Planet X earlier by White dwarf star grabbed 5th planet, hides out around here somewhere

Certain to have Internet and smart phone assess their UFO's patrols have from anywhere sighted or not fact that they are hiding intelligence. With a portable space complex, suddenly further out to point straight at Sun huge platform solar power its force field stretched out does deploy, to dark around sun where to get internet and cell phone access. Magnetic core set free of last polar reversal, last 2 fountains of the Noah's deep now spinning global warming in Earth's Arctic, bounced on 85° latitude a few more times, bounced west in Earth's lava spin counterclockwise, since 1975. Alaska 9.2 began that, when fountains reached dangle on 2 fountains of the deep in molten lava, swinging against Tripoli fountain or suddenly some explosive was used left fountain of the deep blown off Vatican City took left turn! Into lava sphere Counterclockwise off fountain of the deep, coincidental in Vatican City 1975 evangelizing to bottom of their fountain of the deep contacted crowd on the inside that got angry. Earth condition just right Sun iron magnetic water cooled bubble its center same as asteroid in Earth's top off center here spinning in a other direction magnet bubble churning global warming, faster naturally the bubble pops. Hang authority keeping secret threat for their bank push authority off a cliff . Dictator I make public access mall shop field and pasture to health all of us hunting harvest booty store refine products assemble at home the isles warehouse outlets work and supplies to pantry and refrigerator crews on call for all our quota, services. Confiscate media news flashes since as a child see a broke off hunk of planet crust thick in different color put together never seen again library clue power over people positions anger point where they are not us. OR give a ticket out safe. Suddenly UFO aliens inherit earth unexpected fleet. Hidden behind a blind maybe they hunting to eat humans. Have to be Dictator Tribunals save U.S. Armed Forces everyone U.S. guns so we know you are us. Free house and vehicle, racists America just take, in ethnic sweep.All of our citizens armed. Edenite got off of this planet expecting First Flood, 4 more Flood Age before Adam and Eve a Noah's 5th Flood. Asians landed Easter Island found a library, the original people in stone, that inherited a Superior Race resort left long ago. Far advanced out of Eden 4.5 billion years ago World pops up in 6 days, later 2.5 billion years built cities on Moon stepping stone escape 1st Earth polar reversal, 4 more. Shortest day in 2022. Shorter 2023 winter, stuck in Fault opening turn 2 different directions flip new direction Earth spins. Planets orbit elliptic.

Edenite's returning to Easter Island from Sirius, will have to do it from their outpost. They left a ship (Vulcan) at Mercury, Sun eclipsed in 2006. Here Garden of Eden's first people 4.5 billion years ago went on to settle 5th planet, 2.5 billion years ago. Universe popped up again in 6 days, future everyone has to be armed to the teeth with fight with so many human races in the world, where everything wants to eat you or take your stuff to have to have police to go on as a civilization. Eden's came and went End of the World passed by again Planet X! To survive United States of America citizens have to win another War for Freedom, taking Liberty from Bar Association politic's. I reserve Constitution to our self serve patriotic racist Third U.S. Government survive Mercury ship dimensions lurking in darkness waiting for the right disaster to strike took thousands of years to build. Easter Island paradise resort's despotic ruler with moon ship built on bombs Sodom and Gomorrah.

Anyone in pre-history able to laser sculpture their likeness was certainly in possession of nuclear weapons to blow up Sodom and Gomorrah, after cargo off there.


Eden's first people to pop-up in Garden of Eden, Jews the last, flooded now. Earth enemy races left return after each polar reversal, baked Sodom and Gomorrah.


