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Power by Default, Sky Is The Limit

I could not be King by divine intervention, with no family tree like put monarch's into power, could happen if enough citizens and military orders wanted my leadership, from a "eagle's nest". Told read a Christian scripture to see "the truth", has not helped at all except find out what the world is made of and what is not there/all lit up uniformly the same expanding the World. Buddhist document allowed me see "Buddha" (my Temple's of the Sun formation Quetzalcoatl) Universe in coils expanding! Threatened to join Islam I happen to reflect on "Allah" the top 3 dimensions of 7 dimensions of Eternity, and how they work together, with the 3 "Gods" together worshipped describing a 2 stroke engine. The Gods made me high priest of them all, for a motor to run a economy to turn on. Self-rule Tribunal Democracy, in all of its veins takes a Military Coup d' 'et at to make me Supreme Tribunal Leader. Courts hanged, establishments stripped of power for my Majority Rule. But soon as I can get to one of my vanishing points I will get out of 21st century to serve a King equip forces, that way I can control the future, wars!

I could direct sudden change now, with forces available, all the hardware. All the governments went wrong with politic's to debt default, the same with religion that would be true if they taught ascending at the end of cash their loaded with replaced voided, unless there are enough forces of right in America to freeze the country. Take over, with road blocks and rockets. Where U.S. government messed up in legislation until cash is no good, like Weimar Republic needed a digital money card, and bloody religion anytime. This is my Temples of the Sun ring, dated 1881, 18K over that, with tiny dried blood stains to know it was used at a Temples of the Sun pramid in Mexico, sacrificing somebody, that don't have enough Spanish troops to stop it. Thankfully the sun has only to 2029 to get knocked out by a red dwarf star. Destroyed by fire, hit by the sun, or left to glacers covering the planet, to ship out.


The infinite length of Universe symbol, Greek infinity, is long enough folded over a million times to produce lightening and flashes of kinetic energy produced by the length of infinity expanding with the Universe. I could harness the expanding with enough resources to produce electricity and propulsion converging Mass to Image. The Universe as Quetzalcoatl, length of infinity, all along it black holes protruding from most 87% to least 13% like gun tracers to where stars pop- up and shoot out points that pop up planets and moons to a Sun if they don't pop and collapse or run into another. Milky Way Galaxy and them all sprouted so Earth faces 600 times its size asteroid magnet up close 21 million miles away next April, going to rock Ocean all over the Earth the authorities are keeping secret. My military solution takes Bank, Business, hangs management we the able bodied racist hate come out to pass out weapons to redneck patriotic right a National Militia take out the alien and rich, replace society with our qualified citizen and student classes publicly owned. Elders to reserve forces at home, on guard. Americans with frontiers to win purge out of our communities all enemy races, faith in the mass expanding Universe give thanks to 4 letter word no one can pronounce condensing to nuclei expanding Universe faster and faster. Money instead work and services provided by the Hour, ration homes and property confiscated, college organize economy as a unit publicly decided at tribunal Majority Rule with all the hard money metals confiscated.

Power by Default election possible only if U.S. Military wants it, enough for a new government, to get us over the current government system with a new one. National Debt Default? Hang all the authorities. Racist White America by Tribunal. Murder authority, restore U.S. Constitution to original. Only force can take out leftist alien media in a shoot to kill. World population explosion since 1950 has to go. I know what to do with organized crime, business plan of liberalism, getting richer through integration for greater profits. Women and color mixing with other races project to become one brown race, working for Mob interests. My military overthrow represent Default Votes, economy and government. Racism I take out politics. My power by default for White America, world governments powerful with proliferations paid by cheap labor economy without Unions. Italian Mafia running media and employment. Business media full of prostitutes and whores got elected a illegal alien black, for president, that got Americans replaced with all kinds of aliens at work everywhere. Otherwise my dictatorship forces the racist majority I direct. No president by election the people's help since Revolution. Tax and corruption legislation made in China. Armed Forces & Police I join manage Militia Police Sweep, White America war against left, mobster Latin alien race's Business. Public enemies ship out can or stay on slaves as public servants. Take enemy wealth, racist Right fall in. Riot loot and shoot immigration differences, rebuild industry, overthrow political and economic system, take gold and silver coin for jobs. Finish off enemy in concentration camp meat pack or ship out. Tribunal dictatorship or vanish before dark star, Thor pulled back sling shot orbit for April return.

