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About “Planet X” and its brightly lit
satellite “star” behind It coming around

This Planet X seen in Oort Cloud, orbiting diagonally a spot of light to mine along build moon ship.


Planet 10 Binary parent of Sun here dark shown lighted, eclipsed it swings back out to Oort cloud.

Behind above light has to be superior intelligence, first out of Garden of Eden to Moon, racist silence to leave this planet, its lights still on in their elevators after asteroid fell apart passing too close to Sun.

Attached article here, at Planet X, not allowed for the public to see blue planet coming out around it to up close a media secret, while confusing accounts of Planet X on the other side of the Sun, only paused Chandler's Wobble. Silence all about red dwarf star on collision course with Sun. Scholars at University knew to ask me if red dwarf sun nuclear blow up I said bounces away to the end of Earth being a planet in 2029. To tell the truth I will have to fire astronomy scholars, soldiers take over everything for racist right. Tribunal government of citizen public, act more responsive, response to threats in invasion. Taking all secret data's my citizen Tribunals interpret with truth. Consider mathematical facts figure UFO objectives through observation, a mind weapon possible to confront UFO battle station elsewhere now. Tribunal, I organize community defense society, survive the future.

Congress took in a Spring session to talk about sightings of UFO's, with a picture of the one of concern flying saucer with windows, that looks like used for sight seeing. Still mapping out human civilization country at a time worldwide, that by now know our strengths and weaknesses like U.S. Military does, preparing to confront enemy with superiority, sooner than later. A ship big as a planet, it confidently can win conflict against super powers watches over Russia Ukraine war disable weapons?

The Superior Race is the last one standing. If Dark Star was lit-up by the blue planet behind it, going around it to lower left side of it here in 1983. If our binary star can't orbit Sun, no other planet does it. Elliptic orbits to and away. My ancient oracle keeps saying is correctness. Planet X historically runs into our planets when in its way, scattered their shrapnel over 5 planets to Sun, while incoming. Government, secret societies saw Thor Sirius set with Sun behind it. One Easter swung by Thor 21 million miles away flood Earth upside down flipped Sun passing it magnet. "Is civilization on Earth going to be destroyed on Easter?" Answer: #24 "Return". Blue planet behind white dwarf star meek going to inherit Earth. College dumb animal with higher learning rather die than vanish to save them self. Need a fast ship to escape 2029 destruction, I'll take a dive to 13th century Revolution to turn on!

U.S. Military could follow my steps until I break through. Surprise, hyper space travel in the genii.

There is trouble coming got close to stop earth wobble magnetic iron-nickel core of our star.

Everyone left standing on this planet is damned, or they look at it my way. Suddenly a

Dark Star Sirius and white dwarf star, new planets

in 2006. Visible since 2003 with a tiny brilliant star

useful for Hollywood or my Power by Default rule.

White American Majority Militia. Military Action,

anticipated path of dark matter corrupted secret if

offence, political city shelter Military bomb shelter.

US Armed Forces good verses enemy Coup d' 'et at

patriotic U.S. Military Militia racist White America

like superior race, called racists. Loggers 2.5 billion year ago escape first Earth magnetic pole reversal. Thor thus crack open
Infrared shows Planet X "star" went behind
"dark matter" keeps facing Thor the dark star facing white dwarf planet. Sirius back again destroyed planets to the core. Duty if to manufacture accomplish revolutionary ends united, we save us.


Back on February 19, 2007, the above magnetic core remains of Planet X passing by,

same magnetic pole to same magnetic pole turned Sun poles upside down, close pass.

Satellite going north south found Sun magnetic north flip it the south pole Sun flipped

magnetic poles on 02/19/2007 as passing the same poles facing flipped Sun north pole

to south. Got time now to Fall to have to go vanish, default vote and all we save White

America with Military 50 State's Militia, leave out ethnic enemy in the nuclear WWIII,

fully into bottom half of Milky Way Galaxy asteroids blew-up keep ripping across sky!


Long ago weapons like (Comet 17P/Holmes) were deployed around the Sun by a

people who look-like the carvings on Easter Island, that are now returned, to take

the Earth as the mass of their percussion weapon so spread out from expanding at

the rate of a thousand miles an hour, faster and faster Comet Holmes bomb test 2

expanding at such a rate 11,000 miles per hour to exceeding the size of the sun,

from a 15 miles in diameter sphere of molten uranium, October 24 explosion.

Radiation engulfed Earth in fallout continuing to expand. February 19, 2008

here shown passing through the solar system, in Holmes simulation orbit.


If without ACDSee 32 v2.41 find above simulation here.

Some astronomers worried about the next inner solar system comet, that comes up close

to Earth million miles, if that will explode likewise, what a threat that could be to Earth.

If threat kept secret, while blue planet intelligence at the core of parent of the Sun, Thor

people with space ship, like Star Trek Enterprise, cloaked behind force field, hid about:

It evaded us under own power to a new hideout.

While so many asteroids come by the Earth. Easy if "UFO" apt to touch off any of those!

Where red background above is cloud of ion particles from a solar flare blast at Mercury,

lit up its force field expose spacecraft carrier solar panel flight deck shape aim at Earth to

need a World Confederation eliminate the enemy conspiracy citizens bunker underground

make big powerful lasers. Ships to shoot down UFO's U.S. few Navy ships have big laser.


