Thor passing in the background of its white star missed hitting planet 5 its white dwarf got

in a fly by. Norse people saw Planet X, run into planet 6 between Jupiter and Mars. Sparks

flew! Sirius from end of Big Dipper, but close called Thor. Fifth planet, lighted

it's sky sent a space ship "big as a planet" shuttled to Mercury 2006 Thor went behind Sun.

Reflect man made light off white dwarf star on Thor here reflects white dwarf!

As solar jet of Thor backed off put Thor and objects to sun

in elliptic orbits. White dwarf star had 1 of 4 planets,

new in 2006 visible the white dwarf star solar system

Useful for Hollywood, or Power by Default. Winning.

So aware of Sirius blue "star" behind its white dwarf

Sirius taking 5th planet of the sun first human settled

out of Eden, lights icy red "One type of dark matter".

Planet X ellipse away to 2029 browndwarf wormwood

thaws apart. Blue shut-off Thor, close to Sun. Trouble!

Going back out up to Oort cloud, blue again. Survives!

Sun 5th planet blue Wodan trapped at Thor's Wooden,

up close. Seen bigger than the Moon. Star reflect White.


Going to be major solar destruction we cannot get justice support for

a new U.S. government to replace rich verses the worker and national

security of the electorate for private gain. Where citizenship takes out

subversive immigration and business conspiracies of alien cultures, so

given equal rights by politicians and legal system alien enemy lawyers

not under Public Tribunal Majorities Rule. Rule foreign and domestic

issues of nations. That would be the purest and True Democracy. Thus

American and other country's would have a higher degree of harmony,

for economic ventures, at war and peace. Especially, when our planet is

going to burn up in methane gas fire reduced to a asteroid/sun bounced

on Earth by stray big fat bloated red dwarf star known to hit it in 2029!


Scholars, with their planets all in orbit around sun, their Sun at the end

of a solar jet left Oort cloud about the solar system where its binary star

they say don't come around. Thor came up to the Sun which popped out

of it and collapsed. Thus, giving birth to Big Dipper suns kick out to Sun

with string of planets, as close as they got to the Sun. That all swing back

in elliptic orbits towards their binary star along with the Sun in orbits to.

Where you would have to compare original location of Sun's binary to its

suns regularly, to map all of its suns loops back towards their binary star.


Turns out that the above collapsed dwarf star with blue planet Sirius captured lights

icy glazed Thor 10th Planet surface, the Sun 5th planet here behind white dwarf star

has 3 times Jupiter gravity and mass hid its bright blue light behind Wooden Edenite

returning advanced. This magnet flipped sun poles going away tug Earth poll 5 times.


Here is the Sun's Twin "Planet X" since 2003 regularly eclipsed by the Moon later sun

its iron core. Binary star remains. Planet X solar jet solar system to sun. Pristine Pluto

squirt a moon. Nibiru got brighter increasingly, since 2002 until 2006, melted methane

off of Planet X in sunlight, a halo of glare behind Sirius dwarf star from its bright blue

planet Wodan at Wooden Edenite illuminated blue its planet atmosphere, to 1/24/2006.


White dwarf eclipse of upper right of the brightest star in the dark 10:00 in the sky in sun

shine increased. NASA 12/06/02 a page image not allowed to print up-close"star", of Dark

Matter behind white dwarf eclipsing blue Wodan. Sirius "star" orbiting around it eclipsed

seen each orbit end around star Sirius incoming fast to sun, that orbits it Norse label Thor.

Planet X since 1983 out of Oort cloud to 2003 south east it came in at dawn seen to sunrise.

Planet 5 of the Sun white dwarf captured behind it eclipsed. Wodan return to inherit Earth

from 3.3 day orbit behind Sirius white dwarf star our Nibiru "tau Boo", binary "Planet X"

Sirius setting in 2006 with Wodan took from between Jupiter and Mars, only hit planet SIX

left the Asteroid Belt. Sirius, Planet X, also known as Thor, switched the Sun poles 2/19/2007

that Sun eclipsed. But red dwarf star hitting Sun onto the Earth shake up methane gas polar

reversal. Edenite avenge massacre of Easter Island, a Catholic conversion sending in soldiers.


"God" the enemy, making people different so all the different people's perpetual

war. Therefore fuck religion all of the peoples enemy making the world this way,

might as well use all of its forces to scientific purpose, border the races to its evil.


