Here Thor is in the background that bounced the Sun missing planet to its white dwarf

anciently Norse people saw Planet X run into 2 planets between Jupiter and Mars sparks

flew. Sirius in the background is Thor returning! It's star light Sun' 5th planet

from where a space ship "as big as a planet" was shuttled to Mercury, as Sirius went by Sun it

reflects man made light off of a white dwarf star orbits around Sun, to rise back up.

Star Sirius with White dwarf star here 1 of 3 planets

visible in 2006 from a White dwarf star solar system,

useful for Hollywood or my Power by Default won, I

prepare for Sirius blue "star" behind a White dwarf.

Sirius ran into a 5th planet of the Sun to white dwarf

Edenites light up, icy red "One type of dark matter",

it speeds by in April. A browndwarf Wormwood rises

2029 falling. Blue shut off Planet X in sunlight goes by

April back out to Oort cloud bright blue again/survive.


Turns out that the above collapsed dwarf star with a blue planet Sirius knocked from

its icy glazed 10th Planet's surface the Sun's 5th planet, to behind a white dwarf star

with 3 times Jupiter gravity and mass hid the bright blue light over Wodan a people,

returning advanced. This magnet flipped the Sun poles rises in 2020 flipping Earth's.


Here is the Sun's Twin the "Planet X", 2003 regularly eclipsed by the Moon, it comes in

iron core remains of a star. A planet knocked out of the solar system from the Sun, here.

Early morning star growing brighter increasingly, since 2003, until 2006 melts methane

off of Planet X in sun light, the halo of glare behind Sirius dwarf star from its bright Sun

planet Wodan under 3 x Jupiter gravity, someone illuminating blue a planet atmosphere!


White dwarf eclipse of upper right of the brightest star at morning 10:00 in the sky in Sun

light increasing. NASA 12/06/02 page image not allowed to print, up-close, "star" of Dark

Matter behind White dwarf eclipsing blue Wodan, the Sirius "star" going around it visible

only at each end of star Sirius. Coming in as fast as the Sun + Sirius approach. I call it Thor

with dwarf star since 1983 from Oort cloud out of south east comes in at dawn see to sunrise

with captured planet of the sun White dwarf full Moon eclipsing Wodan return inherit Earth

from its 3.3 day orbit behind Sirius White dwarf star Planet X "tau Boo"/"Gliese 229A" are

star Sirius, in which solar system sat in 2006, Wodan was ran into between Jupiter and Mars

left an Asteroid Belt. Sirius White dwarf captured planet, Thor switches Sun poles 2/19/2007

sat behind the Sun. White dwarf planet up close ignites methane gas release from Earth polar

reversal avenges massacre of their people on Easter Island by Catholics, that sent in soldiers.


Sirius is Thor bringing around a White dwarf star Wodan with A SUPERIOR RACE.


On the other hand red dwarf star. New star approach. Planet X media that says Mars is

Sirius. Glazed in ice until 2006 Sirius appeared in the east. Fall 2006 sat from northern

hemisphere to southern hemisphere, on September 23, 2006, behind Hogback Mountain

until setting October 23, 2006. 19 February 2007 Planet X got so close it turned the Sun

north magnetic pole south Thor return up to Earth northern hemisphere, 2020 reversal.


By beginning of Summer 2003 White dwarf turned its illuminated blue planet behind it

facing the Sun's Twin every 2 year orbit. June 2003 White dwarf eclipse of Thor. I kept

looking for the Twin with naked eyes until November 2003 "star" lower left V end of its

"star" light beam end was hidden behind Sirius upper right side. Shinning on it crescent,

sliver of star light across upper right quarter of Planet X, where lower left beam met it!


Wodan's illuminated blue planet hidden behind it shines halo glare around Wodan for

2005 image. Wodan points of light went behind star Sirius, around its upper right side,

went lower left to back up again around Thor beginning December 2005. Bright light,

orbiting the Sun's Twin. White dwarf reflect bright blue planet that people derive their

illuminated blue planet its energy from its two magnetic fields, silently returns back to

Earth to a World War III candidly hides from the Earth waiting like a predator: where

better fate is expected if U.S. Armed Forces lucky enough put me into power by Trump?


