Note: These people flooded so many email addresses they went out of business invading other peoples devices is how they turned out. Businesses flooding the people's E-mail addresses is their object. I could buy top 20% of Searches, was WebPosition Gold, when all my page texts seemed were being sabotaged. I corrected pages to here, too late to be rated in top 20% of visibility. All these pages seemed tampered with so I could not read them, took years to now. Here I got the handle on them to take back in the genii through the reciprocal publish them at a earlier date.

This is how a chapter of this will be like in 1309, out of dropping in from the other side of gravity currents through JesusChrist on 16 March live to tell end of this Age of life on Earth before two stars show up crossing paths ends in 2029.

A Countdown to Destruction

Unique this for Flag, my leadership message of Force red Royal yellow on Ground brown under ORT sphere condensing to nuclei inside black gravity Currents to everything, 7 components of Eternity Motor!

American Military power's duty is defend White American people the Majority all racists. 1st we need my leadership in dictatorship to take out the rich and their inflation, along with Joe Biden, we take them all out with Militia Police and Military Force for American representation. I void national debt by my Third Reich U.S. Government I found on racism. Militia Military and Police backed for gold standard notes on payday. Mass murder the crime element secrecy, even mother was one of them. In 1973 drafting for a living invited to the Southern Baptist Church on Virginia Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia, to church their gang. While reading everything in their scripture Jewish mysticism took Carlos Castaneda to find out what is God good for perform miracle see, not happen again until April 7, 1988. My mother belonging to Eastern Star never said a thing for it, showing off the Devil's star. I figured Masonic Order would be at Church, said to attend anywhere, figured fraternity would help me make a better living at drafting. There I asked what I would need to do to get in that society for job opportunity, but did not qualify. Someone else had the trick to get in: Devil's society witchcraft demonstration illusion he cast upon the congregation, for me to see on Sunday. Left that to Buddhism, saw Universe expanding. Harassed to join Islam see outer 3 Gods figure out are in a alignment to the Universe, expanding in a chamber as a piston. Design. Where the preaching area stage Southern Baptist Church was designed for skilled deceivers in secret society, in a secrecy conspiracy, preaching their ulterior motives. The only secret my mother ever told me was that the Lone Ranger filming in town was the best in bed she ever had, while going around town looking for men in 1950's Detroit, Michigan while daddy was at work. But Church witchcraft at pulpit told us instead of bowing down for their prayer to instead close our eyes but remain facing forward at the pulpit saw this banner I could steal for Flag in a Third Government. My opposing church candidate interested, in the preacher's office with me, knew this illusion existed in that church. Never went back. Don't need religion to become a member of enemy, for friends with connections to advance. I was doing fine as a draftsman back then. Casting drafting was probably not available in Atlanta. I was best at making any kind of casting molds radius's for blueprint making, so molded products could easily be extracted from molds in manufacturing. That can be done now with a smart phone in China. The other guy competing for favoritism was more qualified to become or was a Mason, to do something with secrecy enough to get a house and cars. I heard Adolph Hitler was a Mason, that they won't do again George Lucas said, went too far with extremism to Russia high on speed, dictatorship. I am the monkey wrench to throw into machine of church and state and business. Years of drafting assignments for contracting firm in Philadelphia, until I got structural steel drafting job at Pyramid Derrick and Equipment Company in Houston, Texas, drew derricks for George Lucas in 1975. Could-have stayed but went looking found best place to brake into God in a Box on a mission on a cool day, I go ascend.

