Magnetic pole movement:El Nino

Article 7 of 8 this much global warming, for a star rise in 2020.

I should not need a mansion to become a dictator with my leadership right in the "El Nino" magnetic core heat omen spinning higher temperatures all around that much of Earth, hit 85 degrees latitude, global warming peaking out in 2020. Core of Earth pressing up under Russia a crease down to American northeast a Polar Vortex that hurricane Sandy went up to Chicago, core spinning west around 85° latitude melting permafrost and ice cap, from the bottom up, during the as usual sub-zero winters. Warning El Nino heat calm all around Earth's core churning lava, rising ground and water temperatures above the equator, until suddenly in 2011 it bounced over to Siberia taking a sharp left turn west, at top speed, it hit Earth's top took its magnetic field out of southern hemisphere hit Earth's 85° latitude four times in 2011, in four tsunami's leading up to the 2011 Mayan calendar end, of the Sun's orbit out of center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth's core spinning west to Atlantic fault line, beside northern Norway, to blow out steam Earth's "bubble" bursts. Boiling lava causing Earth to expansion pressure building up to "the Big One" earthquake, slip of all the Earth's fault lines around the world from a star going by in a day, Earth's core pops out of crack in terra firma, like bubbles do. America's only choice is under my rule for White Man work force available to save us all, up hill. Hell, high water, survive world full of hungry animals in dramas integration shoot down lawyer leftist slaughter world population control!

Sea Surface Temperature

Keep a watchful eye on El Nino season warming progressively the heat around Earth's top since 2011, to modern scientific guess 2020, from digging up geological evidence on when another polar reversal catastrophe happens, U.S. Military found 5 reversals of the lava covered ocean floors, figure end of the world 2020 a 6th lava eruption. U.S. Military on a television documentary "2020" special, I did not get to see in 1997, coincidently Maya 3113 B.C. astronomical calculation to turn around in solar orbit Short Count December 24, 2011 end of the galaxy Japan then Haiti then Chile then New Zealand tsunami's leading up to August 10, 3113 B.C. E. calculation end of solar orbit on December 24, 2011, disasters! So the most accurate calendar ended on December 24, "Short Count", end of Maya-Aztec calendar to the end of our galaxy Sun completing its u-turn on December 21, 2012 18,980 days = 5124 Long Count in years. Also 500 year ago prediction from Nostradamus 9 years off for Sun running into a red dwarf star coming out of galaxy center. Earth began going through Milky Way Galaxy edge, 2 months later 2 asteroids one blew-up over Russia on February 15 and the other blew-up over Bermuda Triangle on February 16. Then 4 Red Moons then a all night one, prior to a red dwarf star head-on hits the Sun, after a star whips by Martial Law, under my racist rule. "Fiscal Cliff"? Just push The System off cliffs to crocodiles or
recycle their mineral worth no bury public enemies while business nationalized!

Earth will look like a Q-ball, or clouded over in "Greenhouse" gasses in a Ice Age. But with a hot blue ocean ring around its equator, around north and south, where to live between extreme climates, around equator of the Earth, iron core after releasing its internal steam pressure, as soon as it erupts through crack in Earth crust turning in a different direction out of Arctic Ocean a super volcano force out a short "Flood" in fountains as star Sirius passes, could pull Earth's core out of the Earth, while first volcano that blows-up ignites a methane gas "fire", out of all of the bodies of water, Earth's core pops Earth's bubble reduced to asteroid belt? Or it collapses into a smaller planet. Sunlight goes out swells up becomes red giant hit by red dwarf. Cities in high mountains, build above glaciers to come.

