Before Christ the Mayan people of Mexico learned all of their written knowledge about their cosmos from school, at the spaceport metropolis just north of Mexico City everything about the course of the Earth. in its over 5 polar reversal time's, in relation to the stars, that illustrated the knowledge back with them to the Yucatan Peninsula, built pyramids and new cities. But recently Earth's "MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT"-- took an abrupt left! Bouncing off of Earth's 85° top 4 times, spinning east while Earth's core spins west. Earth turning 900mph with core spinning faster, the iron ball inside the Earth hit Earth hard in a 9.2 earthquake first, momentum of a mass the size of the Moon, iron sphere under Arctic hit Earth's crust stretched Japan a few minutes through its melted surface churning molten lithosphere, acts like a wrecking ball. So NORTH MAGNETIC POLE end of Earth's solid magnet core and SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT end momentum, now spins up against Russia a bulge stretching Earth from there to U. S. Midwest a Polar Vortex dimple that hurricane Sandy went up from weight of iron-nickel core spinning faster, broken off of the last 2 "fountains of the deep" in 1975 when Vatican City, built out of excavating to Earth's core where Celtic civilization there would not let them in, broke off relations their fountain passageway, which twisted off the fountain of the deep under Tripoli. So core of the Earth spun away up to Earth's top spinning slowly in lithosphere to trapdoor in north Atlantic to blow-out its pressure inside, in 2020, 8 years after Sun turned around in Milky Way.


So the momentum of core of the Earth turning northwest increasingly faster and faster, opposite from the way it was going, to going west to where it hit when the moon ran into Pacific Ocean, from a planet between Jupiter and Mars, 2.5 billion years ago, will blow-up in the furthest corner of 85 degrees latitude fault line trapdoor in north Atlantic Ocean. A Siberia, to over Atlantic Ocean spin to 2020/when the world was calculated to have its annual polar reversal/figured from 5 previous polar reversals. That U.S. Military drilled to find, ocean floor "core samples" of Earth's magnetic pole movements in the past, if it ever moves. Where hot core steams-up ocean inside, churning global warming. Increasing the friction, spinning against Arctic Circle, continuing to get hotter, from spinning faster and faster than Earth will pop Earth's "Bubble" in a jolt, for the star Sirius rising. Embedding in Earth's crust that stops turning, clutch, off-center from Earth's axis stops Earth revolving, permanently: After they both fall over together wrestling. Next hit by a star Sun bounces off & swells up. Sirius dark star gets as close as Neptune a few months earlier, coincidently the red dwarf star hits the Sun. Sign, 4 red full moons shadowed by a incoming red dwarf star its light around the Sun the red on Moons. Sun displaced expands out to where it was, a Red Giant. Pole Movement had to of been felt by John the Baptist to be proclaiming end of the world, Earth's magnetic poles going for farthest off-center from Earth's axis star Sirius began, from running into two planets between Jupiter and Mars a previous time back through the solar system. Sirius having Returned Earth's first people in a space ship here shuttled themselves off to Mercury, up close to the Sun where they stretched a force field from top to bottom of it north pole to south pole end, hiding a battle ship with a flight deck stalks the Earth, that is going to be destroyed in a Ice Age. I use to hear debates on radio on why they keep silent, big as a planet, advancement in 4.5 billion years after 6 days. That could just wait to dig people out of glaciers standing up at their smart phones in hand.


All of the stars planets and round moons besides our own water and steam filled Inner Earth occasionally find themselves their core hitting them by a passing bigger magnetic core. Where Inner Earth is slung all the way up in Earth's northern hemisphere like a bubble going to pop-up out of a crack it made in Earth's crust. Its internal steam pressure rising from churning molten lithosphere, faster and faster, from the heat increase of its lithosphere. Coincidently two Nostradamus end of the world asteroids on 12/21/2012, he said comets in parallel rip across Europe, instead blew-up over Russia and Bermuda Triangle two months late for Mayan Long Count Calendar end: Sun in a Milky Way Galaxy orbit turn around a 8 year warning, to officially when the Earth's magnetic core blows its top in 2020, is not far off a U.S. Military educated guess to the end of the world as we know it. In Debt Default shutdown leadership I save our skins in power, in a Military dictatorship to satisfy the American people's racism, restore the American Constitution same as the old Constitution.