For centuries people on Earth thought they were being visited by people from other places in the universe. But no one could imagine they were all from this planet 4.5 billion years ago, soon after it popped-up. Seven planets and a moon with a magnetic field in this solar system supported life until life on each of them were periodically destroyed because star Sirius came around. People on Earth finishing up five ages of Planet X coming around five polar reversals super volcano's to races of sloth's. Garden of Eden Jews last to pop up on Earth. Solar system and Mars colonized from Earth, twin planet of Mars colony tribe of small people from Earth survived the two planet war. With Mercury and Venus destroyed by THOR running into a planet between Jupiter and Mars coming back around so close hit 1 planet took another use to exist between Jupiter and Mars. Big Sirius periodically coming through smashes planets to core. 1st Adam and Eve Edenites, ventured settle on missing planet of the Sun returned up to Earth 2006 big white planet January 23 naked eye with bright white blinding beams about its upper right side blue planet in a 3.3 day halo orbit behind it reflected white dwarf. Next night turned off 2 moons opposite 1 moon alternated every night. Sun's planet 5 was taken to Sirius, White dwarf star caught held it facing Sirius in orbit up to Wooden. Last reversal landed host of their people on Easter Island to resort while mining for gold and other resources in the oceans and land going on aided construction of a space city eventually completed, maybe fleet of these mammoth cities, like the one snuck to Mercury last. Earth's resources shuttled to city they were building catch up, got back to Wodan lit up it's day blue with technological advances and resources, there being sucked into a white dwarf star, up to Planet X going away around its solar jet back in Oort cloud, to where it collapsed nuclear forces solar jet Big Dipper out to planets to Sun each end extent of solar jet ellipse back and forward. Children of the Sun will not communicate with Earth crop circles warn not to trust them wolves hid UFO wait impatiently Earth's core break out of trap door it crashed northwest of Norway spinning up against 85° latitude polar axis.

After expelled by Positive Charge of Gravity from Eden, from their hole in it would die if they didn't get out. Edenites escaped first Flood on Earth 2.5 billion years ago asteroids off of cracked all around from solid land that the steam in its core full of water spinning pressure expanded, a first of 5 polar reversals. Until Earth is 2/3 bigger, full of ocean, pressure cooker spinning west 5th return end of reversals to high brow ed long faced people who left a war zone to Earth to mine resources. Got done shipping resources, left contaminated workers bombed Sodom and Gomorrah, left the ground melted all around them nuclear bomb went off, must have technology far exceeding anything on Earth today UFO encounters. U.S. jets employ a computer bomber! Disable the UFO manual attack rockets locking pilot's trigger finger freeze up weapons program adversary been around back since Earth had a 500 mile deep atmosphere trees 10 miles high! AI attack and counter attack Game Boy artificial intelligence fighter gunner on.

All of the red color here is from the hot space ship surfaces at Mercury up close to the Sun. Beginning Edenite, the first people out of the Garden of Eden. Later needed make space ships, eventually needed one big as a planet, to support a million or more people on a moon inside, refining pieces of Mercury smashed by Planet X, building materials. It fits with my 2005 findings. Before Planet X, really happening! Alien ship. Intelligent life built this geometrical formation in space. Advanced invasion innovations 2.5 billion years ago. Mars factories, drones. I could take you to the first Garden of Eden, flooded now. Here people certain vacation on Easter Island, after polar new axis anytime. Jesus Christ new fig tree put forth leaf season when Noah locked himself in his Ark to a Flood. Such a coincidence set behind Sun a space city shows-up so huge it had to take hundreds of years to build. Survivors of Mercury if they built this or planet falling on dwarf star. Some call them Anunnaki the Edenite's escaped Earth's first polar reversal settled on the Moon at lakes, from the Moon running into Asia Pacific Ocean. Sirius ran into a planet between Jupiter and Mars. Some got off Moon evacuate ready for blue Wodan. A white dwarf star up close snagged 5th planet to 3.3 day halo orbit behind it. Last. Early 2029 Wormwood rises falls apart on Earth and Moon, red dwarf star runs into the Sun. Last red Full Moon warning! Space telescope's secret Sirius "star" hid behind white dwarf star to outpost ready to pounce, behind a radio band magnetic field cloak at Mercury, elsewhere now. Their cover blown by a solar flare directed at Mercury caught on camera by amateur astronomer 12/10/2011. The authorities did not let the people know about it, find it surf. Enemy at anything serve their subversive motives, at equal rights. U.S. Armed Forces I impart make me leader get community right. Purify all cultures to country border right destroy every threat to public police forces militia effort kill criminals, assign talents and strengths freedom get all industry engineering manufacturing. Tribunal opinion ratings/demands tools of power direct.

