Explaining Universe Temples of the Sun Quetzalcoatl, black hole plumbed with galaxies from core

I stop giving  enemy equal rights!

Venus Do gooder Fails verses King

This guy had to get off Venus, with the atmosphere blown away. So he went straight for habilitated Earth from Mercury after it got run into. I don't know another planet to go to from the same mammoth asteroid April return I only know the matter expanding universe and procedure to get into it, everything here correct battery pack solar change 1309 future we evacuate immigration blow up castles settle America vaccinated a pandemic Tribunal Majority Rule!


Ship in hyper space and out travel he tried to change the world Quetzalcoatl, having seen Universe out to black hole's. Galaxies sprouted like fireworks shots, out of black holes matter good for space travel out to Neptune.

Universe sprung out to black holes all along the Length of Infinity a positive gravity charge pressure mass plumb solar systems suddenly pop-up to sun!

Where make such a ship we need move to Moon mine refine the expanding two-cycle perpetual motor mass of wasted uranium mass, create image, short-out gravity image pulse thrust on our way travel space fleet ships evacuation to compound of barracks on back side of moon build ring of civilization around moon through space faster than light beam ray, get to destination where the people choose, everyone in shape space suit and all.

The two cycles of gravity to ride on propel forces of nature always useful in

this half of the history of the sun since Mars back 2.5 billion years ago War

you could find on YouTube. I was making this point for page offline now, in

my Power by Default election I won in 2020 Default a 3rd U.S. government

Coup d' coordinate Militia cut politics, evacuate to Neptune moon in a flash.

Sun knocked out of center of the solar system in 2029 takes out Earth orbit

where nothing has changed about human nature ever since it lost innocence

when all of the races and peoples that disagree life turned out the way it did

throughout known history, people out of Eden 2.5 billion years ago escaped!


Christianity is a gory religion to get to God dead. All those guilty of Original

Sin with their scripture's in hand are Satanic sick reason if you get any, just

glad and ready to repeat a miracle, contrary to secret society in graveyards

as none of the politicians going to save your house, secure. Authorities only

following what Big Business tells them. While to describe "God" in a religion

for the people and all their troops live or die for one of Two of their options,

like everything else with a Positive and a Negative charge of nature. Where

heavy God Apollo filling empty Allah Image with light of a Circuit expanding

light down length of infinity mass under black currents concealing AllahGlue

87% Universe this image end penetrate vanish to mass expanding Universe.


The goal of life being get through the Allah to the Glue alive. Revolutionary

for a Religion I could harness the two of them, to power plant a space ship,

to move city through space. Getting right to that until rapture, saved again.


Citizens have to get rid of their Establishment, deal with all the issues of

democracy in Tribunals the future of my 3rd U.S. government free of the

private politics of the conspiracies getting richer off the public in inflation

military solution Stock Market chips in, elect what I do bloody revolution.


Elections put the wrong people in power, whatever Media authority wants.


Federal System of government has to be replaced, White American racism

to survive 21st century. Search and destroy! Right exterminate left moves

in my reign of terror. Hate groups, racism, racist armed and backed militia

2023 Revolution my Ethnic cleansing Military Rule survives into the future,

every White capable employ dictatorship build star ship for my God motor.


But for certain this object orbiting the Sun will rise up in the season Noah

and his Ark rode Flood waves on April day grounded in Turkish mountains

ship end of the world, secret society conspiracy, authorities deny it found!


Night owls will see a Full moon rising this April, what is not the Moon,

most people will not see, obsessed with their smart phone and affairs,

obsessions with social life duties positions, circumstances, obligations,

waking up they accidentally finally see sun at Thor crossing sky all day

fate means sudden Earth changes its spin, in chaos left and right to all

of the deaths authority assuming escort safely underground secret why

the Left ignore reality to distort it the enemy hideous shout down truth.


Militia patriots U.S. Armed Forces overthrow conspiracy for democracy

unload on Leftist moves we take them out, police on our side back-up,

if not some go off mass murder spree, offended extremist's fight back!


Here we have survivor of the last pass of Planet X in a escape vehicle,

Escape From Venus To Teotihuacan, what a place to land in so foreign.