On April 7, 1988, I decided to find out what Don Juan certain places to collect power was going to do for me, going to do for the end of the last 52 year century when Quetzalcoatl was suppose to return, at one of those kind of places. I got to before it got too hot to hike. Day to force the tool human's are all born with to too much mass, wherever it would happen. To break to other side of image of world, problem navigating. I panicked jumped down out of reciprocal, matter ascending. Areas like need be protected, ahead of polar reversal and the sun going to go out a red giant in 2029. U.S. Armed Force's found these pages all impossible to read, except racism, I stand for old American racism. Dictatorship power by Default Vote, to get done right for White America my home. I might drop in on Dwight D. at Pentagon, chance to return America back the way I remember it, arming American racists State by State. Militia do as I say Commander in Chief the Constitution restrict in a 3rd U.S. government, prepare for desperate times, my body transform restore in mass element condensing to nuclei collect on all the inversion stuck to one break through image, my bag to mass. Saved by Own Device.

I don't have time in the future, beyond this Fall. I could drop into 1760 America, entertain make assault rifle show 10 Commandments Ben Hur raise funds manufacture convert Revolution confiscate political power in conflict kill or run out the aristocracies, once the people know what it will do to them through 226 years. Revolution against political system majority make union unnecessary American democracy instead, over printing cash subversive, stock market, business for centuries deflating U.S. dollar. Raise wages for union dues, donate get politicians elected like black Indonesian elected US president, serve crime interests. Coup d' only Military solution. My leadership, racist hate with all of its forces a Militia each State. U.S. Military change of Command I do with opinion charts to go by, my Third U.S. government. Right back to an all White America again. But on the other side you cannot communicate with the transformed, a Image passing through before all hell breaks loose changing poles.

Gangsters running business all around town. Mussolini policy I could solve everything. Enemy in concrete or can! Business against American people, their legislation printing trillions of worthless dollars. Inflation making crime families richer and more powerful. U.S. Armed Forces nazi leadership it takes against crime, enemy. If it can be done racist Right Police Pentagon and Militia take out minorities, ground and air takeover, shutdown. Coup, take out lawyers confiscate wealth and property over their dead bodies, or they escape. Enlisted or Militia community sweep out bad and bomb secret society conspiracies. Take everything, scrub plots in politics against White America. Discriminate community cleansing Police U.S. Military issue weapons to White American citizens, a Militia, dividing up all the revolution booty take a house. Metals to Treasury. End of year dividends from profits gold Hour and silver Minutes parts of an Hour Notes or your piles, Bank. America purge-out all of our ethnic enemies, give the world a genocide alternative, heroes of conflict award medals the public fulfill civic duty all the fronts all the patriots into the future tribunal all the issues plug phone in.

