FORWARD: This is what to expect eclipsing the Sun, Easter Sunday at sunrise


I will have to wait for cool November weather to ascend, probably too late!

What comes around this close dark eclipses Sun: Black. Fear the Destroyer.

The parent Star the Sun popped out of collapsed a last star it's White Dwarf.

Every end of the world star returns! 2011-2012. Sun u-turns into star rising.

Nostradamus Planet X invisible a 1983 Dark star children of the Sun hidden

city construction took ages to make huge knew all about Earth polar reversal

up against Russia going west core breaks Arctic spring 2023, Sirius passes in

orbit around Sun up eastern Canada rises white dwarf star blue planet behind it,

went behind Sun shuttled ship to Mercury waits for Earth destroyed a 6th reversal. Revolution!

A Military solution with police Power by Default racist heritage citizen's call-up to arms I order

search and destroy alien races purge out the enemy in America we manufacture technology,

escape 2029 disaster. Earth's core exploding out of Arctic turns Earth over to star speeding by in

a surprise invasion! Media secret mafia enemy twist any truth to lie political conspiracy show, kill it.

Military coup racist militia right act before civilization ending storm hang legal political graft debt profit,

taking everything! Armed Forces defend White America under my leadership racist America Tribunal Law in

militia forces. Ready in 2029 red dwarf star hits Sun Wormwood falls apart on Earth. THOR with asteroids first.

Gliese B blue "missing planet" Wodan setting over Australia larger and larger its White dwarf return of Edenites.

Surprise, their ship show up Earth turned upside down "Brightest-star" for blue Thor minute black eclipses Sun

total media secrecy, as long as society left runs news in America. Thor u-turn began behind sunset October 23

on February 19, 2007, up close turned Sun upside down begin orbit. "The Destroyer" of Egypt media secrecy

vault underground? Planet X rises up too close for another magnetic field! Better in 2023 for Dictatorship Now!

Lithium should be able to be synthesized better than nature or takeover "forever battery" to planets.

Here the tenth planet of the Sun is making its annual return into the solar system Thor/Sirius, visible

April 2003 coincidently a red dwarf coming up at Sun causing red full Moons. Thor crosses its path.

Binary star Nostradamus calculated close as Mercury hit that at Sun but solar system object lighted I

saw May 1, 2003 offset points of light lower left a amateur astronomer filming solar flare at Mercury

what got ions all over back side of force field exposed a huge cloaked space ship the cover was blown

relocated. Jesus' Day of Doom season for Noah's Flood happening again that star rises in a April pass.

Hang media secret society with all their degrees I will gladly destroy and educate America a new crop

with racist White America called to arms called to Power by Default Majority I command U.S. forces.

If Militia get caught by corrupt political government law on trial Military can gas that out gun it down.


Remember signs in the sky visible from Earth star go behind Sun rises, blows Earth's top a Rapture!

Global warming caused by Earth's magnetic core up under Arctic, Earth's core churning spins faster,

Lava inside Earth pushed below its equator cause of 2016 cyclones. Sirius "star" close shut-off blue,

in 2006. Dark star Sirius in the sunlight orbiting around the Sun with white dwarf flipped backwards

Jupiter and Saturn out of round orbits into one backwards loop away from star Sirius magnet entered.

Passing planets not Jupiter or Venus, with moons plainly able to see with naked eye in 2006, orbiting

west to southern hemisphere America racist drastic American upheaval military coup police, a militia

of anarchy chaos disaster save citizenship white citizens employ eliminate racial tensions shot it away

so there can be civic duty again white society root out all others to claim all the dividends of progress.

Tribunal Dictatorship, to be able to get us out of the way of the Sun run into by red dwarf star to 2029.


I will call the blue planet behind Sirius' "white dwarf" Wodan, that in 2006 was finally photographed

by a amateur astronomer the little blue "star" of Sirius's light from blue planet in a 3.3 day orbit of its

White dwarf ran into Dark Matter, reappeared around that to its left side in 1984 always facing Sirius,

it's orbit around the sun sets over Australia NASA photograph taken of the blue "star" at its dwarf star

disabled, forgot it sat from the northern hemisphere on October 23, 2006, April comes up speeding by.

