Born a seer, put fact together :

for U.S. escape moving object

Universe. Temples of the Sun Quetzalcoatl all plumbed out Galaxies dire situation mass collect to ascend in prevent  giving  enemy our rights kill

left faith, fails to we succeed

Highest priest of Universe, inner 3 planets smash to core. One, two smashed into by slab off core One, three smashed into orbits up-to the Sun Planet X our binary star, failed to core, solar jet out to Sun regularly returning smashed slab of planet Ceres flying off core, piece knocked Mars ocean over land half of Mars killing everything ripped Earth's solid surface apart, north Atlantic south Atlantic, cracked Pacific Ocean side open like clam opening. Fountains flood Ocean through molten lithosphere, expanded the Earth 66%.

Survived Venus magnetic core poles align with Planet X' before or after smashed Mercury to core, slammed Venus core into one or other side of Venus filled with ocean under steam pressure, expansion erupts molten lithosphere over Venus 2.5 billion years ago to war on Mars, crash its double.

I explain Universe as Quetzalcoatl twisting like serpent expanding Infinite, world smashing erupt seeds of life monsters in earth's cores under steam pressure, alignments gush out ocean and all life forms on earth in Gardens of Eden, for humanity to pop-up in the world to hating each other. Here famed Quetzalcoatl escaped Venus, under thick cloud blown away, Mercury pieces blasted by shipped out to Mexico, worshipped there like Buddha tried to civilize, in America too far out made him have to get out of there see God.

This guy had to get off of Venus. Atmosphere blown away in Mercury debris, so he went straight for habitable Earth off of Venus after Thor hit Mercury in it's ellipse up to Sun. No other planet to go to more habitable, pump matter expanding Universe fuel source, pack wealth of knowledge, fleet built space port in Mexico, mined pieces of Mercury build space station on a moon built platform city on for solar power live on gravity, or binary stolen their moon!

The people here are advanced people. That up close to Earth most of 2006, had the courtesy to turn off their bright light blinding me from behind White dwarf star January 23, while leaving Planet X, falling on white dwarf finished ship, 2.5 billion years since Planet X took 5th planet of Sun people on Venus above had to build space port on Earth for resources, made a star ship from available resources in inner solar system that looks likely blue planet's ship.

Here while all the spaceport work was going on in Tlachihualtepetl this man from Venus became Quetzalcoatl explained the Infinite, seeing is believing I learned by experience how Universe was put together unleashed expanding.

To make a lasting peace as highest priest of the stars, I bring evacuation from end of the world. PRACTICE reach matter expanding, uncoiling out TUBULAR Universe A REASON FOR SNAKE INFINITE coil QUETZALCOATL PLUMBED SERPANT BEAST! COILED UP OVER A MILLION TIMES in a grip COILS COMING AT ME EXPANDING GENERATING LIGHTENING, A MOTOR MODEL TO FOCUS SPACE SHIP, RAIN EXPANDING MATH AT END OF THE $ WORLD I take a cab VANISH NEW SPEAK BANKING SYSTEM. Coup d' Elect!

Ship in hyper space and out travel Quetzalcoatl tried to change the world, revealer having seen Universe out of black hole's galaxies sprouted like fireworks shot out of black holes matter good for space travel out to anywhere in 5 years or bust right take all resources day, takeover.

To make such a ship we need move the Moon mine refine the expanding two-cycle perpetual motor using wasted uranium mass, condense nuclei, short-out gravity focus pulse thrust our way travel fleet of ships evacuate take barracks compound back side of Moon settle around resources travel space faster than light, burst, producing elements. Destination the people choose, parts of industry everyone space suit and all last 4 some years at

2 sides of gravity to ride on projection forces all our image a escape useful if

world war rocky history of Sun after Mars back 2.5 billion years ago in Eden,

evidence found on YouTube in fleeting truths to keep on file. Logical solution

Power by Default vote Majority I kept winning since 1996 patriot Third USA.

Coup d' coordinate militia possibility ingenuity free take Moon in flash travel.

Sun knocked out of center of solar system in 2029 it takes out Earth ellipse.

Gift card thief code nothing has changed about human nature untrustworthy

in with all of the races people's that disagree world turned out the way it has

across the Universe. Earth people out of Eden 2.5 billion years ago escaped!


Christianity is a gory religion to get to God dead, all those guilty of Original

Sin with their scripture's in hand their Satanic sick reasoning if you get any.