All 4 of the red full Moons 6 months apart a clue a red star is coming up behind the Sun, hits Earth's orbit. Where for Americans to survive a nation they have to take over the authority and government shelters. Can the system as pet food, or export as "Kangaroo Brand" to polynesia African grills public enemies illegal all the alien residents or they escape. Tear gas them out bomb others take out the courts leftists enemies of American's, homeland. Third Reich national debt! Confiscate profits held in foreign country to hand over or go to war. Take bomb shelters for the people's refuge, connect city underground industry community prepare for approaching star hits Sun and gamma ray burst. America's leader by Default I could duplicate the Infinity generator, in a factory U.S. Military has, create others power container ships etcetera save my home country White America a dash to live on Neptune similar gravity ground temperature can't return to Earth for a New Age. Sun a red giant at a red dwarf star, under a new earth and a new heaven Earth bounced away a core like Mercury. We the people White America a democracy, fireworks hear my call to duty 50 States Militia. U.S. Armed Forces backup racist Revolution in America. Power by Default dictatorship White America, 3rd of humanity dies off when star Sirius pops up around, a asteroid. Rapture expansion, iron core breaks out of Arctic. Earth "bubble" bursts in 2023. Pentagon could still be finding these pages, finally literature. Default vote majority silent and obscure might get do everything I write on racism. U.S. Electorate keeps electing me dictator, by not voting. "The system" a enemy to destroy in military takeover take back American racism I represent for the kind of country American people want, by Revolution. Still I will take my little rifle and clips with a lot of memento's on file to early America. Colonies to recycle iron and steel for industry rise up a super power. Now as in the past I represent home workers interests employ according to citizen talents. Each their own personality community assembly manufacture weapons and tractors and combines tame the land pour ship hulls make planes and rule the seas. Research and development economy that would have to be a social secrecy to succeed, book dropping into 1760. With good reason for future ship God Motor Gravity mass spinning faster than light, Universe Image projected as fast as a rock to ground expanding in a current image.

Most of the voters not voting because they do not believe voting for any politician will represent their racism. Coup do as I say, to the hogs legislated jobs out of America suspend Constitution political lobby business sent jobs elsewhere for a Bull Market. Blow-up liberal communities, integration, hostile subversive alien equal opportunity. Pictures on social security cards to identify Americans only whites entitled to have them. Right get rid of the whole political system only Americans on social security. Riot purge. American dearth march gas out gun down equal rights court. 1760 could start mass producing AK-74's to change 17th century, for an American history Revolution with 21st century. Revolution against politics getting into power. Automatic weapons alternative to flint lock. Farm machinery and domestic products industry for citizen's profit on foreign trade, for their services, eliminates taxation. Lifer the bad to front line duty, troops to occupation the dirty work. Citizens only British Isles to European ends the West. Everyone a job according to talents to employ underground for end of the world industry and community, safe underground. Maybe Sun and red dwarf bounce left and right of Earth, out freezing.

Military Coup to survive a nation, rub out alien and other dangerous peoples. U.S. citizens get whatever they can take through Military power, divide up the enemies property. U.S. Treasury take resources and coin metals to usher into power my citizen's democracy. Leadership to put Americans back into control of America. No president but my Tribunal law, purge. The Third Party my citizen's revolution hit politics, take back all of our freedoms to day one. Get high if you like or overdose on drugs, alcohol home brew or distillates. Knock yourself out if you want taking dangerous chances but don't come to work interference on the job. States store up everything needed for as many citizens as possible one way or another survive comfortably into the future. All the others left in the rubble in 2023, Default disaster. "The Destroyer" kept a secret in astronomy. Moses in Egypt rewrote its secrets for his own purposes, until social and economic collapse from white dwarf star up close, everyone invaded. USA its citizens with me The Third Party White America, my Military leadership and call to arms. Volunteers join Militia equip armies of 1 my Default vote Right National Election Majority since 1996 "Yes" Vote's Default for far Right leadership Verses "No" Votes voted for any politician, take out everything going the way said by establishment the system of who is authority, Tribunal prosecute in my citizen's Majority Rule. Militia shoot bomb or detain, the people directly influence everything. I favor the Majority my leadership of U.S. National Forces war.

Third U.S. Government whatever the people want it to be, where they have all the facts before them good for the people to make use of necessary for civil society shuttle off to space government on Earth, to live by. Fight for freedom follow my do or die or methane gas fire after back and forth tsunami "destroyed by fire", earthquake Easter 2023. 2029 Wormwood falls apart on the Earth. On guard, Militia with Military support my leadership throughout these misterinbetween.com pages. Racism according to tradition White America back under male rule weatherman news man and post man again! Women in deep shit in a man's world, I show what 21st century equality did produce rifles in high calibers in 1760, women work in their old social places while men the only vote, my dictatorship leadership. No one else found "truth", said on a Mount, someone ascended told me "If there is any truth in the Bible you will find it in the Sermon on the Mount", got it right. Excited I went back to work and forgot it until closing bell remember it rush home as fast as I could to read it saw the Truth! "The truth" having a "heavenly host" in weightless brightness expanding Universe, pools invisibly in a chocolate drop shape, deposits on various size spots all around the world. Christians only worship symbolically celebrate Holy Mother, Jesus photography, Calixtus II crucified in 1119 Italy, branded Earth gravity charge humidity with sword wound shadow.