Before that "Doubting Thomas" sailed away to evangelize West Indies?

The last Quetzalcoatl ascended expected in 1988 when only I returned.


Just, to get Government right for my country American racism will do,

before April stars cross paths conclude in disaster panic, Debt Default.

Media will not warn sun runs into red dwarf star secret unless hanged,

in this season FASCISM world peace nations my leadership of America.

U.S. Military in my reign, with a national militia of American innovation

we might go beyond the stars, or to another one, before food runs out.


Something is definitely up to 2 different axis. Coincidently later in April the 2 stars crossing paths,

South Magnetic Pole Movement map on axis with North Magnetic Pole Movement map, core hit 85░

latitude magnetic core broken off counterclockwise in clockwise Earth Noah Flood fountain in 1975.


Nationalist voter Power by Default I ban digital money inflation scam plan to profits kill. Nationalize

or its panic. Trespass enemy criminal estate bank corruption, we make all the rules, recycle the rest

explained on my Index page. Up to Tribunal change in make up of employment to a 1940's for jobs.

The peoples in the Americas some of them you can trust, where most you cannot trust reminds me of some man in the 17th century German Europe, who raised a pet hyena mauling people, often at night that ate their guts. Who became a hero, shooting it up-close running home to him. Military reasoning in power I take out racial threats begin with lawyers, illegal aliens, sudden takeover arms reset our American Military ethics.

While the value of the dollar has fallen like a rock in every citizen's lifetime, until U.S. Dollar ends as a money, and is replaced with anything else worth nothing, if millions of Americans are left forced onto the streets with nowhere to go, become Nazi citizen's Militia defending ourselves.

I would have rather written peace and love, all the way, but life is just not that way. When God the Father made the world is The Devil, physics, instinct in nature is our worst enemy in a world integrated for surveillance, a police state a must.

This is the only planet with Sun where human life began. If human life lives anywhere else it came from Earth, where civilizations began 4.5 billion years ago for bones, around each 5 ocean levels 2 Grand Canyons 2.5 billion B.C. Flood on Earth. Human bones back to the "missing human link" around the shores of the lowest 1st ocean level, to 5 polar reversals. The Original Garden of Eden bones each of 5 polar reversals Flood, to Atlantic Ocean buried 30+ cities bottom of Mediterranean Basin where Noah built an Ark for the last Flood, raised Noah up floats by Tripoli and Rome on the winds of the west blew him by two "fountains of the deep" spouts blown away east from drowned enemies, through ridge broken he ran aground on a mountain. Steam exploding out Earth's core in each polar reversal caused by a bigger magnet coming by too close. Earth's core axis off center from Earth's axis, it's magnetic poles began to spin away northwest in 1975 until north pole hit Earth's top. Steam pressure in Earth's core in molten lava ran into Siberia, squirt Noah's Flood "Fountains of the deep", washed out to a Turkish mountain Noah washed through a ridge blown east got 2 Jews family off Mediterranean bottom.

Turns out from space exploration with scientific probes, what I suspected originally, the core of every orb created is in fact full of life, water inside of each magnetic core. Proof is methane gas coming from the presence of life there, since their very beginning, knowing that when I see 2 disaster made entrances to hollow of a previous planet in orbit around Mars. Ceres city similar to Los Vegas streets from space, newly discovered in Asteroid Belt when I already knew of the Celtic civilization residing inside Earth's core. So I am certain civilization resides inside Mercury, core of planet, relations must be why the huge space city chose to be in tow beside it for a civilization that must have had contact with its interior since it was a whole planet. Sirius last by destroyed Mercury, its core surface chipped off from impact with much bigger sphere ran into Thor a hammer Dark Star in April, to only 21 million miles away?

Periodically Earth "destroyed" in polar magnetic reversals, when our world expands each time, a Ocean filled iron core steam pressure spinning in molten lithosphere 5 times Earth's magnetic core ran into its top expanded poured lava over ocean floor. Next reversal bursts Earth's bubble, might collapse releasing all of its steam built up inside of it in Spring 2023 U.S. government over fiscal cliff default I win America's leadership by default rockets and then road blocks Coup d' take FEMA agency underground cities and bunkers. I void the political system debt with a Third U.S. government. Tribunal dump public enemy aliens and blacks to sharks enemies that don't ship out.

