I am the political leadership in America by the Default vote majority in elections, National Debt Default inflation vote since the 1950's I copyrighted in 1997 for Default votes in elections Congress made retroactive a year, back to 1996. Where I am saying U.S. democracy is a fake and don't support it with your votes at elections for any politician. From now on since 1996 if you don't vote your votes are Third Party votes, "my votes", in Power by Default, beginning with this "The Logical Solution page".">


Up close Sun and it's Twin face each other in April chaos,

Earth's magnetic core runs into terra firma beside Greenland,

where the Moon ran into the Earth into the Pacific Ocean because

the star Sirius ran into two planets between Jupiter and Mars, it's back

around again to raising hell 6th polar reversal the elite's evacuations secret

this time, the Earth is turned upside down corporations all joined together New

World Order conspiracy rule planning to fly away to Mars from taxes exterminate it

with a Democracy Military Coup for Tribunals, our 3rd of humanity destroyed's wealth.

Rule keeps the whole truth secret give the people the whole truth like pieces in a puzzle enemies of the people Business!

STOP VOTING, it does not matter if you are in Russia or U.S.A.. The people have no representation, or its U.S. Military

wants one I establish real democracy following over body of business politics the whole chain of command and its gangs

called the Left. WWII produced few good dictatorships for their citizens, but Communism that took out the system failed

without public support the Media organised crime default on national debt inflation in the scholar politician lawyers rule.

U.S. Military leadership revert to heritage America I call up racist America to arms 50 State Divisions racist U.S. Militia,

where in America liberals leftists the enemy any next to us we pull out gun and kill any of them, while backup shows-up.




For the Default vote I am President: Third Party calls for 50 State Nationalist Militia. Racist Citizen's Rule 3rd U.S. Government the homeless or otherwise don't vote. I scrap Congress and its H.R. #2847 Law for corporate rule. Only Military rule racist forces in America to arm and do away with democracy, no support any alien that can get over the border, just call us racists.

A lot has changed since I began this web site in Klamath Falls, Oregon. My email is l_hrrsn99@yahoo.com and address Lee R. Harrison, 7127 Hollister Ave. Suite 25A-202, Goleta, California 93117. But I am going on an adventure. I plan not to return for the future, after March 2021, economic disaster and the cost of living for the two thirds of humanity that survive, with no support I know of in anarchy and chaos, passing star buffeting Earth oceans 5 times bigger than Jupiter.

The People dissatisfied with politics as usual have long been fascinated with the possibilities of the political Majority of non-voters outnumbering the vote, for any of the candidates. Here since 1996 I won the Default vote for power in 2020, I copyrighted as The Third Party in 1997 retroactive to 1996 presidential election, year Congress law on Internet copyright's Power by Default leadership, for U.S. Military taking out U.S. Government as a threat to National Security. Laws devalue the dollar into politic's pockets, turned against White American Majority. My laborers by Default Vote rule Racist opinion majority upholding original U.S. Constitution. I did get into the top 20 percent of all Search finds on the Internet in 1997, but no one could read what I was saying. Millions of Americans found this web site through WebPosition Gold, that took me years of work to master the subject matters of leadership, to spread around the world about to die, providing a means for it to be found and read, said this was Top 10 material in October 2010 when I got around to run it. Running it would take four months of "WebPosition Pro" for this work to be indexed enough that readers could come across it in their searches. This Power by Default leadership. The Third Party we throw out the U.S. Government, take all the money for a 3RD government! Nationalizing all the business investments, in an arsenal open house, I enlist 50 State Militia's, every able bodied and willing to fight for White America citizen dissatisfied with the U.S. Government political system. Let me take back the money of inflation, with military force. Pushing leftists off a cliff in Egypt to crocodiles, was appropriate at the bottom. Exterminate unwanted social and economic changes. Business in over 220 years of dictating immigration policies inviting in terrorism. By Martial Law force racist America confiscate wealth of corrupt political system all the gang families and investors politicians associates to deport destroy the guilty of treasonous acts against White American rule. Military Coup dispose of special interest groups, fuck riches, sent jobs overseas. Here I arm America to take over in a blood bath for self rule, a share of the wealth confiscated. The people thereafter a racist Confederate Flag waving say, earn according to their talents in my economy. All the bomb shelters to develop, let flop the fake democracies U.S. politics set up to expand their political corruption. Nuclear weapons thoroughly proliferated by President Clinton China donations got our military super computers to catch up with and surpass U.S. technology and weapons design. Democrat leftist politician policy of giving alien peoples American citizenship rights for inflation profits. One spied for Russia, one spied for China, got multi-warheads like the U.S. has. Can authorities the left USA lies, push them off a cliff. Take all of the political system's money for a new government, depopulate America we get rid of prisoners aliens criminals and recycle alien.

Most people eligible to vote don't vote, because the political system does not provide them with a candidate that will represent their racist, and any other popular views. I am the default votes like I ever met with a nationalist racist kind of views not represented. The Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, fax # 202-546-3571 already knew all of the voter turnout figures within two days of November 2000 Election. Here two attached graphic images were made available to USA Today of old vote disinterest in the candidates offering no representation, a non-voter majority of racist choices. U.S. elections turn out electing me as the leader by Default vote Majority, every Election since 1996, rule electing me by Default beginning in 1996, Command U.S. armed forces the last chance for the American soldier and citizen to capitalize on Debt Default my Power by Default 1997 Congress copyright law my Coup?