It should toss and turn the Earth back or forth tidal wave up and down all of the coasts magnet passing.


Two new Thor twin moons were up August 5, 2006 just over Hogback. I marveled bright crescent bite

moon lower left of Thor deep darkness eclipse. New Moon stood out a faint sphere big dark and round

Sirius moon to its lower left of the brightest star in the sky Sirius A sat September 23 on east mountain

New Moon to its left side horizon. I looked up, 2 little new moons up beside each other until August 20

peaking out over Hogback solar system going west White dwarf star September 23, 2006 a 2022 return.


Sirius solar system nearest two new objects just over Hogback horizon, August 5 to 20, 2006, two

new moons sat behind Hogback Mountain stood out like small round circles both with a bright red

spot of light fanning out from their lower left, red spot of sunshine on their bottom lower left ends.

Thor orbs plow through Sun rays, coincidently red dwarf approaching in 35 years closer and closer

fast, at the Sun u-turned at red dwarf, New Star. Thor its planets in August 2006 so close naked eye

able to see them over Hogback follow brightest star northern hemisphere, with a dwarf solar system

white dwarf visible at dawn went behind the Sun until rising in April, so 2029 red dwarf hits the Sun

stopping it's nuclear fission knocking it away expands Sun into red giant for the bloodiest red Moon!


One round new object beside another two new moons visible sat on August 20, 2006. Until February

19 Sun polar reversal began u-turning around sun 2 little moon much closer than Moon. Both visible

in plain sight at dawn beginning August 5, 2006 to August 20 up so close two new objects star points

out their lower left in sunlight rusty orb red spot on their lower left reflect sunlight on the new Saturn

just over Hogback Mountain, when I got up to look for the third new planet going by with star Sirius.


Planet X bottom left a bright blood-red crescent spot of sunlight, melted off ice on big as the sun core

but dark, star Sirius in August 2006 coming in like train headlight going to behind sunrise melted spot

of methane ice off of the red rusted surface of Sirius, facing Sun, its few inches of gas and atmosphere

frozen solid to Sirius-A surface sunlight melted off Sirius-A orbiting Sun until light of Sun spread over

magnetic core remains of parent Sirius orbiting around Sun, "The Destroyer", 2029 "Wormwood" end!

Arrived at dawn with Sirius-A Sirius-B new solar system in 2006 incoming set over Vancouver,

B.C., should flip Earth over from the top like it is suppose to do. Earth's core spinning in its top

sideways Fairbanks Alaska record 67° December 60's° regularly magnetic core spins faster than

outside of Earth, 21 million miles away from Planet X going by this fast a much bigger magnet,

season Noah Flood happened object, Thor system blood red spot on all orb bottoms lower left in

2006. Three new planets of Sirius-B in front of Sirius-A reflected Sun light off of lower left ends,

at dawn in coming up close to Earth with its blue planet Wooden, hidden behind the White dwarf.

Manmade blue the planet behind white dwarf reflected blue on Sirius magnetic core covered with

ice Sun melted red spot lower left crest on Planet X larger over Australia setting there to rise here!

Somehow I have "Gray" and "Purple Cap" Pfizer vaccine substance's % if that is useful in the past,

especially if I wind up fall in at Dwight D. Eisenhauer church with the future, to need a Third USA.


The orb with 10 moons visible over the east on morning of September 1, 2006, at 4:55am I notice

up at the top of its orbit on September 6 without telescope it looked like a Saturn up close. With a

thick ring tilted down left toward Sirius-A. 10 moon plane all red bottom moons at lower left end,

of new Saturn red-tinted on lower left end after a big white dwarf sat, there was it's moon triangle!


At dawn on September 14, the distant fourth new planet appear in Sirius solar system, after the 7 moon

planet sat new Saturn-like planet of Sirius with points of light flare out from sunlight on blood red spot.

New Saturn lower left of Sirius 4th new planet with 10 moons, where the interchangeable moon triangle

went, from lower left out upper right 10th moon, further and further away from new Saturn moon plane.


Bright Venus at sundown not big as Sirius, coming in out of the southeast new planets and moons, with

bottoms all blood-red on the lower left end closest to Sunlight melting off icy glazed surfaces, down to

rusted ore surfaces 2006. Sirius looked like a train coming in head-on at Sun vibrates bright to sun-up.