An estimated 22 miles thick Earth crust at a 8.8 earthquake crack next to Chile example of lava pressure from filling up all the Earth's southern hemisphere, the weight of molten lava pushed below solid iron core spinning above it, the lava inside under Moon size "solid" magnetic core an ocean inside keeping it cool enough to be the Earth's magnet, end of pushing north to under Arctic sucked up bottom of Earth's crust to Chile and New Zealand southern hemisphere, quakes! Fault slip erupt Chile volcano Pacific Ocean heat big 2011 typhoons, Earth core bounce to Siberia.

Earth's iron core under Arctic Ocean floor boiling away methane gas frozen there, 2011 indication hot iron magnetic core hit Earth's top, a bubble going to blow-out? No one else figured out what is up. Media keeping the vital secret advertising cover-up fun and games comedies, until passing star the Big One earthquake. Sun 2011-2012 orbit u-turn reversal coming up panic. Default, racist ethnic massacre, Coup cure wins the West.

Just get all of the oxygen everyone can stock-up bottled stored before core of the Earth blows up out of Arctic Ocean Fault line, big as the Moon 2,162 miles in diameter, to too late. Earth hits asteroid off Planet X? Then Wormwood break-up I will have done ascending flight, carry the cures.

Stimulus not enough. System, inflation! Packing college and science data, documentaries, vanish where I became Quetzalcoatl on April 7, 1988. Ascend from far or on near hills one dimensional people cannot cross dimensions, better safely in gridlock to original sin tradition, damned to sack.

No one else admitted ascending returned, after my return in 1988. Jesus disciple Peter, in an Egyptian boat sailed to Mexico, Quetzalcoatl. For 1988 return concluding the last 52 years of Mayan century I ascended returned Quetzalcoatl supposed to return concluding the last 52 year century in Mexico. Peter sailed away thinking to evangelize West Indies became Quetzalcoatl, in Toltec civilization, left in a boat to later ascend from Miami, Florida, island. My 1988 ascension unexpected, collecting power, having to do the same thing again. Instead of jumping down out of it fly, telling It what I want, back in time to the right time and place to drop into our 13 colonies fetch 17-28 lb. gold nuggets. Show movies U.S. 21st century money and make assault rifles antibiotics and F-14 turbine composition, metals.

I could say I am Quetzalcoatl, the highest priest of Universe a Plumbed Serpent out to the galaxy black holes the whole length of Infinity. Where humans are programmed animals need empirical input can't figure anything contrary, only think in terms of what schools say. Titanic politics full speed ahead nothing can stop us 1912. Authority with lifeboats first class wealth think fuck common people, our Armed Forces do as I say while I enforce the Majority Rule, Majority Rules.

The only thing found of the past ages of life on Earth in the last 2.5 billions years of life on Earth is their bones and footprints. While all the ages of worship one or both of two GODS separately is blasphemy! Dooming the Earth to the regular polar reversals. Thousands of people supposedly will be caught up in the annual "Rapture" each of 5 ages of Earth's core blowing its top, expanding Earth each time. Original sin repeat steam build-up inside Earth's core over shallower ocean each time kills billions of people Earth expands. The safest way out, is perform my ritual, and ascend!

The human race out of Eden escaped the first magnetic polar reversal, now with ship as big as a planet. Jew Garden of Eden was located up the valley from the land of Nod, at the Indian Ocean. Subsequent races of man emerged out of each of the polar reversal expansion Floods, sowing the DNA seeds of life. Memory Identity manifests in pairs pop-up on gravity grounds, in polar reversals, emerge to maturity, in each "Garden of Eden", before races begin invading the others.

Woman's "Original sin" leads to the first Super Volcano. Earth's core expansion, asteroid storm split "Continent" into islands. With the missing link of man already back to mine the Earth, collapsed to pieces? Still positive gravity charge a hyper space, within limits of a gravity ground escape, available. UFO's in hyper space, keep coming back variously throughout history to end.