Fall-out from Comet 17/P Holmes engulfed Mars atmosphere. Mars coming back around

the Sun in 2008 to 17/P trail of gas 5 times bigger than Sun just forewarning that another

comet to explode bigger than the sun reached Earth 26 July 2008. "Comet 19/P Borrelly"

million miles each time comes around Comet Holmes expanded to Earth atmosphere ions

in my genocide plan winning west redistribute resources magnetic pole movement change

climate American people time running out on "Revelation 8:10 and 11" get a Bible look it

up, if "Repent" is what you need you better do it, before 2029, Earth is smashed to pieces!


Planet X does not orbit the Sun only got 21 million miles to it clearly 600 times bigger than

Earth came out behind Sun back to Oort cloud. Keep that secret, saying it don't exist. Shoot

them on sight scholar any population face leftist kind of them sweep, send in militia troops!


Save all the redneck, skin-head Hells Angels White Militia community door to door clean

ship out. Enemy coming maybe here Illegal the like hang lawyer's equal rights have a gun!

Ethnic racist purge. Klan oversee the whole picture racist USA armed forces militia school

for Industry all back white economy job. Space transportation to suitable planet elsewhere.

We can keep our Constitution to ourselves and build a planet ship of the Moon for Gravity!


All I need to be a dictator is a bunker at a swimming pool. Where with the power to call in

experts for whatever my wages. I do or die until through with a public service dictatorship,

about whatever our tribunal majority of right on the charts say public American leadership.


Now back to Planet X at top of this page. With a blue planet behind White dwarf a people.


This all started at email news clip close-up of blue planet at star Sirius comes up close to sun.


Any star gazer could see Sun's parent Twin approaching Sun, in 2003, that astronomers may still be calling “Planet X”, magnetic core of the Sun's parent, visible April to November 2003, its light source orbited behind it. Earth tilting toward Sun. Small “star” went behind Planet X to Planet X dark again. In 2002 out of Oort cloud when it became visible. Discovered behind 10th Planet in 1983 thought a "star" ran into "Dark Matter". Scientists calculated 10th planet 5 times bigger than Jupiter reached this fast loops back to Oort cloud. Easily seen without binoculars May 1, 2003, a big dull red planet with point's of light oddly at its lower left side. Right of White dwarf a blue planet May 1, 2003, "star" coming up around in front of Planet X went over its upper right side in November. Wodan light eclipsed behind Thor, 2 years a side, orbit around Planet X, the parent of the Sun, Thor collapsed to only core. Dark Star brightest star Sirius, to 2006 sunshine. The Sun's Twin with solar system passing until after October 23, 2006 in Sun light. Here sun melted methane gas ice off of rusted Sirius. In a tandem orbit I watched come closer in 2003 until its light source went behind it in November on a fat light beam.

10th Planet goes around and comes around sometimes same side of Sun. It's dwarf hiding our 5th planet of the Sun eclipsed from Earth except left of Thor, rising. Sirius went behind a full Moon with White dwarf star in front blocking blue, Sirius planet shown on NASA Web Site December 6, 2002, news page fixed so no one could printout the huge round illuminated blue planet swinging up around Thor from behind. Lighting-up surface of dark Planet X until Sun light now predominates. Star Sirius out of the "Oort cloud" up at 10:00 in the sky to early risers who got to see it lighting up Thor early Spring 2003. Storm break January 23, 2006, up close white dwarf star with wide bright beams of light about its upper right side. Closer or bigger than Moon, behind oxidized red rusted iron-nickel core of star lit up in sunlight all day since Fall 2006, 600 x bigger magnet than Earth. That away from Earth's magnet core, after USGS maps show a sphere leaping up faster. That ran into Earth 85 degrees latitude top. Planet X will never be seen on Easter again back to end of Big Dipper. Thor swinging around Sun this time close as hell flip sun 2007 government astronomers media intentionally said was only Mars once every 50,000 years in 2003. Rovers sent to Mars caught up a trajectory going away in 2006. Blue planet facing Thor behind white dwarf star. Nostradamus 2 asteroids 2012 miss Europe 2013 late! Revelation Tribulation right now inflation. See God, your safe in 2029.

"Star" orbiting Planet X lighted up ice over its rusted magnetic iron core of the Sun's Twin, Planet X, that millions of people saw approaching closer in view to Earth, up 10:00 in the sky from April to end of November 2003. Planet X dark late November 2003 with its small bright "star" behind White dwarf star behind Thor 4 in the morning, opposite from the handle down off Big Dipper, May 1, 2003, 2006 up closer. White dwarf planet before sunrise its seven objects went along with Planet X. Fifth planet yanked to the passing white dwarf, halo orbit. Asteroid Belt between Jupiter Mars 6th planet disaster, Sirius' smash like to Mercury. Thor solar system sat "down under" on 9/23/2006, going back out to Oort cloud eclipsed by Sun by now turned on its blue going away, "star" orbiting Sirius every 4 years. Closest a star ever gets 2006 iron core the Sun's parent star!

Earth going through wave of asteroids off of Thor, going away. Blue planet up close behind its White dwarf, was close enough to fly a shuttle over to it in 2006. Astronomers and scientists and media not allowed to discuss danger from intelligent life there, January lit up planet behind white dwarf, everyone looking saw in front of huge Planet X, up close a bright light behind its white dwarf, what the media was calling a "star" in 1983. It was not a Black Hole, passed between Jupiter and Mars took 5th planet of the Sun. Everyone will find out if the lighted object astronomers were calling a "star" in 1983 was in fact blue planet with the missing link of humanity, that moored at Mercury. For a ship that size it would be big enough for giant people like who sawed down this tree, if Earth atmosphere was 500 miles deep ring around Earth astronauts found covered Earth in dew.