Sirius is Thor, orbit to the Sun. It's white dwarf here Wodan, the SUPERIOR RACE.


In security secrecy red dwarf star a New star approaching. That only satellites get to see,

until rash of continuous Red moon. September 23, 2006 Thor Hogback Mountain setting

Plant X on October 23, 2006, 19 February 2007 aligns polls flips the sun north pole south

to Thor magnetic south. Thor backward here up to Earth loops out away, solar jet length.


Here January 25, 2003 next see White dwarf blue planet turned off its light to 3 moons,

visible orbiting around dwarf star in sunlight? June 2003 moon starts Thor eclipse. But

1 May only white rays reflect lower left November 2003 lower left "V" end of Thor blue

"star" beam passing Thor's upper right, hidden behind Wooden, shining on it a crescent

sliver of star light, across upper right of Thor go behind it Wooden lower left a beam set.


Wooden's illuminated blue planet behind white dwarf halo reflects Wooden glare White

2003 Wodan. Wodan blue atmosphere went behind star Sirius around Thor upper right.

Beginning in December 2005 the bright light again appeared around Thor's lower left, a

star orbiting binary star, White dwarf reflecting blue planet on Thor Wodan deriving its

blue planet's power and light from its two magnetic fields its dynamo's turning. A threat,

sending UFO Death Star candidly hid from Earth's sight waiting like a predator. Here we

can bunker America. US Armed Forces lucky enough putting me in power Military Coup!


I saved this "Santa Barbara News-Press/Thursday November 30, 1995" newspaper

article The brown dwarf GL229B coming straight at Earth bigger than Earth orbit,

18 light-years from Earth to 6.5 in 2005, as Hubble Space Telescope found the object

in October 1994. Gliese 229 A aligned poles with Sun poles flipped Sun poles in 2007.


Planet X 10:00 not Mars at 11:00 2003- 2006, prelude to end of Earth's Ages of Life.

Wodan caught in gravity sink in halo orbit close up to the white dwarf star here see,

every 3.3 days orbit behind the white dwarf star seemingly White hot collapsed star,

with captured blue planet here, amateur astronomer camera image above. But, close

up 12/06/02 Hubble Wodan itself telescope image the big picture blue planet all lit up

with the white dwarf behind Thor out in the open blue elements exposing civilization.

News reports of were all calling Thor/Nibiru Mars kept it secret not to scare everyone

or Power by Default explained,conspiracy surprise digital coin the Revolution we take

government Military go ballistic. Tribunal leadership. We get White America to safety.


Red dwarf star from 18 to 6.5 light years away in 10 years to 2005, to 2029 all red Moon

unprepared to the end with war build up tensions we have visitors waiting return, profit

even if Earth smashed a superior recycles it race returning planet came by close in 2006.


19 February 2007 magnetic core of the sun facing parent star alignment

close enough to the sun it forced the sun magnetic poles to switch places. Star

long ago a weapon (Comet 17P/Holmes) was deployed in orbit around the sun by

people who look-like the carvings on Easter Island, certainly waiting here to invade

the Earth, as the mass of their percussion weapon dispersed out from expanding. At

a rate of a thousand miles per hour, increasingly faster, the Comet Holmes. A dirty

bomb to be expanding at 11,000 miles an hour and exceeding the size of the Sun,

for only 20 miles in diameter rock of molten plutonium October 24 explosion

only engulfed Earth in particles that swept by out of the exploded comet:

Holmes simulation orbit

If without ACDSee 32 v2.41 find above simulation here

Some astronomers worry about inner solar system comets maybe one of them out there going

to explode likewise anywhere close to Earth. End of the world. Bigger asteroid than killed the

dinosaur must be intelligence lighting planet blue laser fired from their battle ship at Mercury,

hideout elsewhere Thor u-turn up close 2006 sun eclipse snuck up their battle ship to Mercury.


Gas from Comet 17/P Holmes so reached Mars atmosphere, as Mars came back around

the Sun in 2008, to it's debris expanding bigger than sun for this forewarning of another

comet to explode bigger than the Sun. Safely "Comet 19/P Borrelly" went by the Earth,

2008 July 26 fallout Comet Holmes spread its radiation to no effect finally reached Earth

atmosphere. December 21, 2012, sun complete last 52 years Milky Way Galaxy asteroids

reach Earth atmosphere, foretells "Revelation 8:10 and 11". Look it-up! World destroyed,

by fire. "Repent" if anyone needs to/better to ascend it Borrelly asteroid looks like bomb!


