon 2 moon switched places so a object

that looked like a smudge yesterday morning a bunch of pieces of some asteroid. Had

orbited around to beside the close new planets upper right smudges, thought blast sites,

against defenses in 24 hour orbits, so the 3 moons were 2 back up to the upper right of

and a little further away from new orb, it's third moon down to it's lower left when I got

to see in the new planet moon plane February 16, 2006. Tiny metallic 4th moon beside

it brightest, 7th moon if it is a moon appeared close to the white orb horizon's right side

just below equator, moon plane, 7 with distant 3 moon triangle. Sirius and its system all

having a slightly sunlight crescent shape red colored sliver covering their lower left side.

I dialed back to from Thor revealed two big long bright asteroid rocks stuck out from it

looking like Sirius ran into them blown-up off of it out in front of it 2 asteroids stood out.


A few "kill" smudges orbiting in with White orb moons, always in defensive formation

prepared to destroy any mortal threat, while going through comet and asteroid fields?

The brightest but smallest moon of the White orb hanging around White orb, up close,

bright metal space station for week of moon at equator in orbit to just under new orb.


Close to the White orb a large space station metal moon not a moon, with such flight

course between two packs of alternating defenders and distant triangle, patrolling for

comets and asteroids. Prepared for travel through Oort cloud, their blue planet's ship!

White dwarf of Sirius solar system with Wooden caught up in disaster Sirius left havoc

an Asteroid Belt with another planet between Mars and Jupiter destroyed civilization.

Thor eclipsed by its small moon, while news media ignored talk about any new planets

campers saw, the media only interested in their interests. The political left verses right,

dollars cannot buy in a kill or be killed military survival against leftists my Militia plan.


The cause for eclipse of Sirius a moon up close to it in its lower left, in my binoculars.

The light off of sun on planet x returning now the light on the white dwarf and eclipse

upon the star Sirius, moon dark shadow on the upper right end of "Planet X" in 2006.


Planet X over Australia in 2013 with a blue planet visible each end of 2 years around

star Sirius, its "star" light source seen go behind Dark Matter in 1983. When it rises in

2020 behind White dwarf up close could microwave Earth from here before or after it

rises up and is eclipsed by Moon, did not get close enough until February 19/2007 to

switch the Sun's magnetic poles will be back & up close, White dwarf with blue planet

close enough to get visitors from it, behind a 1 + 2 moon white planet without blemish.


Star Sirius covered in ice early months of 2006 that melted off by October in bright Sun,

as another solar system went through this one, with a White dwarf star solar system that

orbit Planet X is sunlight lit up here until closest in April a people there for settling here.


At 8:45 a.m. I stopped watching Planet X a believer white dot at 10:00 in the sun all

day. Its moon eclipsing the Dark Star Sirius certainly would still be visible if I would

keep my eyes on it across the sky, an ice covered red rusted Planet X, eclipse a bite

out of it, as the Sun melted its methane ice to rust on Sirius its solar system 2 planets

and White dwarf star up close February 24, 2006 Sirius blue turned off a secret plot.


At 6:59 a.m. the next morning I could see Planet X was increasing its being eclipsed

of great pleasure with my little telescope upper right bite out of small round shadow

upon "Planet X" increase all June. Sirius path intersecting a 4 red moon's red dwarf.


Sun and a red dwarf on a head-on course unnoticed publicly, while Thor certainly

pull Earth magnetic core out its top after it took a 90° left turn in Earth centrifuge.

Sirius, Thor with a pack of asteroids and comets bashed to pieces, in front of Thor

in 2006 some will hit the Earth Nibiru coming around 5 x bigger than Jupiter Thor.


Incoming over low ridge of mountain at 4:55 a.m. red rusted Thor blue, February,

just left of pass at Road 140 beside Olene nothing visible on Planet X I could see.

But March 1 I was more interested in a Jupiter-looking planet the moon triangle of

the White dwarf star after the White dwarf star sat in October it was at new Jupiter

lower left end of its moons plane where I first saw a moon triangle at the white orb!

To night after night the moon triangle right moon roamed White orb close 3 moons.


A cluster of 3 large moons I noticed up close from the lower left of the white orb, I

first ignored, quickly dialing in the white new planet alternating 1 opposite 2 moons

I never saw the moon triangle up close in front of it again right moon in the pyramid

began to roam in with the close new orb moons switching 1 and 2. When a metallic

moon came out inside moon 2 to 3 in a row, then to the orb bottom, its metal moon

took a sharp left turn a vehicle in 24 hours from white orb, to under outside moon 2.

While using my little telescope on White orb I noticed had three smudges around it,

of asteroids out above the moon plane of Wooden, that indicate blown-up asteroids.

I hope to bunker in the American people with industry in the hills for worse weather.

Wodan under-cover from Earth a people in advanced ship, certain to send in assault

forces to plunder and pillage, too dangerous a world to contact, might rain down fire

in letting down its cloak, solar power enough to blow away the Earth from Mercury.


“Planet X” like comets gone around the sun get closer to the Earth on their way out of

the inner solar system. Not visible since Moses, the "Destroyer" lucky for Jews went

behind the Sun. But a worse threat than a red dwarf star going to hit the Sun is aimed

at the Earth. Media said Mars went behind Full Moon was Sirius now U-turn around

the Sun until April Edenites up to something in huge space ship, plotting at Mercury,

set up a cloak, being towed around the Sun by Mercury, could mine Earth's asteroids

after Earth collapses if they are keeping communications silence because they expect

the Earth to be destroyed. U.S. authorities are certain to keep a media silence about it.

Still the blue planet will be up close behind White dwarf star while going behind Full

Moon harboring a sleek battle ship and civilization of Edenites for inheriting the Earth.


In the past Americans will be the people with me in charge of everything. Now military

needs my leadership to save American people from polar reversal. Total nationalization

overthrowing the system and business, my leadership directions throughout these pages.


But asteroids off Sirius come by Neptune to Earth turned upside down by May, which

will rake the world destroyed! The blue planet Wodan hidden, its power and light off is

waiting to join forces, before going behind Full Moon, UFO@Mercury burns the Earth,

if the meek Edenite civilization inherits Earth under a new heaven and a new Earth, thus

the world destroyed as it is written. Planet X, going away after 5 x bigger Jupiter close,

magnet over northern hemisphere wave of chaos, like a bowling ball gone through pins!


"Seek and ye shall find" only works for the "few", who do whatever the Coach says.

When the world is full of billions of criminals to have to destroy, to have a peaceful

planet to get it back to under 1 billion people means war, in a national debt default.




Lee Harrison,


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