After all the molten emaciation's from Earth in the past, lithosphere is thinner. Originally core of the Earth expanded 5 times, it blew-up in Earth's top full of Ocean inside, each time blew a Flood Earth expanded lava covers ocean floors. Where in 2020 Earths' Moon-size Earth-shaped inner globe in the top of the world blows out through Arctic Ocean floor, flips Earth's axis over top heavy to upside down, core going to blow out through Earth's crust plow a long wide molten trench across Earth's flat top to North Pole? Earth's core fallen to the west upsets Earth falling over to the east, not go down into the Earth again for a 6th Age of Mankind at all, only "Rapture" effect of final expansion of the world by Earth's water cooled and steam filled iron core bubble, bigger after 5 times expanded. 5 times more room for steam to expand in shallower seas, from expanding. Near December 21, 2012, Nostradamus 2 asteroids miss striking Europe to Jerusalem and Tripoli instead blew-up February 15 and 16 over Russia and Florida. Earth's magnetic core spinning in Earth's top churning lava hotter and hotter, until Sirius blows Earth's top releasing too much internal steam pressure still could collapse Earth, final new Super volcano. Universe already blown it's Circuit of gravity if it is too late just wait or take the exit to a safe space.

Several polar reversals happened before terrestrial crust was broken apart, counted by number of super volcanoes found before the last 5. The "Apollo asteroid" slab from one of 2 planet asteroid belt, ripped across the Earth broke open Earth's once solid crust crisscrossed in two passes, a North Atlantic and South Atlantic gash after destroying a planet at Mars ripped across Mars because the star Sirius comes around. Steam in Earth's core spread Atlantic east to west, opened Earth's crust like a clam a Pacific Ocean side of the world, that the Moon ran into. Internal steam pressure in Earth's core during Apollo asteroid impact with Earth's crust 2 times continents began to separate from an Atlantic Ocean to a Pacific Ocean every time star Sirius comes around. Fault lines slipping Earth's core expansions caused Earth to expand, from internal pressure, from steam in Earth's core that could be deflated in 2020 Earth has expanded until it is down to only 62 miles thick, as evidenced in a book "A Revolution in Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift" and "The Jupiter Effect". Earth's solid iron magnetic core of the Earth an ocean, with steam inside upholding terra firma so Great Pyramid builders came out Celtics who built a empire.

Earth's core once more to slip all of the tectonic plates while coming out through the terrestrial sphere of the Earth for some distance, blowing-up through Arctic Ocean Earth's bubble of steam pressure to release pressure through Earth's asteroid grade iron-nickel core 5 times thinner now. Earth sonogram of metal sphere solid magnetic core surface under Arctic Ocean spinning counterclockwise in Earth's molten lithosphere, going west under Siberia turning faster than the Earth turning clockwise at 900 miles per hour. Core off-center on its own axis will blow out its steam pressure through Atlantic fault line while turning counterclockwise will shake the whole world and blow-up out of Earth's Arctic steam pressure, that blows out huge chunks of Earths' magnetic core, while spouting new Fountains of the Deep, Earth collapses if enough steam pressure gets out, for a new Earth.

5 times expanded, Earth each time around a wider equator, lava cooling down again aligns magnetic particles for a new heaven and a new earth, if there is a 6th Age, overcast in volcanic ash for thousands of years in an Ice Age. Earth's bubble the size of the Moon spinning in Earth's top up through molten Earth to top of the world, goes to its thin Arctic flap, going to pop. Best if only core collapses Earth into a smaller planet, covered with Ocean, its Hell filled in with lava after the next reversal magnetic core blows out its water and steam. Originally Rome and Tripoli Celtic people inside came out built catacombs over fountains of the deep a Great Pyramid at Rome and Tripoli, one in Egypt forming a triangle before invading Arab, Semitic tribes invaded, wrote graffiti in Great Pyramid top for a pharaoh, in what Celtics built for a huge round diamond on top for the 2 others to forecast weather, broke off their biblical "fountains of the deep" in 1975 when core of the Earth began revolving, global warming began, reached Earth's top in 2011. Catholics reached bottom of catacombs, talks broken-off in argument demolished fountain. Celtic civilization inside Earth survive close passes of star Sirius and red dwarf star and a Wormwood death?