Secrecy NASA withheld for eight years until Summer 1991 any word of finding Planet X object discovered after a "star" went behind something in the Oort Cloud in 1983, science called it "Dark Matter". White dwarf with "star" in 4 year orbit reappeared at Dark Matter left in 1985. Here half way around Planet X NASA telescope silence 1991 featured planet generating power and light found by home telescopes so NASA had to pull out big picture for media 12/06/2002, won't let public have a copy. Finally Planet X was out of the Oort Cloud couldn't keep secret. Sirius came close in behind Sun, after becoming brightest star since May 2003. Squirt of planet points blew out to Sun all pop up to end of Sirius "solar jet", just out of Milky Way Galaxy black hole, pop up. Here back in solar system, Sirius' bright spot a small blue planet orbiting around it visible on May 1, 2003, in solar system with a solar system. Wodan visible at left or right ends of orbit around Gliese 229A? Sirius "star" came back around up-left from behind Sirius see up close on December 6, 2002 Astronomy, big blue planet discussion all about its compositions of "star", orbiting behind White dwarf star, out in front of Thor every other 2 years around, left to upper right of it, the brightest star in the sky after May 1, 2003. While a red dwarf star is coming straight in 10 light years closer by 2005, since 1994 to hit the Sun, at the Earth in 2029. Sirius with "star" behind White dwarf went behind full Moon again in August 2006, since 2003, got up closest to Sun swung out back to Oort cloud. Moon squirted out of planet 6 hit in Thor's way, returning. White dwarf snatched 5th planet left other asteroids between Jupiter and Mars. The superior race technology went behind full Moon September 2003 and August 2006. Clever people generated energy between 2 magnetic fields reflected blue off white dwarf onto Thor. Thor elliptic length of solar jet, swings back to Oort cloud over Australian horizon Earth's opposite turning core ruptures!

Finally late in the Fall of 2003 during a one day break in the rainy season, on the evening of the 24th of November 2003 I took my last chance for many days to get a look at Planet X. I luckily got to see the "star" lighting Sirius had finally reached the upper right side of Sirius. Going over Planet X cut off its lower left "star" ray end "v" beam, at the end of white dwarf star rays reflected on Thor's shoulder concerned with points of light, were missing! So my first thought was the "star" had already begun to set to dark side of Sirius. Lower left end of "star" light having just slipped behind Planet X spread across Thor's top right! I got out my hunting binoculars for a better look and was startled to see the lower left "v" points of light at the end of beam of "star" light was spread across Thor's top from only a thick short beam of light down against top right side of Planet X crescent reflection. Wodan left beam spread right and little left of Planet X a crescent on Thor top, to right of "star" beam fused to Planet X. Thick crescent sliver of white light extending across upper right of dark star. Planet X end of November 2003 dark again, invisible Planet X again. Remember beam of "star" light on Thor strikingly thick, close to Planet X! Planet X "star" hijacked from Solar System had to be illuminated by a superior race of people, to survive behind its White dwarf derive energy from their 2 magnetic fields, turned off January 24, 2006, to hide from Earth. Planet X blue neon light bulb, turned off.

Planet X crossed night sky up about 60 degrees in 2003 opposite the handle of the Big Dipper turned down, at 4am. While many other people living out were also watching it, in 2003. It should have been shown at 10:00 in the sky on the official map at this address: and this distance chart of theirs, not showing Sirius A and B actual, where they were not distant star systems a certain secrecy cover-up would reverse Sun poles getting that close. Sirius leaving back to Oort cloud left A Superior Race, crew.

Here in 2003 a lot of people saw that the two new planets were not our planets. At 11:00 Mars still much smaller than the at 10:00 in the sky Planet X. The small white dwarf blue planet light reflected on Planet X, taken over in 2006 by Sun light yet was still reflecting its blue planet on Planet X on January 23. Then up close to Earth in 2006 Edenite turned off their bright light until going away now, in front of Planet X behind its White dwarf star Wooden. Earth's core reaches Fault Line loop, to blow its top in polar reversal, end of global warming follow natural course result reversal an asteroid storm inner solar system.

Expensive home telescopes could locate the bright blue planet "Wodan", coming in in it's diagonal orbit Thor, while moon eclipsed Planet X from June to October 2006. West coast so many others saw White dwarf star's light moving gradually up to upper right side of Planet X to October 23. "Thor" here Sirius no planet in its way going back to Oort looked to be getting smaller in November 2003. Planet X grew dark, “star” light going behind it sat behind Planet X. White planet opposite from the Big Dipper with its handle turned down could be seen a blue planet behind Thor as White dwarf went down around behind Thor. I watched dwarf star winter of 2003-2004 set. Wooden with Wodan, 3.3 day orbit. Earth in Thor return killed 1/3 of humanity last time back. End of the world Wormwood rises falls apart on Earth to a reddest Moon, 4 moons in a row, red dwarf warning drops off Wormwood crumbles to Earth red dwarf bounces Sun away, that swells up Red Giant.

Planet X however was not getting any smaller, was still too far away from sunlight to reflect Sun light in the winter of 2003-2004. Sat over northern California, going out to Oort cloud, close as hell bigger than Moon white new planet, alternating 1 and 2 moons. First Thor blue under its “star” reflecting it's light off of a thin methane ice crust over iron-nickel core surface remains of star Sirius May 1, 2003. I figured "star" lit planet was in orbit of Thor. Dark matter media was calling Sirius. "Star" points of light disappear upper right reappear lower left of Thor dwarf star 2006 with lit up blue planet, the UFO's!