Star Sirius passing caused 15 super volcano's around the world, including last 5 polar reversals which expanded Earth. Few ascend spotless of original sin ascended dead to 70 or so identities in 4.5 billion years 5 raptures escape once saved always saved "few", fly. Ritual or in by mistake, Positive Gravity Charge star is back, 6th time Earth's core expands save few. Alien watch Earth collapse. Mercury smash to core, Sirius A impact!

Through one scenario or another the original people on Earth built a military style compound on the back side of the Moon the Apollo 13 Command module orbit around behind took a picture of it that reported it to newspapers. I was surprised to see the same article on that again, years later, in a 1997 Santa Barbara newspaper.

Carved in stone on Easter Island the missing human race living on radiant blue planet in a 3.3 Earth day orbit behind a white hot dwarf star, now below solar system u-turning star "Sirius", since October 23, 2006, began orbit around the Sun. Close enough on February 19, 2007, it flipped the Sun's magnetic poles upside down, a year early. Satellite orbiting the Sun poles, found the Sun North Pole had become Sun South Pole, from this magnet going by up close, swinging by.

While Media kept secret Planet X getting closer to the Sun, swings by Earth 21 million miles away. 1 hundred forty-four thousand people vanish in a "Rapture" through sword of the lord crease little "few" into positive gravity charge, "God" Jesus "THE TRUTH" stuff orbiting star April Earth turned upside down, up for grabs to planet

passing, human civilization certain to take over and capitalize, might mine what is left of Earth, from Planet X passing by causing polar reversal.

As far as the expanding Universe goes there are two ways it comes to an end. Either it goes on expanding faster and faster until Universe runs out of Space to expand in runs into the Positive Charge of Gravity spinning faster than light, end of the hollow of space, charge of gravity pouring down on currents expanding Universe, all of it's images. Circuit overloads on Infinity Image. Mass positive charge inflating, expands to its source, collapses all mass of the Universe of everything expanding faster to galaxy 13% end reach mass.

Planet X Sirius all dark star, but blue off of white dwarf star from its planet reflection. White dwarf star will be close enough for any forces behind it close enough star rip Earth apart while coming by Sirius 21 million miles away out of Oort cloud, 850 or so orbs in a trillion comets and asteroids. If any survive as a nation we will, with a Militia lynch mob of racist's in Tribunal Rule, 3rd U.S. government helps me represent the people's choices. Weapons advancement programs heat sink against alien invaded legal or illegal, hunting order season restore rights restart American law.

I voted in May of 2008 for only local and State officials, and did not vote for any candidate for president, first copyright 1997. Power by Default votes dictate hard money Bank citizen to citizen: Default vote majority, Congress Internet Law set it back to a 1996 copyright my Power by Default.

U.S. Military state of Tribunal Law leadership, a racist dictatorship: Just making White America safe. Every State a Militia, a labor partnership of racist ideology military Majority Rule, "Power by Default". White opinions decide how far I go, with plans. Bomb shoot gas out gangland rich, canning the bad illegal and legal alien, enemies of white America. Pack them in salsa for export, lawyers legislators judges and color leftists. Immigrating only the usual European, American.

Back Egypt destroyed by a star, ran the Jews out to hide from the wind in caves, leaves the people to save themselves cave bunker ship or sub out solve fake money bankruptcy laid off foreclosure and inflation conspiracy 2018 since FDR. The U.S. Dollar over the political cliff in inflation, stimulus economy, while core of star asteroid next month for Easter rise over dark sky Planet X swinging by around to go away another 100,000 years or so, kill billions of people. I have this Election Default solution to National Debt Default with Third U.S. Government void political system economy take wealth property position, work for.

National Debt free Third Government democracy employ prosperity for White America. That looks like suicide mission against the powers now be to death or a Coup! White America Military hire meat packers recycle government. Economy to bunker, cave survive 600 times bigger than Earth asteroid star save Japan face pour down meltdowns 'Radiation-eating' fungi to cease Japan's nuclear pollution. Injecting into its 3 nuclear meltdowns Malanized Cryptococcus fungi colonies possessing a previously undiscovered talent, with a profound implication of ability to use radioactivity to make protein to spur their growth, eat it up. Useful for insulation, producing all the protein for making food, for space travels!

