Dictatorship Now!
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I am available to be a ruthless dictator as far as racism goes leadership at Tribunal if with bunker I survive Planet X orbit our survivors rise.

For Real Civil War, with so many opposing races and cultures let in and here already we did not kill off "Winning the West" or released from slavery into White American Majority, only dictatorship like mine can coordinate to eliminate enemy from our Constitution as Territorial animals in a world at Cold or Hot war I could stay out of the bright "other-side" to win a War.

About the enemy: They all have patriotism when it comes to serving their country of origin. If they become citizens of another country than their own they will spy and plot for their country of origin, if it is in conflict with their citizenship country's people. So U.S. Constitution is all messed up when it comes to equality. Everyone across the border south is the Enemy besides natives. Mexico even drove Chinese out of their country way back. Racism rid us of our ethnic enemies! Empty clips, Business a enemy plan. Gangbuster's solution Right, CIA FBI, I take to the table as dictator. Tribunal solution, make nuclear weapons go fast as light, someone insane running it all, so no one can figure what to expect, but can play it back. Rainbow war strategy beams clue. Race hate help the nation. Hate going on since Cain and Able to an end like on Mars, ounce a forest. You know since the Rover saw it while going somewhere it stopped and rolled right over to get all the details are secret. War between 2 worlds planet destroyed to its core, by Planet 6, Mars with it's core stuck up a 500 mile high volcano. Thor ran into a 6th planet of the Sun, returns up 600 times bigger than Earth in 2023. Might as well be distracted with hate and war if you cannot save yourself through conventional means load up troops for raging seas, subs bunkers big ships, planes balloons gliders most Americans survive the future White America. Army of One! Gas prices snake bit if we wait, suddenly riots in former USSR. Rich predator animal profits sky's the limit. Racist White Hate and inflation retired discharged active tax killing us. SEO's best in meat grinders all the billionaires, gift card hustlers. Genocide world population explosion cleanse the profit's. Gold and silver to work for, in a industry with citizens informed, the West fighting for itself in a world war to last meat and spring water. Think Jews had it hard in Exodus, if Planet X exists 600 times bigger than Earth is a planet orbiting a Sun, Easter 2023.

Debt Default inflation visibly staggering. Planet X blows away all the rules, now is the time for all U.S. Armed Forces to join together against "The System", for the racist Right survival. Coup d' 'et at, so I call up Hate every racist volunteer pay, take out D.C. in my Militia takeover plan. My Racist dictatorship enforcing Tribunal charts leadership take business and government gold and silver, so I mint all of our paydays to serve White American citizens, without other group's camera surveillance. The American U.S. citizen's a Third U.S. Government end of all of the political government money trails. End of printing money, intentionally to inflate it, making alienated political system richer, Business conspiracy alien secrecy society National Debt, authorities cannot pay interest on, alive. Profit scam political loans, graft corruption I get rid of ruthlessly, right round-up the whores and bomb the enemy mobs and alliances running the media. Hit them hard, track them down, White American soldier Tribunal, purge orders. Take out crime leftists enemy gang economic system integration business scam National Debt Inflation oppressing White America, that cannot elect me to serve them. Wealth booty for racists in the USA, that want to raise our Confederate and Nazi FLAGS. We could have WRIT-IN The Confederate Party for my Leadership. Save soldiers forgotten, who lost their benefits for no fact. U.S. Military reinstate racism my Military takeover utilizing racist HATE groups dictatorship liberate the RACIST Majority. OUR NATIONALIST OBJECTIVE eliminate Political system for our Third U.S. Government fighting to be White. Mostly aliens at school and government shoot to kill or they escape. Default vote elects my racism US Military muster militia representation of American Citizenship Majority Patriotic racism revenge Tribunal China obliterate spreading disease Armageddon billions of Chinese and human pollution, Hell Yea!

