Dictatorship Now! I return us to racist barbaric ways revolution like won the west

Article 2 of 8, began 1996. 62% population increase illegal, Wall Street got cheap Labor in China and elsewhere, Clinton Business Conspiracy. Default on a 2 cent dollar from all the bad government, getting richer. I police sweep, patriotic racist Default Vote Majority. U.S. The Right, Armed Forces just gas out and gun down Federal Reserve hang Executive Orders, a point system replace the Dollar, with code in memory, Money. Take Banks, re-staff with far to Right White America. Confiscate riches for our forces all the hoards circulate Third U.S. Government, paid Traditional money. OUR RULES AT TRIBUNAL America back to 17th century freedom. Destroy niggers if can't ship them out, sort immigration to only White European, West!

I am available to be a ruthless dictator, as far as racism leadership goes at Tribunal. But we don't want AI here to political parties with their artificial misleading ulterior motives for more wealth and power over the racist majority, that don't vote, to put on the street to starve. Military is most fit, in place for defending the majority American citizen since than 1776, needing a titanic space barge a motor, with democracy by Tribunal. I remember a V2 rocket test where a UFO circled it took its signal away, hit elsewhere. Same thing a US rocket test down Atlantic splashed we could take signals away, under flight path of thousands of attack drone signals pulled off by a ring of laser minds, miles off around fleets and troop centers. While I am cleaning House for World Peace. Tribunal AI sort opinion chart leadership maintain module performance Tribunal health standards American freedoms. Destroy digital money chips. Minute capsule to Hour Gold. Sterling, pure metals. Hang Debt Default caused by Bill Clinton taking bribes from China to get elected to send China all our technological advanced computer means, legislate all American working class jobs away, put working class on the street to rely on government, or die. Democrats since then orders from Chinese Communist Party. Pentagon I have to have call for citizen's forces to arms for American racist hate groups nationwide public Militia take what we can use, divide up business profit Pentagon my Police sweep out enemies on our soil. Tribunals decide all questions in public control, I settle problem issues by what fellow citizens favor. Like what rebels in UK Revolution wanted, going for the majority. Here Third American Government under Tribunal Eye. Signature phone personal contribution jobs, government do for us pay. Without rich in Corporation for profit at public expense I am calling for militia Police Military shoot hang establishment to spread their gold within our borders to white America, us alone. Take holding company houses and our enemies property, pass out coup booty. Right course Military desire. Americans in community all our vigilante public interest enforce my dictatorship, along racist Majority Lines. White America Citizen's force take everything within our borders, industrial resources. National Tribunal chart guide what my Power by Default democracy Tribunal favors along traditional lines products demanded to secure the peoples future, housing distributed industry farming shopping circulate payday, with matching metal reserves Bank accounts. Rural life above ground recycle for industries and public environment. WWIII liberate us from global invasion and pandemics. National Tribunal, democracy Majority of Americans send troops in take all means. Replace taxation with employment choice, to get rich at. Coup save White America left out to die for enemy Wall Street profits. Public ownership leadership divide up crime enemy turf. Wild secure for recreational. RACIST MAJORITY WON THE WEST. DO IT AGAIN! Take Government. Comb out enemy in Military Coup. Establish public Tribunal.

Real Civil War, round up opposing races and cultures let in or here already we did not kill off "Winning the West". Natives send back to Siberia or North, released from slavery into White American society that hates them worse emancipated, flush crime gang families out. Kill them all or moth ball ships and planes charter aliens out of here, with their trophies, and take their wealth and property. Dictatorship like mine coordinate arm civilians nationwide a militia, to eliminate enemy from our Constitution. Territorial animals I unleash racist from Cold War. Search and Destroy our enemies, or they escape to bright "other-side" or fall to Hell. World Wars prophets wasted their time on earth, or defeated enemy. Fascist rebels us racist patriots, pass out M16 to death for our freedoms, rather than die from Biden bucks. I restore public and Armed Force's patriotism, taking out alien vote and their corruption societies. Revolution riot, Armed Forces take business bank and all their reserves. Genocide save us from sold out freedoms, for cheap labor elsewhere because of all the crime families and our own criminals. Business and Wall Street society, the Left to death camp. U.S. Armed Forces with Militia take all destroy opposition. U.S. Forces arm citizens plunder racial opposition estates, USA bloody rebel revolution! Left dumped to meat eaters. Re-distribute enemy property. Preserve Nature, public land. Public Tribunals to industrial prosperity! Directing industries to handle slaving the robotics for utopia, taking Moon with us. Motor.

About the enemy: They all have patriotism, when it comes to serving their country of origin. If they become citizens of another country than their own they will spy and plot for their country of origin, if it is in conflict with their citizenship country's people. So U.S. Constitution was all messed up when it came to equality. Most outside our borders are enemy besides natives. Even Mexico drove Chinese out of their country way back. Racism rid us of our ethnic enemies. Empty clips on Business enemy plans. Gangbuster solution the Right! CIA FBI I find at the table my Dictator solution, public Tribunal solution. Nuclear weapons fast as light, my insanity running it all no enemies can figure what to expect. Rainbow war tube strategy beams, so race hate saves the nation. Hate is on since Cain and Able, to end like on Mars, once like Earth. Fact known, Rovers found tanks, while going somewhere stopped rolled right over to get all the details secret from all angles. War between 2 close planets, one destroyed to core Planet X hit Planet 6. Leaving Mars with it's core stuck up 500 mile high volcano. Thor ran into 6th planet and Mercury, ellipses up to the Sun regularly. Might as well be distracted with hate and war, if we can't save our country by conventional means. Load up troops and all our ships. My plan is most Americans survive the future, White America Army of One! Gas prices snake bit, suddenly riots in former USSR predator animal business, oil profits, "sky's the limit". Inflation killing us. Political authority and SEO's best in meat grinders, all the billionaires and gift card hustler's scam offers. Genocide, world population explosion, we take all the profits, gold and silver to work for. Citizen's informed, the West fights for yourself to enemy last meat and spring water. Think Jews had it hard in Exodus? Going to be hit by sun hit by red dwarf star pray Matter saves us our savior expanding universe.

