Y2K and Debt Fix

PATRIOT CITIZEN'S THIRD US GOVERNMENT MAJORITY RULE TRIBUNAL Majority Rule. COUP, use of automated artificial intelligence by Tribunal, I Majority Rule by the charts.

Establishments with all their areas of worship I replace with its mass, truth!

All of the World Revolutions created a new Government ruled by politics, whims of secret societies. Where the common people are their subjects to be treated as they feel like, which is not democracy to elect! U.S. racists went to War to safeguard freedom and Independence, not video surveillance. Americans use to have a King, the good and bad dictators like old time rulers. Where I offer Public Rule by Tribunal, default vote dictatorship! Cloud digital money? Military intervention, hang society Media! Third U.S. government I destroy aliens free patriots.

Elections are for the rich few, as I kept winning Power by Default since 1996 my 1997 Copyright Congress said was 1996 Power by Default, U.S. Armed Forces leadership to do as I wish on millions of illegal alien's invasion Italian gangster supported. U.S. government over fiscal cliff prices, rich and Chinese Communist Party buy code for money. Germany's solution in 1923 dictatorship here by Default, I keep winning White House. So U.S. Military follow my orders, defend only White American citizens. Militia take out aliens blacks and gangs, my American alternative to politics as usual, supporting crime. Here racist militia rule the streets, backed by police and Pentagon solve problems in White America. Calling up racist White America Militia. The Electorate mostly Default vote until I stopped looking for abstentions, a 51% of eligible voters that stayed away from the polls for president, since 1996 always greater than voted, more than enough "Power by Default" to get Elected majority rule my racist platform for dictatorship Article 2 US Military all of us White. Patriots!

But when Russia jams U.S. power grid computer system there needs to be a backup public system, to switch over to. We could get Bill Gates code in Greek in Mayan calculation image codices linking writing symbols for Bill Gates to convert over to for US backup.

Freedom kind of thinking censored by establishment and server deleted it on the Internet as mrinbetween.com. Congress even joked about Y2K funding politics spending tax payer's billions to get their share of graft out of "the "political system" changing computer time. In my U.S. Armed Forces leadership racists can all the politicians. Feed to sharks or anything. Politicians say citizens don't care what is good for them. My Tribunal law dictatorship straight forwardness fixes the corruption problems by eliminating them, where Tribunals decide all. I figured out "Y2k" graft of it exposing political scam misleading the people to bankruptcy inflation, over insurmountable trillions of dollars in fiscal cliff paper money. With only Americans here a Military Coup Militia kills the system repossessing more than 23 million American homes regularly. Political kick back dealings and banking on fraud politics leaving Americans fired or laid-off sent their jobs overseas. Crooked Business politics and lobbyists in Congress threw in the people's towel taking all they can get, left citizens out on the street homeless. Patriotic Military force Militia I take authority out of power. Meat pack them or something eats them after we the people kill them take all their wealth, property and position New Government. Gold and silver for American tax dollars subvert national security with Jeffersonian open borders immigration indiscriminate laws not what American Majority wants, instead police and militia sweep the USA flooded with enemy. Hang politicians, their leftist votes they get elected passing more treasonous treaties and economic policies supporting illegal's/colored did away with White male American society boundaries. Kill them all, human rights. Third Government we kill gangs. Authority deport or pack in salsa, for Africans and polynesians to grill them. Back to USA racial profiling enemy. U.S. Military White American Militia racist agenda American forces gas out our enemies, bomb or gun them down. Their property a booty to ration out. Call in jets if our soldiers can't take them out, break Commandments, take accounts of religion political money representing left with tax exemption propping up profits/inflation live it up with their vehicles and all they care less about wound on bright above small crowd get in. While I show the way, to the whole of soul.  