In my dictatorship merchants politicians lawyers and thieves sudden attack, Tribunal. Nationalize wealth, repossess National Debt, integration die, U.S. government to replace. July 2018 to now Debt Default prices, the corporate enemy elect Biden/Obama. Political offices bomb gas out gun down. Debt Default on payments, dollar waists away. White man back to their ammunition, racist Third U.S. government me. Economy to thrive on, where-by any means White America armed and backed, nazi White America destroy our enemy. Swat all the gangs, take accounts, kill prisoners, save more than 3 trillion dollars on locking them up. Recycle the bars, hunt down public enemy at large thieves, to can for pets or export to Africa and polynesia, to grill mean muscled criminals etcetera, leftists color legal or illegal alien bro's cousins rich and lawyer authority. Business Meat to cut costs in trillions of dollars, purge out enemy of White, plunder with Militia Klan and Nazi. Racist civil war U.S. Military American citizens in a genocide takeover fill positions in government and economy. Jobs according to ability Nationalize investment confiscate accounts. Home wealth trade, U.S. dollar Citizens credit card. National Debt gold and silver coin citizen's economy, under their opinion rules, future of America. Where military has to throw off invasions and arm American citizens, train and employ all talents necessary to manufacture everything in the USA. Freedom to eliminate politics, bloody massacre, trashing trade laws for isolationism. Soldiers take a house each, rations of my racist purge, taking out alien peoples. Bomb shoot or deport, take back America Military. White Americans rationed out homes captured from ethnic enemies, deported or destroyed. Nationalize, co-op business and industry. Soldiers claiming their shares of the booty confiscated. Money metals to U.S. Mint except gold ring or 2 usually. Coin money metals Americans work underground build and manufacture goods ready for all natural disasters, Earth's bubble burst. 2029 Sun hit by red dwarf star, evacuate! Bomb D.C. blacks Obama mansion, leftist conspiracy, Mob enemies friends, wipe out Capitol. Militia and my racist dictatorship model representing Right opinion, 7 years work Sun knocked-out a space City.

Most voters default their votes is my call to duty. Liberate White American Majority U.S. Military! My Power by Default stamp out gangland running everything, confiscate empire wealth, destroy their soldiers and workers, racist hate group legions snuff out our enemy. Riot campaigns! U.S. Military backing Militia restore White Supremacy discrimination, everyone else out of the country. Tribunal Concentration camp crooked politic's politicians to tiger sharks, ship plane or train out. Military restore White America back to defending White Americans. Put women back to traditional places deport or to Farm, lost freedoms take back, military and militia and police takeover. Rockets and then roadblocks capture or destroy colored and bad, worth trillions of dollars purge, catch or destroy Supreme Court Congress lawyers left, and all their media. Bomb their brains or hang them, if citizen opinion say so. Alien lobbies of social and economic policies. U.S. Armed Forces militia or at home take out public enemy nationality conspiracies secret society. Hate them with planes and tanks. Business the enemy, position politic stock market schemes, codes on paper, digital money to inflate. Instead take out "melting pot" of subversive immigrants illegal's criminal's corruption, votes against White American Majority, racists secure the streets. Citizen's revolution rid us of ethnic subversive color. Latin anyone. Bunker in mountains for disaster future over the bodies of lawyers subversives criminals feed to man eaters shoot and nationalize business bomb security guards takeover divide up enemy booty. Gold and silver Hours and Minutes pay American citizens a fair share of the booty for giving hell to politician's lawyer's media and alien's rights. Democracy, not labor unions in America, all job tests study positions, and retired on gold and silver. Take out shoot the boss, alien. American democracy! Union alien assets deposit in U.S. Treasury, without capitalism manipulating prices and wages anymore. Stockholders hanged, take everything, business in Power by Default back to 1950 prices. My Third Party White America Militia racist I arm all able body white citizens Gold Notes pay rid us of leftist white, color anyone raising criminal minds family. Mob blacks aliens State lotteries going to mostly women in bed with enemy alien black vote. Military isolate untrustworthy ship to disaster. Militia racist Majority, my band wagon search and destroy we clear out enemy races and cultures.

In order to achieve Citizen's Rule I would have to be a "dictator". Donald Trump/Biden not useful for organizing economy. I would have to be a tyrant, in this season of polar reversal. My new system makes self-rule operational. "The People" take over leadership. Tribunals. Opinion polls, ruling over the programs. Soldiers divide up spoils of ethnic cleansing, in equal shares, liberating America of all our enemies. Military issuing citizens good weapons suitable for making possible my Power by Default, citizen democracy leadership. Racist opinions of the "Silent Majority" replacing U.S. elections with Tribunals. Racist patriotic rule leadership, armed forces. Trump at least good example of racist moral, for soldiers eligible to point weapons. Opinion majority, I chart what is right to order according to the facts, managing industry and society on all levels, charting all the opinion majorities to go by. Citizen's a Party of right goals and values at Tribunal. Whites working for the weekend, sea to shining sea. Work galore, coin for everyone, hiring talent and ability in Tribunals a score, for 10 wage skill levels or back to school. Retire in style, if you do your homework and/or taking refresher courses until retirement millions, considering a 10 million Hours Coin limit.