Debt Default inflation visibly staggering. Red dwarf star secret, digital money conspiracy. Here American Armed Forces join together against "The System", for our racist majority survival. Coup d' 'et at I call up White Hate take booty! Gas out hang D.C., armed takeover. U.S. racist dictatorship I enforce Tribunal leadership. Sack Business Politics and religion gold silver & property, for all our paydays, serve White American citizen prosperity without camera surveillance American citizen's Third U.S. government. End of all the political government money trails. End of printing money intentionally to inflate it alienated political system getting richer, a Business conspiracy Secret society National Debt the authorities cannot pay interest on, alive. Profit scams, political loans, graft corruption I get rid of ruthlessly. Right round-up whores and bomb the enemy mob Company gangs running the media hit them hard track them down. White American soldier by Tribunal majority purge order take out crime leftist enemy gang system integration business fraud National Debt Inflation, oppressing White America that cannot elect me to serve them don't vote. Tribunal booty for our racist patriots to raise our Confederate and Nazi Flag racism, stars and stripes, could have WROTE-IN The Confederate Party for my Power by Default Leadership redeem soldier's forgotten lost benefits, for no fact. U.S. Military reinstate racism, U.S. Military takeover utilize our racist HATE group forces! I liberate RACIST Majority. OUR NATIONALIST OBJECTIVE eliminate Political system for my Third U.S. government fighting to be White. Mostly aliens at school, favoring illegal's. Shoot to kill or it escapes. Default vote excuse Military racist Hate represent American Citizen White Majority in patriotic revenge, decide at Tribunal. Obliterate China spread Covid-19 etcetera Plague. Armageddon billions of Chinese human pollution snuff out, Hell Yea!

Dictator elected, merchants politicians lawyers and thieves to gallows, I Nationalize Leftist possession repossess National Debt. July 2018 to now Debt Default prices corporate enemy elected Biden, Obama. All its offices gas out gun down restore Americana. Debt Default on payday, dollar in points on phone bank? White man back to discrimination, Third U.S. government. Economy thrive on all means White America armed and backed cash in on enemy. Swat all the gangs, take accounts, kill prisoners to save more than 3 trillion dollars on locking them up. Recycle the bars hunt down public enemy at large criminals can for pets or export to Africa and polynesia grill criminal alien leftist colored illegal legal cousins of, leftist lawyer authorities. Business Meat to cut costs in trillions of dollars, purging out our enemies. Plunder with Militia Klan Nazi Military Right air sea and land support. U.S. citizens all together border to border genocide takeover. Tribunals determine protocol of government and economy. Train according to ability Nationalize, confiscate scam estate. Jobs replace tax. U.S. metal coin, citizens credit card. Gold and silver citizen's economy under majority rules my dictatorship, enforce. Where military has to throw off invasion and arm/train American citizens to cleanse, employ all talents necessary to manufacture everything in USA. Freedom eliminate left the wrong, in a bloody massacre. Trashing most trade laws for isolationism. Soldiers rationed 2 houses. Ration out booty, purge. Meat pack or ticket out alien. Bomb shoot deport take back America. White America ration out farm land captured from ethnic enemy, to support raising food stocks. Nationalize co-op business and industry our forces claim their share of booty confiscated. Money metals to Mint except gold ring or 2 and their trophies each. Coin money metals work underground build and manufacture goods ready for ship motor out. Earth's bubble bursts in 2029 Sun hit by red dwarf star, evacuation possible. Bomb D.C. blacks, Obama mansion, leftist conspiracy, Mob enemy. Destroy it or it escapes. Restore Capitol. Militia my racist leadership model Military restore American Right I represent. Before Sun knocked-out we shuttle the Moon America to Neptune.

Most voters default their vote reason for my dictatorship. Liberate White American Majority, a Military transition Government. In Power by Default I stamp out gangland's running everything, confiscate company wealth destroy its soldier families. Racist hate group legions snuff out enemy. Riot campaigns! Our Military backing Militia restore White male Supremacy. Discrimination doing genocide. Tribunal concentration camp the crooked political System to tiger sharks, ship plane or train out. Military restore White America back to defending only White America. Put women back to traditional places without vote. White male lost freedoms take back save Amendment 1 and 2. Third Government by Tribunal. Rockets then roadblocks capture or destroy leftists and colored, worth trillions of dollars. Catch or destroy Supreme Court Congress lawyer Left media bomb their brains/or hang them if American opinion says so. Defend social life and economic progress at Tribunal, Armed Forces home duty take out local enemy nationality conspiracy, secret society. Hate them with planes and tanks, Business enemy moved out. Cash in stock market schemes, codes on paper and digital fake money bank. Take out "melting pot" of subversive immigration, illegal's rights votes against White America. Racists secure the streets citizen's revolution. Genocide rid us of ethnic subversive color, Latin threats, bunker in mountains for disaster future over body of leftist subversion fed to man eaters. Nationalizing business take out their security guards, confiscate enemy treasury and property. Gold and silver Hours and Minutes pay American citizens a fair share of wealth for giving hell to establishment, lawyers, media and alien votes. Tribunal Democracy: No need for labor unions. Tribunal sort job skill needs to job hubs, study/education positions retire on gold and silver compensation. Take out shoot alien boss. Union assets deposit in Treasury, ending capitalism manipulating prices and wages. Stockholders to Farm, take everything. Schools Co-Op positions. Power by Default back to 1950 cocaine Cokes, 5 cents. Third Party White America armed forces arm all racist able bodied to rule by Tribunal. Gold and silver payday rid us of leftist white color anyone raising criminal minds, Mob black alien. Lotteries going to mostly women in bed with enemy, alien and blacks. Military back up we remove alien, ship to disaster racist majority band wagon search and destroy clear out enemy culture depopulation our teams all White again.