"The good news is that as many as 100 million Americans are expected to vote on Election Day 1996. The bad news is that they will constitute barely half if that of all eligible voters." The rich now buying votes for their Establishment's politicians who care less to represent the Majority blast them with capitalistic advertising propaganda sympathizing leftists. Under my leadership white collar criminals and common thieves repeatedly convicted are exterminated. Enemies of The Majority destroy! Where I save 3 trillions of dollars by killing 37 million criminals locked-up, taking all of their assets kill all the gangsters and take all the metals to U.S. Mint recycling crime. If they get away bomb anywhere they go, America destroy criminals eliminating racial differences. Bad children just regiment them or destroy if they are going to be criminals, so to be peace and prosperity throughout communities. Military doing as I say we all live in peace on this planet to less than a billion people. America can or ticket out all the enemies of the people in my Martial Law. Citizens opinion majorities decide how I do what to represent them. Tribunals. Jews on their own in a world war if no one gets democracy in America, right. I am saying U.S. democracy is a fake and don't support it with your votes for any politician to elect colored all of their leftist conspiracies to get rich and richer. From November 1996 on if you don't vote your votes are Third Party votes, "my votes", including Default on National Debt with inflation. Eliminate the upper classes I am the Commander in Chief, "The Logical Solution", racist reactionary thing to do. U.S. Military to save itself American duty my dictatorship nationalize business kill them all. Pray police lead Militia in my citizen's majority rule say, in my dictatorship leadership so business owners investors and management are squeezed, like so many kinds of fruit for their wealth establish a genuine American Democracy in America through genocide of the Left and alien skin. Racists and hate groups KKK Nazi rule to get to Neptune.

Please pass news around to millions of American Citizens among the sometimes more than 50% whom are eligible to vote, but don't, for a racist unity. Communism failed the people under the thumb of the authorities, the same as the capitalism run countries. Vote in 1996 General Elections to now for either of two evils. Default vote always more than the vote for any politician, elects me in every U.S. Election. My dictatorship agenda balanced with popular opinion, on all of the issues, as The American People's Third Party I represent the Majorities of White American citizens views. U.S. Military in the chaos arm American citizens a Militia. So to concentration camp the authorities for trial in public tribunals, under my National Company system the leadership, so I guide the country into the future in polls. All the White Americans with the ways and means, to run government themselves. Elected into Power by Default ever since 1996 I Command U.S. Military, do as I say. White America mustered into Militias in favor of throwing out Congress Court and Federal Government, the whole political system in America, eliminating "illegal aliens" and their cousin criminal populations or can them. Deposit all their coin metals to U.S. Treasury. Fill prisons with government establishment and legal system, replacing lawyers with public tribunals to represent the public. Ration booty from Martial Law and Revolution I represent American Citizens, U.S. Military heroes. My Third Party Government therefore representative of "Silent Majority" of American Citizens eligible to vote who don't. American citizens otherwise better off if East has to bury the West, under thumb of business and politicians.

I am obliged to represent American racists in a automatic Tribunal publicly decided leadership American voter Majority on all the subjects crossed by all those guilty of treason capture or kill end the corrupt political system of politics. Winning power I not only separate from but eliminate what is not White in America. Prosecute exile or otherwise destroy treasonous and subversive leftist kind of people "take back America", start the USA over the right way. U.S. in debt ever since politicians got together to put a stock exchange on Wall Street conspire election corruption, leading the voters to fall off a fiscal cliff. Homeless or better politicians and business keeps on getting richer, inflating the dollar! Might as well shout "May Day! May Day! May Day!" In politicians and lawyers slaughtered hanged, pay back due, Militia American Citizen duty to self and country evicting illegal aliens and colored, to building bunkers for bigger disasters.

There is nothing more important than God and Country share of the glory, accomplishing public service solve the racial problems in America I eliminate. I am the American people's bid for Absolute Power in America decided by popular opinion, offering wages a share of U.S. Military and Militia victory getting rid of illegal and alien peoples. White U.S. Military a suicide mission for American citizen racism to defend themselves, or Power by Default I copyrighted in 1997 Default, a Referendum for Military Coup ending casting votes on a election day for billionaire's candidates. My Military Power by Default a "Yes" vote default for me Versus the politician's "No" in voters voting, in all the Novembers against having me a dictator. Count the default vote, U.S. Military without a vote. I am the people's Third Party power sharing system. U.S. Military White Majority of American citizens opinion polling, my socioeconomic democracy share of said.


Minnesota 69%


  Arizona 37%


Maine 67%


  California 39%


Wisconsin 66%


  Hawaii 40%


Vermont 63%


  Washington 41%


New Hampshire 62%


  New Mexico 42%


  Voter Turnout Electoral Votes     Voter Turnout Electoral Votes

Equals 32


Equals 82


In monarchies the lawyers ruled The People, who may have wanted to and some have changed

governments by Revolution, a nuclear accident or on a mission, elected again ever since 1996,

for my racist American martial law solution U.S. Armed Forces in a citizens democratic action

where we deport and destroy other races, representing a duty to ourselves God and our Nation,

under gravity currents flowing charge mass down, in an electrical system, expanding Universe.

God negative fully approving of what ever It's creations nature's do, to secure their homelands!



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For making the U.S. economy efficient progress is fastest when the people are rich with opportunities

and gold in The Bank, to keep safe for the people, it is not looking like Donald Trump to the rescue.


Free enterprise is the enemy. Government under its control

only military power can take out for the stability of money,

genocide and Adolph Hitler running through my veins, race

in Russia they expell Africans and Jews of subverse society.

Military Coup rule keep us white and industry for a bargain.


Although there are radicals,

that will fight back at corruption in

America, without military support citizens

can only act independently, as in random suicide

missions and hate retaliations at enemy and their friends

set bombs with cell phones, we walk right in with nitroglycerin.



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