Nostradamus after one of his visions called "The Destroyer" of Ancient Egypt "a bearded comet"

the red dwarf star reflect, overtakes the Sun turned around to the center of galaxy at brown dwarf

frozen up close to Sun so boils a trail of steam blowout melt inside out blew by Earth over Egypt.


Here in two descriptions of The Destroyer over Egypt high winds blew down houses and temples.

Sirius caught in the Sun's gravity sink pulled in 45° diagonal right around the Sun, as a red dwarf's

brown dwarf star is going to fall apart becomes "Wormwood", then red dwarf hits the Sun in 2029.

Planet X up close in apocalypse warn red dwarf star brown dwarf miss sun, raise sword of the lord!


Every dictator has had to destroy their opposition, as soon as they get power, to "do something", to

save their country out of disastrous times, where I will be no different. Otherwise I will just have

to take care of my own safety vanish when I collect too much positive gravity charge to walk

away just getting there to vanish the few likewise vanish missing 1 have to jump off stuck.


After surviving destruction of ancient Egypt scribe said "in accordance with human nature man will be

unprepared for the destruction of their world." Red dwarf incoming behind Sun hits Sun so Wormwood

the brown dwarf falls apart on human infection in Debt Default 2022 doomed 2029 Militia gun solution

anarchy chaos kill Left cross you anyone. Picking advisors from consent reasoning through citizen polls

request decide should be's. Tribunal majority run government and industry, citizens run their own future,

or berserk armed militia retaliation racist witch hunt takeover subordinated to majority hierarchy choices,

all necessary measures. Citizens decide public objectives poll experts! American nation creativity survive

until certain destruction Thor, prepare for the future, prosper together without the leftist Amendments find

another planet ship survive in green jungles similar gravity to Earth on Neptune not Mars Sun bounced to!


Children wish The Gospel of Thomas translation (ISBN 0-06-065581) was true, ascend, survive alive.

Erupt and collapse of the world April. However it happens on the course ascend again with pack return

a fortunate few on Earth survive end of the world 300mph winds shelter that part seam choice immortal

Military shelter the soldier takeover defend American citizen my Revolutionary dictatorship democracy.


I will not read hidden gospel 2nd Edition if the First Edition did not enlighten I am already enlightened.

Church enlightened to their house and bank believe Wormwood Revelation only drops off after they die,

I will do the citizen's dirty work cheap for their day in power Government, build ships breath elsewhere!

White American life as if on death row at end of the world unless military change history racism recast it

as the past, armed forces takeover, my Power by Default vote Military solution American settler solution.


Sirius a asteroid the Sun's Twin, core, its dwarf hiding a blue star coming around Thor's lower left in 2003,

I saw up at 10:00 said. Got up May 1 5:30 a.m. Thor's lower left blue planet* reflecting off of White dwarf,

white rays. Thor setting with Sun October 23 2006 December 6 2002 online shows Thor at

brightly lit blue planet at Gliese B always faced the big dim dark Thor orbit coming around Sun since 2006.

That comes around in orbit to go by Earth an April, blue planet ship shuttle hiding out ready for an invasion?


Sirius will rise over the Arctic causing polar reversal too close for anyone above ground to survive spin,

that only authorities have knowledge and bunkers for until food runs out, flyby of The Destroyer, then it is

2029 when Wormwood rises falls apart asteroids hit Earth so the survivor fate will be good at first collapse

if core blows out steam deflate Earth magnetic core collapse Sirius goes back out to its distant turn around.


Sirius sat from northern hemisphere on 10/23/2006 behind the Sun, our passing star planet with a 3

moon triangle pointed out from my patio went further and further out right of red Saturn-look alike

to end of its moons away from it, as neighbors and others watched a orb triangle with my telescope.

New Saturn Fall of 2006 to upper right of go west Sirius solar system planets sat on this angle angle

crossing the horizon. Which would be so easy for the governments of the world to calculate the day,

and the hour of magnetic wake to save themselves. Military solution cure in suicidal economic times

corruption politics a secret society conspiracy in my Power by Default cure, our duty capture destroy

the system. No masterful translation of Gospel of Thomas I save your soul at this address somewhere.