Astronomers will always be finding Planet X innards in the outer solar system. I watched Sun parent appear out of deep space, asteroid star photo. Sun going to knock Earth to its core, by red dwarf star. "Twin" of Sun, parent once returned between Jupiter and Mars while Earth passing through shrapnel: Points of light offset rise lower left. Hubble space telescope showed a blue planet on its Internet address web not allowed to print copies of the up close image of blue "star" up crossing Thor/Sirius a Planet X upper right, secret telescope"" 12/6/2002. Only scholars get a up close picture of radiant blue planet out in front of dim dull star facing it, in front of white dwarf star a big blue planet, December 6, 2002, snagged from this solar system. Wodan lit Thor its White dwarf star capture. Sun' 5th planet regular orbit of Thor Planet X Sirius' lower left up around, press release December 6, 2002, showed blue planet up-close turbulent cloud. Noting its compositions, blue dot over backyard Astronomy not even telescope with camera mounted college secret binary. Federal enemy of freedom property position shelter, star security clearance.

Notice the blue planet in front of Planet X, close behind a white hot dwarf star, in a orbit 3.3 times a day halo orbit about 3x Jupiter mass white dwarf star. Wormwood shooting in from 18 light years away in 1994 to 6.5 light years away in 2005, to 2029 Sun bounced to Earth. Red dwarf star coming up from south hits Sun hits Earth a big methane gas fire. While Thor in 2003 naked eye visible more and more every morning since May 1 coming to the Sun. My small set of hunting binoculars saw its "star" until February 2003. Blue planet eclipsed behind White dwarf star, swinging up around Sirius. Thor went behind summer full Moon in 2003 and 2006. A White dwarf orbiting Thor once every 4 years October 2006, all day visible. Thanks Earth orbit not crossing 600 times Earth size. White dwarf star up close. Thor "star" points of light not twinkling because it was not a star, but Planet 5 formerly in orbit around the Sun between Jupiter and Mars. Thor ran into Planet 6 destroyed Mars and Earth a Grand Canyon Flood. Edenites mined Earth in ancient times, left a black satellite First Shuttle Mission picked up. White dwarf in front of Sirius reflect blue planet light on Thor asteroid Sirius 2003/2006, Wooden twirls Wodan around.

Wodan in 4 year orbit around Thor behind white dwarf Wooden blue light reflecting off of Thor ice. Thor dark planet until sunlight melted methane ice red rusted Thor Sirius surface oxidized. Thor's last remaining atmosphere anciently froze to it, after violent collapse in a fireball of internal eruptions, from solar jetting Big Dipper stars jetted Sun, kept a white dwarf star to orbit it in a Oort cloud, kept a white dwarf star. Thor's once steam filled iron magnet core a ocean cooling magnet, expanded to 5 times Jupiter = 600 x Earth. Sirius under Wodan electric-light atmospheric glare going around behind a white dwarf star! Planet X steam pressure inside calmed down and froze. First discovered in 1983, Thor had not yet reached inner solar system to be illuminated by the Sun, until 2003. Everywhere people were seeing Sirius evening to dawn since April 2003, Wodan 3 more years blue. Planet X expected was Dwarf Star core of star getting larger every month, blue light of civilization bright as a "star" planet. Wide beams of light around it January 23 turned off January 24, 2006, see 2 and 1 moons switched places every 24/7. Sirius discovery in 1983. Thor over Australia seen going away. So now we can focus on red dwarf star end of the world, 2029. Dark Star Sirius planet eclipsed smuggled a ship on an invasion mission? Astronomy magazine 1999 astronomers image of Planet X, One Type of Dark Matter, everyone looking saw it get bigger and brighter in 2003, set on October 23, 2006 solar eclipsed. Planning chaos Cloud Money Mafia black Latin want legislators take white's guns. King pins, loot and shoot them all. Title to what we can take.

Now there must undoubtedly be a Thor and a Wooden, a Planet X and Wodan orbiting a "star" behind collapsed melted down white dwarf star that captured it out of the crash scene between Jupiter and Mars, taken from the Sun. Lastly a red dwarf star speeding to a head on collision with Sun ever since suns shot out end of solar jet from star's galaxy black hole all objects on Earth's blind side by coincidence. Last 4 red moons in a row an omen waiting to happen collision, since the Universe Big Bang popped out stars popped up solar systems. Negative to Positive Gravity Charge Circuit Image of mass. That shorts out back to everything expanding over again! Thor and Sun originally sharing gravity center, solar jet them apart out of mouth of galaxy black hole into the void. Thor collapse from too much solar jet gave birth to Big Dipper suns out to the Sun Sirius collapse down to iron-nickel asteroid grade composition ocean filled magnetic core, frozen, first orbit to the Sun. Thor stopped Earth wobbling for 3.5 weeks. Being called asteroid Planet X last took Wodan, ripped Mars in a race war with sister planet life on both at war destroyed 6 inner solar system planets seeds Earth with life out of inner core, rip open to expand 2/3's.

Anyone around the world in Spring 2003 could see Thor's lit-up planet beside its white dwarf, swinging up around it, eclipsing the incoming Planet X. Both went together behind full Moon while coming back into inner solar system, preceded by Thor's Solar Creation shock wave Earth went through in April 2004 Thor, a Sun kiss. Frightened scientists turn off their satellites until wave of ions passed. Few people interested saw approaching a star night after night until October 2006, bigger to biggest Planet X. Began "star" points of light offset to its lower left passed up over Thor's right side in 2003 cut off beam crossing over Planet X. Thor and Wodan solar system intersected inner solar system planets. Outdoors people began seeing Thor sunset to sunrise winter to Fall large dim red planet go dark, "star" points of light sat over upper its right shoulder at 10:00 came in to set with Sun. I got up 4am BLM found "Planet X" 1 May 2003 offset points of light, beam white!

