Both remaining "fountains of the deep", one at Rome and Tripoli, broken off because of a confrontation at Earth's core, when a Catholic expedition digging out the fountain of the deep under Rome's catacombs resulted in an argument, at its bottom, after Catholics broke through into the Inner Earth sphere. Where the Celtics inside broke-off their fountain of the deep under Rome, that twisted off the one under Tripoli, so the core of the Earth spun-off counterclockwise in 1975, broke off the last fountain off after an argument with Vatican city, to get in. Setting adrift the Celtic civilization inside, survived the Moon hitting the Pacific Ocean, that pushed up high mountains up and down west coast beaches of the Americas. Which hit Earth's top on March 11, 2011, bounced to over Siberia, North Magnetic Pole Movement sphere, west. To 2 stars crossing paths in 2013 Sirius rises in 2020 after gamma ray burst Universe Gravity Circuit shorting-out build cities underground!

Left the evil minded outer world to polar movement, heading for political disaster, in their 2018 future. For the aggressors, unaware of the star rising up under Earth's magnetic core knocked off center in the last pass-by of the star Sirius a hundred thousand years ago or so close as to hit a planet between Jupiter and Mars. Though the authorities keep the truth to themselves build vast underground complexes for themselves to survive nuclear war, are a threat to White American citizens, with power and greed, investing and gangs. Space dangers to the world kept secret scientific communities the left, the establishment of the rich in a integration conspiracy, the truth is out the new president to make sense of, or killed in with resistance and immigrant powers that be, in the way of U.S. citizens 50 State Militias in my racist revolution! Authority in power rich from Fiscal Cliff conspiracy. Sometimes military power overthrows governments if it is in their country's best interest, for citizens and themselves.


A “Sonogram” of the Inner Earth reveals a 27% the size of the Earth iron sphere spinning inside of it, slightly faster than the Earth, en-route to embed into a crack in Earth’s terrestrial crust around 85° latitude, west of northern Norway, while spinning around in Earth's top. Falling over east on 8.0 or more earthquakes. Earth's core equator tilting down pressing against eastern Europe this time back up in Earth's northern hemisphere. Where core of the Earth will take all the way to 2020 for the bubble in Earth's top to blow-up, like it did in Siberia, which "caused history’s biggest extinction by lava flow, in a chocking concentration of sulfur dioxide carbon dioxide and other gasses, killing 90 percent of ocean species and more than 70 percent of land creatures.” Which I found in a 2002 Science Magazine article, maybe still available at, about the last time the Earth’s core ran into terrestrial crust and occasionally smokes out Mt. Shasta's top and companion, before erupting in 2020 to Nostradamus' asteroids missing Europe blew-up, asteroid destroying property and injuring people. Earth's core expanding each time it blows-up like it did in Siberia as big as Texas. Though it could pop out of the Arctic as big as the Moon and explode in 2020, or Earth falls apart like happened to the rest of Mercury. PDF files show Earth's core rushing up inside the Earth spun-off west on its 85° latitude circle, spinning northwest, receding from Larson Ice Shelf core of the Earth going up-up and away from southern hemisphere faster and faster poured down lava pressure erupting a volcano north of Antarctica. 2020 Earth's magnetic core stops, explodes through Arctic north Atlantic fault trapdoor. Which the core of the Earth hit after the Moon ran into Pacific Ocean after star Sirius hit 2 planets, here.


Anyone can see from POLE MOVEMENT” maps here magnetic core of the Earth progressively thrusting its axis north pole end upwards inside the Earth to its northwest. Flooded more molten lava into Earth’s southern hemisphere. With Universe expanding faster and faster, increases lithosphere lava pressure pressing up under Antarctica churning heat higher, internal lava pressures build up under South America to north, Pacific south to north retreating magnetism, cracked coast of Chile an 8.8 and 8.2 earthquake and volcanic eruption. Earth's lava under southern hemisphere pushed under Moon size of magnetic core spinning faster and faster, at over 900 mph Earth spin an opposite direction, lava hotter and hotter, across northern hemisphere interior, spinning west to May 2020. Same thing happening the last time star Sirius came around in May, since Noah figured it out a hundred years earlier to get ready. Maybe enough military and commercial seaworthy vessels can save citizens to dry land, that can only be procured through Martial Law and racism taking dry land ocean goes north and south a Sirius rise! At closest the star Sirius gets to Earth with a White Dwarf Star with the missing 5th planet of the Sun came by between Jupiter and Mars destroyed the inner solar system planets.


Receding magnetic core to Earth's top caused the ocean floor of South Atlantic to lose its magnetism, magnet gone away. Entire southern interior of Earth now all molten lava, under Earth's magnetic core. Earth's crust under Arctic Ocean heating up, because a iron ball as big as the Moon is about to blow-up in 2020, there. For fig trees putting fourth new leaves in Israel, in Earth's last internal steam pressure release until core collapses.


