I am an old Religion, explaining Universe Temples of the Sun


Ship in hyper space and out travel, he tried to change the world, Quetzalcoatl the Universe a plumbed serpent out to black holes, the Galaxies all sprouted like fireworks, each one. Navigation out to inhospitable habitats.

Extended out to black holes, all along the length of eternity, Positive Gravity charge excess plumbed out to all of the objects in solar systems, a Big Bang!

Where if you make such a ship you need put the whole system of God, 2-cycle perpetual motor, for rise and lower and short-out gravity currents to thrust on your way, travel in space a fleet of ships in a evacuation through

space at any speed, to get to their destinations where people may choose.

The two cycles of gravity to ride to propel forces of nature always useful in

at least half of the age of the sun with Mars back 2.5 billion years ago B.C.

you could find on YouTube, I was making a point on in leerharrison.com for

my Power by Default abstain I won in 2020. Coup for 3rd U.S. Government

thus. Fuck Trump Coup Biden politics evacuate to Neptune jungle in a flash

Sun knock out of center of solar system bigger than Earth orbit supernova!


Nothing has changed about human nature, ever since it lost its innocence.

With all of the races and peoples that disagree it turned out the way it did,

throughout known history, people out of Eden 2.5 billion years ago escape!


Christianity is a gory religion to get to God dead. All those guilty of Original

Sin, with their scriptures in hand, are Satanic in how they use them against

their enemies, not guilty, that they resent and hate in their secret societies.

Where none of the politicians are the Leader elects all of the Presidents only

following what Big Business tells them. While to describe "God" for Religion,

for the people and all of their troops to live or die for, there are Two of them

like everything else with a positive and a negative pole in nature, where the

heavy God is Allah and light God down the length of it Allah Glue the Apollo.

Where only the rich escape, the common people have U.S. Military to weald.


The goal of life being get through the Allah to the Glue alive, Revolutionary,

for a Religion. I would harness the two of them to power plant a space ship

to move a city through space from me having a 5th rapture, doing it again.


Citizens have to get rid of their Establishment to deal with all the issues

themselves in Tribunals for the future of their government, to be free of

all the private politics of the conspiracies getting richer off of the public,

Military can just do anything it wants can scrap robots telling them do it.


Elections only put the wrong people into power, whatever Media, wants.


Federal System of government has to be destroyed, for American racism

to survive 21st century. Search and destroy! The Right exterminates Left

in my reign of terror, hate groups racism racists armed and backed militia

2021 Revolution & Ethnic cleansing. Military Rule surviving into the future,

everyone able is employed in my dictatorship building star ship God motor.


But for certain this object orbiting the Sun will rise up in the season Noah

and his Ark rode Flood waves on April day, grounded in Turkish mountains,

ship in end of the world, secret society conspiracy's authority, deny it found.


Night owls will see a Full moon rising this April, that is not the Moon. But

the people will not see it while obsessed with their smart phone, in their

Obsessions with their social life duties to positions and circumstances in

life when they will all see the Sun and Planet X crossing the sky all day,

nature all of a sudden Earth when buffeted in chaos left and right to all

of their deaths. But authority escorted safely underground. That's why

the Left ignores reality to distort the enemy hideous shout down truth

citizen U.S. Armed Forces I overthrow the conspiracy, for Democracy!

Actually the authorities cannot comprehend anything beyond the job.

Causing people to go on mass murders establishment, in revolutions.


Here we have a survivor of the last pass of Planet X a escape vehicle:


Escape From Venus To Teotihuacan. What a place to land in. Foreign.

Before that "Doubting Thomas" sailed away, evangelized West Indies.

The last Quetzalcoatl ascended expected in 1988, but only I returned.

IF I get Government done right for my country America racism will do

for this April, after stars cross paths concluded in April panic, with $$!

Media will not warn Sun runs into red dwarf star secret unless hanged

in this season of FASCISM. World national peace on Earth, in America.

U.S. Military in my power of 50 State Militias with American innovation

we might go beyond the stars or to another Star before food runs out.


Something is definitely up, on 2 different axis. Coincidently later April with 2 stars crossing paths.

South Magnetic Pole Movement map on axis with North Magnetic Pole Movement map core hit 85░

latitude magnetic core broke off counterclockwise once bombed off Noah's Flood fountains in 1975


Nationalist voter Power by Default gold banning digital money inflation scam killing those we should

in the panic, property owners criminals business bank corruption making all the rules recycle all that

like on my Index page, click the link on top line contemplating the change in make up of employment.