Looking where the 10th planet was suppose to be I saw a large dim red planet, offset with its star points of light oddly at its lower left side! That prompted me to get out my binoculars to see why the strange new planet's points of light were offset! So I got to see there were two separate objects close together, a large Mars colored planet with a small blue star right next to it in 2003, at lower left side of Thor, sweeping up around Sirius on inside of its White dwarf star orbit, in a halo orbit spinning behind dwarf star, facing Thor around it. I watched until sunrise opposite from Big Dipper like on rubber band every time Sun reaches end of galaxy, out and back to galaxy center, until run into a star. The dark star with bright white points of light beamed from lower left side. I had to prop my binoculars on a rocky hilltop to stabilize them, so I could see Planet X's "star" beside the Sun's Twin! Bigger. Hubble Space Telescope NASA December 6, 2002, press release document illegal to copy a close-up, blue planet. Text misleading. At first glance I figured Thor's light was emitting from its brightly lighted blue planet, Wodan. White dwarf star not shown to its left. NASA press release 12/06/2002 huge blue Wodan, soon removed. White dwarf eclipsed Wodan, eclipse Thor behind Full Moon January 2003 August 2006.

Asteroid Belt Ceres planet 6 core. Fifth planet taken from solar system by white dwarf left behind evidence of planet 6 smashed, squirting lava moon that hit Earth. Asteroid Belt around the Sun. Smashed by Planet X Ceres a iron and nickel hollow. A fragment thereof scientists got to plainly see 25 miles away Galileo probe Jupiter, piece of magnetic core. Space probe pass in 21 miles of it authority secret images. While White dwarf star eclipses blue planet with intelligent life, generated power to illuminate two magnetic fields, over Wodan terra firma. Just like Earth has two magnetic fields for Ion generators, space wind. Wodan generated electricity, maybe spread chem-trail sky's. Thor and Wooden on came as close as Sun to Earth, where Mercury use to be knocked to only magnetic core. Chunks of terra firma to make a space ship out of, over the last 2.5 billion years. Thor so big regularly coming around the Sun destroyed all the planets it can. People escaped 5th planet capture looks like they returned. Planet 6 squirted Earth a Moon, smashed off most of Japan to deep Pacific. Eden's first blood mined ocean for gold needed for technology, out of Earth's oceans, it transported from Sodom and Gomorrah. Left colony with library of book history culture on Easter Island, blew-up the space ports.

At first when Thor was located astronomers thought they had found “Dark Matter”, after observing what they thought was a “star” going left to behind something invisible out in the Oort cloud 2 years later reappear at left side of Thor. Eight years kept secret Wooden with Wodan orbiting behind Planet X found by NASA. While small red planet Mars in its orbit up at 11:00 in the sky. Thor our Planet X appear at 10:00 round circular planet in sky at dawn May 1, 2003, found its light source "star", visible at lower left side of Planet X. This article got me interested in camping out to look for it in the morning. Thanks to, that was a December 6 press release article here addressed December 6, 2002. Image of a big blue planet, white rays off of opposite side of white dwarf seen from Earth. But blue reflection upon Thor. Hubble Space Telescope close-up zero in a blue planet not allowed to copy. Blue planet up in front of Sirius, reflecting off Wooden Wodan's blue off of white dwarf upon Thor but white points of light to Earth drew much of night time individual attention.

Planet X predicted to first be seen by April 2003. A month later I found it 60 degrees up in the southern sky, where I read to look for it. The time was 20 minutes after 4 a.m. May 1, 2003. I couldn't hold my binoculars still, so propped them up on some rocks on the edge of a hill top. I distinctly noticed the December orbiting up location from Thor's lower left side like in the NASA image. Had to be the same "one type of dark matter", with a blue "star" rising up to in front of it December 6, 2002. The address shows it coming up from the lower left side of a large "Planet X", radiating white points of light uniformly around its left like a tiny diamond. So I realized I was looking at the same "star" as the space telescope “One Type of Dark Matter” authority began confusing with Mars, soon after people began getting excited over noticing Planet X size growing until eclipse by the Sun. Mars always up at 11:00 was not at 10:00. Every time I looked Planet X was always opposite Big Dipper, 3-4 a.m., from handle down. Media and authority did not want the public to know star Sirius behind a white dwarf star was chasing the Sun. Government easily got away with saying Thor was red Mars, instead of the Sun's Twin, its blue planet lit ice crusted red rusted star Sirius people were seeing get bigger brighter for 3 years go behind full Moon August 2006. Scholar educated told Mars.

Compare Thor’s red color with this chunk of magnetic core from collision with 6th planet, rusted when air. Thor and 6th planet iron cores knocked together, back when the Sun's Twin came between Jupiter and Mars taking solar system 5th planet. While squirting out Moon from 6th planet lithosphere direction it followed to hit Earth. Wooden took 5th planet of Sun Thor flung this slab of magnetic core off it or Ceres in atmosphere.

Above asteroid not allowed for public to see right up close as 21 miles away next orbit.


Galileo spacecraft, on its final orbit around Jupiter, passing Amalthea 25 miles away. 21 miles a secrecy instrument close up from Galileo spacecraft that was its mission's target above silver of magnetic core broken off planet 6 or Thor, soon before it falls on Jupiter NEAR spacecraft below landed there in 2001, without instrumental analysis?

Here some smashed or fallen apart planet or moon piece ran into during "The Beginning".