In order to achieve Citizen's Majority Rule I have to be "dictator". Donald Trump, Biden corrupt system ending. I have to be a tyrant to restore America. Tribunal self-rule a possibility."The People" take over leadership by Tribunals. Opinion polls least to major, "human model" AI face the world war, Majority Rule. Soldiers divide up spoils of ethnic cleansing equal shares, liberating America of all our enemies. Military sources issue citizens good weapons suitable to make possible my Power by Default, for a democracy. Racist opinion of the "Silent Majority" replace U.S. elections with Tribunals. Ready, racist patriotic leadership I arm us all. Trump at least a good example of racist moral, patriotic right eligible to point weapons. Opinion majority AI chart what is best for order, according to the facts, manage industry and society on all levels. Each of the opinion majority charts to go by. Citizen's Party right goals and values Tribunal, I question and choose. Whites working for the weekend, sea to shining sea. Work galore. Talent and ability Tribunal distribute forces on 10 wage skill levels, or back to school 10th of wages. To retire in style if we do our homework and/or refresher courses, until retirement age freedoms. The people's Tribunal consider 10 million Hours wealth limit money metals divide into everyone's separate piles bank vault/U.S. Notes, retire to past time all day or just ascend.

If White America wants to choose their destiny I am The Third Party of White American discrimination. So I muster all of our forces of Hate, rid America of our enemies I remove off American soil, 50 State Militia coordinate I conquer America, for our Independence. We select white citizens to issue guns ammo, instruct with military know how White Constitution First II Amendment's season take out alien intent subversive resentful ethnic differences. 10 million Hours wealth limit? A $15 gold school week minimal wage, cocaine Coke's a nickel again. Dead leave to treasury to spread their riches. Masterpieces of left national treasure inheritance to their own museum benches, for their displays.

White America's military duty is to the defense of White American security. If they are going to commit suicide anyway take it out on the enemy. Military Coup chance in hell to get away safe with my social/economic order. American Citizen's luck out with me in Power by Default Majority, if a Coup d' 'et at. Could have wrote me in The Confederate Party 2020. Pentagon by citizenship Revolution presently a suicide mission for white America to achieve, in a 62% more population that flooded in over open borders to drain all our resources supporting our enemies, without Military support. Back to fighting Indians, can we take America from our enemies capture deport or destroy with Hell's Angels and Ku Klux Klan know how to cleanse our States of alien's, public enemies and traitors. Desperate times at the end of the world I am America's only chance America has to stay a nation! To dig America safely in if Sun misses Portugal so Earth baked, for wealth working to live in a freezer. Earth's iron core blow out of Fault flap, if red dwarf star bounces Sun. After 12/24/2011 end of 1 year Mayan calendar Sun ellipse turned back towards solar jet end on December 21, 2012, turned into 2 asteroid crisscross in February. Last warning to build star ship for 2029 Wormwood falling apart in front of a red star on Australia. Red dwarf takes out Sun for reddest Red Moon, swelled up bigger than Earth ellipse revolving the Sun, hits Sun to habitable conditions Neptune. Red Giant recollect planets/Mercury core Planet X smashed lava over Venus but Earth to Gardens.

Traditionally when the enemy is invading in mass, like over U.S. borders by the millions we get our swords bows/arrows guns bombs, open fire. Forget about Human Rights and the Constitution. Just get rid of the enemy, our military and citizens duty. Take-out other languages on our soil, other than tourists. Reacting with animal instinct racial discrimination in the armed world get us through future chaos anarchy changes. Public arm, back-up, ethnic cleansing I solve immigration U.S. issues, at Tribunal!

Outside of Black Box Grand Design hollow. Break earth plane long flight in school program to 1309, or show up show Captain all about his ship blow up prevent 1898 War, or my 7th birthday return me, won't know until end of dive into the past. Other spotted hills maybe good as the others, if I visit other half of them, repeat ritual to completion I learned by mistake. Few ever save them self from death Jews and American natives forbid go near such. Patriotic matters hold me back my verses the not us.

To achieve the miracle save our Caucasian race I can do without donations with Pentagon help, total media control solution.
If banks default I take Command Supreme-Tribunal. Lee Harrison, 2350 S. Avenue B, Apt 612, Yuma, AZ 85364

I was reading up about my favorite sport Baseball, at the end of the regular season. All the minor leaguers struggling to survive on low wages, but tied to contracts. Since a hundred years ago to now and on with all the money spent on stadiums needed dorms, like for colleges. Room cafeteria medical and all pastime Tribunal takeover everything. Health to all prospects for love of our national pastime to end of games. Scholars say there is no chance anyone survives the red dwarf star. They wished I had agreed with them it would only cause a nuclear explosion but sun bounces away off red dwarf star and swells up could pop red dwarf blast solar system asteroids!

Here like on Mars domed homes, core once planet at Mars. Also magnetic core of Sun 6th planet are survivors of Planet X. That magnetic core hollow like the rest, Ceres 2 cities in a crater. Damage done Thor ancient disaster ripped open Earth North and South Atlantic Ocean squirt Moon in Pacific Ocean 1st Flood, Earth's 5 polar reversals.

Trump would have won 2020 without illegal aliens/blacks, women's vote verses silent majority, Constitution false forcing South Africa to black rule. Corrupted U.S. Constitution legal system and government a old bottle bad wine Joe Biden leftist melting-pot meltdown, threat crashing health care overwhelmed with aliens, forces Military Coup/revolution! Military solution nationwide militia police and Pentagon forces Marines and all reserves, citizen racist right for big profit serving our country, save us from Hell.

I could come up with a new tactical missile defense course maneuverability help pinpoint target with what we have, for one program to load up on. But most likely I must show up in the past. So simple V-2 technology manufacture guided missiles win war custom stock little semi-automatic rifle caliber. Assault troops in 13th century & Tribunal secure future of American Independence.


Using my last resources to ascend, maybe luck show some Biden Bucks

Troops to the rescue Revolution, decide my steps. Sell the past fast gun save ship,

offer leadership here my ethnic cleansing restore American Independence resolve!





Just follow my instructions U.S. Armed Forces, if it is possible. Cleansing homeland I make Establishment Pay for Debt Default.


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I saw a Russian SU-35 acrobat, remember some movie master swordsman swinging all sorts of swings. Actor pulls gun blows him away.


At the beginning of Revolution, hanging and chopping heads off, police or troops tell me when to rush in open a door. Throw in a tear gas bomb so they come out I mow them down one store defrauded me. Fly me to Klamath I saw 2 heads off enemy/mass murder! Kill society plotting spy ware control saying they are making money transactions digital to track criminal activity these signs otherwise seem harmless even helpful at first. What is behind them is something much more disturbing, Biden Business plot to seize and take away cash, forever.