Now back to "Planet X" here Thor with bright blue planet Wodan behind dwarf Wooden.


Early the Thursday morning before dawn January 23, 2006, Thor and its closest planet

up close with long wide beams of light out to it's upper right, crescent moon left over a

southeastern horizon Sirius, the new object in solar system. Up close bigger than moon

white as a snowball, points of white flared up out from its right half obscuring 7 moons

that morning pure white dwarf up close Sirius dark little moon close lower left crescent

moon to see star Sirius full round dim Planet X with moon eclipsing beginning in June.

The white planet white dwarf star light behind it turned off I could see 3 up close moons

a 1 and 2. Beside it tiny dark sphere at lower left of large dim Planet X January 24. New

planet white dwarf blue planet behind it cautiously turned off reflecting white off White.


Wednesday morning January 25, I woke up at the break of dawn and went to look at the

White Planet with the light behind Sirius close-up planet turned off, 3 close moons until

tiny metal moon out lower left, just below its moon plane. Thor right of crescent Moon.

Thor 2 new planets visible at dawn, the farthest new planet twice Thor they went behind

full moon Planet 10 descended out of Oort cloud in a ellipse first became visible in 2003

2006 bright beams of light radiate out around white dwarf. On 24th 3 moon triangle front

of its white star, it's own light. Sirius with moon planets getting bigger until eclipse sat to

end of ellipse. Wooden 3 then close moon 4 the long beams of light January 23 turned off.


On Thursday morning January 26 I got up again to see Thor and its White dwarf, my

strong eyepiece on my telescope, just as thin dark clouds were moving in for break of

cold wet overcast foggy winter sky, the big white planet out with the stars. I didn't get

telescope adjusted in time before a front of thin dark clouds covered the White planet,

thin dark clouds move in. I could still see Thor in moonlight a close white new planet.

Thinking for certain Planet X 2 new planets proceed had to cross behind last full moon

during the rainy nights just over Hogback Thor's little moon lower left side rise eclipse,

going upper right side of Thor white planet hiding Wodan bright planet light turned off,

until setting over Thor, Wooden and Wodan, blue planet lighting up to each Thor orbit a

vindictive population, silently hiding to avenge the massacre of its Easter Island culture,

apparently able rain fire upon political governments on Earth. Callous minded humanity,

arguing animal media distraction stocking up, could be ready for Edenite at end of dollar

chaos US take out repossess whole system, feed to the hogs and dogs digital money plan.


On 5 February 2006 at dawn there was no fog or clouds so I went to my telescope and

what I thought was Wodan was Wooden January 23, to 3 or 4 close and 3 distant moon

White dwarf. Red dwarf star approach from blind side 18 to 6.5 light years in 10 years,

to hit Sun. Both heading at each other combined speed. April White dwarf star orbiting

Thor Sirius around the Sun gets bigger and brighter until its two new planets were going

by in 2006 intersecting our solar system visible I watched with or without my telescope

Thor from other side of Sun until half Moon, eclipsed by its closest object. Most hear of

the bright Thor that sat in 2006 said to be 60% size of Sun close, noted ancient Samaria.

Moon turns red in the red dwarf glare upon Sun, star hitting the Sun fission goes out and

becomes a red giant sun. Thor eclipsed by little moon went behind Full Moon in August,

then behind full Moon in September what Astronomy 2006 said was Mars. White dwarf',

planet behind it turned off its electromagnetic field Power and Light hiding a civilization!


February 7 at 6 a.m. before dawn, Thor tiny crescent shaped moon to its lower left

eclipse starting to cross over Thor got me up to look at eclipsing Thor October see

beside crescent moon in between the white dwarf up front January 24 saw the back

planet point's of light turned off behind white orb. I wished its glare behind turn off

blinding bright beams behind it 23 January 2006, must be blue "star" fear turned off

hid there. 7:03 a.m. white planet big object a 3 close moons, I pointed my telescope.

Neighbors could see 3 moon triangle out behind the white planet, dialed in Wooden,

pure white. Sunrise Planet X daytime only pinprick of white. Strain my eyes all day.


