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No one else knows Jesus Christ is now only sword wound on Apollo, where the seraphim hang out, around world where there is nothing else but the light of circuit of gravity in a system. Some people break through from one charge to the other for various reasons. With these hills and meadows the places where to break through from one charge of gravity to the other. An act of physics if you cross them. The adventure writer Carlos Castaneda came down here looking to find an Indian seer for his UCLA anthropology class studies. Where he wound up at a bus station, not finding seers. Ready to give up trying to find one, when he accidentally caused some omen that caught the attention of a Mexican seer there, who took it as the right sign to make him his apprentice. Don Juan, a nagual with a tonal friend. These are places Don Juan took him in his apprenticeship. Carlos Castaneda wrote several books about it. Long before the U.S. was taking over Arab world countries anywhere it wanted, to take out dictators in power. Where better to leave Arabs fight against Israel nuclear war with Pakistan against India, leaving Kashmir a wreck. If anyone gets Kashmir Earth is still going to turn upside down after magnetic core "bubble" blows-up out of the Arctic Circle. Survivors bunker in for a ride American citizen armies of one, Militia under U.S. Military support, I fight off the illegal immigration invasion, and sneak my plans to the past from one of these places saving America for Americans against all of our enemies, out of the other charge of gravity, America with all the money metals to establish a real democracy, over the bodies of all the else in the way Day of Doom, right takeover with all the illegal guns. Earth's magnet to burst like bubbles do, upon reaching its fault line, where it can get out, with help. Meanwhile North Korea in a nuclear suicide, or Islamic plot to nuke Israel, a third of humanity destroyed, Inner Earth can blow its top, all of us safe with a security clearance?

Here throughout this web site I have maps of Earth's magnetic north, a PDF file, predicting an impact on "Panic Button" and Default page. So few people get out of the world alive, or survive follow my power by default elect, uncover facts increase common knowledge, for safety from death and hostility. Dictatorship racist citizenship with my plan eliminate bad and illegal, aliens and their cousins thieves traitors, in a ethnic cleansing eliminate them, some escape bombing and shooting on a "white horse" Bible end times, a star fly by, maybe too late to one of these places to drop into the past, to launch space city with 21st century technology. Patriotic Americans as many as possible could reach as far as Neptune to safe ground from wiped out along with the Sun by a red dwarf star nature kill billions of subversive and alien peoples our enemies in a revolution.

If there is a way to get things straight many more people than nature ordinarily saves their skins might escape from being destroyed by old age and disaster to an end of the world methane gas fire, ways of escape attempt to make here available, no religion can explain. Whoever find their thousand points of light other than me leaves Masonic people to rot in their graveyards gone to Heaven or Hell. Here centers of gravity currents converge upon each their own spots relevance. At Universe's end of expanding orbs all fall back together again as points at the beginning of time again. Universe circuit is broken from expanding, all fall back to points twined in a sphere. Outer Darkness pressure discharges its currents back to the centre of the hollow of charge spinning. Mass continually pouring down expanding Universe out of charge to short it out! While owners of U.S. Debt inflation the present legal system hoarding their profits and investing it until by military power I take it from them and kill them all. USA White American Independence, no separate exterminate! Killing the system, back to old school ways.

Certain to be too late for any presidential election in the present I have the ancient old methods to ascend, to accomplish something, with all of it correct all of these pages, in the past. Easier to become an early American leader with my lessons from American History and vaccines to get published in 1763 social unrest or 1914 a cure.

Here are some of my notes on these small or large gravity charge deposits, where to ascend off of, from a different location than where I last ascended. Here I would have to go around to touch them all, to cross from gravity current to gravity charge.

Image 1.

A positive charge of gravity is accumulated here. Will it take a 10 billion dollar atom smasher to find this rare element, flooding the whole world with atomic mass, the water of life. Someone ascended here, is above this spot, only detectable by camera. Someone here is arched forward in his jump, about 60 feet above. There are many other deposits around here, the stuff I will call JesusChrist I concluded with in "Article 8". The flashes on the Moon from such places seen by telescopes are not volcanoes but large positive gravity charged deposits centered there, for heavenly bodies are gravity current resistors!

Image 2.

Here is the east side of the summit looking north over an Army base. Someone who ascended is above this summit's spot. They are always in a leaping position over any ascension spot, in a position like I was ascended, over another one of these. I found someone over this one with my camera. Another, last mile up Mengus Mountain to pass with another camera like on "Ascend!" Someone in the blue sky over some trees about a hundred yards down the road from a small inroad. I was trying to take a picture of San Francisco Peaks, in the distance. Ascended person there tilted right, here tilted to the left.

The above summits' north end, viewed from the east. I got a feeling I don't want to ascend here, with someone else still overhead. I am on the north end of this summit from the east. This ascension spot in a previous Garden of Eden, for some certain species of living thing or someone here, from the seeds of life spheres of gravity current charge that converge, that pop up in the Beginning. Memory Identity DNA codes anciently descend to earth to their creation spot to pop themselves up. Most say to avoid these places, to their people. Anyone lucky to set off miracle of ascension may jump in to return anytime.

