This President that hates Mexicans blacks and other minorities so much couldn't do a thing against them with lawyers blocking his actions all the way with all the Democrats in Congress, needs me in a Coup d' 'et at to a rescue.

In Texas and California Americans were in the majority, coming in from the United States. Americans and Nahuatl people's there did not like the Mexican government of Santa Anna, a political problem American militias solved, leading up to a U.S. war with Mexico. Texas Mexicans were Indian peoples of Mexico that wanted to liberate themselves all the way down the Gulf coast to Yucatan Peninsula, from Mexico, sided with the Texan Revolution, verses the ruthless dictatorship of Santa Anna, provoking a fully justified rebellion by Anglo-Americans and Tejanos Nahuatls Aztec and Mayan wanting to restore Constitution of 1824 and federalism. But after war with Mexico the U.S. government realized Mexicans are not compatible with American community a completely alien different culture, only annexed top of Mexico, with only a small population of mexicans to separate themselves from, racially, like Asians and blacks into separate communities. That don't go right sharing Constitution leads to mass murder, alarms on everything the crime rate goes way up if you make everyone equal work live together creating a level of hatred, spitefulness and resent. Where in the long run it is better to get rid of minorities all together, to stop crime and paranoia Americans can see effects of forced integration, trusting lawyer arguments with Jefferson's Constitution, wrong about equality, everyone is not created equal. To be United States Of America Citizens. Military and assigned forces Militia get it right, over lawyers bodies put through meat grinder pet food quit rewarding our enemies deport or can kill the resistance threats to White America house to house round up minority suspected criminals Latin's and latinos leftists, for Benito Mussolini like buddies, Right. Militia US likely Neo-Nazi American racists and KKK millions in Hate groups American Armed Forces take the street. Military choice votes count not counted Power by Default Military Right Militia Hells Angels Nazi Party Police the racist vote supporting Coup d' 'et at I run the economy under my rule guided by the poles limit American citizenship to only White American Scrap United Nations Confederation worldwide vote that national socialism. Here centralized Republic of Mexico was a chaotic experience, that generated a severe political instability from October 23, 1835, to August 22, before the Mexican Republic dissolution in 1846. God does not care who blows up or shot down, getting their countries right. Take territory, for other races and cultures in U.S.A. criminals and bandits that hate White America, attack your computer, scammers in and out of lock-ups. Screen who can have unlimited Internet, free, save taxes supporting crime, and take a house from the banks, on me. Out in the yard to machine guns all around relieve us of them, on the outside some of their bro's escape, out of the country. The Republic of California was founded on October 4, 1836 in response to the Mexican invasion of Texas. Bad Government lawyers interpreting Constitution alien to integrate. Latin breeding thieves, graffiti, break down community. Ship that out to sharks or pack thieves criminals scams for export. Wealth nationalize in my public dictatorship. Crime, what Federal Reserve did to U.S. dollar inflation by FDR Mason, gas out Capitol Hill black colored bury the system to sharks. D.C. a Museum, History Lessons, in a dairy pasture.

My dictatorship in a dollar inflation crisis, check prices, a joke tax relief for billionaires. American Armed Forces save our White American skins, Coup d' 'et at before shutdown puts off collapse to 2023. Its my Power by Default rule for the Majority of Americans, who stay home from polls, vote for my leadership. Suspend Constitution, arrest lawyers, politicians scholars the Left, names and accounts the racist Majority divide wealth. My dictatorship gets prices back to Right and everything back to White, for end of a star orbit. USA save itself, step on nations toes in refugees. Spring tidal wave and tsunami U.S. Military bunker-in ship out for chaotic seas survival bunkers. Truth otherwise of no value except escape created to die invasion hate each other immigration thief cheat equal opportunity encroachment Military call up, racist ethnic cleanse 7 billion people flooding us since 1950 illegal immigration or no we give our racists assault rifle machine gun pineapple hand grenades verses flood of alien people's.