Exterminate Jews? It would have been better to mobilize Jews across Germany to invade Bulgaria for a homeland work oil fields for Germany. Here I mobilize America with racist objectives 50 state's militia against alien's Islam Indian Asian Jew Latin colored Hindu in America exterminate Islam rules world wide genocide Marry Christmas! White America every State Militia U.S. Military gas out gun down politic's lawyers and media, takeover. Take out the establishment anyone in the way of my racist election agenda, nationalize business industry, satisfy my racist leadership in the people's hands. Get rid of blacks hispanics and any other peoples dividing Americans. The original Constitution with Amendments for White male America back to 17th century white. Pure democracy Tribunal's I describe throughout these pages get rid of Islam and other religious barriers. Wherever Islam gets is a threat to the peace and social order. Moslems with liquor stores India motel price gouging cold war conspiracy. Mafia with blacks and mexicans dividing Americans ripe for my racist military dictatorship. Europe Islamic attacks threatening Europe out of refugee camps to convert no wonder why Britain got out of E. U. before Islam, disrupting peace and security of citizens wherever they get in. Just like one of them threatened Thomas Jefferson said they are coming to take over America, you can find in history on his life. Islam only changes its attitude to act peaceful while laying low plot and plan attacks in the future, like they do in the Middle East fighting Jews, suicide belt. Once gotten rid of Islam in America Jews can plan on pursuing Zionism, rid of them to the Middle East to far as Garden of Eden. Exactly where that is you can find with scuba gear. Donald Trump President in the 21st century, stuck in a corruption machine that forced him out. If I qualify for Military Coup d' overthrow of the whole political system I become dictator. Rather I vanish to 13th century land dispute. Since at East Beach in 1986 with a party going on I took my bottles of Mescal from Mexico a Jewish Freshman going to UCSB butts in want to know what the Universe is. So I explain my diagram of it, 1988 find him at the beach again find he came down with Alzheimer's. I could have cured him when I got back from ascending after April 7, 1988, all charged up. With both hands. I guess sight of him covered with whitehead pimples paralyzed me. Hope his family has the diagram I gave him of in the Box my original drew face on Universe made IDOL for worship figure, for a personal god, like use to do be done of laws of physics. Religion, a corruption of facts.

Anyone that survives two stars can take a trip to Mars to fight aliens, keeping watch on Rovers. A red dwarf star bounces Sun elsewhere does not destroy Earth after 2023 star Sirius rises passing. Can anyone start up a tank on Mars, with a computer, where the tank forces were up against a seriously evil enemy, something said to me, resulting in a beautiful armored robot that maybe was made on the Moon after Adam and Eve escaped Earth before 1st polar reversal. Fighting between 2 Mars planets ended in its world war, 2.5 billion year ago. Then a Flood, Earth ran into by Moon suddenly expanded destroyed most people on Earth, from pieces of planet 6 flying. That destroyed Mars, skulls from a horrific storm, a giant slab of the Sun's planet 6 star Sirius ran into destroyed everyone above Mars ground. Mars now saturated with acidic ocean from nuclear war ocean thrown out of northern hemisphere. Tidal wave over mountainous Mars southern half ocean flipped out died hit by asteroid shaped like Mars Candy Bar asteroid, like I saw in the late 1950's rip across sky like huge thick Mars candy bar some 60 miles up trailing a tail of smoke off of flames Canada to Mexico piece hit the planet going around Mars to its core, ripped a gash across Mars on its back side flipped end over end ripped across Mars stabbed. Hit Mars' iron core to front of Mars, making a 500 mile high volcano, where it stuck. Asteroid kept going off Mars ripped gash across back side of Mars and away I saw on a night in 1957, that comes around. Ocean on Mars spilled over southern half of Mars soaked-in a corrosive sea. News leak said Mars Rover attacked by crowd of angry Martians, blacks came from. New Universe repeatedly from circuit coil closed in a ball suddenly pops up over a million turns parallel Universe. Infinity in fist grip Universe snake, crawling over itself generates kinetic energy storm. Woman interview Universe came from nothing means it is projected kept authority's secret fire the stupid idiots share college degree secrets, never saw the Universe.

Quetzalcoatl is Universe describes a cable with plumbs out to galaxies all along infinity. Another reactionary with radical ideas Adolph Hitler had enough followers to lead people planned build a space station to save basically good people out of the end of the world, at the Jews expense. Military force just take out the establishment. Fireworks take the trillions of dollars forget rent countrymen for all the heavy metal. Nationalism like usually unites the people verses alien populations, that are always invading the West. Doesn't take a Degree to win war Power by Default, reasons. U.S. Armed Forces recycle Debt Default gas out government and media. Shoot down Estates, dump to sharks, representing racist Americans. New Government US Military call up militia a racist dictatorship solution, verses a worse life on earth from climate change and population exploding faster and faster. Race War. Good, verses Evil Empires. Population growth reduce to under a billion people. Over 8 billion more people in my lifetime exploding, star hits Sun ends that. All the red full Moons 6 months apart incoming red dwarf star hits the sun coincidently after Hammer rises in 2023 sun u-turn back to Milky Way Galaxy center at red dwarf star coming out dictatorship plan me in power to coordinate, we get us out of this mess.

