Planet X solar system

star gave birth to Sun, solar jet of Thor:

Sirius, collapsed to an Oort Cloud,

back and forth, Big Dipper end

to the Sun's magnetic core,

around each u-turn orbit end of galaxy.

Thor's white dwarf star behind orbits it:

Thor's white dwarf stole Sun 5th planet,

hit 6th planet in orbit in last Sun u-turn.

I am straight forward leadership, to take

out crooked equal rights laws of the left.


I could be in power myself or military could pull out content on revolution and Third Government here articles of my constitution Tribunal leadership.

WORLD POPPED UP SUDDENLY in 6 days of manifestation 4.5 billion years ago bones. Jews popped up last in a place flooded now Kuwait to Iran.

For anything now beyond here everyone is on your own, when everyone should have seen the light to save you when you were young facing the future.

Buddha pops-up sitting on a plane Universe expanding runs into its mass of positive charge of gravity circuit, positive to image negative/collapse again!

Dark star disrupting Earth spinning like a top expanded 5 times star push-pull went by like speed boat wake rocking Earth back and fourth polar reversal

6th in April. The fabric of reality I avoid maybe too long reciprocal of image. Ritual go near another rapture flight with my body again with backpack on.


Nucular bomb used to blow-up enemy refined to kill all the others like alien immigration hate USA racism I just kill the enemy/we blow-up world tensions.

This is the end of my wait. Panic, the world consumed in a methane gas fire a secret star magnet going around the Sun. But you could find the way to escape

on one of these pages do before it's up this side of the Sun going to rake havoc through this solar system again, swinging up White dwarf star, The Destroyer.


Here we have swarms of alien conspiracies legal and illegal flooding American jobs and communtiies. I solve everything for White power and Europe the West.

Planet X began coming around Sun to this side causes chaos revolution, asteroid 5 times bigger than Jupiter about up my racist solution white Americans want a

gun? U.S. Military can just fuck U.S. government take whatever we want in America win the West everyone White! The enemy hates other people's nationalism.


Scholars kept changing name of Planet X confusing the people now call it a asteroid

another passing planet goes around Sun, what is wrong with a Canadian Stanley Cup

before the world turns upside down Jesus said season it happens, the biggest star rise

is going to fuck up the planet, while going by on this side of Sun, coming up in April.

Need a smuggled image of the southern hemisphere for picture of Sirius come around

media only made fun of on YouTube first day picture of big red sphere in a wake with

picketed fence all around it, then tiny picture of it poised straight up to pass by Earth a

spectacle in huge Wake for minute up close collapsed star that gave birth to Sun secret,

obviously Planet in orbit around the Sun, that rises where Mercury use to orbit the Sun.


Is it possible Military Coup d' 'etat happens anytime soon Power by Default Majority Rule!

Just call me the Confederate Party if I get nationwide Militia I unite racism, take out enemy

in troop call up the vengeance and booty getting rid of the enemy shark feed or it's refugees.


U.S. Military with evidence of 5 polar reversals while drilling for core sample proof

how many polar reversals happened before reversal again, time spans scholar leftists

all deny the Sun has a binary origin, anyone could see here rapidly going around Sun

just like another planet in the solar system. Planet X or whatever history might call it

detected with math and camera. Scientific communities know day and the hour of the

Destroyer of ancient Egypt left middle eastern civilizations in ruins about around Sun

kept secret until you see it. In Coup d' 'etat I save the day in Power by Default, Militia

all the far to the Right riot take turf Destroy resistance or it escapes refugees, but alive.


Right here, 23 October 2006 Planet X began to swing around Sun in

a 17 year orbit around southern hemisphere to a calm before rises up

faster than it went down rising this side of Sun eclipsing the Sun like

speedboat going by with an earth mass 5 times Jupiter fatal attraction

cover up authority keeping star a secret denies it everyone topside die

so illegal color and pet enemies of White Power in America to shelter.

US Military take heed racist white American Armed Forces join in my

revolutionary change of command leadership with nationwide tribunal

citizens against China that invented immunization bubonic plague it all

killing us since the Great Wall, biological warfare objective, pandemics

to the West in the quest for world power ever since they made the Great

Wall against the World. I say the U.S.A., Russia and European countries

we obliterate China in war on all fronts kill all the viruses China to stone

age under a hundred million left. Whites divide up China like in Colonial

times. Russia taking Manchuria for their share, bloting out China that has

antidotes protect ranks for the diseases they spread to the rest of the world

try kill them all! God sorts out/end biological threats to U.S. and the West.


Racism I don't like their looks, crook business conspiracy Bill Clinton as

a Democrat sent China our industry. Gun down boss economy conspiracy

I just America prepare for world disaster, the red dwarf star next runs into

Sun in the way swells up could pop the red dwarf's run into Sun. America,

every Western power left standing turn navy and armaments into star ships

resource's sphere to live in around the Moon to motor elsewhere, or ascend


Assuming above star that came out from behind sun on 10/23/2006 going

around the Sun is in a orbit around the Sun, I get to show proof of in 1309

will read this say Planet X is the parent of Big Dipper stars, out to the Sun.


So Grateful to have this opportunity to rise above poverty with something

done right in the world rule, 52 pages to 13th century for new beginning at

end of the usual, with closed society everywhere except in the past I arrive.


My miracle to other side of gravity always happens if I follow through ritual

I could say is escaping a asteroid pit of the star. The Sun at the end of a solar

jet spat, lit up! 2022 two years late to leave a comatose body. Mountain lions

eat it up, again, someone else to find my right collar bone with shoulder bone

but get away with bag all powered up say when and where I return built carry

it all young again. On a sunny day in 1309 I can charge up all day out o' mass.


Copyright © 2020 Lee Ronald Harrison The Confederate Party Write-In

or Default Vote Coup d'

U.S. racist Majority verses the alien voted.

All Rights Reserved 2022 to the end