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This is the result of magnetic pole movement to top of the world. Impact! But Planet X orbit of the sun secret most likely be by in April 2023 for a minute spectacle, no one knows about except government and secret society, resulting in high winds from Sirius magnetism passing. A spring day to wake up to obscured by the noise in Ukraine obliterated conveniently Earth's bubble in Earth's top its ends facing the white dwarf star it's magnetic core crushed, hardly no effect except for star Sirius behind it. After that inner 3 Sun planets wiped out hit by Sun ran into by Red dwarf star kept secret so Government and secret society to bunkers escape vehicles rob citizens with inflation scams.

Do we need diversion sports sex money for the real world on a roller coaster to death? No time to build Ark of something again to survive April, object following the Sun. "Planet X " star Sirius with White dwarf star, going to be in front of it, rise back up into northern hemisphere 5 times bigger than Jupiter in 2023 coming around southern hemisphere with a white dwarf star to up this close, 2006 warning if massive. Red moon 2029 red dwarf star runs into the Sun, bounces Sun away. Thawed out Wormwood falls apart on Earth when red dwarf hits Sun. Only safe way out of star distantly approaching. All together 60 red moons since Jewish Temple records. Coincidently red dwarf star worse than polar reversal. Thor April, figured to 5 different magnetic core samples of ocean floor reversal, lava flow repeats. Must be first human's engineering, blue light reflecting off of White dwarf star, lit-up Planet X blue, intelligent life planning went by snuck a battle ship up to Mercury while going behind the Sun, wait for a human die-off virus to return: Flight deck covered with solar cells wide as a planet hid out from Earth telescope. I have alternatives to death, or die! Aliens turn off blue light on dark star 25 January 2006, after 24 January White dwarf up close with wide beams of bright white behind it. White as a billiard ball, I could not see a blemish on it. Next night broad light beams behind it off, had 2 moons opposite 1 moon alternating every night thereafter. Further out new Saturn rings of 10 moons with or without binoculars, naturally it orbits. Leaves me all summer find right time, money to get to break through gravity on other side mission Coup d' 'et at only way to get truth out of secrecy.

Life has to be here making a planet and star blue

coming back around white dwarf star a hid planet

here producing white sunset ring 3.3 days of light

around it rising up to the Earth in front of Planet X

April. Sirius omen, before brown dwarf Wormwood

misses Sun and falls apart on the Earth in chaos in

dollar collapse, tribulation military coup I solve in a

WorldWar ready for Wormwood 2029 without Earth.

No one else a chance to deal with Ancient aliens are

behind cloak orbiting sun somewhere else, aiming a

bough pointed at Earth here tracked to new position.


While the gangs and thieves are threats I solve here

leadership for white American armed forces majority

suddenly my violent Revolution, following Coup d' in

armed forces citizens rule, good verse bad to victory,

taking homes and land equal shares booty, to have to

train hire us qualified to run Industry and Government

in luxury underground shelters, white citizens survive.


Logic, we build cities in mountains if Sirius still lurking

each labor their industries to support everyones needs.

Each community doing their chores gold and silver paid

and data free to citizen gadgets everything citizens need

for a good community life in underground cities, Tribunal

opinion influence. Polls for most likely way to succeed, at

everything. I am the Military Solution, for the 21st Century.

A Revolution where citizen recycle illegal aliens and crime,

joins workers of like kinds, lodging talent level in divisions

to build a city in space power source day to Neptune at Sun

after Sun and it's nearest 3 planets knocked away. To follow

the Sun to Neptune to green jungle internal heat ideal for life

on Neptune, readjusting its orbit around the sun as red giant.



2003 UB313 orbit of Planet X to 2023 not 2020 security clearance return

to the Northern Hemisphere next April. Sun u-turn orbit 2011 here begin

its galaxy turn around, asteroids explode damage Russian city a Florida

night burst conclude. Sirius speed increase rises up this side of the Sun

on this angle rises up in the east over Canada, from a west coast setting:

After Planet X setting in the east on Hogback 9/23/2006 morning,

instead sat this day in daylight on 10/23/06 unto 17 years around,

Thor orbiting the Sun in system Thor passing it shipped this from

white dwarf star to beside Mercury on coming in orbit behind Sun

Planet X orbiting Sun to April. Until red star with Wormwood 2029.

Sirius returning this side of Sun comes by up close wake of terror,

with mass to Earth star core a secret or US Armed Forces takeover

me running the USA after all, time maybe build ship Moon up cable.