Me something like Hitler I take all the gold and silver from our enemies service running a public cooperative Company. Bomb capture or shoot high society, business responsible for the American people's national debt. Fund college create jobs build up White American democracy take all the food and resources over aristocrat stock market enemy bodies 1% take Market, Business Integration Conspiracy, all pet food or export. Wealth, everyone Middle Class. Coup! Revolution take industry back America, for prosperity all white again, coin enemy gold and silver, school employment. Earth's magnetic core turn faster and faster heating-up, this much of the world calm before storm. Earth's core going to blow its top when its heat gets too hot northwest of Norway, coincidently star Sirius up closer, if Easter. Even John the Baptist must have felt Earth's core move, slip on fountains of the deep west under Rome Catacombs. Adolph Hitler must have figured movement threat to Germany mapped Antarctica Earth's core on northwest course in 1940, rising global disaster for space home! U.S. Arctic explorers verified in 1986 magnetic North had gone northwest as crust of the Earth fell 12 miles east from 1900 magnetic north towards Europe 1964, Earth fell over 7 more times moved last time change October 15 to November, measured since 1900 in 5 year time periods north and south magnetic pole movement off Earth axis, wobble. U.S. sent 2nd expedition to find North Magnetic Pole found Earth's core going up and away northwest in 1986 from Earth's axis wobble. German scientists in 1940 Antarctica reported pole movement to their leader South Magnetic Pole Movement Earth's core rising to Earth's top reached it in 2011 4 times prior to Mayan calendar u-turn end of solar orbit in galaxy a 12 months u-turn around back to center of Milky Way Galaxy at 2029 star coming out, while a galaxy bent over black gravity current running one way or another over 87% Universe live wire looks like Greek Infinity going to blow up or shorting out.

Warning! Polar Movement. Magnetic core going to run into Earth's top had to of been passed on to Germany's new leader in 1940 end of polar movement naturally had to be disaster, destroying civilization. So Hitler decided Germany desperately needed to save itself off this doomed planet as fast as he could, needed resources to build a space station in his lifetime. To be accomplished he was growing a superior race war machine plan, with industry in Italy and Spain and Germany to take over Russia for all of it's resources. I could get done with Germany WWI and France taking Russia, if I save the Maine, settle the West around the Moon to take off with. Technological advancements made fast a bomb to beat 21st century end of the world I drop into 1897. One World War too late, required Hitler all necessary resources and rest of the West help space station big enough to save Germany all the West in a Commonwealth. Technology in Isolationism in 1760's or 13th century buy all the resources gin cotton change future through ORT, condensing on Earth nuclei's, or its right now Coup take underground world war shelters reserved for thieving political system end of the world hang them! Dictatorship by and for the people. Tribunal Law always winning me Power by Default every election, I cleanse American soil of crime and corruption. Search and destroy criminals and alien, United States of America homeland security policy only possible with me in power pass out arsenal to White American citizens. Round up destroy eliminate alien ethnic group, antagonist threats to American people. Shoot on sight or they get out refugees. Say it is not too late, to take out the enemy however bloody the resistance confiscate wealth of all the authorities the enemy alien traitor color the marching blocking White American freedoms, fertilizer leftist equality, eliminate enemy.

Industry, I prosper American citizen's individuality, dig and buckle up for disaster. All fault lines slip changing direction Earth spins. Falling over magnetic core goes back to Earth axis. Earthquake and possibly collapse of bubble inside Earth, blow out its trap door in Earth's Arctic trench for "a new heaven and a new earth" on a collapsed smaller planet without magnetism few people left close enough to Planet X to call it Thor. Jesus said "fig trees putting forth new leaves" reversal didn't know 2029 red dwarf star hits Sun. ORT better than later break on through to "other side" reciprocal gravity charge break gravity current projection. Earth expanded 5 times, only smokes until slip expands a 6th time. Count up all the tectonic plates around the world. Core of the Earth inside it must match Earth's tectonic plates. An ocean inside magnetic core with steam pressure inside Earth building up that ran into top of the world March 11, 2011, on its way to where it blows out, 2023 a final Super Volcano. Inner Earth ocean gushes out all around the world again through new iron-nickel fountains of the deep from Inner Earth ocean steam pressure blowing out fault line, magnetic core cracked around the world. A few years back Iceland volcano only Earth's core reaching Earth's top under Arctic Ocean a molten lava high tide squirt before hitting 85 degree top, the water cooled iron-nickel bubble solid crusted magnet in molten iron-nickel under Arctic Circle spinning west certain to blow-out of Arctic Northeast of Iceland, beside northern Norway. Elon Musk program escape to Mars before Earth bounced away, crime politics! Coup d' 'etat White U.S. Armed Forces, I all together we survive!