Getting this right repeat the miracle contrary to secret society in graveyards

no politics or lawyers will ever save citizen housing security, authorities only

following profit Big Business offers them, while to describe "God" show Faith

white citizen troops arm we live or die for our democracy. Earthly or a option

to death and destruction luck access to Positive mass charge, gravity ground

heavy God mass filling empty the Allah images with light of circuit expanding

matter down length of Infinite mass over black current transparent AllahGlue

inflating Universe Image penetrate vanish in the inverse expanding Universe.


The goal of life being get through the Allah to the Glue alive. Revolutionary

for a Religion I could harness the two of them to power plant a space ship.

Move moon city through space should sell well in 1897 rapture saved again

reason for Military get rid of Establishment maybe still works hit corruption.

Democracy. Tribunal influence future in my 3rd U.S. government free of the

private politics in conspiracies getting richer off public, business conspiracy.

Military solution Stock Market spy chips my call I dictate bloody Revolution.


Elections put wrong peoples in power, whatever Media the authorities want.


Federal System of government just hang it replace, back to America racist

survive 21st century and thumb of political left a bone fry exterminate left

in my reign of terror Hate gather forces with Police, Military Coup d' et' at.

Revolution 2024 our Ethnic cleansing Majority Rule survive into the future.

Every White capable employ. Leadership build star ship, for my God Motor.

Un-safe left ignore reality distort it hunt it down hideous shout down truth.


Tribunal democracy unload on leftist women men property troops on our side

Default Debt date go off mass murder spree, offended extremist's fight back!


Here we have survivor of the last pass of Planet X in a escape vehicle

Escape From Venus To Teotihuacan. What a place to land in so foreign

supposedly "Doubting Thomas" sailed away to evangelize West Indies,

the last Quetzalcoatl ascended expected in 1988 when only I returned.

Justice I get government right for my country America, racism the right

a mass murder of elites, financial interest's disaster panic Debt Default!

Media anti-American wait, sun run into red dwarf a secret unless hanged

in this season of FASCISM a world peace solution, leadership of America.

U.S. Military backed my reign with national militia in American innovation

might even go beyond the stars, or to another one, before food runs out?


Something is definitely up on 2 different ends outer and inner Earth going to rejoin spinning in 2

different directions, where you can see Magnetic Pole Movement tethered to Earth clockwise turn

when it was broken off a "fountain of the deep" counterclockwise in 1975 to Earth turn clockwise.

Military has to scrap corrupt government WOMEN and OTHER RACES rights elite officials, financial

banking interests. Power by Default ban digital money inflation scam plan pirating kill I nationalize

establishment. Trespass enemy criminal estate bank corruption. I make all the rules, recycle them

like I say on Index page. Let Tribunal decide reality make up of employment to 1940's jobs forces.

The peoples in the Americas some of them you can trust, where most you cannot trust reminds me of some man in the 17th century German Europe, who raised a pet hyena mauling people often at night, that ate their guts, that became a hero shooting it up-close running home to him. Military reasoning can't trust enemy in our ranks racial threats lawyers support illegal alien sudden death body count I reset our armed forces ranks.

While value of the dollar has fallen like a rock in every citizen's lifetime until U.S. Dollar ends as money and is replaced with everything worth nothing, so millions of Americans are left forced onto streets with nowhere to go become Nazi citizen militia defend our self, Jews escape or die.

I would have rather written peace and love all the way, but life is just not that way. God the Father made the world is The Devil a predator, instinct in nature our worst enemy in the world integration for surveillance a police state a must.

This is the only planet with Sun where human life began. If human life lives anywhere else it came from Earth. Where civilization began 4.5 billion years ago for bones. Then 5 ocean levels 2 Grand Canyons began 2.5 billion year ago Flooded Earth human bones back to the "missing human link" around shores of the lowest, 1st ocean level, in 5 polar reversals. The Original Garden of Eden escape bones, one of 5 polar reversal Floods. Atlantic Ocean buried 30+ cities, bottom of Mediterranean Basin where Noah built a Ark. So the last Flood raised Noah up so he floated by Tripoli and Rome on winds of the west blew him by 2 "fountains of the deep" spouting blew him away east from his drowned enemies through a ridge broken, so he ran aground on a mountain. Steam exploding out Earth's core in each polar reversal caused by a bigger magnet coming by too close. Earth's core axis off center from Earth's axis so it's magnetic poles began to spin away northwest in 1975 until north pole hit Earth's top. Steam pressure in Earth's core in molten lava ran into Siberia, squirted Noah's Flood "Fountains of the deep" washed out Turkish mountain ridge. Tidal wave through, blown east got 2 Jew families off the Mediterranean bottom.