The peoples in the Americas some of them you can trust, where most you cannot trust reminds me of some man in 17th century German Europe who raised a pet hyena, mauling people often at night and ate their guts. Who became a hero, shooting it up-close running home to him. Military reasoning in power I take out world threatening beginning with legal and illegal alien sudden Coup reset American Military reasoning.

While the value of the dollar has fallen like a rock in every citizen's lifetime, until U.S. Dollar ends as a money, and is replaced with anything else worth nothing, if millions of Americans are left forced onto the streets with nowhere to go become Nazi, citizen's Militia. Defend ourselves!

I would have rather written peace and love, all the way, but life just is not that way. When God the Father made the world is The Devil, physics, instinct in nature, all our worst enemies. World integrated, military power & police state a must.

This is the only planet in galaxy where human life began. If human life lives anywhere else in the Milky Way Galaxy it came from the Earth, where it began 4.5 billion years ago, for bones around bottom of ocean levels, on 5 levels since Grand Canyons first began, cycle. Human bones back to the "missing human link", around the shores of the lowest 5 ocean levels, beginning 5 polar reversals. Original Garden of Eden bones in 1st polar reversal. Last Flood Atlantic Ocean buried cities to bottom of Mediterranean Basin. Where Noah built an Ark for a time of Flood, raised him up to float by Tripoli and Rome on the winds of the west blew him by 2 "fountains of the deep". When he was blown away east from his drowned enemies, to through a ridge he ran aground on a mountain. Steam exploding out of Earth's core in each polar reversal, caused by a bigger magnet coming by too close. Earth's core axis off center from the Earth axis, its magnetic poles began to spin away northwest in 1975, until north pole hit Earth's top. Steam pressure in Earth's core ran into Siberia, which squirted out Noah's Flood. "Fountains of the deep" washed out a mountain ridge he went through, Mediterranean east end, as Noah saved Jews out of Mediterranean Basin.

Turns out from space exploration with scientific probes, what I suspected originally, the core of every orb created is in fact full of life, water inside of their magnetic core. Proof is methane gas coming from the presence of life there, since their very beginning, knowing that when I see 2 man made entrances to the hollow of a previous planet in orbit around Mars, with a city similar to Los Vegas streets from space at night, on newly discovered planet Ceres. I already knew of the Celtic civilization residing inside the Earth's core. So I am certain a civilization resides inside of Mercury, being only magnetic core of a planet. That must be why the huge space city chose to be in tow beside it, for civilization that must be in contact with interior, after it was a whole planet. Must be Sirius came by and destroyed Mercury, ran into 2 planets, Thor iron hammer, Dark Star bigger than Moon.

Periodically Earth "destroyed" in polar magnetic reversals when our world expands, each time under Ocean filled iron core steam pressure. Five times Earth's magnetic core ran into it's top expanded pours ocean floor lava. If next reversal bursts Earth's bubble it could collapse, releasing all the steam built up inside of it in Spring 2021. U.S. government over a fiscal cliff, I am White America's leader by Default. Rockets and then road blocks I take out FEMA agency for all of its underground cities and bunkers void the political system debt and its legal system export or grill public enemies alien in Polynesia.

An estimated 22 miles thick Earth crust at an 8.8 earthquake crack next to Chile, example of lava pressure from filling up all the Earth's southern hemisphere, weight of molten lava pushed below its solid core spinning above all of the lava inside under its Moon size "solid" magnetic core, filled with water, keeping it cool enough to be Earth's magnet, at the end of pushing north to under the Arctic, that sucked up bottom of Earth's crust to Chile and New Zealand the southern hemisphere. Fault slip erupted Chile volcano in Pacific Ocean heat, for big typhoon in 2011 Earth core reached Siberia.

Earth's iron core now under Arctic Ocean floor boiling away methane gas frozen there, in 2011 indication hot iron magnetic core hit Earth's top, a bubble, going to blow-up! No one else figure out what's up!? Media keeps the vital a secret, advertising all the cover-up fun and games cards to day and hour, approximately now "the Big One" earthquake April. 2011 Sun orbit, U-turn. U.S. Military reversal happens coming up, April ethnic massacre cure, Militia might as well.

Just get all of the oxygen everyone can stock-up bottled stored, before core of the Earth blows up out of Arctic Ocean fault line big as the Moon 2,162 miles in diameter, too late? Earth hits asteroid off Planet X , Wormwood break-up. All I do is spend my money vanish carrying the cure.