On the morning of February 9, 2006, 6:30 a.m. I decided to get out my telescope and

look at both of the two new planets. The 10th planet, what has not moved at all, from

its location left of sunrise when I first saw Sirius at dawn January 23 it now had a bite

out of it in its upper right end. Half Moon in binoculars, the moon eclipse of Planet X,

which made it harder to see, while being eclipsed in the daylight, going across the sky.


I dialed in Thor, little moon behind the white dwarf Thor lower left crescent moon left

Thor approaching Earth vibrating like a fast train on tracks, like headlight. Through my

8x21 binoculars every morning Thor eclipse by its dark moon big bite, and close White

dwarf with moons in orbit around Thor, only visible until October 23, 2006, when it sat

looping away from the Sun. Planet X orbits up to the Sun and then away on same angle,

in which Wodan left an armed outpost. Coincidently from other direction the Red dwarf,

through path, aiming to take out the Earth. Big impact bounces Sun away, in ring of fire!


I have not mentioned that earlier 2006 April 3 moon triangle formation, looks like

seemingly patrol front to back to upper right behind white star January, to October

triangle appear next night left end of 10 moon new Saturn, further and furthest end

of and away. Anyone looking could see a 3 moon 4 white dwarf star at night. Planet

moon 3 sometimes 4 moon all year triangle right far end moon found beside moon 4

below plane of 1 + 2 moon alternate each other was the triangle moon right. Missing

third moon out of the triangle up close to White dwarf moon 4 lower left out beside it

was moon of distant moon triangle ship from blue star left 2 stationary triangle moon.


At 9:30 p.m. 2003 April 23 the big White planet with 7 lights that could be moons of it

night after night, I watched unchanging dimension a 2 left side moons stand, remaining

of triangle on 45° plane with white dwarf 3 moons where 1 light of the triangle was then

over the two moons of White dwarf alternating 1 + 2 moon formed a new triangle there.

White dwarf set in the west but moon triangle went lower left end Thor 10 moon Saturn!


Asteroid blotches were in front of the White orb. I dialed back to see one asteroid out in

front of the White orb, then to its left was a swarm of blotches which most likely is from

destroyed asteroid blasted apart, moon triangle defense white orb battle stations patrol in

battle groups inside and out not in fact moons in natural orbits are man moved hardware!


Out at 10:00 2006 White orb much bigger than Moon. I could see without binoculars, its

moon triangle, too far away to be moons, a 2 moon side of a triangle, left of white planet

triangle. The missing moons lower right moon left two moon ships, revolving clockwise,

like on Ferris Wheel, going clockwise around white dwarf star, always on 45° right angle

with moons orbiting white dwarf its 2 moons got missing moon over its 2 formed triangle

on May 8 out of distant moon triangle triangle missing one over white orb close 2 moons!


Astronomy magazine May 2006 only hand drew Sirius Jupiter solar system. Big dwarf star

almost opaque close planets see the moons neighbors over new Saturn triangle white planet

all year fall west sat moon triangle moved to Saturn 10 moon left end in anyone's telescope.


16 May 2006 in twilight was the first time I got to see dwarf 4th moon combining 1 moon,

on same side very close a long parallel pair over two other so close slant just right, 4 moon

in long slender rectangle point right at dwarf. I thought my telescope must be out of focus!

White orb's moons so close over the others two right and two left which formed a long thin

shallow rectangular box of moons 4 moons at lower left centered in the close 3 moon plane

looked like a space docking maneuver. One moon over the other, in two pairs! So traveling

triangle moon under 1 moon alternating 2 under moon of missing triangle moon 4 together.

All summer long white dwarf 1 moon alternating 2. With the triangle of moons too far away

to be moons end up 2 moons of pyramid tilting left orbiting around the white dwarf star like

on a Ferris Wheel cruse around 3 to 4 moon White dwarf + 2 moon tilt has to be engineering

feat rather than natural occurrence if the White planet has two interchangeable battle groups.


"Delight of astronomy New object in the orbit" November 30, 1995 news. "Scientists

are ecstatic." This red dwarf star, blind side opposite from blue planet at star Sirius,

behind a White dwarf 6 December 2002. Sirius visible with cheep telescope the few

knew where to look for over south-eastern horizon I got to see Planet X with moon,

go behind Full Moon, close behind White dwarf and new Saturn passing. Worse yet

this approaching red dwarf in 10 years 18 to 6.5 light years, a Sun knock out punch!