Here is the calendar math thinking for solar end of the world on star charts saved on stone through last Flood the knowledge taught in their school by the first humans on Earth Maya used in Yucatan, Mexico, to figure out when Earth is destroyed again in another climate change. Disaster of hotter seas up east coast, 30' surf from Alaska 2018 earthquakes to southern California and storms up west coast. Earth tilting towards Europe ever since a 9.2 earthquake in Alaska, then 8.8 Indonesia, 9.2 Japan, 8.8 Haiti, 8.8 Chili, 8.8 New Zealand. 8.2 Chile quake turn clocks back early. Earth's core pressing up against Russia now, slipping west while Earth falls over towards Europe a degree and a half or more each 8.0 earthquake. Astrology with planets crossing in front of their stars again to the same positions as the last end of the world. Is 2020 the last polar reversal? Here are the science measurements to the Mayan-Aztec end of the world in 2011, began Sun orbit u-turn in Milky Way Galaxy, that left radiation flooding the Pacific Ocean killing-off seafood, 50% dead since 1970. Down to only 5% edible sea food left destroys 70% of all land life, even if no WAR. But Revolution is okay. 70% of land life can be Americans, surviving with a good government, recycling and restoring! Mayan calendar is a Short Count to a Long Count solar turn around. That leaves us with Sun heading back towards center of the Milky Way Galaxy, at a red dwarf star coming out. Following Sun out of point of creation out of a black hole Milky Way Galaxy popped out of, with solar jet solar systems all pop-up. Here Sun hits a red dwarf star.


Mayan calendars: Mayan codices (ancient manuscripts) and ruins offer rich but confusing sources of information on the subject, because Catholics destroyed all of their codices that explained a beginning to end of the Sun turning around in its orbit. Their earliest calendar was based on the short-count system, starting with a date that is equivalent to August 10, 3113BC, the beginning of a huge cycle of 13 bakhtuns (394.5 years) cheeringly forecast to end on December 24, 2011, with the destruction of the world, that happened early beginning on March 11 Japan, Haiti Chile and New Zealand disasters. But by the time of the Conquest they had abandoned this system to adopt the Long Count, a confusing calculation placing history and prophecies in recurring cycles of time, which firmly governed their lives, predicted eclipses and even planned pyramid construction. Two parallel calendars coexisted: a sacred almanac (the tzolkin) of 260 days, and the 360-day year to which five unlucky days (considered bad omens, when it was thought best not to venture out or undertake anything not strictly necessary) were added on to create a third system, the haab or 365-day solar calendar. A complete cycle contained 13 katun (256.5 years of our calendar): each katun consisted of 20 years of 360 days, subdivided into 18 months of 20 days, plus the five unlucky days. From these complex divisions emerged a dual calendar wheel (that the Aztecs later copied and translated into their famous calendar wheel) which contains 18,980 days, the cycle of 52 years which was necessary for the two calendars to coincide to a December 21, 2012." Predicts Sun's orbital end of turning around in the Milky Way Galaxy. Here core of the Earth up to light Noah's 'fire' volcano eruption in polar reversal. Ice Age frozen Italian Alps Man murdered in anarchy, escaping Noah's Flood. Solar end of the Galaxy determined by an astrological map of the planets and stars, season of the last polar reversal to its season again, in the astrology chart saved by survivors of original Maya, Mexico, Gulf of Mexico civilization, they learned in Teotihuacan. The Flood left in Egypt a curiously sculpted stone Sphinx formation to Celtic people climbing out of Fountains of the Deep at Rome and Tripoli, exploring. Celtic built catacombs at end of a Golden Age built a Great Pyramid over both fountains of the deep, with a Great Pyramid in Egypt made a triangle of them. Until peoples from the east invaded, retreating Celtics stuffed 2 Great Pyramids down Fountain at Rome and Tripoli, fountains of the deep, to keep out invading Italians. Abandoned to Arabic's a Great Pyramid from the pyramid triangle. Celtics having dug under the curious Sphinx shape a masonic layout in a chamber room, carved out underneath the rock formation there, dug a tunnel leading into their Great Pyramid in Egypt from the secret room under the Sphinx a model of the soul, with a stairway up into its left paw a closed entrance down some steps of turn left to a book shelf, a doorway to the right of down steps in darkness to the ritual room, a tunnel to the Great Pyramid. After Noah's "Flood" forced Mayan civilization from Yucatan Peninsula Mexico up into the Teotihuacan area just north of Mexico City, under orders from a temporarily displaced people from the missing 5th Planet of the Sun, ships transported mica from south of the Amazon River to insulate their landing craft on the pyramids, in a three building avenue formation of mica layered electromagnetic radiation circuit shielded landing sites. For a one year and two days date 5th Mesoamerican calendar cycle day scientists say began on August 12, 3114 BCE. But Mayan astronomers and mathematicians on the 10th of August 3113 BCE added up total number of years and days to Sun orbit turn-around, December 24, 2011 "Short Count", heralded by 4 tsunami's, to December 21, 2012 "Long Count calendar" new year 5124 Sun u-turn in Galaxy entered edge of Milky Way. Here Earth's core began spinning counter-clockwise in 1975 started Global Warming.