Image 4.

Above are the two largest of three Creation Spots on a ledge, part of the way down the hill below Ascension peak. Someone fortunate to go up to the top is ascended over it. Everything was created on the face of the earth and under water on Earth and inside the world manifested on gravity inversions, where all species of life created manifested complete upon positive gravity charge deposits, had to then seek out other creations to eat. A guided tour went through here, down to the bottom of hills past where I was camping. The guide said fewer of these positive gravity charged spots are in the fringe hills, the whole place is for sale I will take in Martial Law, rather I have to use for escape.

On other hills like these, I had to locate all of them, step on each one and take a picture, until I could not walk off of the last spot, stuck to the ground saturated with positive gravity charge. Carlos Castaneda in a book said I would "accumulate power" there, but did not say what it was good for. I could not move on it when I was ready to go, so break on through to the other side was easy, just jump off! Momentum carried me up in a weightless space up and up. I jumped down out of it with my camera, to stop from keeping on going up so I could bring back pictures of all of the spots! U.S. Military soldiers like Ninja could make gravity useful, with these places. Juiced up with a Charge.

Image 5.

This place is owned by someone else, an old placer gold mining claim where I took this picture. Where I picked up a flat rock facing down, hand-full of a rock just inside the wall on this level ground I found that way. I reached into the ascension spot, took the rock out and threw it on rocks to my right, where it bounced around and flipped up in the same position as I picked it up! Pointed in the same direction. Someone got out of the world from here, and is about sixty feet up over the center of this spot. Only a camera can detect him. Oregon Vortex is said to be a bigger one of these. On each spot accumulate charge until ascended. U.S. Military will take them all over with me in power U. S. Military could be better prepared for war choose right moment to pop up or drop in.

Image 6.

The far peak is where the Ascension spot is on the tip top. These are all "inner dialogue" silencing spots. I am at the east end of a hill of these Positive Gravity Charge spots where some creations manifested. This is my favorite spot of them all. I come to set and be at total peace within in silence. I would have to own this property to come back here, or take it in Martial Law ascension spots as dictator. Inner silence spots, to ascend from one.

Later told by a Marine to stand on each one of them barefoot, on all of the power spots. That is what he would do, I did with my shoes on to the last one your stuck on to ascend from. In a ascension to get "to the other side" you must jump off I'll take backpack again!

Image 7.

There is no telling what came or went from these creation spot's Positive Charge of Gravity impressions on the ground specifically for something created to find its way back into the elastic expanding everything in the Universe, joined together by current. Twined about earth to Positive Charge of Gravity moybus and inversions with your "whole" soul, accidentally or on a mission, enter God+ to "eternal life" for a base camp but Return a circuit of all knowing in "God"+. Alive or dead transform. Particles in memory identity layers electric gravity circuit glue not even super atom smashers can contain. Undead able to jump down or pop up re-manifest themselves back on earth in any age they choose, if not having taken from their soul to make another. This means at least one pair of male and female humans created heard "A Voice" and did not dare to ruin their perfect souls by creating another one of themselves, in a Garden. Some other human race might even still be ascended, to be found by way of the heavenly hosts. Deceased ascended find themselves field of particles like everyone else there. I will bring back whatever I have on just like my first time in and out. Other things to carry will be on me when I "Return"!

Image 8.

This is where Don Juan told Carlos Castaneda he could jump off a cliff to the other side, without falling to his death. Every race and specie of everything came from a Garden of Eden, two trees a male and a female, each from their own spot appeared, all the tribes. One tree a man, and the other tree a woman, believed Jews. Where the fruit that was on each of the two "trees" was one oval soul around everyone gravity current manifested. But inorganic beings descend on the womb to be born have no soul around them, the insensitive's. If I get into power everyone in my inner circle will walk under a street lamp under a full moon, to prove a halo is over their Moon shadow, of 2 shadows, prove they are real human beings able to trust. USA with me in power capture Aliens without a soul around them, to find out what they are up to for a Tribunal to dispose of them or to slave.

Cross eyed "see" inside their soul sphere seen as a bright substance in molecules, a shell around them. Where to see another's soul like I saw soul of a real human, holding a baby that was not a human with a soul, stretched agape at me seeing it hanging out in front of the woman's bright soul, frightened I was seeing it without a soul, in shock I caught sight of it an Alien it stopped crying the shrill scream of a Alien baby, I hate. Cry like a illegal alien baby in a laundry once. But the damned tempted and led by their parents and religion reproduce themselves, making people's embryo's of a baby vulnerable to inorganic beings taking them to be born in, leaving a hole in the parents soul either way, a child is born. From "the land of Nod" a black raped "Eve", and Moses' full of Egyptian tales re-wrote, Torah. From Eve's perfect whole soul Cain born as "Original Sin" perpetuated thereafter by parents, "lost sinners" unable to go back to whole soul able to ascend. Scorn the natural instinct "the devil", "free-will", from continuing to populate the earth. To be safe. Too late now. From 1 to 8 billion people in my lifetime! Religion tradition of children growing up to commit "the unforgivable sin" perpetuates aging and death say "populate the earth", reached a billion in 1950 to over 8 billion people by 2020! Everyone's religion keeps up the lie saying sins are all "forgiven", as if Jesus Christ "paid for our sins", the bad in with the good worshipping the world itself out of control for law.