Probe crash scene here, with intention to inspect asteroid between Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter Galileo target Amalthea space probe, 1 more orbit examine closest, like all the other Jupiter moons inspected, its course to NASA asteroid Amalthea Mission up close. Galileo certainly explored it at only "21 miles away", red rusted chunk off of Thor or planet 6, broken off of iron core of either Thor or Ceres knocked together broke off piece of one magnetic core both fall on Jupiter. Molten lithosphere squirt out Moon pool of it, off to Earth crushed eastern Japan to bottom of the Sea. Debris of Ceres could fill a area big as the Moon, if it could be put back together. Fifth Planet got caught behind White dwarf star in a halo orbit behind it every 3.3 days grabbed it to always face Thor. Wodan missed hitting Thor, its White dwarf star caught it!

The 2 mythological subjects Thor and Wooden, having solar system, came back a safe distance away, behind the Sun. The Sun's Twin Sirius solar flare length to Sun orbit. Truth was no worse than solar storms from the Sun, with it's solar wind, that blew ions on the Earth in 2004 from the approaching Planet X five times the size of Jupiter, lucky Earth not in orbit near it Sirius going away flip Sun upside down. Wodan captured 5th planet, magnetic fields brightly illuminating dark star from behind white dwarf star geniuses from Earth. But red dwarf Wormwood breaks up and falls on Earth after people on fifth planet with two magnetic field's energy source return to Earth for another visit won't find the Earth here, near a sun. Originals out of Eden escaped Earth, ravished in polar reversal. A hostile planet at white dwarf star sent Earth a battle ship, hiding out somewhere else after they were found no doubt have Internet, and big enough to take whatever they want. .

December 21, 2012, Earth went over edge of Milky Way Galaxy, into its ring of asteroids, to galaxy center, asteroids blowing-up. Earth's rivers turned red, red dwarf hits the Sun. But for now there are 6 years to do something before the red dwarf star hits Sun. Earth's weakest crust core revolving to crash out of Arctic exploding spinning against 85° latitude to crack in Atlantic Ocean blows-out Earth mountain tops suddenly shear off mountains opposite spinning spheres connect suddenly stuck, Earth falls over in a new direction. Level ground buckles up into mountain ranges, mountains collapse, rotation of Earth in new direction, mountains to level ground, Super volcano felt over the world, tidal wave tsunami kill billions of people flooding over continents polar reversal overdue.

With magnetic core of the Earth up inside northern hemisphere of the Earth, to its flat top, spinning on 85° latitude, going west around Arctic, heating up Earth's top. Don't forget red dwarf star by coincidence approaching ends 6th Age of Life on Earth. But star Sirius knocked Earth's core off center, Moon concussion. Earth magnetic core move 9.2 shook Alaska, end of tether broken free in 1975. Indonesia 8.8, until core hit Earth's top March 11, 2011 Japan, Haiti Chile New Zealand 4 tsunami's. Pressure in Earth's magnetic core brought it back up to Earth's top to blow-out its bubble again! Star Sirius with blue planet went behind Full Moon. Earth magnetic core spinning west while Earth's crust fell east, earthquakes. Thor went behind Full Moon every 2 years since 1983, when "star" light Wodan was discovered eclipsing Planet X, in the Sun's end times, Thor a Hammer. White dwarf bigger than Moon, that had no magnetic consequences in 2006, up close as it got.

Here poles of Earth's core are shown rushing to Noah's Flood "end of the world" super volcano event. Sirius returned Earth its missing link from its blue planet, the meek going to inherit Earth's new heaven and new Earth upside down. UFO people with 6 years to prepare for deep space could invade Earth after polar reversal or anytime. Thor heading out to Oort cloud profit what may. Earth in death star cross hairs, to sun hit by red dwarf. That would have taken Germany to now and U.S. Industry since the 1940's to build a city around Moon with ports to redirect mass fast as Twin Towers falling, with an after burner.

Wodan orbit around Thor it's course in a 4 year orbit of Thor Earth human life immigrated to 5th planet, will likely surprise Earth after polar reversal. Having to hide elsewhere after being seen, wait until Earth is safe to settle on after polar reversal. Children of the Sun, returning to Island 6 years of Easter Island and planet left, Sun bounces to Earth that crumbles to its magnetic core, that bounces off it. Extinction without Sun, bounces away or at Earth like depicted in 1917 to crowd in Portugal in a downpour sun fast bounce dry!

When the people of the 5th planet get back to Easter Island they will find out, that their colony of people and memories in a library they built for them the books were destroyed. And all of their followers killed by Christians, know Earth is like hell on television football ads Internet cell phones music and movies life on Earth is greedy aggressive materialism. Power hungry civilization to stay away from watching space, might just microwave Earth kill everyone hid do not want to communicate with us. A Superior Race.

600 times Earth magnetism Thor flipped Sun upside down, going away from warm Sun. Blue planet going around Thor every 4 years behind White dwarf star, that can generate a blue planet again to keep warm away from Sun. UFO's didn't invade Earth in 2006-2007, White planet up close. America better off with me in power bloody Revolution, pig and shark feed. Tribunal revive American past in hands of citizens. Militia Hate save us Coup!

In 2006 Planet X was seen approaching the lower left side of the Moon, that eclipsed it, on its course around Earth until anytime polar reversal, first people out of Eden undoubtedly carved in stone on Easter Island no doubt watch everything from UFO's all around Earth, with greater weapons of mass destruction, to defend their way of life. UFO planet people without remorse, certain destruction of civilization on Earth, eagerly await return to paradise secretly saw two asteroids hit Earth. Edenites ready to return, to new heaven and new earth asteroid red giant sun red dwarf where sun was at 3 magnetic cores.