Hidden behind a cloak space platform flight deck on a ship bigger than the Moon, was in front of the Sun at Mercury. Lucky Mercury got hit by a solar flare got ions all over back side of a cloak from top to bottom, weakened to be able to see the mirage of a huge ship, hiding a space platform. I am the only one with a clue and a place to escape all doubt. Religion only goes to Hell, with a family. The spaceship at Mercury like a hunter stalking Earth, that fell over a degree and a half towards Europe 4 times in 2011 and 2012 earthquake 8.0. Earth's core hit top of the world predict record typhoons in 2016. Magnetic core spinning equator up against continent under Russia to Europe heat waves Polar Vortex stretched crease on Earth to New York that hurricane Sandy went up through Chicago. Earth's core going west up against Russia, Inner Earth ocean steaming inside core spinning faster than the Earth, building up pressure to pop out of Earth like bubbles do! Jesus said new fig tree leaf in Israel, Noah's Flood another geological end of the world. 1997 TV "2020" only 2929 years off geological time U.S. Military 5 polar reversal core samples indicating 6th polar reversal, anytime. Revolution. Establishment crooked politics pass Bill 2847 put off Debt Default in 2018 in May 2 years to 2025 trust their bomb shelters. Military Coup suicide go berserk take out establishment shoot on sight the Left. In Power by Default we assemble racist strike forces White Military Coup. Restore America, racists in charge. Militia calling for every state a militia allowing for what U.S. Constitution means for us. Thomas Jefferson's Constitution justification for buying sexy black slave girls for sex raised workforce slaved 5,000 acre leftist plantation First 2 Amendments I restore discrimination reverse Thomas Jefferson Constitution the Left has to go.

Security clearance authority thinking they will be safe everyone is told Earth will never blow its top say secretly know are following a space platform at Mercury scurry where how fast, find them can't escape murdered by them, II year Default World War Ready running up inflation Military Coup for capitol everything Revolution. A space invader threat to life on Earth civilization left Mercury, politicians will not save themselves polar reversal, secretly preparing for saving themselves. Sun bounce elsewhere Earth Freeze light out, hit by a red dwarf star aimed at Sun and the Earth, a setting duck to a hunter, behind a blind. Blue planet swung away from eastern Canada April 2007, last 8.0 Chile tsunami Planet X pole alignment. Planet X passed 21 million miles away, on far side of the Sun Mercury was transiting! Planets not normally unless knocked into orbit around Sun ellipse summer winter distance a white dwarf star then a red dwarf star, for my rule by Public majority so Tribunals justify. Military Coup racists verses pussies with authority. Duty to our country culture ecology America all white, world peace at home. To get catchy world nationalism for all nations separate eliminate conflicting immigration. Throughout history cold war hot war gun down prisoners at large trouble for peace! Each segregated borders. Tribunal together country dispositions leadership charts/radio job obligation party events parks and civic duty.

Here everyone can see a space craft hiding behind a cloak. Built like an aircraft carrier, somewhere aimed at Earth, every time around Sun, Planet X brought by in 2006 up to Mercury from the white dwarf star at Planet X. The meek inherit Earth cleanse religion crimes against matter for anything. Mexican gang prostitution drugs alcohol violence in conspiracies with un american Business groups. Edenite's picks up all Earth communications must know star in 6 years runs into Sun, "inherit the Earth" recycle it. All the red full Moons warn a red star head-on knocks out the Sun, incoming! Planet X rising up around Earth with a ship the size of a planet will be up close warn the red dwarf star hits the Sun. All the Red Moons. I say build cities deep in mountains, natural gas run cities to live and work through it all to house on Mars. Automated industry robot forklift American people and the world save each other, prepare ascend 2029 disaster. Abandoned mines all around the world renovate to redevelop into cities to subway together like world war on Mars. Earth expands! Pieces of planet ripped open across terra firma Earth ocean trenches! Business cash it all in take them all out transportation property job supply Bank!

