Originally all the people's popped up 4.5 billion years ago on Earth, world already 8.5 billion years old every time. I will not need to say a 4 letter word to get back in. Instead of having to pronounce the 4 lettered word I have 4 difficult to easy ways back into other side of gravity mass. Where I could find out how to pronounce the 4 lettered Word. Able to draw the 4 lettered Word that burned into scenery bright white, did not pronounce Itself. So I don't need to pronounce It, unless It says it. It looks like an ancient Middle Eastern alphabet word. The second letter of It now disguised a Hebrew letter, if pronouncing it is their secret. God sorts out and lets into Heaven to translate the seen God, dead or alive through the current of gravity image, untransformed glide like in space from where leap into mass Charge of Gravity. Otherwise drop dark to body all laid back in their soul shell a sack drained black, image dreaming. Suddenly bright light shuts off struggled in neon lightening my girlfriend fought back grabbed image barrier apart jumped in positive gravity charge, other side of gravity current, I found greeted me, able to recognize my image not transformed in said St. Mathew "GOD". Another hilltop my 3rd, easiest to get in. Where the 4 lettered Word branded in white, simular later location. Fourth see God took all day to suddenly break through. Religion falls to magnetic core to dream forever in Positive to Negative Gravity image. The damned in current net at gravity center of Earth's magnetic core, spinning faster than Earth. Seeds of life released in each of 5 times Earth's core blew it's top forcing out ocean through fountains of the deep washed away Noah's Ark to aground, expanded the world because water came first, in hollow earth a pressure cooker under molten lithosphere. Few break from gravity current image to memory identity like my girlfriend, "the pure in heart" that "see God" dead or alive. Host of at least one I know, my 2nd time in, of some 70 departed, ascended. My flesh "healed", said in my ear, having ascended in alive. Glide to school on back in time, others bagged in Earth gravitational field drained glossy black tears, under bright Sun. Globe image of identity either alive or translated dead. Missing vanish in gravity mass condensing to particles. In flight "God" matter only so thick as atmosphere upon earth. My girlfriend dead ascended went through the wound I wanted them to let me see behind them, wound to sphere expanding Universe, matter Heaven. Flight back in time accomplish something on earth anywhere to stay for making God Motor save nation way White America says, getting out of this century before Sun is bounced away, by red dwarf, taking out Mercury Venus and Earth. Sun a red giant with red dwarf star in its place, bounced out towards Neptune to need my God Motor to get there! Everyone left on the Earth their body and soul will be scattered out into the outer darkness, unless they beam themselves up to landing craft following the Sun, or make the Moon their space ship.

Inside the sack dreamers creative, all new in their healthy image. Hollow Earth could fill in with fire and brimstone, in a 6th polar reversal. On Earth an atmosphere of mass condensing to nuclei expanding image in a circuit, Gravity currents blinded by the light. I recognized one soul by the way she approached me, out of the right end of them scattered all across the light in front of me was my 15 year old girlfriend, came forward down then up like when she came bringing me her new high school class ring, when I came in the door. Can't handle Memory Identity in the bright void, condensing to atomic particles mass charge of gravity. can't touch a identity field. She went back the move she came forward to me. I looked back at the pack of them to the middle, turning my head up and down left and right trying to see if anything was behind them. Which all split the scene of me trying to look between them, saw what they were hiding as deep as they could, in my way. A distant dark vertical double edged sword wound lines behind them in the distance, on the light of Apollo intelligence shaded shape on extent of St Mathew's "God" like 2 boobs. I laughed. Don't ask if it is Jesus or you will be out of there. At a loss how to greet dead girlfriend right up to me, layers of still static like the others behind her. No way to touch. She went back the same way she came to me back in with the other 70 or so of them. There should have been a lot more people there since Adam in 5 polar reversals. Must be others in other packs around Earth's "God". Or the missing went through the wound on the light took a right turn straight away through the Sun to the mass expanding the world, Heaven. Universe expanding to discharges all of its mass, so all the images fall back to point centre of space, suddenly pop up expanding again. Gravity Charge on gravity currents to Universe images, Big Bang! Images on Earth to magnetic core. God with dark vertical 2 edged stab wound on the Light behind seraphim. I said "Jesus?" The wrong thing to say. Whatever shot out of my forehead hurt, shot right back in, asking "Jesus?" Back to my room to scripture. I got mad because that hurt. Broke my way back in God. Its hosts all back in my way again. The scene of them faded to my room. After 2 more see God learned how and where to break through image to bright mass expanding Universe, intelligence certainly able to read my list of to do on me my camera on the next chance I get to do the trick, recite on other side.