Turned out from space exploration, with scientific probes what I suspected originally, the core of every earth created was in fact full of life, water inside every magnetic core. Proof is methane gas coming from the presence of life there, since their beginning. Later see Mars was destroyed by what hit its companion planet, impact blew entrances out hollow of the previous planet, that will fall on Mars because of piece off of Ceres end of planet now Asteroid Belt, Planet X ran into, blew out fountain the people inside of built a city to the stars a Los Vegas street map alike from space two cities, finally discovered in Asteroid Belt. Like Celtic civilization came from inside Earth's core built 3 Great Pyramids. So I am certain civilization resides inside Mercury, core of a planet. Could be why a hiding space city chose to be in tow beside civilization there had to teleport, relations. Thor return smacked Mercury to core, a home run kiss by another sphere clearly Hammer smack ran into by Thor, sparks flew! Dark Star, up to Sun 21 million miles away.

Periodically Earth "destroyed" in polar magnetic reversals when Earth expands each time from steam pressure, over ocean inside spinning in molten lithosphere, 5 times Earth magnetic core ran into its top expanded pours lithosphere over ocean floor. Last reversal bursts Earth's bubble, collapsing on the Sun releases all steam built up inside, leaving the Earth's core to bounce away. Government over fiscal cliff I could win American leadership by Default rockets then road blocks Coup d' et' at Revolution, taking FEMA agency underground cities and bunkers for all our racist America good hang political system debt for U.S. Government 3. Tribunal elect dump public enemy alien black to shark pig can if they don't ship out.

Estimated 22 miles thick Earth crust 8.8 quake crack next to Chile, example of lava pressure from Earth's core rising, churning lava southern hemisphere, on its poles. Weight of molten lava pushed below solid iron core spinning, rising to top of lava lithosphere. Earth's Moon size solid magnetic core, with ocean inside keeping it cool enough to be Earth's magnet, 2011 end of push north to 85° filled up bottom half of Earth to Chile New Zealand southern hemisphere (5)8.8 quake fault slips Chile 2! Pacific Ocean heat, big 2011 typhoon Pole's bounce under Siberia coast?

Earth's iron core under Arctic Ocean floor boiling up methane gas, frozen there. 2011 indication hot iron magnetic core hit Earth's top a bubble, going to reach blow-out! No one else figures out what is up? Media keeping the vital a secret, advertising cover-up fun, games comedy politics. Wormwood falls apart on Australia, panic! Maybe I cause a Coup d' cure America, Moon a starship!

Won't need all of the oxygen everyone can stock-up bottled stored before core of the Earth blows out of Arctic Ocean Fault line, big as the Moon, 2,162 miles in diameter. Wormwood break-up 2029, 2024 ascend with pandemic cure to 1897.

Means of escape ready or Revolution over money pack out college and science data documentaries vanish where I returned Quetzalcoatl on April 7, 1988 Ascend! Possible from the nearest hills. 1 dimensional people cannot cross dimensions stay in gridlock to original sin tradition, damned sack.

No one else admitted having ascended, returned after I did in 1988. Jesus disciple Peter said Egyptian boat sailed to Mexico. A experienced Quetzalcoatl, 1988 return concluding the last 52 years of Mayan century ascended. Quetzalcoatl supposed to return then, concluding last 52 year century, did not. Peter sailed away thinking to evangelize West Indies saw enough stars became Quetzalcoatl story, in a Toltec civilization, sailed away and ascended from Miami. Florida Island. In 1988 my hike ascension unexpected, collecting power mass, to have to do ritual same thing again. Instead of jumping down out of it fly on! It will read my directions to back in time. The right day and place drop in to check out my old coin collection, if I pass the nation's future on chips to Dwight D. Eisenhower. Show the future, 21st century money, if I am advised to save my girlfriend out of 1967 death. With God only genii!

I could say I am Quetzalcoatl. The highest priest of Universe, Plumbed Serpent out to the galaxy black holes, the whole length of Infinite. Where humans are dogma programmed animals, need empirical input, can't figure anything contrary, only think in terms of what schools say. Titanic politics full speed ahead; nothing can stop us, 1912. Authority with the lifeboats. First Class wealth think damn common people. Coup, Armed Forces do as I say. Allow me to enforce Majority Rule, racist Right Tribunal phone survey charting.

The only thing found of the past ages of life on Earth, in the last 4.5 billions years of life on Earth, is their bones and footprints. While all the ages of worshipping one or both of two GODS separately is blasphemy! Dooming Earth to 5 polar reversal's luck. 144 Thousands of people supposedly will be caught up, in the annual "Rapture" each of 5 ages of Earth's core blowing its top, expanding Earth each time. Original sin repeating steam build-up inside Earth core over shallower ocean each time kills billions of people, as Earth expands, for a ritual that few ever learn.

