When a body finds itself in Heaven translated from seeing God, are dead, the departed are all transformed like shown here, entered into the Positive Charge of Gravity. Or it is dark where the bodies are all laid back in their sack, drained black of memory. Suddenly bright light, that shuts off. So for a moment you have to break into other charge. If you don't, fall into magnetic core to dream the world forever in the Negative Gravity Charge to Positive Gravity Charge Field net in the gravity center of the Earth's magnetic sphere, spinning faster than the Earth. The place where life is seeds released each of 5 times Earth's core blew its top, ocean through fountains of the deep, that expanded the world because water came first, a pressure cooker under molten lava. Only few break away from Gravity Current to be memory identity, in what "the pure in heart" see when they "see God", a host of at least one I know, about 70 departed, in the pattern above ascended healed and restored. Below they only dream from a globe to tear shape soul in a bag in Earth's gravitational field drained-to sheer black. Globe image of identity your alive or sack with body of dreamer in it dead. At this time some people could just vanish, is frightening, gravity in a circuit, tap.

Inside the sack people dream creatively all new in their healthy image. Hollow Earth to be filled in with fire and brimstone, in a 6th polar reversal. But upon Earth as atmosphere of Light hidden God in a circuit Gravity currents are blinded by the light. In there I recognized one soul, by the way she approached me out of the right end of them scattered all across the light, in front of me, when I turned to where she was was my 15 year old girlfriend, that approached me like when she was bringing me her new high school class ring, when I came in the door. How do I embrace Memory Identity I thought. She went back the move she came forward to me. I looked back at the pack of them and turned my head up and down, left and right, trying to see if anything was behind them. They all split the scene, so I stopped trying to look between them saw what they were hiding. A distant dark vertical double edged sword wound, behind them in the distance on the light, shade shape, on the extent of "God" on Earth sphere speechless. I didn't know how to greet her, right up to me, layers of still static, with no way to touch. So she went back the same way she came, to where she was with the others. There were about 70 or so of them. There should have been a lot more people ascended there than that. Must be they are in other packs, around in Earth's Heaven, or the rest go through the wound on the light and take a right turn straight away through the Sun. God a sphere of Gravity Charge with gravity currents flowing down It lighting It up in a circuit about Field, in Earth's magnetic core. God with dark vertical 2 edged stab wound on the Light distantly behind seraphim. I had to say "Jesus, is that you?" The Memory Identity that shot out of my forehead hurt shot right back in, put back into my room I got mad because it hurt, so I broke my way back into God where its hosts were back in my way. The scene of them all faded to the sermon.

With mass expanding Universe as fast as anything falls to the ground in a vacuum, Jesus might as well be pronounced Zeus, as Christians in church really do not want anything to do with me in truth, only recite scriptures collect money to invest, buy things for themselves. Living for all of the things money can buy they can get away with. God flowing down black currents so many, space all around the world is black. Positive Charge of Gravity FALLING water, so gravity is pushing, instead of pulling! Down to the Earth as fast as a rock, for all ages. It does not care about anyone else but itself It designed the world to store life creativity in Hell to think on. Only something to accomplish, so me the democracy I offer here. Mass falling down Eternity Negative Gravity Charge currents, in negative charge layers like an onion creations to create on currents straight down to the Universe, creation flooding the Circuit of Eternity the Positive Gravity Charge Matter expanding Universe everyone beginning to end, in its Hollow. 2020 polar reversal coincidence stars crossing paths in time of tribulation inflation and famine homeless. Eternity at the end of space not expanding, Universe is expanding! Damned falling into Eternity's gravity Field to dream forever the World. Dark Hell, World along infinite length of Circuit of Universe, here centered in Earth's core, which stores Memory Identity.

Not everyone is made "in the likeness of God". You can find out under a street light under a full Moon, that over one of the two shadows should be a halo, if you are human, indicating that an aperture exists in the top of their soul, which is shaped around them like a globe view of the Earth, an egg shape of bright white molecules. Which turns sunlight and any other light source to black, as space. Gravity current thus flowing down to memory identity from their negative gravity charge sphere layer of gravity currents, converging organic image in memory identity sphere under a portal overhead. Everything expanding in the Universe under spinning sphere of Positive Charge of Gravity, the creations. Where "the pure in heart shall see God" find them self at a host of memory identities. The one come up to me had to be my 15 year old girlfriend from 1967. Later in 1988 I found another way in. If I can any whole soul can take a backpack into the Positive Charge of Gravity and back to earth again. It must mean I need approach the way she did, learning to fly. You have to learn how to get around in the Light of God in the Positive Charge of Gravity. Afraid I wanted out of it leaped down, the Light went out to back on the hill, the last time I saw God where positive gravity charge is deposited on many spots I found out I could accumulate charge must be ready to go to mess with it.