Lava shift causing Antarctica at its Antarctic Peninsula to thaw out at Earth's SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE end. Scientists obviously seem clueless about what is causing rising ocean temperatures, was a volcano eruption, the cause of the Larsen Ice Shelf melting and collapsing in February 2002. Global climate change evidently the result of rising NORTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT and SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT. Solid core end of the Earth sphere now spinning around Earth's top pushed down lava filled up under it to hemisphere depth retreated Earth's north pole magnetism. U.S. Geological Survey maps show big increase in the speed of Earth's core rushing up to hit its top, since broken free from fountains of the deep in 1975, hit Earth's top in 2011. Flooding Ocean with radiation, 9 months before 5124 Mayan calendar end of the world 12/24/2011, poisoning seas of North America by Spring 2014, for 50,000 years. Jesus said end of the world happening to fig trees putting forth new leaves. In 9 years after March 11, 2011 until May 2020 the world is destroyed, and 4 red moons to a red dwarf Wormwood surprise! Saying Mayan calendar 2012 signs are wrong helps Business.


Star Sirius to come by much closer, after December 21, 2012. Nostradamus 2 comets he said would rip across the Earth blew-up missing Europe. Instead blew-up 1 over Russia and 1 over Bermuda Triangle, lit up Florida. World going through from top to bottom of the Milky Way Galaxy through asteroids blew up one over Russia 2/15/2013 and one over Atlantic Ocean lit up Florida the next night. Earth's core a magnetic sphere in lithosphere going to pop under Arctic Ocean north Atlantic worse than Japan Haiti Chile and New Zealand tsunami 03/11/2011, early for Short Count Sun u-turn in orbit going for thick of Milky Way Galaxy asteroids. A few crisscrossing causing some alarm to maybe gas is in the ring around Milky Way. Mayan calendar Long Count back to Galaxy center 12/21/2012, coincidently a Dark Star revolves. Government does not say they put it all together, their interests are riches and getting richer, Media reports disaster and events caused by disasters fail to put it all together as to what is happening in sky and at Earth's magnetic pole's movement, in the world, only interested in saving their lives, effectively to save the American people in America, that can just can them, or recycle them to build a space ship to somewhere safer, I could do with Military changing sides for Americans my Martial Law depopulation, using racism as an excuse, leadership.


Now is the time for revolution with the new administration to exterminate all the leftist crooked politicians gangsters lawyers and feminist conspiracy squeeze, to pay off their national debt. Secrecy to hurry away into all of their Cold War bomb shelters at the American people's expense, in U.S. Dollar collapse, certain to wreck the nation! Unless the people I arm and support with U.S. Military turn the table on the enemies of the people, in Power by Default, U.S. Military in a aliens roundup. White power verses all of the bad and the black. I am White America's only chance to restore White male American rule, America in a civil conflict White citizens by Martial Law secure America. Soldiers and Militia in a land grab divide booty and take a house each. Purging American turf of natural enemies. Destroy or run out illegal alien all the alien to Americans, public enemies. While nationalizing business and religion pay off the National Debt. Providing civilized White Americans each an equal ration of the booty from American revolution, under my isolationist survival plan, in my Power by Default cleanse American democracy. The world in us against them struggle, against enemies of citizens, world war for health of the planet. In cities underground grow proteins make essentials Farm and Manufacture under Public Opinion rules our security.




Scientists ponder the ramifications of an Antarctic ice shelf’s breakup


By Jack Williams



  CLINTON, N. Y.– The one thing that’s absolutely clear about the collapse of Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf last month is that seawater now washes over an area roughly the size of Rhode Island that thick ice had covered for centuries.

  “We were astonished when we saw whales, penguins and seals in the place where for thousands of years there was 250 meters (820 feet) of ice,” says Pedro Skiver of the Argentine Antarctic Institute.

  Skvarca, who heads the institute’s glaciology program, colleague Hernan DeAngelis, and two pilots flew a Twin Otter airplane on March 13 only 300 feet above the thousands of small icebergs floating where the ice shelf had begun breaking up in February.

  Why did the ice shelf break up, and what does this mean, if anything, for the future?

  About 60 scientists from nearly a dozen nations wrestled with these questions at a recent conference at Hamilton College, sponsored by Hamilton, Colgate University and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

  The consensus: Melting Antarctic ice isn’t a threat for at least the next few decades, but could be some day, and scientists need to learn more about how the oceans, atmosphere and ice interact.

  The collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf wasn’t a complete surprise. Scientists have long been aware that things are stirring on the Antarctic Peninsula.

  Bernhard Lettau of the NSF’s Office of Polar Programs compares the growing knowledge of Antarctica’s ice to an image slowly forming on a computer, pixel by pixel, with a blue dot here and a red dot there. “We’re trying to imagine what the big picture looks like.”