Like hunters with their fire power hidden behind a blind, going to take something by surprise. That knows people will be watching for them now showed off a big laser. Bulls-Eye! Nice shot. Blew-up an asteroid. This illustrated laser beam shot from their battle ship being towed around the Sun by Mercury. Secretly show off strength here. U.S. Military shot an asteroid on a 4th of July erupted a plumb of ice, could have blown it up with a nuclear warhead, take out asteroids. That would need a lot of hits to damage the UFO, last seen at Mercury, get it mad destroy the world hit a little big highway truck size asteroid that goes by, anytime. Military with 5 core samples graph predict Big One polar reversal slip out of North Sea lift up a big bubble coming out next to Greenland, slipping closer to its opening across from Scandinavia. Earth's core spinning west in it's top stretched a "Polar Vortex" crease from Russia to New York over Canada hurricane Sandy went to Chicago. Earth's core up against Arctic since March 11, 2011, heating Arctic while spinning west until it explodes out of Arctic fault line northwest of Norway at its spinning speed against lava flow since 11 March 2011, to methane blowing up going west around Arctic Polar Movement causing southern hemisphere 125 degrees across Australia, 123° in India days, plus high heat across Europe and Canada to Arctic. Aliens in a UFO picking up all of the Earth communications transmissions, not offering advice or evacuation Earth expect us all to die from over population breakdown Default the whole world blows up 2025/4 years red dwarf star hits Sun on the Earth. Media reduced to a woman's talk show for Italian and black Mexican resent attacking racist White America. U.S. armory riot hunting immigration invasion. Military Coup White American. Screw women's rights and their blacks a vote, national debt hits the fan Election fraud all along, alien non citizens blacks and women, a vote. The Left alien driven money interests serving crime Mafia and color. Americans take a gun shoot MKII call in air strikes, war with our enemies and equal rights, lawyer's U.S. Constitution suspended. Militia get rid of illegal's and all their cousins. Sweep neighborhoods shoot someone racially motivated, bomb them, inherit the Earth in America. Armed Forces backed, directed. UFO silently waiting for end of the world, no one gets out alive except those who know the way. The Left left behind dream forever in Hell or out cold. Religion some break on through to other side of gravity dead, or alive. Italians and other criminal race's bad blood or they become cops, help me Mussolini, kill the gangs. Feed organized crime to meat eaters, feminists whole damn business. Meat pack in cans corruptions and practices against everything Eden stood for. The meek to inherit the Earth must be socialist living here all covered with solar panel ship built by militant people with flight deck pointing gun anywhere U.S. need bunker pray Sun bounces elsewhere America down mountains cities in glaciers. This asteroid blown up to big as the Sun/100 yard asteroid shot 20,000miles away?



Here we have target practice from Mercury! Comet 17P/Holmes blown-up to 5 times bigger than the Sun, shot from behind a force-field blind on a space ship charged-up, with power, showing off its fire power. Edenites waiting for nature to depopulate Earth in a polar reversal Sun going by to Ice Forever, the first people on Earth out of Garden of Eden back during 6 years any of world to themselves. Getting their act together to inherit Earth before Sun a red giant hit by red dwarf star head-on. Earth's future lost in all the Media flap, people advertise to death. People in the huge ship hiding behind a cloak probably walking among us equal opportunity, able to teleport themselves from there to here and back, way ahead of Earth technology. But inside people in Earth's core had fountains of the deep and come out built Great Pyramid in Egypt and Rome and Tripoli. Catacombs fountains of the deep staircases. Celtic evacuated from invaders disassembled Rome and Tripoli pyramid blocking tunnel to inside world, left Africa Pyramid. Celtics stuffed 2 Pyramids down fountains of the deep entrances to Inner Earth long prevented enemy from entry. Earth a sitting duck, broadcasting, 2 replies, one in code 72 seconds, open lane for a starship. Didn't get it, power and profit inflation preoccupied games possible only my world government military powers home act Militia take out. Border world confederation government separate people, Americans go along with worldwide military coup repossess high rolling corporate upper classes takeover communications USA utopia democracy racist White America ethnic cleansing we survive a red dwarf. Cities underground down tall mountains & big glaciers. Earth stops, twitches turning falls over as the Sun goes by, to frozen, or wall up caves to bunkers, to public transit. Universe popped-up some 4.5 billion years ago all of a sudden heartbeat of time Sun pops-up out end of solar jet, bobb elliptic. Pluto cough up a moon, squirt splatters doing it. Universe suddenly appeared in a Genesis episode 6 days of creation duplicated over and over again image everything set out same way, Universe starts out. Chemistry laboratory 1897, take 21st century chemistry high school college know how onto stockpile vaccines.