American Citizens need my leadership to make society the way they want it, only possible by U.S. Armed Forces in my racial purge, civil war and Revolution for a host of atrocities. I am The Third Party for public-opinion power-sharing a National Company, "the right" in racism. My orders, White U.S. Armed Forces arm the Right, Militia if Trump can't do it. Power by Default, my leadership from Default votes outnumbering candidate votes, since 1996. U.S. Military takeover I'll take back America, race purge destroy public enemies bad blood. Purge out all their kinds in my Martial Law, likely in a blood bath. Taking everything.

This will have to be a real messy war in America, since the enemy is getting rich in sports and all of the other professions because of liberalism and free market. In revolution I have arms issued to racists, to restore everything the way most U.S. citizens want life to be in America. So citizens profile enemies and aliens, arm racists with Armory weapons and briefed by CIA FBI military bomb & shoot. 50 militias under my orders leader by Default for labor security, work together in chosen work hubs in my National Company all labor skills or school to attend. Gold and silver wages to the top if we keep our grades up at everything needed to survive a solar dark night. Military overthrow Capitol Hill with citizen's Militia deploy to far counties unknown bloody purge for American Independence, special weapons of mass destruction build-up? Going by the Majority opinions, we survive!

In the world authorities only save themselves and their friends in end times. Ideologically most voters only vote for a right leaning politician, if there is one, or they don't vote. So for citizens rights my White U.S. Armed Forces leadership, able to save citizens with my Third Party Solution, kill or capture authorities, court, equal rights, take underground forts Americans prepare develop for polar reversal and gamma ray burst. Desperate times like in Germany France and Britain Early America and Russian Revolution. So I have to kill my adversaries 1 way or another in traditional ways. Through public polls wages for creative America to survive end of a habitable planet. My citizen's militias loot and shoot deport and destroy public enemies, and illegal aliens. Not much above ground worth saving after that, other than recycle it. No Jesus "Messiah" will be returning in the sky with any better solution than Nazi racism. Recycle or can the street gangs and criminals, in a Search and Destroy mission. If they don't get away pack them for export to cannibals and pets, back to 1950 population in race for world supremacy weapons of mass destruction, and all that.


Lee Harrison,


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" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to our

subscribers via email directly after this Bulletin." monitor/polar motion/2006_wobble_anomaly.htm


This has to do with the axis Earth's core spins on, in the something made out of iron and 27% of the diameter of the Earth now entirely up inside Earth's northern hemisphere to under Siberia in 2011, spinning further and furthest west around Arctic, away from Earth's axis. Axis of Earth's core like a javelin that arched away from Earth's axis to where it ran into the Earth's top going to its Arctic Ocean fault line! Star Sirius set so a ship showed-up when its white dwarf came close enough to see 3 bright objects in a pyramid formation out in front of it, 1 moon alternating with 2 moons, that shipped out to the left end of 10 moon new planet in 2006, with a 11th and 12th just over over Hogback for 5 August mornings. Sirius magnetism passing so close stopped Earth wobbling for 3.5 weeks, from Sirius U-turn around. Earth wobbling, falling over 1.5° to the east in every 8.0 or so earthquake. Its bubble boiling lava, spinning against Earth's revolving, to blow-up out where it meets the dent in the Arctic Ocean it made. Planet X flips Earth's poles when it gets closest to Earth. Sirius magnetism certain to push or pull Earth's core out or push in, likely even John the Baptist felt it move to northwest heading to the Earth's flat top, up like a bubble to blow-up out of Arctic Ocean slipped Japan a 9.2 earthquake, then three 8.8's in 12/24/2011 Sun U-turn in the galaxy, no time left for Jesus Return?

While the iron core of the Earth, size of the Moon, spinning faster and faster, further to furthest off-center from the Earth's axis, it constantly acts like an off-center load in a washing machine. No wonder why Earth keeps on wobbling every week, ever since it became top-heavy, until Earth's core stops turning when it comes out of the Earth turning the world upside down, like in a wrestling match on the day of doom, when the Earth's core expands!




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