A book with a missing page probably was found in Flagstaff, Arizona, that said 10 August 3113BC Maya math celebrated a figuring out when the stars are all back to the same places for another end of the world, began on December 21, 2011, that ends in 2020, core samples dug up figure to Noah's seasonal end of the world. "Destroyed by fire" from methane gas, shaken up in a Rapture, when solid core of the Earth blows-up in Arctic Ocean, exploding its steam pressure so the Earth expands briefly! No. Earth is not expanding yet. FIVE times a Big One Earthquake! If you count up all the number of tectonic plates around the world core of the Earth has its own number of tectonic plates under steam pressure, inside the world. Earth's ocean inside its core steaming up now, spins an Ocean sphere over tectonic plates inside the Earth getting hotter expanding faster, opposite pressure on the outside of the Earth from its ocean. Solid iron-nickel core of the Earth with a moltan surface going around in the top of the world to blow out its internal steam where it hit Earth, beside northern Norway. American people must take out their crooked government and system to survive 2020 end of the world, before Inner Earth blows out its ocean all around it through its solid iron-nickel core like it did the 5 times Earth's core blew its top. Blowing up a new super volcano each time. Before hitting Earth's top a volcano in Iceland was only the result of high tide of lava reaching Earth's top before Earth's core ran into it's top at 85 degrees latitude, indicated here, leading up to the Day of Doom when Earth ruptures hits Arctic Ocean south side north of Atlantic Ocean in 2020 to new fig tree leaves putting fourth in Israel, if Jesus Christ knew anything about it in sayings on when it will happen. No one knows the exact day and hour it happens. U.S. Military core samples figure 2020 is when most life on Earth is destroyed. We the people need my Superior form of Democracy, to get to safer Ground or Gravity!


Teotihuacán – Anomalous Technical Evidence of the construction of a space port:

Talking Magnetic Poles, dealing with the poles of forces, here described are mica layer insulated ports for landing gravity circuits. That's how I will make space ships.

Teotihuacán, in Mexico, is an immense, even overwhelming archaeological site, oriented along a twin axis. In the 1960s a team of archaeologists and surveyors mapped out the entire complex in great detail. The resultant map revealed an urban grid centered around two principal, almost perpendicular, alignments.