In 2013 the above asteroid blew-up running into Earth's atmosphere, after 2 others blew-up loud and bright in February. While the Sun goes for head-on collision with a red dwarf star Mayan calendar warning "end of the world" in 52 year centuries, will not be another 52 years before Sun and Moon and Earth smashed away. Catholics destroyed most Mayan explanations. Sun turns around straight at a red dwarf star coming out of center of Milky Way Galaxy, polar movement shook Earth 4 times in first end around. Coincidences happen, Planet X (Sirius) left 21 million miles away escorting a swarm of asteroids it knocked out of Oot cloud, Earth goes through some before red dwarf star shows up. As far as weapons go the UFO at Mercury sends drones that cannot be fired upon, disables triggers and buttons, from firing at them. Dogfight over Baghdad in Iraq war U.S. jet could not fire while engaged in a dogfight with a UFO, later 3 Russian jets trying to attack a cylindrical UFO vanished over Arctic. UFO otherwise appear oval organic ones vanish or dart away flying saucer-like creatures in upper atmosphere. Faith at core of all creation defenses wings on birds influenced aircraft design. UFO at Mercury do not want anything to do with threatening arguing overbearing hypocrites on Earth! Celtics tried to plug-up their fountains of the deep at Tripoli and Rome with pyramid Rome, Tripoli made their pyramid bottom big trash dump Fountain, abandoned their Great Pyramid in Egypt. Don't wait to worry about sunlight knocked out by a star if Sun smashes Earth to core, scattered in chunks of crust and lava squirts. Edenite's would gladly show up to salvage pieces of Earth to build another UFO like was hidden at Mercury. But promised, the world starts all over again after destroyed, to a new heaven and a new Earth, that lasts until 2029, where patriotic thing to do is Armageddon ready underground civilization defense polar reversal, Earth tidal wave tsunami! Expect worst scenario's. Red dwarf bounces the Sun left or right of Earth, collapses.

My talk dictatorship leadership takeover, the public down to revenge, take out of business, National Debt Default loan's bank to invest in gold make criminals richer we Militia Military hang them in my drastic racism cure take out left White America, soldiers and Militia purge America. 50 State's Militia save us America Military Coup. Representing Revolution racists, rather than wait around to get a chip put in you, by order of Congress surveillance to perfect authority and business interest control of the people. Military just gas out Militia gun down, no die for trillion-ares corporation inflation public tribunal price products to old, co-operative labor Business everywhere rich to gator's. Order of labors fit in like jigsaw puzzle economy out of property wealth government resources, college technology and Industries.

The "Watchers" waited at Mercury, had to move somewhere else to hide, for the right moment to invade. Mercury either closest to Sun or furthest away with a UFO coming around, where speed of light is faster on furthest orbit from, slower up to Sun, gravity sink, best vantage point to launch an attack from. Gravity charge falling down gravity currents mass to the Sun, everything expanding. Mercury close up to Sun gravity slows down light so they can't surprise attack from Sun! Against an enemy that cannot be fired upon? Universe once sphere unwound its circuit BANG! Popped up World, expanding until it runs out of space. Space not expanding Universe at bottom of void filling. Take Bank. Jews and politics certain to get everyone destroyed Jew Arab unavoidable wherever more than 1 kind of people on earth, purge. Population increase until they meet inevitably in conflict in 4.5 billion years of peoples on Earth immigrating to the other solar system planets and a moon, with 2 magnetic fields like Earth. Domed communities on Mars, more on its asteroid. After Sirius smashed a planet at Mars. Grand Canyon's 2.5 billion years ago. Jews popped up in the Garden of Eden last Thor Flood with Earth same side of Sun . Neutron bomb blow-out their windows and kill everybody, save the buildings, scholars a threat to community life bomb all the other countries in the world, sustaining our way of life, without alien student or colored. Revolution now! Military Coup start White America over again according to majorities of American citizens, Tribunal without lawyers and politics the Left alive, export the in the way of racist Right.