That’s why these threats are everywhere.

Physical money is no longer being accepted by businesses.

I’m convinced this is a dry run for something much bigger and much more sinister.

Your hard-earned savings, the money you’ve saved is about to be CONFISCATED by the government.

Forbes is sounding the alarm:

"The Great Cash Grab: Why Big Government Is Waging War Against Cash"

And the National Review warns:

"Biden Gets More Aggressive With the Confiscation of Capital"

If you have money in savings in stock market in 401(k) or even cash stuffed under mattress this should make the hair on your neck stand up.

Please pay very close attention to what I’m about to share.

Under the cover of the pandemic, the United States government, along with several major Fortune 500 corporations, ran a "simulation."

The goal?

To test America’s readiness and willingness to comply with the biggest overhaul in U.S. monetary history...

By simply saying "no" to cash. And this was only the first step.

Because what happens next in this final phase is a huge shift...

That will trigger the biggest change to our financial system we’ve ever seen.

That’s why we’re about to enter the most dangerous financial period of my lifetime.

Far worse than the dot-com crash... More devastating than the 2008 financial crisis... And much bigger than the COVID pandemic of 2020...

The chaos we’ve witnessed over the past few years in America... the lockdowns, the riots, the food shortages and supply chain disasters...

It’s all just a preview of a much bigger crisis that’s unfolding right now.

Everything you’ve worked so hard for could be taken away in an instant if you’re not prepared for what could happen on MARCH 16

That’s why I put together this emergency presentation...

To share my research on this rapidly moving situation, along with the steps I’m personally taking to prepare for this historic event.

The Biggest Story in America 
You’re NOT Being Told

But in order for you to understand what is happening today, we have to go back to May 20, 2021... 

When a strange video message was released to the American public from the most powerful institution on planet Earth.

This message didn’t come from the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, or even the IRS...

It came from the U.S. central bank, also known as the Federal Reserve.

The Fed controls all monetary activities in America by creating the rules and regulations that silently change our financial landscape.

The power of the Federal Reserve is unparalleled...

For instance, it can raise and lower interest rates without having to receive presidential or congressional approval.

These moves impact the economy and your finances more than anything else.

There’s no greater financial force on earth.

When it comes to the economy, the chairman of the Federal Reserve is more important than the president himself.

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell issued a video to the American people in the midst of the pandemic... which went largely unnoticed.

This video set the stage for what I believe to be the biggest crisis Americans will ever face.

As Jerome Powell says:

"Technology now enables the development and issuance of central bank currencies, or CBDCs. A CBDC could be designed for use by the general public. For the past several years, the Federal Reserve has been exploring the potential benefits and risks of CBDC from a variety of angles, including through technological research and experimentation."

What exactly is a central bank digital currency (CBDC)?

And why has the Fed been secretly planning one behind the scenes for several years now?

Well, it’s a form of money just like the dollar or the euro or the yen...

Except that it’s 100% digital.

Sounds a bit like cryptocurrency, right?

But it’s not...

It’s the complete opposite of everything

cryptocurrency represents!

See, the government hates crypto for three reasons:

  1. It’s decentralized and cannot be controlled by the government. 
  2. It makes it almost impossible to track your money.
  3. It threatens the government's ability to tax your money.

In short, the government views crypto as a DIRECT THREAT to their power.

That’s why they want to regulate crypto into oblivion.

That is, until they realized they can manipulate it to their advantage...

And use it to completely control every single resident of America, regardless of your net worth.


In short, the U.S. government has decided to create its own digital currency...

One that will completely REPLACE the U.S. dollar.

Physical cash will no longer be used.

The cash we have now will be confiscated... and replaced by these new, programmable "digital dollars."

These will be 100% regulated and controlled by the U.S. government...

Since every "digital dollar" will be "programmed" by the government, it will give them an unprecedented level of control over your money.

It will allow the government to restrict you from buying anything they consider "harmful" to the environment and society.

Like gas-powered vehicles...

They could only let you buy electric cars.

Or how about the food you purchase at the grocery store?

They could only permit you to buy fake, plant-based meat.

Or how about your investments?

They could restrict you from buying stock in mining companies, weapons manufacturers, and oil and gas producers.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Because an electronic dollar allows the government to do something much more disturbing...

  • They can track your every move, your every purchase, and even your internet activity. 

As MarketWatch reports:

"Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) would reduce privacy and anonymity allowing surveillance of spending habits and indirectly behaviors of citizens as CBDCs are completely traceable."

That’s what this new advanced type of digital money offers: a dangerous level of control over every aspect of your entire life.

Think the government won’t go through with this?

They’ve already been doing this for years with medicine...

Pills can be equipped with sensors that notify health care authorities if patients have ingested them.

Talk about an invasion of your privacy!

Now they’re going to do the same thing with your money.

By replacing cash with this new trackable digital currency (which I’m calling "FedCoins")...

The government will be able to monitor your EVERY move.

They can make you comply with their agenda... just like they got people to comply with the COVID lockdowns that imprisoned millions of people inside their own homes.

And if you fail to obey their orders, or speak out on social media, they could instantly freeze your bank account.

This might sound unrealistic...

But that’s exactly what happened to the truckers in Canada when they refused to get vaccinated...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered the seizure of the bank accounts of over 300 truckers who were

protesting the vaccine mandate.

Over $6.1 million were frozen.

These folks protested their God-given rights, and got their bank accounts seized for doing it.

Look, the government can decide to take your cash for ANY reason at all...

But now FedCoins will make it even easier for the government to control your money.

Do something or say something the government doesn’t like, and your life will get difficult.

They can fine you and take funds directly from your FedCoin account.

Haven’t gotten your annual booster shot? You’ll be fined by the week until you do.

Or let’s say the government needs to stimulate the economy and get consumers to spend...

You’ve got 30 days to spend the stimulus money that was just deposited into your account before it expires...

And you can only spend it with certain companies, benefiting them and destroying their competition in the


If you protest their policies and start causing trouble, they can freeze your account with a single mouse click.

Are you starting to see why I say we’re about to enter the most dangerous financial era of our lifetime?

This is NOT some fantasy, either. This is all happening right now. And it’s happening quickly.