  There are no doubts about one point: The breakup and eventual melting of an ice shelf, like the melting of icebergs, does not increase sea levels – for the same reason melting ice in a glass of water does not make the glass overflow. The ice is already floating.

  The ice sheet that covers more than 97% of Antarctica has built up over thousands of years as snow falls but never melts. As ice piles up, it slides slowly toward the continent’s edge to form ice shelves that are attached to the ice sheet but are floating in the ocean.

  As far as scientists can tell, the total amount of Antarctic ice has stayed about the same for 100 or so years. Falling snow makes up for the ice lost when big icebergs break off.

  The Larsen B Ice Shelf is on the part of Antarctica that looks like an arm reaching out toward South America. While the spotty, available weather records seem to indicate that the rest of Antarctica might have cooled, the peninsula has warmed by an average of about 4 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1950’s.

  Researchers generally agreed that the final straw for the Larsen B Ice Shelf was unusually warm temperature during the Antarctic summer of December 2001 through February 2002.

  Skvarca says available records show it was the warmest summer since people first brought thermometers to the peninsula. However, that record goes back only 100 years for one location and less than that for others, which is one reason why more than half of the conference presentations were on studies of the peninsula’s past environments.

  These included a report by Eugene Domack of Hamilton College on his research last December that showed the Larsen B Ice Shelf had been in place since the end of the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago.

  The disintegration of Larsen B seems to be “something outside the normal climate variability,” Domack says. “The warming seems to have been extraordinary. Does that mean it’s related to greenhouse gases? Well, that’s a little bit more difficult to say.”

  The term greenhouse gases has become shorthand for gases such as carbon dioxide that humans are adding to the air, causing Earth to warm faster than it would without human help.

  Antarctic Peninsula warming would fit into a pattern of human-caused greenhouse warming, but computer models of climate do not create the warming seen in the peninsula, John King of the British Antarctic Survey told the conference. “On the face of it, this suggests that the warming is not caused by humans, but maybe the models aren’t good enough” to show such climate detail.

  One big question is why the peninsula is the only part of Antarctica warming so much.

  Domack pointed to a recent Science magazine research report that the ocean waters that surround Antarctica have been warming. The Antarctic Peninsula juts out into the wind-driven ocean current that circles Antarctica. Maybe the peninsula is warming quickly because “it is the finger that is stuck into the warming kettle,” Domack says.

  Research described at the conference showed that the Antarctic Peninsula’s climate has managed to do more than steadily warm since the end of the last ice age. Nature has created ups and downs in temperatures and amounts of ice without any human help.

  Even so, he says, the Larsen B disintegration is “a great lab experiment. We're seeing something that doesn't have a lot of global consequences but serves as a glimpse of what’s going to happen elsewhere.”



" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."

This has to do with the axis Earth's core spins on, the bubble inside made out of iron-nickel that is 27% the diameter of the Earth, up in the Earth's northern hemisphere in it's flat top, tilting west away from Earth's axis spinning on its own axis, with star Sirius passing held Earth steady for three and a half weeks, not wobbling. The bubble stopped going west in Earth's spin, towards Arctic fault line where it will be closest to Sirius passing, to be pulled out of Earth's top. Planet X in 2006 close enough to see three bright objects in a pyramid formation out in front of a Sirius 4 moon planet, up close, that after it sat I found at the lower left of its further planet with 10 moons. A 11th and 12th moon peered over Hogback next for 5 mornings. Sirius magnetism stopped pole movement balanced Earth magnetism, stabilizing the Earth for 3 1/2 weeks of not wobbling. Earth falling over to the east in every 8.0 or more earthquake until axis of core of the Earth is pulled out of Earth's top breaks through Earth to blow-up in a fault right here, to face Sirius. But under media secrecy star Sirius closer every day until momentum of Earth's core going northwest away from Earth's center breaks out of the Earth for some distance, with star Sirius up close-enough. Which ever since the Sun solar jetted star Sirius a point out to its end of points of objects in the solar system that popped up planets, has this orbit in the solar system. 2003 UB 313, our Planet X.


So the iron bubble in the Earth the size of the Moon, spinning further and further off-center from Earth's axis every week, Earth top-heavy like an off-center load in a washing machine, so no wonder why the Earth wobbles every week, until it's core is pulled out of Earth's top while spinning faster than the Earth will turn the Earth upside down facing the red dwarf star in May 2020, a few months before it hits the Sun. Sirius up from the Southern hemisphere to meet up with its spaceship, before brown dwarf beside red dwarf falls apart on Earth and Moon could rip 2 asteroids across Europe like Nostradamus said.

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To survive the new president must be ruthless against all odds to the death.

Not trusting anyone else but our own instincts only do what is to the right!


Devastating storms build up to May, like Noah's Flood, 12.0 earthquake shakes up all the methane gas. Nowhere to hide? People vanish before your eyes. Will you be one?

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