Edenites here and there continue to maintain communications silence, except 72 second communication from empty place in space route. One Apollo mission to Moon Command Module took pictures of barracks on back side of the Moon, picked up Earth insurance advertisements streaming implying humanity in danger. Apollo 13, someone a friend in space broadcast insurance Ads. UFO with ulterior motive hid quietly wait out dooms day.

In the last Age of life on Earth the 5th polar reversal. Canyon between Iran and Kuwait 2 rivers met at the Euphrates River. Edenites had to leave because of original sin, populated Earth for thousands of years escaped first polar reversal, followed 5th planet what star Sirius took, refugees helplessly watched as sparks flew. Planet X ran into Sun 6th planet. They mined the oceans for gold needed to advance their electronics industry to return to their 5th planet, taken by the White dwarf star to Sirius, as soon as it became safe to go back, without daylight in deep space helplessly watched their planet snagged out of inner solar system by Wooden, caught up to Thor behind its White dwarf star, Woden taken out into cold deep space with Thor. Edenite's advanced their technology, energy and heat, lighted their 5th planet atmosphere, generating energy from their planet's 2 magnetic fields, with dynamos generated power derived all the electricity they needed, fifth planet "star" plainly visible 12/6/2002 coming up around Thor to front again. Edenites have succeeded at living on the 5th planet far away from inner solar system sunlight, went behind the Sun in 2006. Back in inner solar system close enough to sneak up space ship to Mercury, expect end of Age of civilization Earth. Blue planet return with White dwarf star in front of Sirius 2023 only 21 million miles away Edenite strategy since Mercury, the Superior Race inherits Earth to bask in Sun on Easter Island again, mining the oceans.

Sun 5th planet removed from inner solar system to Thor 2.5 billion years ago, left 2 Grand canyons! Religious Edenites chose to stay behind in a colony on Earth, kept with them a history lesson of their civilization and traditions, in a library on Easter Island. History of their lessons learned through time they saved in peace, on their Island. But religion and it's evil politics showed its ugly face in paradise, when Catholics showed up with troops. Back on planet resentment over finding over years of television broadcasting from Earth a 1950's TV documentary on Easter Island in 1958 informed them that all their people and library text they provided them were destroyed by Conquistadors. Edenites at Mercury hid could destroy Earth shoot asteroids. If opinion rage they invade. Resources stockpiled on Earth to plunder. Unless my government USA instead Biden destroy it May 10, 2023? Police sweep public enemy for everything, I reclaim the land lead country build underground city community democracy industry for disastrous future.

I can not read German, to know about Thor and Wooden. I only know that the Earth has a Hammer inside, went northwest, bounced off top of the world, hit it 4 times in 2011 bounced under Arctic to Siberia. Sirius became Thor, hitting 6th planet, as sparks flew! Last time Thor returned caused a magnetic polar reversal of Earth's poles, for Siberian Super Volcano a hundred thousand years ago or so. Wooden, Thor's White dwarf star captured Sun 5th planet. While settlement on Easter Island must have left an impression on the 5th planet's people, that returned to the Sun's 5th planet to generate power between it's 2 magnetic fields. Their people back on Earth to bask in the Sun, carved in stone themselves, our 5th planet's civilization returning hope finding a faithful alive and well on Earth must know none of its followers survived to rescue, before sun hit in 2029 at Earth.

Mining for gold from oceans two cities of people on Earth Edenites employed. In the end annihilated them, while destroying their spaceport at Sodom and Gomorrah. Edenites had to catch up with Thor and Wooden going away, to take resources they needed for technological advances on 5th planet. Workers ready to leave Earth were destroyed by fire, contaminated in the two cities, no longer needed for their labor. Uncontaminated got out alive with their shipments on the last ship out so mad blew-out their generator they had to reproduce in a factory in Area 51, reproducing the generator. Their generations did what their makers wanted are not forgiving, hiding intent concerning destruction of their civilization on Easter Island. In silence ready to take over after polar reversal. Genocide logic, aliens. Militia street law Armed Forces supported, I take out destroy subversive races and their cousins take leftist authority riches, leaving religious sanctuaries open in a public parks system. Establishment legal political corruption organization Militia prosecute at Tribunal. Tribulation happen to the left, I establish real democracy American!

By June 2003 Thor under Wodan the brightest star in the sky, over northern hemisphere. Sirius seen through all of the smog and city lights of any place like San Francisco, big cities across Earth's northern hemisphere, when full Moon eclipse of "10th" planet close enough to see 2 large planets with moons at night to dawn in 2006. Binoculars not much help, Thor’s points of light moved northeast across face of Thor, lit up Sirius until January 23, 2006. Thor's planet Wodan light turned off, to go unnoticed behind white dwarf star White Planet setting later in the west, after Sirius October 23, 2006. The people of the 5th planet shuttled UFO to Mercury. Until cover blown, slipped away. Hot tempered people Edenite accidentally blew-out spaceship generator so mad, upon leaving Earth at the end of their stay had to re-create a new generator for their spaceship, leaving Sodom and Gomorrah melted rock everywhere. No city trace or evidence other than melted ground all around. Wodan hiding out from Earth, undoubtedly a far superior war machine advanced further than they were the last time they returned to Earth. Who left a history in literature telling of their origin and purpose on Earth, from their captured 5th planet that Thor's white dwarf took. Thor back finished 2006 rubber band stretch to the Sun. Planet X Edenite's accomplished their need be on Earth mined gold out oceans, conductors of electricity for 5th Planet industrial revolution. Lit blue to January 23, 2006.