Stimulus enough inflation 21st century college and science data, documentaries vanish where I became Quetzalcoatl on April 7, 1988, ascend from one or other hills. One dimensional people cannot cross dimensions better off safely in gridlock to original sin, damn, all going to sleep.

No one else has admitted ascending or returned in 1988. Jesus' disciple Peter with a boat sailed to Mexico, later said he would return became their Quetzalcoatl to return in 1988, concluding a last 52 years of Mayan century, when I ascended and returned when he was suppose to return, concluded the last 52 year century in Mexico. Peter sailed away thinking to evangelize West Indies became Quetzalcoatl left Toltec civilization in a boat ascended from Miami, Florida, island. Though my ascension was unexpected I only have to do it again. Instead of jumping down out of it I stay to find out if it's physics reaches back in time to the right time and place in the past to drop into 1760, pick up a 17 lb. gold nugget show movies U.S. money make assault rifles an antibiotics for Revolution.

I could not say I am Quetzalcoatl, Quetzalcoatl is the Universe Plumbed Serpent to all the galaxies, black hole the whole length of Eternity. Where humans are programmed animals need empirical input to comprehend anything do only what they are told, like the captain of Titanic. Full speed ahead, nothing can stop us, in 1912. High Priest only know all the Universe details. Authority has all the lifeboats fuck The People, unless U.S. Armed Forces do as I say. Tribunals.

The only thing found of all the past ages of life on Earth, last 2.5 billions years of life on Earth, is their bones and footprints. While in all the ages of worshiping either one or both of the two GODS is blasphemy! Dooming the Earth to polar reversals. Thousands of people supposedly to be caught up in an annual "Rapture", all of 5 ages of Earth's core blowing its top, expanding Earth each time original sin from steam build-up inside Earth's core over shallower ocean, kills billions of people while expanding, safe way out.

The first human race on Earth escaped the first magnetic polar reversal, to make a ship as big as a planet. Jews Garden of Eden was located up a valley from the land of Nod, at the Indian Ocean, as has been said years ago. Subsequent races of man emerged out of each of the polar reversals expansion Flood, sow DNA seeds of life. Memory Identity manifested in pairs, pop-up on gravity ground spots, polar reversal emerge to maturity out of the "Garden of Eden".

Woman's "Original sin" leads to the first Super Volcano Earth expansion, that broke the Earth's land mass into "continents" and islands. With the missing link of man, already back to mine the Earth scattered in pieces? Positive gravity charge a hyper space, within limits of a gravity ground escape, instead! UFO's in hyper space, keep coming back variously, throughout history.

Star Sirius passing caused 15 super volcano's around the world, in polar reversals. The last 5 polar reversals expanding the Earth. The few ascend spotless of original sin, where there are only about 70, in 4.5 billion years. Raptured or escaped the once saved always saved "few". Ritual possible to Positive Gravity Charge. Super Volcano 6th time Earth's core expands saved few watch Earth core pop out like Mercury core.

Through one scenario or another the original people on Earth built a military style compound on the back side of the Moon, that the Apollo 13 Mission's orbit around behind the Moon took a picture of it from the lunar-lander Command Module, which reported it to newspapers. I was surprised to see the same article on that again years later, in a 1997 Santa Barbara newspaper.

Carved in stone on Easter Island the missing human race lives on a radiant blue planet in a 3.3 Earth day orbit behind a white hot dwarf star below the solar system u-turning, star "Sirius" sat October 23, 2006, began a U-turn around the Sun, close enough on February 19, 2007 it flipped the Sun magnetic poles upside down, 1 year early, satellite orbiting Sun poles found the Sun North pole was Sun's South pole!

While Media keeps secret Planet X getting closer to the Sun, to pass Earth 72 million miles from the Sun. 1 hundred forty-four thousand people vanish in a "Rapture" through sword of the lord, the "few" vanish on a positive gravity charged deposit somewhere "THE TRUTH". Maybe at end of Universe Earth upside down/up for grabs to a

passing human civilization certain to take over and colonize, or mining what is left of the Earth from Planet X passing by causing polar reversal.