JesusChrist sword wound impression on Matter of Image, other side of, Earth twined in a circuit. Mass beaming from crucified man pictured on "Shroud of Turin" in Italy. Light exposure Jesus passion image on cloth matter of gravity, charge. Gravity current to charge glue mass condensing to nuclei Images expanding in Gravity Charge ballooning, aging. The other side wounded now, still Apollo. Mass always the same shape on gravity grounds. Obsolete religious fantasy worship scripture mostly a lot of truisms hype and history abolish, with press of a button. No way out alive except through the "Truth" invisible shape of mass convergence. Supplications and introspections great in ancient times, few ever seeking "see" the Truth. The guides to your moment of salvation dead or alive helps. Power by Default I get some Rock ‘n’ Roll done with some bands divide up recording company loot pay unfulfilled recording company agreements ever signed, shred 21st century music. Recording company wealth the booty, music back to downloading any of it for free. Delete alien gang rap. Void laws "change the system", decide them at Tribunal. In the past, space technology before end of the 1800's in my bag, Industrial revolution for 1309 or 1760. Chemistry formulas, prescriptions. Today investigate a ancient housing compound Apollo NASA found on back side of Moon. Build city of titanium modules up cable round core of city to assemble after steam filled iron-nickel core blows-out Earth's top in 2023 end of world. Bunkers at hand for citizens.



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The people get revenge!





















Politician's in elections decided behind closed corporate office doors for what the rich want, elects politics, where integration of all races plot increases business profits. Subversive to nationalism the rich and powerful must be killed off so racism manage their resources without them. All races separate was good, but better just remove all the other races to original Europeans, certain to end in missiles flying rockets and then road blocks in my racist Armed Forces purge of all of ranks, break relations with establishment, Coup d' 'etat round up political-racial enemy security threats. Some get out alive or die with organized crime and their legal system races. Right take all the wealth and the Left lives, eliminating National Debt. American citizens Tribunal opinion verses the Mob, Business, decide my leadership decisions in my Third U.S. government, on the street genocide. Militia we get a fair share of profits. Labor performance in departments of workers, all contributing to each industry and service, prepare white citizens survive the 6th end of the world exterminate racial tension. Planet X turn Earth upside down 2023 ready for star hits Sun u-turn ignored, no one can save us Americans with equal rights in power.

Right in Power by Default I am United States of America's fiscal cliff solution, a Military solution for American citizens who do not vote. Racist me in power as the leader the politically to the right conquer and vanquish with Military power shoot our enemies U.S. armed forces destroy gangs illegal's. Some of the rich survive the tribunals. Coup d' shuts off phones, confiscates corporate property and bombs the resistance. Chaos to colored and business we divide and conquer. State's of Militia Law, representation of the racist Majority of American citizen views, our democracy. Alien's and Latin a threat to White America, thus my real civil war. Won, American workers inherit all of America's resources in a necessary bloody Revolution eliminating the greedy political system elections. Traitors getting rich off of corruption in a lying legal-system, what citizens are always talking against. Alien communities gas bomb and shot away in the conflict, seek the resistance wherever it escapes to, a relentless upheaval with U.S. Military, Militia and public opinion support, change everything back to the way American's want life in America. Where I call all the shots in Power by Default, U.S. Military issues every weapon we can handle. Citizen's rights in revolution against corrupt leftist social change and pandemic rule powers that be, we plunder business. Centralize resources to run a real democracy! Dictatorship by opinion majorities my consent. Can politicians lawyers and the rich, we co-op Business. The world hates Americans as well hang lawyers forced integration, cleanse ourselves of subversive special interest labor money grabbing plots. Export it!

