I duplicated Eternity, the God Motor, it is working. I'll have to take it with me, to when money was real.

This all started out searching diligently Christian scriptures and literature trying to find out what is the Truth Jesus Christ

was talking about, until finally He said on lunch break "if there is any truth in the Bible you will find it in the Sermon on

the Mount". So I got right to it, when I got home. I only got threw a few words of it to see "God" is the matter expanding

Universe what is massive, found my 15 year old girlfriend. She leaped forward right up over from the right end of angels

right up to me. I was stunned and did not know what to say to her as memory identity particles. So she went right back to

where she was. But while tilting my head left and right, trying to see what they were all blocking from seeing. When they

all suddenly parted left and right so I could see in the distance a large vertical two edged sword wound on the Light of the

sea. I laughed thinking it looked like something else, but realizing what it was I said "Jesus?". When something in me that

shot out of my forehead straight into the distance of the mass expanding the Universe called "God" by Saint Matthew, that

hurt exceedingly but slowly went away to see a crowd of transformed individuals that all looked the same, when whatever

shot out suddenly returned with such force I was knocked out of the presence of god, with angels all in near to far distance

in front of me blocking the sight of a wound on the circuit with mass expanding the Universe. I got mad and broke my way

back into God with all the transformed back in my way, of sight of the sword wound on the LIGHT, it all faded away. Back

into my room on my bed with the Bible open on my lap, at the Sermon on the Mount. Realizing that God did not appreciate

Jesus Christ getting stabbed/mass of the sphere of matter spinning faster than light producing a Void in the center of a Black

Box a circuit the World and all images in the Universe expanding, connected to matter in its Void, so I just have to keep it to

myself Heaven is Jesus Christ never to say his name when I ascend again flight in its matter's sight on my way back in Time.

When our Christian Heritage as American people is for our Nation and Armed Forces to defend our Protestant Independence!


U.S. Military save us enemy hidden ready to show us the way?

Encouragement from Germany in San Francisco White Power

Skin's goes well with those here racist Right, we Confederate,

Heil Hitler! Off to the Right Racism, U.S. cleanse the streets,

to get Fascism Right with Tribunal. Maybe I save the Maine

leadership of industry rule with reason our society solution.

My object is to get everybody out alive ascend again drive!


I really did not like German Nazi. While our troops

were heroes German's were a great force for racism

nationalists. Like the old and ancient history of war

I publish in 1897. Better than Adolph Hitler agenda,

did not need France Russia and Britain. Saves blood

Austria Hungary Denmark Holland Scandinavia in a

Confederation to take Bulgaria Jewish homeland oil.

Mussolini on right track hunt Ethiopia for a Jew relic

to have built in Jerusalem Jewish Temple, making it a

Jewish reason to be relocated to Palestine or else die a

financial threat Ark of the Covenant a laboratory study

particles of condensing element careful of its Jew God

like U-235. Adolph Hitler Prussia. With my suggestion

German territories and France take Russia catch sniper.

West imploded with illegal alien 2029 destroyed by fire

certain death my faith cannot be learned from any other,

Jew and American Indians say don't go there or missing.

1900 swastika Europe, simply tribunal rule the situations.


To make the God Motor use depleted Uranium. Where all

of its nuclear particles have to be stripped down to nuclei.

Concentrating all the nuclei into a single mass using lasers

to spin the mass to produce a Void inside, to attract gravity

currents to its centre to expand universe image there to pop

up expanding until it shorts out on matter spinning universe

drops to centre where it reconnects with mass spinning. The

universe then begins expanding again until shorts out, drops

to centre again. To have to keep stripping nuclei of particles,

increasing the size of mass spinning increasing piston power.


Contain raw nuclei stripped of nuclear particles, concentrate outward laser spinning, compress with sound waves.

Here you have the solid outer Area 7 of Eternity packed with crystals the memory of Universe design projecting a

6 sided black crystal under immense pressure of gravity currents with sound waves buzz to 8 corners of the crystal

Box projecting its layers of living Identity through matter sphere spinning faster than light produces a Void, project

Universe from centre outward connected with mass expanding. Until Image reaches matter spinning, falls to centre.


Figure out the God Motor dimensions, with the depth of the mass spinning for desired Void, to project all around it

a desired design like for U-235 or gold to begin concentrating stripped uranium nuclei spinning accumulate enough

mass to produce the desired Void for gravity to center itself, projecting upon centre of the Void to create any desired

composition amount of, so to withdraw mass spinning to collect the composition created. At end of element creating

concentrating of mass spinning is blown out valves out away from suspended creation drops. Out of the valves blow

mass out tubes like an octopus, tubes turned up to the desired focus for a propulsion impulse clusters of God Motors.