It is too late for most citizens of any country to survive inflation and starvation end of life on Earth sea food dies off in radiation levels rising preceding mammoth tsunami hurricanes and typhoons flooding killing most of the masses of people, core of Earth up against Scandinavia spun northwest to Atlantic busts open. Hindsight Britain and U.S. if ability to negotiate peace with Germany in 1940, letting them keep their military ethnic gains except France. Arm Jews establish homeland in southern Bulgaria for oil to pipe line, rocket science and genetic programs in Nazi Germany plan space station leave Russia for later. Italian and German car business support trade with West could have built a space sphere together, 83 years to prepare for the world bounced away to magnetic core burnt-up and covered with ash. Earth could burst and collapse to become smaller planet in a world wide mathane gas fire and spin apart, forming a new asteroid belt around the Sun. Earth's core offset at end of Milky Way Galaxy 2011 calendar Short Count Mayan solar u-turn 8 months early in Japan, as Sun orbit pulled back at end of Galaxy u-turn slip Haiti fault line, Chile and New Zealand 8.8 earthquakes and tsunami. Calm for December 2012 Long Count Mayan calendar end of Sun orbit u-turn in Milky Way Galaxy, asteroids soon after. Sermon on the Mount, Carlos Castaneda hills Japanese Scroll Universe, demonstrated outer solid back pressure Box wall layers centrifuge compressed, current focus engine thrust.

NORTH and SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT "PDF" maps here plot the times and courses of Earths' iron-nickel solid detectable magnetic core movement from 1900 to 1940, that Adolph Hitler must have been aware of as a dictator inheriting industries and a scientific community, at Earth's South Magnetic Pole. Progressive Pole Movement had to run into Earth's top. Slinging magnetic core away from Earth axis explains the desperation behind Adolph Hitler's frantic rush to take over the Earth's resources to get space station built, superior race escape disaster. Bulgaria was available for Jews to take for oil jobs and homeland part of deal to get rid of them out of Germany. Earth's Moon size water-cooled hard and heavy metal Inner Earth going northwest spinning until April, erupts out of Arctic through north Atlantic fault line while up against 85° latitude spinning to where Earth pole faces Sirius pole. Core spun off of Earth axis to the northwest to obviously thinner terrestrial crust of Earth under Arctic Ocean to pulled out at star Sirius or thrown upside down. Thick continental crust at Siberia stopped core of Earth from breaking out of Earth last time up, left a hole big as Texas, shook Earth. Spinning around 85 latitude Inner Earth expands lithosphere thinner, Arctic floor only 22 miles thick. Chile tsunami in 2011 Pacific Rim trench fault line slip. Magnetic core up as big as the Moon passes Planet X asteroid pole, flash Flood over the world May fire. Volcano set off methane gas shaken-up by earthquake to on fire, at the end of "Fifth Age of humanity". Earth's core blows-up comes out far enough releases too much internal steam pressure built up inside blows-out final burst of water and steam, core collapses or pops out of Earth into space 6th end of the world flooded by fountains of the deep. Polar reversal methane gas catches fire like Noah meant to say to the Jews for next end of the world. Core exhausting steam pressure blows out chunks of Earth's core could collapse elephant from blowing out pressure in Earth's hollow supporting the world to "a new heaven and a new earth". Sounds right if Earth is smaller, with a hot ring of shoreline of land around Earth's equator, between an Ice Age to the north and to the south, USA I inhabit.

Have to go underground, in case Earth stays together. Third U.S. government citizen's jobs, armed forces Tribunal run government everything by Majority Rule. American public opinion on all issues of community industry and national interests democracy, freedom of choice, work to do for gold and silver on deposit. Colleges oversee development of industry and environmental health. Citizen's views determine order of things. Military Coup bloody ethnic cleansing we equip for polar reversal not too late escape. Visit barracks compound on back side of the Moon roofs on, housing. Jobs a plenty in my Power by Default ideology Military Command by Default vote dictatorship survive 2023. U.S. Armed Forces to the rescue, ethnic cleansing. American citizen rule democracy by Tribunal strategy from all our enemies I save American citizens many trillions of dollars in debt quit housing and caring for our enemies. Eliminate it with our arsenals. Whites assumed racist for American safety contribute duty with back up, a prosperous future taking housing property repair restore tax free. White America Military Coup d' survive!