Military first strike capability American Military hardware, root out political government, strip assets from public enemies and subversive races, confiscate wealth of rich Americans to 10 million dollar limit, tax free us. Gangland loose their lives and property or escape. Casualties sustained by enemies of the people in their actions against White America can it deport or recycle them or to slave. Militia and Pentagon divide up goods take a house, spoils of victory from aliens traitors and criminals, racists round up the enemy do away with evil perpetuated against white America and National security, caused by political indifference. Result. Spoils of victory won in the line of duty for our country ration out, ending politics in America fake democracy unruly to The People, what keeps Americans unaware and unprepared for Earth ending changes. Spring storm blow up out of Arctic Ocean. Military Coup or the people left unprepared for polar reversal's long night. Time to vanish before reversal orbit return, star hits Sun/Earth. Military leadership needs met revolution I don't have time to wait around.

Began in 1996. If you don't vote: Your Vote's are
Third Party votes my votes for Military leadership.

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Earth In 1997: El Nino, Ice cap melting off east to west

Nicer waters for the Titanic to sink in, Earth's core revolving west to Earth's top to pop out of its crack in Arctic Ocean, 12 years after Earth's heat source hit Earth's top slipped Japan fault line in a 2011 9.2 earthquake. 2023 April the last season of global warming melting ice cap west past Russia, after 2011 Japan earthquake. until it pops out west of Norway like bubbles do, magnetic core spin boiling lithosphere, in Earth's top of the world.

Back in the summer of 1986 an expedition of scientists was sent to the Arctic to locate North Magnetic Pole again, not returned to it since finding it in last scientific expedition to North Magnetic Pole in 1900, could not find it for a week found Earth's core axis shifted 12 miles west of where it was, in Alaska 9.2 earthquake. Earth's surface had fallen east, towards Europe.

The 1986 scientific expedition of scientists went to where they expected to find the Earth's North Magnetic Pole but could not find it there. So the search took them seven days to locate it 12 miles west of where it was expected to be. Magnetism in Earth's crust fell east towards Europe while Earth magnetism spins on northwest in top of the world melting ice cap from ground up Siberia to Scandinavia. Arctic ice cap melting off before Planet X comes up like began Noah's Flood. Where whenever Planet X comes around as close as 21 million miles away it is called Thor, after running into planet 6 the Moon squirted out from a Pacific Ocean dent, knocked Earth's magnetic core full of steam over an ocean in a molten lithosphere a pressure cooker into Earth's crust, like a muscle man spreading shoulders cracked all over it expanded 5 times cracking apart Earth continent all around it, expanded 2/3's a ocean.

For the rest of the 1980's, after 1986 Earth's magnetic pole found going northwest as Earth's crust quaked southeast was continued news in articles and broadcasts saying Earth's crust was still shifting towards Europe, since the 1964 9.2 Alaska earthquake Indonesia Japan Haiti Chili New Zealand Chili again, that change Daylight Saving Time October 15 to November 2. Violent El Nino winter weather began in the Fall of 1991 up along West Coast a "Pineapple Express" in over 80 mile per hour winds in waves of storms hit California coast every week November to April. Only a few days in between each violent wind storm up California coast "Pineapple Express" kept blowing storms inland. My maps of Earth's drifting magnetic poles shows its axis ends inner and outer Earth going in opposite directions. Japan 9.2 earthquake and three 8.8 impacts Earth's magnetic core axis bounced to over Siberia after hitting 85° four times in 2011 tsunami's, core ran into Earth's top big as the Moon a hot asteroid!