From the Pyramid of the Moon at the north end, the complex extends south along the Avenue of the Dead beyond the Ciudadela and Great Compound complexes for about 3.2 kilometers. To this north-south axis we must add an east-west alignment that led from a point near the Pyramid of the Sun to a spot of prime astronomical significance on the western horizon.

Anthony Aveni, an astronomer-anthropologist, discovered that on the day the Sun passes directly overhead in the spring of the Northern Hemisphere (May 18), the Pleiades star cluster makes its first annual predawn appearance. It was at this point on the western horizon that the Pleiades set, and the builders aimed the east-west axis.

Additionally, the Sun also sets at this point on the horizon on August 12 – the anniversary of the beginning of the current Mesoamerican calendar cycle (5th Sun) – determined by a consensus of academic and independent scholars to have begun on August 12, 3114 BCE.


Sahara, Atlantic Ocean sandPolar Reversal destroyed Atlantis


By using the polar opposites of nature, while knowing the reactions of polar opposites in cause and effect, I prove all are part of human survival and advancement. Otherwise for reasons like Atlantis, after natural law warnings ignored, civilizations are all washed away in Earth changes, unless they are advanced enough to get off of a planet for advancing themselves elsewhere, when the last Polar Reversal dumped South Atlantic Ocean beach sand all across Sahara a desert in Northern Africa, the last time the Earth flipped over in Polar Reversal. Look up "Atlantis Found" on, to see the path of destruction to Atlantis. Tsunami when the Earth flipped over in a Polar Reversal, in the direction of the sands, if you want to locate Earth's poles then. But since President Donald Trump does not know why this planet is getting hotter he is not the leader, he has ulterior motives. By the U.S. in National Debt Default and default votes I am the American people's only chance to overthrow the causes of inflation in the political shark tank. Where for military dictatorship my plan only possible by U.S. Military New Year's 2019 resolution.

But proficient in all the sciences the missing human link on the missing Fifth Planet temporarily returns with the star Sirius, that colonized and left space port sites on the Earth. One in the Middle East it nuked, that has military barracks on the back side of the Moon found in Apollo Moon mission news pictures. Sirius is back around for survivors they thought, before the next polar reversal, or Earth unreachable if it collapses into a new asteroid belt, maybe good for mining. The missing human link colonized our 5th Planet that bounced off star Sirius to its White Dwarf Star. They are back from Planet X!



Earth's core "NORTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT", U.S. Geological Survey government web site "", up to December 31, 2005, posted, said to be revolving faster and faster. Closer and closer to above predicted December 21, 2012 end of the world, only went over the edge of the Milky way Galaxy into asteroids. Two of which in a crossing path hit Earth in February 2013. Core hit 85° latitude, 9.2 Japan Haiti Chile and New Zealand 4 tsunami & three 8.8 quakes in 2011. Maya science astrology "end of the world": for the most accurate calendar. Catholics and all the other religions are a threat to truth, secrecies. The Media and science all keeping secret from the public the vital facts on the movement of core of the Earth, secrets in closed circles Earth going to blow it's top in earthquakes all around the world, geologic sonogram threat, here. American people will have to destroy the authorities and replace leftist scholars in charge and take all their positions.