18:00 hours eclipse Oct 23/2006 of the Sun's Twin above

found "2003 UB313" as it came out from behind the Sun,

for Sun polar reversal February 19, 2007. Magnetic pole's

of the Sun had flipped. Wormwood coincidence hits blind

side of the world, for a Revelation scripture disaster. Then

Sirius visitors return, as Earth's missing human link arrive,

which must be racist hiding from Earth so close to the Sun

know for certain they have to leave the whole area, by 2029.


This star in 1994 coming in from 18 to under 6.5 light years away by

2005. UFO@Mercury people see the Red dwarf coming straight at the

Sun, waiting for Earth turn upside down in polar reversal to extinction.

Orbiting Sun like a sling shot pulled back, above mystery New Star

approach below illustrated from the Earth's orbit around the

Sun certainly will turn Sun into red giant the star hits it

Earth hit by its core turn upside down facing Thor

the red dwarf star bouncing the sun away 2029

after Planet X rises over Canada. Plan Neptune!

Above Planet X is swinging around the Sun to the north

east. New Star red dwarf star shooting straight in, secret

object headed for the Sun, only a coincidence God's plan

Milky Way popped out tentacle of the universal Black hole

all the Galaxies, Planet X solar jet squirted planets, to sun.

While galaxies bloomed all along the Gravity Circuit a Cord

length of Eternity Big Bang pop out ball to parallel Universe

Gravity current place the stars, solar jet birth planets to sun.

Here flaming Earth end star runs into Sun a black-eye, falling

apart brown dwarf Wormwood. White dwarf otherwise arrives

from a 2006

warning of disaster and invasion. I am leader by Default

a vote for White America The Third Party. We the people,

Delete the system! Apprehend to push off of a fiscal cliff!

US government, all the lawyers capture destroy authority,

I feed to crocodiles and any hungry predators in stadiums

taking non-profits church state bank, nationalize business.


While taking bomb shelters I build industries underground,

towers into mountains cities in Tribunal Law command built

public say by round ups, illegal's and their cousins, some to

ship out with few of their things, or take everything cleansing

America for a Industrial Revolution with every precious metal,

Wall Street all the religion wealth, we mine bunkers or Ascend!


Enter I make colonies a nation and people a head start in 1760,

1309 to 20th century to make space ship city the Moon titanium,

or up cable build 10 mile in diameter honey comb sphere, spin a

foundation, industries and community. Inside grass land, raising

the livestock and farming with fiber optic fission, for internal sun.

City to spin for gravitational weight from, or I 1309 shoot for moon

orb space ship, equator river recreational area inside beach along.


My plan underground cities, safe from galaxies in NGC2300

a hydrogen bomb concussion such only few always find the

way out may vanish through to Jesus Christ the "other side"

Apollo light in between recording as I go playback ascending

my GoPro with the math always relative opposites both sides.


Gravity current, reciprocal forces, coming and going to ride

on. I will incite Revolution. Make automatic. Rub out corrupt

government, nationalize everything. Harness gravity system,

for end time engineering make space shuttle engines, deploy.

After Tribunal do as I say, all the resources work force profits,

dividend. 1309 cotton gin, tractor work labor show, bomb slave

make children. Power by Default vote outnumbers political vote

Coup US debt paid over all its bodies 3rd Reich US government.


Here I have to find out what US Military power can

do for establishing true democracy in America, my

solvent solution for US citizens Default voting for a

leadership from candidates, for Power by Default in

command U.S. Armed Forces revolt. I recruit Militias

call up majority forces largest call to arms all racists.

Purge prosecute plunder pillage the enemy we divide

up the spoils of victory, leftist riches, illegal employed

I nationalize their wealth, command U.S. armed forces.

Soldier Tribunal Rules according to civilians Majorities.

This star Sirius 5 x Jupiter eclipses Sun,

21 million miles away 1/2 covers sky close

2029, brown Wormwood falls apart on moon

and Earth, Sun smashed asteroids blowing up

weeks late in Nostradamus blast Russia Florida.


A Coup valid claim to Power by Default a citizen's

Militia. Nationalist White American forces mission,

dictatorship quick to American citizens democracy

U.S. Military tactics act destroy underworld aliens &

crime families kill all their armies CIA and FBI locate

enemy a Search and Destroy in my racist leadership.

Citizens take bunkers make bigger connect the cities.


"2003 UB313" rises-up close Earth 21 million miles

April 2022/2023, build bunkers, if collapse space

station useless time money spent. Conspiracy,

thankful just for time to get to a inversion out.

A few others "translate" image in a twinkling

of an eye. Packing out only what I can carry

to other gravity. Others die think lights-out.