Earth's Moon size iron bubble full of steam pressure over a hot ocean inside turned faster and faster every five years, up to crash of out Earth's top northwest of Norway a Super Volcano. I examined the 105 years of U.S. Geological Survey maps on the Internet to December 31, 2005 discontinued. Magnetic core went up faster and faster every 5 years since 1975 like a bubble released, hit Earth's crust falling west since 1964 to 2011 four earthquakes and tsunami. All the news media talked about gradual reversal 1986 to 1997. Earth's magnetic core ran into terrestrial sphere of the Earth in 2011. Australia facing a star going to hit the sun and Earth the new star. Earth's core spinning faster than terra firma, expanded Earth into a shape like a egg, expanding faster than the Earth internal steam pressure. Earth's core egg shaped also, inner to outer Earth sphere, turning on separate axis mapped in 5 year segments of "Polar Wandering" Earth's Moon size iron core now spinning northwest past Russia. Earth's core missed Yellowstone Park volcano blew-up Siberia its last time up. Planet X sat, while white dwarf planet sent ship to Mercury hid from Earth. Red dwarf to last blood red Moon too late to mine Moon a shuttle out?

Earth's Moon sized solid iron-nickel magnetic sphere under 700° F to be magnetic, water cooled filled with water, steam expanding inside its ocean a Inner Earth punch to Japan at Earth's top hit 85°s latitude top of the Arctic. Core of the Earth a magnet rotating inside at greater rate of rotational speed than terrestrial sphere of Earth blows-up out of Arctic Ocean big as in Siberia. Spinning faster inside Earth's core breaks out of northern hemisphere for some distance out of North Sea northeast of Iceland should twist Earth off of its axis, like when crashing out of Siberia left a volcanic hole big as Texas. Though this time up Earth's core should pop out of Arctic Ocean crust thinner than continent if pulled by Thor! Northern hemisphere of Earth's magnetic core pointed west to east spinning flat on its equator east to west level around in Earth's top churns, boiling lava springs release of neon gas.

Arctic Circle falls towards Europe in 8.8 + earthquakes, stretches vortex over Earth's top iron core going to blow-up out of Arctic Circle, churning lava "El Nino" heat northwest, red hot off of its magnetic pole equator turbulence over southern molten lithosphere, turbulent torque core momentum could rip a wide trench through Arctic towards Earth's axis if it's core lines up with Earth's axis flip Earth over. Global warming centering itself strongest off the coast of *Oregon from Brookings from Earth's core South Pole going north inside the Earth spinning momentum to bust out of Arctic Ocean top of the world big as the Moon facing Thor pole. Super Volcano 2023, took left turn past 235° longitude over Alaska from Canada to top of the world over Siberia, ground heat. Reserve resources. Crusade. Hunt criminals gangland crime family, recycle the damage take wealth and business. Building bunkers bigger jobs. Tribunal for survival. Search and destroy illegal and establishment living at THE PEOPLE'S expense take out the responsible. Commander in Chief by Default move capitol. Free civil citizens of spy cameras destroy the bad and opposition, disposal of for pork export. Cooperative business and all of the industries for our survival!


NOAA site closed        An enlargement of the        No longer available
above two map segments


*"Global Warming" as evidenced by the CNN News Weather Report of December 6, 2001, satellite weather movement imagery movement moving east showing a clearing path appear, that cut through the cloud cover over the entire northwest of the U.S.A. only clearing off up east coast of Oregon at Brookings, all across Oregon up to state of Washington cleared off to Idaho. Clouds quickly uncovering only Oregon to Idaho, on a Tucson, Arizona, satellite animation weather report repeated three times to make sure I saw it? Say "here it is again" for me just arrived from Oregon in a blizzard. For me to see the State of Oregon clear off entirely between the cloud cover, time lapse over only State of Oregon stuck out of the snow storm on TV, before a 5 day deluge. Clouds clearing off only shape of Oregon from southwestern tip at Brookings up Oregon coast east to Idaho. Clearing off State of Oregon stood out in 2002, center of global warming. Magnetic core going to pop-out northeast of Iceland in 2023, U.S. Military only off 3 years geological time, Planet X coming up one morning 2023 the orbiting star!