Mass expanding Universe as fast as anything falls to the ground in a vacuum, Jesus as well be pronounced Zeus. Christians in church quit anything to do with my truth recite scriptures collect money, invest in ego for themselves, living for the things money can buy they can get away with or go to prison. God flowing down back of currents to all images around the world. Positive Charge of Gravity fluid filling image from all directions instead of pull to earth, falling fast as Niagara Falls, does not care about anything else other than itself, designed the world to store life creativity in Hell to think on. Revolutionary, whichever date I drop in the right system for democracy. Mass falling down Eternity's Negative Gravity Charge currents filling images, projected of Universe storage crystals and gasses through layers like an onion, in a box of the living images to project on earth in their time on currents inhabit Universe. Mass flooding Circuit of Eternity with Positive Gravity Charge: Allah Glue expanding Universe, beginning to end of void, Hollow inside and hollow outside the box. Polar reversal coincidence, 2 stars crossing paths in tribulation inflation famine homelessness. Universe running out of space not expanding, Universe is expanding. Original sin fall to focus Field, dream forever World in the dark of Hell infinite length Circuit of Eternity magnetic cores all storing dead image. I only wait to do all day hike ascend to school return mission. Plenty of time to finish editing 3 more pages so all make sense in past revolution.

Not everyone is made "in the likeness of God", you can find out under certain street light under full Moon that over one of the two shadows should be a halo if you are human, indicating a shell to aperture exists in the top of soul shaped around them like an egg shell, shaped in bright white molecules of mass, which turns sunlight or any other light source to pitch black seeing it. Gravity current thus flowing down to memory identity image from their negative gravity charge hollow, with layer upon layer in the Box, under outer Hollow, converging organic images to the center of the Inner Hollow Universe. Under open portal overhead flaming gravity circuit. When closes that fans out into beams of light spinning slowly counterclockwise making a halo glow in the top of their shell. Everything expanding in Universe under spinning sphere of Positive Charge of Gravity, flooding all the images with mass exploding Universe! Where "the pure in heart shall see God" find them self at a host of memory identities. The one come up to me had to be my 15 year old girlfriend from 1967. Later in 1988 I found another way in. Taking my whole soul with backpack go ascending into Positive Charge of Gravity. Back to cure diseases from China for 1 people. A list to recite in the other side in the genii, having to throw self, around in the Light of Positive Charge of Gravity flight, to the past. Not ready I wanted out of it, leaped down to, back on the hill. For my health this time positive gravity charge deposit's on ground accumulate charge until where ascended again, get it straight book publishable keep rent leave world to Thor returning like sling-shot pulled way back, coming back up around Canada next April faster than it went down.

Gravity Charge holding the world together because it is sticky, what should be called Apollo I was calling JesusChrist, Element 0, that grips the nuclei's in a circuit of Gravity this side of reality. "String theory posits that the fundamental objects of the universe are not made of point-like particles but string-like filaments of matter." That helped me see the Universe from the outside of it with my hands holding a Buddhist scroll first time, buy its ends in August 1972 coming forward to me, from the wall behind the ceremony stage after I just got it in a ceremony in Atlanta. While November that year in Columbus, Ga., looking to find "truth" someone said in my ear I could find in the Sermon on the Mount. Close look, found wound on the Light of God, looked like two boobs on end I laughed. After the seraphim cleared out from in my way, while trying to get a peek between them, that suddenly left. One half one way the other half the other. Looking at the wound I said "Jesus?" It was just too far-out, I had to laugh! My identity that shot out of my forehead shot back into my head forcing me back into the world that hurt, with a sting like it made shooting out. I got mad, broke back into God with both hands to Memory Identities all back blocking my view! Later reading a book on mysticism when they all came forward and then faded out.