Speeding in at Sun, from 1994 blind side, for Wormwood going to raise up fall apart,

dwarf star coming in fast in 2005 hits sun at Earth bounces away asteroid hit by a red

dwarf sun swell up to become Red giant. Neighbors over scoped out the White dwarf

with moon Gliese 229B Sirius B from end of Big Dipper confuse with red dwarf star.

This how Mexico astrology ends up on fire swelled up bloated swollen red dwarf star.

Thor solar jet Sun the points, planets frozen magnetic core mass pressure pop up suns

back to binary star life originates in each magnetic core methane gas spew seed of life

inside make carbon-monoxide, burn methane gas solar jet planets, the suns full of life.


Finally in the morning of February 13 I got my 60mm smallest of a telescope adjusted

to look for the bigger of 2 bright planets Planet X at 10:00 below Mars at 11:00 look at

White planet, its new Saturn 10 moon as it went through solar system. For both a better

image with my 8x21 binoculars, a small moon eclipse of Planet X, increase 1/4 shadow

getting bigger bite out of upper right side of Thor in my telescope, to only half moon in

binoculars, view crescent moonlight on moon of Sirius left corner, up right end of Thor,

planets and moons not from this solar system. Close enough I saw all of each its moons.

Nibiru= Planet X Thor #10 behind Sun Sirius that flipped Sun's poles February 19, 2007

in the beginning going away southern hemisphere back to Oort cloud solar jet beginning.


The next morning on the 14th of February, the 1 moon switching places with 2 as lights.

What looked like smudge yesterday morning beside dwarf single moon, on its lower left

a explosion cloud white new planet planet destroy asteroid. A big asteroid sliver in front.


Like I expected in 24 hours orbits of 3 moons were back up 2 to the upper right of

and one to lower left of White dwarf triangle moons back out upper right February

16. Early next morning, when I noticed a tiny metallic flickering 4th moon up close

beside dwarf star lower left. Tiny diamond metal flicker was on the new star moon

plane of moons just inside moon 1 opposite 2 peaked around the close white planet

of Thor. The small crescent shape on Thor upper right side, from blue orb on dwarf.

I dialed back from Thor reveal 2 big long asteroids, in defensive explosions in view.


A few "kill" smudges orbiting with new orb moons, always in defensive formation

patrolling and prepared go through space through comet and asteroid fields boldly!

There the brightest and smallest moon of the white orb randomly moving powered?

Shinny little metallic space station in the moon plane of white orb there went under

the white orb so close man made object bright metallic really not moon in a random

course through 2 packs. Alternating defenders. While the distant triangle patrols for

comet or asteroid destroys them moon 4 from right took sharp left turn under dwarf.


Metallic little moon next a.m. just below new orb's 2 moons, star Sirius left havoc

and Asteroid Belt of planet 6, between Jupiter and Mars. Invaders now cloak a city

of Wodan going through comet and asteroid wave like gunner goes through a battle

field certain to wield war fireworks! Media say nothing where Planet X went away!

Politic authority advertising only interest in saving themselves to safe haven private

interest available tax dollars racist majority take all back in military rule supremacy!


The only possible cause for the eclipse of the Sun's Twin star has to be that Thor has moon,

up close in Sun light, unexpected up closest it. While its white dwarf star is this white Wooden

with its blue planet 4 moons and the triangle of moons anyone could see looking for them, in 2006.


Wodan was the illuminated planet that lit up Thor bright blue, behind its White dwarf,

the light now turned off behind it. Planet X star points I saw May 1, 2003, were off-set

in the lower left end of 5 times bigger than Jupiter star apocalypse 2 planets of the sun

between Jupiter and Mars magnetic field poles of Sirius blue behind 7 orb white dwarf

left sun light did illuminate it. Alien sent a ship in while Sirius was behind a sun eclipse

sent in Wodan ship up close Earth as Mercury. Thor ellipse goes away from nearest Sun.


At 8:45 a.m. I stopped watching eclipse of Planet X, only white dot at 10:00, up in the

day binoculars only half moon 2006 star Sirius certainly could still be visible if I kept

my eyes on it going across the sky until set, that at dawn Sirius in sun light increasing.

Sirius solar system planets on its orbital plane going through the solar system in 2006.

Sirius variously named coming in on a elliptic turn, by its Son, passing close it aligned

its south pole to Son south pole, on 19 February 2017, flipping Sun poles. A corruption.