To the end of electing politicians Lee Ronald Harrison!


With U.S. Armed Forces American referendum rule Default votes Verses any candidate vote could put me into "Power by Default" excuse for Coup d' 'etat, a Third Government. Military disposition anytime for largest number of votes default votes, verses votes collected in elections for president makes me the winner verses the political votes happen me to power approval. By poll, I could chainsaw a woman's head off for deleting dozens of long black columns of smoke spiral out of the ground out of hills and level ground my pictures and film stole hilltop of smoke columns going every which way won a new car American Indian woman film editor Klamath camera shop.

There probably will never be nuclear war unless over my racial and immigration policies. Industry to thrive economy Third American government recommended by Citizen Opinion Majorities. Follow polls on every issue White racism leadership. Citizens all a fair share of the houses and riches confiscated. Poll guidance my decisions, tread as the leader in Power by Default. Militia law delete lawyer church and state, wealth to treasury. Someone like California's last actor governor would make good general. U.S. Military Establishment adjust all it's ways of thinking back to old fashioned Western Civilization ways. Deport or destroy public enemies aliens gangs business. CIA-FBI weed them out genocide in America, purge American citizenship so America safe and secure, patriotism.


Planet X will be bad enough coming up 21 million miles away coming around at thus speed 600 times the size of the Earth. Here a orbit guess figured out from the mass of the core of a star that collapsed making a Oort cloud while giving birth to the Sun collapsed a little white dwarf star that stole 5th planet of the Sun. Eden Earth people hid, around the Sun somewhere else now, waiting for Earth bobbing around Planet X going by return to Easter Island. Wormwood only 6 years to bask in the Sun before knocked away by a red dwarf star to ship out, takes out Sun and inner 3 planets. Much better than space ship escape into matter expanding Universe. Think you have enough time, to live forever on pills. Not accomplishing anything here say fall in 1953 meeting of the Generals show Dwight D. Eisenhower America today. Solution as soon as Supreme Court comes up with a Integration ruling, gas them out and gun them down Congress ship to sharks all the political governments take out Court to establish them central Tribunal. Supreme Court, Supreme Tribunal. Marches and black communities and sympathizers bomb. The racist boys mass murder squads, put back on the street, in National Militia unity. Racist wishes, for all the land. At Tribunal Third U.S. Government the people influence all matters directly. Judging the establishment at Tribunal, favor whether or not hang them or send them home. Forces purge the land, or genocide.

I will tell all the Generals and President all about "unconstitutional", where it is self evident that all races are not created equal to be Americans, equal opportunity integration laws and all. Instead of locked in with everything fear other races that hate us prowling. I have a democracy. Government form like American Revolution hoped for, but did not get, got immigration riots and integration with our enemies blacks colored illegal's enemy organized crime running Business and raising prices hate White Americans, gangland societies political Constitution law let in. In the past city around Moon propulsion, get away from Sun running into inner 3 planets, for gravity to live on.

I wrote these 50 pages, working on 3 of their pages until godaddy.com deleted this mrinbetween.com from affecting 2016 election, on July 1- November 14 now misterinbetween.com, black and colored peoples and foreign my hate templates deleted offered me misterinbetween.com this, sold my Mrinbetween.com. SSL did not matter. No lawyer of any help, since they are all Masonic my enemies. Only chance for recognition is get published in the past when they paid to publish significant writings, my 5'-6'' built like Bruce Lee, 1953.


All of my other writings were stolen so I did it all over I

remember a subject figure about my 15 year old girlfriend,

I left buried in little Indiana town cemetery behind a inspiring

old 1880's church up front, we went to once. That was in perfect

shape. Their new church across the street with its pentecostal

services demolished the 1880s church for parking lot, so I

hated Christianity ever since and hope what is aimed here

is the meek going to inherit the Earth, after polar reversal.

But I could figure a game board logic win civil war today.


Copyright 1997 - 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022 Lee Ronald Harrison

All Rights Reserved