Creativity let me pursue purpose survive a

disaster on other side of gravity my mission

a 1960's revolution dream or I am Premier now

for citizens, my Third U.S. government, Tribunals!


"A heavenly body possibly so close to Earth it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion, by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite on December 10, 1983", that by December 6, 2002, was so close to Earth as to be photographed by Hubble Space Telescope up-close a brilliant blue illuminated orb behind its white dwarf star in a close orbit always facing Sirius, approached in 2002, became brightest star in northern hemisphere. Sirius rapidly approached the Earth sat on the horizon on a left to right diagonal path below Sun center of solar system. Here 4 frames of it setting at sunset on October 23, 2006. That came into view after going behind the Sun sat to the southern hemisphere. Sirius around and up rises too close while passing by Earth, like it did killing Pharaoh Amenhotep III, 1427-1400 BC, with high winds, while he was trying to stop fleeing Jews escaping to caves on the other side of a marsh, that buckled up in high winds to Jews escaping destruction of ancient Egypt. Planet X so rises back up into northern hemisphere to Earth's core pulled out of Earth's top or pushed over upside-down into southern hemisphere, Thor passing. Before brown dwarf star becomes Wormwood falls apart on Moon and Earth, end of the world. Asteroids Nostradamus said strike Europe to Middle East on 21st of December, 2012, end of galaxy instead blew-up over Russia February 15, over Atlantic east of Florida night 16 February 2013. 2012 "end of the world" end of Galaxy. NGC2300 hydrogen-bomb ticking end of time explosion on Universe circuit of gravity shorts-out collapses Universe to centre of Void.

Here in the world people are not created "equal", that the U. S. legal system proclaims. Which is not what human nature has demonstrated as a truth throughout history, all of the human species. However every race is made of the same stuff of life, the different races all conflict, hate the others. Perpetual ethnic and racial divide making democracy ineffective, wherever all the races are taken as equals we rub out in military coup in America ending "melting pot" idea, cashing in the capitalistic competition profits loot divide up with White America, from integration profits. Aristocrats having established USA under their candidates rule sent jobs to cheaper labor for business interest Bull Market, open borders to anyone in the world that can sneak-in, guaranteed jobs and votes for the elected that give them anything they want verses White America I end in dictatorship use hate armed with US Armed Forces back-up.

American nationalism and racism is my leadership, White America! World populations mostly live in peace separated, I would unite in a world government with borders, if there is time for world peace in a confederation. Taking positive and negative human natures divide Americans in labor and personality worker classes to bunker us in against disasters a civilized society, one nation under negative to positive gravity charge falling, in the world that popped up out of Universal Circuit of Gravity adversity disease and disasters for everyone. Around the world citizenships kill all the public enemies, dangerous to other people and themselves do without tattoos. Visas for tourism or job permit for other lands, no long term stays for alien peoples unless slave jobs sign.


NASA scientists have proof under Arctic ice cap that global warming is coming from a source under the crust of the Earth. Science communities unaware of other scientific communities facts know Earth's magnetic core is causing a 'megabloom' of algae growing in Arctic Ocean from core of the Earth heat, of its molten iron sphere water cooled solid magnetic core, spinning under Earth Ice Cap pressing up against Russia stretched "Polar Vortex" over Canada to Midwest dimple across Earth for Hurricane Sandy. Tribunal hang authority, hiding vital patents. Earth's core spinning up on 85 latitude boils lava hotter ocean inside steaming to blow-up April under Sirius' glare called by so many names parent star of Sun on a tether from this end of orbit, Milky Way Galaxy.

Algae Bloom 1 + Algae Bloom 2 + Algae Bloom 3. To bunkers or die or camel gets through eye of a needle, only slight chance of escaping death possible. Presently secret Gravity Charge pouring down behind gravity current makes Universe expand under mass increasing. As a bubble in a fluid will explode when it reaches air, magnetic core spinning to crack in Atlantic Ocean! Can't stop its internal pressure from breaking it out, like bubbles do. Earth collapses if it's core releases too much steam pressure. Asteroids bounced off Planet X won't be seen until close as Neptune take 3 months to reach Earth. Does Sirius with a dwarf get too close so Earth's bubble pops out of Earth in a "Rapture", from Earth expanding before contracting. Earth's core explodes steam from its ocean inside with massive Planet X up close collapses Earth to smaller planet under water. Bunker if can't break dimension vanish trick fatal times.


Anywhere in the past I demand younger,

making a gun social unrest we eliminate

foreign rule in the past democracy with

21st century technology. Life sucks,

for most, who then die. But I can

solve that problem. You have

to get rid of, a whole lot

of ass holes -- and

get religion



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