Planet X last by grabbed to White dwarf star 5th planet that see the final polar reversal of Earth

One thing leads to another magnetic core broke free of last polar reversal last 2 fountains of the Noah's deep, spinning global warming, bounced on 85° latitude, a few more times bounced west in Earth's lava spin counterclockwise, since 1975. Alaska 9.2 began that left hook! Coincidently Vatican City 1975 down to bottom of their fountain of the deep. Earth conditions just right for the Sun's iron magnetic water cooled bubble like Earth's. Hang authority keeping sky everything secret what only I can make public from media news flashes they put together never see again, for power over the people die so they inherit the earth. Dictator Tribunals I save U.S. Armed Forces a whole lot of racist America join in ethnic sweep. These people got off of this planet, Eden's first Flood. Flood after Adam and Eve. So Asians landed at Easter Island found a library, original people in stone, that inherited a Superior Race resort left long ago. Far advanced people out of Eden 4.5 billion years ago after World pop up in 6 days, built cities on Moon stepping stone escape 1st polar reversal. A record 2022 shortest day wobble prior to 2023 reversal if planets orbit the Sun.

Edenite's returning to Easter Island from Sirius, going to be rising up over Arctic eastern Canada in April up closer. They left a ship (Vulcan) at Mercury, Sun eclipsed in 2006, rises back up to northern around southern hemisphere since 2006 boomerang back to sudden disaster day! Earthquakes and tsunami from bigger 600 times bigger gravity magnetic mass shoots by up too close! Here Garden of Eden's first people 4.5 billion years ago 2.5 billion years ago. Universe popped up again in 6 days, to everyone has to be armed to the teeth with fight, with so many human races in the world where everything wants to eat you or take your stuff, to have to have police, to go on as a civilization. They came and went End of the World, here back again Planet X! To survive United States of America citizens have to win another War for Freedom and Liberty from Bar Association. Reserving Constitution to ourselves, serving patriotic racist Third U.S. Government we survive Mercury ship dimensions lurking in darkness, waiting for the right disaster to strike, took thousands of years to build. Easter Island paradise resort it's despotic ruler returned to his moon ship?

Anyone in pre-history able to laser sculpture their likeness was certainly in possession of nuclear weapons, to blow up Sodom and Gomorrah, getting off of here.


Eden's first people to pop-up in the Garden of Eden Jews last all flooded now. Earth inhospitable left return after each polar reversal, baked Sodom and Gomorrah.


For centuries people on Earth thought they were being visited by people from other places in the universe. But no one could imagine they were all from this planet 4.5 billion years ago, soon after it popped-up. Seven planets and a moon with a magnetic field in this solar system supported life, until life on each of them was periodically destroyed because star Sirius comes around. People on Earth go through five ages of Planet X coming around, five polar reversals, super volcano's, many races of sloth's. Garden of Eden Jewish people last to pop up on Earth. Although Mars was colonized from Earth the twin planet of Mars colonized by tribe of small people from Earth, survived the war of two planets. Also Mercury and Venus destroyed by THOR running into 2 planets between Jupiter and Mars coming back around sun so close hit a planet took another that use to exist between Jupiter and Mars. Big Sirius periodically coming through, smashes planets to their core. Adam and Eve. Edenites, settled on the missing planet of the Sun, returned to Earth 2006 big white planet January 23 naked eye see with bright white blinding beams about its upper right side, blue planet in a 3.3 day halo orbit caught that way. From that night on turned off to 2 moons opposite 1 moon alternated every night. Sun's planet 5 was taken missed Sirius, White dwarf star caught holding it facing Sirius it orbits. Last reversal landed host of its people on Easter Island to resort, while mining for gold and other resources in the oceans and land on Earth, aided the construction of a space city eventually completed. Maybe a fleet of these mammoth cities, like the one snuck to Mercury an empire. Earth's resources to shuttle, the city they were building catch up and get back to Wodan and light up it's day blue with technological advances and resources to live there again, caught up with Planet X going away, back to depths of Oort cloud it made when it blew-up nuclear fission after solar jetting planets to Sun, outer point of solar jet. Children of Eden will not communicate with the Earth, crop circles warn not to trust them Wolf hiding UFO missions waiting impatiently for Planet X Earth's core break through trap door it made northwest of Norway facing Sirius rising too close to Earth magnet.