A FedCoin prototype has been developed...

Trials are already underway...

And thanks to an executive order issued by Biden, FedCoins are on the verge of a national rollout...

Which could happen as soon as MARCH 16.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you today...

To warn you that the U.S. dollar could soon be REPLACED by a government-controlled digital currency in a twisted plot to steal your financial freedom...

And to give you the exact steps you need to protect yourself from what’s about to happen next. 

But before I get into all that, allow me to properly introduce myself.

Hi, My Name Is Brian Hicks

I’m an avid investor, a self-made millionaire, and the owner of Angel Publishing...

A small but influential Baltimore-based company that’s been providing financial information for Main Street investors for over 20 years.

We warned our readers of the infamous 2007 housing bubble as early as 2005...

"The real estate bubble is ready to burst. And when that happens it is going to devastate the markets." — Angel Publishing (Nov. 8, 2005)

We told investors to buy Bitcoin when it was still trading for just $500 back in 2013...

"Now is the best time to get in on Bitcoin — while it is still untouched by government hands." — Angel Publishing (Nov. 19, 2013)

And we even called the most recent market top in 2021, within 100 points and one month of the S&P 500’s absolute peak.

"The most ominous chart I’ve seen in years... There are no more buyers... a blowoff top... I’m making the call. It's time to change your mindset from ‘buy the dips’ to ‘sell the rips.’" — Angel Publishing (Dec. 7, 2021) 

And I’ve come here today to make another prediction and to warn you about an event — an event that’s already underway — that will have dire consequences to your financial well-being and could change everything you do in your everyday life if you don’t take precautions today.

I hope I’m wrong about America’s cashless future. But I don’t think I am.

This will be the most important warning of my 30-year career as a contrarian investor, stock market analyst, and cultural observer.

In a minute, I’ll explain what I’m doing... and what my company is doing to help readers not only navigate these treacherous waters, but thrive and amass an impenetrable wealth fortress like very few people will.

But first, let me explain...

The Disturbing Truth Behind
Bank Digital Currencies...

Cash registers will be scrapped.

ATMs are about to be rendered obsolete.

American dollars will disappear off the face of the planet.

They will be replaced by trackable digital tokens...

FedCoins will be declared the only currency accepted in America.

This is the biggest threat not just to your money and savings... but also to your freedom as a U.S. citizen.

All of your money will be tracked and controlled by the government forever.

Not only will they know exactly where you spend it, as well as your buying habits...

But they could force you to do anything they desire.

For instance, you could be forced to pay a hefty carbon emissions "tax" because your home doesn’t have solar panels.

They could stop you from purchasing items they consider "dangerous" to society — like guns, ammo, gasoline, cigarettes, and more.

In short, you’ll become nothing more than the government’s puppet.

Because if you don’t comply, they could take away your money in an instant.

The scary part is that this is NOT just happening in America...

Central bank digital currencies will soon replace EVERY physical dollar on earth.

As I’m writing this, there are 105 different countries that are exploring the idea of launching their own central bank currencies — including Canada and the United Kingdom.

India has announced it will launch one this year.

And China has been working on its own digital currency for the past several years...

According to Asiatimes.com, "The digital yuan is part of China’s new Digital Currency Electronic Payment system, a network that will ultimately replace physical cash." 

When it comes to mass surveillance of citizens and restrictions of individual liberties, China is the world’s poster child.

And I believe the U.S. government is about to take a page out of China’s communist playbook...

Communist System Coming to America?

I’m talking about the implementation of a social credit system...

Which will allow the government to control your life in ways you’ve never imagined.

Here’s how it works...

You buy something they consider "inappropriate"...

You say the wrong thing online or in a text message to your friends...

You support the wrong candidate...

And your social credit score goes down. 

If your score gets too low, then you might wake up one day and find out your bank account has been "locked" until further notice.

I admit this sounds unbelievable...

But this is exactly what’s happening in China right now.

According to The Hill:

"China’s social credit system is a combination of government and business surveillance that gives citizens a ‘score’ that can restrict the ability of individuals to take actions — such as purchasing plane tickets, acquiring property or getting loans — because of behaviors." 

A similar system is being built here in America right now...

Some banking platforms have already announced a ban on certain legal purchases, such as firearms — a move that outright violates your Second Amendment rights.

PayPal has frozen accounts of its users for exercising free speech. 

Facebook, Microsoft, and the United Nations have partnered to build a database for cracking down on what they consider "extremist content" shared by users.

I believe they’re laying the groundwork for what could be America’s very own social credit system.

A "system" where climate change, sustainability, and "fairness" are more important than our constitutional rights...

Can you imagine the government taking away your God-given rights because you disagreed with some of their policies?

Or because you made certain purchases online that the government considers a "threat" to the community?

What if the government labeled you "untrustworthy" because you decided to attend a protest you believe was for a good cause...

And suddenly you’re unable to spend or access the money you’ve worked so hard for?

This scenario could become a reality thanks to FedCoins.

That’s why it’s extremely important that you prepare yourself NOW

History Is About to Repeat Itself Once Again...

Once the Fed launches the new digital dollar, one of the first things I predict the government will do is announce a nationwide ban on cash...

And it’s not the first time something like this has happened...

Almost 90 years ago, just like today, the government wanted to squash a rival currency.

I’m talking about Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gold ban.

In 1933, FDR feared that physical gold could replace the U.S. dollar.

As the Fed explains, "Individuals and firms preferred holding metallic gold to bank deposits or paper currency."

That’s why, with a single act, FDR forced Americans to turn in their gold savings.

By issuing an executive order, he made gold ownership illegal for all Americans and punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Like gold, physical dollars are a threat to FedCoin’s dominance.

And just like FDR outlawed gold ownership back in 1933...

I expect President Biden to do the same with dollars in 2023.

It’s easy to understand why...

The government dictates how money can be transferred... tracks its movement... determines who profits from that movement... and, most important, collects taxes on ALL of it.

It risks losing all this power if Americans are holding onto cash.

The fact is that the government wants to take monetary control to the next level...

By forcing you to do anything they desire.

In order to achieve this, I expect Biden to usher in the biggest monetary transformation we’ll see in our lifetimes.

