My military solution to Leftist politic's in "Debt Default". Right hang leftists, Stock Market

Above wanted to free the slaves. Where at gunpoint I ship blacks and their kind out or bomb them. Hunt them down to relocate or kill them, man on the street automatic. Published, military and police know my leadership solution. Racists grab M16 come around and fall in, on militia assignment plunder and pillage ethnic cleansing, take a house. WWII Germany had racism and nationalism right in Europe. Not able to win World War without enough hardware. U.S.A. hopefully stockpiling to defeat the whole world. Suddenly to depopulate and reverse climate change to where the planet can recover from pollution and energy consumption, so nature can restore the normal. My server took this site off of the Internet as "" on July 1, 2020, if I had any influence on the outcome of that November Election White Supremacy votes. Fireworks and 4th of July. Restore Independence out of Default. If blow your fingers off its your fault. Media controlled by Italian Mafia care less about Americans and their Independence Day celebrations, saying "we've had enough of this". Militia Police and Military cleanse our ranks and nationalize the economy over the investors and gangsters dead bodies, for everything ours.

White America and our Armed Forces need say we've had enough of Italian Latino blacks Asians anyone else over our borders threatening our way of life, on all fronts, all our enlisted and militia resources!

But 4th of July 2022 was a dud without municipal fireworks, because the western half of the U.S. was in deep drought. The left saying most fires happen on the 4th of July. But what made it worse was hear at a sports bar, TV announcer say "we've had enough of this stuff" Italian. Major ethnic cleansing to take out the left. Adolph Hitler was right in the beginning. All these subjects will interest past forces of Right!


$1.00÷$23.52=0.425, 4 cents to a U.S. Dollar since 1800. Which took off souring in 1965 when a Dollar returned to a $1.00, backed with nothing. By 2021 you needed $13.70 to buy a $1.00's worth. This article explains purpose and properties of The Federal Reserve System cash. While politicians on Capitol Hill have our gold since FDR, silver since 1965. Where to get it back my Third U.S. Government firepower to back American Majority in every U.S. State a Militia, Military Coup d' 'et at U.S. Military gas out gun down the Hill. And free the attack on Capitol Hill our U.S. Military, takeover Government and communications. Take out enemies of White America, racist majority for Tribunal, my 3rd U.S. Government. So we all get credit in gold and silver, jobs for our government publicly run at Tribunal to divide up property having some fun at duty. Tax free economy, just keep up your grades! Work while you sing building space ship infrastructure. We have to get off of this planet beyond our orbit sides of Sun.

This star coming head on hits Sun in 2029 takes out our inner 3 planets.

Little brown dwarf misses hitting Sun, thawing out falls apart on Earth.


Leadership. My temporary dictatorship get the ball rolling make Moon a space ship, pack our spring waters and supplies shuttle there to evacuate somewhere fast before 2029, after I settle our racial issues.


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