Gravity Charge is holding the world together because it is sticky, what should be called Jesus Christ that I call JesusChrist Element 0, that grips the world in a circuit of Gravity both sides of reality. "String theory posits that the fundamental objects of the universe are not made of point-like particles but string-like filaments of matter." That helped me see the Universe from outside of it, with my hands holding a Buddhist scroll buy its ends in August 1972, it coming forward to me from the wall behind the ceremony stage after just getting it in ceremony in Atlanta. While in November that year in Columbus, Ga., looking to find "truth" that someone said in my ear I could find in the Sermon on the Mount pain, found wound on the Light of God looked like two boobs on end, I almost laughed after the seraphim cleared out from the memory identities in my way, that got out of my way after I tilted my head one way then the other, while trying to look between them saw suddenly they split, one half one way the other half the other way. Looking at the wound I said "Jesus?" It was just too far-out. I laughed! My identity that shot out of my forehead shot back into my head, forcing me back into the world, that hurt, with sting like it leaving me, made me get mad, so I broke back into God with both hands to Memory Identities all back to blocking my view! Suspended in the light all faded away.

The other side faded away back to my room and the scriptures on my lap. Because I did not jump in when I had the chance and urge to, for writing this? I have the rest of summer to get these pages right to make sense of it all. Memory Identity "particles" of which each jagged, to their ends, in static-looking particle layers squeezed down together between incoming and outgoing gravity currents, to string-like layers every specific information in parallel for everyone ascended, dead or alive. There should be the same number of string groups for every individual of memory identity. The soul in molecules likewise in an egg shape shell, composed of molecules of Positive Charge of Gravity Charge, a shield from the blazing circuit of gravity currents all around us should match up with life's DNA double-helix number of parts compressing egg shape proportionate to egg shape of the people's memory identity soul. Proof Greeks had Gods, now are immortals. Most other people spend eternity in the grips of Gravity Field, in their dreaming body dreaming, or out cold. Those in Hell only want to stay in the world, until gravitational field of the World is shorted out at end of time. Few ascend becoming memory identity particles again, in Positive Gravity Charge, until World runs out of space to expand in. Where World is forced back into a point again that pops back out to expand again. In my racist revolution U.S. takes out unions and corruption from their conspiracy frauds. Rulers with their economies for their private empires, grill them. All leftist liberal non-profit religion, politics and media taken over by Mafia and their women subversives in government, by Military Coup I restore American citizens rights for freedom my Command, capture enemies of the people to tribunal, can or they escape!

U.S. Educational has all of my proofs on how the Universe was made. Although I do not have an education since 1968 to remember much of, still I did well enough with my school tools to make an income. Except for CIA FBI and Police, keeping track of radicals, I am an unknown, not influencing government or anything, while correcting these pages. I had Russia Ukraine Germany France Britain Canada Australia traffic to these pages, not readable until now. Politics caused National Debt Default inflation, the conspiracy, or Power by Default militia and my Third U.S. government! Russia the majority of visits to these pages might want to know "Life" is compressed double helix in Positive Gravity Charge floods Universe identities from all of their spheres within spheres a design gravity currents manifest in water Gravity Charge.

Before the sphere of the soul can convert from molecules into particles it has to expand from an oval into a round sphere and back into an oval, while the conversion is made. Or you stay round like Jerry Garcia did for his Memorial gatherers and thereafter for several years, kept being seen as a white spot in the clouds with a rainbow arched through it from one side to the other. Maybe the last god to appear in any recognizable way in the clouds, for several years, first was followed me, after realizing I could see him, at the site of his memorial. From crossing my eyes to see him a sphere from the side over where the stage was halfway down the horse track and tilted up with only beard shaded and hair line visible. Then a week later while I stood right in front of where the stage area was, right over me several yards up looking over where the crowd was. Upon seeing me see him his sphere rolled down like on water to look at me, realizing I was seeing him, that frightened me, so I quit seeing and walked away. He kept playing his pranks in fun all across the States for years after he died. A flash of energy who streaked around to and from others, who were waiting for his Memorial to happen, playing around surprising people in Golden Gate Park after dark, the day he died, that went on for 5 days and nights. On a later visit, going to my camp, played a comet Hale-Bop prank, when I came back to the park planning to seeing him again from the street across from his Memorial site, who shot over my head in the dark a streak of light across the parkway. I knew it was Jerry knowing I was back. While transformed souls in a oval formation is life on the other side. But in the world the body in a shell of molecules of Positive Gravity Charge, until ascended or die to be Memory Identity. 1 Jew descended and became incarnated Jesus of Nazareth. Oval shaped every seed of mankind on Negative Gravity Charge currents to Positive Gravity Charge, born into the world, here unfortunately with barrier to endure. Where everything pop-up to begin with, or is born thereafter, are not guilty of original sin, that ruins their parent's ability to be gods, in any Garden of Eden. So to be gods, is the intended purpose of life?