I saved this "Santa Barbara News-Press/Thursday, November 30, 1995" newspaper

article The brown dwarf GL229B coming straight at Earth, opposite Planet X orbit,

18 light-years from Earth to 6.5 in 2005, as Hubble Space Telescope found the object

in October 1994. Gliese 229 A got close enough to sun it flipped solar poles, in 2007.


Planet X at 10:00 not Mars 11:00, returning to end this Age of Life on Earth. Sirius is

blue under Wodan. Maybe Sirius turns the Sun upside down, going by Earth, in 2020.

Sirius A/GL229B White dwarf star always facing blue Wodan at Planet X it revolves.

Wodan caught in a gravity sink in a halo orbit close up to a White dwarf star at Thor,

every 3.3 days orbit behind the White dwarf Gliese 229B white hot, the collapsed star,

with its captured blue planet the amateur astronomer camera image above/but a close

up 12/06/02 blue planet behind GL229B Hubble Telescope image, secret Sirius planet,

bright blue behind a White dwarf in front of Thor dwarf star rises up in 2020 a people.

News reports were all calling Thor Mars. GL229B kept a secret, until finally too late?

American people if everyone face surprise dollar default Donald Trump Martial Law.

UB313 2003 with asteroids blowing-up Trump kills the authorities. Take underground

shelter Military thus go ballistic enables my leadership to get White America to safety.


The red dwarf star from 18 to 6.5 light years away, 10 years to 2005, shoots by for a day

Thor crosses the sky all day with the Sun and visitors waiting for disaster followed by a

asteroid storm then invasion by a superior race returning, ship and planet at its closest.


On February 19, 2007, the all magnetic core of the Sun's Twin Sun got

close enough to the Sun where the Sun's magnetic poles switched places. While

long ago a weapon (Comet 17P/Holmes) was deployed in orbit around the Sun by

people who look-like the carvings on Easter Island. Which are here waiting to take

the Earth, as the mass of their percussion weapon is running out from expanding at

a rate of a thousand miles per hour increasingly faster, for Comet Holmes. A dirty

bomb to be expanding at 11,000 miles an hour and exceeding the size of the Sun,

for only 20 miles in diameter rock of molten uranium, October 24 explosion,

that engulfed Earth in particles shooting by us from the exploded comet:

Holmes simulation orbit

If without ACDSee 32 v2.41 find above simulation here

Some astronomers worry about inner solar system comets, maybe one of them out there going

to explode likewise anywhere close, like a H-Bomb bigger asteroid than blew-up over Russia

in 2013, from a intelligence lighting a planet blue, laser come from the Sun's solar jet "Twin",

now finishing coming around the Sun to up close, which snuck up the battle ship at Mercury!


Gas from Comet 17/P Holmes will reach Mars' atmosphere, as Mars comes back around

the Sun in 2008 to its debris expanding bigger than Sun, that is forewarning of another

comet to explode bigger than the Sun. Like "Comet 19/P Borrelly", gone by the Earth,

in 2008 until 26 July. When comet Holmes spreading radiation, finally reached Earth's

atmosphere. December 21, 2012 Earth thus going through Milky Way Galaxy asteroids

that reach Earth's atmosphere in "Revelation 8:10 and 11", best to find a Bible, look it-

up! If "Repent" is what anyone needs you better do it! Borrelly even looks like a bomb.


Now back to "Planet X", Thor with its bright blue planet Wodan behind dwarf star:


Early this Thursday morning before dawn January 24, 2006, Thor and its closest planet

up close with long wide points of light out to its upper right. Crescent Moon left over a

southeastern horizon, Sirius the new object in the solar system. With its up close planet

white as a snowball. Points of light flaring up out from it's right half obscuring 7 moons

this morning, a bright glaring planet for 3 nights. A Sirius little moon up close to its left

when on the 24th able to see star Sirius as a full round red Planet X before moon eclipse

beginning in June. I thought the white planet White dwarf star. It had 3 up close moons.