Thus a Gravitational Ground of current to charge deposit safe zone translate promise and silence spot

found on earth and under sea a clear substance shape of Gravity Charge deposit so secret tool Ascend!


Got to see the blue planet of Sirius (Planet X) dwarf, up close, not allowed to copy Image December 6,

2002. Saw Thor first on May 1, 2003, its points of light to its lower left reflect White off its white dwarf

star, orbiting up northwest around it until it came back up around it passed close by Earth in 2006, when

it's blue planet went dark. Sunlight here shines on the Dark Star ever since. What should rise up from the

same angle shown going down coming back up around Sun. I should break through Image, warn the past.


Meanwhile Planet X will eclipse Sun coming back up around it this way, returns to the end of Big Dipper.



Lee Harrison,

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*Second new planet went moon triangle to its upper right, from one moon alternating with two.

I used small magnification to cut glare off close white new planet January 24 Thor dark in sky

2006. Crescent Moon left of orderly set of 3 moon white planet with distant triangle of moons.

The white planet with a brilliant tiny little sphere close beside it one night went close under the

new orb following night had gone left right under furthest 2 moons alternating 1, right triangle!


Note: No three moons in this solar system form a perfect triangle formation for months. Venus

being moonless, not three or four moons! All on-lookers saw new planets with moons, in 2006.

The new planet with 1 moon alternating with 2 sat: Distant moon triangle moved to new Saturn,

for brightest star Sirius, feared enough that U.S. shot a asteroid on Fourth of July in fear of Thor

asteroids up close but red dwarf in 2029 hits sun. Sirius rolled through asteroids due are up next.


What goes around comes around is back! Pieces of Wormwood hit Earth, of red dwarf's Dwarf.

Citizens Military go to extremes get government right self preservation the creative leap reality

if red dwarf here coming straight at the Earth and Sun. Must mean that it is big enough to hit us

both while Planet X coming around the Sun 16 years since 2006 college keeps secret red dwarf

star arrives will rise thawed out brown dwarf breaking apart on Earth, here turned upside down.


A good reason for coup d' 'etat, able to call up backup to solve racial problems to save our skins,

taking America down to Panama Canal take that and anything from China, arm us as armies of 1.

Where I have to be dictator to save all our people to be racist any way we feel like discrimination,

country we can call home for the big storm asteroid pit of star that solar jetted out the Sun passing

Reason for U.S. Armed Forces cleanse the ranks dictatorship, by Default for flags White America!


Almost got where to set up camp for going to Ascend, but my motorcycle chain broke a mile short,

left the bike got a ride back to no way to get to ascend except by jeep or helicopter, or win a lottery.

Planet X being kept a secret in turbulent April storms is going to rise up destroys a 3rd of humanity.

Secrets are for ulterior motives in secret societies religion and politics. Voters can lynch all of that if

they want democracy that can be divided into every area of rule by public opinion, chart government

for their Premier to carry out, which I would have by appointment for life and anyone thereafter rule.


Go back to 2 Digit computer software for Utilities or prepare yourself with DARK AGE DEFENSE!

But there is no one else alive to carry my food and water to ascend, so I have to go alone the same as

the last time I broke through Image Charge of Gravity to Matter Charge of Gravity, at the same place.

This only of interest to spies and robots indexing content should sell well in the past, worth revolution.

While I am still the logical solution to political government to wipe away in a day to cleanse the ranks.



Gravity current pressure backed up forms Black Box. Inside currents focus Universe, images!


Sun soon after eclipsed by Dark Thor Planet X star shakes Earth every which way. Charcoal background

hollow with Black box in the middle of Holy Father or Elohim also called Allah hollow of heartbeat Box

in charcoal sphere cavity likes to be recognized lights up deep in its right side showing it a sphere hollow

from its right side opaque, the charcoal expanse solid still static energy projects a Universe mineral Image

layers of all its images in Box like onion inside. Until thus oblong spheres to matter sphere spinning faster

than light God flowing on Gravity currents to every Image it is expanding at the same rate Universe Image

Gravity charge matter condensing rather than atomic particle expanding from, cannot be seen element: Ort.

U.S. Military is low on high tech weapons. I could get everything dug up to take out the enemy other ways.







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