I’m talking about the launch of a digital dollar... which I call FedCoins.

And this is all moving much faster than most people even realize.

We’re just weeks away from a total reset.

Which is why it’s absolutely critical that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself NOW.

The Federal Reserve Could Announce the

Launch of CBDCs as soon as MARCH 16

How do I know?

Because the Fed has literally been broadcasting its plans every chance it gets!

  • In May 2021, the Fed announced to the public that it was exploring the ideas of developing FedCoins.

  • On March 9, 2022, President Biden issued Executive Order 14067, authorizing the Federal Reserve to move forward with the development of FedCoins.

  • On April 8, 2022, the government announced the creation of a CBDC prototype to explore its applications in the U.S. monetary system.

  • On September 16 2022, the White House released its first-ever comprehensive framework for the development of digital dollars.

Look, there’s simply no way this transition can be stopped.

A government-issued digital currency is inevitable.

And its introduction is already being tested.

The dollars in your savings account are about to be replaced by FedCoins.

The Federal Reserve has a meeting scheduled for MARCH 16...

That’s when I predict it will announce a nationwide BAN on cash...

And it will replace it with a fully centralized digital dollar.

America will become nothing more than one giant surveillance state  where your money and your behavior is tracked at all times.

It’s going to catch a lot of people off guard. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

So what exactly can you do to protect yourself and your family before it’s too late?

Let me explain...

Your Complete Game Plan for
the Coming FedCoin Disaster

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Brian Hicks.

I’m the president of Angel Publishing, one of America’s largest independent financial publishing companies.

Our sole mission is to furnish and empower our readers with investment ideas that will afford them financial freedom.

Our researchers and analysts are some of the most revered alternative financial minds in our industry, and the only way we’ve stayed in business — and have continued to grow — is that, over the last two decades, we’ve helped our readers protect and grow their money like no one else I know of.

One of our star analysts has developed such a strong reputation for nailing major market predictions that in small investment circles he’s become known as "The Hammer."

His friends and family know him more humbly as Christian DeHaemer.

This man called Dow 20,000 in 2010 (despite being laughed off at the time).

  • He predicted the first-ever reduction in the United States debt rating in 2011 (when no one thought this was even possible).

  • He was turning investors on to Bitcoin in 2016, right before its historic millionaire-making rally (when Warren Buffett was still calling it "rat poison").

More recently, the Hammer called the market top in late 2022, a matter of days before the S&P 500 peaked...

And he warned investors at the time to get the hell out of stocks, as the market would proceed to plummet nearly 30%.

Chris is a serious, no-nonsense, call-a-spade-a-spade kind of fella — a U.S. military​​-trained fortune seeker with a vast network of worldwide contacts in business and intelligence circles.

He’s been following the story of America’s coming "digital dollar" for years, talking to insiders, getting the real scoop... and documenting every detail.

Like I said, Chris was one of the first independent analysts to even talk about cryptocurrency, let alone make a formal recommendation.

The Hammer told his readers to buy Bitcoin when it was trading for just $449.

Anyone following his recommendation could have profited with over 2,528% in gains... 

He also recommended a small cryptocurrency called Ethereum.

It was trading for just $96 at the time...

By the time he recommended we sell it, anyone following could have made over 1,040% in gains... in just six months!

Needless to say, the Hammer is my go-to guy for everything related to crypto and digital assets.

Christian isn’t some market newcomer or cheesy, flash-in-the-pan YouTube clown.

He’s been showing people the fastest, safest ways to make money and grow their retirement savings since 1996.

So when it comes to showing you how to protect your wealth and freedom, you want someone with his credentials.

Don’t trust anyone with less.

And I’ve got good news.

You can still protect yourself, your family, and your wealth.

But there’s only one thing:

You must act now.

Because time is running out.

They’re developing FedCoin right now.

And as soon as the government declares it to be the No. 1 currency of the U.S. financial system, it’s going to be a rude awakening for a lot of people...

But not you.

Thanks to Hammer’s research, you’ll be one of the few people in the world who are prepared for this nightmare...

Because he’s created a true game plan for the coming financial storm.

One that allows you to protect your wealth from the government’s surveillance army...

But even better than that...

It will also help you PROFIT from the chaos it will create...

And that’s exactly why I’m reaching out to you today: to give you the most important details on Chris’ research and send you each of his recommendations right away.

Before I send you the entirety of Chris’ research, though, let me show you how the solutions he’s revealing could help you navigate the coming attack on your personal wealth and freedoms.

FedCoin Survival Step #1:
Get Some of Your Assets Beyond the
Reach of the U.S. Government

Having some of your assets secured — and "off the radar" — now...

Will mean you’re able to prevent the government control that comes with a digital currency.

Which is why the first thing we recommend you do is move some of your money into an asset that the government can’t trace. But it also increases in value over time...

Anyone who has followed Chris and our work for some time knows we favor gold and believe it should absolutely be a part of your portfolio.

Gold is the most stable form of money the world has ever seen.

Throughout history, there have been thousands of fiat currencies (or "paper money").

And as far as I know, 100% of fiat currencies have eventually lost ALL value.

But gold?

Gold has been accepted as currency across the globe for over 5,000 years.

And when digital currencies radically alter the world banking system...

I’d rather put my trust in 5,000 years’ worth of history.

Gold continues to grow in value over time no matter what happens to the economy.

Better still, it can’t be tracked by the government.

So if you want to keep your money out of their hands...

I urge you to buy some gold right now.

That’s why I want to send you Christian’s research report.

It’s called "Guide to Buying Physical Gold."

It tells you everything you need to know to invest in gold before it skyrockets, including...

Which physical gold coins you should own and which ones you should avoid...

How much you should pay for them...

The best physical gold dealers...

And more.

All you have to do to get access is claim the report, and it’s yours FREE of CHARGE.

That’s right...

You won’t pay a single penny for it.

I’ll explain how you can claim your copy in a moment.

But first there’s something else I must give you...

FedCoin Survival Step #2:
Own the Anti-Crash Asset That Could
Pay You 4x Returns

Chris has identified another little-owned asset in America...

But it’s completely legal and easy to find (if you know where to look).

It’s been consistently rising in value, through both good times and bad, for over 26 years.