On its horizon a tiny dark sphere at lower left of large dim Planet X, on January on 24th,

a moon. Apparently the blue planet behind white dwarf star turned off their light source.


Wednesday morning January 25 I woke up at the break of dawn and went to look at the

tenth Planet. Surprise to see that the star Sirius close-up planet had 3 close moons later

tiny metal moon to its lower left just below its moon plane Thor right of crescent Moon

two new planets, visible at dawn. The close planet going west, twice Sirius went behind

Full Moon. Planet 10 descending through Oort cloud orbit first became visible in 2003.

I watched bright points of light radiate out around white planet 3 moon triangle in front

Planet X in sunlight dark sphere Sirius with 2 planets growing bigger until they went by

the Earth with 3 moons close up 4 after its long points of light the night before went out.


This Thursday morning January 26 I got up again to see Thor and its White dwarf, put

my strong eyepiece on my telescope, just as thin dark clouds were moving in, a break

in cold wet overcast foggy winter sky a big white planet out with the stars. I didn't get

my telescope adjusted in time before a front of thin dark clouds covered its moons, as

even through thin dark clouds I still saw Thor in moonlight. Close white orb shinning

through the big bright objects 2 new planets in line crossed behind the last full moon

during a rainy night just over Hogback. Thor's little moon lower left side rise to eclipse

the upper right side of Thor. While the white orb hid Wodan bright planet star light off

until Thor as close as Neptune in 2020 Thor with Wodan again blue planet, lights up a

vindictive people silently hiding to avenge the massacre of its Easter Island settlement

certainly able to rain fire kill political governments on Earth callous minded humanity

arguing animals in power. So I need U.S. power to prepare for Edenites an end of dollar

chaos take over government before September to destroy World Bank their new money.


On February 5, 2006, at dawn there was no fog or clouds so I went to my telescope and

found out what I thought was Wodan in January had 3 a 4th close and 3 distant moons.

Danger, red dwarf star approaches from blind side 18 to 6.5 light years in 10 years right

at the Sun. Both heading at each other = light speed? Though a White dwarf star orbits

Thor/Sirius orbiting the Sun gets bigger and brighter as it's two new planets were going

by in 2006, intersecting this solar system. I watched them in my telescope eye piece off

Thor a far distance away. Until half Moon eclipsed by its closest object. Star gazers saw

the bright Thor that sat in 2006 said to be 60% the size of Sun passing ancient Samaria.

Moon turns red in the Sun's glare hit by a red dwarf star, so the Sun's light goes out and

becomes a red giant star. Thor eclipsing white dwarf went behind full Moon, while they

went behind August full Moon September Astronomy 2006 said was Mars,White dwarf'

a planet behind it turned off electromagnetic field Power and Light over its civilization.


February 7 at 6 a.m. before dawn Thor with its crescent shaped moon to its lower left

in the Sun starting to eclipse Thor. I got up to look at them beside each other setting

beside crescent Moon in between White orb on the horizon. To my surprise the close

planet points of light had gone out, only white orb with the glare behind it turned off

the bright light behind it next morning after January 24, 2006, must be the blue "star"

in caution! 7:03 a.m. the White orb had 3 close moons, pointed my telescope at them.

There was a bright 3 moon triangle out in front of that, while I dialed in the White orb.

Where after sunrise Planet X in daytime only-pinprick of white, strain eyes followed it.


On the morning of February 9, 2006, 6:30 a.m. I decided to get out my telescope and

look at both of the two new planets. The 10th planet which has not moved at all from

its location left of Sunrise since I first saw Sirius at dawn January 24 it now had a bite

out of it in its upper right end. Half Moon in binoculars, the moon eclipse of Planet X,

which made it harder to see while being eclipsed in the daylight going across the sky.


I dialed in Thor, its little moon not White dwarf. The object left of Thor not its' dwarf?