Corruption the leading force in capitalism with all the greed possible destroys the Earth ecology, changes a retribution! The others the world reaps and sacks up, multitudes in the web of Earth's gravitational field, dreaming forever the World. God current sustaining all Images in a Universe Image consuming the most identities. Young or old few reach Positive Gravity Charge "whole" perfect soul eligible to ascend fewer as they grow older.

If any un-whole soul tries to ascend into substance and miracle of transformation, from an ascension spot, their shell will be crushed under weight of it holding the Earth together. A ball of twine moybus strip expanded 5 times by steam, Earth's iron core erupts in terra firma each time Sirius comes around, up close to Earth's magnetic core. In this last year going northwest around Arctic Circle Earth's bubble finds the crack in Earth's crust it made, after Moon ran into Pacific Ocean. Earth's iron-nickel magnetic bubble, once small under a deeper molten lithosphere, until after 5 Earth expansions of lava pushed out over ocean floors all around the world ocean in Inner Earth expanded 5 times all blows-out or core keeps enough of it to do it again, until the Sun is knocked out.

Anywhere that anyone gets to all of the "spots" at such places like shown here will notice that their inner dialogue will come to a sudden stop. Where they find perfect peace, because of the Positive Charge of Gravity, deposited on these kind of places, adhering to any visiting soul, until their sphere is saturated with it, causing sword of the lord all of a sudden to rise up opportunity like certain Enoch took hold of throw yourself around in to.

Scattered around the world are many Stairways to Heaven. I just make U.S. ones into Military training grounds for American fighting forces, due to seriousness of certain disaster at the end of a habitable world. Earth tilting off of North Star over 9 degrees from three 8.8 earthquakes and two 9.2 and a 8.0, until a 12.0 earthquake with the Earth turning the rest of the way upside down suddenly, as the sphere inside spinning faster than Earth counter-clockwise ruptures out a crack in Arctic Ocean in a huge earthquake. America needs stairways to Heaven parks, to be new religion to follow, rather than panic.

Only "a hundred and forty-four thousand people", Old Testament figure for Jews, and likewise all of the other kinds of people born after their "Adam and Eve" small number of people are in Positive Charge of Gravity all together. Most of the chosen are already gone above and beyond, since last of 5 polar reversals. Where congregated at the wound in the side of "the Light" in the afterlife are several dozens of souls. I will take a closer look at the wound there. With the "chosen ones", waiting for me? Maybe others will be chosen. But a great Tribulation to everyone left behind in the world die by their own choice, perceive nothing else but the visible world. So their Memory soul falls down to sleep in Hell, drained of Positive Gravity Charge, that dream eternally sacked up to the end of time. Military could ascend on American military cold war missions and hostages!

Earth's core going to pop out of the Earth beside northern Norway in a earthquake devastating the world, wobbling, that falls over in a day of vicious storms and poisonous gasses, spreading across the northern hemisphere. The Damned who "waite and see" all fall into the Gravity Field! Mostly only children seeking the "truth" are ever "translated" vanish, ascend! Anyone left behind will not be found in the JesusChrist. "Destroyed by fire" Christians don't care about that, damn it! They turn against the once saved always saved. Bloody cross story, Jesus of Nazareth! Or is it really Jesus of Turin, Italy. So in "Heaven" purest of white there is a wound on the Light of Apollo, for saved souls gathered there waiting for me to lead them to "God the Father"? My 2 Panic Button pages will do just fine, the way they are. I will take courses with me to study chemistry, ascend this time with another backpack on. Others and me with whole soul could train to venture into the past on a American democracy mission a Band of armored Super Heroes.

Everyone has the Key to Eternal Life, to ascend through sword of the lord, guiding a "few" to safety in a moment of need, their long red slender sword with a dark line up the center of it, in front of the "saved" by "the sword of the lord", raised up pointing the safe way out in desperate times, for the lucky few who can ascend, that translate in the Gravity Circuit Light, jump into the other side. Real Ninja find the Key and Portal to ascend, reappear somewhere else in military actions, a secret taught in many tongs and traditions the people forgot how to get to “the other side”, die. Jews with a thick heavy curtain once in a Jewish Temple kept the Truth a secret. Just open Portal overhead with your hands if it is open, to hatch out above, with what you have. Pack out everything you can return with escape Earth changes, a gamma ray burst approaching, so you could return for a new heaven and a new earth if you want to, to 2029. I will instead start over USA right in the past, with my data, keep the environment right, and take my youth back.

My objective ascend to friends on a mission. U.S. military under my command military objectives in a world to get the USA right! Defending.


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