The human race out of Eden escaped the first magnetic polar reversal, now with ship as big as a planet. Jew's Garden of Eden was located up the valley from the land of Nod, at the Indian Ocean. Subsequent races of man emerged out of each of the polar reversal expansion Floods, sow seeds of life fishes sometimes dragons. Memory Identity manifest pairs pop-up on gravity ground in polar reversal emerge to maturity from each "Garden of Eden". Peace, until other race invade.

Woman "Original sin" leads to 1st Super Volcano Earth's core expanded. Planets blasted apart, split "Terra Firma" into continents, core expands. Missing Link already back to Earth, collapses to core to build another starship on? Other side of gravity hyper space within a limit about Earth, escape available. UFO through hyper space keep coming back variously throughout history to End.

Star Sirius regular return cause 15 super volcano around the world, last 5 polar reversals the Earth suddenly expanded. But few ascended spotless of original sin, God dead 70 or so transformed in 4.5 billion years. My 4 raptures. Last escaped. Always saved "few" fly. Ritual in or find it by mistake, learned the routine, to flesh cash turn to dust leave Sun Portugal on Sun collapse, alien wait to happen Earth 85° latitude Circle solar jet!

Through one scenario or another the original people on Earth built a military style compound on the back side of the Moon, that the Apollo 13 Command module first orbit around behind took a picture of it, that reported it to newspapers. I was surprised seeing the same article on it again years later, in a 1997 Santa Barbara Newspaper!

Carved in stone on Easter Island Earth's missing human race made radiant blue planet 5, in a 3.3 Earth day ellipse behind White hot dwarf star now dark, falling on. October 23, 2006, Thor took until 19 February 2007 to line up its poles with the Sun's magnetic poles flipped the Sun's magnetic poles upside down, a satellite orbiting Sun poles found South Pole was North Pole, became Sun South Pole facing Planet X South Pole, 11 March later 2011 line up with Earth Pole.

Media kept secret Planet X getting closer to the Sun, up to 21 million miles away, ellipse to it, 1 hundred forty-four thousand people ever ascend since The Beginning 4.5 billion years ago vanish, in 5 "Raptures", through sword of the lord crease "few" in positive gravity charge, "God". "THE TRUTH" in 5 Earth expansion flip upside down, up for grabs now UFO hid about Sun somewhere

human civilization with laser certain to take over and capitalize. It might mine what is left of Earth after red dwarf star bounce sun on Portugal, end of the world take the Earth core to build another.

As far as the expanding Universe goes there are two ways it comes to a end. Where it goes on expanding faster and faster, until Universe runs out of Space to expand in runs into Positive Charge of Gravity spinning faster than light end of the void of space. Charge of gravity pouring down current focus expanding Universe, all it's images. Circuit overloads its Infinite on positive gravity charge mass spinning away drains mass collapses Universe image, Infinite hard ball curl up winding or blow-up break infinite eternity, die.

Planet X: Sirius all dark star, but blue off of white dwarf star planet's light reflection off white dwarf star, up close enough space agencies could have made contact with up close, in 2006. If survivors as a nation America has to destroy elite, officials, to confiscate all resources and banking reserves. Militia lynch mob of racists our Tribunal Rule 3RD Government, taking all the truth society is worth I represent public choice. Weapons advancement factory labor against aliens invade legal or illegal hunting season, reclaim American social security!

I voted in May of 2008, for only local and State officials and did not vote for any candidate for president, after copyright 1997 Power by Default Majority dictate hard money Bank the rich hang. Default vote Majority Congress Internet Law set back 1996 I copyright Power by Default majority!

U.S. Armed Forces and Militia, my Tribunal Law leadership, racist dictatorship: Just making White America patriotic community every State a Militia labor partnership ideology economy, the racist Majority Rule in "Power by Default" white opinion decide how far I go. Bomb shoot or gas out gangland rich can them the bad and illegal legal alien enemy of white America pack in salsa for export, lawyer legislator Federal Reserve Bank leftist color elite save European American people.