My plan is described on most of these pages, calling for a White U.S. Armed Forces takeover backing up a State by State enlisted Militia for my dictatorship, or Donald Trump deporting and expropriating and hiring only fellow Americans, that side with mine and his leadership in my Power by Default agenda. Passing out American people good weapons to represent their racism, previously not offered a vote for their Default votes. Leadership here to deal with Fiscal Cliff end of USA my remedy, while nuclear meltdowns pour into Pacific Ocean killing off food, I offer secure housing practices for the end of the world in a 2020 magnetic pole movement John the Baptist 2 thousand years ago noticed moved, only a couple minutes ago in geological time, proclaimed the end of the world! My Revolution for these end times I take government into the people's hands, delete evil in the end, re-establishing our social order, I contribute in explaining mysteries. Sirius rises up close as Neptune to Earth a polar reversal next time around in 2020, fig trees putting forth new leaves in Israel when Noah got into his Ark, until the world is "destroyed by fire", end of Tribulation! Even if soaked in radiation I should make it to my place to break on through to the other side, with my new religion, unless caught up in "Rapture" waiting. I am not surprised that remnants of Mayan civilization declining to extinction, before end of their calendars and Age, from world destroyed a 6th time, in 2020 expected polar reversal. Lucky to nearly extinct Mayan civilization, to believe in the forewarnings of their ancient astronomers and mathematicians. While other peoples and religions with science have only the signs on earth and in the sky's, to indicate end of the world approaching, leading up to a global warming height in 2020, getting worse with more disaster see it coming. Authorities hoard supplies in bunkers, digging in verses the people. Or Default vote for Power by Default, my Martial Law, White U.S. Armed Forces recycle riches take out gangland in rockets and road blocks. Military rule for the people's say, I arm America under my orders on these pages, taking back American turf in racist revolution. Nationalizing wealth from all of the enemies of American people Business, my National Company White Rule fighting forces. Industry in my Citizen's Rule prisoners of war to spill the truth kept secret by the authorities. White America take the underground cities, all the assets and industrial potential, to survive eruption of Inner Earth pressure to Outer Earth, survive all of the other dangers rapidly approaching. People in Inner Earth pray Earth stays together, at end of another Age. On Earth lucky at least a few vanish, Ascend! Already others a Rapture must have happened right before Noah's "Flood" began, this time world destroyed by methane gas fire. Edenites evacuated colonized a space station already mined Moon escaped first Flood all 5 Flood expansions of the Earth. Edenite's city hiding at Mercury collect solar power quietly await their return after Tribulation, the meek.



Warmth in Alaska unwanted

Social, ecological upheaval created


       By  Timothy Egan

         New York Times


     ANCHOR POINT, Alaska ---

To live in Alaska, where the average temperature has risen about 7 degrees over the past 30 years, means learning to cope with a landscape that can sink, catch fire or break apart in the turn of a season.

    In the village of Shishmaref, on the Chukchi Sea just south of the Arctic Circle, it means high water eating away so many houses and buildings that people will vote next month on moving inland.

    In Barrow, the northernmost city in North America, it means coping with mosquitoes in a place where they once were non-existent, and rescuing hunters trapped on breakaway ice at a time of year when such things once were unheard of.


Hydraulic jacks handy

    In Fairbanks, where wildfires have been burning off and on since mid-May, it means living with hydraulic jacks to keep houses from slouching and buckling on foundations that used to be frozen all year. Permafrost, they say, is no longer permanent.

    Here on the Kenai Peninsula, a recreation wonderland a few hours’ drive from Anchorage, it means living in a 4 million-acre spruce forest that has been killed by beetles, the largest loss of trees to insects ever recorded in North America, federal officials say. Government scientists tied the event to rising temperatures, which allow the beetles to reproduce at twice their normal rate.

    In Alaska, mean temperatures have risen by 5 degrees in summer and 10 degrees in winter since the 1970’s, federal officials say.

    The leading Republican in the state, Sen. Ted Stevens, says that no place is experiencing more startling changes from rising temperatures than Alaska.

    The social costs of higher temperatures have been mostly negative, people here say. The Bush administration report, which was drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency, also found few positives to Alaska’s thermal rise. But it said climate change would bring a longer growing season and open ice-frozen seas in the Arctic for shipping.

    “There can no longer be any doubt that major changes in the climate have occurred in recent decades in the region, with visible and measurable consequences,” the government concluded in the report to the United Nations last month.

    It does not take much to find those consequences in a state with 40 percent of the nation’s surface water and 63 percent of its wetlands.


‘Profound’ occurrence

    Here on the Kenai Peninsula, a forest nearly twice the size of Yellowstone National Park is in the last phases of a graphic death, Century-old spruce trees stand silvered and cinnamon-colored as they bleed sap.

    Climate models predict Alaskan temperatures will continue to rise over this century, by up to 18 degrees.