Reuters says it’s like "gold with a coupon."

But not only that...

This asset is essentially crisis-proof.

Yet few people know anything about its investment potential...

You’re about to be one of the few.

I believe you must include this "off radar" asset inside any portfolio. 

That’s why I'll be sending you another FREE report today...It’s called "The Anti-Crash Asset With 4x Profit Potential."

Inside you’ll find out exactly how you can get your hands on this unique vehicle...

How much to invest in it...

The BEST strategies for maximizing returns from this asset...

And much more.

The information found inside this report is PRICELESS...

But like the other report, you won’t have to pay a single penny for it.

Instead I’m going to send it to you absolutely FREE. 

But before you dive in...

There’s one more report I must share with you today.

This could be the single most valuable report of them all...

FedCoin Survival Step #3:
Beat the Fed at Its Own Game

How would you like to profit FROM the new "digital dollar"...

To stick it to the Fed for trying to take control of your life?

Every crisis comes with an opportunity to make a life-changing amount of money...

And that same rule applies to the situation we’re in today.

FedCoins will be the start of the biggest monetary shift in American history...

And I want to give you the opportunity to make a killing from it...

By showing you TWO stocks poised to explode from the launch of the U.S. central bank’s digital currency... 

In short, a massive build-out of infrastructure and technology is required to support the new digital dollar.

And these two digital payment processing companies will be at the center of it all.

They’re absolutely essential to the existence of FedCoins...

Without them, it simply wouldn’t be possible for the government to do this. 

That’s why I'm expecting these two companies’ share prices to go ballistic following the launch of FedCoins.

It’s going to send their share prices skyward. And you can capitalize right alongside them. 

So I’ll also be sending you my special report: "Capitalize on Cashless America: 2 Stocks Set to Explode From FedCoins."

Inside, I’ll share the name and ticker symbol of TWO companies that are key players in developing the infrastructure for the digital dollar

You’ll know exactly when to invest in them and when it’s time for you to exit.

This report will guarantee that you’re one of the ONLY people to come out on top during this coming crisis.

And it’s yours free of charge.

Here’s a recap of everything Christian is offering you today: 

  • "Guide to Buying Physical Gold"

  • "The Anti-Crash Asset With 4x Profit Potential"

  • "Capitalize on Cashless America: 2 Stocks Set to Explode From FedCoins"

Once you dive into these three free reports, you’ll have everything you need to: 

  1. Protect your wealth by holding the right amount of the right kind of gold.

  2. Safely grow your wealth using one of America’s most underappreciated assets.

  3. Potentially collect HUGE profits from the birth of the digital dollar. 

Perhaps more important, you’ll be one of the only people in the world to have TOTAL control over your life... 

Once the Fed announces the FedCoin rollout, it will unlock a whole new level of government surveillance and power...

Democracy as we know it right now
stands to be OBLITERATED

It’s absolutely critical that you take the steps now to make sure you and your FAMILY are protected from the coming new world order. 

And the truth is most of America doesn’t know this is happening...

The mainstream media is too busy talking about the energy crisis, inflation, and politics...

They have no idea just how dangerous the launch of central bank digital currencies will be to the future of our country... and our livelihoods.

Mark my words: What we’re about to witness is something far worse than anything we’ve ever dealt with!

But there are a few people who are prepared for what’s coming...

And are set to reap the benefits of this new financial world.

See, Christian first shared everything you’ve seen today with a small, private group of people.

And today I’m inviting you to become one of them.

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to check out Christian's work firsthand and see if it's right for you.

When you claim your three free reports detailing how to beat the Fed at its own game, you’ll automatically get the opportunity to give Christian's research service Bull and Bust Report a test-drive for the next 180 days.

Of course, there are no strings attached. Fact is, I don't want you to pay for something without trying it out first.

I want you to experience Christian's research — so you get a taste of the profits his readers experience — without risking a penny.

Christian takes what he’s learned from his contacts and connections in the military and global finance communities...

And he publishes a comprehensive issue each month, detailing a fresh new investment opportunity you won’t find anywhere else.

He also keeps his subscribers profiting with weekly market briefs and updates, so you’ll never miss a beat. 

For over two decades, Chris has been showing Main Street investors like you some of the greatest investment opportunities to help you grow and protect your retirement savings...

Regardless of what major crisis unfolds next in the financial markets. 

His track record says it all...

In fact, the gains he's made his readers over just the last two years could have given you absolute financial freedom, paid your kids’ college tuition, and bought you an oceanfront cottage in the Caribbean in one fell swoop.

Here’s what I mean:

  • 235% on FieldPoint Petroleum
  • 247% on Africa Oil
  • 213% on Global X MSCI Greece ETF
  • 242% on Endeavour Silver
  • 496% on Turquoise Hill
  • 515% on Palm Resources

This list goes on.

And, of course, his followers are ecstatic about the results...

Cameron P. from Kansas wrote in:

"Up $21,000 in less than a week! Keep the very, very good recommendations coming!"

Warren D. from Ohio writes:

"Dear Hammer, I’m up about $50,000 in one year on some of your recommendations."

Nancy N. says:

"An absolute winner for me. In two days, the price shot up like the sky’s the limit. Thanks for the suggestion. Subscription price is paid back."

Fred L. in North Carolina wrote:

"Made a total profit of $97,500. That was the biggest profit I have ever made. Thank you very much for the great work you have done. Keep it up!"

These are regular men and women from all across the country — teachers, firefighters, and small-business owners.

I’m talking about everyday folks whose lives have changed thanks to Christian's research...

And just like them, you’ll be prepared to survive and even thrive in the coming storm.

This could be your final chance to secure your retirement... or your entire nest egg... once and for all.

So do one thing for yourself today:

Give the Hammer’s investment research advisory Bull and Bust Report a try today.

Now is NOT the time to sit back and abandon everything you’ve worked so hard for. 

So please don’t hesitate. 

Here’s Everything You’ll Get
For a Simple Test-Drive

The moment you join, you’ll have free access to your THREE special bonus reports:

  • "The Guide to Buying Physical Gold"

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  • "Capitalize on Cashless America: 2 Stocks Set to Explode From FedCoins"

These reports by themselves are worth thousands, but that’s not all you’ll get when you take a test-drive of Bull and Bust Report today.