After expelled by Positive Charge of Gravity from Eden Edenites escaped first Flood on Earth 2.5 billion years ago a first of 5 polar reversals. The 6th return end of reversals to high brow ed long faced people who left a war zone to Earth, to mine resources. After they got done with mining Earth wound up bombing Sodom and Gomorrah, when they left, left the ground melted all around them nuclear bomb went off must have technology far exceeding anything on Earth today UFO encounters U.S. jets bombing disabled rockets locked UFO's people from Earth when it had a 500 mile deep atmosphere trees 10 miles high!

All of the red color here is from the hot space ship surfaces at Mercury up close to the Sun. In order Edenites were the first people out of the Garden of Eden. Who made space ships, eventually needed one big as a planet to support a million or more people on a moon inside. It fits in with my 2005 writings about Planet X, that is really happening! Aliens a ship intelligent life built this geometrical formation in space, planning an invasion must be more of them in 2.5 billion years. I could take you to the first Garden of Eden, flooded now. Here a people certain to reclaim Easter Island after April polar reversal. To Jesus' new fig tree leaf putting forth season when Noah locked himself in his Ark to Flood. Such a coincidence, Sirius set behind the Sun then a space city shows-up so huge it had to take hundreds of years to build, elsewhere around the Sun hiding. Some call them Anunnaki, the Edenite's escaped Earth's first polar reversal settled on the Moon at lakes, from the moon running into the Earth after Sirius ran into 2 planets between Jupiter and Mars, likely to evacuate to now blue Wodan, rising in April behind a white dwarf star up close, 9 years before Wormwood rises to fall apart on Earth and Moon its red dwarf star runs into the Sun. A 4 red Full Moon warning! The space telescopes secret, the Sirius "star" hidden behind its white dwarf star an outpost ready to pounce hidden behind a magnetic field cloak at Mercury. Though their cover was blown by a solar flare directed at Mercury, that was caught on camera by an amateur astronomer on 12/10/2011 the authorities are not going to let the people know about it, only working to serve their subversive motives alien ways. U.S. Armed Forces would have to make me dictator, to get everything right. Purify all the cultures make the world right, destroy everyone a threat to the public, police forces keep the peace and the bad killed.

Hidden behind a cloak a space platform flight deck on a ship bigger than the Moon, right up in front of the Sun at Mercury. Lucky Mercury got hit by a solar flare got ions all over back side of a cloak from top to bottom weakened, to be able to see the mirage of a huge ship hiding a space platform. Star in a 14 year orbit around Earth's southern hemisphere in April the Sun's Twin rising that set with Sun in 2006. I am the only one with a clue and a place to escape, religion only goes to Hell. The spaceship at Mercury like hunter stalking Earth that fell over a degree and a half towards Europe 4 times in 2011 in 8.8 or stronger earthquakes. Earth's core hit top of the world warned of record typhoons in 2016. Magnetic core spinning its equator up against continent under Russia and Europe heat waves. Polar Vortex stretched crease on Earth to New York, that hurricane Sandy went up, through Chicago. Earth's core spinning up against Russia Inner Earth ocean steaming inside, core spinning faster than the Earth, building up pressure to pop out of the Earth like a bubble! Jesus said new fig tree leaf in Israel, Noah's Flood, another geological end of the world. 1997 TV "2020" only 3 years off Coincidence U.S. Military 5 polar reversal core samples indicating 6th polar reversal, instead 2023, 17 year orbit. Tribulation to Establishment crooked politics pass Bill 2847 put off Debt Default in 2018 now put off indefinitely trust their bomb shelters. Military Coup suicide go berserk taking out the establishment shoot on sight the Left in Power by Default assemble racist strike forces in power White Military Coup restore America racists in charge. Militia calling for every state a militia, determine what U.S. Constitution means for us. Thomas Jefferson's Constitution justification for buying sexy black slave girls for sex raise a workforce to slave his 5,000 acre plantation leftist. First 2 Amendments discrimination keep. Thomas Jefferson Constitution for the left has to go statue okay. White again independence contribution in founding fathers less laws.