Magnetic core under Argentina Chile, being slung around in a spinning body going to run into Arctic Ocean longitude here, because star Sirius knocked Moon into Pacific Ocean. Binary star April up close Thor a return.

All this however ominous leaves the people oppressed by the powers that be, getting richer. The people kill or die for our old freedoms of the past, if Military backs us. White America Militia armed forces, The Third Party, Default Majority. Racist Rule, or lone wolf suicides taking out any Leftists.


World expanding looks like coiled serpent "BUDDHA" all the mysteries of the Universe coiled together. Gravity currents flowing down gravity charge on their backs, to every image expanding Universe, a Gravity Circuit. Theology all types of religion verses all the others everywhere impossible harmony like Islam verses everyone else face a revolution. Enemies, call them gay lesbian political left crime color alien activator meat export! Police sweep round up shoot down arm us action, American Government.

I liked this religion, good people faith got to see Universe God expanding:

These people would have to translate this. To know more than only what Buddha looks like. I was given one of these, went meditate Universe! Religions good for only what you can get out of them. I wish well to millions of Japanese who can read it. Struggle, lucky to see "God". Hindu end of the world 4 billion years close. End of orbit of the Sun, that u-turned at end of solar orbit back straight at a red dwarf star head-on turned around to Milky Way Galaxy center. Jesus Christ became Apollo stabbed, Positive Charge of Gravity the truth! Negative Gravity current converge Universe Image suddenly bang Quetzalcoatl a plumed serpent, out to all the galaxy black holes that popped-up from nothing filling with mass orbs and squirts thereof. Authority secrecy what it means, to themselves show only fragments of truth for power over the people gloat. Militia and Coup kill establishment system free the patriot racism children taught socioeconomic duty moral incentives cultivate citizenry. Can the system and spend their profits, grill them somewhere else or could be pet food if elected at citizen's Tribunal or most of ship back to their homeland.


Here our yellow Sun at the end of 4.5 billion years of orbiting in Milky Way Galaxy to end of the world doubles back to center of galaxy at the red dwarf star coming out, 2023 only 6 years left to immigrate elsewhere!

I don't know how to spell and don't know where to put the commas. So everything I write is hard to read, in 1850 Richmond drop-in I get it right.


What are the odds of a solar flair hitting Mercury unless the sun is alive and intelligent, enough to be called a God to warn the Earth of a Threat hid out at Mercury, galactic intelligence plotting a invasion while spying.

End of the world 2029red Moon shadow of.

If there is anything to worship worship the Sun, if you can only see that. Other than God mass nuclei Business mostly organized crime gang's free enterprise. Politics serving the rich for power over the buyer, for profit. Equality scam vote to make America one brown race. Leftists bask in their Wall Street profits track buyer every whim if left eliminate cash for digital price surveillance, control what we do fit the buyer into machine, or dictatorship I lead Military and Militia the people gas out government and Wall Street gun down, confiscate the gold and silver for American democracy tribunal coin. Had enough of future. Break barrier 5th rapture!

The cute boys become Marines, or they get fucked. Cute girls have the same problem, just get the fittest of male. In between not noticed my useful time spent to be a ruthless dictator only the past likes, should I be needed dictatorship I have to be perfect racism, for an economy all dialed in together from faulty democracy election to tribunal majority rule, order.


ZEITGEIST religion politics. Truth found through "portals" the only way out alive it costs thousands and thousands of dollars to buy a bicycle I cannot write a ad to get donations. Until I lucked onto a big 18K ring.

Lee Ronald Harrison 2 years 2350 S. Avenue B, Apt 612, Yuma AZ 85364

I am unemployed don't have any skills except unimaginable saves me. Why would you want to do to get a unknown go near exit to code step travel camera on the way out alive experienced at a good as dead in a plutocracy. Thanks to Bill Clinton, elected by China. Democrats, aliens!


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