Having figured out how to move the Moon on platform city on the Moon to save us America I was enthused starting

out writing as The Third Party, representing the Majority in Vote Defaulted for November 1996 Election Day, or The

Confederate Party elect me by Write-In Votes to takeover U.S. government 2024 True Democracy verses the political

system controlled by business and alien interest groups I eliminate by Coup 'd racist patriotic Majority Rule tribunals.

But the legal system makes that impossible. Where only Military takeover can make democracy possible for the racist

patriotic Right to rule our country USA. Good old radicalism like burn the witches and kill the Jews or just exile them.


Dictator in Germany had a lot of fun reaching the top, enemies all around raw power uncontrollable, but I Tribunal that.


I would love to see thousands of men in black marching in formation, with torches and

shouting Siege Heil!, Sieg Heil!!, Sieg Heil!!! Through the streets seeking my leadership

Nationalism so impressive in Germany that so many of its Citizens would join together,

with such enthusiasm forming into magnificent order and purpose with torches at night

in marches. Inspiring Representation like march for K K K racist White American Hate

Military support for elimination of black leftist menace across America, ship out the host

of enemy cultures Supreme Court forced on White America, under Political Government,

military power able to overthrow burn churches discrimination 2024 radical right save us.


Marxism was okay for White U. K., hang the rich and take all their investments and Bank

to get the poor off the street into house school and job security, for Business Public owned.

College with a reckless liberalism attacking patriotic discrimination bomb the alien rights!

My views are all illegal if only the authorities and spies are visiting this site. Editing this

in plain sight feed back on street or jets fly by I often wonder when I put another update

anything on this web site. Cost of living going up crazy, ranting and raving mass murder

Military Coup get it right arm us, 1776 freedoms all compromised in Business conspiracy

and Debt Default. Revolution military coup hang government business science astronomy

college protest. Armory Open House guns bombs, racists close college recruit shoot to kill.

America overrun by our enemies. Joking media government legislation for advancement of

subversive culture in America gas out gun down court forced integration on white America.



Revolution #9 Street Fighting Man Back in the USSR

Revolution at the end times for aloof Government what Majority don't want in power.

Military racist ready Majority of White America Revolution witch hunt throwing in

Molotov Cocktails. Americans forced all of these other different colored kind of

people from Latin to black, all in our way support business interests brought

them in. Here Military solution White America a revolution calling militia

together with all regular Armed Forces, a Military concerted event the way I say it

gas out gun down taking all the castles against the system and Business, with all its false leads,

leaving the people to have to deal with slaughter to win home turf against alien society us taking everything

from suspected thus get rid of racial problems in America. Placing racist's into power all the job skill to insure all of us!


White Supremacy is America's heritage, all of the other nations heritage is

whatever their people are. Registered or not American citizen default votes

are The Third Party Votes my votes described in The Logical Solution right

America keeps electing me The Leader of America to Military Coup d' end.

End of the world in 47 years 12/21/2012 did not know it was sun in the way.

Forget Election far right US under my leadership Coup d' I represent racist

Third Reich, Forces put our racists in power we decide politics and business.


All other races of people in America are a threat, hate Americans. My solution

to illegal and alien peoples is arm citizens take aliens out in my Representation

eliminate criminal tattoo by Tribunal white America export the minority threat

mix their dust in concrete Mexicans can in salsa to African and polynesian grill.

Whatever it takes to reclaim homeland so the West work out space escape 2029!

I will just let the racist Right have their way like happened of Germany & Stalin

for leadership that would not dare resist them likewise by me. Just ride the wave

if I get to the Kaiser, to look over my twist on Marxism, for a uniting of the West.




If blacks do not want to go back to Africa in salsa they take Africa by invasion.

Revenge, export back cuts and butt cuts off politicians grill to see if all of the

money they make from being dingbats is good for anything off of the bone.

The Establishment feed to the dogs. While all their wealth is nationalized.


Come to think of it: The Italian accent came from Italians being allowed to

fully integrate into Celtic society in Europe, when Italians made Latin their

language out of Celtic letters and took over Celtic authority with their plots

took over Italy and invaded Celtic Carthage Celtics evacuate plugged Great

Pyramid Rome and Tripoli down catacomb fountains it hid, prevents Italian

invasion reaching magnetic core of the Earth, broke off fountain of the deep:

Vatican reached magnetic core in 1975 off-center from Earth's axis, a bubble.

Catholic's finished clearing out the "fountain of the deep" under Rome reach,

that ended in a conflict in 1975 so broke off the Inner-Earth from outer-Earth

kept Italians out of there. So started global warming in 1975 core spinning the

magnetic field of Earth around to Arctic top blow-out a pressure cooker burst!