Hell is a belly full of dreamers, to sustain purpose of life for the circuit of Eternity. In the physical world Gravity x Light = Mass joins 2 opposite Charges of Gravity into a Circuit, the Universe. Particles of the Universe suddenly popped-up together overloaded with mass once all of the points of manifestation are reassembled, at the point of achieving circuit of gravity, to pop out to their places where they solar jet out the rest of the points pops up the world. Positive Charge of Gravity flooding the visible Universe at once, expanding faster and faster it accumulates more mass faster and faster, until it reaches Positive Gravity Charge where it shorts out and everything falls back to a point at the center of Eternity, to a Big Bang, Universe! End of Universe pushes back into new beginning everything that was manifested from Spheres inside of Spheres, in the overall Negative Gravity Charge. The Devil on top down currents of Negative Gravity Charges, through the sphere of God manifested everything in the World at once, all of the gravity circuits assembled. Gravity Circuit Field in the center in all of the round worlds down gravity currents from all directions, expanding faster and faster as they accumulate gravity charge, aging. The same center for all the manifestations in the Universe. Moon ran into Earth, bounced to 50,000 miles away. Now Moon going away at approximately 7 and a half inches a year now 250,000 away. Orbs all caught in torrent of Gravity Currents flowing Gravity Charge to earth. Gravity charge flooding down currents keeps the Moon orbit around the Earth. Gravity converges straight line through everything else to us:

Gravity current for every identity design mankind the way they are in essence from each sphere manifested.

May I take war to another level, since that is expected of leadership.

49, 5, 55


My Book Review on the subject of Gravity movement:

The Final Theory has the same flaw as theory formulas being used now!

Newton was doing okay, he just got the direction wrong. Where gravity

actually pushes the world together into a Circuit for everything existing.

Earth only a gravity ground with a Gravity Field in its core the Universe

Gravity x Light = Mass expands world locates inversion teleport habitat.


At "the end of the world", before a new heaven and a new earth in a

religious fanaticism world diversion against the enlightened that is a

a thorn and a snare they deny guilt use scriptures to deceive the elect

as rattling snakes, they rattle on and on. Threatening with scriptures.


But the World is only physics laws. Where those who ascend in flesh

may speak to our conscience invented my Power by Default thinking

verses the power mongers that bitch all they want, damning the souls.

Where woman experts keep on complaining draws down the wrath-of

racist U. S. citizens the new President politics in his system expecting

to check into underground shelter, leftist secrecy expose on the charts.


In the eruption of magnetic core Earth expansion should cause Rapture,

suddenly, Earth begins to expand while turning upside down a star goes

by. I could get with Russia and China for a World War, to save America

the nations, Christian end of world Revelation fire fulfill Bible scripture

to get America safe from climate, my rule confiscate national debt cash.


To be moral I will discriminate, destroying only the enemy, provide a

safety, take all homeland for U.S. citizens. With purpose for colonies

of workers and administrators survival for my fellow skins. Advance

and destroy bad and alien aristocrat and secret societies the scam ers,

kill lawyers and court in Martial Law. Rockets and then road blocks!


Reading Carlos Castaneda would help to find alternate reality and ascend!

I will not make any kind of bomb, will only pack back in time how to do it

establishing a new government, maybe a crowd will witness how to ascend

going further back in time for other adventures then stay with my girlfriend.


Are these any indications of where such people's are heading, ultimately?

But if miracles don't happen I probably will blow-up making nitroglycerin

saying Jesus and the other god never existed. Overpopulation, like in bugs. Shopping Mall



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