    “We have had so many strange events, things are so different than they used to be, that I think most Alaskans now believe something profound is going on,” said Dr. Glenn Juday, an authority on climate change at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. “We’re experiencing indisputable climate warming. The positive changes from this take a long time, but the negative changes are happening real fast.”


" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."


This has to do with the axis the Earth's core spins on, the something made out of iron 27% the diameter of the Earth, entirely up inside of the northern hemisphere passing under Russia, going northwest like a top in Earth's top for 9 years around it, since March 11, 2011, destined to blow-up out of a flap in Earth's north Atlantic crease, west of northern Norway. Spinning west on 85 degrees latitude, northeast of Iceland. Earth's bubble big as the Moon, the magnet inside maybe ripped open from the likes of two Nostradamus predicted asteroids from Wormwood rising up in the west thawing out, breaking-up and falling apart on Moon and Earth. Earth's core going to pop out of Earth like Mercury did, only core of a planet. Now star Sirius coming-up closer than Neptune in 2020 set below horizon 2006 its planets, seen by naked eye 3 bright objects in pyramid formation in front of a Sirius planet to over one with 10 moons on the horizon, a 11th and 12th for 5 days. Sirius solar system magnetism stabilized Earth's revolving for 3.5 weeks of not wobbling. Earth falling over in 1.5° increments east on it's axis in every 8.8 earthquake. Earth's crust falling toward Europe, core of the Earth offset from its axis rising up to the northwest going to blow-up out a longitudinal side of the Earth below 85° latitude. Maybe Earth's magnetic core and ocean blown out into space. While offset like a load in a washing machine, wobbling. Magnetism from star Sirius, several times Jupiter's pulls Earth's core out spinning. Going northwest away from Earth's Axis Earth's core only blows-up in Earth's crust another Super Volcano in Polar Reversal, turns Earth upside down lined up with Earth's Axis. To begin another age of mankind under a new heaven a new Earth, until collapsing in a 7th reversal.


The iron-nickel core of the Earth the size of the Moon, spinning further and further off center from Earth's axis every week, it acts like an off-center load in a washing machine. Where the Earth stops wobbling these every once in a whiles, until another magnet big as a star's magnet comes around close as the star Sirius magnetic core, the Sun's twin turned the Sun upside down on February 19, 2007, coming around the Earth increasingly top heavy, with its core in its top going to turn Earth upside down. When its two Earth worlds one inside the other on two different axis, turning in opposite directions, join in 2020. The global warming temperature and steam pressure in Earth's core boiling, building up to the "Big One" California earthquake. Only May 2020 away to the U.S. Military 2020 end of the world, "core" sample's math to a geological 6th end of the world a secret ship out?


I still have time to accomplished something in the 21st century and get to any of my places available I know of to escape 2018 shutdown. With a chance to get safely out of the world alive, with what I can carry. Molten metal sphere covering solid core of the Earth already smacked its hard magnetic core through lithosphere to top of the world, melts Arctic ice cap from bottom up, where scientists found out in Spring 2012 Arctic global warming is coming from the ground up, even though Arctic winter is getting the same cold weather as usual, scientists finally confirm global warming is a fact cannot explain it empirically. In power I kill leftists for everything they have, empirical science not capable of reason statistics kills them all! White man in my rule a way out alive, climate worse and worse, sea food dying off.






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Wrongs against the American people change overnight through armed dictatorship and tribunal, by the people choosing the right, genocide to "change the system" for good! I have two guns that shoot buck-shot, as a dictator you just don't put up with your enemies. You just pull out your guns and shoot them, and the military does what you say. With mass destruction at over 20,000 miles per hour, to mass produce. To celebrate 2020 I will secure white folks around the world, to survive the future, what man can only accomplish without woman's rights in the way, is only possible with me in power! Shopping Mall



Americans waiting without leadership to die in polar reversal, looming, May 2020. Nowhere to hide? People may vanish before your eyes. Will you be one?




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