As far as the expanding Universe goes there are two ways it comes to an end. Either it goes on expanding faster and faster until Universe runs out of Space to expand in, runs into the Positive Charge of Gravity spinning faster than light, end of the hollow of space charge of gravity pouring down current expands Universe Positive Gravity Charge. Circuit overloaded formative Negative to mass Positive Charge, a circuit burn up from expanding internally blows up 87% of mass of Universe, expanding faster than all it's galaxies.

Here the star Sirius in the background blue from white dwarf star' blue planet reflection. Which white dwarf star will be close enough for any forces it has holding its blue planet close to it to rip Earth apart while going by, Sirius 21 million miles away. Out of Oort cloud 850 or so orbs, in with millions of asteroids. While better outcome for survivors as a nation with a Militia lynch mob in my racist Martial Law and Military transition to Democracy, opinions helping me represent the people do what is right, weapons advancement programs defend us against all the kinds of alien invade illegally or legally racists arm exterminate gang threats for peace.

I voted in May of 2008 for only local and State officials, and did not vote for any candidate for president, when I copyrighted in 1997 Power Default. Default votes and Debt Default are My votes, Congress Internet Law set back a year to 1996 copyright, my Power by Default elects me.

U.S. Military my leadership state of Militia Law a racist dictatorship Tribunals. Just making White America safe 50 State's Militia labor partnership following racist ideology by the Majority Rule my "Power by Default" public opinion decide how far I go with my plans. Bombing shooting the rich and canning the bad illegal, legal, aliens enemies of the people. Packing them in salsa for export the lawyers legislators color, the left, immigrate only our usual White American kinds.

The nations destroyed by stars, wiped off of the face of the Earth, leaves the people having to try their own ways to save themselves, cave bunker or ship out. Fake money security, bankruptcy, laid-off, foreclosure and inflation conspiracy 2018. U.S. Dollar over political cliff, inflation economy, my dictatorship a world crossing asteroid field, from the top to the bottom of Milky Way Galaxy since December 21, 2012. Planet X coming around in April, to go away another 100,000 years or so, killing billions of people. While I offer Election Default solution to National Debt Default, here in dictatorship I eliminate present political system for all its wealth and power erase National Debt, with a 3rd Government, real democracy safe and employed, prosperous for White Americans. That appears like it has to be suicide mission against the powers that be to the death! White America's best future for Military is recycle government and get a bunker or cave survive big as Jupiter April. Save Japan face pour into meltdowns 'Radiation-eating' fungi. Stop ocean radiation pollution. Injecting into it Malanized Cryptococcus fungi, possessing the previously undiscovered talent and profound implication, the ability to use radioactivity as energy making food to spur their growth. Eating up the radiation is protein for thought and space travel!

Magnetic core is over Argentina here, being slung around in a spinning body after running into Arctic Ocean longitude, around to here, from after star Sirius knocked Moon into Pacific Ocean, star is back this April!

All this however ominous leaves the people oppressed by the powers that be. The people have to kill or die for our old freedoms of the past! Here White America in a armed forces, The Third Party defend racist Revolution, if only through lone wolf kill suicide, take out Leftist anyone.


In a World that looks like a Beast, "BUDDHA", all the mysteries of the Universe black packed together gravity currents, flowing down gravity charge to each thing, expanding Universe a Gravity Circuit. Theology all types of religion verses the others everywhere impossible harmony, Islam verses all others. Good eliminate evil, can America's enemies, call them gay lesbian political leftist crime color alien activator, meat export!

War between good and evil a Jewish scripture. Universe my God motor:

These people would have to translate this, if I got another, to know more than only what Buddha looks like. I was given one of these to meditate Universe! Religions good for only what you can get out of them. I wish well to millions of Japanese who can read it. Obsession with struggle scriptures, lucky to see God. Hindu end of the world 4 billion years after beginning orbit of the Sun. The Sun at the end of solar orbit, heading back straight at a red dwarf star, head-on. Sun turned around in Milky Way Galaxy orbit. Jesus Christ became Apollo stabbed Positive Charge of Gravity. Negative Gravity currents converge Image of Universe suddenly, with a bang! Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, out to all of the galaxies, black holes, you can see popped-up from nothing all the orbs and squirts thereof. Authority keeps secret what it means to themselves, show only fragments of truth for power over the people, where military can kill them and the political system to free the patriots. Children taught all socioeconomic duty and moral incentives cultivate citizenry can the System, grill them somewhere else.


Here our yellow Sun at the end of 4.5 billion years of orbiting in Milky Way Galaxy to end of the world to only 8 years to immigrate elsewhere.


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