Thor approaching Earth vibrating like a fast train on tracks with headlight through my

8x21 binoculars every morning. Thor eclipsed by its brown moon, but the close White

object with moons, in orbit around Thor only visible until October sat in 2006 sunrise,

to the southern hemisphere with the passing Planet X solar system now in u-turn going

around to up to close as Neptune. Coincidently from the opposite direction a red dwarf

through a sight aimed straight at Earth and Sun star speeds combined up to light speed.


I have not mentioned that earlier that April the 3 moons in a triangle formation moving

seemingly patrolled towards Earth and then away to the upper right of the new orb until

the triangle appeared in 2006 to the right of the new Jupiter and went further and further

away from that, after it left the 7 moon orb triangle. Two consecutive nights at lower left

moon on 3 sometime 4 moon plane regular right end moon of far triangle that was gone,

to the plane of 1 + 2 moons alternating each other up close to 1 moon. There the missing

third moon out of the triangle. Up very close to the White orb lower left side. Out to near

single moon of 2 from distant moon triangle. Next over White orb 2 moons, in a triangle!


At 9:30 p.m. 2003 April 23 a big white planet with 7 moons, and Sirius getting closer,

night after night I watched unchanging dimension of 2 left side moons stand in the far

triangle on the 45° plane of White orb's 3 moons. Where 1 moon from the triangle was

over the two moons of White orb, alternating 1 + 2 moons, forming new triangle there!

Then the White orb set in the west. The Jupiter risen. The triangle was to it's upper end.


Asteroid blotches were in front of the White orb. I dialed back to see one asteroid out in

front of the White orb. Then to its left was a swarm of blotches, that most likely are from

destroyed asteroids blasted apart, moon triangle defending White orb satellites, like two

battle groups inside and out. Not in fact moons natural orbits, but man moved hardware!


At 10:00 p.m. 2006 White orb much closer than Mars I could see with binoculars has two

moons too far away from it to be moons. Two moon side of a triangle, left from White orb

triangle sometimes with lower right moon, there two moons tilt left. Revolving clockwise

like on a Ferris wheel going clockwise around White dwarf star always on 45° right angle,

its moons orbiting the White orb. Two moons get a moon on top so 2 up formed a triangle

on May 8 from distant triangle 2 moons moon missing one, over White orb close 2 moons!


Astronomy magazine May 2006 only hand drew a Jupiter in Sirius solar system with no

pictures of up close planets with moons, a neighbor I pointed out new Jupiter White orb

set in the west moon triangle obvious not Jupiter 10 moon's plane in anyone's telescope.


May 16, 2006, at twilight was the first time I ever got to see 4 of new orb 7 moons on the

the same side very close, long parallel one over the other so close slanted just over other

a long slender rectangle, aimed at new orb. I thought my telescope must be out of focus!!

White orb's moons so close over the others, two right and two left, that formed a long thin

shallow tilted White orb rectangle clockwise turning box, 4 moon's lower left moon plane

looked like a space docking operation, one moon over the other, in two pairs! Alternating

one moon 2 moon alternating 1 under single moon the missing triangle moon all together

all through Summer 1 moon alternating 2 a White orb 3 close moons with 3 moons too far

away to be moons left side 2 moons of pyramid tilting left orbit around the White orb like

on a Ferris wheel around the 3 or 4 moon white orb two moon tilt has to be an engineering

feat rather than natural-occurrence, if the white orb has two interchangeable battle groups!


"Delight of astronomy New object in the orbit" November 30, 1995 news. "Scientists

are ecstatic." This red dwarf star is completelyopposite from a blue planet star Sirius

behind Gliese 229B. December 6, 2002, Sirius visible with cheep telescope a "few"

knew where to look for over south-eastern horizon got to see Planet X with a moon

go behind a Full Moon flanking close White orb and a Jupiter going by. But not an

approaching red dwarf at the same speed as the Sun in 10 years 18 to 6.5 light years

speeding at the Sun from 1994 blind side the Wormwood going to raise up fall apart

dwarf star coming in fast in 2005 at Earth and Sun. Sun will bounce, when hit by red

dwarf star and swell up to be red giant. Neighbors over to scope out the White planet

with moons. Gliese 229B, Sirius B White dwarf going around Sirius reflecting bright

blue from off Wodan upon Sirius rusted red iron dwarf glazed in methane frozen to it

Sun solar jetted out a star water then earth molten mass under steam pressure ignited,

core not enough. Life originated out of the Sun and stars methane gas created by life,

trail of carbon-monoxide from burning methane gas solar jet planet & star full of life.