The only sure way humanity can save itself out of extinction is ascend, absorbed, whatever lucky creations between wide black currents expanding. Positive Gravity Charge back side mass condensing, the expanding world aging. Seven spheres align world together Gravity Image tanking up. Vortex, inversion capacitor Ground, above here 6 ascended. White America I turn the tables on the future, old wine bottle, Government elected too corrupt for new wine. Racist side dictator I secure underground, fortify in mountains for glaciers, another Ice Age. Looks like no hope integration. Federal dog eat dog hate on Earth equality God sort out in a human starve-off. War balance nature here and now. Enough man power I take back America win the west and east plot safer place Neptune to rule the ice Sun bounced a red giant over red dwarf star with it's tag along parent. Sun bounce away Earth and Venus to magnetic core Mercury already core.



" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.

(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."


Here the axis of Earth's core spins on its iron-nickel, 27% diameter of the Earth, sphere entirely up inside northern hemisphere, tilting west, that hit top of the world on March 11, 2011, 2.5 billion years off of Earth axis since the Moon ran into Pacific Ocean, a squirt of planet 6 between Jupiter and Mars. Magnetic core steam blows out below Earth's flat top 85 latitude, spinning to its crack in Earth's top, causing 3 nuclear meltdowns spun off to the west under Arctic Ice Cap past Siberia. In 2006, two new planets with Planet X white dwarf up close enough to see 3 bright objects in a pyramid formation out in front of it, retreated behind its white dwarf star. Close enough to see 3 sometimes 4 moons, with a distant moon triangle first up close then upper right behind its 4 close moons for weeks, until both groups sat in the west. Moon triangle next day at left end of star Sirius Saturn looking 10 moon planet moons. Following 5 mornings one beside the other an 11th and 12th moon of new Saturn appeared up close, just over Hogback Mountain until August 20, 2006. Sirius star magnetism stabilized Earth's revolving for 3.5 weeks of not wobbling, while close enough to Earth's core paused it's pole movement. Earth falling over 1.5°s east in every 8.8 earthquake, until Earth's core pulled out of Atlantic fault if Planet X orbits back around Sun next April. Planet X gone for now until Noah's "fire" from Earth's magnetic core and Planet X 600 times bigger than Earth rises over Canada 21 million miles away, will change the direction Earth turns all of a sudden while passing Earth's core. off center from Earth's axis in its top melting frozen methane gas out of Arctic busts out of fault line dent for some distance beside Scandinavia a super volcano! Rapture forget another Super Bowl vanish in 2022 Fall weather on my desert vanishing point before 3rd of humanity wind up in the rubble Coup d' take out billionaires trillionaires and security so Middle Class survive Mob inflation racist and white!

Iron core of the Earth the size of the Moon like a javelin throne, further and further off center from Earth's axis northwest, so it regularly wobbles Earth like an off-center load in a washing machine. Star Sirius magnetism stops Earth from wobbling whenever it comes around up close enough to Earth's magnet. Earth top-heavy going to turn upside down, it's core embed in Fault line, push or pull Sirius passing up too close to either Earth pole facing it, disaster. World dies dream. Negative to Positive Gravity Circuit Image bodies in a net. But able to break the RULE beat HELL left behind dream forever the World best they can to next Universe discharge reconnect Bang stored at gravity center or all day ritual on a mission back in time.

Soldiers have the plight of being left behind in military actions, where when they find a way back to the command they are taken as deserters. But as dictator I reassign elsewhere skills to fulfill in a Military dictatorship, other times by mistake soldiers are disregarded by subjecting them to hastily trained lieutenants with no experience in the field to lead them, safest through hostile conditions. Or are otherwise certain to die, so they refuse orders, trust their own instincts on the battle field to survive fatal battle conditions as even whole troops get court martialed. Scold but reassign elsewhere, to do what they are good for, serving our country. Ship of state righted by Tribunal dictatorship. All-American all white America again Armed Forces and civilians arm, train to profile threats aliens invading our country Militia save our self bomb shoot and roadblock, roving 6 and 7 man our ethnic massacre!



Lee Harrison,


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