Egypt destroyed by star that ran the Jews out, to hide from high winds in caves. U.S. left to save us, cave bunker and my solution, stand fight solve fake money/bankruptcy laid off foreclosure. Inflation conspiracy 2018 FDR for German Jews U.S. Dollar over Federal Reserve banking cliff inflation scam economy, so Sun kills everybody. I wait to be Elected or Debt Default solution US government 3. Take out political system, fake money to metal, position, infrastructure. Nation Debt free, my Third U.S. Government a Tribunal Democracy, we employ prosper White America, over anyone else's dead body? Or its suicide mission against the powers that be to the death, or Coup! If have to employ meat packers, recycle government. Bunkers, pray Sun misses us. Save Japan face to pour down "meltdowns" 'Radiation-eating' fungi, to eat up Japan's nuclear pollution, injecting into Japan's three nuclear meltdowns Malanized Cryptococcus, hungry fungi colonies possessing a previously undiscovered talent, with a profound implication, having the ability to use radioactivity to make protein to spur their growth eats it up useful for starship insulation producing protein, farm, raise Earthly cells in space travels.

Earth's core under Argentina Chile, released from fountains of the deep ran into 85° latitude, spinning to reach where it hit Arctic because star Sirius knocked Moon into Pacific Ocean, binary star hit one of two planets.

All this however ominous leaves the people oppressed by the powers that be, getting richer. The people kill or die for our old freedoms of the past, if military backs us. White America military, armed forces Third Party Default Majority, FedCoin lone wolf suicide mass murder anarchy & chaos!


Seen expanding Universe a coiled serpent "BUD-HA" flower all the mysteries of Universe, coil twisting expanding length of Infinite. Gravity current focus projecting negative gravity images, mass positive world image exploding, expanding Universe Gravity Circuit. Budha fast as falling rock expanding opening and closing bud theology of religions verses all the others everywhere impossible harmony verses the others. So many enemies ethnic cleansing, call it gay lesbian political left crime colors alien activator meat export. Police sweep round up shoot down, American citizen act America Third Reich racist patriotic solution Foreign occupation.

But I liked this religion people good Japan see Budha/Universe expanding

There was a English translate of this I only got to see Buddha physics in action expanding, went to meditate Universe! Religions only good for only what you can get out of them. Wishing well to millions of Japanese who can read this. Faith lucky to see "God", then Universe! Hindu life span of Universe 4 billion years close. End of Sun in a year long ellipse, allowing red dwarf star catch up run into Sun. Jesus Christ became Apollo stabbed, matter Charge of Gravity, Truth! Negative Gravity currents converge Universe Image suddenly, Bang! Quetzalcoatl a plumed serpent pops up galaxy black holes, pop-up from the Infinite. Once connected to mass orbs and squirts thereof day of fireworks! Authority secrecy conceals means to themselves reveal only fragments of truth use for power over the people. Militia Coup kill establishment system. Free us to be patriotic. Racism, children taught socioeconomic moral duty, incentives cultivate citizenry. Banking system and profits haughty grill somewhere else could be pet food if Tribunal charts say. Send back to homeland, or man eaters?


Here our yellow Sun at end of 4.5 billion years a year ellipse in Milky Way Galaxy where it began, at end of a solar jet a red dwarf star ellipse this time back bounces Sun April 2029, 4 years left ship, taking Moon with us.

Don't know how to spell, don't know where to put commas, everything I write is hard to read 1760 Richmond drop-in publish 2024 out of the Lord.


What are the odds of a solar flair hitting Mercury unless the Sun is alive and intelligent enough to be called a God, warning the Earth of a Threat hid out around Sun galactic intelligence plotting a invasion while spying.

End of the world 2029 a red Moon, shadow over Sun.

If there is anything to Worship worship the Sun, if you can only see that. Sun don't care about receiving offerings of any kind, that is politics, religion, where Business is mostly organized crime gang free enterprise politics serving the rich in power over the buyer cheating system, wants to make America one brown race. Leftists basking in Wall Street profits, tracking the buyers every whim Left left to eliminate cash for digital surveillance, if left to control what we do and say, fit buyer into profit machine, or cut off their life support. My dictatorship I act on consciences Military and militia the people gas out gun down confiscate materal reserves for American democracy Tribunal and coins. Enough of Future break barrier, Rapture 5. Write me In Confederate Party, Tribunal Premier.

Cute boys become Marines, or they get fucked. Cute girls have the same problem, just get the fittest of male. In between, not noticed, useful time spent here to be ruthless leader the past likes, a needed dictatorship here perfect solution, for economy all dialed in together out of U.S. crime filled political democracy Witch-hunt remove for Tribunal, Majority Rule's order.


ZEITGEIST religion politics mystery found through "portals" the only way out alive after end of this page on call, can't write right to get donations.

Lee Ronald Harrison. PAN! 2350 S. Avenue B, Apt 612, Yuma, AZ 85364

unemployed with unimagined skill unimaginable saves me show the way


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