Finally in the morning of February 13 I got my 60mm smallest of a telescope adjusted,

to look for the bigger of 2 red planets Planet X at 10:00 below Mars at 11:00, both red.

White planet and the new Jupiter at night going through the solar system. I got a better

look with my 8x21 binoculars small moon eclipsing the Planet X leaves a big shadow,

getting bigger, bite out of the upper right side of Thor in my telescope or half moon, in

my binoculars view crescent moonlight on moon opposite Sirius upper right end, Thor

2 planets and moon were not from this solar system close enough to see all their moons

Planet X then went behind the Sun magnet Sirius flipped Sun poles February 19, 2007,

in its beginning of going around southern hemisphere, up close as Neptune by the Sun.


The next morning on the 14th of February, the 1 moon switching places with 2, an object

which looked like a smudge yesterday morning beside the single moon then at lower left

orbits around to the close new planet's upper right asteroids a big asteroid sliver in front!


Like I expected, in 24 hours orbits of 3 moons were 2 back up to the upper right of

and one to lower left of White orb. The 1 moon was back to lower left, on February

16 early in the morning when I noticed a tiny metallic flickering fourth moon close

beside the new orb's lower left, too bright to be a moon, which was on the new orb's

plane of moons just inside 1 moon opposite 2, peaked around the close new planet

of Thor. The small crescent shape on its upper right side from its small moon at left.

I dialed back from Thor, revealed 2 big long bright asteroids which came into view.


A few "kill" smudges orbiting with new orb moons, always in a defensive formation

patrolling and prepared go through space through comet and asteroid fields boldly.

There the brightest and smallest moon of the White orb, in random moves powered?

Shinny little metallic space station in the moon plane of White orb thus went under

the White orb so close a man made orb bright metallic maybe not moon in a random

course through 2 packs of alternating defenders. Where a distant triangle patrols for

comets and asteroids to destroy, front around to back took sharp left turn under orb.


Metallic little moon next a.m. just below new orb's 2 moons Star Sirius left havoc

and a asteroid belt of comets between Jupiter and Mars its people now cloak a city

from Wodan went through comets and asteroid belts like a gunner through a battle

field certainly proving war fireworks, but media says nothing about a Sirius fly by!

The authorities are only interested in saving themselves to safe havens available to

them in tax dollars that citizens can only take back in military rule by Martial Law.


The only possible cause for the eclipse of the Sun's Twin star has to be that Thor has a moon

up close in Sunlight unexpected, up closest to it. While its White dwarf star is the White orb

with the close 4 moons and the triangle of moons anyone could see looking at them in 2006..


Wodan was the illuminated planet that lit up Thor bright blue behind the White dwarf

the light that went out behind it. Planet X the star points I noticed May 1, 2003, off-set

at the lower left side of bigger than the Sun Sirius which ran into 5th planet of the Sun

between Jupiter and Mars magnetic fields lit up Sirius blue behind 7 moon White dwarf

left the Sunlight to illuminate it Edenites hide while Sirius solar system in 2006 went by

White dwarf's Wodan up close to Earth in 2006 on Thor's way behind August full Moon.


At 8:45 a.m. I stopped watching Planet X, eclipsed, just a white dot at 10:00, up in the

Sun light only half moon. The dark star Sirius certainly would still be visible if I could

keep my eyes on it, going across the sky, until sunset. But at dawn was big red Planet X.

I watched as Sirius solar system planets on its orbital plane go through the solar system

in 2006. Sirius variously named making a wide turn to behind the Sun until it was close

enough to the Sun on February 19 to flip the Sun's poles, Planet X, after Sun eclipsed it,

as it orbits the Sun. While looking for information about Planet X I found coincidently a

red dwarf was going to cross paths with Planet X causes a greater disaster later in 2020,

after 4 full red moons in a row Wormwood rises from southern hemisphere sun is run into.