If White America wants to choose their destiny I am their Third Party for White America, with racial discrimination. So I muster all the forces of hate rid America of our enemies off American soil with 50 State's Militia America deploy conquer America for our Independence, biker volunteer or select white citizens issue guns ammo, train with military back leadership. White Constitution, First II Amendments. Season of take out alien intent races, subversives, resentful ethnic differences. White jobs to million dollars tops. 100,000 a year to million. Cocaine Cokes a nickel again. Bank after death back to Treasury, everyone getting rich anyway, masterpiece left national treasure from inheritance to their own museum bench for display.

White America's duty is to their national defense and public security. If they are going to commit suicide anyway take it out on politicians, lawyers and the like, with a chance in hell to get away to safety underground by my 3RD social and economic order, American Citizens luck out with me in Power by Default, vote Majority, or coup d' "et at. Could have wrote me In The Confederate Party. Flag. U.S. Armed Forces draft for Revolution presently a suicide for Americans to achieve without U.S. Military. Taking back America from our enemies, Militia capture deport or destroy with Hell's Angels and Ku Klux Klan know how, in a removal of alien's out of America, traitors and public enemies. Desperate times at the end of the world I am America's only chance to make the nation right, for citizens! Ready for the Big One earthquake, suddenly? Changing direction Earth turns. Falling over at 300 mph in a day, hide American's National Company safely underground. Wealth confiscated to work in hiding. Earth's iron core blows-up out of Ocean fault line in Arctic, under Thor passing. Nostradamus predicted 2 asteroids blow-up. Sun u-turn orbit turned back towards center of Milky Way Galaxy, on December 21, 2012, turned into 2 asteroids crossing in February. Warning to build star ship for 2029 Wormwood, falling apart in front of a red star taking out the Sun, for the reddest red moon. Red swelled up star bigger than Earth orbit incoming hits Sun to habitable conditions Neptune. At ground level. Near Sun, a Red Giant.

Traditionally when the enemy is invading in mass, like over U.S. borders by the millions, we get our swords and arrows guns and bombs and open fire. Forget about Human Rights and the Constitution. Just get rid of the enemy, is our Military duty. Take-out all the other languages on our soil other than history, reacting to animal instinct, racial discrimination in the real World will get us through the future/keep our games to our self play in our domes.

If the other side of dimensions has Intelligence, after I break the plane into It, It will consider my choice for return and choose for me an optimum place and time to return me. The other spotted hills I will not go near the other half of them until this page is done, to repeat the hike learned by mistake. The few ever saved them self from death Jews and Natives forbidden don't go near that. No rush for me in power for us patriots verses aliens?

Lee Harrison, l_hrrsn99@yahoo.com

I had been reading up on my favorite sport Baseball, at the end of it's regular season, all the minor leaguers struggling to survive on low wages and tied to contracts. Since a hundred years ago to now and on for all the money spent on stadiums needed dorms like at colleges. Room, a cafeteria and all on owner billionaires, good health to all prospects for love of the national pastime. End of games everyone shelter Planet X goes by for the White dwarf star up close again.

Here like on Mars, domed homes on core of planet at Mars, also magnetic core of Sun 6th planet's people survived Planet X pass, magnetic core hollow like the rest, damage done Thor anciently can flood Earth with magma. Crossing magnets.

Trump would have won 2020 without illegal alien, black voting aliens. Constitution falsity like in South Africa. Corrupted U.S. Constitution legal system government default solution old bottle new wine Joe Biden leftist melting-pot meltdown threats for this Military Solution!

I could come up with a new tactical missile system, if I had enough time to test and deploy it.


Hate it or Love it? Checks or Money Orders to

Lee Harrison 2350 South Avenue B.

Apt. 612, Yuma, AZ 85364

Troops to the rescue?

I am gone with no money to change future lucky trap door 7 dates to sell the Future my guns.





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