U.S. farming most of it in illegal aliens. Militia take-over, hire poor Western

Europe White immigration to English school, take farm for White America.

The Leader I take out anti-American people high society ship out, steak or slave.

Property Business Industry nationalize redistribute for only Public profit our turf

causing WWIII? Pause college White's into State Militia pool abilities for booty!

Military can just bomb some colleges take out leftists and alien colors and all the

store subversive types, can politicians and secret society pirate restore 4th of July,

purge alien crime police military vigilante takeover Tribunal polls, citizens for us.


Survive US citizen's Military power wages underground fortifications link

for end of the world as we know it Coup take America's resources, a public

work soldier militia solution to politics, racist America militia duty home or

away secure privileges. Chance to be delivered out of worldwide catastrophe

Rapture, Earth fried on the Sun or a step saved taken-up vanish, into above,

Mass expanding Universe over bottomless darkness Allah current to its tears

circuit with Image stored where damned deceased dream AC and DC gravity

circuit. Majority of American people elect mine way to Moon ship to Neptune

resettlement, gifted break through to other side of gravity in my day of power.


Since 1996, U.S. electoral system of petitions to be filled out correctly, I obsolete

by Default "The Secretary of State shall verify whether the petition contains the

required number of signatures of electors. The petition shall not be accepted for

filing if it contains less than 100 percent of the required number of signatures.

The Secretary of State by rule shall designate a statistical sampling technique to

verify whether a petition contains the required number of signatures of electors.

The second sampling must contain a larger number of signatures than the first

sampling, submitted signed sheets of registered to vote citizens, who don't vote

the leadership of the Default here offers survival reasons for my rule. Add up all

of the default vote forever registered to vote. Before circulating the petition the

chief sponsor of the petition shall file with the Secretary of State a signed copy

of the prospective petition. The chief sponsor shall include with the prospective

petition a statement declaring whether one or more persons will be paid money or

other valuable consideration for obtaining signatures of electors on the petition."

Unless government by Tribunal make all the citizen electorate's charts of petitions

I pick for Majority leadership alternatives all the elector charts represent to go by.


Patriotic Military militia can legal system left for Lee Ronald Harrison, Majority rule.

Generals with a Militia Power by Default, recycle bankrupt US government. Eradicate

alien and illegal citizenship, take Wall Street! Third Government. Bank gold and silver,

to hire Americans according to their talent's earning a best level of labor & job security

us saving future of United States of American civilization city underground fortification

pray Sun bounce elsewhere. Gamma ray burst 2029 Sunlight knocked out bloodiest red

Moon end of Earth and maybe Circuit of Gravity if Universe brakes, few people escape.


Here is one example of petitioning gone wrong: Home rule not on ballot. Invalid sheets

mean vote on county government will wait. Bill Kennedy, spokesman and chief petitioner

for the charter effort said "We have a little research to do". The signatures of 1,421 active

registered voters were required to qualify the charter for the May ballot. A 6% number of

those who voted in the last gubernatorial election it was percentage set by Oregon statute.

Kennedy turned in his more than 1,600 signatures, compared to the 1,499 he wrote in the

documentation to the clerk's office when he filed the paperwork. The county clerk's office

started it's first step for approving the 200-plus signature sheets, February 22, 2008, in the

morning, scanning them to make sure they were filled out properly. More than 50 of those

sheets were immediately disqualified because petitioners signing and dating the sheets to

verify the signatures on them was done before collecting signatures, though technicality

Smith said state statute requires she disregard those sheets. Only 1,298 signatures --

remained as a result, that was below the number required. This clerk's office also

scanned fewer than 100 of the remaining signatures for registered voter status.

About a quarter of them would have been disqualified, because the signers

were not registered voters with the county clerk's office, one Smith said.


If black people have anything to say against white people

they should go back to their roots, and get together and

separate into their tribes where they came from, while

finding out what African tribe captured each of them

who took them to the coast to sell them to Whites, to

become slaves, finally deported to Africa backed by

US Military. Killing their enemies, they settle there!


1917 angel appears to 3 children in a Catholic dogmatic

demeanor, going to show them the sun bounce at Earth

miracle, promoting peace and love but no solution for

the star that runs into the sun in 2029 Confederation?


In July 1995 my writing sidetracked had to repeat

it all again, to everything here in my original context,

when by luck one of a god's miracle got me through it all:

Y .

Lee Ronald Harrison, [email protected]

I know where to find this token in 1897, if necessary



I expected all of these website pages not to be worth anything to the present.

So I did all the work of it hosted on the Internet for a safe place to develop it

to completion right here today, until magical adventure repeat in nearer hills,



here last of backwards pages I got right, spark Military cleanse ranks


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