The other side faded away back to my room 1972 to scriptures on my lap. Was tempted but did not jump in when I had the urge to, for writing this? Made sense of it all, Memory Identity in "particle" layers of memory jagged to their ends of static-looking particles, layers squeezed down together in rows between incoming and outgoing gravity currents, in string-like layers every specific information in parallel for everyone ascended dead. I spoke, an image. There should be the same number of string groups for every individual of memory identity. The soul in molecules likewise an egg shape, silhouette of Positive Gravity Charge sphere spinning faster than light from the blazing circuit of 2 gravity charges all around us should match up with DNA double-helix, number of parts compressing a egg shape, proportionate to the egg shape of the human memory identity. Proof Greeks had gods, immortals for pranks in the clouds. While most other people spend eternity in the grips of Gravity Field in their dreaming body dreaming or out cold. Those in Hell only have to stay there until Universe gravitational field is shorted out at end of expanding, current falls back to centre point of space beginning. The mass filling images in Universe pops up a circuit expanding faster and faster, as mass grows. Few die to become memory identity particles in Positive Gravity Charge then World runs out of space to expand in, is deflated back to a point again that pops back up to expanding again. True to rebel differences my racist revolution, hate. Military let Militia take out unions and corruption traditions, conspiracy families, gangland businesses the empires, verses American citizen rights, can them to grill elsewhere! Leftist liberal non-profit religion politics media took over by Mafia women black subversive Putin WWIII begin in Ukraine Military Coup I restore American freedoms in Tribunal genocide cure.

U.S. Educational has all of my proofs on how the Universe was made. Although I do not have an education since 1968. Never learned punctuation. Still I did well enough with my drafting skills to make a living. Except for CIA FBI and Police keeping track of radicals I am certainly foremost not influencing government or elections, this another page of it. I had Russia Ukraine Germany France Britain Canada Australia traffic to these pages, not readable then. Politics cause fight National Debt Default inflation business conspiracy. In Power by Default, Armed Forces Third U.S. government! Russians escape to neighbors visit these pages could find out "Life" is a compressed double helix in Positive Gravity Charge above, as well as in flesh in a egg shell, to own species.

Left end of the soul pointed to rounded right end of a egg shape converts from molecules to particles ascended, expand from oval into a round sphere to back into oval, in static particle layers dead when conversion is made. Greek gods, gods stay round like Jerry Garcia inbetween seen as round bright cloud with a rainbow through it, in the overcast all down coast and mountain to peak half sphere of cloud over the road rainbow thick round cords with light steam off of them each drifted east. His Memorial gatherers later notice bright round cloud with rainbow through it, where they go. Accidentally gazing found a round as the Moon over his banner where it started being seen a white spot in the clouds with a rainbow through it, side to side. Maybe the last god to appear in any recognizable way in the clouds for anyone else to find for several years, followed me after seeing him sphere look down at me gazing up over the seats probably only one to see after dead realize I was seeing him looked down at me in the bleachers Memorial week after. Just cross eyes to see him a sphere from the side next day after over where the stage was, halfway down the horse track, tilted up with only beard and shaded hair line visible, afternoon next day after Memorial. Invisible element Apollo Allah Glue or Elohim Glue condensing on the nuclei, a sphere across the face of the Earth, to duck out of sight in. Saturday after I went up stood right in front of where the stage area was, gazed up surprised, his sphere right close over me few yards up, looking over where the crowd was. Upon realizing me see him sphere rolled down like a beach ball on water to look at me, realized I was seeing him. That frightening me since I was not a Deadhead. I quit seeing him and walked away down to the field. The secret world element condensing to particles but recognizable ways kept playing his prank appearances, fun all across States anywhere. Film got a double exposure of him at his polo grounds I last heard. Where to get in the other side alive is like Superman flying. Flash of energy streak around to and from other campers waiting for his Memorial to happen played around surprising people in Golden Gate Park after dark for 5 days after he died, went on for 5 days and nights. On a later visit going to my camp he played a comet Hale-Bop prank flash go by. Back to the park planning to "see" him from the street across from his Memorial site next morning eve shoot over my head in the dark streak of light across parkway I knew had to be Jerry knowing I was back. The soul an oval formation, round prior to the other side dead not memory identity yet however long, is a usable environment to try back in time with. But in the world body in a shell of molecules of Positive Gravity Charge condensing to us, expanding with the rest of the Universe. Few dead become Memory Identity, to a 70 some crowd. Incarnated Jesus of Nazareth whole, sphere of Apollo stabbed don't call it Jesus. Earth oval expanding seeds of Negative Gravity Charge. Crystal Universe stored in the solid outside, Box current's hollow, through Positive Gravity Charge focus for the in the box layers of individuals unfortunately with a barrier to outsmart religion, forgot born not guilty of original sin.