Security clearance, authorities think they will be evacuated. Everyone is told Earth will never blow its top say, secretly know there is a space platform at Mercury can't escape murdered by them, or Default running up inflation Military Coup and Revolution. A space invader threat to life on Earth civilization left Mercury politicians will not save themselves, polar reversal, secrets only plan saving themselves. Freezing, the Sun goes out hit by a red dwarf star aimed at Sun and the Earth a setting duck to a hunter behind a blind, a blue planet rising up over eastern Canada in April end of order on Earth storm. Then a blue planet behind a white dwarf star rises. Planet X passing 21 million miles away on this side of the Sun! End of social order a white dwarf star then a red dwarf star, for my rule by the People Tribunals. Military Coup the racists verses the pussies, duty to our country and ecology America all white, world peace at home. World nationalism for all natures separate races throughout history, cold until hot war world. Overpopulated world eliminates prisoners and at large trouble for peace in all the homelands, in a world wide segregation Confederation society. Tribunals establishing social order rules and civic duty.

Here everyone can see a space craft hiding behind a cloak, built like an aircraft carrier, somewhere aimed at Earth every time around Sun, that Sirius brought by in 2006 up beside Mercury from the white dwarf star at Planet X. The meek to inherit the Earth, cleansed of religion and crimes against matter for profit and position. Latino gang etcetera prostitution drugs alcohol and violence in conspiracies with crooked Business dealings. Edenite's watching and hearing it all invade after Planet X goes by in April "inherit the Earth". All the red full Moons warn a red star head-on knocks out the Sun, incoming! Planet X rising up around Earth with a ship the size of a planet will be up close warn the red dwarf star hits the Sun, all the Red Moons. I say build cities deep in mountains, hydrogen power for cities to live and work through it all. Only by industry can American people and the world save each other, prepare for 2029 disaster. Abandoned mines all around the world renovate to redevelop into cities, to subway together like world war on Mars Earth opened like a clam suddenly two oceans. Warning two stars crossed paths in 2013 leadership or die! Globalization further Business interests keeps secret train on the wrong track.

Like hunters with their fire power, hidden behind a blind, which below is just showing off a big laser Bulls-Eye. Nice shot! Blew-up an asteroid. This illustrated laser beam shot from their battle ship, while being towed around the Sun by Mercury. Because of that show of strength the U.S. Military shot an asteroid on a 4th of July that erupted a plumb of ice could have blown it up with a nuclear warhead take out asteroids. That would need a lot of nukes to damage the UFO last at Mercury, gets mad and destroys everything the Earth has. U.S. Military with 5 core samples graph predicting the Big One polar reversal polar shift happens anytime to Easter. Earth's core spinning west in it's top stretched a "Polar Vortex" crease from Russia to New York over Canada hurricane Sandy went to Chicago up. Earth's core up against Arctic Russia since March 11, 2011, heating Arctic while spinning west until it explodes out of Arctic fault line northwest of Norway with star Sirius passing, calm before flood storm. Polar movement causing southern hemisphere 125 degrees across Australia, 123° in India, plus high heat waves across Europe and Canada to the Arctic. Aliens in a UFO picking up Earth broadcast transmissions not offering advice or evacuation to people on Earth expect us all to die from star Sirius 2023 Easter, such luck, 6 years before red dwarf star hits the Sun, returning to Easter Island. Media reduced to a woman's talk show for Italian and black leftist resent attacking racist White America riot hunting immigration invasion Military Coup arm us White Americans screw women's rights, as national debt hits the fan Election fraud allowing alien non citizens blacks and women a vote! The Left alien driven by money interests serving crime Mafia and color. Americans a militia shoot bomb call in air strikes, war with our enemies and equal rights lawyer's U.S. Constitution suspended. Militia gets rid of illegal's and all their cousins with nothing in common racially we inherit the Earth in America, Armed Forces backed. Silently waiting for end of the world no one gets out alive except those who know the way. The Left left behind dream forever in Hell, or out cold. Religion some break on through to the other side of gravity dead or alive. Italians and other criminal race's bad blood, or they become cops, help me Mussolini kill the gangs. Feed organized crime to meat eaters feminists the whole damn business. Meat pack in cans corruption against everything Eden stood for. The meek to inherit the Earth must be socialists to be living here covered with solar panels ship built by militant people with flight deck pointing a gun. Build bunkers, in unaware of intentions.