Here I have one of the possible ways to correct "Y2K" problem for a year 2000 date verses 00, through 99 computer date perception of time to 2000. Add a second to 1999, countdown in electronics to assume the new century 2000, new year. All the artificial intelligence must know after 1999 comes 2000. Circuits blow-out freeze-up? Keep 00 1900 counted up to 2000!

Is this too late for space ship industry sealing deep space radiation out in its walls, insulated, radiation eating microbes to convert to protein for food eat it up on long space trips. Space yogurt, grow spices? Extinction ahead, save our nation now. Evacuation not to Mars but Neptune. Polar reversal when 2029 star hits the Sun, so it bounces on Earth. So many red moon warnings busily distracted world ignores it. Somebody will recycle cities of the Earth, nuclear war or no War. Raise microbes that produce food from deep space radiation, isolate in space ship walls, on tap. Coup! Ethnic cleanse America patriots each get choice of enemy home ration cars etc. left by aliens in battles, captured. Order up all the spoils of victory, run illegal's and their cousins off of American soil or recycle them as pet food, the shot-up property fix up for booty. Draw lots, soldiers and civilians choose property. Bank money metals currency good within our borders. National Treasury confiscate vehicles and deposit in warehouses food and other necessities stockpiled out of battles with Business to Final Victory ration out. U.S. Military and Militia forces, Police, our population vanquished to only White Americans. Violent change, desperate times. No peaceful solution, so all our units open fire on immigration, ethnic aliens. American labor a socioeconomic government. Profits off of enemy and alien people's wealth American citizens get paid in gold and silver, Bank Note deposits. Citizens of United States of America and every White Western kindred nationality thereof Unite all Western countries that join in our race war become citizens. Preserve prosper Western civilization States and Nations. Lady Liberty countries immigrate America a militia. Citizen Majority make the rules in opinion polls the backbone of my decisions. West Confederation. Under American nuclear shield raise over us against space craft aimed at Earth.

This is old useless history, so let me play. There was no need to scrap embedded computer chip's, reading a 1900 date in two digits "00", 1999 became 2000 + 1 second, where 61 happens to turn 99 from 1900 to 2000. I don't have to be a "geek" with computer savvy to know that "Y2K" was a political scam to rake in billions of tax dollars to make electronics count in hundred years for politicians and their friend's in tax graft overbidding schemes for kick-back in cash, in Big Business dealings with organized crime hiring cheap labor from India.

The Y2K solution was not necessary. New millennium would begin on electronic equipment without capitol gains made from changing electronic's "19" (99) to 2000. I cash in profits made with Y2K electronics to rebuild railroads bridges recycle sewage and trash rebuild industry to survive the future. Military could have had electronics date 01/01/00@61 equal year 2000 in 01/01/60 adding 1 second to 99 my leap second every hundred years, since 99 double digit computer coding count centuries. Changing code did not matter if computers have artificial intelligence knew 99 turns 19 to 2000. Anyone flying a airplane on 1 to 99 code none of them crashed when 1999 turned 2000 on every airplane tested using original "00" code.

After 1900 computer time, since a computer is half alive a creature of habit, to come up with an "@61" all the time to mean that time is being added one second additional beginning there, that 24 hour 99 year century about to end @61 plus a second 99 advances 1900 to 2000, computers sure to conceive that @61 is 1 second to 2000, expecting then anything but 1900 must count up to 2000 from 99, 01/01/00@61=2000 immediately follows 99 to New Year 01/01/00@61=2000! War communications programs in Mayan code of characters? 

On the same line beside the 1999 "date and time" in the lower right hand corner of every Web page express it in so many days hours and seconds of a countdown to the New Year 2000. Where "@61" adds a second to 99 turns 19th century into the twenty first century. 01/01/00@61, second added to 99 19th century becomes 21st century. Double digit system "01/01/00@61=2000" new millennium begins, leaving imbedded computer chips double digit century to century. Mayan century ended in 2012 end of Sun orbit away from solar jet, off of binary star. Computer chips with "00" at 1999 plus a second = 2000, 01/01/00@61 equals "2000" could not turn out 1900 anyway. Old airplanes still flying! If I turn up in 1309 change future of immigration/Tribunal rule for better weapons, M16, chemistry on cotton gin profits! 