While the Sun and Thor coming together again bringing asteroids Sirius ran into

in the Oort cloud, pieces of Planet X. It ran into former 5th planet and ceres it hit.

Earth and solar system sat in Milky Way ring in 2012 so 2 Nostradamus asteroids

blew-up over Russia and beside Florida the Bermuda Triangle in 2013 until 2020

close to the Earth Planet X with Wodan comes up close could take back the Moon,

if the Earth collapses. Bubble blowing out steam pressure, or pops out Earth's top!


Visible low over Hogback ridge at 4:55 a.m. big red Thor coming in February 13

left of highway 140, Olene, in my telescope look at the Sun's Twin Sun, before the

eclipse of Thor in March I was more interested in the new Jupiter' moons lucky to

be up early saw another new planet centered over my patio like dawn January 24,

between a crescent Moon and Planet X at first sight its 10 moons of a new Jupiter.


3 large moons I noticed up-close out to lower left of the White planet 1 opposite 2

I first ignored, while I dialed in close White new planet alternating 1 opposite 2 of

its moons 3 bright moons were joined in a triangle formation up close in my scope

first time I saw White dwarf close January 25, stays right far behind 1 and 2 moons!

In a week metallic looking bright little sparkling orb was beside orb, then under it,

had taken a left turn a propelled vehicle away from White orb, to under its moon 2.


Sirius in a solar system always on a course so eclipsed by the Moon I got to see three

packs of asteroids in front of Sirius Earth will run into in 2020. Here two asteroids hit

Earth while the solar system began to set in disc of Milky Way Galaxy. Might assault

forces reach Earth, plunder and pillage return to Easter Island but rain down fire first?


“Planet X” like comets gone around the sun get closer to the Earth on their way out of

the inner solar system. Planet X not visible since Moses: a "Destroyer" fly-by object

lucky for Jews is back again. Its brightest star in the sky will swing by close to Earth

in 2020, media called Thor Mars close once in 50 thousand years. Sirius only comes

around the Sun until 2020. Thor's orbit out of Oort cloud until close to Earth, all day

in eighth month of 2020. Governments keep media silence concerning a white dwarf

and blue planet orbiting behind it, heading straight for a close pass behind a summer

Moon when Wodan rains fire down on Earth before people arrive after everyone dies.


U.S. territory rule will have a Majority say racism rules authority under White American

takeover. WWIII racial end of the world. Tribulation leading up to Earth's polar reversal

began in 9.2 earthquake in Alaska only coincidence Nostradamus predicted 2 asteroids

hit Europe in 2 opposite directions missed Europe February 15-16 blew up over Russia

and off the Florida coast. Earth in 900mph spin stops a moment to fall over hit by Core.


A swarm of asteroids out of the Oort cloud reach Earth, turned upside down, in 2020,

in front of Planet X so bright blue planet behind White dwarf, power and light circuit

rises up in 2020. That goes behind a full Moon and burns the Earth, before it settles a

returning civilization of people out of Wodan battleship, in the coming months, after

polar reversal destroys 90% of ocean and 70% of life on Earth the last Super Volcano

in Thor's return with Wodan back from deep space after a Rapture on Earth, or bunker

in for waves of chaos asteroids in front/behind Thor like a bowling ball through pins.


No other government would prepare the people to survive end of the world.

Planet X went behind the Sun, and is swinging around southern hemisphere

coming right back up around to Earth/its battle ship hiding beside Mercury.

Planet X sat from view on Hogback at dawn September 23, 2006. Here it goes down around, back up.

Planet X so huge from behind the Sun millions of miles behind it rises bigger, to up close as Neptune

to orbit close enough people invade Earth, from bisecting solar system, coming through solar system.


I watched Planet X coming in from 10 o'clock for 3 years from the southeast, until it sat over

Hogback mountain. Dark moon eclipsing Planet X. Is it enemy to wield such power on religions

with proof I am telling the truth. Destroyed in end of the world by stars or USA following my advice.


Lee Harrison,


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