Political government has to be destroyed. Corporation the enemy of separation, in a Good verses Evil comedy plot. Real world corporations are cause of today's sinister world profit conspiracy breeding a population explosion for Business. 1+ billion to 8+ billion people since 1950, in my lifetime. Military dictatorship my economic puzzle unravel return to small and medium size family owned and operated, departments of economic position, divided up into separate functions of industry agriculture and public service accordingly. Power by Default, elected by the Default Vote and political system Debt Default, can't pay interest on. I say bloody Revolution, support the rednecks, on behalf of the American people cheated out of their freedoms, I take back U.S.A., Armed Forces a militia. In my adventures found how the world was made, a tool to escape death. Dare restore youth in the healer, one said it is, in my ear stop there, healed to my youth. Other side of gravity the stone of Universe expanding. Earth 5 polar reversals only 70± transformed dead but alive other side of gravity. My Texas mother Eastern Star Mason another somebody I did not know still found "God" is a boring empty place except 70 dead transformed people with my girlfriend, collect charge jump-in!

Even if I stop the rewarding and start deporting aliens, in my Power by Default U.S. Armed Forces put me in control of Militia. Shoot on sight lawyer leftist media color the political system, in the way of American voter wishes, that elected Donald Trump to do it. Military Coup and Militia nothing to stop men from doing whatever they feel like with women's rights removed from U.S. Constitution, I strip down to first 2 Amendments. My orders U.S. Armed Forces assemble Militia in every State, with orders to take out the political and economic system managers for everything, reinvent America in Tribunals a True Democracy. So if me in power by Majority vote it is adjusted by opinion of the people favor report here my Constitution blueprint of government to go by.

Since everyone else plans to die,

why not blow-up Nations, plan to do

it in bunkers on my hostile planet to keep

blowing-up I already knew that news is a fake

with this star coming in to hit the Sun head-on and

bounce it right at the Earth American's need my Third

US government to make industry for everything in bunkers,

to stay warm after polar reversal while this star finishes swinging

around the Sun, until a red dwarf star runs into Sun, build spaceships,

everyone for themselves without my racist Military resolution social order.

The American people get but do not want U.S. Constitution for lawyers, to

change it's meaning to serve their equality agendas. Militias go Bolshevik's

Ballistic. U.S. Military call-up citizen's able to serve, each State a Militia, to

take over everything. Doing like militia's do, in complete military takeovers.

My instructions are here, the leadership I arm the Right: Against in the way.



Corporate inflation you haven't seen nothing yet, from the rich legislating against the people

that have to pick a way to take out the rich business like legislates huge gas tax hike drives up

the prices of everything for their businesses sales rent investment property profits. Blow-it-up,

gun it down drive down sidewalks kill march's for the racist hell of it Military Militia takeover

body count, ethnic cleansing or bullet to the head woman's rights new world order crime virus.


I use to like blowing-up things at safe distance good war target test defend whole country button

in a pocket, 1 country or another. My grand plan kill the others to rule the world racism instinct,

before Thor rises in April, like a bowling ball 5 x Jupiter through pins followed by asteroid storm

all the Faiths only worshipping preach their agenda you cannot get a word in edgewise twist truth

1776 became great as a racist country. Here a Revolution U.S. stability exterminate lawyers taking

equality to extremes proven to be subversive to American unity in sport. Standing for our anthem!


Here The Third Party since 1996 Power by Default for presidential elections a landslide for me

every time the Default support. Without Military takeover the people get no representation but

only taxation and spied on Business government more signs and threatening notices to everyone

at gas pumps prices riots. Coup d' 'et at my cure even with the cure to old age without insurance

Arctic Ocean warming, magnetic core of the Earth flung up to Earth's top. Catholic 21st century

Ocean levels rising Antarctica magnetic core heat source spun away to Arctic, is now freezing out

everything alive on Antarctic Ice magnetic core unlucky excavation up to star push pull flip poles.


I am ready to be dictator right away, default Vote Majority Debt Default inflation liberation.

US Armed Forces Coup only way a takeover chance, of ethnic cleansing America with militia,

take over the economy end liberal politic and investing schemes, raising cost of things the way

profit puts soldiers electorate on the street homeless Militia ordered in we take over the system

restore jobs taken from citizens given to the enemy. Militia fight, down to woman and children!



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