Communications silence, blue 5th Planet and their UFO craft carrier, take Easter Island again. Edenite suspense must be mounting on Wodan watching Earth for millenniums chasing airplanes and rockets looking around taking data. Invasion surveillance of our planet, sufficiently able to deal with any kind of trouble they might encounter from Earth. Wodan's people must be fed up with all its observations and records of all the broadcasts from Earth. Informed of the dog eat dog world of politics, full of terrorists going around with blatant lies and deadly occupations. Edenite superiority ready to inherit Earth, or my dictatorship save American citizen ways and prosperity against all the others. Dangerous to save criminal deceptive alien immigration, gangsters and all, blast for turf and resources, forget Equality. Edenite microwave Earth, 5th planet citizens might say. I plan maximum employment, industrial revolution. Digging in deterrent to all alien forces, good old fashion American leadership. By military force citizens root out the bad and deceptive, alien peoples in the U.S.A. homeland, for White Male Constitution ethos. Let the bombings begin. American citizen, parents and children cover the streets. All out ethnic cleansing! Dumpster enemy remains mix the meat bones manure, fertilizer factory.

Safe secure from alien and criminal population, purged in with all the Mexicans. Racism in power I take Mexico to Columbia. Taking business ship Jews out to Zion. Israel can take promise land. Recycle or deport. Hire and train all the kinds of labor needed on 10 pay levels, for each industry, according to labor ability. Workers get dividends from profits made, in their division of labor. Escape vehicle jobs, support. Citizens all make a living, reap all the profits of labor. Drive out hunt down our enemies, wild life take over. Industry and business publicly owned to save ourselves. Moon escape vehicle & shuttles.

As I was going through the State of California in 2003, like most of the other States in the United States, citizens having been victimized. State tax dollars plundered by politicians and their business friends. Politics defrauding the public, as soon as they can get elected, passing on tax benefits to the rich, taking liberty and security from American Citizens. Inflation so citizens of California if they wanted to make a statement with a Recall Election in past California, the only way to solve California's State economic problems was to elect me by Default vote Majority. So as California’s Governor I establish a California State Militia to take all the politicians estates, who defraud the public in California. Can them along with their friends in business, after a Coup d' 'et at. Financial institutions nationalize. For Gold Standard. Confiscating property and wealth to pay off California State debt. Political fraud to concentration camp, California tax payer fraud. Hang them for California and other states debts. Gas out gun down authority, to pay for crimes against tax payers. Third Party Power by Default Command. Civilian Right take out of power politics with military support. Tribunal racism thus clear out all our enemies.

Here a new U.S. government majority plan, only White citizenship. Everyone else will be gone. Left with good work and social ethics trustworthy people, fill all of the duties in government, remove the country of alien occupation. Tribunal of racist citizenship Militia, take out the opposition. Gunning for all the privilege. Right confiscate estate, call the money metals. Erase all the State debts. Citizen's Militia, Majority, public Tribunal every thing. U.S. Armed Forces divide up enemy spoils of victory their share, from the campaigns. If crime fights back our forces have to kill them, bombs falling. Unjustly prosecuted race hate release from prison, make room for crooked politicians and their friends in crime try. Racist Citizen's decide their fate at Tribunal. Establish cooperatively owned National Company, 1 to 10 pay scale, for every department of industry, every workers group specialized. American citizens who bought or fought for got a house to live-in, won in the social conflict, no tax just get to work at your skill, saving us all. Wealth limited to only public Tribunal dollar limit. National Treasury take all else, finance space city vehicle dividends. Worker retiree elders wisdom grade quality control methods gauge talent pay scale grade. Colleges coordinate training. Any age that can militia up with rifle at range, take home bring to call anytime work week. National Militia save our skins. Roving squads clear out enemy culture load out to get ate? Load up booty!

Planet X” just proves planet orbits only get as close to the Sun as they got by solar jet. On its way out of inner solar system in regular orbits up to the Sun. But government officialdom can safely say 2006 new planets were any other planet conveniently near them. Made up confusing media names for Planet X, that crossed northern hemisphere. Called Thor up close, same side of the Sun. Took Sun Fifth planet certain to be kept secret from populations until a big blue planet big as Earth comes up again to Earth behind its White dwarf star, a blue planet inhabited. Will it rain fire upon Earth? Wodan turned off its blue light January 24, 2006 to a later Sun eclipse. Wormwood falling apart on Earth omen end ascend or lift off with food and water for following sun, a heat source.

Judgment Day Death to Jewish-Christian mythology diabolical mimicry of Religion if only 144,000 out of everyone safe since day one 4.5 billion B.C., see end of a Tribulation.



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I am available this script to lead Americans legal to vote don't have a candidate. I am the Third Party in "Power by Default", since 1996. According to Majority of citizens, who do not vote, in the elections versus any politician's vote president. Race revolution dictator leader Premier orders accordingly for Coup take-over arm a racist Militia every State, dictatorship rules of engagement. Opinion polls decide the public issues, products and work place rules. Underground economy 10 million dollars down to million dollar duty. Tribunal choose what will be the nation's laws and privileges. Tribunal focus dictatorship. Race against time as leader Tribunal influence my choices after dissolving Federal State. government, hang the court system. Enslave otherwise deport or destroy public enemy by popular decision. I might even find a California past governor charge readjust Military establishment all its ways of thinking back to good old-fashioned American Western Civilization win the west. Destroy all of White Man's enemies the not on reservations, racial diversity is adversity. Military power solves everything, escape or die!

Night season in Arizona and California 2 places to ascend from or a Carolina even a cheap get me here. December Alaska in 60's degrees weather. Earth gradually being affected by an asteroid magnet in its top spinning, that has a flap doorway in the Arctic it continues spinning towards, to blow out steam over its ocean stock up on food water and ammunition stores cleaned out in riots.



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