Hell is a belly full of dreamers to sustain outer solid Allah/Elohim purpose of life Universe, continues open and closed circuit of gravity the physical world. Gravity x Light = Mass joining image to mass. Gravity Circuit the Universe a plumbed serpent all along it. Particles of Universe suddenly popped-up together, image overloading with mass once all of the points of manifestation start filling with mass again, moment of achieving circuit of gravity expanding Bang! All points pop out to their places that solar jet out the suns, pops up the world. Positive Charge of Gravity flooding visible Universe at once expanding faster and faster accumulates more mass faster and faster until Universe reaches Positive Gravity Charge, where it shorts out, everything falls back to point centre of Eternity to a Big Bang! Universe pops up piston of a 2-cycle engine. End of Universe falls back to beginning point, twined. Universe crystals and gasses manifested from outer solid through Box layers to Positive Gravity Charge spinning a Hollow in where Universe expands in center of Negative Gravity Charge hollowed Black Box. The Devil's Box all the life form images in layers of Negative Gravity Charge current converging image through mass sphere spinning expanding everything, projected from all angles. Gravity circuit's children manifested in 6 days. Gravity Circuit converging image in the round world's center from all directions, expanding faster and faster accumulating gravity charge alit. Same center for all the elements from outer Universe storage, through middle storage area Box, to hollow void, Universe. Moon ran into Earth bounced 50,000 miles away, Moon going away approximately 7 and a half inches a year now 250,000 miles away, caught in Gravity Current flowing mass keeps the Moon orbiting Earth, two parting gravity sinks, currents straight through everything to every core and the earth expanding.

Gravity current to every image these quarters mankind and creatures in the crystal world, manifested.

Could I win war on another level, expected of leadership?

49, 5, 55


My Book Review on the subject of Gravity movement:

The Final Theory has the same flaw as the theory perspective on gravity.

Newton was doing okay he just got direction wrong Gravity mass falling

actually pushes world together into its separate images, a coiled Universe

earth all of it a gravity current ground with gravity Field to core the Earth.

Gravity x Light = Mass expand from like inversion bald's teleport habitats,

until charge too much you can't walk away, only way off you jump off of it.


At "the end of the world", before a new heaven and a new earth, in a

religious fanaticism world diversion against truth secrets to enlighten

a thorn and a snare that denies truth use scripture to deceive the Elect,

rattling snakes they rattle on denying truth ignored, as if prayer helps?


The World only image and mass flesh restore to youth in the genii

a task follow our conscience I invented Power by Default formula

verses the in control woman bitch legislating laws damn their soul.

Sex woman, blacks, gangsters verses patriots racists, elect wrath-of

racist U.S. Militia leadership, by Default Coup d' my system, expect

Planet X, underground shelter, leftist secrecy hang it on the charts at

star passing erupting magnetic core, star rise. Earth cause for rapture

while expanding, asteroid April pass turned upside down star around.

Looking like WWIII, Russia China World War save America, besides

Christian end of a world coincidence methane gas Noah fire scripture.

My house give away U.S. safe dictatorship plunder national debt bank

all of the gold and silver under armed guard. Begin Third Government.


To be fascist I will discriminate, destroy only the enemy, deport ex-

citizen take all homeland for citizens bunkers a purpose community

the worker and administrator survival in my fellow skins revolution,

Right destroy bad alien gangster secret society property house booty,

of lawyers and court, cops shoot blacks gas out gun down road block.


Anciently Carlos Castaneda some help, found alternate reality to ascend!

I don't need to make any other bomb. Get it back in time the how to do it,

create new U.S. government nothing to lose at 77 do or die cover a course

matter deity good for back in time save dead girlfriend ascend where easy.


Are these any indications of where famous peoples are going to ultimately.

Miracles have happened, correcting here every paragraph like nitroglycerin

in sawdust where the gods never existed politic overpopulation like in bugs.

Can Clinton conspiracy with China back everything made in the USA again. Shopping Mall



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