Here we have target practice from Mercury! Comet 17P/Holmes blown-up to 5 times bigger than the Sun shot from behind a force-field blind, on a space ship charged-up with power, showing off its fire power. Edenites waiting for nature to depopulate Earth in a polar reversal and Ice Age, the first people on Earth out of the Garden of Eden back for a 6th Age, 6 years with the world to themselves. Getting their act together to inherit the Earth before Sun is a red giant hit by a red dwarf star head-on Earth's future lost in all the Media flap, people advertised to death. But people in the huge ship hiding behind a cloak probably walking among us equal opportunity. Able to teleport themselves from there to here and back, way ahead of Earth technology. While the people in Earth's core had fountains of the deep to come out built a Great Pyramid in Egypt and Rome and Tripoli. Catacombs hid fountains of the deep under them, Celtic evacuated from invaders into Middle East across Mediterranean Africa. Celtics stuffed Pyramid down their fountains of the deep entrances to the Inner Earth prevented enemy from entry. Earth a sitting duck a broadcasting target, concerned with power and profit inflation that only my world government military powers and Militia take out or join world confederation government each people, American establishments in a worldwide military coup over high rolling corporate ruling classes takeover communications for real democracy racist White America ethnic cleansing to survive April, cities underground in tall mountains for big glaciers. Earth stops turning falls over as star Sirius goes by every race starting out on Earth when Universe popped-up some 4.5 billion years ago all of a sudden heartbeat of time. The Sun pops-up in its own turn. Pluto coughed up a moon, in squirt splatters. Universe suddenly appeared in a Genesis episode 6 days of creation is duplicated over and over again everything set out the same way starts out. Physics and virus allow me drop in a 1760 church. Call it Jesus sent me.

In 2013 the above asteroid blew-up running into Earth's atmosphere, after 2 others blew-up loud and bright in February. While the Sun goes for head-on collision with a red dwarf star Mayan calendar warning "end of the world". Catholics destroyed most Mayan explanations. Sun turned around straight at a red dwarf star coming out of center of Milky Way Galaxy when polar movement shook Earth 4 times in the turn around. Coincidences happen, Planet X (Sirius) rises back up over northern hemisphere 21 million miles away escorting a swarm of asteroids it knocked out of Oot cloud to up-close Earth goes through before the red dwarf star shows up. As far as weapons go the UFO at Mercury sends drones that cannot be fired upon disables triggers and buttons from firing at them. Dogfight over Baghdad in Iraq war U.S. jet could not fire while engaged in a dogfight with a UFO, later 3 Russian jets trying to attack a cylindrical UFO vanished over Arctic. UFO appear the oval organic ones vanish or dart away flying saucer-like creatures in upper atmosphere. Faith the core of all creation defenses, wings on birds influence aircraft design. UFO at Mercury did not want anything to do with threatening arguing hypocrites on Earth! So Celtics tried to plug-up their fountains of the deep at Tripoli and Rome with their pyramids abandoned Great Pyramid in Egypt, don't have to worry about sunlight knocked out by a star unless it smashes Earth to core scattering Earth to chunks of crust in lava squirts. Edenite's would gladly show up to salvage pieces of the Earth to build another UFO like was at Mercury. But promised, the world starts all over again after destroyed, to a new heaven and a new Earth, that lasts only until 2029 taken out the patriotic thing to do is Armageddon before Easter, in underground defense polar reversal Earth east to west in tsunami!

My dictatorship leadership takeover a public to down and out revenge, putting out of business National Debt Default loans on national debt to invest in gold for criminals Militia Military hang them in my drastic racism cure taking out the left White America soldiers and Militia purge America. 50 State's a Militia's, save America Military Coup. Representing Revolution racists, rather than wait around to get a chip put in you by order of Congress, surveillance to perfect authority and business interests control of the people Military gasses out Militia guns down don't die for trillion-ares corporations inflation to co-operative society bad for Business and the rich gator's eat. Order of business fit in like jigsaw puzzle make an economy out of nationalizing wealth and government resources college technology for Industries.

The "Watchers" waited at Mercury, had to move somewhere else to hide, for the right moment to invade. Was Mercury either closest to Sun or furthest away, with a UFO go back to Easter Island, knowing the speed of light is faster at its furthest orbit from the Sun gravity's, best vantage point to launch an attack from. Gravity charge falling down gravity currents to the Sun everything expanding. Mercury close up to Sun, gravity slows down light so they can't surprise attack from there! Defend against an enemy that cannot be fired upon? Universe once sphere unwound its circuit BANG! Popped up continues expanding until it runs out of space. Space not expanding. Universe is. Take Bank. Jews and politics are certain to get everyone destroyed in world war unavoidable, wherever there are more than 1 kind of people on earth. Population increase until they meet inevitably in conflict, in 4.5 billion years of peoples from Earth immigrated to 6 other solar system planets and a moon with 2 magnetic fields. Domed communities as on Mars and its asteroid. After Sirius destroyed a planet at Mars. Grand Canyon 2.5 billion years ago. Jews popped up in the Garden of Eden last, before flooded. College and university need neutron bomb blow-out their windows and kill everybody save the buildings, scholars a threat to community lives, bomb all the other countries in the world to sustain our way of life, without alien students and blacks. Revolution now! Military Coup starting White America over again, according to wishes of American citizens. Tribunal without lawyers politicians the Left alive. Export, in the way of racist Right.

