Click above, see gravity currents backed up project Black Box Crystal

at center of Black Area 7 Hollow Area 6 its Area 5 Box, Area 2 Motor.

Eternity focuses on a centre point,

for it to have a void to expand Universe

in, to the Mass expanding it, built inside out.


Eternal Beginning is the outer solid static still dark storage of all the crystals and gasses code projected of gravity currents to each their own component of the

Universe curled up at the centre point of the void Hollow, produced by AllahGlue mass spinning a chamber for piston suddenly re-connects to Mass of Area 3,

begin electrical system connected. Push inside and outside crystal 6 side Black Box, Eternity Box contains all layers of intelligent life, the Images of Itself said

by all It's different names, under all of the Sun's at the end of a solar jet. Universe a 6 sided projection thru life in layers of intelligence, stored in area 4 organic

permanently young manifestation origin to age. Area 7 design of Area 2 the eternally repeating Universe piston expanding until discharging on spinning Area 3.

Images living forever in layers of Area 4 current projected manifestations into Universe Area 2, crystal's projected onto infinity in their orders, stars to their sun.

Universe a crystalline Image stored in Area 7 repeats Universe in gravity currents focusing everything accordingly expanding consistently alike along it's length!


Eternity is a Mechanism. Area 7 outside spherical hollow 6, stored design of element images of crystalline Universe with a vertical and horizontal ripple effect

of gravity current pressure to It's center, forms a six sided Black Box Area 5. In the Box Area 4 covered in single layers all of the images of life outside Area 3,

mass spinning. Area 2 Universe reconnects the matter expanding images focused in their time, grouped together in a ball coil in void Area 2 suddenly receives

Gravity Charge: Images suddenly expand, all in Big Bang! Where at the bottom of all of the layers of all the images of life in their order is its matter spinning.

Mass sphere Charge Area 3 expanding Universe from beginning of Time to it's discharge from expanding into the Matter Charge, expanding Universe. Which

ends and begins eternally over and over again the piston in a two stroke motor for the heart beat of time in the void hollow of space created by Matter Charge

spinning faster than light seven areas of Eternity from top down to the Universe out void centre point of Eternity model should be able to power a space ship.


All seven parts of Eternity are synchronized working appropriately together as the healthiest creature alive, where all of the areas and parts thereof worshipped

are only doing their functions for the good of all and are not slave drivers to be worshipped. Only people are slave drivers, for the religions they make worship,

natural instinct is give thanks for anything working right for a well being is given throughout universe under a sun, was ruined by religious misuse of pyramids.


THE WORLD POPPED UP SUDDENLY beginning its 6 days of fruition 4.5 billion years ago. Jews popped up last in the Garden now flooded, but still others!

I will not ask anyone for following beyond here, everyone else is on your own that should have seen the mass to save you when you were young into the future.

Area 2 Universe Buddha sitting on center plane of void expanding until it runs into Mass charge of gravity deflates world image suddenly to ball of line infinity.

I guess probably people have died trying making my God Motor to the stars before they got it right probably blew up some galaxies before any produced UFO's.


Area 7 outer eternity solid with black box centred in its hollow, where gravity code current repeats how to put together all of it's crystalline images a Universe, folded

over together expanded long enough to fold more than a million times Greek Infinity, so it all fits in line on point centre begins several inches diameter Infinity round.

Area 2 discharges on Area 3 expanding Universe. Crystalline and gas back to Area 7 points, code in a known order how it all pops up together Universe expand again!

Big Bang still echoing. In the Black Box mass sphere expanding Universe. Charge spinning faster than light projected connects images, pops up like a balloon infinity

in sudden order to everything hungry and thirsty. Just take a wife! War before long all of the peoples that popped up in their Garden's that turned out to hate each other.


Atomic Nuclei with almost all of the total mass of atoms, holding together all of its particles with great force, Allah Glue flowing out of spinning white Area 3 to each

nuclei in design. Stored in the solid outer area of Eternity, called by religious names for Father of Creation, directly to each by gravity currents continually condensing

matter to each nuclei in atoms the whole World. Which is why Universe is expanding faster and faster the atoms to the mass of them accumulating more and more God

Fuel source save the West with such motor to have to be dictator of USA, Commonwealth and all the West, from Columbia to Ukraine, verses East building up for War.


Tsar Nicholas II did not trust the people to decide their own future, lost his throne and his life over it. So British monarchy had to divide up their powers into Parliament

to stay in power. Either way the people did not get to decide their own fate the way they want as in America. Where politicians make documents to keep them, in power.

Dictatorship Now! Earth with over 8 billion more people since I was born now Putin wants to kill 90% of Americans by shutting off the power grid in The United States.

Asteroid 600 times bigger than Earth Putin has security clearance, to know when it is coming around when to fuck-up power grid in The Unites States fix, bomb them all!


All Areas God parts of Eternity are Intelligent areas in descending order. Universe falls coiled up to point centre of Eternity for gravity currents all centred in their images in the Hollow of Area 3. Spinning mass fluid heavy and deep vacates the void invoking scientific law forces focus in the void hollow space center of Eternity Universe. Through outer hollow 6 to inner hollow of physics Area 1 all images of Crystals and Gasses origin above in Area 7. Stacked inside Area 5 Area 4 layers of life form about spinning mass 3. Eternity breaking and connecting beginning renewed over and over again does not sound like Universe plans to die, great design. Replicate 7 functions for space travel generating electricity I keep getting elected by Default for White American citizen racist American flags a Majority Command.

Area 7 with its 6 sided Black Box Area 5 off its back pressure Area 6 was friendly to me so as turn on a deep nightlight, let me see the Black Box at center of its dark hollow, in the dark I woke up see forgive those that harassed me to bring it to my attention barely able to see Allah in bright daylight in their harassing and threatening me to join their religion went away when I refused. Area 3 "God" spinning sphere of matter and mass spinning clears out hollow void from center of Eternity projected, Universe inflating out its center. Allah friendly enough to show Its outer 3 Areas to me. Having seen "God" in scripture in Area 3 White letters a 4 letter Name no one suppose to pronounce end of a elaborate dream shows Area 4 cares, through Area 3. Worship for profit authority with ulterior purposes in secret societies. Universe come forward to me with Japanese scroll between my hands, said it was all of that. Until up close see lightening storm produced by the kinetic energy being generated rubbing coil of Universe, slowly moving like a snake Infinity over itself counterclockwise made King David of the Jews meditating in a cave see Universe get close enough, see lightening he jumped up and ran out of the cave! I looked away from it, back at my Japanese Buddhist scroll by its ends, remote view Universe expanding. While all resources going to war in Europe again, so many times destroyed, world gets run into by the Sun run into by a red dwarf star, might Military power leadership need be my dictatorship Tribunals Power by Default? White America's racial radical racism my Military Solution otherwise and so on with a gun America's Armed Forces can offer property and vehicle booty to join local forces shoot or ship out ethnic cleansing revolution refugees run! Enemy stay they are slave public servants if they sign U.S. Forces overrun the place.


All the countries with their religions. Catholic verses Protestant. Only one long bloody conflict after another. Aliens, all invade other people's countries. Matter verses Image? You name it. Nothing, you buy is worth shit, unless you can pawn it or recycle it. Police just let you walk in and shoot staff to buy a Jeep. As soon as we the people get a M16 and orders, that will have to be my orders. I could take a poll on it!


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