Here there is a way to make food for long space travels, a microbe that eats radiation, raising a protein food source. Use it for insulating space ships from radiation in deep space travel feeding space travelers going anywhere protein. Mars independent living houses underground their gardens appear together civilization by nuclear power, after a nuclear world war fall-out the same independent living on sister asteroid, drones about Rovers rove Mars from Earth helicopter check out city blown to bits 2.5 billion years ago intelligence knows our technology is

unarmed. Mars and the core of a planet 2 entrances here hollow, here scattered domes ancient war a people from Earth, survive Business social plan.

Mars hit by a asteroid that bounced off of star Sirius asteroid and planet small people orbit Mars now only pit of a peach during war between 2 Mars.

Drones watching rovers science could not find life found dinosaur bones contact radio broadcast from deep space for 72 seconds a people are coming

on radio telescope around the world heard space contact life elsewhere when scientists are like stupid animals hunting to find predators like kill us all.

These devices are calling Earth out for invasion, blinking, no peaceful people to contact anywhere out there. Civilizations capable of finding new inhabitable territory for expansion traditionally take them to colonize unless they step into wrong territory, where they might get eradicated trespassing, or make alliance by agreement.

All the planets stars and moons have life in a ocean in the hollows of them, only 7 human races reached their way through fountains of the deep to terra firma various Garden's of Eden, for all of Earth settlement and planets out to a distant moon. Another planet in the Asteroid Belt Ceres, the core of planet 6 other planet 5 was pulled away to Sirius's white dwarf star star three times heavier than Jupiter. After interbreeding on Earth between same types of life only place in this solar system hospitable enough to thrive on. Sirius kept coming through periodically always forgotten even in stone, Thor destroyed everything in its wake asteroids it smashed Ceres while taking missing planet 5. But red dwarf star head-on collision with Sun bounces away to become Red Giant the Earth left frozen or Sun bounce on Earth.

Bigger than the Sun a red star coming in straight at the Sun. Red all around Earth's blue sky red Moon,

certainly going to hit Sun, while the planet size space station was behind a force field cloak at Mercury

product of planet at Planet X, taking our 5th planet its white dwarf star grabbed, pulling in all its people

IMAGE ONE ship from star Sirius white dwarf star so hiding behind a force field planning an invasion.

IMAGE TWO inhabitants in a space ship at Mercury best chance swift attack Earth would happen here.

These 2 images close and far, figured because U.S. intelligence wanted to know when to expect a attack.

IMAGE THREE: Meanwhile the welcome mat is out to any aliens in space who want a habitable planet.

Though science try's to contact other life in the galaxy, ignore that that likely only will get Earth invaded.

IMAGE FOUR scientists with illusions everyone else in space kind and benevolent, are fatally mistaken!


Look at all the countries and factions of people that want to kill each other, on Earth the Universal truth

the authorities public enemies only to profit wealth and property so I establish democracy under my rule

eliminate secret societies, the origin of a National Debt conspiracy, the authorities. Bomb all their brains,

audit society we find out what is right and truth about everything, jobs democracy collectively my design

against all odds we the people survive as confederation of all the militaries result I cleanse all the nations.


In a full scale invasion the vantage point where to strike from, would likely be where your

weapons and invading forces are able to attack the fastest! Rapid deployment to a intended

target! Military sources found by a amateur a huge spaceship with flight deck re-positioned

other side of the Sun behind a force field here for this scenario, was calculated for defensive

purpose against invaders like jam guns and rockets from firing a smart automatic gunner on!


This Spring find my last edit on these. Back when someone asked what is my purpose here? Revolution! To become a

leadership only half of it age when I can't wait to vanish. Trump followers forced, left to a violent revolutionary stand.

White I take control of American right militia up follow Coup course anarchy and chaos without US Military guidance

war game White power off the street White House path of self destruction stockpile WWIII single out illegal alien vote

ship out to sharks the power to die rich America's enemies certainly would make me a despot in power a Military Coup

2023 course to the Heaven over Hell in the balance. All this work an inspirational creative writing, to the past my book:






Lee Harrison,






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