Here there is a way to make food for long space travels, a microbe that eats radiation, in making food for themselves. Use it for insulating space ships from radiation in deep space travel to feed space travelers going anywhere, protein. Mars independent living houses underground their gardens appear together a civilization with nuclear power, after World War nuclear fall-out bright enough for the same independent living on sister asteroid know about machines roving Mars from Earth helicopter check out city blown to bits 2.5 billion years ago know our technology is

primitive. Mars and the core of a planet 2 entrances here hollow here scattered domes ancient war a people from Earth, survive Business social plan,

Mars hit by an asteroid that came in off of star Sirius asteroid hitting the planet orbiting Mars now only pit of a peach, after war went down on Mars,

where science said it could not find life on Mars found a dinosaur bone, contact a radio broadcast from deep space of 72 seconds a people are coming

radio telescopes around the world heard space contact life elsewhere anywhere, scientists like stupid animals hunting to find predators to kill them all.

These devices are calling Earth out for invasion, blinking, no peaceful people to contact anywhere out there. Civilizations capable of finding new inhabitable territory for expansion traditionally take them to colonize unless they step into wrong territory, where they might get eradicated trespassing, or make alliance by agreement.

All the planets stars and moons have life in a ocean in the hollows of them, only 7 human races reached their way through fountains of the deep to terra firma from various Garden's of Eden, for all of Earth settlers to planets out to a distant moon. Another planet in the Asteroid Belt Ceres, core of a planet, our other planet was pulled away from Sirius to its white dwarf star several times heavier than Jupiter. After made interbreeding on Earth between same types of life, only place in this solar system hospitable enough to thrive on. Sirius kept coming through periodically that always is forget unless in stone, Sirius destroyed everything in its wake with asteroids, smashed Ceres while taking missing planet 5. But a red dwarf star in a head-on collision with the Sun, that bounces away to become a Red Giant, Earth freezes.

Bigger than the Sun a red star, coming in straight at the Sun, red all around Earth's blue sky, red Moon,

certainly going to hit Sun. While the planet size space station was behind a force field cloak at Mercury

product of a planet at Planet X going to rise up closest in April its white dwarf star massive with people

IMAGE ONE ship from star Sirius white dwarf star so hiding behind a force field planning an invasion.

IMAGE TWO inhabitants in a space ship at Mercury, best chance swift attack Earth would happen here.

These 2 images close and far, figured because U.S. intelligence wanted to know when to expect a attack.

IMAGE THREE: Meanwhile the welcome mat is out to any aliens in space who want a habitable planet.

Though science try's to contact other life in the galaxy ignores that that likely only will get Earth invaded.

IMAGE FOUR scientists with illusions everyone else in space kind and benevolent, are fatally mistaken!


Look at all the countries and factions of people that want to kill each other on Earth the Universal truth

with the authorities enemies only taking tax wealth and property we establish democracy under my rule

taking out secret societies, the origin of National Debt conspiracy, the authorities. Bomb all their brains,

audit society to find out what is right and truth about everything, pick democracy collectively my design

against all odds the people surviving as confederation of all the countries while cleansing all the nations.


In a full scale invasion the vantage point where to strike from would likely be where your

weapons and invading forces are able to attack the fastest! In a deployment to an intended

target! Military sources found by a amateur, huge spaceship with flight deck, re-positioned

other side of the Sun behind a force field here for this scenario was calculated for defensive

purposes against invaders like jam guns and rockets from firing, or helmet automatic target!


This is my last editing of my web site. Back when someone asked what is my purpose here? Revolution! To become a

dictator only half way true when I don't have communication skill Trump followers forced violent revolutionary stand.

White's take control of America again militia following Coup course anarchy and chaos without US Military guidance,

with very little in common with White House on path of self destruction road of unlimited support of illegal alien votes

for no other purpose than power to die rich destroying US certainly would make me a despot in power in Military Coup

for my course with Heaven over Hell in the balance. All this work an inspirational creative writing, to the past my book:






Lee Harrison,






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