Where Sun is a Son. But looking for information about Planet X I found coincidently a

red dwarf star was going to cross path's with Planet X cause far greater disaster in 2029.

Red Moon! Full Red moons in a row Wormwood rises from south, star runs into Son of Thor.


While the Son and Thor coming together again brought asteroids if Sirius ran into

Oort cloud pieces of itself giving birth to Sons where accidents ceres happen world

5th planet to the Son. Sat in the Milky Way, leaving 2012 two Nostradamus asteroids

blow-up over Russia and beside Florida over Bermuda Triangle in 2013 end of world

going away from its Son Thor with Wooden, suddenly up close didn't bother the Moon.

Bubbles, same as bubble in the Earth blowing out steam pressure, break out Earth's top.


Visible low over Hogback ridge at 4:55 a.m. big rust Thor coming in February 13

left of highway 140 Olene my telescope look at the Son parent, Thor in 2006 moon

eclipse of Thor in March. I was more interested in the new Jupiter moons. Lucky to

be up early to see another new planet centred over my patio, like January 23 Sirius,

crescent moon to the left of Sirius, my first sight of 10 moon ring of Thor new Saturn.


Glancing over 3 bright up-close lights to lower left of the white planet 1 opposite 2

orbs, I first ignored while dialing in white new planet alternating 1 opposite 2 close

moons, I missed 3 bright round orbs in triangle formation up front in my telescope.

Next night saw white dwarf star January 25 triangle out up far behind 1 and 2 moon

week later metallic looking bright little sparkling moon out beside orb then under it,

had taken a left turn propelling a vehicle away from White orb to under it's 2 moons.


Sirius in a solar system, was on a course regularly eclipsed by the Moon. I found 3

packs of asteroids in front of Thor likely bounced off of Thor later two asteroids hit

Earth while Son system began to set in disc of Milky Way Galaxy, panic arm assault

forces US right plunder and pillage the leftists or is it Easter Island revenge rain fire?


“Planet X” like comets gone around the Son get closer to the Earth on their way out if

orbiting the Son? Planet X not back since Moses, "The Destroyer" fly-by. Which was

lucky for Jews. Came again the brightest star in the sky. False media backwards Thor

Planet X the media called Thor Mars. Close once in 50 thousand years, it came down,

to the Son on ellipse a secret, away. Red dwarf star will smash Earth out of Oort cloud

bounces Sun at Neptune. Authority keep media silence concerning Red dwarf, trouble

so massive. Wodan possibly rain down fire upon Earth Edenite arrive if everyone dies.

Threat is unexpected I just take off escape the rent electric, this page a miracle in 1309.



White American Majority Rule leadership say racism right rule, massacre in a discharge

and Coup WWIII race cause end of world Tribunal leading up to polar reversal in 6 year

Bear Market for the billionaires so the American citizen starves on the street gets the rich

to Mars and beyond. Except this battle station hiding out from the blue planet takes over.


A swarm of asteroids out of Oort cloud reach Earth, turned upside down, if planets

orbited the Son. Actually only orbit their distances to the Son. Everything between

orbit to sun and back toward binary star! White dwarf star up so close in 2006 here.

NASA had to contact. Turned off their light does it burn Earth before settlers arrive

know its people left glass cities on Moon ages ago battleship over millions of years

polar reversal destroys 90% ocean and 70% of life on Earth like last super volcano.

Vatican catacomb expedition. Wooden planet starship. Rapture reversal bunker in or

vanish, waves of chaos UFO front and behind star hit sun bowling ball through pins.


Only my government would prepare the people to survive end of the world.

Planet X went behind the Sun shot a ship to Mercury on its side of the Sun.

Its cover blown on the Internet for a battle ship once beside Mercury move.

Planet X sat from view on Hogback at dawn September 23, 2006, that here sat on ocean going away

Planet X 600 times Earth size 21 million miles away from Son. Space dangers need my nazi inspirational

industrial American citizens army of one party go nationalism, racism patriotism Tribunal, space traffic around.


I watched Planet X coming in May 10 o'clock for 3 years 2003 from Southeast until it sat over

Hogback Mountain. Enemy to wield such power of the rich, secrecy, haves. Military take it all.

Dogma scholars. Medieval to nuclei travel end of the world. Police Pentagon follow my letters.


Lee Harrison,


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