You’ll also receive: 

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Bull and Bust Report: Each month, Christian will keep you informed of how the digital dollar is unfolding. He’ll explain what’s going on in the markets and what you can do to profit from special situations and high-paying companies. 

  • 24/7 Access to the Members-Only Bull and Bust Report Website: This is an online archive of Christian’s commentary, picks, and current and past portfolios, plus all other existing special reports.

  • Emergency Email Alerts and Text Services: Christian will keep you updated on each one of his investment recommendations.

If there’s anything that could negatively or positively affect your portfolio, he’ll let you know immediately and tell you how exactly to navigate it. 

This could be an exciting new play to make quick profits...

It could be time to sell a stock and take home your profits...

Or it could be a warning about an event that could impact your portfolio...

Or maybe it’s news that China has attacked Taiwan and we could be headed for war.

Whatever the case, I promise you will NEVER be left in the dark. You’ll always be the first to know.

  • Free subscription to Energy and Capital

By joining Bull and Bust Report, you’ll also get a free subscription to Energy and Capital automatically added on to your benefits.

Every day, my fellow analysts and I publish commentary, research, and investment ideas that can help you build your wealth in today’s market.

  • All-Star Member Services Team

We are dedicated to helping you make money in the markets, and we want to make that as easy as possible for you.

So if you ever have any questions, feel free to call our support staff for assistance Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET.

It doesn’t matter how big or small — if you have any issues, they’re ready to help you.

Our goal is to make sure you’re prepared to profit and survive ANY crisis that may come your way.

When you join, you’ll become part of a select group of American patriots...

One that values freedom and integrity...

And is willing to do everything in their power to fight for it.

And most important, a group that makes the best out of any crisis that comes their way  and PROFITS from it while everyone else loses.

If this sounds like something you’ll want to be a part of...

Then I encourage you to take a risk-free test-drive of Bull and Bust Report today.

Now, normally we charge a small deposit of $199 to join, which is pennies compared to the amount of value you’ll be receiving...

And the amount of money you could make from Christian’s recommendations.

But that’s nowhere near what I’m going to charge you today...

The Fed is planning a direct attack on your God-given rights and everything you’ve worked for.

And I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and let that happen.

So, right now, I’m chopping more than half the price off for you...

Today, I’m giving you the opportunity to join Bull and Bust Report for only $99 (or just $179 if you choose the two-year option).

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Insight into the threats to your freedom and wealth...

And the hidden wealth-building opportunities that 99% of Americans are completely clueless about.

But that’s not all...

When you subscribe today, I’ll immediately send your three FREE bonus reports:

  • FREE Report #1: "Guide to Buying Physical Gold"
  • FREE Report #2: "The Anti-Crash Asset With 4x Profit Potential"
  • FREE Report #3: "Capitalize on Cashless America: 2 Stocks Set to Explode From FedCoins"

The rollout of FedCoin is coming sooner than you think...

And once it happens, it’ll be too late to protect yourself.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you take steps NOW to prevent yourself and your family from falling victim to this twisted scheme.

Inside these three reports, you’ll find everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones before it’s too late.

Plus, you’ll discover how to set yourself up for explosive profits from the Fed’s unveiling of the digital dollar.

You’ll get all three of Christian’s reports as a thank-you for giving Bull and Bust Report a try today...

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Because When You Join Bull and Bust Report Today, You’ll Also Be Insured by My Six-Month, Money-Back Guarantee...

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And those three FREE reports?

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At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure you’re prepared for the launch of FedCoin...

But if you’re looking to stay informed and armed on how the digital dollar takeover is unfolding...

Then I encourage you to stay on board.

Once you join, I’ll immediately send your three FREE reports directly to your inbox...

And then once your first issue of Bull and Bust Report is ready, it’ll be sent straight to your inbox for you to read at your own leisure.

I recommend you read these issues as soon as they hit your inbox.

Christian will tell you which stocks you should be buying now and the ones that could be headed for trouble...

He’ll show you how to build a disaster-proof portfolio using alternative investments like precious metals, real estate, antiques, private equality, venture capital, and much more...

All while dodging the Fed’s twisted scheme and keeping full control of your wealth and freedom...

The amount of value you’ll receive from each monthly issue is likely to be at least 10 times the amount you’ll pay for Bull and Bust Report.

But like I said earlier, if you feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth, then I’ll happily refund you every last penny.

You have nothing to lose but potentially everything to gain from this offer...

Again, here’s everything you’ll receive when you give Bull and Bust Report a risk-free test-drive today:

  • 12 months (12 issues) of Christian DeHaemer’s Bull and Bust Report newsletter, plus...
  • FREE Report #1: "The Guide to Buying Physical Gold"
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I’ll immediately have all three of these reports sent to your inbox the minute you subscribe.

Remember, you could ask for a full refund anytime during the first 180 days of your subscription...

And you’ll get to keep all three reports as a gift for test-driving Bull and Bust Report.

But here’s the catch...

If you know anything about Facebook, Google and Big Tech, you know this is the kind of message they want to make sure never sees daylight.

Which is why this presentation could be taken down at any moment.

And so will the special offer I presented to you today...

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you make a decision now.

This might be the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life.

Your freedom, wealth, and God-given rights are on the line...

And once the Fed introduces FedCoins into the U.S. financial system, it’ll be far too late to save yourself.

Now, there are TWO different things that could happen right now. 

  1. You exit this page completely aware of everything that’s about to happen and become a victim of the government’s sinister plot to confiscate your wealth.

  2. OR you take advantage of everything I'm offering you today and stick it to the government while making yourself an absolute fortune in the process.

I hope you choose option No. 2 and decide to keep control of your wealth, freedom, and sovereignty.

Again, there’s no risk to you today...

You’ll have a full six months to decide whether or not Christian’s Bull and Bust Report is right for you.

If you’re not happy with your subscription, then reach out to my team and we’ll refund you every last penny...

And you’ll get to keep every report along with every issue we’ve sent you as a gift for testing out Bull and Bust Report.

Thanks for taking the time to watch my presentation...

Click the button below to claim your three free reports.


Brian Hicks
President and Founder, Angel Publishing Investment Research

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