In my 01/01/00@61 "countdown" mo/d/yr hours minutes seconds to "2000=01/01/00@61" countdown "mo/d/yr hours minutes seconds" + 1 second 1999 2 digit = 2000, keep 2 digit. This good, "2000=01/01/00@61" 1950's date counting down seconds of day to 2000! 1952 through crease computer system could have been left alone double digits, this page 4 digits.  

My "Y2K" Fix could only work if everything time dated on computers ended year 1999 at:

to 2000=01/01/00@61 

Millennium Conversion

01/01/00@61=2000, in 00 Days, 00 Hours, 00 Minutes, 61 S


00 Days, 00 Hours, 00 Minutes, 00 Seconds to 2000=01/01/00@61

EXPLANATION:  Beginning on New Years Day in the box above, time forward from 1999 to 2000, leap years my @61. Where if computer year @61 computer time dating method were installed on every computer it would have been good to convert century changes forever, 2 digit. "Y2K" never needed tax dollars in a computer fixing program to replace "embedded" computer chips in planes and things. But 1900 could just as well go on forever, every century over and over again. Experts misled Congress, 2000 starting over 1900. Resources already refined, we only need to keep recycling to maintain resources for industry. Century change 1 second to 2000 a 01/01/00@61 end of counting = 2000. Counting box. 2000 begin at 00 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes, 00@61 ending 1999, when concurrently Millennium Conversion time ticker at 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 61 seconds to 2000 my solution 21st century Power by Default leadership! Citizens fashion social and job wage U.S. government National Company, public concerns at Tribunal for our nation. Products and service's job on 10 wage skill levels. Congress mind set on subversion keeps dividing Americans, or Majority Rule Armed Forces I pass out assault rifles to locals let loose racist genocide U.S. Government III.

If computers could reason 1900 repeating at the end of 1999 that would mean computers could not count up to 2000 without technical assistance. Embedded chips only conflict with political correctness criminal legislation. Federal government humanitarian political illegal tax payer dollar spending supporting flood of immigration vote to support politic's staying in power illegal immigration vote. American people's enemy blacks not Americans bomb hang shoot lawyer political chain of command. Dictatorship in Power by Default I represent racist majority right Pentagon militia police round up hunt down take out integration or rollover dead.

In the future now, United States Federal Government has already reached 33 trillions of dollars in debt it cannot pay interest on, building up to beat Russia and China and anyone else in Debt Default, down to Gift Card code last gasp. White House trade deals Belgium dollar broker for White House a David Axelrod scam. Biden running the political Left, U.S. dollar inflating to end beginning July 1, 2018 to July 1, 2024. Police Pentagon U.S. Military gas out gun down Capitol Hill Command for my "Third Reich" dictatorship Tribunal Third U.S. Government, Majority Rule. Gold Hours Silver Minutes coins and notes only good within U.S. borders, isolated minus aliens natives all our enemies in concrete or exported or out any border refugees.

I just recalled a Mayan carving of Quetzalcoatl speaking, with rounded teeth. I only recall some kid in grade school had those. Stone carving of him escaping from Venus turned to Hell, in his cockpit with microphone on, his hand on throttle, desperate! A hospitable white man, was respected immigration like only dentists know. Me with only bike get to vanish off of this planet through hoop to mass expanding universe packing these pages time machine dive into, where racism and nationalism is okay to rouse followers win Revolution against the present show future politics capitalism raise standards in 1309, leadership change government and manufacture patriotism creativity for training rather than die of immigration, if I don't win Armageddon now. With all of the secrets, hidden away in the Pentagon.

URL FOR Clock Ticking:  http://www.instep.com.sg/instepms/test.html

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